Top 10 Most Popular Regression Testing Tools In 2023

List And Comparison Of The Latest Most Popular Paid and Open-Source Free Regression Testing Tools: 

Regression testing is running all functional and non-functional tests to ensure previously working functionality is not affected by a new build or change.

In this article, we will list and compare some of the most popular Regression tools for automated regression testing. These tools help immensely by executing tests quickly and saving huge time for testers.

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Most Popular Regression Testing Tools

Here is the complete list of the Best Regression testing tools:

  1. Subject7
  2. Cerberus Testing
  3. Testimony
  4. Digivante
  5. Testsigma
  6. TimeShiftX
  7. Appsurify TestBrain
  8. Avo Assure
  9. testRigor
  10. Sahi Pro
  11. Selenium
  12. Watir
  13. TestComplete
  14. IBM Ra­­­­tional Functional Tester
  15. Katalon Studio
  16. Ranorex Studio
  17. TestDrive
  18. AdventNet QEngine
  19. TestingWhiz
  20. WebKing

Let’s review them in detail!!

#1) Subject7

Subject7 Logo

Subject7 is a cloud-based, “true codeless” test automation solution that unifies all testing in a single platform and empowers anyone to become an automation expert. Our easy-to-use software enables fast, easy, and sophisticated authoring of regression test flows without writing a line of code and high scale execution to run thousands of nightly tests in the cloud.

Key Features:

  • Enables technical and non-technical users to author and execute robust test flows.
  • Integrates easily with your DevOps and Agile tooling with native plugins, in-app integrations, and open APIs.
  • Includes high-scale cross-browser parallel execution in our secure public cloud, your private cloud, on-prem, or hybrid, all with enterprise-grade security.
  • Flexible reporting of success/failure and persistent defects with video capture of results.
  • Simple, non-metered pricing, delivering scalability/predictability, both technically and financially.
  • SOC 2 Type 2 compliant and certified business practices featuring enterprise-grade security.

#2) Cerberus Testing


Cerberus Testing is the only 100% open-source and low-code test automation platform supporting Web, Mobile, API (REST, Kafka, …), Desktop, and Database testing. Available in the Cloud, the easy to use web interface does not require development skills – automated tests become available for the development, quality, and business teams.

Key Features:

  • Ease of use web interface accessible to transversal teams.
  • Low-code test library for Web, Mobile, API, Desktop, Database.
  • Reusable test modules, components, and test data.
  • Fast iterations between Test Repository, Execution, and Reporting.
  • Parallel Execution on local and remote testing farms.
  • Continuous Testing with Scheduler, Campaign, CI/CD capabilities.
  • Support for Web Performance, Monitoring.
  • Built-in Test Dashboards and Analytics.

Source code: Open source

#3) Testimony

Basis Technologies Logo

Testimony, from Basis Technologies, is a part of the only DevOps and test automation platform engineered specifically for SAP software. It reinvents SAP regression testing by eliminating test script creation and maintenance and removing the need for test data management.

Once fully configured, Testimony’s unique Robotic Test Automation technology can automatically create an up-to-date regression test library whenever you need it, reducing weeks or months of work to a matter of days.

In addition to eliminating the cost, effort, and complexity of traditional testing methods, Testimony minimizes business risk by validating far more of the interactions, operations, and transactions that make up your business processes.

Key Reasons For Which Businesses Choose Testimony:

  • Regression tests faster and more often.
  • Automatically create, execute and update your test library.
  • Accelerate the delivery of innovation, projects, upgrades, and updates.
  • Increase development efficiency by shifting regression testing left.
  • Reduce the cost of testing and liberate functional experts.
  • Run system-wide tests in a matter of days (when fully configured).
  • Test beyond the user interface (BAPIs, batch jobs, etc) to increase confidence and reduce risk.

