Top 10 Best Sentence Rephraser Tools [2023 Rankings]

The tutorial reviews and compares some of the most popular online Sentence Rephraser Tools to help you select the best sentence changer:

Sentence Rephraser tools are widely used and acknowledged to quickly change the tone and structure of sentences and paragraphs without changing their meaning. These tools can be used when you have writer’s block, as some of these tools also provide writing templates for a start.

Sentence Changer Generator

Top Sentence Rephraser Tools

Mainly sentence paraphrasers are used to spin sentences and generate new ones in order to change the writing style. Professionals and students, both use these platforms to generate synonyms to tackle repetitions in their writing. Some also use them to mix up their voice or make the document more creative.

Sentence changer generators or paraphrasing tools can be used to modify a normal write-up into something of a specific genre like legal, scientific, formal, creative, and so on. They are basically a go-to tool when you lack the vocabulary or the idea.

Pro Tips: While choosing a sentence rephraser tool, keep these points in mind:

  1. Always check the authenticity of the tool, paste some random text first and try to paraphrase it using the particular tool. After the text has been paraphrased try to check the authenticity of the synonyms. Do they really mean the same word? Or are they close to the original word? Contemplate whether to use this tool or not, based on the authenticity.
  2. If the tool shows too many ads upfront, leave it. Too many ads will waste your time and disturb you by popping up at every step of the process.
  3. Always remember the genre of your document, some tools let you choose the genre (literary, scientific, casual, etc.) while others do not have such wide choices. Choose the one which suits you. After all, you cannot ‘titrate’ the amount of salt you used in making the soup and you cannot ‘bake’ high-density polyethylene in dry heat sterilizers.
  4. Select the tool which is quick to use and comprehensive with results. Redirecting to other pages wastes your time, and general results are not apt for professional or academic usage.
Fact Check: The pie chart below shows statistics of people who follow different online blogs for stories and other types of information. This information plays an essential role in paraphrasing.

statistics of people who follow different online blogs
Another pie chart below shows how many WordPress blogs operate in English. English is the language of international marketing, paraphrasing helps in creating different types of online blogs and content.
WordPress blogs operate in English

Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) How do you rephrase a sentence?

Answer: There are various ways to do this. You can change the words in the sentence by using synonyms, you can also change active voice to passive voice and vice-versa. The best way to paraphrase a sentence is to write it in your own words. For that, first, read the write-up twice or thrice, also read around it, refer to other material, and then write on your own.

Q #2) How do you rephrase a sentence online?

Answer: There are many sentence rephraser tools mentioned in this listicle, you can use any one of them.

Q #3) Do the sentence rephraser tools use experts to paraphrase your document?

Answer: Most of the time, no. Although you can hire experts online to paraphrase your document and one of those platforms is mentioned in the listicle, the majority of the tools use an automated algorithm to do so.

Q #4) Does paraphrasing come under plagiarism?

Answer: No. Plagiarism is copying of material and nothing such is involved in paraphrasing. So you’re safe.

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List of Top Sentence Rephraser Tools

Here is the list of sentence changer generators below:

  1. ProWritingAid
  2. Linguix
  3. WordAi
  4. Grammarly
  5. PREPOSTSEO Paraphrasing Tool
  6. Ref-N-Write
  7. QuillBot
  8. SEO Tools Centre
  10. Ginger
  11. Paraphrasing Tool
  12. SmallSEOTools
  13. Rewriter Tools
  14. Simplish

Comparison of the Best Sentence Rephrasers

Name of the platformSpecialtiesPricingOur Rating
ProWritingAidIn-depth reportsRanges from $0 to $89/year. Star_rating_5_of_5
LinguixAI-driven spell and grammar checkingFree to use, Pro: $30/month, Lifetime Plan: $108.Star_rating_4.5_of_5
WordAiPhrase and sentence level rephrasingStarter: $9/month,
Power: $27/month,
Custom enterprise plan
GrammarlySpelling and Grammar CheckingFree forever plan, Premium: $12/month, Business: $15/member/month.Star_rating_5_of_5
PREPOSTSEOChoose from several genres like fluency, creative, formal, etc.Ranges from $50-$150.Star_rating_5_of_5
QuillBotChoose from different genres like creative, formal, advanced. You can also expand and shorten the document.$4.95/month, $4.15/month billed in 6 months, $3.33/month billed yearly.Star_rating_4_of_5
GingerDesktop client$8/month, $4.99/month billed annually, $3.99/month billed bi-annually.Star_rating_3_of_5
SimplishOffers various styles of writing like legal, scientific, business, etc. $5, $10, and $25/ monthStar_rating_3_of_5

Let us get acquainted with the above-listed sentence changer generators below.

