How To Do A Voiceover On Google Slides?

This tutorial explains how to do a Voiceover on Google Slides and why Google Slides is your best choice to create presentations:

Presentation is considered an effective and efficient way to present data to the audience and make a complex topic easier.

Earlier, it was a pretty cumbersome task to do thorough research and then prepare a presentation, but now, it has become much easier to present data with the latest software that are easily available in the market.

In this article, we will discuss how to add voiceover to Google Slides.

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Voiceover on Google Slides

How to do a Voiceover on Google Slides

Why Should You Prefer Google Slides

You might have seen that most people prefer downloaded editors on their system to create presentations. But now, Google has come up with an amazing solution that allows users to work with the most advanced features irrespective of the configurations of their system.

One such software offered by Google is to create presentations in Google Slides. Let us now discuss why it will be your best choice to create presentations for your audience.

#1) Browser-Based

The most important feature of Google Slides is that it is a browser-based software that allows users to efficiently work on the browser and avoid downloading the entire software on their system. This solves system configuration issues for most of the users.

#2) Cloud and Drive Sync

Now there is no need to save the files on your system, and neither you need to attach the files whenever you want to share these files with someone for personal or professional use. As with Google Slides, you can share the link, and the receiver can click on the provided link and view your presentation easily.

Earlier users used to complain that they could not save their presentation on the system when the system accidentally shuts down in the middle, but with the feature of cloud sync in hand, the data is saved on the drive and can be retrieved easily when needed.

#3) Online Features and Themes

Besides having numerous general features, including PowerPoint, the browser-based software also has some exceptional features that make it easier for the users to use and manage the saved files easily.

#4) Direct Search Column

Creating a presentation is a hectic task as it requires an ample amount of research. And before Google Slides, an ample amount of time was also invested in making the presentation attractive. But with the help of a search column in Google Slides, the users can research and represent on the same platform easily and that too in no time.

#5) Accessible

One of the most useful features of the browser-based software is that it allows easy accessibility, so users can log in and access the required files from any location and from any device. Such a feature makes it easy for the users to access files rather than carrying physical storage devices around.

How To Add A Voiceover On Google Slides

Google Slides allows users to directly add audio from Google drive to their presentation.

Follow the steps listed below to add a voiceover on the Google slide:

  • Open the Sound Recorder on your mobile phone, choose the audio and add it to the drive. You can also use an online audio recorder in such a situation.

How to add a voiceover on Google Slides

  • Open Chrome and then click on the Apps icon as displayed in the image below, then click on “Slides“.


  • Open slide and click on “Insert” then click on audio as displayed below.

insert audio

  • A window will appear as below. Select the audio and then click on “Select“.


  • A small audio icon will appear on the screen, and when you click on it, you will see its properties.


By using the steps mentioned above, you can learn how to record voice on Google Slides.

Create Presentation Like a Pro: Useful Tips

Presentations can help you build a different image of yourself in the eyes of the viewers. Also, presentation is the best way to simplify and understand a lump of data because reading a file that is full of text is really annoying. Therefore, people prefer using presentations.

Let us discuss some tips to finish your presentation like a Pro:

  1. Whenever you are adding audio or recording to your slide, then remember to add subtitles or transcript in the comment section. This makes the audio understandable for users who cannot catch the flow of the audio.
  2. I always prefer using a layout on one end with images and the other end with text, as it makes the presentation much more interactive and grasping.
  3. If you have to show various numerical values and data, then prefer using charts because it makes the numerical data easily understandable.
  4. Prefer dot charts and pie charts for growth and comparison data as it makes it much simpler to comprehend.
  5. Please prefer using themes for the entire presentation. Else it will create some sort of instability between various slides.
  6. Based on your content, assign the slide change time at the time of slideshow, set it initially as 3 seconds and then 2 seconds for ten words. But do not exceed the slide shift limit to more than 8 seconds.
  7. Whenever you are sending your presentation to someone, then make sure to send the PDF of it too, as it makes it easier for them to point and check a smaller section.
  8. Use creative and interactive titles for your slides as it gives the viewer a greater reason to read the content.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) Can you record your voice on Google Slides?

Answer: Yes, you can easily record your voice.

Q #2) How do you put a voiceover on Google Slide?

Answer: Follow the steps listed below:

  1. Open the slide in which you want to add audio.
  2. Click on Inset and then click on audio.
  3. Select the Audio from your Google Drive.
  4. Now the audio icon will appear, select the changes in audio settings and save the slide.

Q #3) Why can’t I add audio to the Google slide?

Answer: There might be some Internet issues or other related issues. Try reloading Google Slides and then add audio to it.

Q #4) How do you record a voice on Google?

Answer: Various audio recording websites allow you to record videos for free. Still, sometimes there are privacy issues, so you can record audio on your phone and save it on your drive.

Q #5) How can I record my voice online?

Answer: You can visit various online voice recording websites, making it easier for you to record voice online.

Q #6) Can you do a voiceover on PowerPoint?

Answer: You can add a voice on PowerPoint by using the Insert option present on the toolbar. This will allow you to add audio.


Many users face issues while using the software to create presentations, as their system configuration does not match the minimal requirement. But things have changed a lot with the introduction of browser-based applications, now anyone can access the advanced features that the software offers.

In this article, we have discussed one such browser-based software known as Google Slides and have also learned how to add a voice recording to Google Slides.