12 Best Free Online Slideshow Maker Software [2023 Ranking]

Explore the top online Slideshow Maker software with pricing and comparison and select the best Photo or Video Slideshow Maker:

Slideshow Maker software is an application for creating the presentation or videos of the multimedia formats for the audience. It presents the multimedia format in a sequence decided by you. It will let you include text, images, or videos.

Some tools will allow you to add music and special effects to these presentations so that it will be visually appealing and engaging.

Slideshow Maker

Slideshow Maker Software

Fact Check: Venngage presentation statistics say that presentations are used for summarizing complex information, entertaining & inspiring the audience, telling a story, or sharing a case study. 8-9% of presenters find it challenging to find a design or template that will stand out. Hence, slideshow makers with a good design library will be helpful for those creating presentations.

The below image shows that almost 66% of presenters design the presentations on their own.

 Design the presentations

Pro Tip: While choosing the slideshow maker software, identify the use cases that the tool is specially designed for, such as business presentations, personal use, bloggers, social media, etc. This will help you in choosing the right software as per your requirement. Other factors that should also be considered during selection are ease of use, price, design library, compatibility, and shareability of the tool.

Few more points to be considered while choosing the slideshow maker software are as follows:

  • Identify whether the tool is a desktop application or a cloud-based application.
  • Features of the tool.
  • Supported platforms or browsers.
  • Is there a free trial or free plan available for the tool?
  • If you are planning to use the free tool, then you should consider the limitations of the tool. Example: Some tools allow a limited number of videos to be created, some tools have limitations on the file upload size, etc.
  • Output formats that are supported for the created slideshows or videos.
  • The facility to upload the created presentation or slideshow to the social media directly from the software itself.

General features that a good slideshow maker should have:

To create visually stunning slideshows that can be run across devices, you will need software with more functionalities within a budget. A good solution will provide the design library, shareability, simplicity, and compatibility. For creating the presentations, you will need templates, images, music, etc. hence a good design library is required.

A tool with a good design library will provide a lot of professional templates & effects, music tracks, stunning animation effects, etc. A music slideshow maker will let you add the pics of your choice with your favorite tunes.

Some advanced tools like SmartSHOW 3D offer a lot of animation effects that will let you add motion and lighting to the still pictures. A simple drag-and-drop interface will let you experiment with these animation effects and can be combined in a lot of ways.

3D slideshow makers help create slideshows with fantastic 3D effects for photos and captions. These features will make the movies spectacular.

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We have shortlisted the top twelve slideshow maker software. The list includes various types such as free slideshow makers with music, picture slideshow maker, video slideshow maker, online slideshow maker, etc.

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List of Top Slideshow Maker Software

Here is the list of popular Slideshow Software:

  1. SmartSHOW 3D
  2. Canva
  3. Aiseesoft Slideshow Creator
  4. PixTeller
  5. Adobe Express
  6. Clideo
  7. Renderforest
  8. Smilebox
  9. Kizoa
  10. Animoto
  11. NCH Software
  12. Placeit
  13. Kpwing
  14. InVideo

Comparison of Best Slideshow Software Tools

NameOur RatingsBest forPlatform Free TrialPrice
SmartSHOW 3D

Star_rating_5_of_5Making slideshows easily.WindowsAvailableStandard: $39.90 & Deluxe: $59.50

Canva Logo
Star_rating_5_of_5Making a slideshow for free.The online tool, iOS, & Android.Available for 30 daysFree plan,
Pro: $12.95/month
Aiseesoft Slideshow Creator

Aiseesoft Logo
Star_rating_5_of_5Powerful editing functionsWindowsAvailable$53.32 for a lifetime license.

Star_rating_5_of_5Easy and Quick Slideshow creationOnlineAvailablePro Plan: $7/month,
Diamond Plan: $12/month
Adobe Express

Star_rating_5_of_5Making social graphics, short videos, and web pages.Online & iOS.Available for 14 days.Starter plan free, Individual: $9.99/month, etc.

Star_rating_4.5_of_5Editing video files, images, & GIFs online.Online toolNoFree plan,
Pro plan $9/month or $72/year

Star_rating_4.5_of_5Creating elegant slideshowsOnline.No.Free plan, Price starts at $6.99/month

Let’s review the software listed above:

#1) SmartSHOW 3D

Best for making slideshows easily.


