Top 10 BEST People Management Platforms of 2021 [All-in-one]

Review and comparison of top People Management Platforms to help you choose the best People Management Platform as per your requirements.:

Running an organization isn’t a child’s play, and it certainly isn’t a one-man job. Several key functions need to run smoothly on a regular basis for a business to eventually begin churning profits. These processes cannot run alone, they need people to run them.

The talent or employees you hire are undoubtedly an integral part of your organization. They have to be motivated constantly to perform their duties in the best interest of the business.

You also need to gather important data that provides you with valuable insight into your team’s core strengths and development areas. A business will have a tough time accomplishing its goals if there isn’t a clear line of communication between managers and employees. This is where people management software comes into play.

People Management Software

An effective people management strategy is important for the development of both employees and the organization. Good people management software can help in implementing an HR system that makes the act of collaborating, managing, and engaging with a company’s workforce convenient.

People Management Platforms

People management Platform simplifies the management of a diverse workforce by effectively bringing the entire team together under one robust system. It ensures there are no communication gaps, assigning and tracking goals is simple, comprehensive reports are presented on performance, and effective coaching strategies are implemented to help employees improve or develop new skills.

In this article, we will be looking into some of the best people management tools being used today. The below list was curated after experiencing each of them first-hand. So we feel confident in claiming that these tools are some of the best employee management systems in the industry with regards to their UI, features, pricing, and overall customer reception.

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  1. The UI must be clean, attractive, and easy to use. All of its salient features must be readily accessible and the tool itself must be simple to operate and master.
  2. It must harbor features designed to promote employee engagement and productivity.
  3. It must provide its users with a robust and secure employee database to maintain records. These records must be easily accessible with the help of filters and keywords.
  4. It must empower employees with the ability to provide and receive feedback in a timely and consistent manner.
  5. Useful real-time reporting and analytics are a fundamental part of good people management software. Make sure the reporting is visually impressive and rich with important data pertaining to employees.
  6. The tool must promote seamless integration with third-party applications for an enhanced user experience.
  7. Finally, the pricing must be clear, flexible, and within your budget.
Fact-Check: The Predictive Index conducted a survey to find out what people management skills did managers lack the most. The result found that there were 5 key skills that surveyed employees believed their managers lacked.

Predictive Index

Nearly 28% believed their managers lacked team-building skills, almost 17% believed they lacked feedback skills, 14% of employees believed their managers lacked time management skills, whereas 10% believed their managers lacked delegation skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) What is People Management?

Answer: People management refers to managing all kinds of activities and processes affiliated with an organization’s hired talent. The system involves effectively managing one’s workforce while also empowering them with growth and development opportunities.

Q #2) What is the core purpose of Employee Management Software?

Answer: Employee Management Software exists to ensure employees are performing at optimal levels with regard to achieving organizational goals. To put it more succinctly, such software help in aligning employee goals with that of the organization.

Q #3) What kind of information do People Management Software track?

Answer: This software helps HR managers keep track of employee data pertaining to salary details, general information, medical information, attendance/leave records, productivity scores, and more.

Q #4) What is a 360-Degree Feedback Process?

Answer: A 360-Degree feedback process is a system with which employees receive constructive feedback from not only their superiors but also from peers and other concerned parties in the organization as well. Many advanced talent management tools come with this feature incorporated into their software.

Q #5) What are some functions that benefit from implementing robust people management software?

Answer: An organization can benefit greatly from an improved company-wide feedback process, enhanced employee engagement, real-time reporting, objective setting, and a well-conceived coaching system with the help of robust people management software.

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List Of The Top People Management Platforms

Here is the list of popular People Management Software :

  1. Trackstar (Recommended)
  2. Reviewsnap
  3. Lattice
  4. Leapsome
  5. Zoho People
  6. Hibob
  7. Connectteam
  8. Gusto
  9. Workday
  10. BamooHR
  11. PeopleSoft

Comparing Some Of The Best People Management Software

NameBest ForFees Ratings
TrakstarEnd-to-End Cloud-Based People ManagementContact for PricingStar_rating_5_of_5
ReviewsnapA simple, customizable, and automated performance management platform.Get a quoteStar_rating_5_of_5
LatticeEngagement Driven People ManagementContact for pricingStar_rating_4_of_5
LeapsomePerformance Management and Productivity AnalysisRequest Custom Price Quote, Starts at $7 per user, per month Star_rating_4.5_of_5
Zoho PeopleIntuitive HR System for Workforce Management and Engagement30-day free trial, free plan for 5 users, Pricing starts at $0.83 per user per monthStar_rating_4_of_5
HibobCreating Customizable Workflows for Timely and Simplified ApprovalsCustom Pricing PlanStar_rating_4_of_5

Let us review the above-listed software below.

