5 Best SAP Job Scheduling Software (SAP Job Scheduler) 2023

Explore this list of the top SAP Job Scheduling Software for streamlining your workflows, along with a comparison for your review:

A typical SAP job scheduling software is used to schedule several temporary and intermittent jobs that usually run unattended. Their primary function is to control the flow of workloads or jobs. The software does so by making the monitoring and management of these workloads considerably simple.

Job scheduling software is extremely valuable, especially for businesses with limited manpower.

These software can help both small and medium-sized enterprises manage labor costs while simultaneously optimizing computer resources and improving SLAs. This software helps businesses assemble tasks into end-to-end processes after automating them.

SAP Job Scheduling Software – Review

Top SAP Job Scheduling Software

This tool can support multiple applications, so it is easier for organizations to manage complex workflows across all departments. In this article, we intend to shed light on software that can seamlessly integrate with the SAP ecosystem to help your business schedule jobs.

Now there are a plethora of options available out there when it comes to SAP Job Schedulers. This makes the job of finding software that is right for you unnecessarily confusing and challenging.

As such, we would like to recommend a list of top SAP scheduling software that comes loaded with advanced features capable of streamlining your workflows.

SAP job scheduling

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The list will cover the software regarding its functionality, features, price, and benefits, so you can ultimately decide which software to opt for and which of the listed options you would like to skip.

Market Trends: According to a report published by kbv Research, the workload scheduling and automation market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 10.1% and could stand at $3.6 billion by 2026.

Top SAP Job Scheduling Software2

Expert Advice:

  • To find a suitable SAP planning & scheduling software for your business, we would first recommend you determine what purpose you want the job scheduler to serve.
  • Make sure it possesses the features needed to help your business.
  • Make sure the software offers you an easy-to-use interface to create schedules.
  • Compare two to three SAP automation solutions side-by-side with regard to their functionality, usability, features, and price to determine which software best caters to your organization’s specific needs.
  • It should integrate seamlessly with ERP Systems.
  • Finally, go for tools that offer flexible pricing plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) What is SAP Job Scheduling Service?

Answer: SAP Job Scheduling services allow you to define and then manage jobs that either run once or on a recurring schedule.

The software’s primary role is to make the management and monitoring of workload easier for organizations. It does so by automating tasks and assembling them into end-to-end processes. This software is extremely beneficial for small and medium-sized enterprises that are often running on low manpower.

Q #2) What is SAP Redwood?

Answer: Redwood, a popular job automation and scheduling software, also offers SAP Central Process Scheduling applications. This application basically extends the benefits that the SAP Solution Manager Application is known for.

The software creates a fully controlled process automation environment by adding a powerful automation infrastructure across a business’s entire application landscape.

Q #3) Which software is best for Job Scheduling?

Answer: There are multiple software out there that claim to be great for job scheduling. However, only a few actually do justice to the features they offer.

Given below is a short list of software that are phenomenal SAP Job Schedulers:

  • Redwood RunMyJobs
  • Stonebranch
  • JAMS Scheduler
  • Tidal Software
  • SAP Job Scheduling Service

Q #4) What is SAP Batch Job?

Answer: A batch job in SAP can be defined as a scheduled background program that can run regularly without any human intervention. Batch jobs have more allocated memory than their counterpart jobs that often run in the foreground.

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Q #5) How do you schedule a Standard Job in SAP?

Answer: It is quite simple to schedule a standard job in SAP and will require the following steps:

  • First, log in to the system as a batchuser.
  • Go to transaction SM36.
  • Select Default Scheduling.
  • All SAP Default jobs will be scheduled.
  • You can check by going to SM37 and logging into the system as batchuser.

