Top 7 TeamViewer Alternatives For Remote Desktop Access In 2021

Most Popular TeamViewer Alternatives and Competitors with Feature Comparison:

TeamViewer is one of the best remote desktop access solutions used for connecting to remote systems, providing remote support and collaborating online.

In this post, we will list and compare some of the top alternative software for TeamViewer.

There was a time when people (customers) used to visit or call service providers/technicians to resolve their problem. During that time customers basically, relied on physical services and there was no online support system or tools.

But now, over the years, time has changed everything. Humans have made a lot of prediction about the world but the technology is going far beyond that. With the evolution of technology, one can stay connected anywhere virtually around the globe.

TeamViewer Alternatives

What are Remote Desktop Tools?

remote desktop tools

In today’s modern era, most computers and devices are now network enabled. With this connectivity of the network, computers get connected to remote software. One can access, manage, and control the desktop remotely from anywhere.

Moreover, remote desktop software helps technicians to resolve technical problems remotely and quickly.

Productivity and customer satisfaction has increased to a great extent with the remote desktop tools. Customers indeed get satisfied when their problems are solved quickly and efficiently.

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Launched in 2005, TeamViewer is the leading Online Desktop Support software in the world.

It basically focuses on online remote collaboration and support services worldwide. With the advancement in the current technology and in coming years, every individual, small and large scale enterprises will rely on remote desktop support.

With the online desktop support services, one can remotely connect and access another computer over the internet. TeamViewer is a one-stop solution for a secure, managed, and connected workplace. One can also use it for mobile devices which makes it an ideal platform to stay connected to employees.

The best part:

TeamViewer is available for free only for personal use. Different pricing plans available, for businesses. TeamViewer is the most trusted and running brand in the field of Remote Desktop Tools with approximately 1.9 billion users.


  • Remotely access and control desktops safely and securely.
  • AR (Augmented Reality) for solving technical issues.
  • Advance Security and privacy with McAfee, Comodo secure, etc.
  • Supports mobile device access.
  • Alternative to expensive VPN.
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List Of The Best TeamViewer Alternatives

There are numerous alternatives or substitutes that get developed when the demand or requirement is increased over time. Thereby, the audience also gets a wide variety of options to choose from. Here, you will get to know about the best TeamViewer alternatives that are available in the market.

The alternatives discussed below are arranged from the top best to the least good in order to clear the minds of the audience so that a perfect choice of tool could be made easily.

Comparison Of The Top TeamViewer Competitors

FeaturesFree VersionCompatibilitySecurityPricingCustomer SupportVideo Conf.
SolarWinds Dameware Remote Support Free trial onlyGoodGoodHighGoodNo
Zoho AssistFree option availableExcellentStrongAffordableExcellentYes
ISL LightFree trial for 15 daysGoodGoodHighGoodYes
SupremoFree download available.GoodGoodThe price starts at $5.79/month.Good--
RemotePCFree trial for premium plans.GoodGoodAffordableGoodYes
AnyDeskFree for personal useGoodGoodAffordableGoodNo
Chrome RemoteFree and open sourceNot goodOkFreeGoodNo
Ammyy AdminFree option availableOnly with windowsGoodAffordableOkNo
LogMeInFree trial onlyGoodGoodHighExcellentNo
Join MeFree trial onlyGoodGoodCheapGoodYes
SplashtopFree trial onlyOkGoodCheapGoodNo
WebExFree AccountGoodStrongAffordableExcellentYes

Let’s Explore!!

#1) SolarWinds Dameware Remote Support

SolarWinds Team Viewer Alternatives

SolarWinds Dameware Remote Support is a remote administration software with more support capabilities than Dameware Mini Remote Control. It is an easy to use tool for gaining remote access to all PCs that are inside or outside your network. It is for quick and easy remote access to Windows, Mac OS, and Linux computers.

It has built-in administration tools for faster IT resolution. It will let you deliver remote support from iOS and Android devices. It simplifies the Windows administration and will let you provide remote assistance from anywhere, anytime. It provides the tools to remotely manage AD objects.


  • Dameware Remote Support contains system tools and TCP utilities so you will be able to remotely troubleshoot computers without launching a full remote control session.
  • It provides features for remotely managing AD domains, groups, and users.
  • It will let you remotely unlock the user accounts, reset passwords, and edit Group Policy.
  • You can export AD properties, system configurations, and software information in CSV or XML formats.
  • It has features to let you remotely access sleeping or powered-off computers.
  • It simplifies Windows Administration by allowing you to reboot systems, start/stop services & processes, copy/delete files, and to view & clear event logs.