SmartSHOW 3D is a slideshow maker that offers the functionalities to create 3D movies using photos, videos, and music. It will let you convert photo movies to any video format. It supports the Windows platform. Its drag-and-drop interface will make it easier to apply animation effects.


  • SmartSHOW 3D provides more than 600 professional templates and effects.
  • It will let you add voice comments, captions, title clips, and even 3D collages.
  • It has more than 200 amazing music tracks.
  • It supports more than 400 animation effects.

Verdict: SmartSHOW 3D is a 3D movie maker for the Windows platform. It has slideshow templates, 3D effects, animation effects, music, etc. It can be used by everyone for creating animated slideshows with photos, videos, and music.

Price: SmartSHOW 3D’s free trial is available to download. It is available in two versions, Standard ($39.90) and Deluxe ($59.50).

#2) Canva

Best for making slideshows for free.


Canva offers a slideshow maker that has an editor and templates. It will let you add your photos and videos to create a slideshow. Canva is a graphic design platform that offers various design types and templates. It has a facility to create graphs & charts and edit photos. It is a tool for creating business cards, presentations, resumes, posters, etc.


  • Canva slideshow maker will let you add a soundtrack to your slideshow.
  • Canva has a library with millions of photos, images, icons, etc.
  • You will be able to customize your slideshow by selecting the background, font style, color scheme, etc.
  • It has a music library,
  • It has a photo editor and various font combinations.

Verdict: Canva offers a slideshow maker that will let you create the slideshows easily. It is an online tool and available for free. Its mobile app is available for iOS and Android devices. No special skills are required to use this tool.

Price: Canva offers a free plan for individuals and small teams. It offers two more plans, Pro ($12.95/month for 5 people) and Enterprise (get a quote). You can try it for free for 30 days.

#3) Aiseesoft Slideshow Creator

Best for powerful editing functions.

Aiseesoft Slideshow Creator

Aiseesoft Slideshow Creator is a tool for making engaging movies using pictures, videos, and music. It supports all types of images such as TIF, JFIF, JPEG, etc. It will let you add your narration or audio files to set as a background. It is easy to use and a movie can be created in three simple steps, adding file, editing style, and creating a slideshow.


  • Aiseesoft Slideshow Creator has powerful editing functions including adjustment of visual effects.
  • You can cut the clips from large videos.
  • It offers a lot of ready-made themes.
  • It provides the facility to save the slideshow for later modification.
  • It contains many more features such as fast & slow-motion video playback, setting image duration, Pan & zoom photo, etc.

Verdict: Aiseesoft Slideshow Creator has a lot of powerful features and it is extremely easy to use. You can make use of ready-made themes or can create yours. You can preview the video in full screen with this tool.

Price: Aiseesoft Slideshow Creator’s lifetime license is available for $53.32. It is also available with two other bundle solutions.

#4) PixTeller

Best for Easy and Quick Slideshow creation.


PixTeller is an online image editor and animation maker that also excels at creating slideshows. You can use this software to merge images, texts, and shapes in order to create compelling slideshows in a matter of minutes.

Each photo frame you use to create your slideshow can be customized. You also get a ton of pre-designed slideshow templates to rely on just in case you wish to save time.


  • More than a million illustrations to choose from
  • Sizeable collection of slideshow templates
  • Frame by Frame Photo Customization
  • Add Effects and Filters.

Verdict: Creating slideshows is as easy as a walk in the park when you are using PixTeller. You get all the tools you need to design and customize your slideshows as per your wish. The premade templates can further help you save time and create slideshows at a moment’s notice.


  • Free edition with limited features
  • Pro Plan: $7/month
  • Diamond Plan: $12/month

#5) Adobe Express

Best for making social graphics, short videos, and web pages.


Adobe Express is a tool for creating graphics, web pages, and video stories. It will let you share your created story through social media. It is an online tool. The mobile app is available for iOS devices. Your work will get automatically synced across the web and a mobile app. Adobe Express has three modules, Spark Post for creating graphics, Spark Page for creating beautiful web stories, and Spark Video for creating video stories.


  • Adobe Express offers a variety of fonts for every occasion and is designed professionally.
  • It will let you choose the photos from your collection or on the web. It supports Adobe Creative Cloud, Lightroom CC, Dropbox, or Google Photos.
  • It has a wide variety of layouts, colors, and fonts.

