Top 10 BEST Network Mapping Software Tools For Network Topology

List of The Top Network Mapping Software with Features and Comparison. Select the Best Network Topology Mapper Based on Your Business Requirements & Budget:

Network Mapping is the process of creating Network maps to visualize network devices, virtual domains, mobile elements, and device inter-dependencies to help with Network Monitoring and Troubleshooting.

Network Mapping is the basic task you need to perform during Network Monitoring and Managing.

You can use automated tools or graphics tools to map the network topology. Automated tools will update Network Mapping if there is a change in the network. Network Management solution makes use of protocols such as SNMP and ARP to create Network Maps.

Network Mapping software

Fact Check: Network Management Systems are in great demand because of growing data traffic, adoption of SDN technologies, and growing uptake of digital transformation trends. According to MarketsAndMarkets, the market size of the Network Management System is growing at a CAGR of 9.5% and it is expected to grow from $7 billion to $11 billion from 2019 to 2024.

Research on Network Management System Market

Importance Of Network Mapping

Network health is a fundamental part of improving network uptime and the network health can be monitored with the help of Network Mapping. Network maps will help you with improving the network performance through three key areas i.e. Network Visualizations, Device Monitoring, and Network Issue Diagnosis.

Before selecting a tool, you should have all your requirements like the number of devices to be mapped and the types of your equipment. Based on your requirements, you can look for the tool with features of Remote Administration and Automation.

Pro Tip: While choosing a Network Mapping tool, the factors that need to be considered include the installation procedure of the tool, ease of use & personalization, platform support, cost of the tool, and additional features like monitoring and alerting.
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List Of The Best Network Mapping Software

Enlisted below are the most popular Network Mapping Tools being used worldwide.

  1. SolarWinds Network Topology Mapper
  2. Datadog Network Performance Monitoring
  3. EdrawMax
  4. Paessler PRTG Network Monitor
  5. Spiceworks Network Mapping Software
  6. ManageEngine OpManager
  7. Intermapper
  8. jNetMap Network Monitor
  9. Microsoft Visio
  10. LucidChart
  11. Device 42
  12. ConceptDraw Pro

Comparison Of The Top Network Mapping Tools

 Best ForPlatformFree TrialPrice
SolarWinds Network Topology Mapper

Small to large businesses.Windows14 days$1495

Small to large businesses. Windows, Mac, Linux, Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, RedHat, etcAvailableStarts at $5/host/month.

Edraw Logo
All businesses, network engineers and designers. Windows, Mac, Linux, Web-based.Limited features for online Free version.

15-day free trial for desktop software.
Online: Free or $14.95/month.

Desktop Software: $99/Year or $179/ Perpetual License.
Paessler PRTG

Small to large businesses.Windows30 days for the unlimited version.Free version available.
Price starts at $1600.
Spiceworks Network Mapping Software

Small to medium-sized businesses.Windows30 days for the unlimited version.Free
ManageEngine OpManager

Small to large businesses.Windows & Linux30 daysStarts at $245.

Small to large businesses.Windows,
30 daysFree version.
Get a quote for a Subscription license, Device-Based License, and Unlimited License.

#1) SolarWinds Network Topology Mapper

Best for small to large businesses.
Price: SolarWinds offers a free trial of 14 days for Network Topology Mapper. It is available for $1495.

Solarwinds Network Topology Mapper

Network Topology Mapper (NTM) will let you plot your network with the help of the Network Mapping software. Multiple discovery methods such as SNMP v1-v3, ICMP, WMI, etc. are supported by the tool. It can auto-detect the changes to Network Topology.


  • Network Topology Mapper can build multiple maps with a single scan.
  • It will automate device discovery and mapping.
  • It has a feature to perform Multi-level network discovery.
  • The tool will allow you to schedule updated map exports to Orion Network Atlas.

Verdict: Network Topology Mapper will allow you to export Network Maps to various formats like PDF and PNG formats. Network maps can be exported to Microsoft Office Visio.

#2) Datadog Network Performance Monitoring

Best for small to large businesses.

Datadog Pricing: Its pricing starts at $5 per host per month. Datadog offers various solutions like Network monitoring, Security monitoring, Log management, etc. and the pricing will change according to it. A free trial is available for the platform.


Datadog Network Performance Monitoring (NPM) solution makes use of a unique, tag-based approach. It tracks the performance of on-premise & cloud-based networks and enables you to break down network traffic between hosts, containers, services, or any other tag in Datadog.

It will provide complete visibility into network traffic, infrastructure metrics, traces, and logs, all-in-one place by combining flow-based NPM and metric-based Network Device Monitoring.


