Types of Software Testing: Different Testing Types with Details

What are the different Types of Software Testing?

We, as testers are aware of the various types of Software Testing such as Functional Testing, Non-Functional Testing, Automation Testing, Agile Testing and their sub-types etc.

Each of us would have come across several types of testing in our testing journey. We might have heard some and we might have worked on some, but not everyone has knowledge about all the testing types.

Different Types of Software Testing

Each type of testing has its own features, advantages, and disadvantages as well. However, in this article, I have covered mostly each and every type of software testing which we usually use in our day to day testing life.

Let’s go and have a look at them.

Different Types of Software Testing

Given below is the list of some common types of Software Testing:

Functional testing types include:

  • Unit testing
  • Integration testing
  • System testing
  • Sanity testing
  • Smoke testing
  • Interface testing
  • Regression testing
  • Beta/Acceptance testing

Non-functional testing types include:

  • Performance Testing
  • Load testing
  • Stress testing
  • Volume testing
  • Security testing
  • Compatibility testing
  • Install testing
  • Recovery testing
  • Reliability testing
  • Usability testing
  • Compliance testing
  • Localization testing

Let’s see more details about these testing types.

Types of Software Testing

#1) Alpha Testing

It is the most common type of testing used in the Software industry. The objective of this testing is to identify all possible issues or defects before releasing it into the market or to the user. Alpha testing is carried out at the end of the software development phase but before the Beta Testing. Still, minor design changes may be made as a result of such testing. Alpha testing is conducted at the developer’s site. In-house virtual user environment can be created for this type of testing.

#2) Acceptance Testing

An acceptance test is performed by the client and verifies whether the end to end the flow of the system is as per the business requirements or not and if it is as per the needs of the end user. Client accepts the software only when all the features and functionalities work as expected. It is the last phase of the testing, after which the software goes into production. This is also called as User Acceptance Testing (UAT).

#3) Ad-hoc Testing

The name itself suggests that this testing is performed on an ad-hoc basis i.e. with no reference to test case and also without any plan or documentation in place for such type of testing. The objective of this testing is to find the defects and break the application by executing any flow of the application or any random functionality.

Ad-hoc testing is an informal way of finding defects and can be performed by anyone in the project. It is difficult to identify defects without a test case but sometimes it is possible that defects found during ad-hoc testing might not have been identified using existing test cases.

#4) Accessibility Testing

The aim of accessibility testing is to determine whether the software or application is accessible for disabled people or not. Here disability means deaf, color blind, mentally disabled, blind, old age and other disabled groups. Various checks are performed such as font size for visually disabled, color and contrast for color blindness etc.

#5) Beta Testing

Beta Testing is a formal type of software testing which is carried out by the customer. It is performed in Real Environment before releasing the product to the market for the actual end users. Beta testing is carried out to ensure that there are no major failures in the software or product and it satisfies the business requirements from an end-user perspective. Beta testing is successful when the customer accepts the software.

Usually, this testing is typically done by end-users or others. It is the final testing done before releasing an application for commercial purpose. Usually, the Beta version of the software or product released is limited to a certain number of users in a specific area. So end user actually uses the software and shares the feedback to the company. Company then takes necessary action before releasing the software to the worldwide.

#6) Back-end Testing

Whenever an input or data is entered on front-end application, it stores in the database and the testing of such database is known as Database Testing or Backend testing. There are different databases like SQL Server, MySQL, and Oracle etc. Database testing involves testing of table structure, schema, stored procedure, data structure and so on.

In back-end testing GUI is not involved, testers are directly connected to the database with proper access and testers can easily verify data by running a few queries on the database. There can be issues identified like data loss, deadlock, data corruption etc during this back-end testing and these issues are critical to fixing before the system goes live into the production environment

#7) Browser Compatibility Testing

It is a subtype of Compatibility Testing (which is explained below) and is performed by the testing team.

Browser Compatibility Testing is performed for web applications and it ensures that the software can run with the combination of different browser and operating system. This type of testing also validates whether web application runs on all versions of all browsers or not.

#8) Backward Compatibility Testing

It is a type of testing which validates whether the newly developed software or updated software works well with older version of the environment or not.

Backward Compatibility Testing checks whether the new version of the software works properly with file format created by older version of the software; it also works well with data tables, data files, data structure created by older version of that software. If any of the software is updated then it should work well on top of the previous version of that software.

#9) Black Box Testing

Internal system design is not considered in this type of testing. Tests are based on the requirements and functionality.

Detailed information about the advantages, disadvantages, and types of Black box testing can be seen here.

#10) Boundary Value Testing

This type of testing checks the behavior of the application at the boundary level.

Boundary value Testing is performed for checking if defects exist at boundary values. Boundary value testing is used for testing a different range of numbers. There is an upper and lower boundary for each range and testing is performed on these boundary values.

If testing requires a test range of numbers from 1 to 500 then Boundary Value Testing is performed on values at 0, 1, 2, 499, 500 and 501.

#11) Branch Testing

It is a type of white box testing and is carried out during unit testing. Branch Testing, the name itself suggests that the code is tested thoroughly by traversing at every branch.

#12) Comparison Testing

Comparison of a product’s strength and weaknesses with its previous versions or other similar products is termed as Comparison Testing.

#13) Compatibility Testing

It is a testing type in which it validates how software behaves and runs in a different environment, web servers, hardware, and network environment. Compatibility testing ensures that software can run on a different configuration, different database, different browsers and their versions. Compatibility testing is performed by the testing team.

#14) Component Testing

It is mostly performed by developers after the completion of unit testing. Component Testing involves testing of multiple functionalities as a single code and its objective is to identify if any defect exists after connecting those multiple functionalities with each other.

#15) End-to-End Testing

Similar to system testing, End-to-end testing involves testing of a complete application environment in a situation that mimics real-world use, such as interacting with a database, using network communications, or interacting with other hardware, applications, or systems if appropriate.

#16) Equivalence Partitioning

It is a testing technique and a type of Black Box Testing. During this equivalence partitioning, a set of group is selected and a few values or numbers are picked up for testing. It is understood that all values from that group generate the same output. The aim of this testing is to remove redundant test cases within a specific group which generates the same output but not any defect.

Suppose, application accepts values between -10 to +10 so using equivalence partitioning the values picked up for testing are zero, one positive value, one negative value. So the Equivalence Partitioning for this testing is: -10 to -1, 0, and 1 to 10.

#17) Example Testing

It means real-time testing. Example testing includes the real-time scenario, it also involves the scenarios based on the experience of the testers.

#18) Exploratory Testing

Exploratory Testing is an informal testing performed by the testing team. The objective of this testing is to explore the application and looking for defects that exist in the application. Sometimes it may happen that during this testing major defect discovered can even cause system failure.

During exploratory testing, it is advisable to keep a track of what flow you have tested and what activity you did before the start of the specific flow.

An exploratory testing technique is performed without documentation and test cases.

#20) Functional Testing

This type of testing ignores the internal parts and focuses only on the output to check if it is as per the requirement or not. It is a Black-box type testing geared to the functional requirements of an application. For detailed information about Functional Testing click here.

#21) Graphical User Interface (GUI) Testing

The objective of this GUI testing is to validate the GUI as per the business requirement. The expected GUI of the application is mentioned in the Detailed Design Document and GUI mockup screens.

The GUI testing includes the size of the buttons and input field present on the screen, alignment of all text, tables and content in the tables.

It also validates the menu of the application, after selecting different menu and menu items, it validates that the page does not fluctuate and the alignment remains same after hovering the mouse on the menu or sub-menu.

#22) Gorilla Testing

Gorilla Testing is a testing type performed by a tester and sometimes by developer the as well. In Gorilla Testing, one module or the functionality in the module is tested thoroughly and heavily. The objective of this testing is to check the robustness of the application.

#23) Happy Path Testing

The objective of Happy Path Testing is to test an application successfully on a positive flow. It does not look for negative or error conditions. The focus is only on the valid and positive inputs through which application generates the expected output.

#24) Incremental Integration Testing

Incremental Integration Testing is a Bottom-up approach for testing i.e continuous testing of an application when a new functionality is added. Application functionality and modules should be independent enough to test separately. This is done by programmers or by testers.

#25) Install/Uninstall Testing

Installation and uninstallation testing is done on full, partial, or upgrade install/uninstall processes on different operating systems under different hardware or software environment.

#26) Integration Testing

Testing of all integrated modules to verify the combined functionality after integration is termed as Integration Testing. Modules are typically code modules, individual applications, client and server applications on a network, etc. This type of testing is especially relevant to client/server and distributed systems.

#27) Load Testing

It is a type of non-functional testing and the objective of Load testing is to check how much of load or maximum workload a system can handle without any performance degradation.

Load testing helps to find the maximum capacity of the system under specific load and any issues that cause the software performance degradation. Load testing is performed using tools like JMeter, LoadRunner, WebLoad, Silk performer etc.

#28) Monkey Testing

Monkey testing is carried out by a tester assuming that if the monkey uses the application then how random input, values will be entered by the Monkey without any knowledge or understanding of the application. The objective of Monkey Testing is to check if an application or system gets crashed by providing random input values/data. Monkey Testing is performed randomly and no test cases are scripted and it is not necessary to

Monkey Testing is performed randomly and no test cases are scripted and it is not necessary to be aware of the full functionality of the system.

#29) Mutation Testing

Mutation Testing is a type of white box testing in which the source code of one of the program is changed and verifies whether the existing test cases can identify these defects in the system. The change in the program source code is very minimal so that it does not impact the entire application, only the specific area having the impact and the related test cases should able to identify those errors in the system.

#30) Negative Testing

Testers having the mindset of “attitude to break” and using negative testing they validate that if system or application breaks. A negative testing technique is performed using incorrect data, invalid data or input. It validates that if the system throws an error of invalid input and behaves as expected.

#31) Non-Functional Testing

It is a type of testing for which every organization having a separate team which usually called as Non-Functional Test (NFT) team or Performance team.

Non-functional testing involves testing of non-functional requirements such as Load Testing, Stress Testing, Security, Volume, Recovery Testing etc. The objective of NFT testing is to ensure whether the response time of software or application is quick enough as per the business requirement.

It should not take much time to load any page or system and should sustain during peak load.

#32) Performance Testing

This term is often used interchangeably with ‘stress’ and ‘load’ testing. Performance Testing is done to check whether the system meets the performance requirements. Different performance and load tools are used to do this testing.

#33) Recovery Testing

It is a type of testing which validates that how well the application or system recovers from crashes or disasters.

