10 Best Mind Mapping Software in 2023 (Top Selective)

The Best Mind Mapping Software To Convert Your Creative Thoughts Into Diagrams:

What is a Mindmap Software?

A Mindmap software is an application which is used for drawing diagrams. With the help of this software, we can create diagrams for showing the relationship between different things.

A mindmap is the best tool for visual learning. It will help you to put your thoughts into the structure. You can put your creative and logical thoughts into diagrams.

Presenting ideas in a graphical structure than just mentioning it in a linear sequential manner is more effective and easy to understand.

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Benefits of Mind Mapping:

Given below are the various benefits of Mind Mapping:

  • Assists teachers for teaching.
  • Helpful to students for taking notes.
  • Useful in businesses.
  • Supports organizations in project management, workload management etc.
  • It is useful for personal use as well.

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To choose any mind mapping software you should consider your needs, objectives, and budget.

The tool should have features and functions which could satisfy your needs instead of just the free-form software like Paint. It should be able to convert your brainstorming ideas into a systematic structure.

Given below are a few features that you should look for while selecting a Mind Map software:

  • It should be easy to use.
  • Available templates.
  • Supported export file format.
  • Supported import files.
  • Collaboration features.
  • File sharing/publishing options like Social media, Google Drive etc.
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List of Best Free Online Mind Mapping Software

Enlisted below are the various Mind Mapping Software Tools that are most popular in the Market.

Comparison Table of Top Mind Mapping Tools

Mindmap softwarePlatformUseImport/Export Files
EdrawMindWindows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, Web-based.Mind mapping, brainstorming, presentation, project management, make outlines, team collaboration.Import: Word, HTML, Markdown, MindManager,XMind, FreeMind.

Export:Images, PDF, MS Word, Excel, PPT, HTML, SVG,MindManager.
CacooWeb-basedThis tool is useful for all types of diagrams from flowcharts to wireframes. Can work with images, data notes, charts, etc.

Export: SVG, PDF, PowerPoint, and PostScript.
Lucid ChartWeb-basedFlowcharts, process maps, and much more.Live data can be connected or imported.
For concept mapping and education.You can import Image, Audio, &Video
Maps, Charts, Diagrams.The file can be exported as PDF, image, and HTML.
Maps, Charts, Diagrams.Files, links & related notes can be connected.
Web-basedMapping, Outlining, Big Data Presenting.You can import files and images.
MindMupWeb-basedMind maps.You can add images and attach files.
Convert maps to PDF, Powerpoint presentations, outlines.
Web-basedFlowcharts, Process maps & other diagrams.You can add any number of images.
XMind 8
Mac OS
Mind mapping Business Charts.Maps can be exported to the image, PDF, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, HTML, RTF, Plain Text, SVG etc.
WindowsMind mapping,
Project management,
It supports PDF, Word, Excel etc.
Flowcharts, UML, Mockups etc.Visio Files
Export as PDF, image, SVG file.

Let’s explore!!

#1) EdrawMind


EdrawMind is a versatile, user-friendly, and professional mind mapping and brainstorming tool. Available on multiple platforms like Windows, macOS, Linux, Web, iOS, and Android.

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It allows users to create organized and stylish mind maps and it can be used for brainstorming, project management, knowledge management, business, and education presentation, Outlining ideas, etc.


  • A growing mind maps examples gallery now has 3000+ examples.
  • Available for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, and Web-based.
  • Stunning presentation and traverse presenting mode.
  • Brainstorming
  • Online real-time collaboration (web version)
  • Project management & Gantt chart
  • Knowledge Management & Taking note.
  • Formula Editor
  • Various Stickers &Cliparts
  • Add Hyperlinks, Attachments & Notes.
  • Timeline, bubble, fishbone & org-chart diagram.
  • Export mind maps to editable MS Word, Excel, PPT, images, and so on.