Benefits of SAP Job Scheduling

Using an SAP job scheduler can be extremely beneficial for IT teams and businesses. Some of its most prominent benefits are as follows:

  • Agile and automated scheduling of jobs and processes.
  • Support integrations that streamline workload and processes.
  • The event-driven architecture of some solutions allows customizing of jobs.
  • Improved monitoring and notification systems.
  • Save costs by avoiding expenses on unnecessary tools and their license fees.
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List of the Best SAP Job Scheduling Software

Popular SAP Job Scheduling Service list:

  1. ActiveBatch (Recommended)
  2. Redwood RunMyJobs (Recommended)
  3. Stonebranch
  4. JAMS Scheduler
  5. Tidal Software

Comparing the Best SAP Job Scheduler

NameBest forSupportDeploymentRatings
ActiveBatchCross-Platform Job SchedulingFAQ, email support, live chat, knowledge baseOn-premises, Cloud-based & Hybrid5/5
Redwood RunMyJobsAchieve Real-time Results by Coordinating SAP and Non SAP JobsPhone, live chat, 24/7 rep, email supportSaaS, On-premises, Cloud-based & Hybrid5/5
StonebranchAgile Workload AutomationPhone, live chat, email supportCloud-based4.8/5
JAMS SchedulerSupport Cross-Platform Job DependencyFAQ, email support, live chat, knowledge baseOn-premise, Cloud-based4.5/5
Tidal SoftwareJob Scheduling OptimizerPhone and email supportOn-premises, Cloud-based & Hybrid4.5/5

Detailed review:

#1) ActiveBatch (Recommended)

Best for cross-platform job scheduling.


ActiveBatch is yet another powerful job scheduling software that quickly distinguishes itself from other tools of its kind due to its event-driven architecture. The software comes with advanced scheduling capabilities that can easily orchestrate and manage complex workloads. The software excels at monitoring IT processes in real-time.

ActiveBatch offers you the privilege to monitor scheduled jobs in real-time. The software also presents users with detailed reports which make it further easier to streamline and simplify job workflows. Another area where ActiveBatch works is in the integration department.

Aside from SAP, ActiveBatch integrates smoothly with other data warehousing, business processes, and infrastructure automation solutions.


  • Automated hand-offs.
  • Constraint-based scheduling.
  • Set event triggers for IT and business tasks.
  • Supports granular date/time scheduling.


  • Comes with a drag-and-drop builder for easy workload orchestration.
  • Event triggers keep manual intervention at bay.
  • Facilitates self-service job scheduling.
  • Prevents SLA breaches and job failures with IT process monitoring.


  • More suitable for IT, Systems, or Operations professionals.

Verdict: ActiveBatch by Redwood’s advanced job scheduling capabilities and feature-rich and event-driven architecture makes it a worthwhile tool to check out. You stand to save a lot of time and money using ActiveBatch to simplify and automate complex workloads.

Price: Contact for a quote.

#2) Redwood RunMyJobs (Recommended)

Best for achieving real-time results by coordinating SAP and Non-SAP Jobs.


Redwood RunMyJobs offers a fantastic single cloud-based job scheduling solution that can manage any background job running in your SAP system. The application boasts a familiar, low-code SAP BPA user interface that can support the complete process lifecycle, thanks to simple promotion between production environments, development, and test.

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You get a drag-and-drop editor along with an extensive library of templates that helps in creating jobs within minutes. The software mainly excels due to its enabling of event-driven job scheduling for enterprises.

Redwood allows you to coordinate process chains across your entire SAP ERP, even with the presence of several time zones, instances, and servers.


  • Managed File Transfers
  • Event-based job scheduling
  • Streamlined and low-code development
  • Coordinate SAP ERP data with non-SAP applications


  • Allows you to safe and convenient move files between external systems and programs.
  • Run processes in real-time in response to real-time events.
  • Easily add customizable prerequisites and branching paths.
  • Schedule jobs across multiple time zones.
  • Integrated audit trails and source control rollback.


  • Better suited for technical users.

Verdict: With Redwood, you get an enormous library of connectors and wizards that enable the quick and simple creation of jobs. It overcomes several challenges that normally plague SAP scheduling tools to streamline the task of orchestrating disparate processes and applications.

As such, it earns its place at the very top of my list as a tool with phenomenal SAP job scheduling and Workload automation capabilities.

Price: Contact for a quote.

#3) Stonebranch

Best for Agile Workload Automation.

SAP Job Scheduling Service

Stonebranch is another great SAP job scheduler that is also very simple to use. The tool comes loaded with features that surpass the limitations that have restricted several other SAP job scheduling tools in the past. This software allows you to schedule jobs on both SAP NetWeaver and SAP S/4 Hana simultaneously.

The software arms its users with a powerful visual drag-and-drop builder that allows you to create complex workflows capable of running jobs across the entire SAP ecosystem and other third-party applications. Stonebranch also allows you to tackle IT violations with the help of dashboards and insightful audit trail reports.

