15 Best Online Team Collaboration Tools For Productive Teams [2021 LIST]

The list and comparison of the best on-premise and online Team Collaboration Tools and Software:

Choosing the right collaboration software is a very critical process. But using the appropriate team collaboration tool improves the process as well as the final outcome.

A right tool choice can make the team more productive. It increases team strength by facilitating remote teams to communicate more efficiently. Teams can archive and maintain work history through collaboration tools, which will help the team members to learn from past experiences.

Also, the collaboration platform enables the team members to express themselves and connect with each other on a personal level as well. This automatically promotes team cohesion and generates more productivity.

Team Collaboration Software

Which Is The Best Collaboration Tool?

This question has multiple answers.

The right answer can be best described by analyzing the primary key factors:

  • Team size
  • Project type
  • Team/project requirements

Once the above factors are clearly analyzed, the right choice of the tool can be made.

Here, we have integrated a list of the best available tools that enable team collaboration to help our readers with making a perfect choice of the tool.

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List Of The Best Team Collaboration Tools

Here is the list and comparison of the best free online team collaboration tools and software available in the market:

#1) monday.com


monday.com is a team collaboration tool that is easy, friendly, and intuitive. You will be able to communicate the processes through multiple metrics.



  • It will help you in managing the project timeline.
  • Everyone will be in Sync with this tool.
  • You will be able to rank the tasks based on the priority.
  • It will be easier to share feedback.


It provides a free trial. There are four pricing plans, Basic ($25 per 5 users per month), Standard ($39 per 5 users per month), Pro ($59 per 5 users per month), and Enterprise (Get a quote).

#2) Backlog


Backlog is our favorite, light-weight yet feature-rich and powerful team collaboration tool. You and your team can organize, discuss and track work in one place.

Backlog team collaboration1

Key features

  • Use Backlog to work with your team on projects from ideation to completion. Break up projects into tasks or subtasks, milestones, and due dates.
  • Collaborate on wikis as a team so that everyone can access, edit, and share information.
  • Use comments to answer questions, suggest changes, and provide feedback or updates.
  • Admins can set user roles including guest accounts for clients and non-technical team members to keep everyone in the loop.
  • Give encouragement by starring your team’s comments or tasks.
  • Visualize your workflow with Kanban-style boards, Gantt, and burndown charts.


Backlog is free for up to 10 users. The next tier is $35/month for up to 30 users. The self-hosted version is also available, starting at $1,200/year for 20 users.

#3) MeisterTask


MeisterTask is one of Europe’s leading project and task management software applications largely because it is so simple, intuitive and easy to use. Teams use MeisterTask to manage projects of all sizes and complexities.

MeisterTask Dashboard

Projects are divided up into tasks, those tasks are added to customized workflows and displayed on beautifully-designed, digital, Kanban-style boards – the ultimate way to visually track progress from conception to completion.

Add as many users to your project as required and interact with them using mentions and comments. This way, users are able to collaborate and work together more effectively, in real-time. All files, information, and documents are stored in the tasks themselves so they’ll never go missing.

Task management can also be done on-the-go using our mobile apps available for iOS and Android.

Pros: Task automation, mobile apps, and integrations with all your favorite tools such as Slack, GitHub, Zendesk, MindMeister, Freshdesk, Office 365, Microsoft Teams, Zapier, IFTTT Github, G Suite, Harvest and many more.

Cons: The time tracking feature could use some improvements and there is no desktop app for Linux.

#4) Nifty


Nifty is one collaborative workspace to plan your projects, collaborate with your team & stakeholders, and automate your progress reporting.


NiftyPM really does an amazing job of combining multiple tools to encompass the entirety of a project cycle. It strikes the perfect balance between big-picture planning (roadmap is fantastic) and the daily grind (tasks, files, and collaboration).

Key Features:

  • Projects can be managed through Kanban-style Tasks that can be connected with Milestones.
  • Project Overview provides a birds-eye view of the progression of all your projects.
  • Documents can be created directly within each project.
  • Team Chat widget allows communication while working in any pocket of Nifty.

Pros: Beautiful interface, very intuitive. The ease of use and transitioning is a huge plus. Rockstar support team.

Cons: Nothing significant enough to mention.


  • Starter: $39 per month
  • Pro: $79 per month
  • Business: $124 per month
  • Enterprise: Contact them to get a quote.