Recovery testing determines if the system is able to continue the operation after a disaster. Assume that application is receiving data through the network cable and suddenly that network cable has been unplugged. Sometime later, plug the network cable; then the system should start receiving data from where it lost the connection due to network cable unplugged.

#34) Regression Testing

Testing an application as a whole for the modification in any module or functionality is termed as Regression Testing. It is difficult to cover all the system in Regression Testing, so typically automation testing tools are used for these types of testing.

#35) Risk-Based Testing (RBT)

In Risk Based Testing, the functionalities or requirements are tested based on their priority. Risk-based testing includes testing of highly critical functionality, which has the highest impact on business and in which the probability of failure is very high. The priority decision is based on the business need, so once priority is set for all functionalities then high priority functionality or test cases are executed first followed by medium and then low priority functionalities.

The low priority functionality may be tested or not tested based on the available time. The Risk-based testing is carried out if there is insufficient time available to test entire software and software needs to be implemented on time without any delay. This approach is followed only by the discussion and approval of the client and senior management of the organization.

#36) Sanity Testing

Sanity Testing is done to determine if a new software version is performing well enough to accept it for a major testing effort or not. If an application is crashing for the initial use then the system is not stable enough for further testing. Hence a build or an application is assigned to fix it.

#37) Security Testing

It is a type of testing performed by a special team of testers. A system can be penetrated by any hacking way.

Security Testing is done to check how the software or application or website is secure from internal and external threats. This testing includes how much software is secure from the malicious program, viruses and how secure and strong the authorization and authentication processes are.

It also checks how software behaves for any hackers attack and malicious programs and how software is maintained for data security after such a hacker attack.

#38) Smoke Testing

Whenever a new build is provided by the development team then the software testing team validates the build and ensures that no major issue exists. The testing team ensures that build is stable and a detailed level of testing is carried out further. Smoke Testing checks that no show stopper defect exists in the build which will prevent the testing team to test the application in detail.

If testers find that the major critical functionality is broken down at the initial stage itself then testing team can reject the build and inform accordingly to the development team. Smoke Testing is carried out to a detailed level of any functional or regression testing.

#39) Static Testing

Static Testing is a type of testing which is executed without any code. The execution is performed on the documentation during the testing phase. It involves reviews, walkthrough, and inspection of the deliverables of the project. Static testing does not execute the code instead of the code syntax, naming conventions are checked.

The static testing is also applicable for test cases, test plan, design document. It is necessary to perform static testing by the testing team as the defects identified during this type of testing are cost-effective from the project perspective.

#40) Stress Testing

This testing is done when a system is stressed beyond its specifications in order to check how and when it fails. This is performed under heavy load like putting large number beyond storage capacity, complex database queries, continuous input to the system or database load.

#41) System Testing

Under System Testing technique, the entire system is tested as per the requirements. It is a Black-box type testing that is based on overall requirement specifications and covers all the combined parts of a system.

#42) Unit Testing

Testing of an individual software component or module is termed as Unit Testing. It is typically done by the programmer and not by testers, as it requires a detailed knowledge of the internal program design and code. It may also require developing test driver modules or test harnesses.

#43) Usability Testing

Under Usability Testing, User-friendliness check is done. Application flow is tested to know if a new user can understand the application easily or not, Proper help documented if a user gets stuck at any point. Basically, system navigation is checked in this testing.

#44) Vulnerability Testing

The testing which involves identifying of weakness in the software, hardware and the network is known as Vulnerability Testing. Malicious programs, the hacker can take control of the system, if it is vulnerable to such kind of attacks, viruses, and worms.

So it is necessary to check if those systems undergo Vulnerability Testing before production. It may identify critical defects, flaws in the security.

#45) Volume Testing

Volume testing is a type of non-functional testing performed by the performance testing team.

The software or application undergoes a huge amount of data and Volume Testing checks the system behavior and response time of the application when the system came across such a high volume of data. This high volume of data may impact the system’s performance and speed of the processing time.

#46) White Box Testing

White Box testing is based on the knowledge about the internal logic of an application’s code.

It is also known as Glass box Testing. Internal software and code working should be known for performing this type of testing. Under this tests are based on the coverage of code statements, branches, paths, conditions etc.


The above-mentioned Software Testing Types are just a part of testing. However, there is still a list of more than 100+ types of testing, but all testing types are not used in all types of projects. So I have covered some common Types of Software Testing which are mostly used in the testing life cycle.

Also, there are alternative definitions or processes used in different organizations, but the basic concept is the same everywhere. These testing types, processes, and their implementation methods keep changing as and when the project, requirements, and scope changes.


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@ chengaiah – Functional testing is black box testing without considering the program structure. You verify the program using specification document. System testing is end to end application testing which includes whole application as one unit and generally tested for usability, functionality, performance, load.

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Sanity testing is done on an updated version of a software i.e. after adding the changes to the software, to check if it functions in the desired way.
One example for that would be : suppose there is a new service pack for a windows operating system, then it is tested first to check whether the operating system works as required even after applying the new service pack or does it fail in any aspect.

Smoke testing is generally done immediately after the development phase is over. Its main aim is to find out that the software would provide its basic functionality and wouldnt crash completely, and to ensure that the software would be able to sustain the exhaustive list of test cases.

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Test Stratergy is nothing but, How we carry our entire Testing. How to Test?
1)What are The Techniques we are going to use in the project.
2)What are the Types of Testing we are going to use.
3)Discuss abt H/w & S/w environment involved.
4)Roles and Responbilites.
5)Risk and Conclusion. Those infomartion are discussed.

Test Plan is nothing but What to Test?
Its describe Scope of the testing, Approach of testing, Featurees to be tested & Featurees to be not tested, H/w & s/w involved, Methods, Risk, Conclusion…. those information discuss here

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Hi Nazia. Here I am giving the answer for your Question.

Black Box Testing: Without knowing the internal content of the box checking the outer appearance and quality of the box. Due to this only the name comes like Black Box Testing.
In software terms “Testing the Software without knowing the internal design of the application by keeping the Functionality in mind”.

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Lot of people are asking difference between Smoke and Sanity testing. And the more info you get, more confused are you people becoming.

Let’s make it simple …

Difference between Smoke and Sanity –

Smoke testing is done to verify that the build (to be tested) is done properly. (The build is a new / updated version of software). The motive is to check that the application build is working fine and does not crash.

For example – say an application has following features – (say each feature has a page, so in this case there are 10 features; so its 10 pages)
Login, Logout, Enter info, delete info, update info, Change address, search records, retire records, print form, generate reports etc…

Here’s how you will Smoke Test it –
Check that each of the pages is displayed properly and there are no broken links between pages.
Check that the buttons on the pages are clickable (not disabled or hidden).
Check that you can traverse back and forth between pages.
Check that you can see the help section pages, legal and disclaimer section on the pages (outgoing links on the pages)
Check the look and feel of the pages (fonts and user text boxes displayed properly and no broken images or cluttered text or font scramble) – this is optional check unless you see something that is unreadable
Check that you are able to enter info into input boxes (no need to do any transactions; just check whether you are able to input text on the pages or not).

Note that you are not required to do any transactions in Smoke test. In other words you are not testing the functionality of the application but the application build itself.

Sanity Testing – is done to verify whether the new / updated build is functioning properly. (Note the difference – smoke checks the application build; sanity checks the build functionality at higher level.)

Take the above example again – say an application has following features –
Login, Logout, Enter info, delete info, update info, Change address, search records, retire records, print form, generate reports etc…

Here’s how you will Sanity Test it –
Check that the customer critical functionality is working by performing at least one transaction for each of the major features.

Your depth of sanity testing depends on the functionality of the application. Say there are 5 major features of that application. So you need to perform only one transaction for each of the feature (to verify that all the major features are working properly).

(Sanity test concentrates on testing major features. A feature is said to be major if it is accessed by customer frequently or daily and its working is important to the business. )

Now say the login, logout, enter info, delete info and generate records are the 5 main features on the application.

Sanity test –
Check that you are able to login
Check the you are able to logout
Check the you are able to enter the info and save record for new user.
Check that you are able to delete data of existing user.
Check that you can generate report for current date.

You don’t need to test rest of the features. Nor do you require to run other exhaustive test cases for each of these major features.

Note that you just have to check that the basic functioning of the major features is working. Don’t run end to end and multiple operation test cases in sanity.
Just ran the Basic test case for which that feature is designed.

Hope that now everyone has got clear understanding of Smoke and Sanity testing. And the Difference as Well.

Lets make it Simple…

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I am finished mca this yr.i will interst study tesing course. it is useful for my future.wat abt tesing.then if i will study this course wat type of job will i search.pls give me reply.

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Sorry but the information given is not well categorized. Time permitting will clear things up.


#75 shilpa

Really usefull..thanks to all who have contributed

#76 jaykay


Pls do forward Types of Test Case documents!
Its very urget for me…

Tnx in advance

#77 bharani

can u pls explain configuration testing and environmental testing?

#78 Shankar

Pls tell me….
I am studying mca final year….I am intersting in Testing side. So what i do…? How to get a job in testing side…? What will i prepare…? What they want when i go Interview in testing job.

#79 sowmya


test plan is high level doc mostly prepared by test lead which contains various infmtn like version,testing approaches,test strategies,prioritising the tests,test case design,approval for test cases,bug report generation,regression testing,release notes etc and test strategy is something like what we are gng to test? i.e, it’s a description of what is gng to be tested.

#80 phalguna

which is the most effect tool for testing for PHP & .Net projects,
and how to use .

#81 Vishal Chhaperia

Hi Phalguna,

I think PHP & .NET have some inbuild tools which can be used to run test script.
Or if dont have u can download it for free!

call me: +91-9830704327

mail me: bishalchaperia@gmail.com

#82 phalguna

Present i am working in software company .Temper data (tool)
is use in our company it’s a open source tool it’s effective testing tool or not.plese tell me which the most effective tool evailble in open source.

#83 phalguna

what is test plan how to write properly?