#1) Trakstar (Recommended)

Trakstar is best for end-to-end cloud-based people management.


Trakstar is a cloud-based fully automated platform that performs several people management functions such as employee engagement, performance management, recruiting, coaching, and more. It arms HR managers with the tools required to simplify the employee management process right from recruitment to an employee’s exit from the organization.

The software offers a performance management tool that creates a culture of consistent feedback in a company. Managers are also presented with visually comprehensive data-rich reports that provide actionable insights. The insights can be used to find top performers, compare employee performance and identify areas of improvement.

Trakstar also helps in the training and development of hired talents with the help of its learning management tool. Managers can create training courses with various types of multimedia content, such as videos, audio, and text documents. Managers can also employ quiz and skill assessment programs to test an employee’s knowledge.

Furthermore, Trakstar can be used to discover the best candidates with its advanced applicant tracking system. It is also easier for organizations to keep their employees engaged and productive, as Trakstar allows managers to conduct periodically scheduled engagement surveys that reveal information that can be harnessed to motivate and retain top performers.


  • Create customized performance reviews
  • 360-Degree feedback
  • Set-up training courses with multimedia coaching content
  • Schedule regular engagement surveys
  • Applicant tracking

Verdict: Trakstar offers fully integrated software that capably covers all vital aspects of a competent people management system. It can be deployed by companies to keep track of their talent’s performance, create a culture of consistent feedback, get visual reports with actionable insights, and conduct scheduled surveys to keep employees happy and motivated.

Free Demo Available

Price: Contact for pricing

#2) Reviewsnap

Reviewsnap is Best for a simple, customizable, and automated performance management platform.


Reviewsnap is an online employee evaluation platform. It simplifies performance management. It offers all the features and functionalities required for enhancing and streamlining the performance management process.


  • Reviewsnap provides pre-built visual reports.
  • It has multi-rater 360-degree feedback.
  • It offers many more functionalities like performance notes and goal setting.
  • It has ready-to-use review templates.

Verdict: Reviewsnap is a fully automated platform that offers easy-to-use and flexible tools. It is suitable for organizations of all sizes and types. As per reviews, it is easy to set up as well as use.

Price: You can get a quote for pricing details. A live demo will be available on request.

#3) Lattice

Best for engagement-driven people management.


Lattice is an intelligent people management platform that emphasizes employee development and engagement. It possesses a 360-degree feedback feature that allows peers and managers to review a particular employee’s performance. Lattice helps managers set a consistent and transparent culture of feedback wherein an employee is recognized for their exceptional performance.

It presents users with reports that inform organizations on their workforce’s core strengths and improvement areas. Lattice can also be used to set, track and manage goals in real-time. The tool also facilitates 1:1 meetings between supervisors and employees with more focus on productive aspects of a conversation, such as goals, feedback, and growth plans.


  • 360-Degree feedback
  • Data-rich visual reports
  • Set, track, and manage goals
  • Seamless integration with other prominent software

Verdict: With its ability to create an organization-wide consistent culture of feedback, Lattice motivates employees in accomplishing goals specific to their role in the organization. It is an intuitive tool that can be employed to not only manage talent but also develop them with the help of constructive feedback.

Free Demo Available

Price: Request for pricing

Website: Lattice

#4) Leapsome

Best for all-in-one Performance Management and Learning Management.


Leapsome is a full-service people management software that excels in the department of performance and learning management. It automates the process of people management right from onboarding of new hires to employee exits. It empowers managers with all the tools needed to drive employee engagement and lead their teams towards a common goal.

It features a 360-degree feedback feature that allows an employee to receive feedback from peers and managers alike. It is also easy to set and track goals to test your employee’s productivity levels. It also integrates seamlessly with your company’s existing software such as Slack or Jira to build a competent communication channel.

Furthermore, Leapsome helps managers create learning content in the form of video, audio, text documents, etc. from internal material or by bringing curated third-party content into a firm’s personal library. Employees can be guided with fully customizable curriculums, thus creating a more personalized learning experience.


  • Facilitates personalized learning management
  • 360-degree management
  • Fully automated processes
  • Engagement surveys.

Verdict: Leapsome empowers managers with an automated system that promotes employee engagement and development by offering fundamental people management tools. With the help of customizable curriculums, scheduled engagement surveys, and constant feedback, Leapsome helps organizations better communicate and manage their hired talent.

Free Demo Available

Price: Request custom price quote. Starts at $7 per user, per month.

Website: Leapsome

#5) Zoho People

Best for intuitive HR System for workforce management and engagement.

Zoho People

Zoho People provide managers with intuitive software that focuses on bridging communication gaps to promote employee growth, welfare, and productivity. Zoho takes care of these by establishing virtual channels that keep track of important discussions between employees, departments, and teams.

