10 Best Internet Security Software for 2023 [COMPARED]

Review, compare and select among the list of top Internet Security Software exploring their features, pros, cons, etc. through this tutorial:

In the article, we will describe the meaning of internet security with its importance, ways to secure information on the web, global market trends of cyber security, expert advice, and some FAQs.

A list of the best security suites is mentioned with a comparison of the top five of them. Each software has been reviewed individually, and a conclusion is made describing the review process.

Internet Security is defined as the security for activities done on the internet. The purpose of internet security is to safeguard users from different threats like hacking, phishing, malware or malvertising, ransomware, botnets, Wi-Fi threats, and more.

Internet Security Suites – Complete Review

Best Internet Security Suites

To protect your data and keep your family safe and secure with your network and mobile, you can use the help of good Internet security software.

They can help you in blocking webcam access to ensure privacy, blocking ads to prevent malvertising, taking care of your family with parental controls, providing safe online banking and shopping experience, and so on.

Importance of Internet Security:

  • Helps in maintaining privacy and confidentiality.
  • Prevents identity theft that otherwise can lead to the leak of personal information, credit card information, or social security numbers.
  • Prevents data theft like photos, videos, or documents from the PC.
  • Helps in keeping hackers at bay that could otherwise lead to computer damage.
  • Helps us in browsing safe websites.
  • Enables a more modern workspace by providing a VPN feature that facilitates collaboration.

Ways to secure your information on the web:

  • Use strong passwords.
  • Don’t use similar passwords everywhere.
  • Use two-factor authentication.
  • Check and use for secure networks (addresses starting with HTTP).
  • Avoid posting your email address online.
  • Use different emails for different activities. Like an email for personal banking or another email for social accounts.
  • Use Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

Market Trend: According to the research conducted by Verified Market Research, the market for global cyber security is expected to rise with a CAGR of 10.1% from 2020 to 2027. It was estimated at $186.41 billion in 2019 and is expected to reach $361.85 billion in 2027.


Expert Advice: To select the best internet security software, you need to check on two factors i.e., your needs and budget to better evaluate the features of different suites as per your requirements. You may need features like parental control, VPN, Identity Theft Protection, Password Manager, Malware Protection, Anti-Phishing Protection, and ease of use, and so on.

Each suite comes with different sets of features. For instance, if you use the internet for basic surfing and scrolling then you will need antivirus protection and for any business or for making online payment, you will need more robust protection from an internet security suite.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) What is a good internet protection program?

Answer: A good internet protection program includes services like essential file encryption, parental controls, webcam protection, anti-theft protection, firewall protection, spam filtering, and so on.

Q #2) Which is better, Internet Security or Antivirus?

Answer: Internet Security is better as it is more robust and includes all features of an antivirus along with various other features. Antivirus protects the system from viruses, whereas internet security covers a vast area of protection, covering spyware, viruses, phishing, computer worms, and more.

Q #3) What is the best and cheapest internet security?

Answer: These include:

  1. Norton
  2. Verizon Internet Security Suite
  3. WatchGuard Total Security Suite
  4. Kaspersky
  5. McAfee

Q #4) Is Norton 360 worth the money?

Answer: Yes, Norton 360 is worth the money. It is an all-around internet security suite. It provides services like unbeatable malware protection and a 60-day money-back guarantee, and covers almost all the internet security tools available on the market into a single program.

It is trusted by millions of customers and blocks thousands of threats every minute.

