Top 10 Confluence Alternatives In 2021: Review And Comparison

Review and Comparison of The Best Confluence Alternatives:

Confluence is a software for the collaboration of teams and projects to share knowledge efficiently. A product of an Australian software company Atlassian was initially published and released in March 2004. This software was developed in Java language and was licensed under both on-premises software and software as a service.

Confluence is an open and shared workspace for team members to collaborate on projects, assign tasks to each member, share responsibilities, knowledge, and experiences. With confluence, we can create, collaborate, and keep our all work in one place.

Confluence Alternatives

It is an open and accessible platform unlike the other file and document sharing tools, to do the best possible work as a team.

Salient Features of Confluence

Some resources related to Confluence will help you to get a deeper understanding of what collaboration software is and why there is need of such software:

  • Demo Video of Confluence – To capture what Confluence is.
  • Try Confluence for free – A walkthrough with confluence software and its working.
  • Confluence features list – Go through all the immersive features.

Confluence Dashboard

Confluence Dashboard

Looking at the Confluence dashboard, you will notice it is quite simple and user-friendly with a clean interface. You can easily create and manage your work, team members, data, insights, and reports on the go. The dashboard allows you to visit your recently working page, lets you invite users and create spaces for more members to work together.

Confluence Features

  • Create anything because its more than just text. Start with a blank page or customizable template. Make documents, advertising plans, marketing plans, and personalize your data by adding some graphics, pictures, and videos to your content.
  • Always stay organized by grouping similar pages under a single space that can be accessed by you or anyone. With powerful search tools and structured grouping, Confluence makes sure that you can find your content easily and swiftly.
  • Get your work reviewed faster with feedback in your contexts. Give and get comments in joint projects, mention (@) team members, and make decisions smoother.
  • Powerup your work with built-in templates to reflect your creativity and inspire team members with your work.
  • Seamless integration with other apps like Jira and Trello to boost your pages and allows your team to work from anywhere.
  • Customize your confluence according to your team’s needs. Define your workflow management, project management, and thousands of apps to achieve your goals.
  • Sync your Confluence and it allows you to collaborate with your team, track team activities, assign tasks, and manage your workflows.
  • Drag-drop functionality, a Rich text editor for rich text formatting, various keyboard shortcuts to simplify your work, etc.
  • Great customer support for any technical issue and also provides support to large scale enterprises with huge manpower.

Confluence Pros and Cons

Simple and clean interface like wiki.Price increases as you add more integrations and add-ons.
Team collaboration is nice.None other.
Integration with Jira.
Shared team calendars.
Organized tree like structure and pages.

Confluence Pricing

Confluence pricing

The best part is that it offers a free trial for 7 days.

Confluence offers a very simple and straight forward pricing plan depending on the total number of team members:

  • For a small team of 10 members – $10 per month.
  • For the first 100 users – $5 per month per user.
  • For the next 150 users – $3.50 per month per user.
  • For above 250 users- $1.10 per month per user.
  • For large teams with more users – Contact the Confluence sales team.

Confluence Statistics | Reasons Why Confluence Keeps on Thriving

Confluence Statistics

[image source]

The above graph is intended only for survey purposes and is based on the information available on the internet. You can visit the source link to see how these factors are meeting up to help, grow and prosper Confluence.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q #1) Are Jira and Confluence the same?

Answer: No, they are not the same. Both are different products from the same company. Confluence can be integrated with Jira but cannot be considered as same.

Q #2) Which Programming language is used in Confluence?

Answer: Confluence is the software built and developed using Java language.

Q #3) Does Confluence provide any free plan for personal use?

Answer: Yes, Confluence does provide a free, personal license for collaboration.

Q #4) Why do you need Confluence Alternatives?

Answer: There can be many reasons, like someone who just requires basic needs can go for a free alternative available in the market. For teams who are facing support, issues can also switch from Confluence. Although Confluence has a simple interface still some teams want easy to use apps that are more likely to switch.