All Plans Include:

  • Unlimited active projects
  • Unlimited guests & clients
  • Discussions
  • Milestones
  • Docs & files
  • Team chat
  • Portfolios
  • Overviews
  • Workloads
  • Time tracking & reporting
  • iOS, Android, and Desktop apps
  • Google single sign-on (SSO)
  • Open API

#5) Hiver

Logo - Hiver

Hiver is an email collaboration solution built for Google Workspace (formerly known as G Suite). It is easy-to-use, intuitive, and offers a wide range of features to facilitate seamless collaboration and higher productivity amongst team members.

From one-click task delegation to swift internal collaboration to advanced analytics, teams can do it all within Gmail’s native interface.


Key Features:

  • Assign emails as tasks in a single click, without having to rely on forwards. Track the status of all tasks in real-time.
  • Use Email Tags to organize workload into different categories
  • Make use of Notes to have quick, contextual discussions with team members. This way, teams can avoid sending internal emails that only add to clutter.
  • Leverage automations to save time on grunt work and build efficient workflows. Automations can be used to assign tasks to colleagues, categorize tasks, change the status of tasks, and more — with zero manual intervention.
  • Track team performance by accessing various types of reports and staying on top of key metrics.

Pricing: Hiver comes with a 14-day free trial, following which you can choose between 3 pricing plans. Growth ($22 per user/month), Pro ($37 per user/month), and Elite ($57 per user/month).

#6) Favro

Favro Logo

Favro is an all-in-one agile collaborative tool for SaaS and Games companies. It has the capabilities of collaborative writing, planning, and organizing the task according to your way of working.



  • Favro cards will help you in different use cases such as writing, content creation, attachments, etc.
  • These cards can be on multiple boards and facilitate cross-team collaboration.
  • Favro Collections provides a facility to view multiple Boards aggregated on a single screen.
  • Favro Relations will provide a view of the connectivity of the things in the organization.
  • Favro has features that will help you with changing goals, priorities, etc.

Pricing: Favro has three pricing plans, Lite ($25.5 per month), Standard ($34 per month), and Enterprise ($63.75 per month). All these prices are for annual billing and a team of 5 users. A free trial is available for 14 days. It also offers a monthly billing option.

#7) Wrike


Wrike is one of the top favorite collaboration tools.

It helps every team be it across the hall or be it across the globe, to perform their best. It enhances communication, accountability, and transparency in all the workflows to achieve faster results. It is a very powerful tool for collaboration and managing projects.

Key features:

  • Effective team tracking and managing deadlines.
  • Real-time dashboards.
  • Efficient project planning.
  • Live news feed and activity stream.
  • Easier, clearer, and more productive communications.


Free for up to 5 users, Professional Plan, Business Plan, and Marketers plan for $9.80 per user/month, $24.80 per user/month and $34.60 per user/month respectively.

Enterprise plan: Price on demand.

#8) Hive

Hive - Logo

Hive is a productivity tool that provides the functionalities like messaging and sharing a document. The tool will let you easily collaborate by sending messages directly to groups or individuals. It can be used as a platform for various tasks as it supports thousands of integrations.


  • Hive has a facility to upload the document directly to a task, project, or message.
  • You can collect all the necessary information through forms and can eliminate constant emails.
  • It provides the features of analytics and resourcing.

Pricing: The price of Hive’s basic package starts at $12 per user per month. You can buy the add-ons as per your requirements. The platform can be tried for free.

#9) Paymo

Paymo Logo

Paymo provides the platform to chat on tasks with your team in real-time. Paymo will help you to organize the documents or files as each asset will correspond to the project, task, or comment. You can upload files from Google Drive, Slack, etc.

Paymo platform provides the features to plan ahead by measuring & prioritizing work and ordering the tasks in a logical order. Its resource calendar will show you the team’s workload.


  • Paymo has the features of customizable email notifications.
  • It can provide a bird’s eye view of your team’s tasks.
  • You will get transparent workflows that will let you know the status of the task anytime.
  • Paymo provides time tracking functionalities, centralized timesheets, and a facility to share time reports with your team and clients.
  • It provides many more features like project templates and invoicing.

Pricing: Paymo will let you pay monthly as well as annually. It has two pricing plans, small office ($8.95 per user per month) and Business ($14.25 per user per month). The product can be tried for free for 15 days. It also offers a free plan.