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List of the Best Internet Security Software

Remarkably the best Internet security suites list:

  1. TotalAV Antivirus
  2. MonoDefense
  3. Norton
  4. McAfee Total Protection
  5. AVG
  6. Bitdefender
  7. Malwarebytes
  8. Verizon Internet Security Suite
  9. WatchGuard Total Security Suite
  10. Kaspersky
  11. Trend Micro
  12. Microsoft Defender
  13. Avast
  14. Webroot
  15. Intego

Comparison of Top Internet Securities

SoftwareBest forFree trialPricing Rating
TotalAV AntivirusTotal Online Real-time threat protection.Free plan availableStarts from $19 for 3 devices.4.8/5
MonoDefenseComprehensive cybersecurity and online freedomNot availableStarts from $11.99 per month5/5
NortonProtecting devices against online threats, monitoring the dark web, secure passwords, and more.AvailableStarts from $19.99 per year.5/5
McAfee Total ProtectionNo-limits VPN and identity monitoring.Not availableStarts at $29.994.6/5
AVGIdentify and block zero-day threats30 daysStarts from $3.89/month for 1 device4.5/5
BitdefenderSecurity against all internet threats on Windows PCsAvailableStarts at $24.99 per year for 1 device4.8/5
Malwarebytes24/7 Real-Time Protection against All Cybersecurity ThreatsFree to downloadStarts from $3.75/month for 1 device4.5/5
Verizon Internet Security SuiteSecurity dashboard and fraud protection.Not availableContact for pricing.4.9/5
WatchGuard Total Security SuiteCloud Sandboxing, DNS filtering and multi-factor authentication.AvailableStarts at $4154.8/5
KasperskyFull-scale protection from cyber threats.Not availableStarts at $23.994.6/5

Detailed reviews:

#1) TotalAV Antivirus

Best for Total Online Real-time threat protection.

TotalAV Antivirus Dashboard

Equipped with powerful web-shield technology, TotalAV Antivirus facilitates robust internet security. This is a software that proactively checks each download and install for malware and virus threats. Upon detection, the software wastes no time in automatically eliminating them before they even have a chance of infecting your system.

The software also comes equipped with a system tune-up tool that effectively cleans up browser history to optimize the online surfing experience. If you don’t mind paying extra dough, then you can also avail TotalAV Antivirus’ advanced VPN that can efficiently encrypt your browser experience in a bid to ensure a powerful browser experience.


  • Android and iOS protection
  • Zero-Day cloud scanning
  • VPN and Ad Blocker add-ons
  • Smart Scan Scheduler


  • 24/7 Cyber threat protection
  • Ransomware protection
  • Phishing scam prevention
  • Browser cleaning and management


  • The extra amount to just avail Ad blocking and VPN benefits can be expensive.

Deployment: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android
Customer Support: Email, Phone, Video tutorials, FAQs.
Suitable For: Small to large enterprises, freelancers, and start-ups.

Verdict: TotalAV Antivirus will provide you with complete real-time internet protection, thus shielding your system from both old and new threats online. It is very easy to install, simple to use, and very affordable. It is definitely worth checking out for smart scanning ability alone.

Price: Free plan for basic scanning only.

Its premium plans are as follows

  • Pro plan: $19 for 3 devices
  • Internet Security: $39 for 5 devices
  • Total Security: $49 for 8 devices

#2) MonoDefense

Best for comprehensive cybersecurity and online freedom.


MonoDefense is an all-encompassing security package that presents an array of tools to shield your devices from internet threats. This comprehensive suite comes with five products: VPN Unlimited, KeepSolid DNS firewall, KeepSolid SmartDNS, Passwarden and Authenticator. MonoDefense is available on Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android.

Created by KeepSolid, a company known for its expertise in online security and privacy, MonoDefense is tailored to ensure users’ online privacy, enhance their online freedom and protect their data from potential risks. The installation process for MonoDefense is straightforward, and its user interface is designed for easy navigation.


  • Encrypting traffic to shield it from hackers and unauthorized entities.
  • Implementing two-factor authentication for additional account security.
  • Safeguarding communications on public WiFi to ensure privacy and integrity.
  • Filtering traffic to ward off harmful activities and unsuitable content.
  • Safe repositories for passwords and confidential data, complemented by a robust password generator.
  • Minimized risk of data exposures by granting access exclusively to authenticated parties.
  • Streamlined and secure authentication for your preferred applications and services.


