Top 14 BEST Test Data Management Tools In 2022

A Comprehensive List Of The Best And Popular Test Data Management Tools.

A process of planning, designing, storing, managing the software or the source codes of an application for testing is called Software test data management. The main objective of the test data management is to check and test the quality of the software. During the entire software testing life cycle, it controls the files, rules, etc. that are produced during processing.

It separates the test data from production data. It minimizes and optimizes the size of software testing data and creates the testing reports. To implement the process of the test data management, test data tool is used. 

Test Data Management Tools

Any Test Data Management Tool Follows The Following Steps Of Processing:

  • In any system, data is stored in different formats, types, and locations. Different rules are applied to this data. Hence, the test tool finds out the appropriate test data from these data for the testing process.
  • Now the tool extracts the subset of data from the selected test data collected from multiple data sources.
  • After selecting the subset test data, test tool uses masking for sensitive test data, such as a client’s personal information.
  • Now the tool performs the comparison between the actual data and baseline test data to check the accuracy of the application.
  • To increase the efficiency of the application, the tool refreshes the test data.

Through this article, you can get information on the basic process of test data management and the top tools that perform this process.

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Top Test Data Management Tools

Given below is a list of the Best Test Data Management Tools.

  • Informatica
  • CA Test Data Manager (Datamaker)
  • Compuware’s
  • InfoSphere Optim
  • HP
  • LISA Solutions for
  • Delphix
  • Solix EDMS
  • Original software
  • vTestcenter
  • TechArcis
  • SAP Test Data Migration Server
  • Double

Here we go..!!

#1) DATPROF – Test Data Simplified

DATPROF new logo

DATPROF is a top tool that provides, data masking, synthetic test data generation, Test Data Subsetting technologies, and a test data provisioning platform. DATPROF that there is no need for complex tools for test data management. All the customers love the simplicity of our software and the amazing technology that solves the necessary test data issues.

DATPROF offers also self-service portals so teams are able to refresh their own test environments or integrate the test data provisioning within your CI/CD pipeline with the API.

Download Link: DATPROF – Test Data Simplified

#2) Informatica Test Data Management

Test Data Management tool 1

Informatica Test Data management tool is a top tool that provides automated data subsetting, data masking, data connectivity, and test data-generation capabilities. It automatically finds out sensitive data locations. It is fulfilling the increasing demand for the test data.

It also completes all the demands of the application owner, infrastructure, developers, testers, etc. Informatica provides the non-production dataset that completes the requirements of the development team. It also provides the integrated sensitive data discovery that increases the security of test data.

Download Link: Informatica

#3) CA Test Data Manager (Datamaker)

Test Data Management tool 2

CA Test Data Manager is another top tool that provides high synthetic data generation solutions. The design of this tool is very flexible that simplify the functionality of the testing. It is the product of CA technologies. It acquires the DataMaker of Grid-tools. It is also called an Agile designer, DataFinder, Fast DataMaker, DataMaker.

It provides high-performance data subsetting, data masking, test matching, etc. The tool generates, store, and reuse the test data in the test data repository. According to the need, we can access the data using the on-demand service of the tool.

Download Link: CA Test Data Manager (Datamaker)

#4) Compuware 

Test Data Management tool 3

Compuware’s Test data tool is another popular testing tool that provides optimized test data mgt. Through this tool, we can easily create test data. The tool provides masking, translating, generating, aging, analyzing, and validating of testing data. The new feature of the tool is that it fulfills all the conditions of the mainframe test.

It supports all standard types of file. With all these features, it provides complete data privacy. This data privacy influences the file and data management solutions of the industry and provides efficient access to test data.

#5) InfoSphere Optim 

Test Data Management tool 4

IBM InfoSphere Optim tool has built-in workflow and on-demand service facilities. This feature helps in continuous testing and agile software development. The tool provides real-time data testing, uses right-sized test databases that optimize, and automates the process of test data mgt.

The tool speedups the application development process of the organizations that reduce costs and speed application delivery. On the demand of developers and testers, it analyses and provides refresh test data to them. All these features give a comprehensive testing solution and reduce the risk that can occur during testing or training process.

