Top 20 Software Testing Services In 2020: Software Testing Companies

List of the best Software Testing Companies in USA and India: Top QA/Testing Service Provider Company 2020 Reviews

Are you looking for an independent Software testing service provider company to help improve your IT application quality? After doing in-house research for testing solutions, are you still clueless about improving the quality and performance of your IT application?

Now you don't need to spend thousands of dollars to build and maintain testing team and process. Instead, you can use cost-effective solutions provided by QA software testing service providers from all over the world. 

We have compiled a list of top 20 software testing companies around the world.

software testing service provider companies

These QA Vendor companies can provide you with the best solutions and more control over the process, resulting in higher productivity of your existing teams and releases. Outsourcing testing work to specialized service providers is always the best solution for cost-cutting and building a high-quality competitive product in the market.

List Of The Software Testing Services:

All Manual and automation testing services:

  1. Functional Testing Services
  2. Configuration Testing Services
  3. Web services Testing Services
  4. Acceptance Testing Services
  5. Compatibility Testing Services
  6. Integration Testing Services
  7. Load Testing Services
  8. Security Testing Services
  9. Automation Testing services
  10. Mobile Testing Services
  11. Migration Testing Services
  12. Platform Testing Services
  13. Usability Testing Services
  14. Network Testing Services
  15. QA process design

Best Software Testing Service Providers Companies

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Top 20 Companies Providing Testing And Quality Assurance Services

Note: There are many big corporate companies providing testing services along with other core software development services.

List of the corporate companies who are into all IT services including Testing services:

#1) ScienceSoft – Core Services QA Outsourcing, Manual Testing, Managed Testing, DevOps, Test Automation.

With 30 years of experience in software testing and QA, ScienceSoft provides a range of services to help businesses establish mature QA processes and ensure high quality of software. The company has testing processes compliant with ISO 13485.

Completed 450+ projects in healthcare, retail, manufacturing, public sector, banking, and financial services, telecommunications and media industries.

#2) QASource – Core Services Automation Testing, API Testing, Functional Testing, Mobile Testing, Salesforce Testing, DevOps services, and dedicated testing teams.

QASource is a leading software engineering and QA services company providing a full suite of QA testing services to help you release better software faster.

With a team of over 800 engineering experts located in both offshore and nearshore locations, it has been providing software testing services to help Fortune 500 companies and startups since 2002. A few of its clients include Ford, Oracle, Prudential, eBay, Target, Facebook, and IBM.

#3) Itransition Core Services QA and Testing, Consulting, App development, DevOps.

Full-cycle Independent QA and Managed testing Services for web, desktop, mobile apps, server-side systems and devices.

#4) Oxagile – Core Services Software Testing, Automation Testing, Security and Mobile Testing.

Oxagile offers full-cycle testing and quality assurance services for desktop and mobile applications. They also provide custom dedicated QA teams. Provides services for all types of testing.

#5) SENLA – Core Services QA and Software Testing, Automation Testing, Mobile Testing, DevOps.

SENLA provides software testing services to companies that need the help of proven manual and automated testing professionals. Fully-staffed with high-quality QA engineers who deeply know their business.

#6) Infosys – Application development, testing, security, AI, and Blockchain.
#7) TCS – Software Development and testing for enterprises.
#8) Hexaware – Digital testing, Agile, Mobile testing.

Best Software Testing Companies Worldwide

Below is the list of top companies which are specialized in QA testing services only:

