Top 10 FireMon Competitors & Alternatives [2023 RANKINGS]

Review and Comparison of the top FireMon Competitors & Alternatives that provide real-time visibility of the network and help in resolving security risks:

FireMon is a scalable and high-performance policy management software that provides visibility of the whole network to enable users to continuously respond to a change in the environment with adherence to regulatory compliance.

It helps in streamlining operations and automating workflows through enterprise-grade policy solutions that include automating policy changes, compliance, and minimizing policy-related risk.

It also helps in resolving security risks in the cloud infrastructure through optimizing response which means assigning the issues to the right teams and continuous risk assessment through full visibility of risks and threats. It provides automated guardrails that ensure you to follow the security guidelines and helps in reducing associated costs and risks.

FireMon Competitors & Alternatives – Review

Firemon competitors

FireMon has served more than 1,700 customers in nearly 70 countries since 2001. It was the winner of cyber security excellence awards in 2018, and The Channel Co. CRN Partner Program Guide in 2019. It has got 5 stars from SC media.

It is recommended for managing device packs, automating workflows, visualizing hybrid cloud, and integrating orchestration APIs with its solutions like security management solutions, cloud security operations, and cyber asset management.

Products Overview: FireMon offers three products: Security Manager, DisruptOps, and Asset Manager. Under the security manager, it provides visibility and control of the whole network infrastructure along with risk assessment, consolidated compliance, creation & management of policies, easy-to-use dashboards, and more.

DisruptOps helps in monitoring public cloud infrastructure and alerts & responds to the associated risks in real time. Asset manager helps in monitoring hybrid cloud environments to prevent compliance violations, threats, and anomalies including firewalls, routers, endpoints, and cloud devices.

Deployment: Cloud, SaaS, Web-based, Windows, and Android.
Support: Email
Clients: Xcel Energy, Aetna, Airbnb, Wells Fargo, MGM Resorts, Foot Locker, IBM, IRS, and many more.

Features of FireMon:

  • Provides 100% asset real-time visibility and control to manage the risks.
  • Quickly finds and fixes the issues under cloud security operations by monitoring, alerting, and responding to the risks in the cloud.
  • Consolidated compliance reporting is provided continuously to detect policy violations, correct the workflows, and prepare for audits.
  • Helps in managing policy changes with end-to-end policy orchestration that minimizes the chances of errors.
  • Ensures security and operational best practices with automated guardrails, content, guidance, and prevention.
  • Provides the most robust and flexible integrations with resource provisioning, configuration management, and IT service management solutions.
  • Other features include cyber asset management, ransomware, zero trust, cloud migration, security hygiene, and more.


  • Simplifies the network complexity.
  • Speeds up security operations.
  • Automation and custom reporting.
  • KPI dashboards are available.
  • Traffic flow and access path analysis are available.


  • Bugs in the system were reported.
  • Does not support certain firewalls.


  • A free trial is available.
  • Prices start at $59,995. (According to customer reviews).
  • Contact for pricing.

Why look for FireMon Competitors?

FireMon is one of the best security policy management solutions but everything has its merits and some downsides, and so does the FireMon. Some users reported the interface to be not user-friendly or very complex and its integrations need improvements. Automation of policy implementation does not work well at times. So, there is a need to see its alternatives.

There are many FireMon Competitors in the market. One of the best alternatives is Tufin which provides a unified platform for IT and cloud security with full visibility of network infrastructure and automation of security policy with adherence to regulatory compliance.

This article reviews FireMon supported with its description, features, pros & cons, verdict, and pricing details. Several reasons to look for FireMon alternatives are stated. Market share of firewall and security & vulnerability management along with some expert advice is mentioned.

A list of the best FireMon Competitors & alternatives is provided with their detailed review along with the comparison of the top five among them. In the end, the conclusion and review process have been stated.

Market Trends: According to the research by Grand View Research for the forecast period of 2021-2030, the US market of firewalls is going to rise with a CAGR of 10.1%. It was valued at $1.9 Billion in 2021. It is the technology that protects companies from security threats. There are various factors that are leading to increasing in the use of firewall software like rapid penetration of IoT, growing threats, etc.