#84 Mohammed Faruk

I got a lot of info from this site.. The defn for the all the testing types are ready nice…:-)

#85 prashant katkar


TELL ME HOW TO WRITE TEST CASE ? eg like mobile, fan etc

plese ergnt

#86 pavitra

A test plan is the base line for all the testing activities
A test plan addresses what to do? When to do? And how to do?
Test planning assesses the software application risks and then develops a plan to determine if the software minimizes those risks
Testers must understand the development methods and environment to effectively plan for testing
The tester must understand the new and increased risks in order to evaluate the controls in computer applications
The test plan should be focused on the identified risk
An Ideal Test Plan should comprise of:

Test Scope
Test Objective
Risk Analysis
Test Design
Roles and Responsibilities
Test Schedule & Resources
Test Data Management
Test Environment
Communication Approach
Test Tools

#87 george

In your article End to End testing is explained as wrong. The name itself will give the exact definition. Say for Example the ATM transaction, End to End testing is test to be performed from inserting a card to get cash, reciept, card. That means the entire functioniality of an application from the input to output is know as End To End Testing.

#88 shreya

ya i completely agree with George.
System Testing can be called as end to end testing
where in from the scratch of the application the entire functionality of the application is checked.Each and every part of the application is checked for ita proper functionality.
In actual testing it is the final phase of testing where the entire application is tested again for its functionality prior to User Acceptance Testing.

#89 Sameer Kadam

m back to this page….
This time with info on System testing because people seem to be confused….

You may be asked question in interview about what is System testing ? or What is difference between Functional and System Testing ?

Functional Testing –

Everyone knows it… so I am not going to explain it in detail… to keep it short you test the functionality of the software or product during functional testing.

All the features, transactions are checked in functional testing…
The most common type of testing.

System Testing –
Like you must had read in above comments – it is the End to End type of testing.
Ok… but what does it mean?

You can test the software right after you login till you logout…. Test everything in between and system testing is done…. M just kidding … it’s not true….

Then what is system testing….

It means you check the system from all perspectives…. Check it functionally as well as non- functionally…

Check the functionality by doing functional testing.
Check the non-functional requirement like –
Ad-hoc etc..etc.. (I cannot recall rest of the types…)

In short you are supposed to test everything (all kinds of testing) in System testing. That’s why it is called as end-to-end testing…

One liner definition of system testing –
To make it simple, system testing checks the functional as well as non-functional requirement of the software.

Functional requirement affects the product directly (like its features etc…) whereas non-functional requirement will affect the product in-direclty (like page load time, its compatibility with different browsers, user friendliness, localization etc…). So it is important to check the non-functional requirement as well.

Hope everyone is clear now…

Lets make it simple…

Sameer K

#90 shreya

what is meant by database testing???
how it is done in real time???

#91 V.Srinivas

dear friends
i am M.Sc(Computer science).presently working as lecturer in CS. I interesting to working in programming and testing. For that, i shifter to present career to new field i.e stftware testing. i learing some thing in testing. please help me any fresher jon in testing.

thanks all

#92 Rish

DB Testing:

#93 phalguna

Hi shreya

I have some idea about the database testing.In real time base supoose u will be testing Payroll System(Payslip). u wil enter the some data like as employee name ,basicsalary, empId ,etc…
it’s outerface design .then u will enter the data base and check above data will be insert into database properly or not.some times data will be insert wrong manner why becase u will must check database every time.so module u will chek compare databse.

Hope u have some idea
plese replay


#94 phalguna

Hi shreya

I have some idea about the database testing.In real time base supoose u will be testing Payroll System(Payslip). u wil enter the some data like as employee name ,basicsalary, empId ,etc…
it’s outerface design .then u will enter the data base and check above data will be insert into database properly or not.some times data will be insert wrong manner why becase u will must check database every time.so module u will check compare databse.

Hope u have some idea
plese replay


#95 jaykay

well explanation sameer. I too in confustion now its clear…


#96 shreya

Hi phalguna
Thanks for ur reply
I need some extra info about db testing
I know its like entering data in the outer interface and checking in the database
but is it all that…???
I heard its more than that…
i need to perform it in my organization…
I wanted to know wtelse other than the thing i mentioned will happen in db testing…

#97 prasad

Plz any one can tell difference between stress and load testing with example


Hi All,

Here are the differences you can see,

1) Smoke testing originated in the hardware testing practice of turning on a new piece of hardware for the first time and considering it a success if it does not catch fire and smoke. In software industry, smoke testing is a shallow and wide approach whereby all areas of the application without getting into too deep, is tested.
2) A smoke test is scripted–either using a written set of tests or an automated test
3) A Smoke test is designed to touch every part of the application in a cursory way. It’s is shallow and wide.
4) Smoke testing will be conducted to ensure whether the most crucial functions of a program work, but not bothering with finer details. (Such as build verification).
5) Smoke testing is normal health check up to a build of an application before taking it to testing in depth.

1) A sanity test is a narrow regression test that focuses on one or a few areas of functionality. Sanity testing is usually narrow and deep.
2) A sanity test is usually unscripted.
3) A Sanity test is used to determine a small section of the application is still working after a minor change.
4) Sanity testing is a cursory testing; it is performed whenever a cursory testing is sufficient to prove the application is functioning according to specifications. This level of testing is a subset of regression testing.
5) sanity testing is to verify whether requirements are met or not, checking all features breadth-first.

Hope this helps…


#99 Nishank

Great, I got all types of testing. Thank you very much.

#100 Garima

what r the required test case design in game application.

#101 prasad D.J

Plz reply for this Que
What is ShowStopper
Thanks and regards

#102 Tiger2K

Show stopper is a bug or a crash in application, which literally makes it impossible for the tester to proceed further with testing of the application.
This kind of bugs have to be fixed on top priority basis.


#103 madhav

hi tiger..
is loadrunner a platform dependent. i mean can we do load testing on applications developed in java or dot net or any using loadrunner.

#104 prasad D.J

hai Tiger
Thanks a lot, if possible plz tell me about RTM and TRM and any more interview questions
Waiting for replay
Thanks and regards

#105 Tiger2K

Hey Madav,
Yes madav. You can use loadrunner to test .net and java applications.
Load runner supports windows and unix, however i have my doubts on linux.

#106 Tiger2K

Hey Madhav,
Yes you can use load runner to test java and .net applications.
Load runner works fine on windows or unix,
however i am not sure about linux. will check and let you know.


#107 Nandkishor

I am very happy as I got all types of testing. Thank a lot.

#108 manjula

I have 1 exp in manual testing with minium knowledge of QTP i went one interview they asked me whether i worked on script whether is it java script or vb script i did not understand plz tell me which one i have to learn

#109 hi

Hello Manjula,

Can u forward the maild of that interview which u have attended pls…..

#110 hi

Hi Manjula,

pls paste the address of the office pls? am also searching ….do the needful. thnx in advacne

#111 Tiger2K

Hi Manjula,
The interviewer was asking you about vbscript.
Since QTP uses Vb script.


#112 Tiger2K

Hi Manjula,
Can you please forward the address of the interview which you attended to the person in the blog call ” Hi”.

#113 Tiger2K

Hi Manjula,
Can you please forward the address of the interview which you attended to the person in the blog call ” Hi”.


Vijay i hope i am not breaking the norms of this blog. if so pls let me know. i like this forum and i like to contribute. so just trying to help a fellow mates here.

#114 manjula

hai tiger

annu@vaysinfotech this the mail id u can ask the person anu HR of this company

thanks and regards

#115 Tiger2K

Thanks Manjula, its not for me , its for the person call “Hi” mentioned above your comments. Thanks anyways appreciate it.

#116 prasad D.J

hai prashant katkar
Test cases for Mobile Phone

1)Chek whether Battery is inserted into mobile properly

2)Chek Switch on/Switchoff of the Mobile

3)Insert the sim into the phone n chek

4)Add one user with name and phone number in Address book

5)Chek the Incoming call

6)chek the outgoing call

7)send/receive messages for that mobile

8)Chek all the numbers/Characters on the phone working fine by clicking on them..

9)Remove the user from phone book n chek removed properly with name and phone number

10)Chek whether Network working fine..

11)If its GPRS enabled chek for the connectivity.

Test Cases On Fan:
1.It should have a hook for hanging in the roof.
2. it should have minium three blades.
3. If should be moving once the electricty pass into it.
4. Speed of the fan should be controlled by the regulator.
5.It should be stop once the electric switch off.
6. The fan should run with minimum noise.
7. The blades should have proper distance from the ceiling.
8. The fan while in motion, should not vibrate.
9. The color of the fan should be dark.

#117 manjula


plz tell me what is CMM level company

thanks and regards

#118 Tiger2K

Hi Manjula,

CMM means Capability Maturity model,Its a methodology used to refine and improve software developement process in a software company.
Their are 5 levels of CMM. Any companies which practices the rules will be called as a CMM level company. Once again depending on the level which the follow. They will be certified.
CMM is a thing of past it has been successfuly replaced by CMMI ( Capability Maturity model integration).


#119 Tiger2K


The CMM defines five levels of software process maturity, based on an
organization’s support for certain key process areas (KPAs).
Level 1 (initial) describes an organization with an immature or undefined process.
Level 2 (repeatable),
Level 3 (defined),
Level 4 (managed),
and Level 5(optimizing), respectively, describe organizations with successively higher levels of software process maturity.


#120 prasad

what is the difference between product and project testing
plz reply for this


#121 prasad

What is Multi Unit testing
What is logsheet
thanks and regards

#122 Pavan

what is mainframe testing.

#123 Pavan

what is backend testing

#124 Garima

what are the mobile game checkpoints?

#125 Srikanth

In both the contest you are testing the software that built as a whole.
Testing Techniques for the both are same.
But the Testing Process/Approach varies.
Let me tell you in detail, the difference between the Application Dev and Product Dev.
Applications were meant for the clients where as the Products for customers.
We build application to fulfill the client needs(Specific to a particular client).
Where as the products we design depending upon market needs to sell to many customer.

Testing procedure varies depending upon the Development process and the quality adherences of the companies.
Let me know if you need more information

#126 Naganath Patil

The definations given are nice

#127 suresh

what is tracebility metrics.

#128 suresh

what is mean time to failure?
what is mean time between failure?
plz any one can tell me about on this topic

#129 suresh

plz mail any one on this email id about above question.

#130 manjula

hai Tiger

plz can u give any link for free trial version QTP 9.2 for downloading if possible
Thanks and regards

#131 Tiger2K

Hi Manjula,

Please download qtp from this link



#132 hello

hi vijay thanks for helping all the testers with ur concepts

#133 hello

hi ppl i m having 2+yr of exp in manual testing if any openings found please let me know, thank you

#134 manjula

hai Tiger
Thanks a lot

Thanks and regards

#135 manjula

hai Tiger
I am getting a Msg as “Failed to Install temporary license(error code 11) you need to install permanent license” when i tryed to install Qtp Through the link u have given

Thanks and Regards

#136 Tiger2K

Hi Manjula,
Try this out and let me know the results:

Uninstall QTP 9.0
Go to C:\Program Files\Common Files\Mercury Interactive\License Manager
and delete folder
Delete the LSFORCEHOST variable or anything else that you have for license server
Reinstall QTP


#137 manjula

hai Tiger

I got same Error Msg

Thanks and regards

#138 Tiger2K

Hi Manjula,

Have you been using qtp on this computer before.?
if yes, then its going to be a long process. you need to make some changes in system registry.

i will e-mail you the steps which you need to perform in system registry.


