What is Regression Testing? Regression Testing Tools and Best Practices

What is Regression Testing?

Regression means retesting the unchanged parts of the application. Regression Testing is the one in which test cases are re-executed in order to check whether the previous functionality of the application is working fine and the new changes have not introduced any new bugs. This test can be performed on a new build when there is a significant change in the original functionality that too even in a single bug fix.

This is the method of verification. Verifying that the bugs are fixed and the newly added features have not created any problem in the previous working version of the software.

Testers perform functional testing when a new build is available for verification. The intent of this test is to verify the changes made in the existing functionality and the newly added functionality as well. When this test is done, the tester should verify whether the existing functionality is working as expected and the new changes have not introduced any defect in functionality that was working before this change. Regression test should be a part of the release cycle and must be considered in the test estimation. Regression testing is usually performed after verification of changes or a new functionality. But this is not the case always. For the release that is taking months to complete, regression tests must be incorporated in the daily test cycle. For weekly releases, regression tests can be performed when the functional testing is over for the changes.

Why Regression Test?

regression testing

Regression testing is initiated when a programmer fixes any bug or adds a new code for a new functionality to the system. There can be many dependencies in the newly added and the existing functionality. It is a quality measure to check whether the new code complies with the old code so that the unmodified code is not getting affected. Most of the time testing team has the task to check the last minute changes in the system. In such situation, testing only affected application area is necessary to complete the testing process on time with covering all the major system aspects.

This test is very important when there is a continuous change/improvement added in the application. The new functionality should not negatively affect the existing tested code.

How Much Regression Testing is Required?

This depends upon the scope of newly added features. If the scope of a fix or feature is too large, then the application area getting affected is also quite large and the testing should be performed thoroughly including all the application test cases. But this can be effectively decided when the tester gets input from a developer about the scope, nature, and the amount of change.

Types of Regression tests

As these are repetitive tests, test cases can be automated so that set of test cases alone can be easily executed on a new build. Regression test cases need to be selected very carefully so that maximum functionality is covered in a minimum set of test cases. These set of test cases need continuous improvements for newly added functionality. It becomes very difficult when the application scope is very huge and there are continuous increments or patches to the system. In such cases, selective tests need to be executed in order to save testing cost and time. These selective test cases are picked based on the enhancements done to the system and the parts where it can affect the most.

What do We do in Regression Test?

  • Re-run the previously conducted tests
  • Compare the current results with previously executed test results

This is a continuous process performed at various stages throughout the software testing lifecycle. A best practice is to conduct regression test after the sanity or smoke testing and at the end of functional testing for a short release.

In order to conduct effective testing, regression test plan should be created. This plan should outline the regression testing strategy and the exit criteria. Performance testing is also a part of this test to make sure that the system performance is not affected due to the changes made in the system components.

Regression testing best practices: Run automated test cases every day in the evening so that any regression side effects can be fixed in next days build. This way it reduces the release risk by covering almost all regression defects at an early stage rather than finding and fixing those at the end of the release cycle.

Regression Testing Tools

Automated Regression Testing is the testing area where we can automate most of the testing efforts. We run all the previously executed test cases on a new build. This means that we have a test case set available and running these test cases manually is time-consuming. We know the expected results, so automating these test cases is time-saving and is an efficient regression test method. The extent of automation depends upon the number of test cases that are going to remain applicable over the time. If test cases are varying from time to time, the application scope goes on increasing and then automation of regression procedure will be the waste of time.

Most of the regression test tools are record and playback type.  You will record the test cases by navigating through the AUT (application under test) and verify whether expected results are coming or not.

Regression Of GUI application:

It is difficult to perform GUI (Graphical User Interface) regression test when GUI structure is modified. The test cases written on old GUI either become obsolete or need to be modified. Re-using the regression testing test cases means GUI test cases are modified according to new GUI. But this task becomes a cumbersome one

if you have a large set of GUI test cases.