US market of firewalls

According to the research by Markets and Markets for the forecast period of 2021-2026, the market share of security and vulnerability management software is expected to rise up to $18.7 billion with a CAGR of 6.3% and was valued at $13.8 billion in 2021.

market share of security and vulnerability management software

Expert Advice: To select the best alternative to FireMon you should consider certain factors like your requirement, your budget, their customer support services, and various essential features like compliance reporting, ease of use, integrations, risk assessment and management, visibility of network infrastructure, and so on.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) What is FireMon used for?

Answer: FireMon is used for network security policy management to improve security operations and outcomes with its effective security technologies like disruptOps, security manager, asset manager, and so on.

Q #2) What is the biggest problem with a firewall?

Answer: The biggest problem with a firewall is the failure to appropriately activate the controls when needed which leads to the entrance of threats into the system. There are many other problems with firewalls that need to be managed by good firewall management software like problems with lax passwords, outdated software, lack of documentation, etc.

Q #3) Does FireMon provide real-time firewall policy management?

Answer: Yes, FireMon provides real-time firewall policy management with enterprise-grade solutions like security manager, policy planner, policy optimizer, risk analyzer, real-time visibility, disruptOps, and more.

Q #4) What is Tufin used for?

Answer: Tufin is used for automating the security policies for agile enterprises to secure the network and cloud infrastructure along by deploying the Zero Trust Architecture. It provides various effective solutions including zero-touch automation, security & risk management, continuous compliance and maintaining audit readiness, and many more.

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List of the Best FireMon Competitors

A popular list of the competitors of FireMon:

  1. Tufin (Recommended)
  2. AlgoSec
  3. Cisco Secure Firewall Management Centre
  4. Skybox
  5. ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer
  6. Pentera
  7. Argus
  8. Darktrace
  9. Microsoft System Center
  10. Qualys Cloud Platform

FireMon Policy Management Software

SoftwareBest for ClientsPricingRating
FireMonAutomating firewall and cloud security group policies.Xcel Energy, Aetna, Airbnb, Wells Fargo, MGM Resorts and more.Starts at $59,995.5/5

Comparison of the Top FireMon Alternatives

SoftwareBest for ClientsPricingRating
TufinEnd-to-end security throughout their hybrid networks.IBM, MetLife, Apple, HP, United States Postal Service and more.Get a quote5/5
AlgoSecProviding application connectivity across the entire hybrid environment.Adidas, Oracle, Microsoft, Intel etc.Starts at $4,9004.9/5
Cisco Secure Firewall Management CentreAutomated security for dynamic defence.Infosys, Aspire technology partners, Galp testimonial, and more.Contact for pricing.4.8/5
SkyboxProviding intelligence to reduce cyber exposure at speed and scale.Authentic8, Microsoft, Cloud Velox, Edifecs and more.Starts with $11,2504.5/5

Detailed Review:

#1) Tufin (Recommended)

Best for end-to-end security throughout their hybrid networks.


Tufin is a security policy company that offers a set of security management solutions including cloud security, firewall management, network automation, and compliance through its powerful products like SecureTrack+, SecureChange+, and Enterprise.

It can be integrated with several platforms like AWS, GCP, Microsoft Azure, and Red Hat, Palo Alto Networks, Symantec, and many more. It generates real-time alerts for compliance violations and makes you audit-ready through continuous compliance checks.


  • Includes cloud security policy management and automation services like cloud-native, hybrid cloud, etc.
  • Firewall management helps in minimizing attack surfaces and maintain continuous compliance.
  • Provides access to policy violation reports.
  • Improves cybersecurity posture by cleaning up firewall rules, automating firewall optimization, and reducing network downtime.
  • Makes you compliant with industry regulations like PCI-DSS, HIPAA, SOX, and GDPR by continuous compliance checks.
  • Improves operational efficiency by simplifying the identification and management of policy configuration.


