10 Best Data Masking Tools and Software In 2019

List and comparison of the Best open source free Data Masking Tools Available in the Market:

Data Masking is a process that is used to hide data.

In Data masking, actual data is masked by random characters. It protects the confidential information from those who don’t have the authorization to sight it.

The main purpose of data masking is to shield complex and private data in conditions where the data might be noticeable to someone without their permission.

Best Data Masking Tools

Why Mask Data?

Data Masking shields PII data or other confidential information of the organization.

It secures the file transferring process from one location to another. It also helps to secure application development, testing, or CRM applications. It allows its users to access dummy data for testing or training purposes.

How is Data Masking Done?

Data Masking can be done either statically or dynamically.

In order to achieve data masking, it is essential to create a copy of a database that is matching to the original one. Data masking shields private data in real-time. When a query is directed to a database, the records are replaced with dummy data and then masking procedures are applied to it accordingly.

Static Data Masking

Data Masking

Dynamic Data Masking

dyanimc DM

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Features of Data Mask Tools

Enlisted below are the various features of these Tools:

  • Masking Procedures present on-demand for data.
  • Data privacy law helps to track compliance.
  • Codeless masking rules are available.
  • Access to data stored in various databases.
  • Accurate but imaginary data is accessible for testing.
  • Format-preserving encryption conversion.

What are the Best Data Masking Tools?

Data Masking Tools are protecting tools that avoid any misuse of complex information.

Data Masking Tools eliminate complex data with false data. They may be used throughout application development or testing where end-user inputs the data.

Here, in this article, we have discussed a list of tools that will prevent the data from being misused. These are the top as well most common tools for masking data for small, large and mid-size enterprises.

Data Masking process

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Top Data Masking Software Comparison

Tool NameRatingsPlatform ConnectivitySupported Technology
DATPROF Data Masking Tool5.0/5.0Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, IBM DB2, EDB PostgresSynthetic test data, GDPR, synchronization template, CISO, ERD, TDM, CI/CD, Runtime API
Oracle - Data Masking and Subsetting4.0/5.0Cloud Platforms, Linux, Mac, Windows.SDM, DDM, Data Virtualization with SDM, Tokenization.
IBM InfoSphere Optim Data Privacy4.9/5.0Big data platforms, Mainframe files, Windows, Linux, MacSDM, DDM, Synthetic data generation, Data Virtualization with SDM
Delphix3.5/5.0Linux, Mac, Windows, Relational DB.SDM, Data Virtualization with SDM, FPE (Format-Preserving encryption).
Informatica Persistent Data Masking4.2/5.0Linux, Mac, Windows, Relational DB, Cloud Platforms.SDM, DDM
Microsoft SQL Server Data Masking3.9/5.0T-Query, Windows, Linux, Mac, cloud.DDM

List of The Best Data Masking Tools

Mentioned below are the most popular Data Masking tools that are available in the market.

Let's Explore!!

#1) DATPROF – Test Data Simplified

DATPROF new logo

DATPROF screenshot

DATPROF delivers several tools:

  • DATPROF provides a smart way of masking and generating data for testing the database
  • DATPROF has a patented algorithm for subsetting database in a really simple and proven way
  • The software is able to handle complex data relationship with an easy to use interface
  • It has a really smart way to temporarily bypass all triggers, constraints and indexes so it is the best performing tool in the market.

Download Link: DATPROF – Test Data Simplified

#2) Oracle Data Masking and Subsetting

Oracle Data Masking and Subsetting

Oracle Data Masking and Subsetting benefits database clients to advance security, quicken submission, and cut IT prices.

It helps in removing the duplicates for testing of data, development, and other actions by removing redundant data and files. This tool suggests data plotting and uses masking description. It comes up with encoded guidelines for HIPAA, PCI DSS, and PII.


  • Discovers Complex Data and its relationships automatically.
  • Wide Masking Plan Library and enhanced Application Models.
  • Revolutions of complete data masking.
  • Fast, Secure and Assorted.


  • It proposes various customs for masking data.
  • It supports non-oracle databases as well.
  • It takes less time to run.


  • High-cost.
  • Less secured for development and testing environments.

Pricing: Contact for Pricing.

URL: Oracle Data Masking and Subsetting

#3) Delphix


Delphix is a fast as well as secure data masking tool for masking data across the company. It comes up with encoded rules for HIPAA, PCI DSS, and the SOX.

The Delphix Masking Engine is combined with a Delphix data virtualization platform to save and store data loading. DDM exists through a partnership company with HexaTier.


  • End-to-end data masking and creates reports for the same.
  • Masking Combined with data virtualization to progress transport of the data.
  • Easy in use as no training is required to mask data.
  • It migrates data steadily across sites, on-premises or in the cloud.