Q #5) Can I use Confluence for free?

Answer: Yes, you can use their products for free in the cloud for 7 days. Just sign up and create your account with Confluence for a free trial.

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List of the Top Confluence Alternatives

Enlisted below are the most popular Confluence Alternatives that are used worldwide.

Comparison Table for Confluence Alternatives

FeaturesFree PlanCRM DashboardUsersOpen SourceIntegrations
ConfluenceFree trial for 7 daysNo10NoJira, OneDrive, Salesforce, Single sign on etc.
ClickUpAvailableYesUnlimitedNoSlack, GitHub, GitLab, Harvest, Google Drive, etc.
TettraAvailableNo5NoGoogle Drive, GitHub, Slack, Zapier
Bitrix24AvailableYes6NoMercadoPago, Callgear, 2-way SMS, Monitor24, ECWID online
BookstackCompletely free to useNo1 user per installationYesGoogle, GitHub, Slack, Okta, Twitter, Facebook
Wiki.jsCompletely free to useNo1 user per installationYesDocker, Heroku, Kubernetes

Let’s Explore!!

#1) ClickUp

ClickUp Workload

ClickUp is a multi-functional platform. It has capabilities of project management, comments & chat, screenshots & recording, goal tracking, etc. It lets the teams collaborate over projects through the Comments and Chat Tab.


  • You will be able to add comments and tag your team for any task.
  • It has features to chat in real-time.
  • It contains capabilities for assigning action items.
  • Integrations will let you connect with the productivity tools of your choice.
  • It provides a public API for building custom integrations and ClickUp apps.

Pricing: ClickUp offers a free plan forever. Its Unlimited plan costs $5 per member per month and the Business plan costs $9 per member per month. A free trial is available for the unlimited plan. You can get a quote for the Enterprise plan.

#2) Tettra

Tettra dashboard

Tettra is a software collaboration tool and knowledge management system for higher performance of teams. With Tettra, you can share information between your team members, people, and tools for faster results. Also, it is used by top high-performance teams around the world like, HubSpot, Angel List, etc.


  • A simple and interactive interface so that everyone can contribute to teams. A centralized place for all work and resources.
  • A smart app that doesn’t need lots of maintenance. You can easily find out what needs to be added or updated.
  • Tettra automatically keeps your documents up to date and lets you find out which content is useful for your teammates.
  • Save your time with seamless integration, built-in templates, and notifications in slack.
  • Answer your team member’s questions quickly into the slack.


tettra pricing

Tettra offers one forever free plan for teams who are just about to start.

It offers two paid plans:

  • Growing: For small teams (starting at $39 per month).
  • Scaling: For large teams and enterprises (starting at $99 per month).

Official Website: Tettra

#3) Bitrix24

Bitrix dash

Bitrix24 is a software collaboration tool launched in 2012 for providing services like social collaboration, team collaboration, CRM, file sharing, project management, calendars and much more. The tool is available either on the cloud or on-premise. Over 5,000,000 organizations have chosen Bitrix24 claimed by themselves.


  • Project management with Gantt charts, checklists, task reports, task dependencies, Kanban system, templates and automation and much more.
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is achieved through managing interactions, reports, and sales funnel, emails to clients, and via apps and integrations.
  • A free e-commerce platform, visual website builder, free responsive templates, web forms, email marketing, etc.
  • Bitrix24 provides document management by private and shared documents, their collaboration, history, document authentication, online education, etc.
  • Group calendars, personal calendars, event scheduler are also provided for hosting a meeting, to attend any meeting, for assigning tasks, etc.


Bitrix24 Cloud pricing:

bitrix24 pricing

Bitrix24 offers a free plan for those who are just getting started.

Its paid plans are:

  • CRM+: For small companies ($69 per month).
  • Standard: For mid-sized companies ($99 per month).
  • Professional: For companies who require advanced management ($199 per month).