  • Massively scalable.
  • Unlimited 24/7 support.
  • Makes you audit-ready.


  • Complex customization process and user interface.
  • Customer support needs improvement.

Verdict: Tufin has been trusted by more than 2000 brands including many leading companies like IBM, MetLife, Apple, HP, United States Postal Service, Deutsche Bank, Deutsche Telekom, BNP Paribas, and many more.

It is recommended for providing end-to-end network security across your hybrid enterprise infrastructure with solutions like cloud security, firewall management, compliance, and network management.


  • Free evaluation service is available.
  • Pricing is based on the number of devices and applications. Contact for pricing.

#2) AlgoSec

Best for providing application connectivity across the entire hybrid environment.


AlgoSec is one of the best FireMon Competitors that provides organizations with full visibility of their network infrastructure, reduces risk, and automates process changes across the hybrid network.

It ensures regulatory compliance and prevents violations with compliance awareness. It offers various powerful products and solutions that enable security, compliance, and visibility across the entire hybrid network.

It includes three effective products: Firewall Analyzer, AlgoSec Fireflow, and AlgoSec Cloud.


  • Automates application connectivity across the entire application fabric and security policy changes securely.
  • The firewall analyzer provides full visibility of applications across the entire hybrid network.
  • With FireFlow you can speed up the secure application deployment.
  • AlgoSec cloud helps in mitigating risk, uniform change management, application migration, and more.
  • Compliant with regulations like PCI DSS, SOX, HIPAA, and ISO/IEC 27001.
  • Other services include risk assessment, audit trail, designing and implementation of rules, and so on.


  • 3 global support centers.
  • 24/7 customer support.
  • Regulatory compliant.
  • Generates audit-ready reports.


  • Needs improvements in reporting and customer support services.

Verdict: AlgoSec has served over 1500 companies in 80 countries including many popular ones like Adidas, Oracle, Microsoft, Intel, etc. It has got many awards and recognition. It has been ranked no. 1 by Peerspot, got a 4.5 rating by Gartner Peer Insights, and so on. It is best for its effective features like security, compliance, and visibility.


  • Money-back guarantee is available.
  • Pricing depends on licence type, product edition, and quantity. Contact for pricing.
  • According to some customers:
    • AlgoSec 1020 starts at $4,900
    • AlgoSec 1080 starts at $14,500.

Website: AlgoSec

#3) Cisco Secure Firewall Management Centre

Best for automated security for dynamic defense.


Cisco Secure Firewall Management Centre formerly known as Firepower Management Centre provides effective network security solutions. It identifies as well as remediates the threats like malware outbreaks and manages & controls the firewall and applications efficiently.

It provides comprehensive visibility control over policy changes in your network and cloud. It provides centralized security management through Cisco Secure Firewall Threat Defense, Cisco Secure IPS, Cisco Firepower Threat Defense for ISR, and Cisco Malware Defense.


  • Exceptional visibility of network and cloud activities is provided that enables quick detection of suspicious traffic.
  • Helps in remediating the malware and other threats by enabling you to create firewall rules and define intrusion prevention levels, malware threat defence policies, and more.
  • Automates security management and analyzes the network’s vulnerabilities.
  • Centralize the policy and operations by maintaining consistency, reducing complexity, and accelerating security operations.
  • Defines the security posture through continuous analysis to prevent threats.
  • Other services include reporting & dashboards, behavioral analysis, threat intelligence, and so on.


  • Manages multiple security functions.
  • Integrated policy management.
  • Granular role-based access control.


  • Difficult licence purchase.
  • Complex interface.

Verdict: Cisco Secure Firewall Management is one of the Top FireMon Competitors that is best for managing critical Cisco network security solutions through its vast and effective features including unified firewall management, comprehensive visibility & control over policy, automated security, etc.

It has been awarded various awards and recognitions and provides good customer support via phone, chat, email, training, and knowledge base.


  • Contact for pricing.
  • A free trial is available.

