Top 10 BEST Employee Performance Evaluation Software In 2023

Review and comparison of top Employee Performance Evaluation Software to help you choose the best Performance Appraisal software as per your requirements:

Employees are undoubtedly an integral part of any business. They embody a valuable resource without which no business can hope to succeed or accomplish its desired goals. The time and skills hired personnel to invest in your business eventually determine the level of profits or growth it can enjoy in the future.

Therefore, it is extremely crucial to hire competent staff you can rely on to undertake the core functions of an enterprise. Once hired, it is even more fundamental to evaluate their performance periodically to ensure they are executing the tasks assigned to them in an effective and efficient manner.

Employee Performance Evaluation Software

Top Performance Evaluation Software

HR professionals used to have a tough time with performance evaluations because of their tedious and time-consuming nature. As performance evaluations traditionally happen only once a year, it was also difficult to keep track of an employee’s overall performance throughout.

Fortunately, the business world today is blessed with a number of advanced performance evaluation software that helps make this otherwise arduous process considerably convenient.

These tools excel when it comes to providing real-time data on a particular employee’s core strengths and areas of improvement. This software can be used to identify top performers, thus helping managers devise strategies to retain them. Some of the best employee performance evaluation software arm HR managers with the features they need to simplify the entire evaluation process.

Not just managers, employees can also benefit from such an intuitive tool. By providing employees with a detailed and meaningful review of their performance, such software can help align employee goals with that of the organizations, thus motivating them to do better.

In this article, we will be looking at some of the best performance evaluation systems out there, dive deep into the features they offer, check out the price at which you can deploy them, and let you decide which tools best suit your needs.


  1. Make sure the software you choose possesses a user-friendly and modern interface. It must be easy to navigate and can be used by anyone in the organization without any specific technical knowledge.
  2. Its reporting tools must be visually appealing, robust, flexible, and capable of providing employees and managers with relevant performance metrics.
  3. The reports must provide managers with rich data that helps identify top performers and areas of development.
  4. It should allow seamless integration with other tools and third-party applications for an enhanced user experience.
  5. Finally, make sure the price you pay for the tool is worth it with regards to the features being offered. The pricing plans must be clear and flexible.

Fact Check: According to the Growth Divide study conducted by Wakefield Research, almost 94% of the employees prefer their managers to provide feedback and development opportunities in real-time. Studies indicate that there is at least a 39% impact on performance if the reviews conducted are more frequent, informal, and integrated with work.

Growth Divide Study

[image source]

According to a recent Gartner poll, more than 87% of HR leaders are considering a change to their performance review tactics, owing to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) What is Performance Appraisal?

Answer: A performance appraisal refers to a process that involves assessing an employee’s productivity and effectiveness in his/her assigned role. As such, performance appraisal software facilitates an evaluation process that helps managers identify the employee’s strengths, areas of improvement and provides quick feedback.

Q #2) How are Performance Evaluation Software priced?

Answer: The pricing of a tool will depend on the nature of the software you intend to use. These solutions usually possess a flexible pricing model such as pay-per-user, pay-per-employee, or a pay-per-appraisal plan. The price will vary depending on a business’s individual requirements.

Q #3) What are some popular types of performance management systems?

Answer: Techniques such as coaching, personal development sessions, performance appraisals, SMART objectives, objective management, rewards, and incentives are just some of the most effective performance management techniques being used ubiquitously across businesses today.

Q #4) What is a performance management system?

Answer: The performance management system’s sole purpose is to track employee performance in a way that can be quantified. It basically exists to ensure employees across departments are working in the best interest of the organization. Having a robust system in place expedites the performance evaluation process, with reports delivered consistently and at a faster pace.

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• 360 Degree Feedback
• Leadership Reviews
• Performance Assessment
• 360 Degree Feedback
• HRIS System Integration
• Goal Tracking
• Payroll Management
• Staff Performance Tracking
• HR Auditing
• Enriched People Data
• Customizable set-up
• Engagement Monitoring
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List of the Best Performance Evaluation Software

Here is the list of popular Performance Appraisal software below:

  1. Trakstar (Recommended)
  2. Leapsome
  3. Reviewsnap
  4. PerformYard
  5. Bambee
  6. Peoplebox
  7. Teamflect
  8. Deel
  9. BambooHR
  10. AssessTEAM
  11. Lattice
  12. Sentrifugo
  13. Orange HRM
  14. Namely
  15. Engagedly
  16. Workday
  17. ClearCompany