Tool Cost/Plan Details: EdrawMind has both free and pro versions. You can download the free version and start mind mapping directly. The pro version starts from $6.5 each month, and you can also choose the $145/ lifetime plan to own the service for a lifetime.

Best For: Structure knowledge, ideas, and information. Make presentations instantly. An easy-to-use, powerful mind mapping software for free.

#2) Cacoo

Best for companies, teams, individuals, and students.
Pricing: Cacoo offers a free trial. It offers a simple pricing plan of $6 per user per month.


Cacoo is a user-friendly mind map maker. It has a connector button that allows you to quickly create connected shapes to expand on your ideas. Along with the video chat feature, this tool is great for note-taking and brainstorming sessions in and out of the office.


  • Multiple people can edit the diagrams at the same time.
  • You can chat, comment or video chat inside the tool.
  • It has hundreds of templates to get you started.
  • Easily share or export your diagrams.

#3) Lucidchart


It is an online application to draw flowcharts, process maps, and much more. It is useful in IT, business, and Product management & design.


  • It can be integrated with G Suite, MS Office, and many other popular applications.
  • It can be used through any browser.
  • It provides the Chat feature for communication.

Tool Cost/Plan Details: Price starts at $4.95 per month.

Best For: It is best for security. Your data will remain secure.

#4) Mindomo


Mindomo is a software to visualize and organize ideas and information. It has predefined templates, history of changes, and presentation mode. It can be used as a desktop application, freemium online solution, and as a mobile app.


  • The tool has provided special features for teachers and students.
  • It is useful for brainstorming.
  • It supports numerous integrations. It can be accessed from the school’s Google Apps or Office 365.
  • Images can be searched directly on the internet from the software.
  • Audio or video can be added.

Tool Cost/Plan Details: Mindomo has three plans of $36, $90, $142. All prices are for 6 months. There is one free plan also. You can use it up to three maps.

Best For: It is easy to use with a good number of features and functionalities.

Website: Mindomo

#5) FreeMind


FreeMind, as the name suggests, it is a free application for mind mapping. It can be used on Windows, Mac, and Linux. It has advanced export capabilities.


  • The file can be exported as an image, PDF, and HTML.
  • Folding branches can be created.
  • Clouds around the branches can be created.
  • You can create the hyperlink to the web or any document from nodes.

Tool Cost/Plan details: Free

Best for: File export capabilities.

Website: FreeMind

#6) MindManager


MindManager is a commercial tool for Windows and Mac. With its enterprise plan, it can be used with teams of more than 5 members. It supports HTML5. So you can share your maps with people.


  • Useful to draw maps, charts, and diagrams.
  • Useful to organize the information.
  • It can be useful for the project plan.
  • It will help you in combining the information related to projects whether it can be emails or meetings data.
  • It has many predefined themes, advanced shapes, and theme editor.

Tool Cost/Plan Details: $349. For enterprise plan contact them. 30 days free trial available.

Best For: It can work fast. A smart tool which helps in finding data redundancy, missing data, and miscommunication.

Website: Mind Manager

#7) Bubbl.us


Bubbl.us can be used on desktops or mobiles for Process designing, Mapping team Hierarchy, Big Data presenting, and creating a book outline.


  • Easy to share
  • You can add files and images.
  • Mind maps can be saved as an image or HTML.
  • Easy to create a presentation.
  • Created mind maps can be shared.
  • There will be real-time collaboration.

Tool Cost/Plan Details: Free for three mind maps. For more features, you can buy it for $ 4.91 per month.

Best For: It is a web-based tool. You don’t have to download or install anything

Website: Bubbl.us

#8) MindMup


It is an online tool for mind mapping. You can create, share, and publish mind maps using this tool. It supports to publish mind maps on the social network. With the paid option, you can create and save large maps. You will get more storage space with the paid option.


  • It works fast.
  • Created mind maps will be stored on the cloud so you can access it anywhere anytime.
  • Supports keyboard shortcuts.
  • Maps can be saved on Google Drive and managed through Google Apps.
  • You can add images and attach files.

