Top 8 Best Free Online Schedule Maker Tools [2023 Rankings]

Comprehensive Review and Comparison of the Best Free Online Schedule Maker Software suitable for Personal, Business or Educational Purposes:

Creating a schedule helps you keep track of important activities in life. Schedules remind you of what you need to do and at what time. They also serve as a record of what you have done in the past. A schedule will serve as a filter against distracters, helping you to achieve important milestones in life.

You can use an online schedule maker to create visually appealing schedules. Using the software will help save time and effort in managing tasks.

There are so many scheduler apps available in the market and selecting the best one is not an easy task. To help you in the selection, we have reviewed for you eight apps that we think are the best ones of the bunch.

best schedule maker

Market Trends: The global scheduling software market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 9.3 percent between 2019 and 2026. The market is expected to reach 45.8 billion by 2025.

Estimated Global Scheduling Software Market Size 2017 – 2025:

Estimated Global Scheduling Software Market Size 2017 - 2025

Expert Advice: Scheduler applications have different features and functions. You should pick an app after assessing specific needs that you want the app to solve. Look for an app that will let you accomplish tasks easily and quickly. Additionally, you should also consider app compatibility with your device.

FAQs About Schedule Maker Tools

Q #1) What is a Scheduler Maker app?

Answer: A scheduler maker application can be defined as an app that is used for creating, automating, and managing activities. The scheduling software can be a desktop application or an online application.

A desktop scheduler app saves data on a local system whereas, online apps save data on the cloud. This means you can use an online scheduler app anywhere, anytime, with any internet-connected device.

Q #2) What are the uses of a Scheduler App?

Answer: A scheduler app can be used for different purposes. You can use a free class schedule maker to schedule classes, assignments, and tests. A scheduler app can also be used to efficiently manage employee tasks. Additionally, it can also be used for keeping track of business or medical appointments.

Q #3) What are the general features of the tool?

Answer: Scheduling applications have different features. Most scheduling apps let you schedule daily, monthly, weekly, and yearly tasks. Some apps also send you automated reminders and notifications through SMS or emails. These apps can also have features for printing schedules and reports.

Q #4) Can the scheduler app be used on a smartphone?

Answer: You can use a scheduler app on your Android or iPhone smartphone. Most smartphone scheduler apps support a sync feature that copies data on the cloud. In this way, you can use the scheduler app on different devices that are connected to the Internet.

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List of Popular Schedule Maker Software

  1. Canva
  2. Free College Schedule Maker
  3. Schedule Builder
  4. Adobe Spark
  5. Visme
  6. Doodle
  7. College Schedule Maker
  8. Coursicle

Comparison of Top 5 Schedule Maker Apps

Best Scheduler SoftwareCore FunctionPlatformFeaturesPriceRatings

Canva Logo
Design a customized schedule for personal or business useWeb-based·  Create weekly schedules
·  Save and share schedules
·  Change images and fonts
·  Share and collaborate with team
Basic: Free
Paid: $9.95 and $30 per user per month
30-day free trial.
Free College Schedule Maker

Logo Free College Schedule Maker
Create weekly class schedulesWeb-based·  Print schedule
·  Create and save unlimited schedules
·  Save schedule as an image
·  Import/Export schedule

Schedule Builder

Logo Schedule Builder
Create daily and weekly schedules for any activityWeb-based·  Print schedule
·  Save up to five schedule
·  Share schedule
·  Multiple languages | English, Dutch, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish
·  Save schedule as an image and PDF
·  Import/Export schedule
Adobe Spark

Logo Adobe Spark
Design a customized schedule for personal or business useWeb-based·  Design customized schedule
·  Add logo
·  Add/edit sections
·  Save, share, or print schedule

Logo Visme
Design customized daily, weekly, and monthly schedulesWeb-based·  100 MB – 25 GB storage
·  Save schedule as an image, PDF, or HTML5
·  Charts and widgets
·  Record audio
·  Privacy control
Free for creating 5 schedules for personal use
Paid for personal use: $14 - $25 per month
Paid for business use: $25 - $75 per month
Paid for educational use: $30 - $60 per semester
Custom packages available for businesses and schools

#1) Canva

Canva – Best for Designing a professional-quality weekly schedule online.

Price: Canva is available in different price packages. The free version supports 8000+ free templates, 100+ designs, and +100 design types, and more. The Pro version contains more templates, photos, and graphics. It also lets you create customized templates and upload logos and fonts.

The Enterprise version allows you to establish brand identity with the brand kits, manage teams, create workflows, and protect the design from other teams.

Canva Pricing


Canva lets you design and creates professional-quality schedules. You can create weekly schedules using the template editor. The tool lets you publish, download, and share schedules. You can adjust, crop, or use filters to customize the built-in schedule templates.


  • Create weekly schedules
  • Save and share schedules
  • Change images and fonts
  • Share and collaborate with the team

Verdict: Canva is a professional online schedule builder that is great for both personal and professional use. The scheduler builder has loads of design options that let you create a quality schedule that you can print or share online.

#2) Free College Schedule Maker

Best for: Creating weekly class schedules for free on any internet-connected device.

Price: Free

Free College Schedule Maker

Free College Schedule Maker is a web-based application that lets you create weekly class schedules for free. You can save schedules on your computer. You can import your saved schedule if you want to modify the courses.

With the free college schedule maker, you can customize the schedule by changing the start day of the week, time increment duration, and clock type (12-hour/24-hour). You can also customize the look of the schedule by enabling/disabling the border, minimizing schedule height, and displaying weekends.


  • Create weekly class schedules
  • Print schedules
  • Export to save a schedule on the computer
  • Import to load a schedule saved on a computer
  • Save schedule as an image

Verdict: Free College Schedule Maker is a simple and easy-to-use classroom scheduler. The online tool will help you keep track of your schedules while on the go. You can use any internet-connected device to create and view schedules.

