Wondershare Video Converter: The Ultimate Video Converter

This Wondershare Video Converter review covers its features, installation steps & key differences between Wondershare UniConverter 11 & 12:

Having an effective video converter by your side means that you now have the power to play any kind of video, on any type of device at your disposal.

No other tool has garnered such praise and loyalty for serving this very same purpose than the extremely powerful Wondershare Video Converter.

Wondershare Uniconverter

Wondershare Video Converter

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Wondershare UniConverter, ever since its introduction, has been at the forefront of video converting technology because of its easy-to-use interface that is raved about for both its speed and quality. It can basically be used by beginners and advanced users alike, at a price that is reasonably affordable for the plethora of features it offers.

System Requirements:

Operating SystemSupported OSProcessorHard Disk SpaceRAM
Windows 64 bitWindows 10,8,7, Vista, XP750 MHz Intel or AMD CPU100MB or Above256 MB or Above
Mac 64 bitFor macOS X 10.15, 10.14, 10.13, 10.12, 10.11, 10.101GHz Intel processor or above100 MB or above512 MB or above

Wondershare currently enjoys total traffic of approximately 3 million users daily.

System Requirements

[image source

Moreover, Wondershare enjoys a healthy user base in the United States, followed by other major countries like France, Germany, and Brazil.

Wondershare user base

As of 2020, Wondershare has completed 11 successful years in the industry, and to hit the point of their success further home they are offering a 20% discount on all of their bundles and products.

So considering their current milestone, and the fact that they have only recently launched an upgraded version 12 of Wondershare Video Converter online, we would like to take a deep dive into their features and determine how it holds up amidst new players in the market with respect to the features it provides and the price it offers it at.

Before we get into the meat of this article, let’s find out how the latest version 12 distinguishes itself from the former version of Wondershare UniConverter.

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Wondershare UniConverter 11 vs 12: Key Differences

Wondershare UniConverter 11Wondershare UniConverter 12
Supports 4k ConversionSupports both 4k and 8k conversion
Does not support 64 bit operating systemSupports 64 bit operating system
No ToolboxAdded intuitive toolbox
No Blu-Ray BurningBlu-Ray burning available
Audio recording and screen recording absent for microphones and webcamesAudio recording and screen recording present for microphones and webcames

#1) Interface

Perhaps the most obvious difference in the new version of Wondershare Uniconverter is its apparent transformation when it comes to an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. The navigation menu has been conveniently moved to the left-hand side of the interface, thus making navigation between all of its features even easier.

Moving between features like Video Converter, Downloader, Video Editor, Screen Recorder, and Toolbox has never been this simple. The interfaces for each specific feature have also been drastically revamped. The editing interface, in particular, has been renovated to enable easier editing of videos on the tool.

#2) 4K/8K Conversion

Version 12 looks into the future of how videos will be perceived. It understands that both 4k and 8k integration is absolutely necessary to make everyone happy and stay relevant. As such, Wondershare offers a tool that supports both 4k and 8k conversion.

This is especially useful to convert high-quality videos that are quickly becoming a norm. The conversion is spot-on without compromising on the quality of both 4k and 8k videos. We assume this new feature is going to appeal to users who like to watch videos on smaller devices like smartphones and tablets.

#3) Audio and Video Recording

Wondershare UniConverter can now also record audio from a microphone or other devices, as well as record video from a webcam. This is a huge leap from version 11 of the tool which didn’t allow video or audio recording.

You will find both these features in the screen recorder section. These features can either be used independently or in collaboration with each other. These features in conjunction with video editing can make Wondershare UniConverter a great production tool if at all that is an area of interest for you.

#4) Stability and Speed

Version 12 has made a lot of imperative changes to its code and framework. This has made the tool much faster than its predecessor. As compared to version 11, the latest version is less likely to freeze during operation. It also supports 64-bit operating systems, thus making the tool even more efficient.

As far as speed is concerned, version 12 is 20x faster than version 11. The HEVC video conversion speed is 60x faster than its predecessor. This progress in speed with version 12 can be attributed to the tool’s optimized Graphical Processing Unit.

#5) Video Downloading

Video downloading in version 11 was a disappointing affair. Both the downloading sites and the speed of downloading itself were underwhelming. Thankfully, version 12 fixes both issues while also making the download of 4k and 8k videos possible.

The tool is now powered to download videos from a higher number of video platforms online, something that was lacking in version 11.