  • Excellent protection from most online threats
  • Broad set of features
  • Simple installation and administration.


  • Costlier than some other competitors, so keep an eye out for promotions.

Verdict: The MonoDefense cybersecurity bundle by KeepSolid provides robust protection integrating VPN Unlimited, DNS firewall, SmartDNS, Passwarden and Authenticator. Expertly designed for user-friendliness, it ensures optimal online security and data privacy.

Pricing: $11.99 (Monthly) | $79.99 (Yearly) | $399.99 (Lifetime)

#3) Norton

Best for protecting devices against online threats, monitoring the dark web, securing passwords, and more.


Norton is the top internet security suite that provides the best online security to devices, identity protection, online privacy, and all-in-one protection. The computer security it provides is the best. It protects users against viruses, malware, spyware, and other cyber threats.

It provides various effective security services including Virus Removal, Malware Protection, Cloud Backup, Safe Web, Safe Search, Smart Firewall, and many more.

It offers various products like Norton AntiVirus Plus, Norton 360 Deluxe, Norton 360 for Gamers, Norton 360 with LifeLock Select, Norton 360 with LifeLock Ultimate Plus, Norton Secure VPN, and so on.


  • Antivirus and malware protection is provided along with IPS, reputation protection, behavioral protection, and more.
  • Provides VPN services to encrypt your online activities.
  • Prevent webcam hacking by alerting you of any unauthorized access.
  • Prevents unauthorized account openings through its identity lock feature.
  • Protects users against risky sites through its safe search.
  • Other services include virus removal, cloud backup, smart firewall, parental control, and so on.


  • Prevents unauthorized account sign-ups.
  • Protects against fraudulent and risky websites.
  • Easy interface with simple navigation.


  • Limited security protection and parental control on iOS and macOS devices, respectively.

Deployment: Windows, Android, iPhone/iPad, Mac, On-Premise
Customer Support: Email, Phone, Live Support, Tickets
Suitable for: Small, medium, and large enterprises as well as for freelancers.

Verdict: Norton is trusted by millions of customers as it blocks thousands of threats every minute. SE Labs awarded it best customer anti-malware in 2021 and for Best Protection and Best Performance by AV-TEST in 2021.


  • A free trial is available.
  • Pricing plans are:
    • Norton Antivirus plus: $19.99 per year.
    • Norton 360 Standard: $39.99 per year.
    • Norton 360 Deluxe: $49.99 per year
    • Norton 360 with LifeLock Select: $99.48 per year.

#4) McAfee Total Protection

Best for no-limits VPN and identity monitoring.


McAfee provides easy-to-use solutions to protect the privacy of users. Its total protection solution provides services like Antivirus (Unlimited Devices), Personal Data Cleanup (Scans), Secure VPN, and so on.

It includes advanced monitoring, automated privacy, custom guidance, and more. The feature of a protection score is that you can see how safe you are online and how easy it is to fix weak spots. It provides restoration assistance with identity theft coverage and restoration features.


  • Advanced monitoring enables you to quickly detect your identity.
  • Automated privacy turns VPN for unsafe networks.
  • Custom guidance provides tips to keep you safe with the help of a protection score.
  • Personal data cleanup enables you to clean your data from high-risk sites.
  • Award-winning antivirus with web protection is available.
  • Provides 100% virus protection with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • Excellent phishing protection.
  • Unlimited VPN is provided.
  • A broad feature set is provided.


  • Limited parental control.
  • Some features don’t work.

Deployment: Cloud, SaaS, Web-Based, On-Premise, Windows, Android, iPhone, iPad, and Linux
Customer Support: 24/7 online security expert.
Suitable For: Businesses of all sizes.

Verdict: McAfee is best for its services like PC Optimizer, Techmaster Concierge and Virus Removal. It has been awarded ‘Product of the year’ in January 2022 by AV-Comparatives and with the gold award for Malware Protection in January 2022 by AV-Comparatives.


