Top 15 Best Free VPN For Windows in 2023

List and Comparison of the Best free VPN For Windows Systems:

A VPN is a group of digital technologies that are used to create a private/secure network by linking the computer to each other.

Online privacy is every user’s right and they do not need to pay for it.

These free VPN guarantee for security, private surfing and free of charge. VPN will help the user to increase Internet speed, avoid unnecessary network traffic and suspicious malware online attacks.


What’s the catch about Windows VPN?

In Windows operating systems, there is a possibility of online threats or malware attacks.

Hence the Windows VPN becomes a great feature for any Windows OS user if they want to maintain data security and privacy. Even if it is for work or personal use, the user is able to connect to a virtual private network on your Windows.

A VPN connection takes the responsibility to provide a secure connection to the company’s network and the internet, For Example, if you’re working from a tea shop or any public place. The below-listed Window’s VPN is efficient in cost saving and network scalability.

As Windows is the most widely used operating system by many users, it gives them an extra advantage of secured web access and maintains their privacy. The routing of data and information is processed through the carrier networks.

The overall process of this linking and data transfer gives a view to the user that all the computer are actually linked to each other in real time.

These Window’s VPN ensure that the data transferred through it remain secure and confidential, the customer who is sending data needs approved authentication to decrypt and the message integrity remains intact while the transfer of data as VPN doesn’t allow easy access to an outside network.

Working Principle of VPN

VPN helps to create a secured network among organizations for safe transfer of data and communications. Therefore, when users connect their computers or any digital device to the specified VPN, the system behaves just as both system and VPN are on the same local network.

The user can also use the Internet actively as both VPN and user are on the same network.

Two types of VPN are remote access VPN and site-to-site VPN. VPN uses IPsec and SSL technology to connect computers.

Features of VPN

Mentioned below are some of the features that every VPN should possess:

  1. VPN should provide secure access to users anytime and anywhere.
  2. VPN installation & setup, configuration, maintenance should be simple and easy.
  3. It should not be too costly, so that maximum organizations can afford it.
  4. VPN should have high performance, no daily issues, and lagging.
  5. It should be user-friendly, secure and highly flexible.

Advantages of VPN:

Few advantages of VPN include:

  1. Establishing a connection with VPN enhances the data security and encryption of data, thus the outside network cannot affect any data.
  2. VPN provides rich feature of remote accessibility, which is highly beneficial for organizations as any user can access data from anywhere which in turn increases productivity.
  3. Sharing of files and information is far more easy and fast.
  4. VPN allows the user to access websites anonymously.
  5. VPN helps to change the IP address from anywhere and cost reduction is achieved largely for companies.


Q #1) Which are the Best Free VPN for Windows?

Answer: Nord VPN, Tunnel Bear VPN, HotSpot Shield, IPVanish VPN, etc.

Q #2) Is VPN safe to use or not?

Answer: VPN is safe as well as not safe at times. It actually depends on the one who runs the server. The person who owns the VPN logs the data and if the connection is not encrypted then it is not safe as it may lead to exposing the data.

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Q #3) How do I set up a VPN on Windows?

Answer: In the search bar type VPN and select it. Then enter the IP address for establishing a connection. Then enter a user name, password and click connect. Then navigate to the security tab for selecting the type of VPN.

Q #4) Does Windows 10 come with a VPN?

Answer: Yes, but we need to configure the VPN before using it.

Q #5) Can anyone track you if you use a VPN?

Answer: If the user is doing anything illegal over the Internet then it can be traced even though you use a VPN.

Q #6) Are free VPN apps for Windows Safe?

Answer: Yes, they are indeed safe to use. It provides an option to the user to try out the services provided by the VPN providers in a specific bandwidth of the time.

Q #7) Can users use a Window VPN on multiple devices?

Answer: Yes, Windows VPN can be connected to your house or workplace router, so that multiple devices sharing a single network will be protected from malicious threats.

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Top 15 Best Free VPN For Windows Systems

Enlisted below are the top Free VPN that are available in the market.

Comparison Table of Top Windows VPN Platforms

This table will help you to choose which Windows VPN is best suited for your work.