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Verdict: Adobe Express is an online tool for creating social graphics and short videos. It will let you share the videos on social media. Adobe Spark is available in three mobile apps, Spark Post, Spark Page, and Spark Video.

Price: Adobe Express offers a free trial for 14 days. It offers the solution with three pricing plans, Team ($19.99 per month), Individual ($9.99 per month), and Starter Plan (Free).

Website: Adobe Express

#6) Clideo

Best for editing video files, images, & GIFs online.


Clideo is an online tool for making videos. It has functions for editing video files, images, and GIFs. It is an all-in-one platform to perform various functions like compressing, resizing, merging videos. It has a video maker and slideshow maker. With Clideo, you can choose the output format as per your requirement.


  • Clideo will let you create the slideshow with music.
  • It can work with any format such as JPEG, PNG, MP4, AVG, etc.
  • It is a completely secure platform and will delete all the input files immediately after use.
  • It will let you crop the video and select the duration for images.

Verdict: Clideo offers an online platform that contains various easy-to-use video tools. It has a video converter and an Mp3 converter. You can compress the video or add subtitles to it. It is fast and easy to use.

Price: The tool can be used for free. Its paid plans are also available, Monthly ($9 per month) and Annual ($72 per year). Paid plans will allow you to work with unlimited videos.

Website: Clideo

#7) Renderforest

Best for creating elegant slideshows.


Renderforest is an online tool for making videos, logos, and websites. This online slideshow maker will let you create slideshows for personal as well as business use. It will let you add music to slideshows.

It has five main categories and a lot of sub-categories for video templates. You will be able to easily navigate through these categories. It provides a user-friendly editor, customizable color palettes, and a facility to add images, videos, music, and sound.


  • Renderforest provides easily customizable scenes that will help you with creating engaging videos.
  • Its mockup templates have a wide variety of layouts.
  • It has professional graphic design templates.
  • It provides customizable website templates.

Verdict: Renderforest is an online tool for creating various types of videos such as explainer & promotional. It has slideshow templates in every style. It is an all-in-one branding package that has a video maker, logo maker, mockup maker, website maker, and graphic maker.

Price: Renderforest offers five subscription plans, a Free plan, Lite ($6.99/month), Amateur ($7.99/month), Pro ($15.99/month), and Agency ($39.99/month). All these prices are for annual billing.

Website: Renderforest

#8) Smilebox

Best for easily creating and sharing slideshows.


Smilebox is a tool for creating slideshows, invites, cards, flyers, and collages. It will let you add the music to the slideshow. It has templates suitable for all stories. The tool will let you add the photos, songs, and personalized captions of your choice to the slideshow. You will be able to easily share them with family and friends.


  • Smilebox offers templates for every occasion.
  • It is simple, fast, and easy to use.
  • It provides unlimited storage for storing your photos and slideshows.
  • It will let you add your logos or business info.

Verdict: Smilebox slideshow maker is easy to use and can be used by anyone. It is an online tool and can be used for free. It offers the features of unlimited storage, custom music, and business signature.

Price: Smilebox can be used for free. As per reviews, Smilebox has Pro plan, that may cost you $7.99 per month.

Website: Smilebox

#9) Kizoa

Best for creating slideshows that can be adapted on any screen.


Kizoa is an online tool for editing and making videos. It offers a lot of templates and effects. It supports seven different formats for creating slideshows. This facility will make a slideshow to get adapted on any screen or platform such as tablet, TV, smartphone, computer screen, etc. It has an intelligent cropping tool.


  • Kizoa has all the tools that are required for displaying the slideshow on TV, computer screen, video projector, mobile device, etc.
  • Kizoa’s intelligent cropping tool will let you edit the photos as per your requirement and that too without cutting the parts of photos.
  • It will allow you to download the slideshows in various formats such as MP4, AVI, MOV, etc.
  • It will let you share the videos online.

Verdict: Kizoa is the only tool that supports seven formats for creating slideshows. It has a lot of special effects and templates suitable for various occasions.

Price: Kizoa offers a Basic plan for free. It has four more pricing plans, Starter ($29.99), Creator ($49.99), Professional ($99.99), and Business ($299.99). These prices are for lifetime premium membership.

Website: Kizoa

#10) Animoto

Best for creating unlimited videos for free.


Animoto is a video maker that will let you create and share videos. You can choose the photos and videos of your choice and add music while creating a slideshow. It offers a drag-and-drop video maker. Its professional account has advanced features and is suitable for businesses.