#1) ProWritingAid

Best for grammar and style checking.


ProWritingAid is a platform with the capabilities of grammar checker, style editor, reports, etc.

It can be integrated into Microsoft Word, Gmail, Windows, Mac, Google Chrome, Firefox, etc. It provides detailed reports that help you improve your writing. Security & privacy is at the core of ProWritingAid. It has customer-friendly terms and conditions. It is GDPR compliant and provides 256-bit bank-level security.

Features: Reports for issues, desktop version, plagiarism checks, integrations, etc.

Pricing: $0-$89/year

#2) Linguix

Best for AI-based paraphrasing.


Linguix is a platform that leverages advanced ChatGPT like AI models to facilitate accurate content paraphrasing. You can use the platform to rephrase entire sentences. It can break down wordy sentences to make the sentence easy to comprehend.

It also offers you word-choice recommendations to make the content look relatively more native. Besides this, the platform also assigns quality scores. This can help you assess the quality of your written text based on metrics like style, correctness, and readability.

Features: AI-based paraphrasing, content quality score, suggestions, grammar check, spell check.

Price: Pro Plan will cost $30/month whereas a lifetime plan will cost you $108. You can use the tool for free or also opt for the business plan by requesting a custom quote.

#3) WordAi

Best for Phrase and sentence level rephrasing.

Word AI

Word AI can produce high-quality rewrites that are almost indistinguishable from those written by actual human beings. The software is perhaps best for rewriting wordy sentences into more concisely written phrase. In just a single click, the software can rephrase sentences and even optimize them for their readability and uniqueness.

To make sure the content is high-quality, there is an in-built spelling and grammar checker that one can take advantage of as well. The software will easily detect and correct spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. It comes with a 3-day free trial. After the completion of this trial period, you can continue using Word AI’s services for as low as $9/month (billed annually)

Features: Can pass AI detection, One-click sentence rephrasing, API Access, in-built spelling and grammar checker, bulk article rewriting.

Price: All packages are billed annually.

  • Starter: $9/month
  • Power: $27/month
  • Custom enterprise plan
  • A 3-day free trial is also available.

#4) Grammarly

Best for AI-Powered Content Proofreading.

Simple and free to use, Grammarly is perhaps one of the most popular and widely used writing assistants out there. This online tool integrates seamlessly with browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc. to help you compose written text that is free from punctuation, spelling, and syntax error.

The platform leverages a powerful AI to correct issues in your written text as you type. It will immediately highlight any errors in your content’s body and suggest corrections to improve it. The software works great as a sentence re-phraser as well. From suggesting a more clear sentence alternatives to converting passive phrases to the active counterparts, Grammarly can do it all without a hassle.

Features: Citations, Style Guide, Analytics Dashbaord, Brand Tones, Spell and Punctuation Check. Plagiarism checker.

Price: Free forever, Premium: $12/month, Business: $15/member/month.


Best for casual write-ups, emails, newsletters, and blog content.


PREPOSTSEO’s paraphrasing tool gives you its sentence rephraser features mainly in four categories: Simple, Advanced, Fluency, Creative.

  1. Simple: This feature mainly deals with synonyms, by replacing some words with others. Sentence structure is seldom altered. It supports up to 5000 characters.
  2. Advanced: Uses synonyms in-depth and can also change the sentence structure of some sentences. There is no limit to how many words you can upload to churn out the product.
  3. Fluency: Fixes grammatical errors and makes the sentence easy to read.
  4. Creative: Uses abstract synonyms and paraphrases in complete sentences.