Pros & Cons

You will get multi-factor authentication. As per the reviews, SolarWinds Dameware Remote Support doesn’t have a good interface.
It will let you remotely access sleeping and powered-off computersUnavailability of screen recording facility.
The mobile app is available for iOS and Android devices.


SolarWinds was founded in 1999. It has a company size of 1001 to 5000 employees. It has expertise in providing network management software and MSP solutions. SolarWinds has an annual revenue of $833.1 million. It provides solutions to any type and size of the infrastructure.

SolarWinds provides the products to help you manage the simple as well as complex IT environments.


SolarWinds Team Viewer Pricing

Dameware Remote Support software pricing starts at $388 for an unlimited number of end-users and 1 technician. As the number of technicians will increase the license price will reduce. It offers a free trial for 14 days.

Why SolarWinds?

SolarWinds is one of the leading providers of IT infrastructure management software. It provides powerful and affordable solutions. It has more than 20 years of experience in providing a solution to technology professionals by understanding their challenges.

#2) Zoho Assist

Zoho Assist

Zoho Assist is the best alternative to TeamViewer in the market today. It is a reliable, advanced remote support software that helps in offering efficient services to your customers, instant troubleshooting, and quick bulk installations by establishing a secure remote connection.

Remote support and unattended access are the two major services offered by Assist. It runs on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android, and hosting a session has never been easier. Choose a package based on your requirements and our experts will make sure that a completely customized, rebranded remote support software is provided.

Enhanced Features:

  • Assist is a super-fast and highly user-friendly remote support software.
  • Remote support sessions can be hosted without any prior installation.
  • Files can be instantly sent or received during an ongoing session.
  • Multiple power options, such as shut down, reboot, reconnect, and wake on LAN are available for use.
  • Multi-monitor navigation enables quick access to multiple monitors during a session.
  • Chat module with text, video, and audio chat is available.
  • Highly secure, due to 2-Factor Authentication, SSL, and 256-bit AES encryption, and time-based OTP.
  • Multiple integrations with help desk and service desk software to enable effortless connection and troubleshooting.
  • Complete session recording and action log viewer to help with audit and reference purposes.
  • Enhanced user experience to proffer error-free remote support software to customers.
  • Zoho Assist is completely free for personal use, and the team provides excellent remote support whenever required.

Assist offers a 15-day trial period, during which you can enjoy even the restricted features without hassle. Adopt Assist for your business today to host secure remote support sessions in an instant.


Zoho Assist is feature-filled remote support software that is available free of cost for personal use. Apart from that, Assist also provides affordable paid packages at $8 per month, billed annually. Choose an edition based on the number of technician/Unattended computers and concurrent session licenses you require.


Zoho was founded in 1996, and developing expert business solutions was their main agenda. Assist is one of its major products that enable the establishment of remote connections at any time.

The company has more than 60 million happy customers around the globe. Top brands such as Amazon, Hyundai, Apple, Phillips, OnePlus, Fossil, and more have placed their trust in Zoho’s products.

Why Zoho Assist?

One of the major reasons why Assist excels in the market is because of its wide array of features which are priced at reasonable rates. Assist is built to support all business sizes and can be altered to any type of requirement.

#3) ISL Light

ISL Light Dashboard

ISL Light is a remote desktop and remote access software perfect for security-oriented professionals. It offers a great price-performance and transparent licensing.

With one license you can access an unlimited number of computers, connect with unlimited users, and create an unlimited number of users within your company. The license is priced per simultaneous connection.

It is an easy-to-use software with a clear user interface. It offers many ways to connect so also non-tech-savvy clients will easily connect into a remote session. All remote sessions are end-to-end encrypted, and you can turn on the two-factor authentication.

It works cross-platform and mobile apps that allow mobile device support is included in the license. ISL Light works reliably also on low-bandwidth connections.


  • ISL Light offers fast screen sharing. With one click you can optimize the desktop sharing for speed or for quality.
  • You can set automatic recording of the remote sessions for security or training purpose.
  • Live chat software is included in the license. Starting a remote support session from the live chat is supper-easy, an operator clicks the Remote desktop button and a unique session link is generated and sent over to a client.
  • You can invite another operator to a session or transfer the session to them
  • You can access unattended computers with multiple monitors and see all displays in their own windows.
  • You can customize ISL Light to match your company image and logo. OEM white labeling is also possible for large enterprises.