#139 Tiger2K

one more clarification, what is the operating system on that system and its service pack?

#140 manjula

hai Tiger
Windows XP With service pack 2
ya i used it long back may be 4 months before

Thanks and Regards

#141 Tiger2K

hi manjula,
i guess we need to do a system restore. Is this your personal computer or office computer.
I cant type the steps here, since it going to take some space of the blog. so respecting that. i will e-mail you the steps.


#142 manjula

hai Tiger

It is Office computer .

thanks and Regards Manjula

#143 renuka

hi manjula,

use any one of this link and download the qtp trial version



#144 manjula

hai Tiger
Tiger u only give ur e-mail id i will send test mail

Thanks and regards

#145 Tiger2K

Hi Manjula,
Sorry i was kinda struck with few things, you can send me a test e-mail and hopefully today, i will send you the steps to perform.



#146 Tiger2K

Hi Manjula,

Done, I have send you the steps, check it out, if you have any doubts please let me know.


#147 Prasad

Plz any one can tell diff between test strategies and methodology

Thanks and regards

#148 manjula

hai Tiger
after formatting system also i am getting same problem plz instruct me to install QTP
Thanks and regards

#149 Suresh Balakrishnan

Hi All,

I have mentioned Traceability matrics as given below:

Tracebility Matrix Means, It is mapping between the List of Test Cases and Requirements.


#150 Suresh Balakrishnan

Hi Shreya,

This is Suresh Working as a Test Engineer. i have mention Database Testing link as given Below:

Data bas testing basically include the following.
1)Data validity testing.
2)Data Integritity testing
3)Performance related to data base.
4)Testing of Procedure,triggers and functions.
for doing data validity testing you should be good in SQL queries
For data integrity testing you should know about referintial integrity and different constraint.
For performance related things you should have idea about the table structure and design.
for testing Procedure triggers and functions you should be able to understand the same.



#151 Suresh Balakrishnan

Hi All,

This is Suresh Working as a Test Engineer. i have mentioned Difference between Load, Stress and Volume Testing as given Below:

Load, Stress and Volume testing are the part of
Performence testing.

Load Testing: Load Testing gauges how efficently the
application performs when its functions are tested with
varying workloads.

Stress Testing:Stress Testing looks to see how well the
software reacts and compensates when resources are low.

Volume Testing:Volume Testing tests the functional limits
of the application by increasing the amount of data thrown
at it untill it can no longer cope with the flow.


#152 Suresh Balakrishnan

Hi Renuka,

This is Suresh Working as a Test Engineer. i have mentioned Regression Testing as given Below:

What is Regression Testing?

This article attempts to take a close look at the process and techniques in Regression Testing.

What is Regression Testing?

If a piece of Software is modified for any reason testing needs to be done to ensure that it works as specified and that it has not negatively impacted any functionality that it offered previously. This is known as Regression Testing.

Regression Testing attempts to verify:

– That the application works as specified even after the changes/additions/modification were made to it

– The original functionality continues to work as specified even after changes/additions/modification to the software application

– The changes/additions/modification to the software application have not introduced any new bugs
When is Regression Testing necessary?

Regression Testing plays an important role in any Scenario where a change has been made to a previously tested software code. Regression Testing is hence an important aspect in various Software Methodologies where software changes enhancements occur frequently.

Any Software Development Project is invariably faced with requests for changing Design, code, features or all of them.

Some Development Methodologies embrace change.

For example ‘Extreme Programming’ Methodology advocates applying small incremental changes to the system based on the end user feedback.

Each change implies more Regression Testing needs to be done to ensure that the System meets the Project Goals.
Why is Regression Testing important?

Any Software change can cause existing functionality to break.
Changes to a Software component could impact dependent Components.

It is commonly observed that a Software fix could cause other bugs.

All this affects the quality and reliability of the system. Hence Regression Testing, since it aims to verify all this, is very important.
Making Regression Testing Cost Effective:

Every time a change occurs one or more of the following scenarios may occur:
– More Functionality may be added to the system
– More complexity may be added to the system
– New bugs may be introduced
– New vulnerabilities may be introduced in the system
– System may tend to become more and more fragile with each change

After the change the new functionality may have to be tested along with all the original functionality.

With each change Regression Testing could become more and more costly.

To make the Regression Testing Cost Effective and yet ensure good coverage one or more of the following techniques may be applied:

– Test Automation: If the Test cases are automated the test cases may be executed using scripts after each change is introduced in the system. The execution of test cases in this way helps eliminate oversight, human errors,. It may also result in faster and cheaper execution of Test cases. However there is cost involved in building the scripts.

– Selective Testing: Some Teams choose execute the test cases selectively. They do not execute all the Test Cases during the Regression Testing. They test only what they decide is relevant. This helps reduce the Testing Time and Effort.
Regression Testing – What to Test?

Since Regression Testing tends to verify the software application after a change has been made everything that may be impacted by the change should be tested during Regression Testing. Generally the following areas are covered during Regression Testing:

– Any functionality that was addressed by the change

– Original Functionality of the system

– Performance of the System after the change was introduced

Regression Testing – How to Test?

Like any other Testing Regression Testing Needs proper planning.
For an Effective Regression Testing to be done the following ingredients are necessary:

– Create a Regression Test Plan: Test Plan identified Focus Areas, Strategy, Test Entry and Exit Criteria. It can also outline Testing Prerequisites, Responsibilities, etc.

– Create Test Cases: Test Cases that cover all the necessary areas are important. They describe what to Test, Steps needed to test, Inputs and Expected Outputs. Test Cases used for Regression Testing should specifically cover the functionality addressed by the change and all components affected by the change. The Regression Test case may also include the testing of the performance of the components and the application after the change(s) were done.

– Defect Tracking: As in all other Testing Levels and Types It is important Defects are tracked systematically, otherwise it undermines the Testing Effort.


#153 Suresh Balakrishnan

Hi Yamini,

This is Suresh Working as a Test Engineer. i have mentioned Test Strategy as given Below:

Test strategy:i hope that brief version of your test cases

Test strategy is a company level document and which says
the approch for testing.the test strategy doc also says
that the scope,business issues,test delivarables,tools
used ,risk analysis etc.


#154 manjula


If any one have tutorial on QTP version 9.5 plz give me the link
Thanks and regards

#155 Safwan

it was valuable information about types of testing
same as think namita about this information. very good namita

#156 Neelesh

Ohh my God! Manjula is geting so many Doubts that Tiger was unable to give answers also! So, i request other people also to contribute and clear off her doubts.

#157 Muthukumar

Hi Vijay,

What is Testing Technique?
Difference between Testing Technique, Testing Types, Testing Methodologies.
Is Black & White box testing is Testing Technique or Type of testing.

Please clarify me

#158 Saloni

black and white box testing r testing technique

type of testing r load testing,performance testing, stress testing monkey testing,unit testing,system testing etc…….

#159 Muthukumar

“Software Testing Types:

Black box testing – Internal system design is not considered in this type of testing. Tests are based on requirements and functionality.

White box testing – This testing is based on knowledge of the internal logic of an application’s code. Also known as Glass box Testing. Internal software and code working should be known for this type of testing. Tests are based on coverage of code statements, branches, paths, conditions”

Saloni, but here they mentioned Black & White box testing as type of testing?

#160 Sandeep

I want to know about Grey box testing and glass testing…?

Thank you

#161 Tiger2K

Dear Sandeep,
Grey Box testing is a combination of white box and black box testing.
Glass testing is purely white box testing.


#162 karan Soni

i have leaned a lot from the information given above

#163 Sandeep

Thank you Sadiq for that valuable information…

#164 chitra


I have downloaded QTP from the below link, http://search.hp.com/query.htm…..&la=en

But i do not find any setup file on that and it is a CD image file. When i try to open that, by default it was opening CD writer software & asking to write that into CD.

Can you guide me how to install QTP in my PC?

#165 krisspark


can anybody tel the testing methodoly of datawarehosue ETL part

#166 sangeeta


Can anybody send me the reading material of CSTM Certification?

#167 Sangeeta

Can anybody send me the reading material of CSTM Certification?


#168 anuradha

can anybody tell about volume testing with simple example

#169 anuradha

If “save button” is not working means what is the status for that?

#170 ramakrishna

iam complete the m.c.a in this year
iam joining the testing course.now a days testing is importent or not?
***can any body tell about difference the regression testing&retesting with examples?

#171 Bhaveshp

This is good information but can I get difference between all the types of similar testing? For example Load testing VS Stress Testing.

#172 sunil

what is testing??/

#173 sunil

what is testing?

#174 ShobaRani

I need Information about ERP Projects?,CRM Projects?

#175 Kapil


Volume testing is testing the application with huge amts of data.Ex: Posting many payments to a bank….
at end of for settlement system we will have huge amount of data ..

SAVE BUTTON is not working means its a failure.

#176 Kapil

The previous example is for testing settlement system of a bank which happens at the end of the day

#177 hi

hi sandeep
Grey testing involved both white or glass testing and black testin.
Black box testing also known as functional testing.
White Box testing also known as structure test or glass testing

#178 Suresh Iyyappan

Hi friends,

* The purpose of testing can be quality assurance, verification and validation.
* The purpose of testing is to evaluate products to measure the results against the requirements, document the differences and help to resolve the differences.
* The purpose of testing is to find bugs and make sure they get fixed.
* To improve the quality of the product.

#179 praveen kumar

With respect to the functionality of the appl. developers will develop the appl. and after development it comes to testing environment to start testing. in testing testers will do all phases of testing with intent of finding errors or like wise bugs and see that they are fixed properly………….

#180 nodeen

Hi all,

how do you determine if a requirement is a functional requirement? Currently, I’m working on a functional test cases document. But I’m having difficulty in determine which of my user requirement is consider to be a functional requirement and which are non-functional. One of the requirements said that the system should be able to send the request to dedicated travel agent and the other said that the system should be able to convert monthly report into a .csv format. Do you think those 2 requirements consider as functional requirement? Anyone can help?.