Comparing Some of the Best Performance Management System

NameBest ForFees Ratings
TrakstarEnd-to-End Performance Management Solution Contact for PricingStar_rating_5_of_5
LeapsomeClosing the loop between performance, engagement, and learning. Starts from $8/user/year.
ReviewsnapA simple, customizable, and automated performance management platform.Get a quoteStar_rating_5_of_5
PerformYardModern employee evaluation solution.Starts at $5-$10 per employee per month.Star_rating_5_of_5
BambeeEmployee Relationship Management and Setting Custom HR Policies.Starting at $99/monthStar_rating_5_of_5
PeopleboxEnterprisesStarting from $7/user/monthStar_rating_5_of_5
TeamflectEmployee Performance Management in Microsoft Teams$5 to $6.5 per userStar_rating_5_of_5
DeelGlobal workforce managementStarts at $49. Free for companies with less than 200 employees. Star_rating_4.5_of_5
BambooHRFull-Service HR managementContact for PricingStar_rating_4.5_of_5
AssessTEAMPerformance Management and Productivity Analysis$1 per person per month-Basic plan
$2 per person per month-Premium plan
$3 per person per month-Enterprise plan
LatticeMaintaining a consistent feedback loopContact for pricingStar_rating_4_of_5
SentrifugoOpen Source Performance Appraisal Software.Free.Star_rating_4_of_5

Let us review the above-mentioned Performance Appraisal software below.

#1) Trakstar (Recommended)

Best for end-to-end Performance Management solutions.


Trakstar is a cloud-based end-to-end performance management solution that delivers a robust employee evaluation experience. Trakstar allows managers to customize performance reviews for teams as well as individual employees.

It aids in putting more emphasis on tasks and responsibilities assigned to employees to perform an efficient evaluation process. The tool can be used to essentially identify goals, key strengths, and development areas relevant to a team member’s specific role.

Trakstar ensures every employee in the organization gets the evaluation they deserve by sending automated email reminders to raters and displaying review action items. It also comes with a 360-degree feedback feature that makes it convenient for employees to receive constructive feedback from anyone in the organization.

Employees can even go a bit further by requesting feedback from an entity outside their team, such as a vendor or partner, with the help of an email address using Trakstar.

The software also excels by offering an impressive Goal Tracking system, which allows managers to track employee progress pertaining to the targets assigned. This can help employees focus on their tasks with well-defined performance goals.

Finally, the software also offers rich data reports that are comprehensive and visually appealing. These reports give a clearer picture of your top performers and acquaint managers with several actionable insights.


  • Customizable templates
  • 360-Degree feedback
  • Visually appealing and rich data reports and analytics
  • Set goals and track their progress
  • Seamless integrations with other applications
  • KPI monitoring

Verdict: Trakstar is a robust performance evaluation software that arms HR managers with all the tools they need to perform a competent employee evaluation process that benefits the organization and employees. It is very easy to operate and can be used to manage goals, feedback, and monitor key performance indicators.

Its 360-degree feedback feature and rich data reporting alone make it worth every penny spent.

Free Demo Available

Price: Revealed upon contact

#2) Leapsome

Best for closing the loop between performance, engagement, and learning.
Price: starting from $8/user/year.

Leapsome Performance

Leapsome is the all-in-one employee performance evaluation software that closes the loop between performance, engagement, and learning. Chosen by companies like Spotify and Northvolt, Leapsome helps HR teams scale complex people-oriented processes like performance reviews, peer feedback, leadership reviews, and much more.

The seamless interconnectivity of Leapsome’s modules helps managers connect the dots between individual achievement, employee engagement, and personal skills. Leapsome is the perfect tool to skyrocket the performance of teams as much as individuals while fostering a culture of continuous growth.


  • Perform: performance assessments, 360 feedback talks, leadership reviews, cycles and reminders, expert templates.
  • Engage: pulse surveys, peer feedback, instant praise, turnover prediction, company culture surveys
  • Align: Goal management, OKR management and analytics, superior visuals, on-platform tagging, and discussion of individual goals.
  • Learn: learning modules, skill matrix & visualization, onboarding paths.

#3) Reviewsnap

Best for a simple, customizable, and automated performance management platform.