  • User-friendly, very easy-to-use
  • Outstanding tech-support
  • Transparent pricing
  • Cloud and on-premises solution.
  • End-to-end encryption, 256-bit key, two-factor authentication.
  • Pay-per-Use coupon offers all functionalities at a very convenient price.


  • Remote printing could be less complicated.
  • Offers a 15-day free trial but not a free license.


Providing remote control software, delivered via cloud or on-premises since 2003, ISL Online is one of the pioneers in the remote desktop field. Companies of all sizes from all industry sectors and all over the world use this software to troubleshoot tech issues remotely.

ISL Online owns a notable market share in Japan. The company is headquartered in Europe, with offices in Slovenia, Switzerland, the UK, and the USA and business partners located worldwide.


ISL Light Pricing

ISL Online is known for its transparent pricing with no hidden costs. Their cloud license includes yearly upgrades and updates.

Besides remote access and remote support tools, the license includes live chat software and online meeting software as well as all mobile apps. They offer PPU coupons for users with the smallest support needs.

Why ISL Online?

ISL Online is a veteran and trustworthy remote desktop software provider. It offers a great product at a reasonable price and guarantees the highest security standards. According to customer reviews on the biggest software review portals, their tech support is unbeatable.

#4) Supremo


Supremo is a software for remote desktop access, allowing connection and control of PCs and servers running on Windows, macOS, Linux and also available for mobile on Android and iOS.

Establishing a connection is easy (just launch the exe file and digitID and Password of the remote machine) and smooth thanks to the worldwide geolocation of dedicated servers.

In terms of security, the data flow is encrypted, at each connection, a new random password is generated and you can also set up access to your PC from specific IDs you consider safe.

Supremo allows unlimited installs on an unlimited number of computers i.e. total mobility is total freedom. Among the peculiarities, it should be noted that is portable software i.e. it doesn’t require installation and you can easily carry it on a USB device to use on any computer wherever you go.


  • It doesn’t require configuration of firewalls or routers and also allows installation as a service to perform unattended access to the remote device. Supremo will start at the Windows boot, ready to let you control the machine without the need for human intervention on the remote screen and asking any authorization to start the connection.
  • To keep on working without interrupting your projects, you can easily transfer files between the connected PCs with the integrated File Transfer or using Drag & Drop.
  • Both Free and Paid versions to include an Online Address Book. You can add unlimited Supremo contacts to connect to and you’ll be able to share this information with your colleagues for remote collaboration. This is important to manage the devices you connect to more often.
  • Online Reports to monitor connections. Reports will detect who is performing support sessions in your organization, the duration of every single connection, and also how many assistances have been carried out by your collaborators.


Supremo is free for personal use, although it offers plans for business purposes, and can be tried for free for 21 days with no registration.

Supremo Price

Prices start from $5/month per user and this is why Supremo can be considered as the most cost-effective solution for remote desktop control.

Whether you need to perform multiple simultaneous sessions or just one session at a time, licensing is flexible i.e. Plans can be purchased quarterly or annually and also can be modulated with additional controls according to the number of simultaneous sessions required.

#5) RemotePC

RemotePC Teamviewer

RemotePC is the software that will allow you to remotely access computers. It will help you to connect and work from home or while on a business trip. It provides functionalities to manage files, transfer data, and print documents remotely but effortlessly. It will help you to collaborate.

Unlike TeamViewer, RemotePC provides the feature of concurrent access. It is accessible through the web.


  • RemotePC is a platform-independent solution.
  • It supports remote printing.
  • It will be easier to transfer a file and chat between the computers.
  • It provides a facility to record a remote session.
  • It will allow you to drag-and-drop local files.
RemotePC offers a good interface. As per the reviews, sometimes the connectivity is discontinued.
It offers the solution at a low cost as compared to other desktop tools. UI is not so good.
Powerful integration and compatibility. It doesn’t provide the facility to see more than one remote screen in the same window.
It is a lightweight solution. It will take time to add members to edit files.


RemotePC is a solution provided by IDrive. It is a solution for businesses and IT professionals. IDrive Inc. is a California based company and provides cloud storage, online backup, and remote access solutions.


RemotePC provides four pricing plans, Consumer ($22.12 -first year), SOHO ($52.12 -first year), Team ($187.12 -first year), and Enterprise ($374.62 -first year). It offers a 30-day free trial for Team and Enterprise plans. The below image will show you the pricing details of all the plans.

RemotePC Price

Why RemotePC?