Website: Cisco Secure Firewall Management Centre

#4) Skybox

Best for providing intelligence to reduce cyber exposure at speed and scale.


Skybox is a security posture management that decreases downtime, increases the efficiency of operations, reduces cyber risk or data breach, and gets maximum ROI with its powerful products and solutions. It includes both security policy management and vulnerability & threat management.

It offers a bundle of effective products like firewall assurance, change manager, network assurance, and many more. Through its centralized firewall management approach, it improves cyber hygiene.


  • Facilitates visibility and control over network and security data under security policy lifestyle management.
  • Simplifies vulnerability discovery by conducting passive scans, and collecting configuration data.
  • Vulnerability assessment and prioritization help in remediation by calculating risk scores.
  • Provides a comprehensive view of cyber security risks through vulnerability reporting and oversight.
  • Integrates with other security and network technology vendors like Microsoft, Cisco, Zacaler, Palo Alto Networks, and many more.
  • Other services include path analysis, attack stimulation, risk scoring, vulnerability prioritization, and more.


  • Simple and user-friendly interface.
  • Visualizes the effect of a firewall change.
  • Configuration compliance.


  • Bugs reported.
  • Complex implementation.

Further Reading => List of the Skybox Competitors in the Market

Verdict: Skybox is best for providing security posture management visualizing and analyzing hybrid, multi-cloud, and OT networks. It has won various awards and gained recognition in various places. It got an award for Cyber Defense Magazine by Global Infosec Awards in 2022.

Pricing: Pricing is not disclosed. Contact for pricing. According to some customer reviews, the pricing is as: –

  • Skybox security suite: Starts at $11,250
  • Licence fees: Approximately $100,000.

Website: Skybox

#5) ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer

Best for log analysis for the IT and finance sectors.

Manage Engine Firewall Analyzer

ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer is a network security device management software that helps in unlocking the real value of the security devices along with improving the productivity of IT/MSSP.

It offers a bundle of effective and productive features like firewall rule management, network security reports, security device log analysis, monitoring major firewalls, and many more. It ensures a low TCO with no additional hardware requirements.


  • Provides a complete view of changes made in the firewall configuration along with a change management report.
  • Provides full data of all possible attacks on the network under network security management.
  • Enables you to monitor the user’s internet activity like file sharing, social networks, and so on.
  • Generates security reports like firewall reports, VPN reports, proxy server reports, etc in user-friendly formats like PDF and CSV formats.
  • Compliant with regulations including ISO, PCI-DSS, NERC-CIP, SANS, and NIST.
  • Other services include VPN monitoring, compliance management, log analysis, and many more.


  • Real-time change notification.
  • Regulatory compliant.
  • Multi-language support
  • Generates user-friendly reports.
  • Minimal entry cost.


  • Complex interface.

Verdict: ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer has been trusted by many popular brands like IBM, Canon, KIA, Wipro, Toyota, etc. It is best for providing network activity visibility, managing firewalls, generating firewall policy reports, and more. It supports almost all firewalls like Cisco, Palo Alto, etc.


  • A free trial is available.
  • Pricing plans as per customer reviews are:
    • Firewall Analyzer Standard Edition: $395 per device per 2 users
    • Firewall Analyzer Professional Edition: $595 per device per 2 users
    • Firewall Analyzer Enterprise Edition: $8395 for 20 devices.

Website: ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer

#6) Pentera

Best for validating, and remediating the most critical vulnerabilities posing the highest risk.

Pentera - FireMon Competitors

Pentera is a fully automated vulnerability management and security validation platform that uses risk-based remediation action plans to intelligently remediate insider and outsider attacks across all attack surface layers.

It works in three simple steps: discover, validate, and remediate. It tests the entire network infrastructure, finds out the risk, and remediate them by creating a surgical remediation roadmap.


  • The low-touch approach is used to provide instant agentless security validation anywhere you want.
  • Accelerates the validation-remediation cycle by continuously remediating breaches and threats.
  • Automatically tests and validates security continuously which reduces the cost and expenses.
  • Focusing on security gaps only leads to an increase in efficiency.
  • Prioritises remediation with confidence by using actionable insights generated by a risk-based remediation roadmap.
  • Other services include password risk assessment, attack surface management, credential exposure, and many more.