#181 sai

i need some information about storage testing,can u provide me.

#182 kishore

This section is very useful to me, and i am very interested to learn more about testing through software testing help. And i want more information about the automation testing like winrunner and load runner and qtp.

#183 Suhel Faridi

This section is really usefull for non-certified tester’s basically part time testers, so that they can get an idea of whtt testing actually means. thnks to the publisher

#184 john

how much will this course cost ?
Is this course a certification or only just for knowledge

#185 rmpal

Hello all friends

Am rmpal

am searching a job related manual software testing Ex: 2 ye & 12 passed. if know any body plz inf me by this
mail rmpal150@gmail.com

#186 Vinod

Its a usefull material holds good info about Testing types.

#187 Aditi

Hello All
I m Aditi i done my Bsc(Maths) on 2004 resently i done mcm but i have a backlock and i have 2 years gap
bet Bsc and Mcm after mcm i done SQT from pune now i m searching job in s/w testing can i get job on this basis or plz tell me site of job information from pune

#188 Farhan

Hello All,
Can anyone tell me about the certification course of QA or in any testing tool.

Farhan Mumtaz (FM)

#189 janmejay pant

what is the difference between validation and verification in software testing?

#190 AJnRR

The definition of validation varies depending where you are referring to is in the SDLC, but begins with ‘Is this the right system?”
The definition of verification begins with the asking the question of “did we build the system right?” Verification usually focus on verifying the software functionality to the requirements.

#191 sausalito

can anyone tell me about the suitable tools for install/uninstall testing?

#192 Hari

We have to perform smoke test before move to production.

Ensure that application is working fine according to clients requairements. Checking Links and major functionality of the application.

#193 Hari

validation and verification in software testing?

Validation is nothing but QC or Dynamic Testing.
Once we get build form the dev team we should execute the test cases and validate the results this is called Validation.

Verification is nothing but walkthrough/Inspection
i.e QA/Static Testing.

Verify wether we are doing write or wrong PCDA


Plan and check comes under Verification

Do and Act comes under Validation.

#194 Hari

validation and verification in software testing?

Validation is nothing but QC or Dynamic Testing.
Once we get build form the dev team we should execute the test cases and validate the results this is called Validation.

Verification is nothing but walkthrough/Inspection
i.e QA/Static Testing.

Verify wether we are doing write or wrong PCDA


Plan and Do comes under Verification

Check and Act comes under Validation.

#195 saranya

can anyone please help me? Give examples of Manual testing.

#196 vidya joshi

hi, now i am vidya i done B.A, so can i join it softwear testing any more help me ?plz contact me

#197 priya

this is a useful information of testing

#198 Yaso

Software testing s very useful for my project work.

#199 Carlos


This categorization is all wrong. You are mixing test methods, with approach, levels, etc.


#200 Saravanan S

Dear All:

I am a new blogger to this site. We shall circulate the clarification and get the info. on the testing ocean.
All the best to everybody. Let us proceed with healthy discussions!!!

– Saravanan S.

#201 goldie

What is the diference betwween
1.Regression Testing/ Retesting

#202 Srivigneshwar

Nice post! It helps me for quick reference for my s/w testing lab!

#203 Ram

Regresssion Testing: Testing the application after modification has been made to check whether fixed defect has impact on entire application or not.

Retesting: Testing the particular fixed defect alone to make sure its working fine or not.


#204 Raja Rao

Hi, I am having 2 years of experience in Manual Testing. Let me know, if any openings are there

#205 sri

thank u for ur info…..

#206 deepthi

i have leaned a lot from the information given above

#207 deepthi

hi friends
I don’t have any work experience .Can I get a job in testing ? what should I do for that?

#208 Jay Rathod

Definitely u will get job, but the problem is company charge to client based experience so always they prefer experienced one

#209 dinesh

hello frends, i m mca fresher want to make career i testing .r there any opening.

#210 Jagdish K

Hi Deepti,

send ur CV…If any oppurtunity i will forward ur CV as a fresher

#211 Jagdish K

Hi Deepti&Dinesh,

send ur CV(jay_reddy7@yahoo.com)…If any oppurtunity i will forward ur CV as a fresher

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#213 Balaji B

Hi Guys

#214 Balaji B

If you have any PPT about the “Types of Testing”, can you please forward me @ bbala.web@gmail.com

#215 Amit R. S. Thakur

Its good to read out these contents. It helps me really a lot..Thanx for this

#216 Anand

what is gray box testing

#217 samskruthi

actually i have seminar on thursday i.e, on 23-07-2009.
the topic was “how to design software and types of software design”.
can you please send me the matter related to this topic.
then i will take printouts from that.
so please send it by wednesday.
awaiting for your mail.

#218 oracleeye

hi samskruthi can i know where the seminar is conducted. If it’s in my city i will also attend
plz mail me

#219 download hollywood movies

I have a interview in a few days and all this information will be very helpful for me .thank you so much.

#220 karthik

how to implement in practical side, the software testing

#221 vinodkumar

sir, i am doing project in software testing ,can u send me …what r the fields where we use software testing. i mean aera…..

#222 kiran

can anyone explain breifly definitions for
1) Acid Testing
2) Ramp Testing
3) Bucket Testing
Its important please, reply immideately.

#223 vinodkumar

can anyone tell about the “Testing Polymorphism in Object Oriented Systems for Improving software Quality” tell me what to do ,how to test and methodologys.

#224 Sneha Thakur

It is a very knowledgeable site. I have got a lot of idea about testing.

#225 Meenakshi

plz reply this question

Is there any crowd testing technique of software testing?I have read about this technique in a paper written by Tarun vohra.

#226 Srimitha

Testing Polymorphism allows variables to have different types according to the structure of the inheritance hierarchy. It is one of the cornerstone features of object-oriented programming. The emphasis in object-oriented programs is on defining abstractions that have both state and behavior. This emphasis causes a shift in the focus from software units to the way software components are connected. Thus, we are finding that we need less emphasis on unit testing and more on integration testing. The compositional relationships of inheritance and aggregation, especially when combined with polymorphism, introduce new kinds of integration faults. Testing criteria are introduced that take the effects of inheritance and polymorphism into account based on the work on coupling-based testing criteria.

#227 komal

can u tell me the differece of all the testing types?
and list of all automated testing tools?

#228 Govardhan Reddy M

Dear Mr.Anand (#220),
Gray Box Testing means, 50% of white box testing and 50% of black box testing.

Govardhan Reddy M,
Software Test Engineer,
“Get rid of anything that isn’t useful, beautiful or joyful”.

#229 Govardhan Reddy M

Dear Ms.Meenakshi (#230),
Crowd Testing in software testing is max used in 3d objects (animations) more over using special type of automation tools (dedicated to only for doing crowd testing). In a word, We can discuss it as, Simulating more users (objects/agents/skeleton) etc., Means that making more/huge/high/big/heavy crowd with the already available (existing) crowd (object/….).

A sample look can be viewed on the below link.


This is to the best of my knowledge only.
I don’t have any real time experience on this.

Govardhan Reddy M,
Software Test Engineer,
“Law of win says, Lets not do it in my way or your way, But lets do it in the best way”.

#230 Josephine

Please explain me in detail about SDLC in detail

#231 Carlos Ferrer


Explaining SDLCs in detail is just so much to write. I will suggest to look at them this way. There are Traditional methodologies and Non-Traditional. Among the traditional ones, we have, code and fix, spiral, waterfall, cleanroom, etc. Among the non-traditional or so called agile we have, RUP, Scrum, Crystal, Adaptive Software Development, and, FDD (Feature Driven Development), etc. None are perfect and I would decide on using them after an initial assessment of the future application. In other words, you may want to use the traditional ones when the requirements are clear and “good”, otherwise, an agile metholodogy would suit.

Start learning the traditional ones, then the agile.

Good luck

Carlos Ferrer

Research In Motion
“The creators of the Blackberry”

#232 uma

what is Bug Eye Testing?
Since there is more monitoring tools why there is need of performance testing tool…even if the other tools monitor the application or software or any device pls reply me???

#233 Saravanan

Can u provide the difference between Smoke & Sanity Testing?

according to my knowledge, Smoke is build verification test and sanity is after finishing all the testing activites, before the build move from testing enviroment to production enviroment the general checking done in the project / product to ensure that all GUI, links … are working fine.

If i am wrong let me Know…your coments

#234 khadar mastan.shaik

what is black box & whitebox testing?

#235 Ethies

Hi Bob,

In my view types of testing are :

1.Funtional testing
2.Non- Funtional testing

#236 Ethies

Black Box testing and White box testing are methods/techniques of testing.

Plz note and clarify!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#237 Ethies

Black Box testing: testing without the knowledge of programing codes.
Test case includes the requirement specification only.

White Box testing: testing with the knowledge of codes/internal structure of software.
Test case includes the requirement specification and internal codes.

#238 Ethies

Hi Saravanan,

reg: Smoke & Sanity test.

Actually both are similar techniques that some company follows smoke and some sanity or both.

Well both the techniques done before the actual testing starts

#239 Darshini


Can any one mention which features comes under testing concepts?

What are Testing Levels? (plz give examples)
What are the Types of Testing?
What are Testing methodologies?
What are Testing approaches?

I have seen in may forums, it is so confusing few say unit testing, intergration testing ….comes under Testing types and few as Testing Levels. Please Clarify.

Thank You,

#240 Deesha

I am looking out for the testing job.My current exp is 2.1yrs in Manual Testing ( Functional Testing) . Kindly suggest me some companies where I can apply.

#241 Deesha

I am looking out for the testing job.My current exp is 2.1yrs in Manual Testing ( Functional Testing) . Kindly suggest me some companies where I can apply (only in Mumbai )

#242 Deesha

Which companies are hiring the Testers in Mumbai having 2.1exp in Manual Testing . Pls let me know

#243 raj

Could you please tell me details of software testing types. i have found but lot of confusion. mail me – rajkishore8@gmail.com

#244 Yogesh

Can you please give me some clarification on Maintenance testing and Ad hoc testing?

#245 raj

I have experience in manual testing but i want to learn autoamtion also. please let me know any material / ebooks so that i can learn and guidance from all of u in both testings always.