#1) QA Mentor
Visit the website: QA Mentor

#2) A1QA – Software Testing Company
Visit the website: A1QA

#3) QASource
Visit the website: QASource

#4) QualiTest Group
Visit the website: QualiTest Group

#5) TestMatick
Visit the website: TestMatick

#6) DeviQA
Visit the Website: DeviQA

#7) QualityLogic
Visit the website: QualityLogic

#8) TestingXperts
Visit the website: TestingXperts

#9) ImpactQA 
Visit the website: ImpactQA

#10) Apphawks
Visit the website: Apphawks

#11) QAwerk
Visit the website: QAwerk

#12) Mindful QA
Visit the website: Mindful QA

#13) QA Madness
Visit the website: QA Madness

#14) Global App Testing
Visit the website: GlobalAppTesting

#15) ClicQA
Visit the website: ClicQA

#16) XBOSoft
Visit the website: XBOSoft

#17) TestFort
Visit the website: TestFort

#18) BugEspy
Visit the website: BugEspy

#19) Sogeti
Visit the website: Sogeti

#20) LogiGear
Visit the website: LogiGear

#21) AdactIn Group
Visit the website: Adactin

#22) Infostretch
Visit the website: Infostretch

Best Software Testing Companies In India

Indian software testing companies have made a global mark with excellent services. Here is the list of few companies providing excellent QA testing services.


An independent Software Test Consulting and Services company. Powered by a workforce of 30 proficient QA professionals and average 12+ years of experience in the field of software testing, they aim to provide a complete range of software testing services, while keeping the customer satisfaction at its core.

Visit the website: TESTRIQ

#2) Galaxy Weblinks Inc.

Galaxy Weblinks Inc. is a full-cycle QA testing service provider having expertise in web & mobile testing like- Performance Testing Services, Functional Testing, API Testing, Mobile App Testing, Payment Testing, Automation Testing, Security Testing Services, UX testing for enterprises & more.

Having an experienced QA testing team with over 20 years, they have been serving multiple clients across 8 time zones and in nearly 50 countries.

Visit the website: Galaxy Weblinks Inc.

#3) Indium Software

Indium Software is a global leader in QA testing services with over 2 decades of experience. They offer a wide range of software testing services for the next-gen AI/ML applications. The company has proven experience and expertise working with SMEs, large-scale enterprises and Fortune 500 clients over the last 20 years.

Indium has been serving clients across several industries including Banking, Technology, Healthcare, Life sciences, Retail and Education through flexible and scalable delivery models. Indium’s IP led automation framework iSAFE, helps customers in fulfilling their test automation needs.

Visit the website: Indium Software

#4) QA InfoTech
Website: QA InfoTech

#5) Cigniti
Website: Cigniti

#6) Thinksoft Global
Website: Thinksoft Global

#7) CredibleSoft Technology Solutions
Website: CredibleSoft

#8) PureTesting
Website: PureTesting

#9) 360Logica
Website: 360Logica

#10) NMQA
Website: NMQA

#11) QAHub
Website: QAHub

#12) Moolya Software Testing
Website: Moolya Software Testing

Detailed Review Of The Top QA Companies

#1) QA Mentor


Headquarters: New York, USA
Revenue: US $5-6 M
No. of Employees: 200-500

Service cost/ packages:
The economy package starts at $12 per tester per hour.
Website testing starts at $199.
Mobile testing starts at $399.
Automation starts at $399.

Core Services: Core, Unique, On-demand, Strategic, Automation QA Services, and BPM services. QA Solutions for many industries.

Prominent Clients: HSBC, Citi, AFEX, Solbright.

Verdict: Expert in automation, Security and performance testing. This ISO certified company provides its services to 9 industries.

=> Visit Official QA Mentor Website

#2) A1QA


Headquarters: Colorado, USA
Revenue: US $10 M
No. of Employees: 500-1000
Service cost/ packages: Contact them for the quote.

Core Services: Consulting, Test Automation, Web application testing, Mobile application testing, Pre-certification testing, Documentation.

Prominent Clients: Emt, Acronis, Genesys, Croc, GFI, Lanit, ForexClub, QIWI, Adidas, Turkcell, InterCall, Equisys, Kaspersky.

Verdict: Provides result oriented QA services, Full-Cycle testing, Dedicated teams for mid and long-term projects,
Automated testing services.

=> WebsiteA1QA

#3) QASource


Headquarters: California, USA
Revenue: US $5-10 M
No. of Employees: 51-200
Service cost/ packages:  Contact them for the quote.