VPNPerformance RatingPricing ModelVPN Tunnel PreferredTotal IP AddressLanguage Support

nordvpn logo
4.9/5HighPPTP/SSTP9000 +English

IPVanish VPN
4.9/5MediumPPTP/L2TP40,000 +English

4.9/5High----Multiple languages including English.

express VPN
4.8/5HighPPTP30,000 +English, Dutch, Turkish, Swedish.

4.7/5MediumPPTP14,000 +English, Swedish

4.6/5MediumL2TP24,000 +English, Polish
Atlas VPN

4.5/5Medium----English and 10 other languages
Hotspot Shield

HotSpot VPN
4.4/5HighL2TP/SSTP32,000 +English

2,00,000 +English, Dutch, Turkish
Buffered VPN

4.2/5LowPPTP/L2TP/SSTP70,000 +English

VPN Area
4.5/5MediumPPTP/L2TP60,000 +English
Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access
4.5/5LowPPTP/L2TP/SSTP/IKEv242000 +Dutch, Swedish, Polish

Let’s review each of them in detail!!

#1) NordVPN

Rating: 9.5/10.
Tagline: The Internet with no borders.

nordvpn logo

NordVPN is a popular and effective virtual private network. NordVPN software gives high-level security to its customers from online and malicious threats. It has encrypted code which is safe and there is no outside logging policy thus the user’s usage and activity cannot be traced by an outsider.

Nord VPN dashboard

It offers multiple platform support, mobile safety and maintains data confidentiality. It has many useful features for anonymous research and testing.


  • NordVPN provides military-grade encryption for cyber safety along with double VPN networks all wrapped in a single click.
  • It has a good feature of the kill switch, hence the privacy of organization data is not compromised at any cost.
  • It takes extra care of its DNS leaks so that your user IP address cannot be visible.
  • It can connect around six devices on many platform types and executes very fast.
  • Cash and cryptocurrencies are accepted by NordVPN and come with support for the Netflix account.


  • Torrenting in Nord is restricted to only a few servers and it comes with a very slow speed particularly in Malaysia.
  • Configuration for OpenVPN is not simple and user-friendly thus resulting in slow working connections for the server.

Number of Servers: 5202 +
Number of Server Location: 62 +
Maximum device Supported: Around 6

Pricing: US $11.95 for 1 month to the US $2.99 for 3 years. No Free trial is offered.

NordVPN pricing

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#2) IPVanish VPN

IPVanish VPN

Rating: 9.5/10
Tagline: “The world’s best VPN Service”


IPVanish is a true top VPN service in the world. It is in the market for a long time. It provides highly secure and safe network connections to users for all their data transactions.

It provides very speed connections for the users to enjoy a hassle-free experience. It offers a wide range of bandwidth to the users. It provides a strong and safe environment against hackers and malicious sites.


  • IPVanish comes with multi-platform protection for better security and provides unlimited bandwidth to the users.
  • It supports powerful 256-bits AES encryption and has no or zero logs, thereby offering an anonymous browsing experience.
  • It comes with high speed and performance, high-speed download and upload.
  • This allows free torrenting, download of SOCKSS5 web proxy, and up to five simultaneous connections which are very useful.
  • It provides Geo-locked content access with multiple VPN connections and unlimited server switching.


  • It is not compatible with TOR. TOR stands for The Orion Network that is used for encryption and relays the data information among many servers.
  • The reviews provided by the third party or users are confusing as it is not helping to choose the VPN.

Number of Servers: 1100 +
Number of Server Location: 60 +
Maximum device Supported: Around 10
Pricing: US $8.99 for 3 months to US $77.99 per year. No Free trial is provided.

IPVanish pricing

#3) LifeLock

Rating: 4.9/5
Tagline: All-in-one protection for your identity, devices, and online privacy.


LifeLock is identity theft protection with a secure VPN. It will help you with blocking the information on public Wi-Fi. Norton 360 with LifeLock Select provides a secure VPN for up to 5 devices. With a premium plan, it can be available for up to unlimited personal devices.


Norton Secure VPN will change your IP address. It will encrypt your online activity to provide online privacy. It has an ad-tracker blocker so that your activities will not get tracked. LifeLock Secure VPN is available for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices.


  • LifeLock offers a no-log VPN.
  • You will be able to browse anonymously and securely.
  • It provides bank-grade protection for securing and keeping the privacy of information like passwords and bank details.