Bitrix24 On-Premise Pricing:

birix24 pricing2

It offers three on-premise pricing plans:

  • Bitrix.CRM: For 12 users ($1,490).
  • Business: For 50 users ($2,990).
  • Enterprise: For 1,000 users ($24,990).

Official Website: Bitrix24

#4) Nuclino

nuclino dash

It helps teams and businesses to bring all their knowledge, docs, and projects in one place. Nuclino allows the whole team to contribute from day one and provides visuals like lists, boards, and graphs in an all in one tool. Nuclino has created the tool with simplicity, speed, and power to empower knowledge-driven teams to achieve goals.


  • Restore the previous version of your content with the version history that automatically gets saved while you’re working.
  • Private workspaces for those who want to keep certain information available to certain members.
  • The massive storage allows you to add as many large attachments you want and SSO allows the team members to sign up and log in via a single sign-on provider.
  • Different team roles for different members for the proper division of work and various workspace roles.


Nuclino pricing

Nuclino also offers a free plan of the basic version for personal use.

Its paid plans are:

  • Standard: For small teams and businesses ($5 per month per user).
  • Premium: For large teams and businesses ($10 per month per user).

Official Website: Nuclino

#5) Notion

notion dash

Notion is an all in one tool or we can say that it is all in a workspace where you can write, plan, collaborate, and get organized altogether. It has lightweight CRM, interactive dashboard, and task and issue tracker. With Notion, you can choose your workflow, bring clarity to your team, and stay focused.


  • Lightweight CRM, #Markdown. /Slash commands, drag-drop functionality for easy collaboration and teamwork.
  • Get offline sync with Notion across all devices for boosting personal productivity.
  • Simpler workflow management for docs, files, reports.
  • Get the desktop app, web app, or mobile app. Work with anyone you wish to love.
  • Get spreadsheets, databases, Kanban board, calendar, list views and much more.


notion pricing

Unlike others, Notion offers simple and clear pricing plans. It offers a free plan for unlimited users for basic work.

Paid plans:

  • Personal: For one member only ($4 per month).
  • Team: For unlimited members ($8 per month per user).
  • Enterprise: For enterprises and businesses ($20 per month per user).

Official Website: Notion

#6) Bookstack

bookstack dash

Bookstack is MIT licensed, fully free, and an open-source platform for organizing and storing information in a simple and self-hosted way. The source is available on GitHub for bookstack. Bookstack can be a good option for small and mid-sized teams or enterprises for workflow and organization.


  • Free and open-source with a simple and neat interface that divides the content into three simple groups.
  • Configurations allow you to change the logo, name, and other options. It also makes your profile private from the public if you wish to.
  • Bookstack content is easily searchable and keeps your documents and files connected.
  • The multilingual feature allows users to set their preferred language.
  • Integrated authentication, optional markdown editor, simple requirements and much more.


Bookstack is completely open-source and free to install. There is no price for downloading and installing Bookstack.

Official Website: Bookstack

#7) Quip

quip dash

Quip was mainly introduced for salesforce. The company claims that by embedding Quip for collaboration purposes, you’ll be amazed to see how sales and service teams work together. Quip focuses more on making things happen with the culture of action with fewer emails, and fewer meetings.


  • With Quip, you can do team chat by creating a chat room for sharing files, getting external services, discussions, etc.
  • Quip’s mobile version enables you to stay connected and lets you work effortlessly even if you’re in a no-service zone.
  • Merge complete spreadsheets into your Quip’s document to turn into a creative document.
  • Work with your team from anywhere with integrated spreadsheets and documents.


quip pricing

Quip has a bit different pricing plan than the other tools.

Its pricing plan works as:

  • For a team of 5 users – $30 per month.
  • For adding each next user from the 5th user – $10 per month for each user.
  • For Enterprises – $25 per month per user.