  • Zero network downtime.
  • No data manipulation.
  • Great vulnerability scanner.


  • An outside penetration tester is being trusted.

Verdict: Pentera has served many big and famous companies including Deloitte, Dish, Drawbridge, Exabeam, IDB Bank, etc. It has gained many awards and recognitions. Some of them are the Best Practices Award by Frost & Sullivan in 2022 and recognized under the top 10 vulnerability management solution providers in 2021 by GRC Outlook.

Pricing: Contact for pricing.

Website: Pentera

#7) Argus

Best for making vehicles safer in the software-defined world.

Argus - FireMon Competitors

Argus is a modular solution for automotive cyber security and compliance. It secures the vehicle, fleet, customers, or manufacturers with its proven, proprietary, and leading technology and expertise.

It includes various effective sets of solutions like compliance readiness, VMDR, and fraud detection with its productive products including ECU IDPS, CAN IDPS, Ethernet IDPS, vehicle vulnerability management, and VSOC. It fuels the needs of Tier 1 suppliers of manufacturing vehicles with safety, privacy, and security.


  • Advanced threat detection and attack prevention are provided for automotive Ethernet networks.
  • Detects vulnerabilities throughout the lifecycle by scanning under vehicle vulnerability management.
  • Compliance readiness solution enables the management systems to take actions in accordance with regulations of WP29 UNR 155 or ISO/SAE 21434.
  • Has gained leadership in 9 global locations with over 200 cyber security experts.
  • Includes over 70 patents and tens of responsible disclosures.
  • Other services include attack prevention of CAN traffic, protection for ECUs, and more.


  • Penetration testing and analytics tools.
  • Industry-leading cyber security.
  • Makes the vehicle compliance ready.


  • Pricing is not disclosed.

Verdict: Argus has been trusted to protect over 65 million vehicles on the road with its leading technologies and expertise. It is recommended for its holistic automotive cyber security that secures vehicles, consumers, and manufacturers from automotive cyber risk along with covering a wide range of compliance requirements.

Pricing: Contact for pricing.

Website: Argus

#8) Darktrace

Best for Cyber AI Loop to provide an interconnected understanding of the enterprise.


Darktrace cyber-AI loop is a security solution that works in a loop of preventing, detecting, responding, and healing. It prevents threats inside the organization and outside at the attack surface by detecting them with advanced threat detection techniques.

It detects threats from everywhere in the organization be it a cloud, app, email, endpoint, network, etc. It then disarms the threats anonymously and protects the entire digital estate.


  • Provides real-time visibility of workloads and admin activity in AWS, and beyond.
  • Provides a unified platform for protection across cloud, SaaS, email, IoT, ICS, remote endpoints, and the network.
  • Automated threat investigation and reporting services are provided.
  • Takes immediate remedial measures to reduce triage time by up to 92%.
  • Provides high-level actionable insights on metrics like the type of risks found and their criticality for prioritization to prevent them from entering the organization.
  • The response can be customized to operate only at certain times, on certain devices as per your preference.


  • Identifies and prioritizes risks.
  • Actionable insights.
  • Harden protections around critical chokepoints.
  • Configurable and customizable.


  • Nothing specific.

Verdict: Darktrace minimizes cyber disruption across over 7,700 organizations in 110 countries. It has offered its valuable services to many popular brands like Allianz, Airbus, Siemens, DPD, Zappos, KKR, and many more. It provides customer support via phone and ticketing.


  • A 30-day free trial is available.
  • Pricing plans are based on bandwidth. Plans are as:
    • Small: $30,000 Up to 300 Mbps of average bandwidth. 200 Hosts per year.
    • Medium: $60,000 Up to 2 Gbps average bandwidth. 1000 Hosts per year.
    • Large: $1,00,000 Up to 5Gbps average bandwidth. 10,000 hosts per year.