Reviewsnap is a web-based performance management solution for everyone. It has ready-to-use templates and pre-built visual reports. It is a platform for performance reviews and 360-degree feedback.

To evaluate the performance effectively, the tool provides the facility for managers to set smart goals that are specific, attainable, measurable, time-sensitive, and realistic.


  • Reviewsnap has easy to use interface.
  • It provides features of employee engagement and 360-degree feedback.
  • It has facilities like performance notes and goal setting.
  • It has features of reporting.

Verdict: Reviewsnap offers completely automated and flexible tools. It is easy to use solution and can be used by the organization of any type & size.

Price: Reviewsnap’s live demo is available on request. You can get a quote for pricing details.

#4) PerformYard

Best for Modern employee evaluation solutions that facilitate the distinct performance goals of each organization.


PerformYard is a web-based performance management solution that provides a flexible and streamlined employee evaluation system. HR managers and leaders receive an array of modern evaluation tools that can highlight top performers for advancement opportunities and support struggling employees with quality feedback and product improvement plans.

PerformYard promotes organizational buy-in that is paramount to the success of any performance evaluation system. It does so by providing a simple employee experience, including automated email reminders, a user-friendly interface, and real-time access to beneficial feedback.

PerformYard provides dedicated customer success managers for every customer to manage them from onboarding to employee training, to ongoing support regardless of company size.


  • Reporting on performance insights to identify high performers and employees in need of further professional development.
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager to all customers regardless of size.
  • Plethora of modern performance management tools, including 360-degree feedback, continuous feedback, and goal setting.
  • Integrate with most major HRIS/Payroll systems including ADP, BambooHR, Gusto, Rippling, UKG, Paycom, Workday, and Paylocity.

Price: From $5-$10 per employee per month.

#5) Bambee

Best for Employee Relationship Management and Setting Custom HR Policies.


Bambee provides tools to assess employee performance. You get report cards, which help you determine how productive an employee is at achieving his/her designated goal. You can then use an open communication channel to directly praise or give your feedback to the employee.

Furthermore, Bambee assigns you a dedicated HR professional that is an expert at training and coaching employees. They can train them to better comply with company policies. They also make that both employee onboarding and termination are undertaken in accordance with labor laws.


  • Training and Certifying Employees
  • Staff Performance Tracking
  • HR Auditing
  • Compliant Document Storage
  • Payroll Management

Verdict: With Bambee, you get a performance evaluation service that is ideal for small businesses. With Bambee by your side, you’ll be able to assess your staff’s productivity and train them to improve their performance.

Price: Starting at $99/month

#6) Peoplebox

Best for enterprises.


Peoplebox is the next-gen Performance Management Platform that helps HR leaders to build a goal-driven culture.

It offers a comprehensive performance management solution ensuring a powerful and seamless employee evaluation process used by 500+ leading companies like HackerRank, Postman, Disney, Veriff, Razorpay and Exotel.

With Peoplebox, you can run the entire performance reviews in Slack/MS-Teams with 90% less admin and effort. Peoplebox empowers personalize performance reviews, enabling customization for both teams and individual employees.

What sets Peoplebox apart is its focus on placing OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) at the core of its functionality. By integrating with various work tools utilized by teams, Peoplebox effectively enables the identification of goals, key strengths, and development areas that are pertinent to the specific role of each team member.


  • Seamless execution of comprehensive 360-degree performance reviews across multiple platforms, including Slack, MS Teams, and the web
  • Streamlines the review process, making it more efficient and ensuring greater consistency in assessing performance with reduced administrative work. 3. Easily tie OKRs with Performance Reviews
  • Automatic reminders and nudges through Slack and emails, ensuring timely and proactive notifications for performance-related tasks
  • Auto-Schedule 1:1s with Review data
  • Real-time visibility of entire review cycle
  • Ability to set individual, team & company KPIs & track them in weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly view
  • Performance & Productivity Check-ins
  • Calibration
  • Set, align & Track Individual, Team & Company OKRs
  • Ability to set individual, team & company KPIs & track them in weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly view
  • Native Project Management with an ability to align them to OKRs
  • Ability to run business review meetings with auto-sync OKRs & KPIs.