  • Easy and in-time regaining of records.
  • Virtualization of databases.
  • Data refreshing is fast.


  • High cost.
  • SQL Server databases are slow and limited.
  • Reliant on NFS old protocols.

Pricing: Contact for pricing.

URL: Delphix

#4) Informatica Persistent Data Masking

Informatica Persistent Data Masking

Informatica Persistent Data Masking is an accessible data masking tool that helps an IT organization to access and manage their most complex data.

It delivers enterprise scalability, toughness, and integrity to a large volume of databases. It creates a reliable data masking rule across the industry with a single audit track. It allows to trail actions for securing sensitive data via complete audit logs and records.


  • Supports Robust Data Masking.
  • Creates and integrates the masking process from a single location.
  • Features to handle a large volume of databases.
  • It has wide connectivity and customized Application Support.


  • Decreases the risk of Data Break via a single audit trail.
  • Advances the Quality of Development, Testing and Training events.
  • Easy deployment in the workstations.

Cons: Need to work more on UI.

Pricing: A 30-day free trial is available.

URL: Informatica Persistent Data Masking

#5) Microsoft SQL Server Data Masking

Microsoft SQL Server Data Masking

Dynamic Data Masking is a new safety feature announced in SQL Server 2016 and it controls unlicensed users to access complex data.

It is a very easy, simple and a protective tool that can be created using a T-SQL query. This data security procedure determines complex data, through the field.


  • Simplification in designing and coding for application by securing data.
  • It doesn’t change or transform the stored data in the database.
  • It permits the data manager to choose the level of complex data to expose with a lesser effect on the application.


  • End operators are prohibited from visualizing complex data.
  • Generating a mask on a column field doesn’t avoid updates.
  • Changes to applications are not essential to read data.


  • Data is fully accessible while querying tables as a privileged user.
  • Masking can be unmasked via CAST command by executing ad hoc query.
  • Masking cannot be applied for the columns like Encrypted, FILESTREAM, or COLUMN_SET.

Pricing: Free trial is available for 12 months.

URL: Dynamic Data Masking

#6) IBM InfoSphere Optim Data Privacy

IBM InfoSphere Optim Data Privacy

IBM InfoSphere Optim Data Privacy proposes data mapping and uses masking report with a masking asset. It has predetermined reports for PCI DSS and HIPAA.

It offers wide abilities to efficiently mask complex data across non-production environments. To secure private data, this tool will substitute the delicate info with truthful, and completely useful masked data.


  • Mask private data on request.
  • Decrease risk by locking data.
  • Fasten data privacy application.
  • A secure environment for application testing.


  • Easily abstracts data with no-coding.
  • Advanced Data Masking Feature.
  • Smart filtering abilities.


  • Need to work on UI.
  • Complex architecture.

Pricing: Contact for Pricing.

URL: IBM InfoSphere Optim Data Privacy

#7) CA Test Data Manager

CA Test Data Manager

CA Test Data Manager helps in data privacy and compliance problems as it comes with General Data Protection Regulation GDPR and other laws.

This tool bids data mapping, data movement, and functional masking. It has a universal file reporting and metadata. It has SDM expertise for complex and large environments with consistent databases.


  • Creates Synthetic test data for data testing.
  • Creates future test scenarios and unexpected outcomes.
  • Stores data for reuse.
  • Creates virtual copies of test data.


  • Different filters and templates are present to mask data.
  • No additional permission is required to access the production data.
  • Very fast tools to mask data.


  • Works only on Windows.
  • Complex User Interface.
  • Automating everything is not easy.

Pricing: A Free trial is available.

URL: CA Test Data Manager

#8) Compuware Test Data Privacy

Compuware Test Data Privacy

Compuware Test Data Privacy helps in the mapping of data and generic masking report.

This tool mainly works on the mainframe platform and supports hybrid non-mainframe settings. Their solution offers Topaz for Enterprise Data for reliability, conversant and security.

It has two essential areas to perform test data privacy solution for securing test data i.e. data breach prevention and compliance with data privacy laws.


  • Decreases the difficulty by codeless masking.
  • Completes data normalization into and out of the masking process.
  • Dynamic Privacy Rules with complex test data essentials such as account numbers, card numbers etc.
  • Allows to discover and mask data within a greater field.


  • Easy to use and is fast.
  • Secures test data against breaks.
  • Apply test data privacy to test data, so that it will be more secure.


  • Complex user Interface.

Pricing: Contact for Pricing.

URL: Compuware Test Data Privacy

#9) IRI – FieldShield

IRI – Field Shield

IRI is a US-based ISV founded in 1978 that's best known for its CoSort fast data transformation, FieldShield data masking, and RowGen test data products. IRI also bundles those and consolidates data discovery, integration, migration, governance, and analytics in a big data management platform called Voracity.