  • A free trial is available.
  • Pricing plans are as follows:
  • Basic: $29.99 for 1 device
  • Plus: $39.99 for 5 devices
  • Premium: $49.99 for unlimited devices
  • Advanced: $89.99 for unlimited devices

#5) AVG

Best for Identify and block zero-day threats.


AVG Internet Security is a solution that offers you a comprehensive stack of security features. The tool is quite effective in providing protection against viruses, malware, and a variety of other online threats. The tool offers both real-time antivirus and malware scanning capabilities. There is a package offered by AVG that also features VPN tech.

One of the best aspects of AVG is its impact on system performance. The software strikes the perfect balance between resource usage and protection. The software, once launched, runs smoothly in the background without causing any noticeable slowdown.


  • AI-Detection
  • Real-time system scanning
  • Advanced Antivirus
  • Web and email protection
  • Email Shield


  • Optimal Resource usage
  • Easy to use
  • Flexible and affordable pricing
  • Real-time virus and malware protection


  • The Mac version only supports the English language

Deployment: Mac, Windows, iOS, Android
Customer Support: Email, Phone, Live chat, knowledge base, FAQ
Suitable for: Small to mid-sized businesses

Price: The subscription plans are as follows:

  • $3.89/month for 1 PC
  • $4.99/month for 10 PC

#6) Bitdefender

Best for security against all internet threats on Windows PCs.


Bitdefender is an internet security suite that provides security against threats on Windows PCs. It includes threat detection, privacy firewalls, webcam protection, secure VPN, and more.

There are some requirements to use Bitdefender like system requirements(2 GB RAM, 2.5 GB free space, and Windows 7 with Service Pack 1, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, and Windows 11) and software requirements (Internet Explorer version 11).

It offers services like Microphone Monitor, Webcam Protection, Safe Online Banking, Parental Control, Privacy Firewall, and many more.


  • Unbeatable multi-layered protection is provided against threats.
  • Does not compromise systems performance and act quickly to prevent threats with options like autopilot, global protective networks, etc.
  • Provides online privacy to your personal information through features like anti-tracker, VPN, webcam protection, and so on.
  • Provides you with its access on the go via your device, Android, or iOS phone.
  • Other services include Threat detection, firewall, webcam & microphone protection, and secure VPN.


  • Anti-theft tools to locate, lock or erase data on your devices.
  • Excellent anti-malware that scores the highest marks in the anti-malware tests by AV-Test.
  • Fast, secure, and no-logs VPN.


  • VPN is chargeable, unlike other suites.
  • The password manager is available for Windows only.

Verdict: Bitdefender has been awarded the Outstanding Security Product by AV-Comparatives in January 2022, TechRadar Editor’s Choice by TechRadar in March 2022, and PCMag Editors Choice by PCMag in December 2021.


  • A 30-day free trial is available.
  • Pricing plans are as under:
  • 1-year plan: $24.99 per year for 1 device.
  • 2-year plan: $71.99 per year for 1 device.
  • 3-year plan: $116.99 per year for 1 device.

#7) Malwarebytes

Best for 24/7 Real-Time Protection against All Cybersecurity Threats.


With Malwarebytes, you get a powerful anti-virus/internet security tool that can protect all devices against all types of cyber-security threats. Once launched, the software guards your software round the clock against virus, malware, ransomware, adware, and other notorious types of online threats.

Malwarebytes also features a next-gen VPN, which can hide your online browsing activity while making sure your internet speed isn’t compromised. Furthermore, Malwarebytes can protect you online across all major browsers. The software instantly detects and blocks malicious links, websites and potential phishing attacks.