Website: Free College Schedule Maker

#3) Schedule Builder

Best for: Creating daily and weekly schedules for any activity – work, class, appointments, and holiday – for free online.

Price: Free

Schedule Builder

Schedule builder is yet another great scheduling app that you can use to create schedules online for free. The application lets you create up to five daily or weekly schedules. You save the schedule as an image or PDF file. You can also print the schedule on paper.

The application supports nine languages, including English, French, Swedish, Russian, and others. Here, you can customize the schedule by selecting a custom background image. There are also video guides that can walk you through the steps for creating a schedule.


  • Print schedule
  • Save up to five schedules
  • Share schedule
  • Save the schedule as an image and PDF
  • Import/Export Schedule

Verdict: Schedule builder is a great tool to schedule almost anything. It supports great customization options, allowing you to set a background image, start and ending week, and title. You can also save, export, share, and print the schedule. Overall, this is one of the best scheduling apps with all the features that are required to create and manage tasks.

Website: Schedule Builder

#4) Adobe Spark

Best for: Designing professional daily, weekly, or yearly schedules for free on any platform.

Price: Free

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is a web-based free application where you can design your schedule. You can create class schedules, business schedules, or personal schedules using the online scheduling app.

The application lets you create customized schedules by selecting your image, texts, and logos. You can select a layout, add text, and resize documents. You can review the design and make changes using a simple drag-and-drop interface.


  • Design customized schedule
  • Logo, typography, and imagery support
  • Add/edit sections
  • Save, share, or print the schedule

Verdict: Adobe Spark is geared more towards professional users. If you have a creative flair, you can use the online application to create your scheduler app. The application lets you customize schedules down to the letter. The powerful design tool lets you add a business logo, background image, and customized text. You can also print and share the schedule with others.

Website: Adobe Spark

#5) Visme

Best for: Designing customized schedules for personal, business, and education use.

Price: Visme is available in different price packages for personal, corporate, and educational use. Individuals can design up to 5 schedules with the basic free version. The paid package ranges between $14 and $75 per month for different types of users. Details of the paid price packages for personal, business, and education use are depicted in the images below.

Visme Price Package Individual

Visme Price Package Business

Visme Price Package Education


Visme is another designer tool for creating customized schedules online. The application lets you create professionally-designed schedules with customized layouts, themes, and colors. You can share the schedule with specific people or publish schedules on social media. Additionally, you can embed Visme content into your website.


  • 100 MB – 25 GB storage
  • Save schedule as an image, PDF, or HTML5
  • Charts and widgets
  • Record audio
  • Privacy control

Verdict: Visme is a schedule designing app that lets you create professional-quality schedules for personal, business, or educational use. The free tool helps you create up to five schedules. You can opt for the paid version that supports 15+projects, templates, charts, privacy controls, and much more.

Website: Visme

#6) Doodle

Best for: Creating a weekly or monthly schedule for personal, educational, and professional use.

Price: Doodle is available in four different packages. The free version lets you create customized schedules for different occasions. You can select the paid version if you want advanced options, such as Zapier integration, notifications, a bookable calendar, a customized logo, and more.

You can test the paid version of the online scheduler app for 14-days. Details of the paid packages are depicted in the image below.

Doodle Pricing


Doodle is a popular online app for creating personal or professional schedules. You can create monthly or weekly schedules using the application. The paid version supports advanced features like adding a logo, custom branding, and third-party app integration.


  • Create weekly or monthly schedules
  • Sync meetings to calendars
  • Reminders
  • Zapier integration
  • Doodle Bot for Slack

Verdict: Doodle is a professional scheduler that meets the need of both professional and personal users. The application can be used for creating simple weekly and monthly schedules. Most reviewers have praised the app for its ease of use in creating professional schedules. Some also think that the user page is a bit bland and could use more artwork and colors.

Website: Doodle

#7) College Schedule Maker

Best for: Creating a class schedule for free on any platform online.

Price: Free.

College Schedule Maker

College Schedule Maker, as the name suggests, is ideal for creating class schedules. The application lets you add a subject, time, course type, location, and instructor name. You can set the scheduler increment time by 30 minutes or an hour. The application can also be used for planning classroom activities.

You can save your schedule as an image or print the schedule. The online scheduler can be used on any device with an Internet connection. You can use the app both on your desktop PC and smartphone.


  • Create daily/weekly schedules
  • Customize color scheme
  • Save as image
  • Import/export schedule
  • Print schedule

Verdict: College Schedule Maker is ideal for students to organize and remember their assignments, meetings, and even break time. The scheduler is simple and easy to use. Apart from using the online scheduler for planning the timetable, you can also use this versatile online scheduler for event and life planning.

Website: College Schedule Maker

#8) Coursicle

Best for: Creating a college schedule for free on any device connected to the Internet.

Price: Free.


Coursicle is a college schedule maker that can be used for creating weekly class schedules online. The online app has a simple, easy-to-use interface. The application lets you add your college and search for courses to the weekly scheduler. You can also specify a custom start and end date and time for the scheduler.


  • Create a customized college schedule
  • Add courses for supported colleges
  • Customize color and default time/days
  • Print and save schedules

Verdict: Coursicle is a great free online app for scheduling college coursework. A unique feature of the app is the ability to add your college and individual courses.

Website: Coursicle


We have reviewed scheduler apps that are suitable for different purposes. If you want to create a class schedule, the best tools include Coursicle, College Schedule Maker, and Schedule Builder.

Professionals and businesses that want to design custom schedules can select Adobe Spark, Visme, Canva, and Doodle. You will have an easier time selecting the best scheduling tool after reading our review of these tools in this blog post.

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