#4) Digivante


Digivante raises the bar for digital quality on online platforms. As a leading quality assurance service provider, they deliver testing with unrivalled coverage, speed, and quality. With a deep knowledge of functional and non-functional testing across unlimited devices, platforms, and browser combinations, they blend testers and tech for a solution you can stake your future on.

If you need to release new functionality and features on a regular basis and fix known issues to keep customers engaged and attract new business, regression testing is integral to that process. Even small changes to your site or app could trigger changes to existing functionality.

Using their large, specialist testing team, you benefit from economies of scale and maximum value. They’ll cut your testing times from weeks to days, or even hours. Their 24/7 team gets regression testing done in super-fast time, meaning your new release isn’t delayed and you can be confident your site and apps will work as intended.

Digivante provides:

  • An experienced, fully managed programme of professional testing and digital performance solutions.
  • Regression testing completed in hours, not days or weeks.
  • A professional global crowd community ready to executive tests 24/7, 365 days.
  • Hundreds of device, browser, and operating system combinations.
  • The Digivante Portal gives you a single location to access your defects with images and video evidence.
  • Integrations with JIRA and other test management tools.

#5) Testsigma


An ideal automated regression testing tool that suggests relevant or affected test cases after a feature enhancement/bug fix. Testsigma lets you run regression tests right after the first check-ins, automatically, within a sprint.

Tool Highlights:

  • Easy scriptless testing in plain English.
  • Create regression test suites, using the automatic suggestions, of test cases that have a direct impact on any change.
  • Periodical executions without manual intervention.
  • Generate detailed reports of regression test executions on multiple device configurations at the same time.
  • Centralized object repository to easily track and rectify locator issues.
  • Prioritized test runs with custom filters to create lean and optimized regression test suites.
  • Integrations with CI/CD tools, Jenkins, JIRA, Slack, etc.
  • Testsigma also gives the flexibility to write custom functions, define prerequisites for regression test suites.

Source code: Licensed

#6) TimeShiftX


TimeShiftX is a date shifting software that lets you time travel apps to perform temporal testing.

Tool Highlights:

  • Uses virtual times so no system clock changes are required.
  • Allows for time travel inside Active Directory, Kerberos, LDAP, and other domain authentication protocols.
  • Enables time shift testing for all applications & databases such as SAP, SQL, Oracle, WAS, and .NET.
  • Supports all platforms & operating systems and can be run in the cloud or containers.

 Source code: Licensed

#7) Appsurify TestBrain

Appsurify Logo

For regression testing, Appsurify allows QA engineers and developers to test more frequently, find defects earlier, and speed up cycle times.

Appsurify TestBrain is a plug and play machine learning testing tool that saves over 90% in automated regression test completion times, returns test results to developers immediately after each commit, and quarantines unstable or flaky tests so teams can release faster without sacrificing quality.

The tool has the ability to plug into existing testing environments, whether in the Cloud or On-Premise, and be up and running in 15 minutes.

Appsurify TestBrain is designed to alleviate the pains commonly associated with regression testing, such as long test execution times, delayed test results, not being able to run the full suite due to time constraints, missed defects, flaky failures, delayed releases, and developer rework.

Gone are the days when teams had to carefully determine when to run their regression tests, now you can run them as frequently as you wish.

Key Points:

  • Shorten regression test completion time by 90%.
  • Maximize Test Coverage.
  • Prevent flaky tests from breaking the build.
  • Works with existing test practices.

#8) Avo Assure

Assure Logo

Avo Assure enables you to test applications with a 100% no-code approach, simplifying your regression testing efforts. Its cross-platform compatibility further empowers teams to test diverse applications and achieve end-to-end regression testing.

With Avo Assure, you can:

  • Expand test automation coverage up to 90% by executing end-to-end regression tests repeatedly.
  • Leverage about 1500+ keywords and reduce testing time.
  • Reduce production bugs and associated business risks.
  • Deliver higher quality applications faster.
  • Liberate your team with repetitive and tedious regression testing efforts and time.
  • Leverage integrations with a plethora of SDLC and Continuous Integration solutions like Jira, Sauce Labs, ALM, TFS, Jenkins, and QTest.
  • Analyze reports intuitively with easy-to-read screenshots and videos of test case execution.
  • Through the Smart Scheduling and Execution feature, execute multiple scenarios simultaneously.