Managers can also use Zoho People to provide constructive feedback to employees with a simplified performance review process. It also harbors a digital timesheet system and chat groups, which makes resolving conflicts simple and efficient.

Zoho also helps managers set goals and track their progress, map the personal and professional growth of their teams and create coaching programs that help in employee development.


  • Performance tracking
  • Conflict resolution
  • Goal setting
  • Create learning programs for employees

Verdict: Zoho People should satisfy managers who seek all the essential tools needed to perform people management functions competently. It delivers software that is convenient in tracking employee performance, setting goals, promoting consistent feedback, and devising learning programs that help employees improve their performance and develop a sense of loyalty towards their organization.

Price: 30-day free trial, free plan for 5 users. Pricing starts at $0.83 per user per month.

Website: Zoho People

#6) Hibob

Best for creating customizable workflows for timely and simplified approvals.


Hibob is an end-to-end HR/people management software that helps users simplify and automate their HR essential processes. It does so with the help of an attractive user-friendly UI and tons of advanced features. Hibob allows managers to streamline the entire HR process by automating approval cycles with just a click.

It provides fully automated workflows that can be customized completely to ensure all processes are being executed in a timely manner by the right people. It presents users with real-time data and analytical reports that provide actionable insight into the company and employee performance.

Hibob customizable workflows also help in the smooth onboarding of employees. The software also helps in tracking work cycles, attendance reports, and managing employee holidays and sick leaves in compliance with personalized employee policies.


  • Automated performance management
  • Fully customizable and automated workflows
  • Real-Time Data on employee performance
  • Goals setting

Verdict: Hibob is a great people management tool with robust performance management capabilities. However, its impressive ability to customize and automate workflows that simplify several fundamental HR functions really stands amidst its many core functions. We highly recommend this tool if you want to create workflows that enable easy onboarding, performance reviews, and time tracking.

Free Demo Available

Price: Custom pricing plan

Website: Hibob

#7) Connectteam

Best for the mobile-friendly app for people management.


Connectteam is an application that facilitates people management on the go. It is an all-in-one fully customizable solution that simplifies employee communication. It helps managers track employee work hours on projects with the help of map display and GPS.

The software also helps managers assign duties to employees and schedule shifts. Moreover, the app can be used to receive feedback from employees in real-time. Furthermore, the software helps increase productivity with the help of custom checklists, forms, and reports. Managers can also set up knowledge and training centers within the app, which can be accessed by employees anytime and anywhere.


  • Track and manage employee time clock
  • Schedule shifts and assign jobs
  • Mobile-first custom checklists, forms, and reports
  • Employee training and knowledge center

Verdict: Connectteam provides managers with a mobile app that helps simplify processes associated with employee management. It arms managers with multiple effective ways to communicate and engage with their employees. It is also free to use for up to 50 users, making it a compelling tool for small enterprises.

Price: Free plan for up to 50 users, $39/month- Basic, $79/month – Advanced, $159/month – Expert.

Website: Connectteam

#8) Gusto

Best for payroll management and time tracking.


Gusto is a cloud-based HR management tool that emphasizes payroll management and time tracking. It can automatically calculate and file local, state, and federal taxes on an HR manager’s behalf, thus simplifying the payroll process. You also get more than 3500 medical, dental, and vision plans via Gusto’s licensed advisors. This makes Gusto a very effective tool to manage employee health insurance.

Managers can use Gusto to track the time Employees spent on projects and get a detailed cost report of their wages, taxes, and more. Managers can also customize their time-off policies in accordance with their team’s needs.

Apart from this, the tool also offers a smooth team-building feature that enables sending offer letters, manage employee onboarding and set up employee accounts with the help of forms and compliance policies provided by Gusto.


  • Payroll management
  • Easy employee onboarding
  • Time tracking
  • Offer affordable health and financial benefits to the team.

Verdict: Gusto is an ideal tool for small and medium-sized enterprises that manage their payroll and HR functions without a special department. It is very easy to use and is especially useful when calculating taxes and managing employee benefits, such as health insurance.

Price: $6/month per person – Basic plan, $12/month per person – for a complete plan.

Website: Gusto

#9) Workday

Best for an employee management system for large enterprises.


Workday provides an effective talent management solution that facilitates recruiting and team building. It does so with a combination of features such as head-count visualization, supporting regulations for notice periods and probation, and financial planning/ analysis.

Workday has a very clean interface and is very simple to use. Apart from this, it provides managers with tools that enable goal setting, skills assessment, and compensation management to ensure employees stay motivated and productive.


  • Employee skills assessment
  • Compensation management
  • Financial trend analysis
  • Goals setting

Verdict: Workday is an ideal employee management solution for medium and large-sized enterprises. It is very easy to set up and possesses a clean clutter-free interface. Its reporting feature may not be as promising as its other functions, but it is still a good solution to manage employees right from their onboarding to eventual exit.