#246 raj

Govardhan Reddy – Please give me ur mail id to me – mine is rajkishore8@gmail.com

#247 raj

Yogesg @:

Ad hoc testing means just testing application without executing test cases, just randomly checking application

#248 Ameya

Good information….Can anyone tell me What is STLC and phases of STLC in detail. Because every book and forum is giving me different STLC phases. I am confused. Please also if possible tell me the best and the correct book to refer for Manual Testing

#249 Govardhan Reddy M

Dear Ms. Ameya (# 254),
Just fix for only one of the model(s). I recommend you to go for V-Model. Simple. Just at the interviews tell that, We are following V-Model.

Govardhan Reddy M,
Software Test Engineer.
“Results matter, Efforts wont”.

#250 raj


please give me ur email id …. please

#251 Ameya

Hi Govardhan,
This is Mr. Ameya…Thanks for your comment but my company is using Incremental model and I am confused about STLC and phases of STLC.

#252 Govardhan Reddy M

Dear Raj (#256),

Govardhan Reddy M,
Software Test Engineer.
“Do the right thing!”

#253 Govardhan Reddy M

Dear Ms. Ameya (#257),
Let y(our) organization uses whatever model.
Just disclose the same model what you are using/following. Just make sure that, You are aware of which type of integration (big bang/ incremental/ top-down/ bottom-up) you are following in your Incremental Model.

If you are forced to answer about STLC, Just explain testing process flow, Like when you start testing, when you end testing, I mean, Give a clear picture about testing process carried out in your organization.

Govardhan Reddy M,
Software Test Engineer.
“Law of win says, Lets not do it in my way or your way, But lets do it in the best way”.

#254 vandana

What is database testing…? can anybody explain it in detail and the practical implementation of DB testing..

#255 Ameya

Thanks Govardhan for the valuable info.

Also request you to call me MR. AMEYA.

#256 Darshini

Guys inregard of #244, so many are viewing the comments but no one replying my question…my question may be very silly for professionals but kindly clarify as those question were put to me in many interviews.

#257 Tiger2k

Hi Darshini,
Please mail across all your testing related question, i would be happy to help you. my reply may get delayed since i am currently in usa, so their is a time difference. but i will surely answer your question. whenever i get time.


#258 Rohit

Nice to have definitions of the different types of Software Tesing at one place. It makes easier to recall so many Testing related concepts. Thank you.

#259 Nayan

Gud definitions of the diff types of Testing

#260 Nayan

definitions of the diff types of Testing

#261 Y. S. Ali

Good evening guys.. i wanna ask something, it’s about model based testing, it’s still blur for me.. what is model based testing.. ok we start with software testing, there is two type of testing which are functional n nonfunctional, functional is black box, white box n grey box.. what about model based testing, where can we categorized it??? if we numbered it, it look like
1.1 Software testing
1.2 Software testing types
1.2.1 Functional Black box etc..
1.2.2 Non Functional Usability etc..

is it correct? if it is correct where can i put model based testing.. i read in one paper, they said that model based testing can be applied to black box n white box testing but the confusing thing is, what is model based testing?? it’s a techniques or what?

please feel free to answer me, really it’s make me confused so much.. thanks guys..

#262 deepak

types of software testing and what do you mean soft ware testing

#263 Govardhan Reddy M

Dear Mr. Deepak (#268),

Sodtware Testing:
Process of executing an application with the intent of finding bugs.
Process of giving assurance to the client that, The software under test is performing as intended (meeting the requirements).

Testing Types:

Black box testing: testing carried out from users perspective (no code knowledge required)

White box testing: testing carried out by developers (unit testing / component testing / code testing)

Gray box testing: 50 % of black box & 50 % of white box

Govardhan Reddy M,
Software Test Engineer.
“Law of win says, Lets not do it in my way or your way, But lets do it in the best way”.

#264 Y. S. Ali

thanks for answering, so guys.. what is model based testing? technique? approach??

#265 chaitu

what is boundary testing?in brief

#266 shveta

can u tell me what is UI testing.Please tell that in detail with an example..Is UI testing same as usability testing

#267 raj

hi Sweta,
please give me ur email id. UI means User Interface testing.

#268 sonu

Hi i have tested one website name http://www.repair-outlook-pst-file.com
I want to know, is testing a software and a website is similar or not. Please advice..

#269 mrinalini dubey

This is a nice description. Though we can add one more type here –

Database Testing

#270 sachin

1.What is the difference between system testing and functional testing?
2.difference between end to end testing and system testing
3.Whether system testing and automation testing comes under black box testing? explain hierarchy?
mail to sachin.kulkarni1@indiatimes.com

#271 Yogesh

Hello Friends,
I will be very thankful if any one of you can give me any info regarding Witness Testing.


#272 Mittal Patel

Nice info dude !

#273 rohini

i want to know some practical examples related to testing

#274 veereandranath

i am fresher i got the job in one company . now i have two opprtunites .net and testing(only mannual )
which one i have to choose and if i choose testing(only mannual) . can i have good future.
plz help me

#275 Carlos Ferrer

You first need to decide is the area of software development is the one you like or is it software testing? That is the first decision you need to make.

Now, as a fresher it would be a good idea for you to try different areas of the development cycle including development, testing, etc. In my opinion some of the most valuable areas is the one where you do requirements engineering – that is develepment, management, analysis, etc. Again, it is up to what you really want to take your career. Software testing will not stop, maybe there is a shift onto some new target areas as is softwar as a service (SaaS). If you like, write with more details to: Carlos.Ferrer@donegal.net and I can guide you better. .net is also promising but keep in mind that you will be developing for windows based applications as opposed to Java where you can write software OS independent.

Whatever the route you want to take, there are ways to be good and go up. For example after manual testing you can go into software test automation, etc.

Best of luck

Carlos Ferrer @ Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

#276 Agasaud

It is a good site for software Testers and Growth your knowledge.

#277 hemant

hi everyone

I want to switch in testing .so i want to know that which is the best institute of testing and how will start my career in testing.can anybody help me for this question .i will be obilige to you.


#278 Dinesh

hi all,
Its really great information regarding types of testing.I utilized it.U can also do the same…..

#279 veereandranath

carlos ferror
i choose .net , now i am in project, what sites we have for .net(help)
in case of any assistance
which site i have to see for help

#280 safdar s khan


#281 chandan

-=[j hmo7umj;0-=-0′;

#282 Ashutosh

Very good and detailed information about types of testing.


#283 Vandana

Plz tell me that How to create test cases (timesheet, expensesheet, finance, approvals, project work order etc.,) in PMC Tracker based on verify functionality.

#284 Prativa Bhattarai

What is monkey testing?

#285 Jaya

Hi All,

Thanks for such information. Keep going……..

#286 Jaya

Hi Prativa monkey testing is random testing of an application( you test the application, randomly like new user without any specification, knowledge etc ). so it is called monkey testing . hope this will help you, please tel me if there is opening in testing.

#287 janakiramaiah

tell me about benchmarking in six sigma.

#288 ajay singh yadav

hiiiii……thanks i got a lot of help through it in my project doctumantation.

#289 raj


i am working as a tester in an MNC. Would like to be updated on various automation tools. Right now i am working in manual testing. Please give me some sugestions.





#292 venkat

hi you are putting good information for us.if you don’t mine can you send any bug reporting template?

#293 aruna

hi friends,
i need a realtime examples for whitebox testing and blackbox testing.

#294 hari

plz help me i am the beginer

#295 Dinesh Kucha

Plz give me the example of high Priority and Low Serverity in terms of software Testing

#296 balajimurugan

this site is very nice to learn the software testing types & methods & tools

#297 Ritesh

can anyone tell me what is network & distributed testing

#298 Mithil

its a very relevant important information…

#299 Trupti

They make fool students by lots of advertisement. Dont give job and teach nothing. I will not recommend Seed Infotech to anybody. Many student in one batch… what we can learn.. Its better to learn from any working person who teach testing rather Seed Infotech
seed Infotech teach nothing . Many Companies black listed seed infotech

#300 medahmedl

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#301 hasthass


This is very useful… Especially those who preparing for interview like me…

#302 dinesh

it is very helf full and also clear nic work

#303 dinesh nagar

nice work it is relay help full can understand essay……….

#304 veeresh knl

i want testing my type
inpore 4 it
give suggiones

#305 Veeresh knl

give me some informations


it is very good….
i think it help alot to all the guys……..

#307 Ramachandran

Thanks to namitha

#308 Alex Ruban

what is meant by troubleshooting in Software testing

#309 Naveen

Hi vijay, i worked as a developer and now i moved to testing, whether it would be efficient to work in testing like how developers are working. i want to know about open source automation tools. Please help me in this i want to explore in testing

#310 balu

i am new to testing ,just now i started learning ,the above is very useful to me,will u provide me complete proses of testing in brief.

#311 bablu

Nice post but can be made a bit interesting to read by addng some nice pics of desi girls wearng short skirts and bra

#312 yaser

can you tell which site is best for learning complete testing …. opensource ….

#313 R.Prabhu

Which functionality is most important to the projects intended purpose? Answer please

#314 anuj bhalotiya

hey hi…….
u hav provide a good info abt diff testg
can u expln me with n real life example (specefic)

#315 Varun

hi. their
i m 2009 batch passout graduate from electronics & instrumentation field. Also done a VLSI design course from CDAC. But now i m planning to do a testing course, please let me know is this will beneficial for me to do??
can’t a person who is from instrumentation background do this course??
is it restricted for core software persons only??
is this course requires good knowledge of core software subjects like java,C# n all.
please help me out

#316 swetha k

wat is content driven testing

#317 piyush

Thanks, It will help a lot!!!!!!!!!!

#318 Sathish

Can any one explain about conformance testing in detail

#319 Bhuvanendran B


very good simple explanation for testings .please tell about automated testing tools and which is the best one

#320 ASHOK R

This type of information is very usefull for the fresher and also me too the fresher for these course…

#321 dreamz

Can anyone explain briefly about End to End testing?

#322 dreamz

can anyone expalin about ERP testing?


#323 dreamz

Hi Nazia,

Black box testing, also called functional testing and behavioral testing, focuses on
determining whether or not a program does what it is supposed to do based on its
functional requirements. Black box testing attempts to find errors in the external
behavior of the code in the following categories:
(1) incorrect or missing
(2) interface errors
(3) errors in data structures used by interfaces
(4)behavior or performance errors
(5) initialization and termination errors. Through
this testing, we can determine if the functions appear to work according to specifications.
However, it is important to note that no amount of testing can unequivocally demonstrate
the absence of errors and defects in your code.

u want more ans pls contact me: dreamz1207@gmail.com

#324 Archana

Great Job

#325 deepa

it was gud knwn so mny testin can u xpln wit som realtm ex :)

#326 hafeez

its very nice effort to make understanding better about different types of testing.