  • Advanced Anti-virus and Anti-Malware protection
  • Protection against ransomware and zero-day exploits
  • Blocks malicious links and websites
  • Block third-party ad-trackers
  • Wi-Fi Security


  • Compatible with all browsers and OS
  • Flexible pricing
  • 24/7 real-time protection
  • Instantly blocks malicious web-pages


  • VPN only available with the expensive subscription plan

Verdict: Malwarebytes facilitates advanced anti-virus and anti-malware protection. It works well with all browsers and operating systems to protect its users against cyber-security threats 24/7. The software goes above and beyond to make sure your online browsing experience is safe from all sorts of malicious links, web-pages, and phishing attacks.

Price: There are two pricing plans


  • 1 Device: $3.75/month
  • 5 Devices: $6.67/month
  • Premium + VPN: 5 Devices: $8.33/month


  • Starting at $89.99 per year for 3 devices.

#8) Verizon Internet Security Suite

Best for security dashboards and fraud protection.

Verizon Internet Security Suite

Verizon Internet Security Suite is now Digital Secure. It is a single security solution that helps in protecting computers and devices from threats, viruses, and spyware. The computer security it provides is top-notch.

It offers services like firewall, antivirus & parental control, anti-spyware, pop-up blockers, fraud protection, security dashboards, and more and helps in connecting the devices to the Wi-Fi with a secure VPN to keep personal data and online activities private. It supports 32-bit and 64-bit systems.


  • Protects devices from the threat of malware and other viruses.
  • Protects users’ privacy by analyzing different apps and information they are using.
  • Provides web security by preventing fraudulent and risky sites at bay.
  • Keep alerting users against unsafe or unprotected networks.
  • Identity Theft Protection is provided through cyber monitoring, social media monitoring and full restoration support.
  • Other services include anti-spyware, Pop-up blocker, firewall, antivirus & parental control, and so on.


  • Provides a secured network.
  • Enables you to hide your IP and basic ad blocking.
  • Easy to use and simple interface.


  • Its Safe Wi-Fi lacks basic features.

Customer Support: Email, phone, and live chat.

Verdict: Verizon Internet Security Suite (VISS) is best for its McAfee Active Protection Technology, which analyses and immediately blocks threats in milliseconds. Its PC optimization tools are also very useful. It provides cleanup tools and a disk defragmenter to improve the computer’s performance.

Pricing: Contact for pricing.

Website: Verizon Internet Security Suite

#9) WatchGuard Total Security Suite

Best for Cloud Sandboxing, DNS filtering, and multi-factor authentication.

WatchGuard Total Security Suite

Watchguard Total Security Suite offers basic security with AI-powered viruses and malware protection. It was founded in 1996 and is located in the United States. It is compliant with regulations like GDPR, PCI DSS, HIPAA, and KCSiE. The industries covered are education, finance, healthcare, manufacturing, etc.

It is suitable for small, midsize & distributed enterprises and managed service providers. It provides services related to network management, security, controlling security at endpoints, and more.


  • Cloud sandboxing is provided to prevent threats like zero-day threats, ransomware, and other malware.
  • Using AI-powered malware, it discovers threats in seconds.
  • DNS filtering is available to block malicious DNS requests.
  • Network and Endpoint Threat Correlation enables the detection of threats and prevents malware to the broader network with ThreatSync.
  • Solutions include regulatory compliance, industries, and organizations.
  • Other services include Multi-Factor Authentication, Security Services, and more.


  • Trouble-free devices from small to mid-range.
  • Functionality is excellent.
  • Easy setup and management.


  • Poor Manufacturer Support.
  • Configuration is a bit difficult.

Deployment: Cloud, SaaS, Web-Based, Mobile, Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows, Mac, and Desktop.
Customer Support: 24/7 (Live Rep), Chat, and Training.
Suitable For: Small, midsize & distributed enterprises, and managed service providers

Verdict: WatchGuard Total Security Suite is recommended for its signature red boxes with its scanning engine running at full throttle. It has been honored with 7 categories at the 2022 Global InfoSec Awards and with six categories in IT World Award 2022.