  • Animoto has a huge music library of licensed music.
  • With paid plans, you will get access to more than 3000 licensed music tracks and 40+ professional fonts.
  • It has more than 1 million commercially licensed photos as well as videos from Getty Images.
  • It supports unlimited video creation, downloading, social sharing, and music library with all the plans.

Verdict: Animoto is easy to use and can be used by anyone. It is a tool with powerful features. It is available for free for creating unlimited videos. Its paid plans will let you create branded videos.

Price: Animoto offers a free plan for unlimited videos. It is available for free forever. It has two more pricing plans, Professional ($15 per month) and Team ($39 per month). All these prices are for annual billing. Monthly billing plans are also available.

Website: Animoto

#11) NCH Software

Best for creating a photo slideshow.

NCH Software

NCH Software offers a photo slideshow maker, PhotoStage. It has an easy to use slideshow wizard to add themes, slides, and soundtrack. It will let you add a soundtrack or narration. It has the functions for complete photo optimization and amazing audio tools. It supports the full HD format such as 720p and 1080p. It supports Windows and Mac platforms.


  • PhotoStage Slideshow Software has image editing tools to work with brightness, saturation, etc.
  • It will let you save or share the slideshow on DVD or YouTube, etc.
  • You can add narration, captions, etc. to the slideshow.
  • You can add photos and videos to the slideshows.
  • It has various options for photo transitions and effects.

Verdict: NCH Software offers a solution that is easy-to-use and full of effects. It has a tool for enhancing the photos. It supports various formats for exporting the video slideshows such as MOV, MP4, etc. It has a facility to upload the slideshow directly to YouTube, Vimeo, and Flickr.

Price: PhotoStage offers a free version. The Pro Edition is available at $39.95 and Home Edition is for $29.99.

Website: NCH Software

#12) Placeit

Best for creating videos for web, presentations, and tutorials.


Placeit offers a slideshow maker with features of easy customization, a lot of templates, and ease of use. Its amazing design templates will help you with building your brand images easily. It will let you share the videos on social media.


  • Placeit will let you preview the full video. You can even preview each slide separately.
  • You can add music to your slideshow.
  • It will allow you to customize the design templates.
  • You can add some special effects to the screen.

Verdict: With Placeit it is easier to add slides, music, and animated graphics to the slideshow. You will get many types of slideshow video makers with this platform so that you can create videos for web, presentations, and tutorials.

Price: Placeit has a Monthly plan ($14.95 per month) as well as an Annual plan ($89.69 per year).

Website: Placeit

Additional Slideshow Software

#13) Kpwing

Kpwing is an online tool for creating slideshows. You can create a slideshow of photos or videos. It supports Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Chromebooks. It has been designed for beginners. It will let you export the videos that are 1 hour long. You can make the content private. It offers a free plan. Its Pro plan is available for $20 per month.

Website: Kpwing

#14) InVideo

InVideo offers a powerful and fully customizable slideshow maker. It is an online tool and offers a lot of images, text boxes, stickers, etc. It provides the features of the video library, power transitions, multiple layers, automated voice-overs, intelligent frames, and multilingual videos.

You can add the audio from the library of copy-right-free music tracks. InVideo can be used for free forever. It has two more pricing plans, Business ($10 per month, billed annually) and Unlimited ($30 per month, billed annually).

Website: InVideo


Using the slideshow maker will speed up the process. These tools are easier to use than other complicated software. It offers various functionalities, from editing images to adding special effects, music, etc. A good slideshow maker will provide pre-built templates, sharing & collaboration options, media support, graphical assets like images, and presentation options.

A tool that offers sensational animation effects, stylish slide transitions, a rich tool-kit for creating the professional slideshow, and a facility to share video slideshows everywhere is our top recommended solution, i.e. SmartSHOW 3D. It has all the functionalities of a professional-level slideshow maker, still; it is user-friendly and an intuitive tool.

Some of the best free slideshow makers on our list are Adobe Spark, Clideo, Renderforest, Canva, Smilebox, Animoto, Kizoa, PhotoStage, Kpwing, and InVideo. We hope this article has helped you with finding the right slideshow maker software.

Research process:

  • Time taken to research and write this article: 28 Hours
  • Total tools researched online: 28
  • Top tools shortlisted for review: 12
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