  • Removes the need to have parallel goal tracking system
  • Deeply integrated with work tools for automation
  • Highly Customizable & Flexible
  • World-Class Customer Support
  • Designed to get maximum adoption for OKRs & Performance Reviews


  • Designed for fast-growing companies (100+ Employees)
  • Competitive Pricing

Verdict: Peoplebox is an excellent performance evaluation tool tailored specifically for enterprises. businesses can easily implement and utilize the platform to streamline their performance evaluation processes & save effort and time.

#7) Teamflect

Price: Teamflect offers a price range of $5 to $6.5 per user, depending on monthly or yearly subscriptions. Teamflect also has a free plan that offers full functionality that can be used indefinitely which allows up to 10 users.


Teamflect is an all-in-one performance management software designed specifically to work perfectly with Microsoft Teams. With complete Teams integration and a simple dashboard, Teamflect is a performance management software with a very shallow learning curve that you can roll out and start using right away.

Teamflect’s performance review module is built to streamline the performance evaluation process, letting users conduct entire review cycles without having to leave Microsoft Teams, using customizable performance review templates.


      • Customizable Performance Review Templates: Users have access to a massive library of customizable review templates, designed for different types of performance reviews.
      • 360-Degree Feedback: Integrate 360 feedback data, including feedback from external parties.
      • Goals, Tasks, and Recognitions: Teamflect users can integrate data from Teamflect’s other modules into performance reviews such as goal progression reports, task completion rates, and recognitions received during the review period.
      • Reports: Teamflect converts performance review data and results into easily digestible Power BI reports.

Verdict: Teamflect is a great performance review solution for organizations that want to streamline their performance review cycles and keep them inside Microsoft Teams.

#8) Deel

Best for Global Workforce Management.


Deel is a highly-customizable HR platform that is perfect for companies looking to manage their global workforce. The software features incredible automation and built-in compliance capabilities that let you hire and pay employees and contractors globally without breaking any international laws.

The software comes equipped with powerful analytics that is globally standardized. With the help of these analytics, you’ll be able to track important changes in your workforce like who’s in and who’s out. You’ll also be able to monitor engagement as well as streamline communication with the workforce, regardless of where in the world they are located.


      • Automate HR Workflows
      • Global Standardized Analytics
      • Track Employee onboarding, performance, etc. in real-time
      • Customizable dashboard

Verdict: Deel is a tool we highly recommend for companies that wish to simplify and streamline their global team management process. You get access to enriched people data that lets you stay up-to-speed on the performance of each employee in your workforce, regardless of where in the world they are.


There are three pricing plans. They are as follows:

      • Deel For contractors starts at $49
      • Deel for EOR Employees Starts at $599
      • Free for companies with less than 200 employees.

#9) BambooHR

Best for full-service HR management.


BambooHR is renowned in the industry for its end-to-end HR management offerings, which include everything from recruitment to compensation management. However, not many know of its equally competent performance management capabilities. BambooHR presents users with comprehensive reports that provide insight on top performers in the industry and employees that need developmental training.

It also allows managers to compare employee performance individually, department wise or across the organization in a simple and visually appealing manner.

The software allows managers to establish and track multiple goals, thus keeping them informed and notified of goal progression and completion. It also helps employees with the help of automated reminders and instant notifications that enable constant feedback that employees desire to improve their performance.


      • Create and track goals
      • Constant feedback for employees with automated reminders and notifications
      • Get comprehensive performance reports
      • Get quick feedback from anyone in the organization with pre-set questions

Verdict: BambooHR already enjoys a loyal user base due to its full-service HR management features. It is about time people also recognize this as a great performance appraisal software as well. It presents visually rich data reports with real-time goal tracking capabilities that all work together to help managers get the best out of their employees.

Free Demo Available

Price: Revealed upon contact

Website: BambooHR

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#10) AssessTEAM

Best for Performance Management and Productivity Analysis.


AssessTEAM is a cloud-based performance management software that serves businesses to analyze and improve team performance. The software comes with 1000s of professionally built performance indicators that make it easier to evaluate a team’s performance.

Employees can put forth requests for feedback and immediately receive them, thanks to automated reminders that ensure no question goes unanswered. The software can compare project budgets with pay rates for employees in real-time, thus helping acquire proper insights into the profitability and productivity of a project.


      • Easy evaluation with pre-built performance indicators
      • Deliver timely inputs to the team
      • Real-time productivity analysis
      • Timesheet tracking

Verdict: AssessTEAM is a great tool to have if you want to have proper insights into your project and team’s productivity. As such, it instantly alerts you if the project is at risk. Apart from this, it facilitates a convenient evaluation process with quick automated feedback and pre-built performance indicators.