It has also been awarded a 5-star rating in the CRN 2022 Partner Program Guide for WatchGuardONE.


  • A free trial is available.
  • A 30-day free trial is available.
  • It starts at $415.

Website: WatchGuard Total Security Suite

#10) Kaspersky

Best for full-scale protection from cyber threats.


Kaspersky Internet Security is a platform that enables you to safeguard your privacy and prevent your devices from cyber threats. It provides free VPN, webcam protection, and safe money transactions along with a range of other related tools and services like anti-virus defense, anti-hacking, high-tech protection, and more.

It can be installed easily to protect various devices simultaneously and manage your security from one place. You need to have an Internet connection and 2,7 GB of free space, a 1 GHz Processor, and 2 GB of Memory on your device to get started.


  • Provides a free VPN of 300 MB per day with webcam and online payment protection.
  • Three-layer defense engine helps in guarding your devices against cyber threats like viruses, spy apps, crypto lockers, and more.
  • Anti-hacking feature prevents hackers from infiltrating and stealing data.
  • Real-time antivirus and anti-malware are available to prevent threats like botnets, rogues, etc, and block dangers like keyloggers, adware, spear phishing, etc.
  • Other services include application manager, fast and light security, device security dashboard, and many more.


  • Antivirus and malware protection.
  • Non-intrusive interface with no pop-ups.
  • It immediately and accurately detects threats.


  • Consumes a lot of space and memory.
  • The DLP solution is missing.

Deployment: Windows, Mac, Android, Linux, Cloud Hosted, Open API, and Web-based.
Customer Support: Email, Phone, Live Support, Training, and Tickets
Suitable For: Small businesses, Large Enterprises, Medium Businesses, and Freelancers.

Verdict: Kaspersky Internet Security has been awarded the best performance and the best protection award by AV-Test in 2021. It has won a silver award for Top-Rated Anti-malware Protection by AV-Comparatives 2021. It is best for its services like anti-hacking, antivirus, and anti-malware.


  • Essential Suite: Starts from $23.99 for 3 PCs per year
  • Advanced Suite: Starts from $31.99 for 3 PCs per year.
  • Premium Suite: Starts from $35.99 for 5 devices per year.

Website: Kaspersky

#11) Trend Micro

Best for advanced online protection for Windows.

Trend Micro

Trend Micro is an internet security suite that protects its users from malware, fraud, and scams. It blocks web threats, protects emails from scams, and shields users’ privacy from dangerous websites. It supports Windows, Android, iPhone/iPad, Mac, and Windows Mobile.

It is suitable for small, medium, and large enterprises and provides customer support via Email, Phone, Live Support, Training, and Tickets. It includes services like Privacy Protection, ID Security, VPN Proxy One Pro, Password Manager, AdBlock One, and so on.


  • Prevents web threats like ransomware and others by blocking them.
  • Protects your email by keeping the scams out.
  • Protect privacy by preventing dangerous websites and not letting them steal your data.
  • Helps in optimizing performance by fixing problems and avoiding online scams and frauds.
  • Various tools are offered for free including a password manager, ID Security, AdBlock One, etc.
  • It provides products categorized under security, privacy protection, performance and utility, scam protection, family, and services.


  • Various multiple products are available.
  • Free anti-ransomware, web, and mobile tools.
  • Additional security-related instruments are provided for extra safety.


  • Lacks firewall.
  • Webcam protection is missing.

Verdict: Trend Micro has been awarded the winner of the “Top Product” Award, April 2020 by AV-TEST Institute. It is recommended for its severity, privacy protection, performance & utility, and scam protection.


  • A free trial is available.
  • Pricing plans are as follows:
    • Premium Security Suite: $59.95
    • Maximum Security: $49.95
    • Internet Security: $39.95

Website: Trend Micro

#12) Microsoft Defender

Best for next-generation antivirus and malware protection, tracking prevention, and biometric logins.