RemotePC is accessible from your iOS and Android devices through a mobile app. It provides secure access and ensures privacy. It will give you improved productivity.

#6) AnyDesk Remote Access


AnyDesk is the best available alternative and it also works in the same manner to TeamViewer. The name itself clears out its meaning to remotely control and manage data from anywhere, anytime, and from any desktop.

Like Teamviewer, it is also available for free for personal use and there are different pricing options available for businesses. AnyDesk is a really lightweight software with a size of just 2.8 MB. In addition, with AnyDesk you can own your network, collaborate online, record sessions, and get high-performance results.


  • High-end performance is achieved with quick-start, high frame rates, and effective use of bandwidth.
  • Innovative technologies with demanding apps and real-time collaborations.
  • Own your network with high-end encryption, and verified connections.
  • Restrictions can be put to access the network.
  • Simplified structure and very lightweight with high compatibility.
  • Supports multiple platforms from anywhere in the world.
  • Administrate your network, manage contacts, and record sessions with ease.
  • Free licensing for personal use and scalable licensing for several businesses.

Pros and Cons

S No.ProsCons
1Simple interface, fast and very lightweightSession time is limited to 30 minutes or it might have changed
2Works on different platforms like Windows, Linux, Android, MacOSNone other found
3Customization of network with portable options-
4Full Screen mode and mobile app connectivity-


Founded and launched in 2014, AnyDesk is among the fastest 50 growing firms in Germany with 100 million users worldwide and is increasing. Its headquarters is located in Stuttgart and its sales office in Berlin.

The company is growing day by day with various job openings listed on the website. AnyDesk has 48 employees working with it and generates around $3 million in revenue.


anydesk pricing

AnyDesk offers three different types of business pricing plans i.e. Single user ($10.99 per month), multiple users ($20.99 per month), and for complete teamwork ($52.99 per month). The pricing for personal use is totally free. The pricing is affordable for every kind of business.

Why AnyDesk?

AnyDesk has been listed in the top of the list as it’s the best competitor to TeamViewer and it was also developed by the former TeamViewer. Not limited to this, the users don’t have to entrust their data to a cloud base service. They can directly access all files, programs, and documents from anywhere in the world.

Website: AnyDesk

#7) Chrome Remote Desktop

chrome remote desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop is another desktop software tool crafted by Google under their unofficial proprietary protocol known as “Chromoting”. It provides two different elements i.e. Remote Access and Remote Support. This software is completely open source and free to use.

One can remotely access desktop far away from anywhere.

It allows you to peek into other’s computer whether it’s your mother’s desktop or your colleagues’ laptop, you can access it from anywhere. All you need to do is just configure some settings in the Google Chrome browser, make a connection and give a name to your PC and there you are.


  • Chrome Remote Desktop is available for IOS and Android devices and supports other platforms like Mac, Linux, and windows.
  • Simple & interactive interface, fast and reliable with high performance, and is free to use.
  • Access your desktop from PC, mobile, tablet with some simple configuration settings on the go.
  • Compatible with many devices and is highly secured.
  • It supports both unattended access as well as spontaneous access.

Pros and Cons

S No.ProsCons
1Fast, simple, and easy setup. All you need is to have Chrome browser installed on your PCYou need to have Google Chrome installed, it does not work with other browsers
2Full screen mode option is also availableLess compatible when compared to AnyDesk
3Works even when the host is logged off


Everybody knows about Google. It has high brand authority with successful business ventures and is one of the biggest and widely used search engines in the world. Google provides almost every type of internet service to its users like Gmail, Drive, Docs, Spreadsheets, extensions, and many others.


There is no price for using Chrome Remote Desktop. All your requirements are fulfilled by the Google Chrome web browser.

Why Chrome Remote Desktop?

There are many reasons to use this software as it is the product provided by the highly reputed firm “Google”. Moreover, this software is totally free to use and is highly secure. Although there are fewer features available, still it stands out to be on the second position in the list.

Website: Chrome Remote Desktop

#8) Ammyy Admin

ammyy admin

Ammyy Admin is a type of remote desktop tool which requires zero configurations to establish the remote desktop application. With Ammyy Admin there is no installation required, and one can easily and swiftly manage and control remote servers and desktop from anywhere anytime.

Furthermore, the company offers a wide variety of choices for different needs. Like for home, there are different types of plans, for office and educational purpose there are different plans. Thus, you just have to sit back, relax and select the best option as per your requirement.