  • Not any cons to mention.

The number of Server Location: 30

Maximum Device Supported: Unlimited personal devices.

Pricing: Standard ($7.99 per month for 1st year), Select ($7.99 per month for 1st year), Advantage ($14.99 per month for 1st year), and Ultimate Plus ($20.99 per month for 1st year). Free Trial: 30 days.

#4) ExpressVPN

Rating: 9.3/10.
Tagline: Amplify the Entire Internet.


ExpressVPN is very simple, user-friendly, and comes with high speed and secured VPN for most of the platforms. It supports mobile and desktop versions as well. With this VPN users can access websites and can avoid network restrictions.

EXPRESS VPN dashboard

It gives high priority to the privacy feature. It comes with rich features for all types of organizations in good quality.


  • ExpressVPN provides supports for many browsers with unlimited bandwidth, server switches, and almost three simultaneous connections.
  • It provides a unique chance at privacy and thereby keeping the identity of the user secured.
  • It comes with a split tunnel, hence protection for the required network can be chosen for no-logging policy.
  • It has a very fast government-grade encryption facility for many protocols.
  • It has a large number of server locations due to the easy installation and acceptance of cryptocurrency for payments.


  • It is not suitable for small organizations as it requires specific teams to handle it.
  • No trial version is available for users and the enterprise version comes with a high cost.

Number of Servers: 2000 +
Number of Server Location:
148 +
Maximum device Supported:
Around 3
US $12.95 for 1 month to the US $8.32 for 1 year. No Free trial is offered.

#5) Surfshark VPN

Rating: 9.4/10

Tagline: Secure Your Digital Life.


Surfshark is an effective virtual private network. It offers the best Internet for every window device with a high and stable connection at full speed which is very useful for the customer.


Surfshark has a powerful mechanism of guarding user’s devices and information with world-leading technology i.e. diamond-strong protection. It uses cryptographic protocols which can determine the level of encryption. It is an all in one tool which has improvised experience for users.


  • Everything is very robust, but comes with an uniquely easy way to operate.
  • It offers a strict no-logs policy which offers great security for the customers, hence no tracking or storing any online activity.
  • It can connect with unlimited devices with secured browsing over public Wi-Fi.
  • It also has kill switch inbuilt to make sure that the activities, confidential data and information are never exposed.
  • It offers private DNS for every server to avoid any potential security breach due to online browsing.


  • It has static IP’s and comes with a high price that is not affordable for every company.
  • The learning curve is very steep and sometimes it becomes difficult to understand.

Number of Servers: 2100 +
Number of Server Location: 32 +
Maximum device Supported: Around 7

Pricing: US $11.95 for 1 month to the US $5.99 for 12 months. No Free trial is offered.


#6) CyberGhost VPN

Rating: 9.1/10.

Tagline: Get the perfect servers for uncompromised data security, anonymous and fast downloads, plus un-buffered streaming!


CyberGhost VPN can be assumed as an all in one and multiple platform support tool. Using this VPN, Internet speed has raised to a very high extent which is extremely beneficial for organizations.

CyberGhost VPN dashboard

It has a support network for all its users which thereby increases user satisfaction and the user can directly chat or call the care center. It is based on a powerful mechanism of the virtual network which offers great security and protection.


  • It has an automatic kill switch, that provides the highest possible speed to users, and offers unlimited bandwidth and traffic to users.
  • It offers high DNS and IP leak protection which is very vital for any user. It follows a strict no-logs policy.
  • It is built on 256-bit AES encryption, OpenVPN technology and L2TP-IPSec protocol allows simultaneous connections for up to 7 connections.
  • It has application for Windows, Mac, IOS, Android, Linux, and Routers that provides friendly support i.e. through chat or email.
  • It comes with an extended 45 days money-back guarantee which increases the customer faith and satisfaction.


  • The monthly subscription for this VPN is very expensive and is not advisable for small companies.
  • The user interface needs to be improved along with performance.

Number of Servers: 3100 +
Number of Server Location: 60 +
Maximum device Supported: Around 7

Pricing: US $12.99 for 1 month to US $2.75 for 36 months. No Free trial is offered.

CyberGhost VPN pricing

#7) Proton VPN

Proton VPN

Rating: 9/10
Tagline: Protect yourself online with high-speed Swiss VPN that safeguards your privacy.