Core Services: Automation Testing, API Testing, Functional Testing, Mobile Testing, Salesforce Testing, DevOps services and dedicated testing teams.

Prominent Clients: Telespree, Facebook, eBay, IBM, Oracle,, Riverdeep, Prudential.

Verdict: Provides testing solutions as per customer needs and customizable pricing plans.
To provide quality works with the hybrid onsite & offshore model.

=> Visit QASource Website

#4) QualiTest


Headquarters: Fairfield, CT (US)
Revenue: US $80 M
No. of Employees: 1000-5000
Service cost/ packages: Contact them for the quote
Core Services: Cyber Testing, Managed testing services, DevOps Testing, & Many other testing services.
Prominent Clients: Microsoft, Fujifilm, MultiPlan, Avaya, Stratus Technologies.

Website: QualiTest

#5) TestMatick


Headquarters: New York, USA
Revenue: US $1-2 M
No. of Employees: 50-200
Service cost/ packages: Contact them for the quote.

Core Services: Mobile Testing, Automated Testing, Load Testing, QA Recruitment Services, Security Testing, Web Application Testing.

Prominent Clients: Sweetrush, Mediaspectrum, Globale, WebShadow, Marsys, PageSuite, SpiralScout, DCV technologies.

Verdict: It provides its services to many industries like banking and healthcare. It has customizable testing processes and flexible QA outsourcing business, models.

Website: Test Matick

#6) DeviQA


Headquarters: Kiev, Ukraine
No. of Employees: 10-100
Service cost/ packages: Contact them for the quote.

Core Services: Web application testing, Mobile application testing, Automation testing, Performance testing, QA consulting and audit.

Prominent Clients: InGo, FindHotel, expressHR, XOLA, BusinessApps.
Verdict: It provides full-cycle QA services.

Website: DeviQA

#7) QualityLogic


Headquarters: California, USA
Revenue: US $9-10 M
No. of Employees: 100-200
Service cost/ packages: Contact them for the quote.

Core Services: Mobile & web application testing, Automation Testing, API Testing, Big Data Analytics & Telemetry.

Prominent Clients: Cisco, At&t, Verizon Wireless HP, HighTail, openADR, eHarmony, Hawaiian Electric, Adobe.

Verdict: Offers flexible service model, On-shore support & Ongoing ROI.

Website: Quality Logic

#8) TestingXperts


Headquarters: Mechanicsburg, US
Revenue: US $10-25 M
No. of Employees: 1000-5000
Service cost/ packages: Contact them for the quote.

Core Services: Functional & Non-functional testing, Test advisory and consulting, Some specialized Testing services like Data migration testing Mobile application testing.

Prominent Clients: Clients from banking, financial services, insurance, retail/e-commerce & healthcare industry.

Verdict: Offers flexible solutions as per needs. Perfect in keeping time which offers on-time delivery. ISO certified company.

Website: TestingXperts

#9) ImpactQA


Headquarters: New York, USA
Revenue: US $2-5 M
No. of Employees: 100-250
Service cost/ packages: Contact them for quote

Core Services: Functional, Automation, Performance, Security Testing, DevOps, Digital Testing, Data Migration, Mobile App Testing, QA Consulting.

Prominent Clients: YES Bank, PowerSchool, TEREX, Panasonic, Honda, Yum! Brands, and Rocket Internet.

Verdict: Leading provider of QA Consulting and Software Testing services to Fortune 500 and Leading brands. They are leaders in test automation, performance engineering, digital testing, and application security testing.


#10) Apphawks


Headquarters: Pila, Poland, Europe
No. of Employees: 1-10
Service cost/ packages: Flexible pricing options.

Core Services: E-commerce Testing, Manual Testing, Automated Testing, Functional & Non-functional testing, Web Application Testing, Mobile Application Testing, QA Outsourcing.

Prominent Clients: Auctions Online Scandinavia, Simple Auction Site, VMS Software Solution, Collectors Weekly.

