LoadRunner Tutorial for Beginners (Free 8-Day In-Depth Course)

LoadRunner Tutorials: Hands-on free training course for beginners (and helpful for experienced professionals as well!)

Micro Focus LoadRunner (earlier HP) is one of the most popular load testing software. It is used to performance test an application under the load. It can simulate thousands of concurrent users to produce real-time load transactions and analyze results.

With total 50+ protocols, you can test any Web, HTML, Java, SOAP and many more applications making this one of the best choices for load testing.

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This tutorial series will help you learn Load Runner from scratch. We have covered the latest VuGen scripting tutorials in greater depth with many easy to understand examples.


Note – We have updated all the VuGen tutorials with the latest examples on the Micro Focus version! The video tutorials are recorded on earlier HP version but these are still completely valid with minor UI changes which you can spot easily.

LoadRunner Online Training for Beginners

Performance Testing basics: Performance Testing Exact Process (must read)

LR Text + Video Tutorials:

Tutorial #1: LoadRunner Introduction

Tutorial #2: Introduction to VuGen Scripting with Examples
Tutorial #3: Recording Options
Tutorial #4: Script Recording, Replay, and Correlation
Tutorial #5: Parameterization
Tutorial #6: Correlation
Tutorial #7: VuGen Script Enhancements
Tutorial #8: VuGen Scripting Challenges
Tutorial #9: Functions
Tutorial #10: Web Services Protocol Performance Testing
Tutorial #11: VuGen Script Files and Runtime Settings

Tutorial #12: Controller (Video on Our YouTube Channel)
Tutorial #13: Test Result Analysis

Tutorial #14: LoadRunner Interview Questions

Overview of Tutorials in LoadRunner Series

Tutorial #What You Will Learn
Tutorial #1 LoadRunner Introduction
Micro Focus LoadRunner (earlier HP) is one of the most popular load testing software. It is used to performance test an application under the load. This LoadRunner Tutorial series will help you learn the tool from scratch.
Tutorial #2Introduction to VuGen Scripting with Examples

‘VuGen’ is the first component of LoadRunner and is used to capture the network traffic and create scripts that emulate real user actions on a Web Application. This tutorial will explain you all about VuGen Scripts.
Tutorial #3Recording Options

Script recording allows various options for selection on how the script is to be recorded. This tutorial explains about the various Script Recording Options in LoadRunner.
Tutorial #4Script Recording, Replay and Correlation

This tutorial will explain Vugen Script Recording and replay process in detail and you will also get to learn how to handle dynamic values using ‘Correlation’.
Tutorial #5Parameterization

This LoadRunner VuGen Parameterization Tutorial will help you to learn Parameterization in detail along with the types of parameters and the steps involved in Creation and configuration of parameters.
Tutorial #6Correlation

This tutorial will explain you all about VUGen Correlation and how it works in detail along with an informative video for your easy understanding.
Tutorial #7VuGen Script Enhancements

We will see the basic VuGen script enhancements like Transactions, Text and Image checks, Comments and Rendezvous points in this tutorial.
Tutorial #8VuGen Scripting Challenges

This tutorial will guide you on How to handle some real-time challenges in VuGen scripting along with few other other scenarios that we would come across while working on various applications.
Tutorial #9Functions

We will learn more about ‘pre-defined’ LoadRunner, Protocol specific and C-language functions with synatx and examples that are most commonly used in VuGen scripts/scenarios in this tutorial.
Tutorial #10Web Services Protocol Performance Testing

In this tutorial on Web Services Performance Testing Using LoadRunner, we will learn how to Create SOAP Web Service Scripting using Web Services protocol with VuGen.
Tutorial #11VuGen Script Files and Runtime Settings

Learn how to setup LoadRunner VuGen script files and Runtime settings to create or enhance any VuGen script for web applications from this tutorial.
Tutorial #12Controller (Video on Our YouTube Channel)

This LoadRunner Controller video Tutorial will explain more about
(i) Controller - Scenario Creation
(ii) Controller - Running the scenario i.e Load Test
Tutorial #13Test Result Analysis

Test Result Analysis and Reports in LoadRunner are explained in a simple step by step manner along with a classic video tutorial for your reference.
Tutorial #14LoadRunner Interview Questions

This tutorial will focus on the most commonly asked LoadRunner interview questions and answers that will help anyone to successfully clear the performance tester’s interview using LoadRunner.