  • There is no installation required and it works with zero configuration.
  • It is the easiest way to quickly run a remote desktop application without following any steps.
  • It provides high-quality data transfer on a remote server.
  • Voice chat is also available to communicate with any of your colleagues or employee.
  • Simple, easy, and user-friendly with a file manager to manage all the data.
  • Highly compatible with windows.

Pros and Cons

S No.ProsCons
1Zero configurations and no installation requiredThere are some security risks
2Free for personal use as well good connecting speedLimited remote and shortcut keys
3High Quality data transfer and one can also control remote serverMany reviews by their users claim that the customer support is very poor
4Wide variety of options or plans are availableNo full screen mode and very basic chat function


Ammyy Admin was crafted and developed in 2007 with lots of research and efforts by a group of team. The results for such long year research and hard efforts lead to the innovative development of Remote Access System “Ammyy Admin”.

The company has a total estimate of ten employees with around $10 million annual revenue. The software is used by many reputed and big companies worldwide.


ammyy pricing

Ammyy Admin offers four different types of main pricing plans. These are Free for personal use, starter V3 for basic ($33.90 per month), Premium V3 for businesses ($66.90 per month), and Corporate V3 ($99.90 per month) for higher corporate needs.

Why Ammyy Admin?

One main factor for opting Ammyy Admin is its pricing plans which are really cheap and affordable for every kind of user. Though there are some negative reviews due to its poor customer support, still it has a great portfolio of client lists.

Website: Ammyy Admin

#9) LogMeIn


LogMeIn is another cloud-based remote support and powerful endpoint management software that provides high-quality services worldwide. There is numerous range of products offered by LogMeIn, out of which the best products include LogMeIn Pro, Central, and Rescue.

The Pro is considered the most reliable product from the company for SMB’s. The tagline for LogMeIn is “Be limitless” which is their motto to enable their users to work without boundaries.


  • Comes with 1 TB of file storage and unlimited users.
  • Remotely control your desktop or computer with a multi-monitor display.
  • Screen sharing and password management features are also available.
  • Access to your files, applications, and documents on the go.
  • A free trial option is available before making any purchase.
  • Endpoint Management to monitor, manage, and secure data.
  • Excellent customer support experience.

Pros and Cons

S No.ProsCons
1Sessions can be recorded and shared between members Pricing could be more effective
2Screen sharing and password managementDashboard could have been more effective and user friendly
3Endpoint Management to securely manage your data-
4Free trial before making any purchase-


Its headquarters is located at Boston, North America and its offices are located worldwide in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Latin America. The company currently has around 3500 employees with approximately $1.2 billion annual revenue.


LogMeIn pricing

LogMeIn offers all types of pricing plans for different needs. Like Pro for individuals, power users, and small businesses, Pro 25 for small businesses, and Pro 50 for small businesses. The basic plan starts from $349.99 per year.

Why LogMeIn?

With a great customer support service and huge manpower, LogMeIn offers its user with best services to simplify their work. Their pricing plans are really high and that’s the reason why they are lacking down in the list. Otherwise, they have great customer support and advance features to meet all types of requirements of the customers.

Website: LogMeIn

#10) Join Me

join me

Join Me remote desktop software enables users to personalize their experience by claiming a personalized URL for their profile. Moreover, users can customize their background for online meetings with better quality audio. Not only that., but you can also share your screen instantly with just one click.

Furthermore, they also allow their users to host a free meeting by starting a free trial version. One can also join any particular meeting that is being hosted by entering a security code provided by the host of the meeting.


  • Audio and Video conferencing from anywhere in the world with high-quality audio and video support.
  • The mobile app lets you host a meeting from any of your mobile devices.
  • Organize your meetings in advance with just One Click Scheduling in either Outlook or Google Calendar.
  • Get your own personal link to get notified by anyone very easily.
  • Screen Sharing option with just one click to share it with your colleagues and peers.
  • White Boarding for real-time interactions and discussions.

Pros and Cons

S No.ProsCons
1Responsive and very reliableSome users claim that sometimes audio become little choppy
2Quick start of sessions and user friendlyPricing
3No need to install any software, directly the work can be startedDesktop apps bugs
4Compatible with all types of browsers and devices-
5Free trial and free hosting of meeting available-


You will be amazed to know that Join Me is powered by LogMeIn for making collaborations simple, instant, and continuous. The company is located in the same place where LogMeIn is situated. You can consider Join Me as a child class of LogMeIn.


join me pricing

Join Me Offers three different types of pricing plans i.e. Lite for up to five people ($10 per month), Pro for more power and flexibility ($20 per month), and Business for advanced features and high-end performance ($30 per month).

