Learn HP LoadRunner Load Testing Tool in 8 Days – Free LoadRunner Training Tutorials

Many of you already know that we have started the ‘Performance testing with LoadRunner’ training series. In this series, we already covered two tutorials on performance testing introduction and the exact testing process.

In this 3rd tutorial, we are going to provide you with the list of all LoadRunner tutorials so that you can quickly get started at using and learning this most in-demand load testing tool.

HP LoadRunner Tutorials

Below is the list of all in-depth HD video tutorials with practical examples which are designed mainly for beginners but experienced professionals can also learn LoadRunner advanced settings and options.

=> NOTE: Below tutorials are enough for you to get started learning on LoadRunner automation tool. But if you are interested in hands-on LIVE LoadRunner training please check our comprehensive LoadRunner online course by the experienced professionals. Click on below image to view more details about this course.

Check out our LIVE online course details below:

LoadRunner Online training 2

HP LoadRunner Online Training for Beginners:

Start learning from Day 1:

(Note – Please allow video to load on slow connections. Use video player options to watch in full screen. Switch on HD for good internet connections)

Text Tutorials:
Text Tutorial #1: Introduction to Performance Testing
Text Tutorial #2: Performance testing exact process (must read)

Video Tutorials:
Day #1 Tutorial:  LoadRunner Introduction (Duration: 12.36 minutes)
Day #2 TutorialVUGgen Recording Options part I (Duration: 13.00)
Day #3 Tutorial:  VUGgen Recording Options Part II (Duration: 17.32)
Day #4 Tutorial:  Script Recording (Duration: 23.00) (must watch)
Day #5 Tutorial:  VUGen Runtime Settings (Duration: 28.02)
Day #6 Tutorial:  Parameterization (Duration: 19.18)
Day #7 Tutorial:  Correlation (Duration: 22.39)
Day #8 Tutorial: Controller (Duration: 22.49) (must watch)
Bonus: Day #9 Tutorial:  Test Result Analysis (29.25 mins)

Text Tutorial #3: LoadRunner Interview Questions & Answers

We strongly encourage you to go through all of the tutorials.

About the Author: Load testing expert Chetan Kaushal helped us creating these informative and useful load testing tutorials!

Got a question? Please put it in the comments below. It may be related to anything LoadRunner and we will try our best to answer all.

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