Verdict: Expert in e-commerce testing, Agile methodology, long-term contracts, dedicated QA, all workers located in Poland.

Website: Apphawks

#11) QAwerk


Headquarters: Kyiv, Zaporizhia
No. of Employees: 50-100
Service cost/ packages: Contact them for the quote.

Core Services: Mobile application testing on Android and iOS, Web application testing, Game testing, Documentation, and technical writing.

Prominent Clients: Market One, Cygnet Cloud, Hosting, Clear Data, Unfold, Elsewhen
Verdict: Can find complex errors. A different approach to every project.

Website: QAwerk

#12) Mindful QA


Headquarter: Los Angeles, CA (all workers located in America)
No. of Employees: 50-200
Service cost/packages: On-demand, simple hourly pricing with no long-term contracts required.

Core Services: Manual Testing, Automated Testing, Performance Testing, API Testing, iOS & Android Mobile App Testing, Software Testing, Website Testing, QA Recruitment, User Experience, QA Process Optimization, and Agile Consulting for businesses of all sizes.

Prominent Clients: Google, BMW, Mott’s, Zillow, H&R Block, Discovery, Microsoft, Taco Bell, Volkswagen, Mission Minded, and many more.

Verdict: Ethical QA company with reliable Agile QA testers available quickly, whether you need 20 hours or full-time. A flexible process with testers that can join your standups, Jira, and Slack as desired. Founded by QA professional with 10+ years of experience, named “Top 50 Tech Visionary of 2019.”

Website: Mindful QA

#13) QA Madness

QA Madness

Headquarters: Vilnius, Lithuania
No. of Employees: 51-200
Service cost/ packages: < $25 / hr

Core Services: Manual Testing, Automated Testing, QA Outsourcing, QA Audit & Consulting.
Prominent Clients: Media CT, Isadora, eWave Commerce, FitForMe, Fishermen Labs, Rocket Web.

Verdict: The QA vendor is focused on manual and automated software testing, provides a thorough QA audit, and develops product-oriented strategies on software testing.

Website: QA Madness

#14) Global App Testing

Global App Testing

Headquarters: London, UK
Revenue: $2.6 M
No. of Employees: 51 to 200

Service Cost/Package: There are three packages, Starter ($2900 per month), Scale ($5200 per month), and Enterprise ($15840 per month)

Core Services:  Crowdsourced QA Testing, Research, and Mobile App Testing.

Prominent Clients: Evernote, Craigslist, Depop, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Microsoft, LiveSafe, and Spotify, etc.

Verdict: Global App Testing has specialties in mobile app testing and crowdsourced testing. It has tested more than 6900 applications and also considered as the fastest-growing company.

Website: GlobalAppTesting

#15) ClicQA


ClicQA is an Independent Software Testing Company offering comprehensive Software Testing services to industries such as Banking, Insurance, Financial Services, NBFCs, Healthcare, Logistics, Retail, and FinTech.

ClicQA leverages Software Testing expertise and distinct DomainsKnowledge gleaned through years of existence to offer client-centric Software Testing services and solutions.

Headquarters: UK
Global Presence: USA, UK, India, and Vietnam.
Revenue: US $2-3 Million
No. of Employees: 150-200
Service cost/Packages: Request a Quote

Core Services: Vertical SpecificFunctional Testing, Automation Testing, Performance Testing, Performance Engineering, and Security Testing.

Prominent Clientele: Bharti AXA, Reliance, TATA Capital, Prudential Finance, Kotak Life, Call Health, RBL Bank, Bajaj Electricals, Delhivery, Ferns, and Petals.

Verdict: ClicQA aims to add Business value with domain knowledge alongside ensuring the highest Software Quality.

=> Visit ClicQA Website

#16) XBOSoft

XBOSoft logo

Headquarters: Reston, Virginia
No. of Employees: 51-200

Core Services: QA Consulting, Software Testing, Web Application Testing, Mobile Application Testing, API Testing.