FieldShield is popular in the DB data masking and test data market due to its high speed, low cost, compliance features, and range of supported data sources. It is compatible with other IRI data masking, testing, ETL, data quality, and analytic jobs in Eclipse, SIEM tools, and erwin platform metadata.


  • Multi-source data profiling, discovery (search) and classification
  • Broad array of masking functions (including FPE) to anonymize and delete PII
  • Assures referential integrity across schema and multi-DB/file scenarios
  • Built-in re-ID risk scoring and audit trails for GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS, etc.


  • High performance, without the need for a central server
  • Simple metadata and multiple graphical job design options
  • Responsive POC and tech support a wide range of use cases
  • Affordable, especially relative to IBM, Oracle, Informatica


  • English-only documentation
  • Thick client Eclipse UI (not web-based)
  • DDM requires FieldShield API call, or separate product (IRI Chakra Max DB firewall)

Pricing: Available for free and you can contact them for more pricing details.

URL: IRI – FieldShield

#10) NextLabs Data Masking

NextLabs Data Masking

NextLabs Data Masking offers an established software that can shield data and guarantee compliance in the cross-platform.

The essential part of NextLabs data masking is its Dynamic Authorization technology with Attribute-Based Access Control. It secures all the critical business data and applications.


  • Helps in classifying and sorting data.
  • Monitors data movement and its usage.
  • It prevents access for precise data.
  • Notifications on risky actions and irregularities.


  • Can be installed easily in each workstation.
  • Evades data breaking.
  • Data Safety across CAD, PLM, and email is good.


  • Software compatibility problems with PLM software.
  • Execution is tough at times for the suppliers and vendors.

Pricing: Contact them for pricing.

URL: NextLabs Data Masking

#11) Hush-Hush

Hush hush

Hush-Hush shield helps in recognizing data against internal risk.

It de-identifies the establishment's complex data. HushHush elements are out-of-the-box procedures that are built for elements such as credit cards, addresses, contacts, etc.

This data masking software de-identifies data in folders, records, emails, etc., through API. Its custom code can be planned and ad-hocked.


  • Less time and Easy installation.
  • Supple, Robustness and takes less time to create workflows.
  • Easy and Robust Combination into SQL server, Biztalk etc.
  • Custom SSIS agenda to mask data.


  • Speed up development.
  • No learning curves.
  • Create data by just “INSERT” command.


  • In startups the growth is fast but the progress slows down in developed industries.
  • Limited control of data.

Pricing: You may request for free use and contact them for final pricing.

URL: Hush-Hush

Additional Tools for Data Masking

#12) HPE Secure Data

HPE Secure Data offers an end to end method to secure the organization data. This tool shields data to its complete development cycle that is deprived of revealing live data to risk.

It has database integrity features enabled and compliance reporting like PCI, DSS, HIPPA etc. Technology supported by HPE is DDM, Tokenization etc.

URL: HPE Secure Data

#13) Imperva Camouflage

Imperva Camouflage Data Masking decreases the risk of data break by substituting complex data with real data.

This tool will support and confirm compliance with rules and international plans. It has reporting and managing capabilities with database integrity. It supports SDM, DDM and generates synthetic data.

URL: Imperva Camouflage Data Masking

#14) Net2000 – Data Masker Data Bee

Net2000 offers all the tools that help to scramble, change or complicate the test data.

It succeeds in the risk of complex data re-identification. It has the feature of database integrity. It supports SDM and Tokenization technology. It is useful for all platforms like Windows, Linux, Mac etc.

URL: Net2000 – Data Masker Data Bee

#15) Mentis Data Masking

Mentis offers the most influential masking and monitoring solutions. It has in-built suppleness that modifies data security according to the environment.

It has SDM, DDM, and Tokenization enabled features. It offers prevention of data loss and database security options. It supports almost all platforms like Windows, Mac, cloud, Linux etc.

URL: Mentis Data Masking

#16) JumbleDB

JumbleDB is a wide-ranging data masking tool which secures complex data in non-production surroundings. JumbleDB transmits a quick and smart auto-discovery engine based on out-of-the-box templates.

It has multiple assorted support of cross-database platforms. It detects complex data and its relationship between referential integrity. Notifications are raised on data abnormalities or fluctuations.

URL: JumbleDB


In this article, we have discussed the Top Data Masking Tools that are available in the market.

These above-discussed tools are the most popular and secure ones, and their features & technology are as per the industrial requirements.

These tools are available at a free of cost and have a simple user interface and easy installations as well. You can choose any tools based on your requirement.

From our research, we can conclude that DATPROF is best for large, mid-size as well as small businesses. Informatica Data Privacy Tool and IBM Infosphere Optim Data privacy are best for Large Enterprises, Oracle Data Masking and Subsetting are best for Med-Size Enterprises and Delphix is good for Small Enterprises.

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