#10) Asana


Asana is an extremely popular project management tool that is available in the market. Asana integrates team communication with project management to help the teams collaborate their tasks from small to large projects and recurring tasks.

Key features:

  • Customizable view to check the progress of important projects.
  • Add attachments to any conversation from the computer, Dropbox, Box, or Google Drive.
  • Live team progress tracking.
  • Add new workflows by using pre-made templates.
  • Facility to customize fields to track by using sections and columns.


A basic version is available free for up to 15 members, Premium version at $9.99 per member per month (billed annually) or $11.99 per user per month (billed monthly).

Enterprise plan: Price on demand.

Click here to know more about Asana.

#11) Scoro


Scoro is a simple comprehensive tool that vanishes all the team collaboration problems. Scoro can be customized to fit the required workflow. It helps to manage the entire business by simply integrating your existing tools with Scoro.

Key features:

  • Create unlimited projects and manage team access to joint projects.
  • Share files within the team.
  • Log time spent by the team on tasks/meetings/projects.
  • Manage contacts.
  • Create and send invoices using pre-designed templates.
  • Track the team’s performance with work reports.
  • Real-time team dashboards.


Plus plan available for $22 user/month for a minimum of 5 users, Premium plan for $33 user/month for a minimum of 5 users, Ultimate plan for $55 user/month for minimum 5 users.

Click here to know more about Scoro.

#12) JIRA


JIRA is a package tool that helps the users to define, assign, and set work priorities.

It enables the users to manage application development ensuring that everything has been covered, from idea generation to its launch. It has a simple instinctive interface that enables effective collaboration and allows to get the job done in a better way.

Key features:

  • Project estimating features to help teams understand their capacity.
  • Reports to show team progress of both Scrum and Kanban teams.
  • Backlog grooming to facilitate project managers track work and design strategies to tackle.
  • Customizable scrum boards for agile teams to deliver iterative and incremental value.
  • Flexible Kanban boards to give visibility to the team into continuous delivery.


Free trial for the first 7 days, Small team plan for $10 per month for up to 10 users, growing team plan starts for $75 per month for up to 15 users, however, it can extend up to 2000 users with price increase accordingly.

Click here to know more about JIRA.

=>We have a series of detailed JIRA tutorials. You can check them from here

#13) Igloo


Igloo makes team collaboration easier and seamless by providing easier information access to all who need it. Igloo acts as a digital destination to bring people, information, and conversations closer to speed up collaboration and boost productivity.

Igloo unifies existing solutions and third-party applications easily and gives easy information access to the team, in the context to task in hand.

Key features:

  • Customizable project space to align with the purpose of the team.
  • Selective applications that are required can be enabled. For Example, blogs, calendars, forum discussions, etc.
  • Facility to create public or private group spaces and access control.
  • Activity Streams to keep team members up to date.
  • Customized navigations to group spaces for team members.


A basic plan for $8 per user per month, Professional plan for $12 per user per month.

Enterprise plan: Price on demand.

Click here to know more about Igloo.

#14) Podio


Podio is a brilliant tool that covers every aspect of project management and collaboration from structuring a project, to sales management and team communications, thus modifying the way teams work together.

Podio helps its users to get the job done simply with ease and to connect all the tasks in one place.

Key features:

  • Easier project management.
  • Customizable CRM to track customers and organize the teams.
  • Automated workflows to shape the project and save time.
  • Easy collaboration across countries.
  • Efficient scrum management, team management, and business process management.


The basic plan for $9 per user per month, Plus plan for $14 per user per month, Premium plan for $24 per user per month.

Enterprise plan: Price on demand.

Click here to know more about Podio.

#15) Yammer


Yammer acts like an enterprise social networking software with decent features to improve organization-wide communication.

Yammer allows users to create groups and provides integrated workspace to the teams for project management, file sharing, and feedback maintenance.

Key features:

  • Groups feature provides flexible workspace for conversations, updates, files and more.
  • IM (instant messaging) tool, with the facility to conduct private conversations as well as group conversations.
  • External collaboration feature to create external groups and networks to build strong relationships and community.
  • Personalized search results by using Office graphs based on user interests.
  • Customizable inbox to view, manage and prioritize the most relevant content.


  • Enterprise Standalone version for $3 per user per month, Office 365 for business for $5 per user per month.
  • Office 365 For Education comes in free as well as paid plans.
  • Enterprise plan: Price on demand.