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  • Create jobs from a traditional web-based browser or standard SAP interface.
  • Visual drag-and-drop workflow designer.
  • The event-based system triggers to run automation in real-time.
  • Managed File Transfers.
  • Load balance between cloud SAP systems with a cloud cluster.


  • Very simple task with automated capabilities.
  • Ideal for workflow monitoring.
  • Supports public, private, and hybrid-cloud environments.
  • No software installation within your SAP instance.
  • Easy error handling.


  • More suitable for large enterprises than smaller businesses.

Verdict: Stonebranch’s job scheduling software simplifies the way SAP end-to-end business processes are defined and managed to attain optimal SAP acceleration. The software allows you to trigger and monitor SAP business processes on the basis of SAP events in real-time. This is a great SAP advanced planning and scheduling software for you to try.

Price: Contact for a quote.

Website: Stonebranch

#4) JAMS Scheduler

Best for supporting cross-platform Job Dependency.

JAMS Scheduler

The Integration of JAMS with SAP yields a ton of very fruitful benefits. First and foremost, you get an application that supports cross-platform and cross-application job dependency. The tool facilitates easy enterprise-wide job scheduling with a single point of control.

Simply put, JAMS makes the task of executing a job on SAP servers look like a walk in the park.

JAMS ensures that all SAP processes are executed efficiently, thus leaving enough room for business managers to deal with more pressing issues. The response triggered by JAMS to events is exceptionally immediate, thus helping you save valuable time and money.


  • Automate processes like process chains, ABAP programs, etc.
  • Orchestrate event-driven job processing.
  • Supports multiple SAP instances and environments.
  • Monitor and Manage dependencies between external processes and SAP.


  • Comprehensive workload automation.
  • Event-based scheduling and integrated workflows.
  • Can reduce training and maintenance costs.
  • Facilitates point-and-click selection of SAP Job variables.


  • Documentation needs serious work.

Verdict: JAMS is an SAP job scheduler that comes packed with industry-grade scheduling capabilities. It works on several accounts, including when it comes to exception-based management, enhanced manageability, and role-based security.

Price: Contact for a quote.

Website: JAMS Scheduler

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#5) Tidal Software

Best for Job Scheduling Optimizer.


Tidal Software provides its users with a comprehensive suite of adaptors that are almost the entirety of SAP’s ecosystem. The software is integrated seamlessly with both legacy SAP systems as well as newer solutions along with Java and ABAP technology stacks. The software shines for workload automation and is very easy to use.

As of today, the SAP automation solution can automate over a million workloads for organizations with limited manpower. Another thing that makes Tidal Software so remarkable is its ability to adjust workflow on-premise, in the cloud, and on hybrid servers.


  • Comes with a component that facilitates event resolution.
  • Automate, control, monitor, and schedule workload across different frameworks.
  • 24/7 supportive network.
  • Cross-application job orchestration.


  • Highly customizable.
  • No custom prearranging is required.
  • Supports integration with multiple applications.
  • Facilitates on-premise, cloud, and hybrid automation tasks.


  • More visualization options would’ve been nice.

Verdict: Tidal Software’s integration for SAP offers businesses a job scheduler that possesses advanced job scheduling capabilities. This makes the software capable of facilitating cross-application orchestration and easier management of sophisticated workloads.

Price: Contact for a quote.

Website: Tidal Software


In today’s corporate environment, where businesses have become ruthlessly competitive, adopting new technologies to keep workloads streamlined is no longer something to be ignored. Fortunately, it is not difficult to accomplish that with a good, reliable, and feature-rich SAP job scheduling software by your side.

The above-mentioned software work phenomenally well with SAP to both ease and automate your workload while also providing you with tools that allow you to schedule jobs without a hassle.

As per our recommendation, we suggest you give Redwood RunMyJob, ActiveBranch by Redwood and Stonebranch a chance, largely because of their features and useful association with SAP.

Research Process:

  • We spent 9 hours researching and writing this article so you can have summarized and insightful information on which SAP Job Scheduling Software you should check out.
  • Total SAP Job Scheduling Software Researched: 15
  • Total SAP Job Scheduling Software Shortlisted: 5
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