Other than these, PREPOSTSEO also offers tools like plagiarism check, Domain authority check, a guest post service.

Features: Paraphrasing tool, Domain authority check, plagiarism check, guest post services.

Pricing: Ranges from $50-$150.


#6) Ref-N-Write

Best for research papers, assignments, experiments


Ref-N-Write is an interesting platform. It does not particularly ‘rephrase’ your sentences, but provides different phrases which are usually used in academic documents. As you can see in the picture above, you can fill in your results in the blank space provided in the phrase.

Ref-N-Write provides academic phrases for the different sections of your text, like Introduction, Problem, Section Intro and Scope, Materials and Methods, Measurements and Calculations, Technical Statements, Errors and Discrepancies, Results (Discussion and Acknowledgements), and so on.

You can also choose from the general categories for regular assignments. These categories are Reasons, Causes & Explanations, Figures, Plots and Tables, Explain or Describe, and so on.

All-in-all, Ref-N-Write is a complete academic package that can save your precious time while writing a thesis, an experiment, and other such assignments.

Features: Phrase bank and writing ideas.

Pricing: $41.50

Website: Ref-N-Write

#7) QuillBot

Best for formal as well as informal write-ups.


QuillBot’s paraphrasing feature offers you 7 modes, which are:

  1. Standard: You can expect an exchange of synonyms and some sentence paraphrasing. Available to free users.
  2. Fluency: Tries to correct your grammar and punctuation so that your paragraph reads more fluently. The word changes are less and the focus is on easy reading.
  3. Creative: Creative mode uses a lot of synonyms to flip your word. The words used are mostly not mainstream, and it tries to change the whole voice of the paragraph.
  4. Formal: Useful for business and academic documents. It changes your paragraph’s tone to formal and uses formal words. Available to premium users.
  5. Expand: Expand your sentences by rephrasing them accordingly. Available to premium users only.
  6. Shorten: Shorten your sentences by rephrasing them accordingly. Available to premium users.
  7. Creative+: Similar to the Creative mode but enhanced. Available to premium users.

Other than these, Quiillbot also offers a grammar checker, summarizer, and extensions for MS Word, Google Docs, and Chrome.

Features: Sentence changer generator, paraphrasing tool, grammar checker, summarizer. and extensions for Chrome, Docs, and Word.

Pricing: $4.95/month, $4.15/month billed in 6 months, $3.33/month billed yearly.

Website: QuillBot


Best for informal documents, emails, newsletters.


SEO TOOLS CENTRE offers you three tools for rephrasing your sentences. They are Article Rewriter, Paraphrase tool, and Sentence Rewriter. They are the same in their function. They rephrase your sentences. You can also click on the changed words and look for different synonyms. You can also add your word instead of using the synonyms provided by the sentence changer generator.

Apart from being a sentence rephraser tool, it also provides a Social signal checker which lets you know about your social media accounts and how much are they generating or attracting traffic, a Backlink checker and extractor which can tell how many backlinks are directed towards your website and how many of them are working fine, and a Punctuation checker which can check your grammar and punctuation.

Features: Sentence rephraser, punctuation checker, social signal checker, backlink checker, and extractor.

Pricing: You can contact the website for the pricing details.



Best for casual write-ups, emails.

PARAPHRASE-ONLINE.COM is one of the simplest sentence rephraser tools you will find online. It has to offer you nothing more than magically rewriting your sentences. The website’s aesthetics are quite beautiful. You can just enter into the website, paste your material in the ‘Text Before’ box, click on the ‘Paraphrase’ twirl, and the ‘Text after’ is where you will find your rewritten stuff.

Features: Sentence changer generator.

Pricing: Free.


#10) Ginger

Best for one-liners.

Ginger (not Irish)

The catch here with Ginger is that it offers a sentence rephraser. So it literally paraphrases only 150 words. The good thing with this is that it’ll give you many alternatives to your sentence and not just one. You can choose whatever you find appropriate from those choices.