Official Website: Quip

#8) Wiki.js

wiki.js dash

Wiki.js is one of the most powerful open source and free wiki software available in the market with over 2 million installations. It is a self-hosted software and soon they going to introduce Wiki.js cloud by 2020. Not limited to this, you can also make contributions to Wiki.js just by suggesting any feature or by identifying any bugs.


  • Local authentication, social authentication, enterprise authentication, and two-factor authentications for an extra layer of security.
  • Install Wiki.js from anywhere on any device and it works virtually on any platform.
  • Administrate and manage all your aspects with your personalized admin area and customize your wiki appearance.
  • Wiki.js is built on Node.js by keeping performance in mind.
  • Make your wiki either public or protected with high scalability options.

Pricing: Wiki.js is open-source and free software for use.

Official Website: Wiki.js

#9) Slite

slite dash

Slite is a platform where teams share their knowledge, collaborate on projects, and take meeting notes. With Slite, you can write together and work together and focus more on writing than formatting. Get your team synced and share your notes, files outside your team via different export features.


  • Everything is organized in channels for faster work and implementation.
  • Real-time editing and formatting of text and enrich your text with pictures, graphs, tables, and attachments.
  • Slite lets you comment in the context, mention (@) team members, and reply to the comments.
  • Keep track of everything that your team does, where they are lacking behind, and where they are swift.
  • Integrate with apps, work faster with inbuilt templates, and quickly access your data.


slite pricing

Slite offers one free plan and one paid plan i.e. Standard – with usage and advanced features ($6.67 per month per user).

Official Website: Slite

#10) DokuWiki

Dokuwiki dash

DokuWiki is a popular, free, and open-source software that runs without any requirement of the database. It has a simple, clean and easily understandable interface and that’s the reason why it is the most popular choice while choosing a wiki software.

DokuWiki has great built-in access and authentication controls which is useful for enterprises and businesses.


  • Simple syntax with unlimited page revisions, recent changes, and straightforward configuration.
  • High usability, access control, and anti-spam measures like spam blacklists and access control lists.
  • Faster indexing, customizable templates, and extensible plugins.
  • Seamless integration without any database, syncing of devices, and section editing.
  • Interwiki links, multilingual, and many more features.


DokuWiki is completely free and open-source software.

Official Website: DokuWiki

#11) Slack


With Slack, you can put collaboration at your fingertips and do whatever work you can do. Slack ensures efficient work for all types of teams and enterprises and saves time by securely collaborating across different teams. Moreover, Slack is trusted by many big companies and supports every team of different sizes and shapes.


  • Slack can be considered as a single channel for every conversation and the members can join and leave as they wish to.
  • Integrated file-sharing, drag-drop functionality, attachments like videos, images, and other files.
  • With 2FA (Two Factor Authentication), ensure that your data is secure and protected.
  • Slack allows you to work faster with your tools in a single place, face to face or face to screen voice calls and video calls.
  • Search your conversations in your history that gets saved automatically while you are working.


slack pricing

Slack offers one free plan for creating a workspace for basic use.

Its paid plans include:

  • Standard: For small teams ($6.67 per month per user).
  • Plus: For teams with higher requirements ($12.50 per month per user).

Slack also offers an Enterprise grid plan for enterprises. For pricing, you have to contact their sales team

Note: Pricing for slack is based on Canadian dollars, and not US dollars.

Official Website: Slack


Final thoughts on Confluence Alternatives could be based on user dependency. Like what are the user’s requirements? Does the user require an advance tool or if the need is simply basic? There are several alternatives available according to user requirements.

For large enterprises and organizations that require project management and massive storage Bitrix24, Confluence, and Tettra are the best available tools. For professional teams who want powerful collaboration and seamless integration Quip, confluence, Wiki.js, and Nuclino are the best options.

Those who require a free and open-source platform for working can opt for Bookstack, Wiki.js, and DokuWiki.

Have you selected a Confluence Alternative for your business?

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