Website: Darktrace

#9) Microsoft System Center

Best for simplification of data center management.

Microsoft System Center - FireMon Competitors

Microsoft System Center is a platform that enables you to manage and control IT infrastructure with best-in-class operations by unifying workloads of different platforms including Windows Server, SQL Server, Linux, Azure Stack HCI, VMware, and Hyper-V.

It helps in networking, storage, computing, and security with its comprehensive solutions and automated workflow processes. It even monitors the infrastructure to troubleshoot the issues and facilitate high performance.


  • Provides actionable insights into metrics like monitoring health, capacity, troubleshooting issues, etc to monitor the workload efficiently.
  • Automation of processes reduces errors and increases efficiency.
  • Simplifies the data center infrastructure management.
  • Manages and controls the IT state with best-in-class data center operations.
  • Manages heterogeneous infrastructure of the organization by unifying the workloads of different platforms.
  • Other services include infrastructure provisioning, automation and self-service, workload monitoring, and more.


  • Increases agility and performance.
  • Configuration manager.
  • Automated workflow processes.


  • Complex installation process.
  • Improvement in documentation is advisable.

Verdict: Microsoft System Center is recommended for its feature of configuration management that helps in deploying and managing OS, applications, policies, etc. It has served around 13,058 companies including Authentic8, CloudVelox, Edifecs, Synata, and many more.


  • Free trial is available.
  • Pricing plans are as:
    • Data Center edition: $3,607
    • Standard edition: $1,323.

Website: Microsoft System Center

#10) Qualys Cloud Platform

Best for continuous visibility and analysis of data in real-time.

Qualys - FireMon Competitors

Qualys Cloud Platform is a complete end-to-end security solution. It is one of the FireMon Competitors that offer a wide range of features and solutions including infrastructure security, threat protection, compliance, endpoint security, DevOps, and more. It provides leading information security solutions globally for increased agility, greater outcomes, and reduced costs.

It automates auditing, compliance, and protection for application systems and applications to simplify security operations.


  • Provides full visibility of entire IT assets.
  • Analyses the data, discovers threats, and responds to them immediately.
  • Provides customizable dashboards for threats and risk tracking.
  • Offers easy global scanning, seamless scaling, and up-to-date resources.
  • Can be integrated with third-party platforms including Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and more.
  • Other services include built-in threat prioritization, patching, remote scanners, cloud connectors, and more.
  • Has won the Best Vulnerability Management Solution at SC Awards 2020.


  • 24/7 customer and technical support.
  • Customizable dashboard.
  • Real-time tracking.
  • Lower operating costs.


  • Reporting and documentation need improvement.

Verdict: Qualys Cloud Platform has served more than 10,000 subscription customers in 130 countries including many popular companies like Ancestry, Celestica, EXL, CapitalOne, CISCO, Edinburgh Airport, and so on. It provides good customer support via 24/7 live representatives, chat, phone, email, knowledge base, and training.


  • A 30-day free trial is available.
  • Contact for pricing.
  • According to the customer review, it starts from $500.00/month.

Website: Qualys Cloud Platform


In the above research, as we discussed and reviewed various alternatives to FireMon we found them very effective that can be used in place of FireMon. Some of them do not hold the drawbacks of FireMon and have other productive features.

We researched and mentioned above a list of the best FireMon Competitors and recommend Tufin as its best alternative. Both have many common features but Tufin is better at saving time in the policy request deployment.

We have many other FireMon Competitors with different sets of features and are good in their specific features. Like if you need software that generates policy violation reports then you should go with Tufin.

If you prefer a tool that remediates the threats then you can select between Cisco Secure Firewall Management Centre and Pentera. In this way, we can choose the software based on our preferences and requirements.

Our Review Process:

  • Time Taken to Research this Article: We spent 15 hours researching and writing this article so you can get a useful summarised list of FireMon Competitors with a comparison of each for your quick review.
  • Total FireMon Competitors Researched Online: 30
  • Top FireMon Competitors Shortlisted for Review: 10
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