Price: $1 per person per month-basic plan, $2 per person per month- premium, $3 per person per month–Enterprise plan

Website: AssessTEAM

#11) Lattice

Best for maintaining a consistent feedback loop.


Lattice is another great performance management tool that allows managers to reflect on their team’s performance. The tool excels when it comes to guaranteeing employees get the feedback they deserve. It helps employees gather continuous feedback from everyone in the organization, which can be harnessed to understand areas of strength and improvement.

It also presents users with data pertaining to employee performance to make sure managers have a clear picture of their organization’s productivity. The tool can be used to track goals, self-reviews, and promote employee engagement, among many other things.


      • Get feedback from peers and managers alike
      • Set and Track Goals
      • Data-rich reports and analytics on company’s culture
      • Get insight on development areas and top performers
      • Seamless Integrations with other applications

Verdict: Lattice works as a performance management tool, especially when tracking goals on a regular basis. Its ability to ensure employees get quick feedback from anyone in the organization alone makes it a worthwhile tool to have when undertaking employee performance evaluation.

Free Demo Available

Price: Request for pricing

Website: Lattice

#12) Sentrifugo

Best for open-source Performance Appraisal software for free.


Sentrifugo is an end-to-end HR management solution with a remarkable performance appraisal system. The software enables organizations to assess an employee’s performance over a specific period by helping them build their own appraisal process.

It helps provide employees with appraisal ratings, feedback, and suggestions to improve. It also helps managers set short and long-term goals whose progress can be tracked to determine a project or employee’s overall productivity.


      • Fully customizable
      • Set and track goals
      • Fully equipped performance appraisal module
      • Self-review
      • Comprehensive reports and analytics

Verdict: Sentrifugo should satisfy users who seek a performance appraisal system that can be fully customized to cater to a business’s specific needs. Its ability to set goals, present data-driven reports, and provide employees with meaningful feedback when required qualifies it as one of the best free performance appraisal software in the industry.

Price: Free

Website: Sentrifugo

#13) Orange HRM

Best for continuous Performance Tracking with advanced metrics.

Orange HRM

Orange HRM serves its duties by providing features that facilitate peer-to-peer feedback, performance reviews, and employee engagement. Powered by advanced performance tracking in the form of OKR, the software can be employed to process 360-degree workflows, customized reviews, and more.

You also get access to valuable data pertaining to employee performance, visual Org charts, and analytical reports that can be employed in the best interest of both the organization and its employees.


      • Create 360-degree workflow
      • Customized employee reviews
      • Advanced performance tracking by OKR
      • Visually arresting and easy-to-understand reporting

Verdict: With a generous monthly price, this software is ideal for small and medium businesses. It does its job of evaluating employee performance and people management well. However, it does not support integration with any third-party applications. This can be a dissuading factor for organizations looking to connect this tool with their previous software.

Price: Free 30 day trial, contact sales for pricing

Website: Orange HRM

#14) Namely

Best for customizable and flexible performance reviews.


Namely is a good HR management software that also packs in a robust talent management tool. It helps managers provide valuable feedback to employees on time with a customizable and flexible performance review system.

It can help admins set and manage goals across the organization, simplify employee assessment, define core competencies and easily collect reviews from everyone in the company. On the other hand, it also benefits employees by helping them receive quick feedback and track assigned tasks.


      • Track and manage goals
      • Customizable performance reviews
      • Get feedback from everyone in the organization
      • Run continuous performance assessments

Verdict: With configurable templates and a simplified performance assessment system, Namely is a cut above the rest. It is fully automated and easy to operate by everyone across the organization, irrespective of their technical skills.

Free Demo Available

Price: Contact for pricing

Website: Namely

#15) Engagedly

Best for performance management for high-performing employees.


Engagedly integrates elements of employee engagement to essentially reinvent and simplify the performance appraisal process. The tool facilitates continuous performance reviews and 360-degree feedback that together help employees improve.

It allows managers to set up a review process in minutes so employees can get detailed feedback and managers can get valuable insight into their company’s work culture. The software also enables the setting and tracking of goals along with a self-service portal that helps employees edit their own data.


