Wondershare Document Cloud Hands-On Review 2023

Wondershare Document Cloud review – Learn how to collaborate, share, sign documents, and simplify workflows with the Wondershare Document Cloud platform.

With offices shut down, many businesses were compelled to take their operations online. Fortunately, technology and a plethora of suitable software options made this change considerably more convenient than it would have been just a decade ago.

People were especially in need of a solution that could facilitate online collaboration between team members while also helping simplify the process of cloud-based storage and sharing.

While there are many platforms out there that serve the above-mentioned purposes, only a few have garnered overwhelmingly positive reception from their users.

When it comes to such services, you need a tool that is simple to use, offers impeccable security, and presents features that perform their intended functions without a hassle. One service that truly fulfills the above requirements is Wondershare Document Cloud.

Wondershare Document Cloud review

After spending enough time with this tool, we thought it best to share our unfiltered thoughts on this cloud-based document storage platform. The following review is the culmination of all the time we’ve spent trying and testing its many features.

So without much further ado, here’s our review of Wondershare Document Cloud!!

Wondershare Document Cloud Review

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Wondershare Document Cloud Overview

Wondershare Document Cloud is a cloud-based platform that lets you store files on a secure cloud network. As such, it becomes easier for anyone to access or download these documents at any time and from any location in the world.

The solution provides a cloud storage space of up to 100 GB to its users. The solution runs smoothly on all devices and systems. This includes Linux, Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.

Apart from file storage, this tool is widely known for its ability to capture electronic signatures. It makes signing documents online simple. The platform acts as a perfect solution to the minor inconvenience of being physically present to sign printed documents. This solution also helps you track all relevant information pertaining to the signing process in real-time.

Perhaps the most compelling aspect of this platform is the fact that it comes bundled with PDFelement Pro. This intuitive and unique feature allows the tool to simplify the workflows associated with online collaboration, storage, and sharing of PDF documents. Simply put, users can upload PDFs created in PDFelement directly onto the cloud without any hassle.

The software has evolved quite a lot ever since its inception just a few years ago. Today it brandishes a completely new UI design with a couple more advanced features to boast. So let’s dive into the heart of this review and find out whether Wondershare Document Cloud impresses with its all-new interface and features.

User Interface

User Interface

Wondershare Document Cloud wins some major brownie points because of its presentation. Its UI avoids unnecessary clutter and garish color choices.

Instead, what you get is an immaculate interface with clearly labeled features and tabs. Its minimalistic, yet attractive visual design contributes positively to the solution’s user-friendly nature. With instantly accessible features, users can easily navigate from one point to another and operate functions without the need for any special training.

Users don’t have to be technical wizards to operatethis tool. Its clean interface makes the solution and its many features easy to understand and operate.

The solution’s main page greets you with a dashboard that clearly displays all the documents you’ve stored on this cloud-based platform. Each of these documents is stored in an organized fashion with important information pertaining to their size, date of last modification, and other important details neatly exhibited.

On the left-hand side of your screen, you get the option to upload files to the cloud with the aid of a giant blue tab that is hard to miss. Below the “Upload Files” tab, you also have an option to instantly switch between the platform’s home page, documents section, and a particular section reserved to send and track documents to capture the electronic signature.

Under this section, you can view all the documents that have been sent to you or you have sent to others for signature (we will understand more about this later).

your documents

Overall, it does a pretty good job at making the software remain user-friendly while also functioning at an advanced level.


Wondershare Document Cloud sets itself apart from other tools of its kind because of the features it offers. All of them are pretty useful, require no learning curve, and serve their intended purposes with commendable finesse.

The following are some of the fundamental features:

#1) Secure Cloud Storage and Management of PDF Files

Secure Cloud Storage and Management of PDF Files

At the risk of stating the obvious, this is primarily a cloud-based storage solution that facilitates the secure storage of PDF documents. One can easily upload their PDF files to Document Cloud by clicking on the giant blue tab labeled. Upload Files that are visible to users on the top left side of its interface.

It also helps that this tool comes bundled with PDFelement Pro DC, which makes the upload, storage, and management of PDF files considerably simpler on the platform. The software also employs enterprise-grade encryption at all times to secure PDF files, irrespective of whether they are in storage or transit.

Once uploaded, it helps users upload, download, print, rename, delete files, add comments on them or send files to request signatures. Files stored can be accessed anytime and anywhere by users who have authorized access to a particular account on the platform.

You can also get 100 GB of cloud storage space if you subscribe to Wondershare Document Cloud’s premium plan. On the other hand, users can use up to 1 GB of space for free on the platform to store their files.

#2) Capturing Electronic Signatures

This tool positions itself as an ideal tool for online collaboration. One way in which it proves this is by allowing users to sign documents electronically online without having to print physical documents. Not only can users sign documents electronically on the platform, but they can also send documents to other parties to collect their electronic signatures on them.

You can send one or multiple documents at a time to capture a signer’s electronic signature. The platform allows you to collect signatures in two ways. You can either collect one signature per copy or collect all signatures on the same document as per the sequence pre-defined by you.

Steps to send documents to sign:

#1) Go to the ‘Sign’ section displayed on the left side of your screen.

#2) Once this section opens, click on ‘Initiate’ to send a document to others for signing. You can select multiple documents to send by clicking ‘Initiate’ on the ‘Bulk Send’ section of the page.

select multiple documents

#3) Add one or multiple files you want to send to signers by selecting ‘Add File’ and clicking ‘Next’ at the bottom right corner of your screen.

step 3

#4) Once the file is uploaded, add the recipient’s email address. Check the ‘I need to sign the document’ check box and select whether you need to sign first or last. Mention other points you would like the signer to consider here as well.

add the recipient’s email address

#5) Once the actual document opens, insert the fields in the document where you would like the signer to sign. You can other fields here like date, title, and company name as well. Once done, simply select ‘next’ again to send the document.

select next to send documents

We also like how Document Cloud acknowledges the security concerns people may have while sending documents via their platform to collect signatures. After all, the fear of unauthorized access while the document is still in transit is legitimate. However, Document Cloud expertly addresses this concern by providing an access authentication feature.