Microsoft Defender

Microsoft Defender is an Internet Security suite that provides security, antivirus, and malware protection to Windows 11 PCs. The Windows Hello feature allows you to sign in with biometrics, like your face or fingerprint. It includes various valuable security features like a password monitor, kids mode, password generators, tracking prevention, and many more.

It offers a feature called Find My Device that enables you to keep track of your stuff whether it is your laptop or digital pen.


  • Secured sign-in is available through the Windows Hello feature where you can log in with just facial recognition, PIN, or fingerprint scan.
  • Automatic backup is available where files on Windows PCs can be automatically backed up on the cloud.
  • Provides advanced antivirus to prevent cyber threats that update routinely.
  • With Microsoft Edge, you can have tracking prevention, password generator, kids mode, and more.
  • Helps you secure your digital life by protecting your files from ransomware attacks.
  • Provides a secure folder for your important files where access is allowed with the second step of identity verification.


  • Malware protection is available.
  • Free of cost.
  • Supports Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.


  • Hard to set up and navigate.
  • VPN feature is missing.

Verdict: Microsoft Defender is best for its features like edge online privacy and Windows security. It gives you control over your privacy settings and provides advanced antivirus to prevent cyber threats.

Pricing: Free

Website: Microsoft Defender

#13) Avast

Best for advanced protection that helps you safeguard your privacy, speed up your device, connect securely, and avoid scams.


Avast provides complete online protection with premium security, secure VPN, cleanup premium, anti-track, etc with single and multiple device options available on PC, Mac, Android, and iPhone/iPad.

It offers protection against various viruses and threats, like ransomware, spyware, and more. It can be installed in just three simple steps: download, open the file, and install the file.

Windows 10 and Windows 11 are compatible and require 1 GB RAM and 2 GB of hard disk space.


  • Provides premium security to ensure safe browsing and shopping.
  • VPN feature is available that ensures privacy even on unsecured or public Wi-Fi.
  • Clean junk data from devices and increase performance.
  • Prevent tracking and hide your identity with Avast AntiTrack.
  • Advanced antivirus is available to prevent malware like ransomware, spyware, etc.
  • Block trackers and alerts you about tracking attempts.


  • Free antivirus protection
  • Anti-tracking to hide your identity is available.
  • Secure VPN is provided.


  • Leaked user data in the past.

Verdict: Avast is trusted by over 400 million users worldwide. It is best to provide free antivirus along with advanced device protection. Its features, including secure VPN and anti-track, are recommended.


  • A free trial is available.
  • Pricing plans are as follows:
    • Free Antivirus: Free.
    • Premium Security: $75.99 per year for 1 PC
    • Ultimate: $69.99 per year for 1 PC.

Website: Avast

#14) Webroot

Best for automatic protection, safe and secure browsing, and advanced web-filtering.


Webroot is one of the top internet securities that helps in protecting your device from any network, ensures safe and secure browsing, prevents you from malicious websites through web filtering, and so on.

It offers services like Identity Theft Protection, real-time anti-phishing, password management, mobile security, and more. It requires 128 MB RAM (minimum), 10 MB Hard Disk Space, and Internet access as its basic requirements.


  • Standard features include uninterrupted scans, protection of PCs, macs, and private information.
  • Under enhanced features, services like password management, identity, and mobile device protection are included.
  • Advanced features covered cleanup services like removal of web browsing history, files, and online activity that optimizes performance.
  • Protect automatically over any network with safe and secure browsing and advanced web-filtering.
  • Scans the threats in seconds and is 6x faster than others.
  • Doesn’t occupy much space.


  • Lightweight that does not require much space.
  • Compatible with all platforms.
  • Affordable prices as compared to other similar suites.


  • No customer support is available via phone or live chat.

Verdict: Webroot has been awarded various titles including Winner of ‘Cyber Security Excellence Awards in 2021, ‘People’s Choice Stevie Awards for ‘Favourite Customer Service’ in 2021, and more. It is recommended for its ultimate duo of WiFi Security and Internet Security.