Click here to know more about Yammer.

#16) Hipchat


HipChat is an instant messaging and online chat web service. It provides one-on-one as well as group chat services. HipChat is quite flexible and works well on systems having Windows, Mac or Linux operating systems.

It supports Android phones, iOS smartphones, and tablets. Hipchat is persistent and loaded with brilliant features like secure video calling and screen sharing that are a must to have for every organization.

Key features:

  • Chat rooms and one-on-one messaging.
  • File sharing and secure guest access.
  • Secure video calling and screen sharing.
  • History retention.
  • Unlimited storage.
  • Searchable chat history.


  • Hipchat Basic version: free for unlimited users.
  • Hipchat Plus version: $2 per user per month.

Click here to know more about HipChat.

#17) Slack


Slack is a widely used instant messaging (IM) as well as a complete collaboration system. It is a cloud-based team collaboration toolset that provides all the services to meet collaboration needs.

Key features:

  • Channels help the users to manage separate messages and discussions by department, topic or purpose.
  • Slack provides private channels with an invite-only feature.
  • It has traditional instant messaging functionality, direct messaging, etc.
  • File sharing and information searching.
  • Preference feature allows the users to personalize Slack-based on their solution requirements.


Free for small teams, a Standard package for $6.67 per user per month, Plus package for $12.50 per user per month.

Click here to know more about Slack.

#18) Zenkit


Zenkit is a perfect tool to manage different tasks and preferences. It has been built keeping different users and their needs in mind. It includes major user favorite tools to make them feel connected to others from day one.

Everything is connected in Zenkit, be it tasks, clients, data, bugs, invoices, etc. Zenkit is a complete and very powerful software just as its users need it to be.

Key features:

  • Granular level customizations to keep a track of everything.
  • Aggregations and formulas to connect and analyze data.
  • Table view offers filtering, sorting, and customizing fields in an intuitive way.
  • Lists feature to break down projects into smaller tasks and prioritizing them.
  • Mind Map view gives users insight and opportunity to brainstorm in an effective manner.
  • Mobility features enable freedom to access data anytime and anywhere.
  • Excellent security to allow the users to work towards their goals without any worries.


Free for personal use, Plus version for $9 per user per month up to 20 members, Business version for $29 per user per month for unlimited users.

Enterprise version: Price on demand.

Click here to know more about Zenkit.

#19) Tallium


Tallium is a business community platform created by Tallyfox.

It facilitates users to create their business Knowledge communities to enrich fresh idea and problem-solving. It strengthens the bond between customers and stakeholders. Tallium is quite a flexible platform.

Key features:

  • Algorithms to promotes content related to the user expertise.
  • Configurable to meet user needs.
  • Three Level Taxonomy structure to fit the user needs.
  • User-friendly and straightforward interface.
  • Multiple vocabularies.
  • Multiple levels of privacy and high security.


  • Tallium Community: $3 user/month up to 100 members.
  • Tallium Network: $9 user/month up to 500 members.

Click here to know more about Tallium.

#20) Bitbucket


Bitbucket Cloud tool allows users to collaborate and manage numerous projects as well as users. Code sharing and collaboration among teams is what Bitbucket Cloud-primarily focuses on.

Bitbucket makes it easy by providing an effective yet simple access control system. Users can choose to keep the repository private or public. They can also specify read and write access using Access Control Lists (ACLs)

Key features:

  • Delegate administration to team’s repositories.
  • Create projects and organize tasks.
  • Set access permissions for different roles or teams.
  • Manage team costs with a single plan.
  • Integrate projects with services like JIRA and HipChat.


  • Free for small teams up to 5 users.
  • Standard version: $2 user/month.
  • Tallium Network: $5 user/month.

Click here to know more about Bitbucket.

#21) Zoho Docs


Zoho allows users to build effective ideas by sharing them with teams or groups. It provides excellent collaboration on projects locally as well as remotely. It allows documentation tracking and control from ideation to publication globally.

Key features:

  • Upload bulk files individually, or select multiple files and save at once.
  • Facility to store large files.
  • Create and organize folders to categorize teams, projects, etc.
  • Backup facility to mitigate data loss.
  • Flexible view and in-app chats.
  • Unlimited file recovery to recover even deleted files.


  • Free for small teams up to 25 users (5GB/user).
  • Standard version: $5 user/month (100GB/user).
  • Premium version: $8 user/month (1TB/user).