#6) Toolbox

Perhaps the most fascinating difference you will find in version 12 is the addition of a convenient toolbox that contains a plethora of useful tools that might come in handy while dealing with video and audio conversion.

The tools offered by the toolbox can help you create animated GIFs, convert images, burn CDs, rip music from CDs, transfer media files, and convert a normal video into VR.

#7) Blu-Ray Burning

The addition of the Blu-Ray burning feature only goes further to realize Wondershare’s potential in processing high-resolution content in the form of 4k, 8k, etc. The feature allows you to add several videos and audio files and burn them onto a Blu-Ray disc. Apart from burning, you also get to adjust settings such as audio tracks, quality, subtitles, and menu.

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Wondershare Video Converter Features

There are a number of features that define both the power and popularity of this video converting tool. So let’s dive deep into each individual feature to understand what the tool offers its users with regard to convenience in functionality.


Free TrialLimited
GPU SupportYes
CD RippingYes
4K AND 8K ConversionYes
Blu-Ray RippingYes
OSWindows, Mac
Device Presets Yes

#1) Video Conversion

Video Conversion feature

With Wondershare primarily being a video converter, it boasts of converting videos and audios in over 1000 video/audio formats. You can pause and resume the process of conversion anytime during the process. The tool constantly upgrades itself to include any new format coming up in the video or audio sphere.

Plus, you also get to convert multiple videos at once thanks to its batch conversion feature, thus saving crucial time.

Supported Video Input Formats

FormatsVideo Codec
MP4H.264/AVC, XVID, MPEG-4, MJPEG, ProRes, H.263, DIVX, HEVC/H.265
MOVH.264/AVC, XVID, MPEG-4, MJPEG, ProRes, Apple Intermedia Codec, Sorenson 1/3, HEVC/H.265
MKVH.264/AVC, XVID, MPEG-4, MJPEG, DIVX, VC-1, Theora, DV, Uncompressed, MPEG, HEVC/H.265
FLVScreen Video, H.264/AVC, VP6, H.263

Supported Video Format Outputs

FormatsVideo Codec
MP4MPEG-4, H.264, HEVC/H.265
MKVH.264, XVID, HEVC/H.265

Supported Audio Input Formats

WMAWindows Media Audio

Supported Audio Output Formats

WMAWindows Media Audio 8 and 9

Powered by improved GPU acceleration and APEXTRANS technology, the tool offers superfast conversion without any loss to the original quality of data. In fact, the current version of Wondershare UniConverter is 20x times faster than its previous version.

What really sets Wondershare apart however is its ability to look further into the future by providing users with the ability to convert and support 4k, 8k, and VR conversion. There are also no limitations as to which device it supports. The converter works spectacularly on almost all Apple, Android, or Windows-powered devices.

Steps To Convert Videos

As we mentioned, the process to convert videos on Wondershare is very simple.

The process is as follows:

#1) Select the Video Converter feature from the left-hand side of the interface as shown in the below image.

Select the Video Converter feature

#2) Import videos to Wondershare from the device, hard drive, or disc, by clicking add files. If you are converting a disc file, then click the drop-down icon next to the ‘Load DVD’ and select the drive in which you inserted the DVD in. Select ‘Main Movies’ or ‘All Movies’ to import all videos on the DVD.

Select ‘Main Movies’ or ‘All Movies’ 1

#3) In the next step, select the clip you want to be converted and click load from the bottom right corner of the tool.

#4) Choose an output format by opening the output format menu at the bottom. Choose your preferred output option as well as resolution.

resolution 1

#5) Finally choose the file location you want the end result to be saved in and click Convert. Make sure to keep the High-Speed Conversion switch on while converting videos.

converting videos

#6) Once the conversion is complete, go to the ‘Finished’ tab on the top and click ‘Open’ on the right-hand side to access the converted file.

access the converted file.

#2) Video Editor

Video Editor

Although not known for its video editing feature, the new version really transforms the feature to be more appealing than it ever was. The video trimming and merging options are all there, allowing you to cut unwanted segments out and blend two parts seamlessly.

The interface for editing has undergone a drastic revamp that really sells the tool as premium production software. Not only do you get to crop your videos and adjust audio to your heart’s content, but you also benefit from added adjustments such as adding subtitles, applying special effects, adding watermarks and so much more.

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Add to that, the ability to record audio from a microphone only heightens the editing experience on Wondershare UniConverter.