2.30-minute demo available

Price: Contact for pricing

Website: Workday

#10) BambooHR

Best for full-service HR Management.

Bamboo HR

BambooHR is a complete HRMS solution with people management being one of its core functions. As such, the software privileges features that simplify hiring, onboarding, training, performance review, and compensation.

The tool makes it very simple to collect, manage, and analyze data pertaining to employees. The software also comes with an intuitive mobile app that allows users to partake in all of its features on the go.

Other functions BambooHR performs include benefit tracking, applicant tracking system, company branding, advanced performance reporting, and creating customized workflows, among many others.


  • Applicant tracking system
  • Goals setting and tracking
  • Employee training
  • Data-rich reporting

Verdict: With its exhaustive list of HRM features offered at a reasonable price, BambooHR delivers a people management solution that is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses alike. It offers a user-friendly interface that can help even novice employees get used to the tool in no time.

Ultimately, its accurate reporting capabilities make it one of the best people management platforms in the industry today.

Free Demo Available

Price: Revealed upon contact

Website: BambooHR

#11) PeopleSoft

Best for human capital management.


Owned by Oracle, PeopleSoft is a SaaS solution that enables people management with a ton of key features. These features include pension administration, payroll management, recruiting and onboarding, time tracking, compensation management, and more.

The software has only improved in recent years by incorporating new features that enhance the user experience. However, the system is plagued by frequent downtimes and time-outs that can dissuade users from the tool.

Verdict: The software is very easy to set up and does not require any additional skills from its users. Although it performs all of its employee management functions competently, the frequent downtimes did affect our user experience a bit.

Price: Contact for pricing

Website: PeopleSoft

Other People Management Platforms

#12) Workable

Best for all-in-one talent acquisition.

Workable is an AI-powered talent-hiring software that tracks an applicant’s journey throughout the hiring process. The software allows you to source talent by submitting job posts to over 200 sites with just one click. The software also enables team collaborations to evaluate applicants, share feedback, and hire the right candidate. The software also automates all manual tasks associated with recruitment.

Price: Contact for pricing

Website: Workable

#13) Lanteria

Best for full-service HR Management for medium and large companies.

Lanteria is software that streamlines vital HR processes with five modules. It emphasizes recruiting, performance review, training, time tracking, and core HR functions to deliver a robust people management solution. The software can also be integrated with many popular third-party applications like office 365 and Linkedin for an enhanced user experience.

Free Demo Available

Price: Custom pricing revealed upon request.

Website: Lanteria HR

#14) Kissflow

Best for end-to-end cloud-based HR management.

Kissflow provides a comprehensive solution that takes care of core people management processes right from onboarding to retirement. It possesses useful features such as time-tracking, applicant tracking, onboarding, performance management, leave requests, and much more. It integrates seamlessly with many third-party applications like SAP, DocuSign, and more.

Free Demo Available

Price: Contact for pricing

Website: Kissflow HR Cloud

#15) Paycor

Best for recruiting and Payroll management.

Paycor delivers a much-focused HR solution that prioritizes the recruitment, coaching, payment, and retention of hired talent. It successfully combines core HR processes with an automated payroll function that simplifies the payment process. It takes care of everything itself so you don’t have to waste time manually updating employee information.

Price: Revealed upon request

Website: Paycor

#16) Zenefits

Best for all-in-one people management.

Zenefits is a full-service HR management solution that incorporates everything managers need to establish a robust employee management process. You will find features such as employee onboarding, PTO management, compensation management, and more in Zenefits. The software also harbors built-in compliance features that automate almost all tasks related to compliance and government filings.

Price: Essential – $8/month per employee, Growth – $14/month per employee, Zen – $21/month per employee.

Website: Zenefits


A business cannot function without its most valuable resource–People. An organization might have the best infrastructure and well-conceived strategies. However, these aspects are ultimately obsolete if the organization doesn’t possess the workforce needed to handle them efficiently.

Organizations must partake in effectively managing their workforce right from hiring to eventual retirement. They must invest enough time and money to ensure employees are happy and motivated while performing their duties.

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These functions are considerably simplified with the help of robust people management software. All the above-mentioned tools offer something or the other to ensure companies have an efficient employee management system in place.

As for our recommendations, if you are looking for an automated, fully integrated people management solution then look no further than Trakstar. For a full-service HR management solution that also enables people management, you can opt for the services of Zoho People.

Research Process

  • We spent 18 hours researching and writing this article so you can have summarized and insightful information on what people management platform will best suit you.
  • Total people management platforms Researched – 30
  • Total people management platforms Shortlisted – 14
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