Download Link: InfoSphere Optim

#6) LISA Solutions

Test Data Management tool 6

LISA Solutions are an automatic testing tool that creates a virtual dataset that gives a high level of functional accuracy. The tool can import test data from a different type of data sources such as excel sheets, XML, log files, etc. Tester or developers can easily manipulate the test data and integrate them into a single place.

Automatic data masking protects sensitive data without violating any security policy. It also provides dynamic data stabilization that validates the test data according to the business rules. Another feature of the tool is self-heal of virtual test data that increases the viability of virtual test data.

Download Link: LISA Solutions

#7) Delphix

Test Data Management tool 7

Delphix Test data tool provides high quality and faster testing. During development, testing, training or reporting, redundant data is shared across all this process. This sharing of data is called data virtualization or virtual data. The virtual data of the tool provide complete, full size and real data sets in the few minutes that takes very few spaces.

It also reduces storage costs. The tool improves productivity by providing the automatic delivery and configuration of applications and databases. The tool works on a public and private cloud infrastructure means provides services and pay per usage of services.

Download Link: Delphix

#8) Solix EDMS

Test Data Management tool 8

Solix test data tool automatically creates the test data subsets for testing, development, masking, patching, training, and outsourcing. The tool also creates and manages clone production data subsets from large databases.

These clone data subsets are created according to the organization-defined business rules that will reduce the creation time and infrastructure cost up to 70%. These correct and realistic data subsets give results that are more accurate. The tool eliminates the need for unnecessary security risk and saves time and storage.

Download Link: Solix EDMS

#9) Original Software

Test Data Management tool 9

Original software data management tool regulatory control and protects data. The tool effectively creates the test data that reduces the risks like disk space, data verification, the confidentiality of test data, etc.

The tool also uses the principle of Accurate Quality Management [AQM]. Manual implementation of AQM is not possible. AQM checks visible test results and database effects. TestBench from Original Software supports AQM that uniquely controls and manage test data.

Download Link: Original software

#10) vTestcenter

Test Data Management tool 10

vTestcenter tool is a scalable data testing tool that confirms the data consistency and reusability and generates powerful test reports. Scalable means from small teams to large workgroups can use vTestcenter. Testing specifications, implementation, and execution or reporting, all these require full traceability and vTestcenter fulfill this.

The open interface of the tool easily integrates with the existing test tool landscapes. To quickly access and manage the relevant data is done by the convenient cockpit function. It also provides multi-user capable platform through this tester or developer can easily integrate the different data such as test scripts, models, test or test results.

Download Link: vTestcenter

Additional Tools

#11) TechArcis

Test Data Management tool 11

TechArcis test data tool is easy to use and effective tool that automatically creates the complete, accurate, and secure test data. The tool performs the customized test data mgt that provides flexibility in the testing environment. It regularly updates the whole test data delivery process.

The tool reuses the base-line test data and data selection criteria that increase the delivery process. Masking increases the security of the data and maintains referential integrity. It generates the report, such that meets the real production data and systematically evaluate the system behavior.

Download Link: TechArcis

#12) SAP Test Data Migration Server

Test Data Management tool 12

SAP test data management server creates a small test data subset and provides a non-production environment for development, testing, and training. It increases the data extraction that reduces the infrastructure expenditures and storage space in the testing environment.

The Sap server provides the latest test data for testing and their test teams and uses sensitive data in the training system. We can use and refresh the single clients in the SAP system that increases flexibility. It easily adapts to the changing requirements and innovations like SAP HANA or cloud solutions.

Download Link: SAP Test Data Migration Server

#13) Doble

Test Data Management tool 13

Doble test data eliminates the manual and redundant work processes and provides data-focused solutions. These solutions include data clean-up, data conversion, test plan creation, etc.

It saves time and ensures consistent test data for regulatory reporting. Tester or developer can select the required option based on the need of the organization. The tool prepares and supports large-scale initiatives and asset management programs.

Download Link: Doble


The above article providing some basic information and features of the top best test data management tools. After analyzing all these tools, we can conclude that each tool has its own special features, but they all follow the same test data process.

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