The software generates a special security code that signers are required to enter to access and view the file to sign. Signers get a secure link through which they can access files sent to them without worrying about unauthorized access by malicious players online.

Furthermore, Document Cloud automatically tracks sent documents and notifies users about new signatures and other modifications to the document in real-time.

#3) Annotation And Comments

Annotation and Comments

This is a relatively new feature in Wondershare Document Cloud and is already being deemed a welcome addition to the platform.

The software now allows users to collaborate online on stored documents by adding annotations to PDF documents. The software offers a plethora of robust annotation tools that help multiple users add comments, highlight or underline text, add shapes and draw figures on a stored document online.

Multiple users can collect live reviews and share comments with each other on a document live in real-time. You can add private personal annotations or engage in multi-user conversations on a particular document. Annotations can also be added to inform signers on the things they need to consider before signing a document.

The document workflow on Wondershare Document Cloud can be further streamlined by assigning role-based permissions to users. Only those with authorized access will be able to view and share their comments on a particular cloud-stored document.

The solution also provides users with a crystal-clear audit trail of timestamps and logs, which can track activities and changes happening on the document in real-time. You will be aware of who shared the comments and what time it was shared.

#4) File Sharing

File Sharing

Another way in which this tool simplifies workflows is by allowing users to effortlessly and securely share files with other parties. Files can be shared via links that can be created and sent easily through emails. The link sent to other parties will allow them to jump into action and add comments or annotations to the document.

You get a clear picture of who shared the document, who edited it, where it was edited, and at what time a shared document was opened or edited. To have more control over your shared documents, this platform allows users to adjust and set parameters like implementing deadlines, adding comment permissions, and adjusting views to make collaborations and workflows easier.

The software also prioritizes the security of shared documents by allowing you to set role-based permissions. You can grant and seize access to a particular document by setting deadlines to accept a link.

#5) Team Management

team management

By allowing users to share files, and add comments and annotations, Wondershare Document Cloud promotes online team collaboration.

Documents stored in the cloud can be accessed by authorized members of your team whenever they need them from anywhere in the world. The enterprise-grade encryption it employs also makes the prospect of sharing documents via this platform extremely secure.

The solution also emphasizes branding by allowing businesses to add their logos, slogans, and taglines to all shared files. It can be a great tool to enhance a company’s brand image among its customers and vendors.

The solution offers comprehensive reporting and analytics to make team collaboration more efficient and workflows more streamlined.

#6) Templates


Wondershare’s massive template library is another thing we like about this platform. You can use readymade templates or create templates of your own to create a reusable document that you can send to signers to capture their electronic signatures.

This is a significant feature that helps users save valuable time. To create a template, you can either select the ‘Use template’ tab to choose a readymade template or select the ‘create template’ tab to customize a new template to use in the future.

Customer Support

Although you don’t have to be a technical wizard to operate this tool, Wondershare Document Cloud’s willingness to offer an adequate customer support system is something to appreciate. Users can find answers to their queries via a 24/7 live chat option available on site or by submitting a ticket to get instant assistance on the official site.

Alternatively, the software also offers comprehensive user guides and contains a lengthy FAQ section to help users get self-support. The response time is also pretty impressive. A representative will respond to your queries in no time.



For pricing, Wondershare Document Cloud offers its services to users at a reasonable cost. There are two plans that you can choose from. You can opt for the Cloud-only plan of $23.99 per year. Alternatively, you can also opt for the Half-yearly plan which costs $15.99. The plan doesn’t come without the PDFelement PRO bundle.

On the other hand, Document Cloud with the PDFelement Pro Bundle will cost users $65.99 for a Half-year plan and $99.99 for an Annual plan. It has all the same features that the cloud-only plan offers with the added features of PDFelement Pro.

There is also a Team plan with a cost that starts at $109.99 annually for a single user and so on.

You can also try the tool for free, which offers storage of 1 GB only to store your documents online on the cloud.

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Pros and Cons

The table below enlists the pros and cons:

Pros Cons
Up To 100 GB Cloud Storage space to store filesMonthly pricing plans not offered.
Works on all devices and systems
Enterprise-grade encryption to secure files in storage and in transit.
Initiate role-based permission to allow or prevent user access.
Send single or multiple files to request an electronic signature from signers
Track documents in real-time to monitor changes and updates to document.
Affordable price
Add annotations and share comments with other team members on the document in real-time
Responsive Customer Support


Wondershare Document Cloud provides its users with a simple way to store, share and collaborate on PDF files online. Its clutter-free interface, coupled with clearly accessible features and tabs, makes it a very user-friendly software to use, irrespective of whether or not you are technically sound.

These powerful cloud-based platforms provide users with intuitive features that make capturing electronic signatures and online team collaborations simple when remote work has more or less become a mandatory norm.

It also works as a spectacular extension to PDFelement Pro. Users can instantly upload the PDFs they create in PDFelement straight onto the document cloud because of how well they have been integrated with each other.

In hindsight, it is a tool we are comfortable recommending to anyone who wants a large enough cloud storage space to securely store their files online. This is also a tool we would like to recommend to businesses who want a solution that optimizes your team’s workflow and lets you sign PDF files electronically.

Wondershare Document Cloud is a tool you should try to make remote work efficient for you and your team.