  • Datadog Network Performance Monitoring (NPM) will give you unprecedented visibility into modern networks using meaningful and human-readable tags.
  • It maps the flow of network traffic between hosts, containers, availability zones, and even more abstract concepts like services, teams, or any other tagged category.
  • Maps network traffic flow in an interactive map so you can identify traffic bottlenecks and any downstream effects.
  • It correlates network traffic data with relevant application traces, host metrics, and logs, to unify troubleshooting into one platform.
  • You can identify traffic bottlenecks and any downstream effects through an interactive map.

Verdict: Datadog Network Performance Monitoring solution is easy to navigate and use. It will allow you to see metrics like volume and retransmits without writing queries. You can use it for a cloud-based or hybrid network.

#3) EdrawMax

Best for: All businesses, network engineers, and designers.

EdrawMax Pricing: Desktop software offers a 15-day free trial. The annual license is $99, and the perpetual license is $179. The online version starts from $14.95/month.


EdrawMax is ideal for network engineers and network designers who need to draw detailed network drawings.

It is light-weight, yet incredibly powerful, and can be used to create the following network diagrams: basic network diagrams, AWS network topology, Cisco network topology, logical network diagrams, physical network diagrams, LAN diagrams, WAN diagrams, LDAP, active directory, and lots more.


  • MS-style interface to get you started quickly.
  • Easy-to-use network diagram tool with rich examples and templates.
  • Abundant free network diagram examples and templates: Basic Network, Home Network, AWS, Cisco, Rack.
  • Drag-and-drop simplicity
  • 3D symbols with smart buttons or handles.
  • Robust File Compatibility

#4) Paessler PRTG Network Monitor

Best for small to large businesses.

Paessler PRTG Pricing: Paessler offers a free trial of unlimited version for 30 days. A free version is also available. PRTG offers six pricing plans i.e. PRTG 500 (Starts from 1600), PRTG 1000 (Starts from 2850), PRTG 2500 (Starts from 5950), PRTG 5000 (Starts from 10500), PRTG XL1 (Starts from 14500), and PRTG XL5 (Starts from 60000).


Paessler PRTG Network Monitor is a tool for monitoring all the systems, devices, traffic, and applications that are in your infrastructure. It provides all the functionalities, hence will be no need for plugins. It helps you with keeping a track of the entire local network.


  • PRTG Network Monitor provides information about the bandwidth usage by your devices and applications.
  • Specific data sets from your database can be monitored.
  • It can monitor any type of server in real-time for its availability, accessibility, capacity, and overall reliability.

Verdict: You will be able to monitor and manage Cloud Computing services centrally. It provides detailed statistics for every application in your network.

#5) Spiceworks Network Mapping Software

Best for small to medium-sized businesses.
Price: Free


Spiceworks Network Mapping Software is completely free. It does not include any support fees or up-sells. It can create a Network Map. It will help you to see the usage of network bandwidth, diagnose network problems, and drill down into network node details.


  • Devices can be added, moved, resized, or edited to make an interactive network diagram.
  • It will provide a detailed graph of the bandwidth usage over time.
  • It can provide information like IP address, Serial number, and Bandwidth usage over a period in just one click.

Verdict: Spiceworks offers good features and functionalities at a free of cost. Along with Network Mapping, it will help you with diagnosing the network problems.

Website: Spiceworks

#6) ManageEngine OpManager

Best for small to large businesses.

Price: ManageEngine OpManager Perpetual license starts at $245 for 10 devices pack. For the Professional edition, the price starts at $345 for 10 devices pack. It offers a free trial for 30 days.


OpManager is a network monitor that can perform end-to-end Network Management. It performs real-time Network Monitoring. It has more than 2000 built-in network performance monitors. Health and critical metrics like packet loss, latency, speed, errors, and discards can be monitored by the OpManager.


  • ManageEngine can perform physical and virtual server monitoring.
  • Network performance will be proactively monitored with multi-level thresholds.
  • It provides customizable dashboards.
  • Key metrics like latency, jitter, RTT, etc. can be monitored.

Verdict: ManageEngine OpManager can perform the monitoring of CPU, Memory, and Disk utilization of Windows and Linux servers. It can analyze performance bottlenecks. It has a transparent device-based pricing model.

Website: ManageEngine OpManager

#7) Intermapper

Best for small to large businesses.

Price: Intermapper has a free version that can be used to monitor up to 10 devices. Intermapper has three more pricing plans i.e. Subscription License, Device-Based License, and Unlimited License. You can get a quote for these plans.


Intermapper can monitor any device with IP address such as servers, endpoints, wireless devices, etc. It provides you the live view of your network. You will be able to easily identify what is down and what is up through color-coded statuses.


  • Intermapper provides automatic and proactive Network Monitoring.
  • It provides robust Network Management through the functionalities like managing condition acknowledgments, updating alert settings, and reports.
  • In case of trouble, you will get real-time alerts through text, email, sound, etc.

