Wondershare VidAir Online Video Maker Hands-on Review

A hands-on review of Wondershare VidAir online video editor and its features:

It is fascinating to reflect on how fundamentally integral videos have become to many different aspects of our lives. From independent content creation for YouTube to the rendering of visual marketing material for businesses, videos have become both a colossal part of what we create and simultaneously consume daily.

However, video editing, despite the ubiquitous availability of convenient video editing software, can be challenging and overwhelming for a layman.

Wondershare VidAir Online Video Editor

Fortunately, Wondershare VidAir Video Maker seems competently up for the task. VidAir helps users prepare a video they desire in no time with readymade template-based editing and video enhancement.

Wondershare VidAir Online Video Maker

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It does away with all the complexities that come with typical video editing software and offers a uniquely intuitive tool that helps users rely on over a million readymade templates to create any video.

In particular, the templates cater to a wide variety of requirements, which include the creation of promotional, product tutorials, training, wedding, birthday, and other kinds of personal and professional videos.

As soon as you sign up with your user id, VidAir encourages you to jump right into the action without wasting any time. We like the proactive nature of the tool very much. You are instantly greeted with an impromptu message requesting you to select your template, and this is where you begin.

Here is a Reference Video:

Step 1: Selecting a Video Template

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One of the significant ways VidAir can make the process of video editing so convenient and rewarding is the vast gallery of templates it harbors in its system. VidAir is supposed to house over a million templates to serve various goals and purposes.

It also allows you to quite easily navigate through its list of templates, which are categorized into a plethora of themes to meet varying needs. For the sake of this review, we went with the Christmas theme to keep up with the holiday spirit. You can select other templates based on your requirement from the categories immaculately listed on the left-hand side of your screen.


Step 2: Selecting the Aspect Ratio

Once you have selected the template you like, you get three aspect ratios, 16:9, 9:16, and square 1:1. Choose one as you need.

aspect ratio

VidAir is a smart tool and is quite privy to all the big platforms your video might go on. As such, it also offers templates and settings specific to each platform, whether it is YouTube or Facebook.

Step 3: Editing Room

The Editing Room

Once you have the template you like, you can quickly redirect to the editing page, where all the magic will finally happen. The table is immaculately set up with all the features and tools you will need to get the final result, you hope.

Features Of Wondershare VidAir

An application’s features can either make or break a tool. Such is also the case with Wondershare VidAir. So let’s look at all the features that power VidAir below:

#1) Adding Text

Adding Text

  • The template you select will come with its text format, but you can replace the style and customize it.
  • Select the template you like, click on ‘replace’ to implement the effect, and double click on the rendered format to type in the words you would like the video to display.
  • You can adjust the text’s duration and drag it manually on the timeline to decide at what point in time it will appear in the footage.
  • You can also change the font and size of the text you type in with the help of a small toolbar available on the left-hand side of your window.

#2) Adding Video

Adding Video

Adding video to the processed footage is also as simple as adding text. VidAir provides you with a vast gallery of royalty-free footage to choose from in the library section.

  • Select the footage you want to be implemented.
  • Add it to the timeline where you want it to appear.
  • Place it at the end of the timeline.
  • It eventually appears in the preview.

You have the freedom to use your footage by simply clicking the ‘Upload’ button available in the library section. The tool will quickly upload any videos from your device to the chosen template.

#3) Adding Audio

Adding Audio

It’s not just video footage that users get the luxury to add, upload, and integrate with their final video. Users also can add new music or audio effect to personalize their video editing experience.

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  • You have access to a boatload of royalty-free audio, which you can add and seamlessly sync with your footage on the timeline.
  • The templates you choose usually come with tailor-made audio already integrated.
  • However, we found it more exciting when choosing our music to go with the final footage.

Like the video, users also have the opportunity to use their audio, uploaded directly from their own concerned devices.

Interestingly, you can also chop and trim the audio clip in the library itself with just one click before it even lands on the timeline.

#4) Adding Stickers

Adding Stickers

Adding Stickers is a fun way to make your videos stand out, and VidAir provides a vast gallery of exciting, animated stickers to help in this endeavor. Adding stickers is also as easy as adding any other feature in the software.

  • You get a wide variety of animated emojis, custom texts, symbols, and all kinds of other stickers.
  • You get to preview the stickers to gauge their effect before even adding them to the timeline.
  • You can scroll through the stickers, search for the stickers you prefer, and add them at a particular point in the timeline with just one click.
  • You can drag and drop the sticker anywhere you like in the preview window.

#5) Adding Photos

Adding Photos

Like the video, audio, and stickers, adding an image to your processing footage is also incredibly convenient with VidAir.

  • You click on the ‘Add Photo’ button in the library section, upon which you will choose an endless list of royalty-free images.
  • You can select anyone from this list or opt to upload your image from the device with the ‘upload’ button.
  • Adjust the image on the timeline to seamlessly blend with the end footage.
  • You can crop the photo in the timeline itself to better process the footage.


Wondershare VidAir, with its vast gallery of templates and media offerings, is a tool tailor-made for casual users who want to produce a quick video to serve their temporary goals.

Not only it is easy to use, but we also found the process thoroughly engaging from start to finish. The tool is exceptionally significant for producing compelling marketing content for the social media platform. You get access to tailor-made templates to upload videos on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and other giant content platforms.

Although you can try the free version for a quick test, we highly recommend going for the premium version, especially with $9.99 monthly, so that you can access all the latest templates updated.

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We recommend using Chrome, Safari, and Firefox browsers for a smoother experience. Overall, VidAir is an agile, abundant, and overall satisfying tool to produce commercial, personal and sentimental videos.