10 Best Remote Access Software (Remote Control Software) In 2019

Comparison of the Best Remote Access Software in the Market:

Here we are going to cover a relatively increasing aspect of technology – Remote System Access and Control.

With the overwhelming use of technology, the remote control tools have become useful for several benefits. This concept comes into the frame when you need to have remote access to the system.

In this article, we will discuss what is remote access, its pros and cons, impact and the various Remote control tools used for it in detail.

Remote Access Software

What is Remote Access and Administration?

Remote Access is the process of accessing your system from a remote location.

When you are not physically near to a system to access it, then you can make use of remote administration to do so. In this process, the remote location may be in the next room, next building or anywhere worldwide.

Remote Access can be of two types as stated below:

  1. Legal
  2. Illegal (also known as hacking)

#1) Legal remote access services refer to remotely monitoring and managing your system. It only needs to establish a secure connection between the system and the service provider.

Once the connection has established you can access any system from anywhere for checking that.

  • The system is up and running efficiently.
  • To fix any failure which causes unexpected results.
  • Change in settings to optimize system performance.

For Example, if you are working at your workplace and you have some technical issue with your system while working, then you call the concerned person to get rid of such issues. If the person is not at your place, he can make use of remote administration services to access your system by establishing a secure session between your system and the remote server.

They are used to access multiple systems at a given team session to handle multiple tasks with multiple business entities.

#2) Illegal remote access (hacking) refers to the unintended manipulation of data or files on your computer.

If you have any malicious software such as Trojan on your system, then it is an open invitation to the hacker to get access to it. Hacker can add, delete or modify your files without your consent on his own.

The hacker can even steal your sensitive data, block your keyboard to deny key access and even make your system almost useless by installing more and more malware on it.

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List of the Best Remote Access Software

Now we will review each Remote Control Tool in detail.

#1) TeamViewer


  • TeamViewer is another remote desktop access tool which is used for accessing any desktop system, Android or Windows 10 devices.
  • This software even supports cross-platform such as PC to PC, mobile to mobile, PC to mobile and mobile to PC.
  • You can access your computer remotely by using your mobile device as well from anywhere at any time.
  • Use file sharing methods of TeamViewer to share any file of any size from any device and even cloud storage.
  • Can establish connections with UHD displays efficiently and provide multiple shortcuts to save time.
  • TeamViewer is well known for online teamwork and the estimated revenue of this tool is around $125M per annum, In 2016 it was reported as $201M.

Download Link: TeamViewer

#2) VNC Connect

vnc connect

VNC Connect is the most popular organizational remote access software that is used for personal use.

It is categorized into 3 subparts such as:

#1) Home: Easy use for the personal purpose which is limited up to friends or family.

#2) Professional: Useful for small business purposes with advanced features and secure remote access.

#3) Enterprise: The most powerful version of VNC Connect, more flexible and more advanced too.

  • It contains a remote server app and other supporting programs.
  • Is cost-effective reduces time consumption and incorporated real-time services.
  • Faster problem identification along with resolution and provides better business support with security functions.
  • VNC Connect has been developed by RealVNC which has a population of 90 employees and the yearly revenue is $17.1M.

Download Link: VNC Connect

#3) Desktop Central

desktop central

  • This commercial tool is used to access and control mobile devices and servers from a remote location.
  • This tool is used to deploy the operating system, software distribution, installing patches, managing assets etc.
  • This RAT provides a remote lock to enable passcodes for your system security.
  • Comes with a multi-OS support that incorporates with Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS etc.
  • Its Remote Control feature is used for multi-user collaboration, video recording, file transfer etc.
  • Nessus is available with 3 versions which include Nessus Home, Nessus Professional, and Nessus Manager/Nessus Cloud.

Official Link: Desktop Central

#4) Remote Desktop Manager

remote desktop manager

  • This tool has been proven to be useful as it provides centralized control over remote machine data, password management, multiple remote connection technologies, and access control.
  • Secure sharing and access of system between the entire team, over 335,000 users in 140 countries give $2.9M of revenue per annum.
  • They use it to speed up the system and improve security and productivity. This commercial software is available as the free edition with limited features.
  • Supports multiple technologies such as RDP, SSH, VPNs, VNC, Telnet, TeamViewer, ConnectWise etc.
  • Some advanced features include Role-based security, Two-Factor (steps) Authentication.

Official Link: Remote Desktop Manager

#5) Blackshades


  • Blackshades is a Trojan which is widely used by hackers to gain access to any system remotely.
  • This tool frequently attacks the Windows-based operating system for access.
  • Until now 500,000 systems have been infected worldwide with this Trojan.
  • When a user accesses any unwanted or malicious webpage, he opens the door for this Trojan to enter your system.
  • In many cases, it may happen that the Trojan enters your system without your knowledge such as by using any infected external storage device like USB drives.
  • Even this tool can spread havoc to other systems by using social networking services of the affected system.
  • The hacker can access the files on the system, can perform the denial-of-service attack, and can use the system as the proxy server.
  • Blackshades is used by 6000 users worldwide and has around $350,000 revenue per annum.