Tool Cost/Plan Details: It has three plans, Free (Forever), $2.99 per month (Personal use) and $ 100 per year (For organizations).

Best For: Map can be converted to PDF and PowerPoint. You can create any number of maps for free of cost.

Website: Mindmup

#9) Coggle


Coggle is an online tool. It can be used for taking notes, planning, workflows, and brainstorming. It is easy to use.


  • Real-time Collaboration feature will allow you to work in a team.
  • You can add any number of images. To add the image you just have to drag and drop it.
  • You can save every change. And if you want you can revert back to the previous version.
  • It will allow you to add floating text and images.

Tool Cost/Plan Details: There are three plans, Free, Awesome ($5 per month), and Organization ($8 per month).

Best For: It is the best tool for flowcharts. A wide range of shapes is available to draw flowcharts. You can create the link and allow few people to edit the mind map.

Website: Coggle

#10) XMind 8

xmind 8

This tool is perfect for mind mapping and business charts. It has some predefined useful templates. It has many themes, advanced features, and cross-platform compatible fonts. It can be used on Windows and Mac.


  • It has four pre-defined structures for business charts.
  • It has a Mindmap structure, Org chart, Tree chart, and Logic chart.
  • You can create a presentation.
  • It allows you to work with PDF files and MS Office.

Tool Cost/Plan Details: There are two plans free one and another one you can buy for $129

Best For: Tool is best for business use.

Website: Xmind 8

#11) MindGenius


MindGenius is a commercial tool and can be used for brainstorming, project management, and mind mapping. It can be used on Windows systems.


  • Can be used for Work planning & workload management.
  • It has task management features.

Tool Cost/Plan Details: For subscription-based $ 160 for the first year and then $56. And for uninterrupted service, you can pay onetime cost $256.

Best For: This tool is best for project and workload management.

Website: MindGenius

#12) Creately


It is a desktop tool to draw diagrams. It can be used on Android and iOS mobiles. You can work online and offline with this tool. It has thousands of templates and many special shapes. It can be integrated with Confluence and Jira.


  • It supports real-time collaboration via email.
  • In a single click, you can create a shape and a line connecting to it.
  • Drag and drop facility for different shapes.
  • You will be able to change arrowheads easily.
  • PDF export facility.

Tool Cost/Plan Details: It has one free plan, plan for personal use at $5, and three plans for the team starting from $25.

Best For: It is easy to use. It works fast. Its import and share features are best.

Website: Creately

Additional Tools

#13) Scapple:

This tool is like a virtual sheet of paper. It will allow you to note your ideas and connect them.

You can write notes and customize the appearance. You can work in full-screen mode. Created or noted ideas can be exported or printed out. This tool can be used on Windows and Mac. Pricing starts from $12.

Website: Scapple

#14) IdeaFlip:

It is a web application that can be used on desktop and tablet devices. You can upload images, PDF, and CSV files. You can export your ideas in a PDF file.

It has three pricing plans for $9, $16, and $165.

Website: IdeaFlip

#15) iMindQ:

It can be used on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Online.

This tool can be used for business, education, organization, and for personal use as well. You can draw various charts and mind maps. Pricing starts from $49 for windows and $39 for Mac.

Website: iMindQ

#16) Mind42:

It is an online tool. You can create diagrams, lists, brainstorming ideas etc. It is available for free.

Website: Mind42

#17) SmartDraw:

This tool can be used for drawing flowcharts, floor plans, and many other diagrams. It can be used on any device including Mac. Pricing starts from $5.95.

Website: SmartDraw


Mindomo is a smart tool which can add audio and video files. FreeMind has extensive export capabilities and it is a free application for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Lucid Chart is a web-based mind mapping application and it can automatically create maps with the help of connected live data. MindMup and XMind 8 supports the exporting of files in Powerpoint. Creately can work online and offline.

Hope you would have got a clear idea about the various Mind Mapping Software available in the market.

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