You can get your paragraphs rephrased also, but for that, you need Ginger’s desktop app. The online platform also offers a grammar and punctuation checker, a writing trainer, an essay checker, online proofreading, and other similar features.

Ginger also includes extensions for Windows, Mac, Android, Safari, Chrome, and iOS.

Features: Sentence rephraser, grammar checker, punctuation checker, writing trainer, extensions for different platforms.

Pricing: $8/month, $4.99/month billed annually, $3.99/month billed bi-annually.

Website: Ginger

#11) Paraphrasing Tool

Best for re-writes by experts.

Paraphrasing Tool

The paraphrasing tool is another very simple sentence rephraser platform. It has a paraphrasing tool that can paraphrase your paragraphs and sentences. When we checked some paragraphs on this tool, it did not work.

Anyway, it also offers paraphrasing services for long-form of text to avoid plagiarism. The paraphrasing is done through expert hands and not AI. The prices depend on the length of the text.

Apart from this, they also offer a refund policy and 30-day free revisions. You can ask them to change anything you find odd, and if it’s within 30 days, they will change it for free. They also offer writing, editing, and summarizing services.

Features: Sentence rephraser, paraphrasing for long-form of text, writing, editing, and summarizing.

Pricing: Depends on the length and type of text, but a 275 words college assignment will be paraphrased for $8.09 within 7 days.

Website: Paraphrasing Tool

#12) SmallSEOTools

Best for informal documents.


SmallSEOTools is another website offering SEO services. The sentence rephraser is simple and easy to use. It is just a one-step process. You have to paste or upload your material in the box provided and click on the ‘Rephrase Article’ button. Your article is rephrased.

The good thing is that the sentence rephraser is free and has a limit of up to 2000 words, which is the highest for any free sentence rephraser. However, the quality is not as good as the others. It does not change the tone of the sentence, nor does it change the sentence structure.

SmallSEOTools also offers various other services like grammar checker, Reverse image searcher, IP checker, Logo maker, PDF to Word converter, Internet speed test, etc.

Features: Sentence changer generator, Grammar checker, Internet speed check, Logo maker, IP checker, etc.

Pricing: Free

Website: SmallSEOTools


Best for mainly emails, newsletters, and informal write-ups.


Rewriter Tools offers three names for the same solution. You can rephrase your sentences with the help of Article Rewriter, Article Spinner, and Paraphrasing Tool. Seems odd, but it is good for SEO. Anyway, all these tools are fairly easy to use. You just have to paste your content on the space provided.

You can change the paraphrased word by clicking on it and selecting a different synonym. You can also type in your word for replacement. Rewriter Tools also offers you a word counter and a grammar checker for free.

Features: Sentence changer generator, grammar checker, word counter.

Pricing: Free.


#14) Simplish

Best for various types of documents like legal, scientific, business, etc.


Simplish’s sentence rephraser can paraphrase your material according to your standards. This means that you can choose whether to use a style that is scientific, legal, international, or creative. The free version does not let you upload the document, but you can still paste your write-up in the box provided.

Apart from paraphrasing, it is also a summarizing service. This can be used to summarize any long-form of text in a specific genre (scientific, legal, etc.)

Features: Sentence changer generator, Summarizer, a grammar checker.

Pricing: $5, $10, and $25/ month

Website: Simplish


In conclusion, sentence paraphrasing is something that everyone should know how to do. In general, paraphrasing is an evergreen skill that can help you in marketing, blogging, social media campaigns, and so on.

Paraphrasing should only be used when you are out of words or stuck in finding the proper voice. It is just hit and try, rephrasing someone else’s work and claiming it as yours is not professional. Anyone can know the difference between a ‘spun’ and an original write-up. Automated sentences and words are obviously robotic.

Anyway, tools like Quillbot will give you a good ‘spin’ for free. If you need different voices and ideas for the same sentence, you can always try Ginger. If you need to finish your assignments and projects quickly without wasting your time on repetitive verbose, you should use Ref-N-Write.

Whatever you use, use it for new ideas, and not just quick work.

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Our research process:

  • We have researched over 37 paraphrasing tools to come out with the top 10.
  • We have given over 16 hours for research/ trying and testing.
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