#9) testRigor

testRigor Logo

testRigor’s “No Code” approach to testing puts testRigor on the list of regression testing tools for 2022. This is the best solution for any company that wants to build strong automation coverage while avoiding the typical challenges of test automation.

Manual QA can now create complex automated regression tests with plain English statements. This approach enables manual QA to take ownership of a part of the automation process.

To be clear, they are the only company truly solving the test maintenance problem. When you use testRigor you typically spend 99.5% less time on test maintenance than with other popular tools.

Tool Highlights:

  • Plain English language test case creation.
  • 99.5% less test maintenance when compared to other leading testing systems.
  • Find and Replace functions to quickly fix any test breakage and limit downtime.
  • Device farm availability with access to any system configuration possible.
  • Hosted QA infrastructure configurations eliminate tedious test setups.

License type: Subscription Testing as a Service Platform.

#10) Sahi Pro

Sahi Pro

Sahi Pro is a tester focused automation regressing testing tool. It is one of the most popular regression testing tools that suits best for testing large web applications quickly and with lesser maintenance effort.

Tool Highlights:

  • The coolest feature of this tool is the smart accessor mechanism that does not let the test script to fail even if there are slight changes in UI.
  • Inbuilt Logging and reporting
  • Distributed and parallel playback
  • Data-driven suites
  • Cross-browser & OS support
  • Email reports
  • Inbuilt Excel framework.

Source code: Licensed

Official Website: Sahi Pro

#11) Selenium


It is one of the top automated regression testing tools for web application testing. Selenium WebDriver can be employed to build powerful, browser-based regression automation suites and tests.

Tool Highlights:

  • Selenium has cross-environment, OS & browser support.
  • It is compatible with multiple programming languages and other testing frameworks.
  • No doubt, it’s a great tool for doing frequent regression testing.

Source code: Open

Official Website: Selenium

#12) Watir


Watir (pronounced as water) is a short form for Web Application Testing in Ruby. It uses the Ruby programming language. Watir can be used to automate regression testing suites

Tool Highlights:

  • Very light-weight and easy to use tool
  • This tool has great browser interaction capabilities.
  • Intended for testing web apps.
  • Allows you to design simple, complaint, readable and maintainable automated tests.
  • Technology independent
  • Cross-platform OS support
  • Used by many big companies like SAP, Oracle, Facebook, etc.

Source code: Open

Official Website: Watir

Link for download: Download Watir

#13) TestComplete


Regression tests can be easily and quickly automated by using the TestComplete Platform. It also integrates very well with defect tracking tools.

Tool Highlights:

  • Execute parallel regression tests with automated builds.
  • Identifies and fixes buggy code quickly.
  • Let’s you to create regression tests that are stable enough that they do not break on UI changes.
  • Automatically schedules and runs the regression tests without any manual intervention.
  • Supports desktop, web and mobile apps.
  • Useful for GUI testing.
  • Cuts down training cost and testing time significantly.

Source code: Licensed

Official Website: TestComplete

#14) IBM Ra­­­­tional Functional Tester

IBM Rational Functional Tester

IBM Rational Functional Tester is mainly meant automated functional testing & regression testing.

Tool Highlights:

  • Built over script assure technology
  • The call script capability of IBM RFT facilitates creating and running the regression test suite.
  • Improved testing efficiency and easy script maintenance.
  • Also, supports data-driven and GUI testing.
  • Supports a wide range of apps like web-based, terminal emulator based apps, NET, Java, Ajax, etc.

Source code: Licensed

Official Website: IBM Rational Functional Tester

#15) Katalon Studio 

Katalon studio new logo

Katalon Studio is an automated testing solution built on top of Selenium and Appium for web, API, mobile, and desktop. It is recommended as a top Customer’s Choice by Gartner Peer Insights.