      • 360-degree feedback
      • Goal setting
      • Skill assessment
      • Continuous performance tracking

Verdict: Engagedly encompasses everything one has come to expect from a robust performance management tool. Its generous monthly price makes it an ideal option for small enterprises. Plus, it is easy to set up and run, which is always a huge advantage to have.

Price: $5/month/user

Website: Engagedly

#16) Workday

Best for manage global teams with cloud-based software.


Workday quickly distinguished itself from other tools on this list by providing a service that aids in managing teams globally. Suffice to say, it is the performance evaluation software for businesses operating on a large scale and with a humongous workforce.

It emphasizes growth and expansion by promoting more visibility across all workforce operations. It comes with features that enable goal-setting, consistent skill assessment, and developing plans to help individual employees improve in their field.


      • Setting and tracking goals
      • Skills assessments
      • Self-service portals
      • Compensation management

Verdict: Workday helps large organizations manage teams globally right from the process of hiring until the workforce retires. It essentially employs all the fundamental evaluation tools needed and makes them more suitable for enterprises with multiple teams operating around the world.

Price: Contact for pricing

Website: Workday

#17) Clear Company

Best for automating performance evaluation system.

Clear Company

Clear Company is a great HR management software with an advanced performance management system in place. It can be used to create, automate and handle any sort of performance reviews. You can set up periodic reviews for new hires so they receive consistent feedback on a monthly basis.

It presents managers with employee data that informs them of competencies and development areas. Furthermore, the software enables timely reviews thanks to automated reminders and 360-degree reviews, which allow everyone in the organization to participate in giving their suggestions to an employee.


      • Design and manage performance reviews
      • Peer and 360-degree reviews
      • Automated reminders
      • Completion of tracking and cycle management

Verdict: Clear Company presents users with a robust, visually arresting tool that delivers an end-to-end performance management solution. Its ability to automate and customize performance reviews works in serving the interest of both organization and its employees.

Free Demo Available

Price: Contact for pricing

Website: Clear Company

Other Employee Evaluation Systems

#18) SAP SuccessFactors

Best for HR management for large enterprises.

SAP SuccessFactors incorporates the elements of human capital management to simplify the performance evaluation process. It intends to improve the response time for feedback across the entire organization so employees are treated with constant reviews of their performance. Overall, it is a tool that works to improve the productivity of a business’s workforce with an agile evaluation process.

Price: Contact for pricing

Website: SAP SuccessFactors

#19) Oracle HCM

Best for conversational UI and intuitive workflows.

Oracle HCM excels in two key performance evaluation features–Development learning and Succession planning. Apart from this, it is an easily scalable software that can handle large amounts of employee data. It also offers an exhaustive list of integrations with prominent third-party applications like Facebook, DocuSign, Google Calendar, and MailChimp among others.

Price: 30-day free trial, Contact sales for pricing

Website: Oracle HCM

#20) Eloomi

Best for design appraisals with pre-made templates.

Eloomi’s greatest strength is its ability to create visually arresting and comprehensive appraisal reports with tons of pre-made templates. It also harbors 360-degree feedback. Goal setting, automated checklists, and other features that are common with a performance evaluation tool. It also employs quality gamification strategies to engage its users.

Price: Disclosed upon request

Website: Eloomi

#21) Cornerstone OnDemand

Best for performance management and benchmarking

Cornerstone OnDemand is a performance management solution that focuses on learning and development more than anything else. It employs features such as 360-degree feedback, goal setting, performance tracking, and skills assessments to serve that very same purpose. As such, the software functions as an end-to-end solution that helps employees and organizations grow while serving each other.

Price: Disclosed upon request

Website: Cornerstone OnDemand


Gone are the days when performance evaluation was considered a time-consuming and tedious process. Solutions such as the above have helped simplify the process and align employee interests with that of the organizations.

It is easier now to create customized performance reviews, get timely feedback from virtually everyone in the organization and identify top performers and areas where employees can improve with robust performance evaluation software.

As for our recommendation, if you are looking for a fully integrated end-to-end performance evaluation software then look no further than the intuitive Trakstar. Those who seek a free tool will find the open-source Sentrifugo right up their ally. For a full-service HR management solution that also performs employee evaluation, you can opt for BambooHR.

Research Process:

      • We spent 15 hours researching and writing this article so you can have summarized and insightful information on what employee evaluation software best suits you.
      • Total employee performance management systems Researched – 29
      • Total employee performance management systems Shortlisted – 14
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