#327 Rajesh

Nice one……..Superb its really helpful…..Please give me test cases

#328 Anandh

hai, this is very usful to all so plz read this and get a big brain in testing. by yours anandh. plz help me to give one job also for this answer

#329 Anandh

very very usefull thatnk to my dear ‘SOFTWARE TEST HELP’
am able to get more from ths site. thank you ‘author’.

#330 imran

i am trying to join in testing course. Is there any different courses in testing? If yes then which would be the better course??
Plz give me rply

#331 rajesh

it isvery usefull thatnk to ‘SOFTWARE TEST HELP’
am able to get more from the site. thank you

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#333 madhi

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its very useful information document

#335 Thiru

now i m in chennai. Looking to study software testing course, can any one suggest which training center is best to study.

#336 anil yadav

i am new to testing it help me

#337 viswa

what is specification testing?

#338 sindhu

how………………………….?to learn testing

#339 rajat verma

i want to make carrer in software testing so dats y i have done manual testing but jobs are still away from me…..plz suggest wat i do.

#340 rajat verma

send me any suggestion on my email id

#341 akhil

what is the diff between white and black box testing, what is smoke testing…….

#342 akhil

from were we can find out the jobs related to software testing……pls send it to my mail id …..

#343 Balaji.T

I need samples from general checklist and detailed checklist, i need this to create control chart

#344 rabish shaunak

i really like the topic types of software testing.the way it is explained make it easier to understand and work on it.

#345 balaji

can any one guide me how to get istqb certification



I am preparing for testing interview.I had not done any testing course. Which type of soft skill important to join this field?



#348 pawan

any body can give the real testing project video link.it means that how to testing a programme.

#349 smitha

what is the difference betwen software testing and product testing?

#350 Rajashekar

what exactly use of the boundary value analisys and equalance class partition

#351 Radha

If the application is complex at that time which model is good to use in the application


Thank u very much for assisting such a valuable help,,, i have my exam tomarow and i didn’t issued book from library, but your website helped me so much….

#353 Usman Rock

its very GooD………..thankx admin

ALLAH Blessssssssss u

#354 Tarun Chowdary

it is very usefull to all persons……not only it persons.

#355 pApP uDaY pRaTaP

Testing is the unavoidable part of any responsible effort to develop a s/w system.optimism is the occupational hazard of programming,testing is the treatment.

#356 Dheeraj Bansal

I really amazed to know that there are So many types of testing. Thanks for sharing ur information on Software testing.

#357 Sil123

Very useful site for testers

#358 Prabhakaran R

Can anyone send me the HP QC 9.0 software,else give me the link. Thank you

#359 Prajnya Rai

Thanks a lot, the information about testing is really helpful for the beginners.

#360 Raghu

its very useful for learning to testing job preparation

#361 Rita Jain

Hi ,

I found this website very useful and informative . Can Any one answer this question

Ques- Is the time taken by server in retrieving the record from a table is directly proportional to total number of records in a that table?


Rita Jain

#362 Dinesh.R

I have finished BCA this year.I like to do testing course i dont know about testing any thing.if i join can i do well…..

#363 maria

i am a beginner to software testing.can anyone please explain 1) what are the tools used for unit testing?
2)unit testing is a mandatory testing done in all real time enviornment?


#364 sdfsdf


#365 Niel

Thanks a lot for sharing valuable information, also I am looking some software testers who can work with us on our freelancing projects.

If you guys are interested to work with us then please let me know >> niel.jane@gmail.com

#366 vicky s

yeah , the types of testing exp ws good for understanding. but would be great with real time examples…

#367 karthik

plz tel me the how to download the sql server

#368 karthik

plz tel me the how to download the sql server send me the details about the sql concepts karthik143eswari@gmail.com

#369 Krithika


Can anyone help me out in stating what are the different test scenarios will be covered in system testing and functional testing.

I was aksed this in aninterview

#370 Syed Muizz Ahmad

awesome material

#371 Rakshita

Quite Informative…Thanks..

#372 raju

plz dif between verfication&vaidation?

#373 raju

plz explain anybody about test case template formate

#374 stephina

Types of testing was very good and useful too

#375 alliswell

Above post is nice..
But Iam totally confused with “difference between Testing Methodologies, Testing Techniques and Testing Types”
pls any one can clarify my doubt..

#376 tester

according to ISTQB documentation, some of them are test levels and others are test types.

#377 kamalrajan

hi everyone!

happy to see this much doubts and clarifications going on.

can anyone help me in this,,

what are all the steps involved in Requirement phase?


#378 govindaperumal

hi its very useful info for me better you just give real time example for all kinds of testing……

#379 arvina suryadu

i don’t know how to test my form in visual basic,that is the codes.

#380 Arpita

st post 6 : Crash Test Dummy on 05.03.12 at 7:39 am

[…] Have you wondered how to add Adsense ad unit in post left or right corner in post content? This was my first question when I switched to wordpress. As you can see many wordpress blogs have ad units embedded in top left or right corner of the post content see example. […]

#381 Ambreen naz

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thnx a lot. it was really helpful reading this. as i m new in testing it will help in long run…..tell something about how to develop test cases. thnku..

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thanking you sir/mam.

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Hi Can anybody help me out with alpha and beta testing please???Vijay the article is great and pretty informative is well


#386 Bhagwat Prasad Sharma

really, this is very helpful and easy to understand, thanks to them who posted this……………………….

#387 Vinit

Thanks for the info….A good read to have some basic idea about these types in minimum time…

#388 Ramya

what is ATM testing?

#389 Darshil

How is alpha and Beta testing being performed?

#390 dhanu

its very good so much of valuable of QA .

#391 ayesha

Hi,plz rply this question,
what is model based approachs?

#392 Manpreet Singh

It’s very useful information.

#393 Manpreet Singh

Testing is basically a process to find bugs and to prevent a system Failure.

#394 Vikram

Thanks for the information, Vijay. It is very useful. Very well written!

Sameer, nice explanation of difference between sanity test and Smoke test.

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The clarity in your post is simply great and i could assume you are an expert on
this subject. Fine with your permission let me to grab
your feed to keep updated with forthcoming post.
Thanks a million and please keep up the rewarding work.

#397 Mausam

I am working in an MNC as a tester in Connectivity team ,so i want to knw if there any scope fro the connectivity testing in future ,and plz tell me the tpoics for which i need to focus more like(BT,WIFI,DLNA,HDMI).
and please update me all the new technologies in connectivity feild .


#398 rakesh kumar

How many kind of testing is present.
Is more than one type of testing perform in one project.

#399 rakesh kumar

what is actual difference between whitebox testing and black box testing…?
what is actual difference between alpha testing and beta testing…?

#400 aruna

Can u tell me abt Ad hoc testing??

#401 Anwar

can anyone explain what is Test Stratergy and Test Plan? what is the difference between them? Also explain about Traceability Matrices?

#402 Anwar

Hi Aruna,

Every testing team conducts planned testing, but sometimes testing team adopts informal testing, due to some challenges or risks.
For Eg: Lack of time, lack of resources, lack of team size, lack of skill, etc…
This informal testing is also known as Ad-hoc testing.

#403 hirendra

what is software testing and if i am doing cource so what benefit

#404 p shilpa

i am working as manual tester can u plz tell me any one tell me the information abt new technigues in manual and challenges.

#405 gopinath

what abut testing

#406 gopinath

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Which testing types are most used in new Software are Existing Software (or) Importent testing types for after release Software.

#410 P.kirupakaran

how to easy learn to testing…………….


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its knowledge full tommarrow is my interview may it will be helpfull for me!

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I am fresher and and searching for job in software testing field. if anybody has any info about interviwes in this field plz tell me.

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Thank you for the valuable information.

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please check ur brain…..

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Thanx for the brief information about all the types. they are very helpful to know the difference between all of them.

#420 Satya

Hii im a fresher i want to start my career in software field . I did many web-based Applications ….Am waiting for Good oppurtinity, please help me..

#421 Sachin

What is exact difference between Sanity and Smoke testing???

#422 Name

What is exact difference between Sanity and Smoke testing???

#423 teshu

i have completed my m.com..i just wanted to know can i join testing field..if yes..pls tell me the way..plss..?


Explain in brief, different types of testing

#425 Bhargav

Thnks…. its really helpful for me …

#426 kiranmai

Sanity and smoke are similar, but if the testing is done at the developers place by the developer then it is is called as sanity, if the same testing done by the tester at the test environment it is known as smoke

#427 RoliP

I am from non-tech Background. I want to join software testing field. Should i join testing or not? If i’ll do any testing certification, would that be helpful for me to start career as a s/w tester.

#428 vamsi

is testing tools and sqa are same, is sqa is best option
start a carrier

#429 Cathy

Hello anyone out there willing to give me a clear reasons why software testing is tougher than hardware testing…???

#430 Rowfia

I need more explanation and examples about the software testing.But the above information is valuable.

#431 Pallavi

Hiii…. this is very useful information, bt can u plz describe stress, load, sanity, smoke testing in brief n in simple language??
thanks a lot! abv information really helpful…
can u do favour 4 me I am fresher and and looking for job in software testing field. if anybody has any info abt interviwes in testing plz let me know..

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It was great brushing the concepts back in a easier way

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am studying msc in IT and its my second semester. please let me know any website to refer my subject software quality and analysis. do help…

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Its really helpful form me.
Can you give me some example of Alpha Testing and Beta Testing?


#436 vaibhav chintawar

This information is very useful.

I’m 30 year’s old, i have my own business related IT, now i want to switch my way. Anyone can tell me if i choose this software testing way is it correct or not?

Someone told me there is no scope for software testing in future.

#437 Naresh

Thanks for the total information about the testing,But may i know that what are the soft wares are using for testing?
pplz,anybody knows send your answer to my mail(naresh.parpudi@gmail.com)
thaank u.

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what is the difference between “forward testing” and “reverse testing”

#439 ram

How to insert the draft

#440 jayaprakash

hi this is jayaprakash.. i m learning testing.. please any body have any testing meterials please send that materials to this mail jayaprakash0040@gmail.com…. thanking you

#441 Charul Kothekar

Hi..my question is..if some changes has been made in 2nd version of the software after the release of its 1st version..then is it compulsory to do a regression testing for the whole software?