Click here to know more about ZohoDocs.

#22) Confluence


Confluence by Atlassian, allows its users to build a centralized knowledge repository in order to document and share processes. It is quite a flexible tool and allows easy connection between issues or bugs with a knowledge center.

Key features:

  • Automatic linking with JIRA to track development, issue creation, and reports.
  • Inbuilt practice templates to avoid formatting fuss.
  • Granular permissions to help keep the content secure.
  • Powerful and customizable add-ons.
  • Document management and file versioning.


  • Small teams package: $10 per month up to 10 users
  • Growing teams package: $50 per month for 15 users. Can be used for up to 2000 users for $1000 /month.

Click here to know more about Confluence.

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#23) Fleep


Fleep Messenger that is built for the next generation is an ultimate project collaboration tool. It facilitates chat, simple activities, and integrations with external tools. Users can easily create group conversations internally to the team as well as external partners, or any group of people.

Key features:

  • Dynamic communications: Non-Fleep users can also be added to conversations with their email address.
  • Open platform to set up communication with fleep users from other organizations.
  • Integration facility to create notification feed in one place.
  • Audio/video calling and screen sharing.
  • File drawer next to each conversation to exchange files.


  • Free for an unlimited number of users for an unlimited time.
  • Business version: €5 per user/month.
  • I’m special: For businesses having 20 or more Fleep users (Price on request).

Click here to know more about Fleep.

Few Other Team Collaboration Software:

#24) Skype for Business

Skype for business is a powerful online messaging, meetings, and screen sharing application. It works brilliantly with Office and Outlook. It is protected and secures conversations with encryption and authentication.

Click here to know more about Skype for business.

#25) G Suite

With G Suite by Google Cloud, users can enjoy free video calling, phone calling and messaging. Message chats can be synced between devices. Users can join the meetings on the go from anywhere by using the dial-in a phone number for meetings.

Click here to know more about G Suite

#26) ProofHub

Proofhub is also called as all in one collaboration and project management software. With proofhub, users can easily create plans, collaborate between teams or with clients, keep stuff organized and plan on-time deliverables.

Click here to know more about ProofHub.

#27) Notion

The notion is integrated and collaborated workspace for all your team activities. It is combined with Slack to keep everyone on the same page using task boards.

It is quite user interactive and has a visual organization like Trello.

Click here to know more about Notion.

#28) Microsoft SharePoint

SharePoint is a dynamic and productive team empowering tool.

It collaborates sites for each project teams and divisions. Users can share data, files, and resources. Customizable sites to streamline your team’s tasks. Users can collaborate easily and securely with team members using SharePoint.

Click here to know more about SharePoint.

#29) Office365

To collaborate on any project anywhere, Office 365 is a well-suited tool.

It integrates with email, Skype for business, calendars and project sites. Gives mobile access via phone and tablets. Users can work more efficiently with customers as well as co-workers using Office 365.

Click here to know more about Office365.

#30) WebEx Meeting Center

A simplified tool to conduct teams meetings and collaborate with teams anywhere, anytime.

Cisco WebEx helps to make faster decisions, with integrated audio/video and content sharing. Highly secure and scalable meetings via global Cisco Collaboration Cloud to save time and money.

Click here to know more about WebEx meeting center.

#31) Clarizen

Clarizen unifies projects and aligns teams and stakeholders from a single console.

It facilitates the management of the entire IT portfolio and gives real-time visibility into projects. Provides robust project management with collaboration.

Click here to know more about Clarizen.

#32) Trello

Trello enables users to organize projects in a flexible and rewarding manner with its boards, cards, and lists.

Trello syncs among all your devices from anywhere effortlessly. Trello integrates the existing applications used by the team directly into the workflow.

Click here to know more about Trello.

#33) Deekit

The Deekit app comes with whiteboard features like drawing tools, add text and pin notes. The application is highly collaborative. Users can contribute from anywhere in real-time.

Boards can be created as well as archived for future reference using Deekit. It offers design templates to provide extensive instructions to run a business plan or for brainstorming a product.

Click here to know more about Deekit.


From this article, we have compared the comprehensive list of best collaboration tools. Apart from this, we have a number of other online collaboration tools that are available in the market.

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Immense care should be exercised while selecting a Collaboration tool, considering the requirements of your project.

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We hope that we have helped you to make a happy future collaboration!!!