Examples of regression testing tools are:

Most of these tools are both functional and regression test tools. Adding and updating regression test cases in an automation test suite is a cumbersome task. While selecting automation tool for regression tests, you should check if the tool allows you to add or update the test cases easily. In most cases, we need to update automated regression test cases frequently due to frequent changes in the system.

Hope this explains the regression testing concept and best practices.

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what is database migration testing

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but regression testing comes under validation….and will be validating the application has not got any new bugs due to the new enhancements or fixing bugs.
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Reply to Database Migration testing…

Your company has an enterprise product for example say Bubbly Version 2.5 and this product has been released in the market and in use by number of customers. Now your company has developed a beta version say Bubbly Version 3.5 which has added some more new features in it. Now if your company targets the existing customer to upgrade to the new version the customers would definitely ask one question ” WHAT ABOUT THE VALUABLE DATA WHICH WE HAD IN THE PRODUCT??”. Now here comes data migration concept in which the script is written in such a way that running the script will just upgrade the application version from Bubbly 2.5 to Bubbly 3.5 and the whole data which exists in the earlier version(Bubbly 2.5) is retained in the newer version(Bubbly 3.5).
Hope this clears you….. :)

#14 zakir


Regression testing is again a chain process friend. Whenever a change in requirement or change in build or change in code or bugs found and fix occurs, we use to perform regression testing(i.e. execute all the test cases) to ensure it had not affected the application in any way. The process starts with VERIFICATION and goes on to VALIDATION, thereby enhancing the quality of the software…

#15 padmini

I have little doubt on concepts of retesting and regression.Say,retest is done on some modules of build1 and Regression is done on (modified) build2.If we get bugs on build2,can we retest it(retest some modules)?

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#16 Nani


Just want to clear you what exactly the difference between retest & regression.
Retest – Testing within the same build and no change in the build number also.
Regression – Testing in different build numbers or on different versions of the build.

Hope you can understand now and map to your questions.


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how can we do Load testing in QTP?

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That testing is called Data Migration my friend. Pls refer to the comment no 13.



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Backend testing is nothing but Database Testing so u can execute queries related in the Database then u can check Datas stored or not in the database.


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QTP is a Functional Testing tool u can use only regression testing through QTP not Load Testing so u can use LoadRunner and QEngine, Jmeter …like lot of Performance tools is there are clear now.
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#35 sagar bandari

retesing: means testing the same functionality once again after the bug is fixed by developers.

regression testing: done by two scenarios
1.test the any dependency functionalities are effecting after the bug is fixed.
2.test the enhancement features(i.e test the existing functionalities while adding new functionalities to it).

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When a new functionality is added, you need to test the new functionality completely. In addition you need to perform a regression testing on the other parts of the code to ensure that newly added functionality does not have any negative impact on the existing functionality

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How to select effective test cases in Regression testing?

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‘Adding and updating regression test cases in automation test suite is cumbersome task.’ We are currently working on easing that task, with fully automated GUI testing. Check it out at retest.de.
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Regression testing plays a crucial role in the complete testing process. It is a type of testing that re-tests the already working parts of an application after each release. Regression testing has to be done after any improvement or when new functionality is implemented or when bug fixing is done in an application.

#112 Pratik S

Regression testing through an automation tool, lets you automate regression testing for software, web, database, mobile, web services and API by re-running automated tests in continuous integration.
TestingWhiz offers regression test automation solution that comes with a modular regression architecture that allows adding or changing test steps at any stage, without the need to change the implementation code.

#113 Artem

These all seem like decent regression tools, but you still have to setup the regression tests and execute them. What if you could automate regression testing without have to setup the tests in the first place? TestRigor eliminates the need to even setup regression cycles. We’re currently in beta and looking for folks to test the tool and provide feedback. If anyone reading this thread is interested in seeing how it works, please contact me at testrigor.com

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