Download Link: Blackshades

#6) AlienSpy

  • Till now Alienspy has attacked around 400,000 users worldwide.
  • This Trojan had attacked the government, educational and financial systems.
  • Alienspy uses phishing attack and sends payload link to the victim’s mailbox.
  • Once this attachment is loaded on your system as a JAR file then it starts installing itself to control the operations going on.
  • This cross-platform malware is written in Java and served with a Plug-in framework.
  • Consequently, There are 1600 subscriptions generating $200,000 revenue estimate.
  • It can remotely capture not only the system but other accessories like webcam, microphones etc.

Download Link: Direct download link not available

#7) jRAT


  • jRAT stands for Java Remote Administration Tool which is a commercial cross-platform remote administration tool which is currently available with Beta version 6.
  • This Java written malware can easily control memory usage, fix process listing (UNIX system) etc.
  • The tool keeps on updating regularly and adds newer features in it.
  • The new module of the systems targets registry, file system, processes, general system actions etc.
  • In the above image, you can see a detailed information of the targeted system along with the port and IP address of the system.

Download Link: jRAT

#8) Dameware


  • Dameware Remote Support is a commercial user-oriented administration Tool which provides:
    • Remotely managed Windows services and processes.
    • Reviewing and clearing Windows event log.
    • Reboot crashed systems
    • Network Diagnostics
  • DRS also includes:
    • Mini Remote Control: Can control Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux systems.
    • Active Directory Tools: To manage Active Directory objects.
    • Windows Administration: To Manage event logs, services, processes, and monitor performance.
    • Dameware Exporter: To export Windows config and Active Directory objects to CSV.
  • It is available in 3 versions such as Professional, Enterprise and a free version with the revenue of $200,000 per annum.

Download Link: Dameware Remote Support

#9) GoToAssist


  • GoToAssist is a cloud-based tool for IT organizations for remote access.
  • This tool is composed of 3 components such as Remote Support to access and control system from a remote location, IT monitoring and Service Desk Management.
  • It allows you to gather system information from a remote system.
  • Provides simultaneous sessions and two-way split screen feature to view users as well as clients screen at the same time.
  • GoToAssist is a trusted organizational remote access tool which is being used for accessing the end user’s system to resolve the system issue quickly.
  • Unattended support session is one more best feature of this tool such as any patch or system update can be installed even if the end user is not present.
  • GoToAssist generates $195.3K revenue for every employee.

Download Link: GoToAssist

#10) CyberGate


  • CyberGate is a fully configurable and Delphi coded spyware which is popular to crack your passwords.
  • Using this software one can crack the user’s passwords and can view his screen.
  • You can connect to several systems at the same time just by spreading the server file.
  • This tool also makes use of the file manager utility to access the user's data.
  • Some important features of CyberGate include Http proxy, registry editor, multi-port support, remote desktop, remote webcam view, active ports list, task logs, URL browser, automatic port mapping etc.
  • Runs only on Windows platform as a native application without any framework or link libraries.

Download Link: CyberGate

Comparison of the Best Remote Access Tools

Here is the comparison of these tools.

We will summarize the above tools at a glance on the basis of its type, revenue, platform, operating system supported and licensing. This will help you to differentiate between the functions and features of each tool.

NameTypeRevenuePlatformOperating SystemsLicense
TeamViewerRemote Administration Tool$ 125 MCross – PlatformWindows, Mac OSX, Linux, Android, iOSPublic/Open - Source
VNC ConnectRemote Access Tool$ 17 MCross – PlatformWindows, Mac, LinuxCommercial
Desktop CentralRemote Access Tool$ 6 MCross – PlatformWindows, Mac, LinuxProprietary/ Commercial
Remote Desktop ManagerRemote Access Tool$ 2.9 MCross – PlatformWindows, Mac, Android, iOSProprietary/Commercial
BlackshadesTrojan$300 KPlatform DependentWindowsProprietary
AlienspyTrojan$200 KCross – PlatformWindows,Mac OSX, Linux, AndroidCommercial
jRATSpyware$200 KCross – PlatformWindows,Mac OSX, Linux, AndroidCommercial
Dameware Remote SupportRemote Access Tool$200 KCross – PlatformWindows, Mac OSX, LinuxCommercial
GoToAssistRemote Access Tool$ 195.3 KCross – PlatformWindows,Mac OSX, Android, iOSCommercial
CyberGateSpyware$ 105 KPlatform DependentWindowsCommercial
Comparison of various RAT Tools


So these are some of the best Remote Control Tools that we have reviewed.

There are some other tools which act secretly behind the frame as Trojans, where we need to perform some smart task to recognize and get rid of them.

On the other side some tools like TeamViewer, VNC Connect are much more helpful to access the system remotely. These tools have contributed a lot in making the tasks handy from anywhere. They are known to improve productivity and speed up the workflows of the business process.

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