Why Join Me?

Join Me has a great client portfolio which includes companies like Time Magazine, Fortune, INC, Tech Crunch, and The New York Times, etc. As Join Me is powered by LogMeIn, brand trust has been built for the users. In addition, Join Me provides free features for trial services and offers a great bunch of advanced features for the paid plans.

Website: Join Me

#11) Splashtop


Splashtop mainly focuses on providing Remote Desktop for business and individuals and Remote Access for IT and Support Teams. They claim that their products are really a great alternative to LogMeIn and TeamViewer.

Do you know?

Splashtop was undertaken by EdTech in an initiative in which Splashtop Education Solutions are used by various schools to make learning more effective and interactive. Moreover, with Splashtop’s Mirroring 360 you can also share your files and data to your loved ones whenever you want.


  • Best value for the pricing when compared to the other big firms.
  • Transparency for every customer and no fake allegations.
  • Excellent customer support services worldwide.
  • Splashtop products are one of the most reliable and are secured with a free trial.
  • Enable users to do more in less time and is cost-effective.

Pros and Cons

S No.ProsCons
1Best alternative for its pricingUser interface could be more interactive
2Also used for educational purposesSometimes the software lag
3Excellent customer support and sales-
4Products includes rich features and free trial-


Founded and launched in 2006, the company is headquartered in San Jose, California. Splashtop believes in delivering best class remote access and support by bridging the gaps between PC’s, tablets, desktops, and mobiles. The company currently has 20+ million users with around 500+ million sessions worldwide.


splashtop pricing

Splashtop offers different types of products under different categories. Pricing is not revealed on their website. Visit their website to know the complete pricing for all types of products based on your need.

Why Splashtop?

Splashtop also has a great portfolio of clients which includes companies like Harvard University, Toyota, AT&T, Dell, HP, Asus, Toshiba, and many others. Splashtop has been rated as the best software for its pricing. Not limited to that, their customer support and services are also very excellent.

Website: Splashtop

#12) WebEx


WebEx enables its users to see each other with the help of videos and allows sharing screen with others. One can collaborate with others to make projects, documents, or any stuff with your own personalized meeting room. Moreover, it allows to organize, manage, and control your desktop by collaborating with CISCO security.

Furthermore, WebEx has a great product portfolio including WebEx Meeting center, Training center, Event center, Support center, and Assist services.


  • Host and join the meeting on the go anytime anywhere.
  • Personalized meeting room for all the users.
  • Video conferencing with chat options.
  • Online webinars, file sharing, media sharing, and call sharing.
  • Affordable pricing range.

Pros and Cons

S No.ProsCons
1Full screen view Little slow when installed
2High quality video conferencing goes flawlesslyNothing much which can be considered as cons
3Can be connected globally from anywhere-
4Content sharing of all types-
5Compatible with all types of devices-


CISCO is well known for its cloud-based services and security. The WebEx products are delivered over the CISCO cloud and security for real-time interactions. It is the global leader in security and cloud-based services and was founded in 1984 and its headquarters is located in San Jose, USA.


webex pricing

WebEx offers a free account which includes unlimited meetings up to 25 people. It also offers different pricing plans for enterprises. If you want to know it’s pricing, then you have to fill out a form on the WebEx website.

Why WebEx?

WebEx works with CISCO which is well-known and one of the most reputed companies worldwide. From the last year’s report, Cisco has a total market capture of $221.3 billion.

Website: WebEx


#1) Does TeamViewer have any free version?

Answer: Yes, TeamViewer does have a free version for personal use only.

#2) Is TeamViewer safe and secure?

Answer: TeamViewer has officially claimed that their user’s data is completely secured with AES (Advanced Encryption System) and RSA public/private key exchange.

#3) How long does the TeamViewer session last?

Answer: The idle session lasts for thirty minutes.


Online Remote Desktop Support services have changed the working methods of the modern era on a consistent basis. With the latest trends and innovations in technology, we always have a wide variety of options to choose from.

To be simple and clear, technology is a pool of resources and we should use those resources according to our needs. Select the best tool which suits your needs and daily requirements. Like if you have felt the need for audio or video conferencing then there are many such types of tools available.

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For fewer requirements and needs, Chrome Remote Desktop is the best tool and is also available for free. If your company has little requirements and a low budget then you must go for either JoinMe or LogMeIn. And if your priority is moreover security then WebEx is the best tool from this list.

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