Verdict: From quality assurance assessments and advice on best practices to implementing process improvements followed by flawless execution, XBOSoft raises the quality of your software throughout the entire lifecycle.

Website: XBOSoft

#17) TestFort


Headquarters: Malta & CA, USA
Revenue: US$ 2-5 M
No. of Employees: 51-200
Service cost/ Packages: Flexible pricing options.
Core Services: Manual Testing, Automated Testing, QA Outsourcing & QA Consulting.
Prominent Clients: Dashlane, AOL, Skype, HuffPost, Microsoft, Michelin, Easy-Shop.
Verdict: Expert in manual and automation software testing.
Website: Test Fort

#18) BugEspy


BugEspy provides a bundle of services that deliver optimized software testing solutions to cover any product's entire lifecycle. They have the most cost-effective services in the global market with a team of highly qualified ISTQB certified QA engineers

HeadQuarters: Lahore, Pakistan
Sales Office: Georgia, USA
No.of Employees: 50 – 100
Services/Cost: $12 – $20/hour
Core Services: Manual Testing, Automation Testing, Performance Testing, Penetration Testing, Dedicated QA team.

=> Visit BugEspy Website

#19) ScienceSoft

ScienceSoft Logo

Headquarters: McKinney, Texas, USA.
Revenue: US $25 M.
Number of Employees: 700+
Service cost/Packages: Contact for quote.

Core Services: QA outsourcing, Manual Testing, Managed Testing, DevOps, Test Automation.

Prominent Clients: Baxter, PerkinElmer, Chiron Health, RBC Royal Bank, Walmart, Nestle, Leo Burnett, eBay, T-Mobile, Telekom Austria Group.

Verdict: ScienceSoft’s team, including ISTQB-certified test engineers, incorporates testing expertise gained with 30 years on the market and professional knowledge of multiple industries (healthcare, retail, manufacturing, banking, telecoms, etc.) and technology domains (CRM, SCM, B2B and B2C portals, eCommerce, etc.).

ScienceSoft’s testing process is compliant with ISO 13485, and test documentation meets the requirements set by ISO/IEC/IEEE 29119-3:2013.

Website: ScienceSoft

#20) SENLA

SENLA logo

Headquarters: Minsk, Belarus
No. of Employees: 300-400
Service cost/ packages: Contact them for the quote.

Core Services: Software testing services, Salesforce development and consulting, Enterprise application development, IT consulting, Software consulting, Data analytics, Managed IT services and many more.

Prominent Clients: BOSCH, Abbott, Schlumberger, KPMG, Wargaming, BPC Banking Technologies.

Verdict: The company was founded in 2012. Today SENLA team consists of 350+ certified technical specialists with degrees in programming, mathematics, physics, and engineering, who are located in 9 offices in 7 countries.

Website: SENLA

#21) Testriq QA Lab

Testriq QA Lab logo

Headquarters: Mumbai, IN
No. of Employees: 11-50
Service cost/ packages: Contact them for the quote

Core Services: Software Testing, Quality Assurance, Independent software verification and validation, Managed Software Testing Services.

Verdict: The Industry-Leading Software Startup with 30+ proficient ISTQB Certified QA professionals with an average of 15+ years of experience in the software testing field, with a complete range of software testing services.

Website: Testriq QA Lab

#22) Galaxy Weblinks Inc.

Galaxy Weblinks Inc

Location: Boston, USA
No. of Employees: 50-249

Core Services: Software testing services, Mobile Testing Services, Automation Testing, Functional Testing.

Prominent Clients: Tivo, Staples, Netgear, PTC University, Pronovos, Tiny Tags, DowJones.

Galaxy Weblinks Inc. is a full-cycle QA testing service provider having expertise in web & mobile testing like- Performance Testing Services, Functional Testing, API Testing, Mobile App Testing, Payment Testing, Automation Testing, Security Testing Services, UX testing for enterprises & more.

Having an experienced QA testing team with over 20 years, they have been serving multiple clients across 8 time zones and in nearly 50 countries.

Website: Galaxy Weblinks Inc.

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