Verdict: You will be able to manage your network from Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms. This tool will help you with monitoring bandwidth usage.

Website: Intermapper

#8) jNetMap Network Monitor

Price: Free


jNetMap will help with Network Monitoring and Documentation. All the registered devices will be pinged and based on the response jNetMap will update the status.


  • jNetMap will represent your Network graphically.
  • It regularly pings the devices.
  • It provides features of port scanner and plugins.

Verdict: The network will be scanned to find new devices. It supports Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms.

Website: jNetMap Network Monitor

#9) Microsoft Visio

Best for small to large businesses.

Price: Visio Online Plan 1 will cost you $5 per user per month. Visio Online Plan 2 will cost $15 per user per month. These prices are for annual billing. Monthly billing plans are also available. Visio Professional 2019 is available for $530. Visio Standard is available for $280.


Microsoft Visio provides ready-made templates and shapes to help you create professional diagrams. Visio will provide you simple & secure sharing and simple Data Linking. It supports drawing with a pen or finger on touch-enabled devices.


  • Microsoft Visio provides more than 250000 shapes.
  • It has collaboration features to help you share diagrams.
  • Diagrams can be connected to real-time data that will help you to gain insights and make decisions.

Verdict: Microsoft Visio is one of the popular diagramming tools and it supports Windows OS.

Website: Microsoft Visio

#10) LucidChart

Best for small to large businesses and freelancers.

Price: LucidChart has two personal plans i.e. Free and Pro ($9.95 per month). For businesses, there are two plans i.e. Team ($27 per month) and Enterprise (Get a quote). You can try the Pro and Team plans.


LucidChart is the tool with features and functionalities for diagramming, data visualization, and collaboration. It will help you with driving innovation. It supports all major operating system platforms. It provides a simple admin interface, Enterprise support, and Advanced security protocols.


  • It has features for People management, Sales, Engineering, and Operations.
  • You can optimize your network.
  • It will allow you to import data from Excel, Zapier, Salesforce, LinkedIn, etc.
  • You can monitor your network at a glance.

Verdict: LucidChart is secure & reliable, easy for everyone, and has admin-friendly controls. You will be able to optimize the performance of your network with LucidChart by monitoring its status.

Website: LucidChart

#11) Device 42

Best for medium to large businesses.

Price: Device 42 Core annual price starts at $4500 (up to 500 devices). Application Dependency Mapping price starts at $96 per device per year. Various add-on’s are available.


Device 42 provides visual cable management that will make recording and tracing cable connections easier. There will be an automatic discovery of network devices using SNMP. Using the drag-and-drop feature you will be able to mover servers and patch panel connections.


  • Device 42 has features for Device and IP discovery.
  • You can perform Enterprise App mapping.
  • Device 42 has features for Application Dependency Mapping.
  • It provides ITAM features like easy export, mobile-friendly, and adding custom fields to any custom key pair values.

Verdict: It provides the features and functionalities for auto-discovery, DCIM, ADM, Security, IPAM, ITAM, and Integrations and API. It has functionalities for IP Address Management.

Website: Device 42

#12) ConceptDraw Pro

Best for small to large businesses.

Price: Free trial is available. Business Diagrams premium solution can be bought for $49. It offers various packages like Building Design Package ($180), Business Diagrams Package ($230), Business Management Package ($367), etc.


ConceptDraw is a diagramming tool that provides business drawings and diagramming solutions. It supports Windows and Mac OS. It is compatible with MS Visio. It has drawing tools, rapid flowchart technology, and communication & presentation facilities.


  • You can import and export roundtrip of native Visio file format.
  • It has a powerful set of drawing tools.
  • It provides various add-on solutions.
  • It provides Live Objects Technology and Building plans designer.

Verdict: ConceptDraw will allow you to share the drawings. It has thousands of stencils and hundreds of templates.

Website: ConceptDraw Pro


Spiceworks is our top recommended solution for Network Mapping. It is rich in features and is available for free. Solarwinds Network Topology Mapper is the Automated device discovery and Mapping software.

Paessler PRTG Network Monitor, OpManager, Intermapper, and jNetMap are Network Monitoring tools. Microsoft Visio, LucidChart, and ConceptDraw are diagramming tools that will help you with Network Mapping.

Spiceworks Network Mapping Software and jNetMap are completely free tools. All other tools are commercial or licensed. Lucidchart, Paessler PRTG Network Monitor, and Intermapper offers a free version.

We hope these tips, reviews, and comparisons in this article will guide you in choosing the right network mapping software for your business.

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  • Total tools researched: 16
  • Top tools shortlisted: 10
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