Tool Highlights:

  • Lightweight. Deployable on Windows, macOS, and Linux.
  • Supports end-to-end testing for web, API, mobile and desktop applications.
  • Easy to use for beginners with robust spying & recording functionalities.
  • Infinite testing extension for experts with plugin platform.
  • Supports various testing methodologies: keyword-driven, data-driven, and TDD/BDD testing.
  • Seamlessly integrate into CI/CD systems such as Jira, Jenkins, CircleCI, Bamboo, Selenium Grid, and more.
  • Global community and experts support.

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#16) Ranorex Studio


Shorten your regression testing cycles with Ranorex Studio, your all-in-one solution for test automation of desktop, web, and mobile apps. Used by over 4,000 companies worldwide, Ranorex Studio is easy for beginners with a codeless click-and-go interface and helpful wizards, but powerful for automation experts with a full IDE.

Features include:

  • Reliable object identification, even for web elements with dynamic IDs.
  • Shareable object repository and reusable code modules for efficient test creation and reduced maintenance.
  • Data-driven and keyword-driven testing.
  • Customizable test report with video reporting of test execution – see what happened in a test run without having to re-run the test!
  • Run tests in parallel or distribute them on a Selenium Grid with built-in Selenium Webdriver support.
  • Integrates with tools like Jira, Jenkins, TestRail, Git, Travis CI, and more.

#17) TestDrive 


TestDrive is an automated software quality (ASQ) solution that lets you do automated regression testing rapidly. It lets you come up with dynamic, flexible and easy deployable tests.

Tool Highlights:

  • Code-free test automation
  • Modular scripts
  • Reduced testing time
  • Easy to handle changes in the application
  • Allows human input
  • Supports multiple technologies and interfaces
  • Useful for testing browser apps, legacy apps, and GUIs.
  • Also, supports manual testing.

Source code: Licensed

Official Website: TestDrive

#18) AdventNet QEngine

QEngine can be used for regression testing of web applications. It is an extensive, platform-independent automation testing tool.

Tool Highlights:

  • Easy to use UI.
  • Supports IE and FF browsers.
  • Event Recording and distributed playback support
  • Session tracking
  • Server monitoring capability
  • Virtual user simulation
  • Parameterization to support dynamic values

Source code: Licensed

Official Website: AdventNet QEngine

#19) TestingWhiz


TestingWhix offers automation solutions for regression testing. It also supports web testing, mobile testing, cross-browser testing, web services testing and database testing.

Tool Highlights:

  • Possesses codeless architecture
  • Fast automation engine
  • Supports continuous integration very well
  • Object eye internal recorder and a visual recorder
  • The dynamic test data support
  • Robust reporting and logs
  • Inbuild job schedule

Source code: Licensed

Official Website: TestingWhiz

#20) WebKing


Webking by Parasoft is a comprehensive automation web testing tool. It supports automated regression testing.

Tool Highlights:

  • Ensures that the designated user paths are running correctly.
  • Uses a path creator browser to record and generate the application’s most popular paths
  • Supports various data sources like .csv, excel, databases, webking’s internal tables.
  • Integrates with Parasoft group reporting system
  • Serves the purpose of automated code review

Source code: Licensed

Official Website: WebKing

#21) Regression Tester


Regression Tester is a desktop tool introduced by that lets you do the regression testing of the web-based applications remotely. This tool has won many awards for its software testing capabilities.

Tool Highlights:

  • Easy to create a list of tests.
  • Re-run the automated tests any number of times.
  • Automatically runs the test and generates a professional report.
  • Fully customizable reports.
  • Saves the time spent on testing.
  • Ensures that all parts (forms/pages) of the web app are working fine.

Source code: Licensed


There are many Regression Testing Tools available in the market and a few of the important tools are mentioned in this article. We have to be careful while choosing the right tool based on our requirements.

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