Check out the complete series and let us know if you have any questions.

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  1. Thanks for sharing valuable information on HP LoadRunner Load Testing tutorial, I was eagerly waiting for this. It is very helpful for me…

  2. Do you need to know c programming before you start with loadrunner. I used it on a basic level for about a year when I was working in a Data Center. Was thinking about getting back into it.

  3. Thanks for the wonderful videos for Load Runner. Can you please do the same for Selenium ( open source tool) it will be very helpful for us.

  4. Hello sir,
    When i try to install LR 11.50 in window xp, my installation is not complete i fetched the below error.
    “source file not found..folder path”
    plz help me how to install LR.


  5. Hi,thank u for the valuable information.
    Can u pls let me know where to get LR tool for practice purpose.Is there any trail pack?

  6. HI
    Would you please help me to record the web(HTTP/HTML) script in VUgen LR11.5 . Vugen is not recording any events.
    But I successfully recorded the script using True Client–firefox

  7. Hello,

    Your LR videos are excellent but it is missing the main CONTROLLER video, without this video the session is incomplete . Please upload the controller tainting video as soon as possible. Thanks for the good work.

  8. @ Azhar- Thanks for appreciating our work. Please find the Controller video. Due to some technical issue it was not visible.

  9. Hi All,

    While installing Loadrunner trail version you have to ensure that both antivirus and internet connection are disabled on your machine

  10. Chetan, awesome tutorial for Load Runner, it would be great if you could add few practice exercise video for 11.5d version so that we can parallel build the skills

  11. Hi chetan,

    Thanks a lot for your tutorial videos. I want some help regarding HP Loadrunner 12. I learning loadrunner and have dowloaded the latest trial version from the hp site. I have been trying to find the sample application but not able to do so. Can you help please?


  12. could u plz tell me how to record scripts in load runner using SMTP protocol,while recording with SMTP protocol,it doesnt work,plz help me out .thanx in advance

  13. Hi All ,

    Could you please tell me the Entry Criteria & Exit Criteria for Vugen , Controller and for analysis…
    Please give me the above mentioned point wise :-


  14. Chetan, thank you for sharing your LoadRunner knowledge and expertise. I am new to testing, therefore ,the tutorials helped with understanding how to navigate and why. I will now be able to be productive early in the new tester role! Thank you!

  15. Being an avid follower of softwaretestinghelp.com,request you to introduce extensive jmeter tutorials from beginners point of view to expert level.

  16. Hello All,

    Need some help regarding Mobile HTTP/HTML protocol in Load Runner 12.50.

    What am doing : Just wanted to record the scripts via proxy recording method,for Mobile HTTP/HTML protocol.
    My Vugen Machine and my mobile device is in same wifi network.Then I changed my Mobile wifi settings to manual and added my Vugen machine Ip address(IPv4 address of my laptop) to proxy server and changed the ports to 8282 (common ports)on both devices to capture the activities that I am doing on my device.
    Then I clicked ‘next’ to start recording but VUgen not capturing any transactions.
    I used google chrome browser for transactions in mobile (Nexus 9 Tab) and also tried deleting all cached files from mobile and laptop, unable to find any solution yet.

    The same above process I have tried in JMeter and its capturing all the activities fine. Could you guide me regarding this issue please.

  17. Need online course on HPLoadRunner.
    Pl. provide all the details.
    Like WBT, ONline, classroom , schedule, duration, fees etc.

  18. Hey,
    Can you please help me in installing HP load runner.While installing , i am not getting “Prerequisites software” window.And installation process stops.

  19. I recorded the full script and done auto-correlation. It was working fine for last 1 week. But suddenly stopped working and I am getting a server error message in ‘Errors’ screen. How to resolve the issue? Please help

  20. Hello, this is snehal, i am working as a software tester(manual). I have 1.5 year of experience. I am working on web applications. Now i want to learn new things in testing(automation) related . Please help me out to choose field for my career. Qtp, selenium, agile…??

  21. Thank you so much for these videos. It helped a lot in making our concept clear.
    Could you please upload a video mentioning if there is a memory issue or some issue how we can get to know from these generated report.

  22. Can you possibly share the foundation certification link for the above ?
    I am a manual tester and looking forward to step into performance testing.


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