#442 heba

what is the testing tool that support :
1-Penetration- Failover – Stress testing types
2-No. of users: Virtual users (200 concurrent user) “Assumption Reference #RFP ”
-Java Script
-Oracle BPM suite
-Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition
-Oracle Siebel CRM
-Oracle Web Center

#443 thulashi

Hi vijay sir,
i need information or idea about network testing with data center area.what are the basics i learn.

#444 manjit

Hi Vijay,
it would b more clear if these testing types are given in a sequence in which they are performed. i m looking forward to it.

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Will u pls guide me to get Software Testing Job In Free Lancing..?

Waiting for your kind reply.

Thank You.

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i could not find information abut STUB TESTING and STRUCTURED WALK THROUGH

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it is very helpful site for fresh/experienced software tester, i get job for manual testing, will you please provide full details about manual testing, types of bugtrackers used in manual testing, what are the main duties of manual tester, please help me…..

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Hi Vijay, Can you please tell how to understand crash logs of IOS apps , i know this is not related to testing, But when i attending interview they are asking for how do you understand crash logs.

#454 Anish

Hi Vijay,

I am a novice and want to know what do you mean by deployment ? I keep on hearing we are having deployment from managers and what does that imply … and they said some code fixes are going to be deployed … could you throw some light on this process

#455 bhavik

hi i am confusing about
what is software testing level?????
what is software testing type????

some body help to me give me answer properly .


#456 krittika

volume testing is related with system testing or performance testing?

#457 dinu

which testing is very effective????????

#458 Pillai

Hi Friends,

Today i just attend one interview and I was asked with the below question.
Q: You are asked to qualify 10000 tetevisions. What will be your testing approach? What are the different scenarios you will identify to test? What are the edge/negative cases? How long will you take to complete the testing?

Could anyone pls suggest me the proper answer?

#459 Emric

Thanks for that useful information on testing types.

#460 vipul

Diffrence between smoke and sanity testing ?

#461 Thilak


I am a 2013 B.E CSE graduate and have worked for an MNC as a Incident Management Coordinator for 1 year 8 Months now i feel its time for me to change my domain into Testing. I have been learning and updating myself with the concepts of manual testing and at the same time have been applying for Testing jobs. But i have not been receiving any calls might be because i don’t have prior experience in testing or too late for me to get into it.My resume is as good as a fresher because i don’t like to fake my experience and spoil my career later. i have also worked on few dummy projects and in the process of learning automation testing(selenium).Have registered myself on all the job portals. Kindly advice what should be done to get an interview call for me to at least get to know what i lack in. Kindly advise.


#462 Artaki

Hi Vijay!

Thanks for this valuable information. By the way, do you happen to work with OBI? It happens that there’s also a Vijay that I know there, a developer. Just curious.


#463 bhumi

Is functional and component testing are same?

#464 krishnakumar

Thanks for list out explain the various of testing, but anybody tell me meaning and purpose of below mentioned list of testing,
Abode content management Testing
• AS400 testing
• AT – Protractor
• AT – QTP/Selenium
• AT – Tricentis
• Avaloq testing
• Big Data testing
• Clearvision testing
• CRM – Lexus Nexus testing
Dot net testing/Coded UI
• Data Warehouse Testing
• FACETS testing
• Functional/Manual testing (GIS, BFSI, Oil and Gas, OSS/ BSS, QNXT, Weath Management)
• GPP – Sepa Testing
• Guidewire Testing
• Infra Testing
• Maximo testing
• Mainframe Testing
Murex/Calypso Testing
• Nasco testing
• Oracle EBS Testing
• Oracle HRMS / Finance / JD Edwards Testing
• Oracle Retail RMS testing
• ORMB Testing
• Package Testing
• Performance Engineering
• Pega testing
• POS Testing
Salesforce testing
• SAP – APO Testing
• SAP BI/BW Testing
• SAP – MM Testing
• SAP CRM Testing
• SAP Fico testing
• SAP SD testing
• SAP WM/EWM testing
Service Virtualization Testing
• Sharepoint Testing
• SOA Testing
• Test Data Management
• Manhattan – Warehouse Management Systems
• Red Prarie Testing

kindly reply me or send me through E-Mail krishnakumarmcsa@gmail.com

#465 Krishna

Any one explain above mentioned list of testing.

#466 Prem

if a target of 450 test case is assigned to a test engineer how he can finish and execute within a given time

#467 Abhi

plz tell me best institute for software testin in mumbai

#468 Satya

Hi all, Iam new to this blog but i liked this site as it is very helpful.

Iam new to testing i want to know when we start doing testing how can we know what type of testing is done at what time. i just want to know the whole process of testing in an organization
Please help.

Thanks in advance

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I want to know what are the testing used in organisation side?

#470 its very use full

very usefull .

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Please give the info’s of “Incremental integration testing” in easy wording..

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It is really nice and very useful information. I am new to testing but still I understood atleast basic things. Thanks for this info.

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Hi I have done B.Tech in computer science,I have experienced in IT field,But I want to move searching for a job in Testing field. i don’t have testing real experience. Can u please give me suggestion without experience how can i get a job in testing.
Mail id:- naushadafzal.jmi@gmail.com

#476 tulip

If the developer does not understand, then either he will ping you over skype or any messaging system the company is using, OR he will reassign the bug to you with a comment that would state the reason. This will continue till he understands the bug. And if still not solved, ask for help from other members in your team

#477 ankita

can any1 pls tell me the sequence of testing type we perform …like which testing is performed first n after that which one????

pls help me out its urgent

#478 praveen

hi, tell something about the interview questions related to the testing..

#479 shahid

system testing is the technique of software testing in which we test the whole integrated unit test in single testing.

#480 Jay Bakshi

The article is well articulated.
However, I may suggest a better segregation of Types of Testing, as certain ‘types’ mentioned above are more like ‘stages’ at which testing is conducted.
e.g. System and Unit testing are Testing levels/stages, while Acceptance and Compatibility are Testing types.

For my point of reference, please do give this Wiki page a look – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Software_testing
You can view the ‘Content’ box for a nice overview of what I mean.

#481 Manny


#482 ashok

Thanks for that useful information on testing types.

#483 Ashok

Hello ankita……

Below are the phases of STLC:

1. Requirements phase
2. Planning Phase
3. Analysis phase
4. Design Phase
5. Implementation Phase
6. Execution Phase
7. Conclusion Phase
8. Closure Phase

If you have any problem then mail me id:-Ashok.burania@gmail.com

#484 Priyesh

can anyone tell me the sequence of the testing types performed in testing?
1. Installation
2. Smoke Testing…………

#485 Priyesh

@Jay Bakshi You are correct
All the types mentioned above are not testing types, Some of them are Types,Methods,Testing Levels etc.

#486 Grantee

Hi guys i have a question??
1. what is the difference between Beta testing and Gamma testing??
2. Give distinguishing factors between Black box and white bot testing..

#487 sush

Could u please explain what is host to host testing?

#488 Rakhi

Thank You So Much!!!
For Providing great Information About Testing

#489 Prathap

Hi Vijay,

This is Prathap from MBA(Finance) Background.

I have plan to Join for testing course, I let me know which type of testing course is better for me & which one have good growth in future for MBA background students.

#490 karma

karma karma testing

#491 Santhosh test engineer

Hi to all,
This is a good query, you are saying that tester identified bug is not able to understand by developer, while reporting a bug every tester need to fill a column that is steps for reproducibility of bug, if tester feel difficulty in identifying steps then take screenshots from the starting of the identifying of defect.

Finally as a tester we are expecting any bugs we have to say its a defect while assigning to developer.

#492 shiv

u must read this Software Testing and an Overview of Its Types it will be useful to u..

#493 senthil kumar

bulid & bulit
both r same or different

#494 Manuel

Really concise Info. Thank you Very Much

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what is smoke testing and UAT testing?

#496 jajabar

what is testing? why do we test? what do we test? how do we test? what if we don’t test.

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however what if you added something that grabbed folk’s
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testing terms — Software Testing Help is kinda plain. You should look at Yahoo’s home page and
note how they write post headlines to get viewers interested.

You might add a video or a related pic or two to grab readers excited about what you’ve
written. In my opinion, it could make your website a little livelier.

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Hi folks,

I have 1.6 years of exp in ETL and Manual Testing.
I got married and relocated so I need to quit my job in 2014.
Now I wanted to re-join again into Testing domain.
Is there a good scope of getting into IT firm again with that exp and break in between?
Kindly advise me on this. Thanks in advance.

#504 khalid mehmood awan

THanks. Nice article. really helpful.

Please move comments box on top of all comments. web users have to scroll all the way down to write comments. :)

#505 KK

Which types of testing that suit for PVT?
PVT(Production Verification Test)

#506 Sathis18

Hi all,
Diff b’w sanity testing & Re-testing ?
Diff B’w Priority & severity ?

#507 chandra

its not correct flow of the testing in real time….

#508 abk_chiou

@Sathis18 :
Sanity testing is to make sure the product works in general.
Regression test is to make sure there is no more issue which happened before.
Normally, regresssion test will be done after a bug is fixed. Then, a sanity test will be done to make sure this bug fix will not make any side effecct on the overall function.

Severity is the level defined by the symptom. i.e high severity as system will crash, function not available or low severity as some comics error. While priority is base on the business consideration. i.e. for STB, click speed forward button will be effective twice is not high priority issue. But, when doing MOD ordering, click Ok button will be effective twice will be high priority issue need to be fixed.

#509 Aleem Akram

can any one describe the difference between Functional and Non functional testing with example?

#510 namita gupta

thanks its very useful…

#511 ThisIsTheList

Regression Testing is done, in large part, to ensure what has already been functioning properly in an application in the previous production release was not negatively-impacted by updates that were done to enhance the application to meet the requirements of the current release. I.E. when development violates that famous standard health professionals honor, “First Do No Harm”.

#512 hariprasad


what is the difference between Beta testing and Gamma testing??

#513 manoj


tell something about the interview questions related to the testing..

#514 keerthean

can anyone tell me the sequence of the testing types performed in testing?
1. Installation
2. Smoke Testing…………

#515 keerthan

can anyone tell me the sequence of the testing types performed in testing?
1. Installation
2. Smoke Testing…………

#516 PHP Developer

Very useful list. Understandable even to NON QA people.

#517 Hannah Kim

Can anyone explain difference between test and testing?
I’m translating software testing related document and I’m very curious whether these 2 words have different definitions apparently .

#518 rashmita

Can anyone please provide each example for every type of testing

#519 Rahul Adke

Can somebody mail me your own resume format of experienced software tester to get sure shortlisted.
Thanks in advanced.

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