#3) Video Compression

Video Compression

Compression can serve a variety of purposes. You might want to compress videos to save some space on your device, share emails, or for sharing purposes on social media. Wondershare’s video compression feature is pretty compelling to serve all the above purposes with perfection.

Video compression in Wondershare is also very simple. You get to conveniently import videos you would like compressed from your personal device or hard disk. The tool can compress videos in over 1000 format outputs without compromising their original quality.

You get a preview of what your compressed video is going to look like even before the compression begins. The tool will give you an accurate estimation of the compressed file and also allow for compression in batches, thus saving oodles of valuable time.

#4) Screen Recording

Screen recording

Wondershare allows for impeccable 1:1 screen recording of custom screens, webcams, games, video calls, system audio, and microphones. The recording itself is flawless, with no quality loss, or in the case of video games–no frame rate loss.

The custom screen feature allows you to further customize your recording preference and lets you choose which part of your screen you would like to record. You also get to set up the recording frame rate, and the audio recording option. Apart from this, you also get the option to schedule the recording task to begin anytime you want.

The same goes for webcam recording and audio recording features pertaining to the microphone as well. There is no quality loss when recording the above two which is fairly normal in cases of webcam recording. In fact, the quality of the recording is pristine, and the audio is immaculate.

#5) DVD And CD Burning

DVD and CD Burning

Wondeshare was always popular for its ability to burn any mainstream format to DVD or CD. However, it is its latest version that really surprised us with the ability to burn videos to Blu-ray discs. This has us holding the tool in high esteem.

The tool allows you to burn video and audio content into DVD, CD, or Blu-Ray with no loss in quality. You also get the power to set up DVD menu templates to make your DVD content more appealing.

You get a plethora of themes to choose from, add stylish background images and audio and adjust font, size, and color to make a pleasing DVD menu. Add to this, the tool also allows you to burn multiple DVD discs simultaneously so you can create multiple copies in no time.


UniConverter pricing

Windows Pricing:

Windows Pricing

Mac Pricing:

Now the software comes with a price, and unfortunately, it can be a turnoff for some. However, when you take into consideration the features it offers, then the price becomes reasonable.

You can choose from 3 options. An Annual pricing plan of $29.5 only, for both Mac and Windows, offers you a one-year subscription to be used for 1 PC only. There is also the Life plan that comes at $45.56 for Windows and $59.95 for Mac, offering you a lifetime subscription of the software for 1 PC only.

Now if you want to use the software on multiple PCs then you also have the Business plan that starts at $161.91 for Windows and $179.91 for Mac. The plan offers a lifetime subscription and lets you choose how many PC’s you want. The price will change depending on the number of PCs you choose the subscription for.

There is also a trial version that offers you to try the product for free. The free download of Wondershare Video Converter comes with limited features. You only get to convert the first third of the DVD with a free version.

Wondershare Video Converter Installation

Installing Wondershare on your system is fairly simple and can be undertaken by anyone.

#1) You first get the option to choose whether you would like to buy the tool or try the free version. Choose the option you desire.

free or pricing version

#2) The tool will then start downloading. After the download is complete, click on the set-up zip file and a new pop-up window will open. Click on the install button and Wondershare will start installing on your PC.


[image source   

#3) Once done, you can finally launch the software on your Mac or Windows system.

Launch the software

Why Choose Wondershare UniConverter

If you are looking for a powerful, complex yet simple to understand and operate Video converter, then we know of no other tool that can go toe to toe with Wondeshare UniConverter. It has a uniquely pragmatic user interface that is easy on the eyes and comprehensive to navigate through.

The process of conversion, video editing, and DVD burning are all very simple to understand. The fact that it is powered by GPU acceleration means it is extremely stable and superfast in its functionality. The tool hardly freezes or crashes and works fine every time you open it.

The tool also comes at a price that makes it affordable to even the most frugal of users. Simply put, Wondershare UniConverter has our highest recommendation. So if you are looking for a powerful yet comprehensive video converter then download Wondershare Video Converter online today.

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There are many video converting tools out there, with Wondershare Video Converter being one of the best ever since it came into the market. It has managed to stay both relevant and powerful by constantly upgrading itself with time, and can go toe to toe with any video converter available in the market today. It is the ultimate Video Converter for audio/video conversion, compression, editing, disc burning, and screen recording.

You can try Wondershare’s free video converter first to take it for a test drive, and only pay if you are satisfied with the services it offers. The software is now available for free download or purchase online.