  • A 14-day free trial is available.
  • $47.99 per year for 5 devices.

Website: Webroot

#15) Intego

Best for Real-time system protection for Mac and Windows.


With Intego, you get a world-class anti-virus engine that can protect your macOS and Windows devices from all sorts of online threats. The software can protect your system 24/7 against ransomware, phishing scams, viruses, Trojans, malware, and other forms of cyber-attacks in real-time.

The software can sense malicious traffic and fake websites, effectively blocking them to keep your devices secure. The software updates automatically. So you can rest assured that the software will protect you from old as well as new and emerging trends.


  • Automatic and Scheduled Scanning
  • Anti-phishing protection
  • Firewall network protection
  • Real-time protection


  • Simple set-up and configuration
  • Can fight new threats due to automatic updates
  • 24/7 protection


  • It’s an annual subscription.

Deployment: Windows, Mac
Customer Support: Phone, Email, Live Chat, Knowledge Base.
Suitable for: Small to large businesses, Casual desktop owners, freelancers, etc.

Verdict: Intego features a great interface, it is very easy to set up and does its job of protecting devices against online threats quite well. From phishing scams to adware and ransomware, the software is effective at keeping all sorts of threats at bay.


Premium Plans for Mac are as follows:

  • Internet Security X9 – $39.99/ YEAR
  • Premium Bundle X9 – $69.99/year
  • Premium Bundle + VPN – $89.99/year

Premium Plans for Windows are as follows:

  • Personal Plan: $39.99/year
  • Family Plan: $54.99/year
  • Extended Plan: $69.99/year.

Other Noteworthy Security Software

#16) ESET

Best for powerful payment and privacy protection and antivirus technology.

ESET is an internet security suite that protects against all kinds of threats. It supports platforms including Windows, Android, and macOS. It offers powerful payment and privacy protection and antivirus technology with parental control, firewall, network inspector, anti-phishing, and so on.

Famous brands like Mitsubishi Motors, Allianz Suisse, Cannon, trust it and more. Its pricing is categorized as For home- $49.99 per year for 1 device and business- $248 per year for 5 devices.

Website: ESET

#17) Sophos Home

Best for providing security, privacy, and management to Windows PCs and Macs.

Sophos Home is an award-winning security suite that provides security, privacy, and management to your Windows PCs and Macs. It blocks viruses, ransomware, and other malware from your device and improves your device performance.

It offers services like malware scanning, AI threat detection, ransomware security, security management, parental web filtering, and many more. It offers a 30-days free trial and costs $60 per year for 10 computers.

Website: Sophos Home

#17) Avira

Best for antivirus protection, automatic updates, and password manager.

Avira is an internet security suite for Windows that helps in protecting your identity and your PC from threats like ransomware, spyware, etc. Under antivirus protection, it offers to block threats, repair files, scanning, downloading, stop phishing attacks, and more.

It includes automatic updates like software, drivers, OS, and manual updates. It manages passwords with services like password sync, online dashboard, password generator, and more.

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In the above research, we concluded how important internet security and its software can be. They help in preventing various threats that can steal or destroy one’s data, including ransomware, spyware, etc. They protect privacy, manage passwords, VPN service, and so on.

Every security software comes with a different set of features to ultimately provide Internet security to users. Some are best for Windows PCs, like- Bitdefender, Microsoft Defender, etc. Some are good at providing antivirus and malware protection, like- Norton, Verizon Internet Security Suite, and more.

Some are good with DNS filtering, like- WatchGuard Total Security Suite, Webroot, and so on. Among them all, we concluded Norton is the best security software one can have.

Our Review Process:

  • Time is taken to research this article: We spent 35 hours researching and writing this article so you can get a useful summarized list of tools with a comparison of each for your quick review.
  • Total tools researched online: 25
  • Top tools shortlisted for review: 14
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