Proton VPN settings

Proton VPN dashboard

Proton VPN is a powerful virtual private network that sends users Internet traffic through an encrypted VPN tunnel. It is fully secured and safe. It also follows a no-logging policy and doesn’t keep users data to achieve complete privacy. It uses the latest encryption technology for security.

It supports multiple platforms and devices for a better user experience. It allows you to access and visit any website or content on the Internet. Overall it’s a complete package with good features.


  • It is Flexible in nature with a low-cost price thereby giving more emphasis on physical security which can be tested in the free version.
  • It has a superb privacy policy to slick accessible clients and multiple connections to VPN for secure locations.
  • It consists of a good user interface, P2P friendly environment, and ProtonMail bundle.
  • Forward secrecy, strong protocols, Swiss-based, trusted, physical security, no logs policy, DNS leak prevention are prime features of Proton VPN.
  • It has acceptance to kill switch, cryptocurrency, Tor over VPN.


  • It lags in fields like location setup, high price and a lot of manual setups is required for mobile devices.
  • The user interface can be improved as some features are clumsy in the application.

Number of Servers: 628
Number of Server Location:
Maximum device Supported:
US $4 per month to the US $24 per month. A free trial is also provided for the users for one month.

Proton VPN pricing

#8) Atlas VPN

Rating: 9.5/10
Tagline: Privacy is a Big Deal!

Atlas VPN

Atlas VPN not only cloaks your online browsing activity but also shields you from all sorts of threats online. The service gives you access to more than 750 servers so you can easily switch destinations all over the world. Plus, the platform will automatically block websites if they contain malicious viruses, malware, or other forms of threats on them.


  • Zero-Logs Policy
  • Data Breach Monitoring
  • Malware Blocking
  • Split Tunneling


  • Do not like the pricing structure.

Number of Servers: 750+
Number of Server Location: 38
Maximum Devices Supported: Unlimited

Pricing: Atlas VPN will cost you $10.99 if you go for the monthly plan. The plan becomes cheaper if you opt for plan that’s billed annually. For instance, Atlas VPN is only $3.29/month if you go with the annual plan or $1.82 for the 2 year plan.

#9) HotSpot Shield

Rating: 9.5/10.
Tagline: Access the world with no borders.

HotSpot VPN

HotSpot VPN is widely used and is useful for Android, iOS, and window application users. It allows the user to freely access blocked content for a wider view of the Internet. It offers full security and privacy.

HotSpot VPN details

It basically creates a kind of wall encircling user to protect data and identity. It mainly enhances security and hides the IP address from malicious threats. It has rich features and comes with an all in one pack for users.


  • HotSpot has strong malware, Ad-free protection from malicious threats which thereby causes less irritation to the user.
  • It has private browsing with unlimited bandwidth and content access for better usability of premium VPN servers.
  • It has high speed, simple and user-friendly interface with robust encryption for browsers like Chrome.
  • It has a 30 days money-back guarantee with affordable long term plans for free accounts with bandwidth caps.
  • It has a strong working mechanism, thereby allowing up to five simultaneous connectivity plans.


  • It is a US-based application having an evasive policy for logs due to the unavailability of forwarding secrecy.
  • It lacks important features like subscription, acceptance of cryptocurrency, Ad-free, etc.

Number of Servers: 2500 +
Number of Server Location:
25 +
Maximum device Supported:
Around 5
US $12.99 for 1 month to the US $2.99 for 2 years. No Free trial is offered.

HotSpot Shield pricing

Official URL: HotSpot Shield

#10) Vypr VPN

Rating: 9.2/10.
Tagline: Internet privacy and freedom at blazing speeds.


VyprVPN is full of rich features with the capability of maintaining high security of the user’s data and ensures that no other network is allowed to spy on the user’s Internet traffic. It is reliable in terms of privacy and security.

Vypr VPN dashboard

It is capable of bypassing censorship and restrictions so that unrestricted Internet can be provided to the user. It improves streaming access and network speed along with the VPN apps for all devices. It is owned by Golden Frog company based in Switzerland.


  • It is independently audited to show that they keep no logs and are capable to manage their servers, as a result of which no third party required.
  • It provides the fastest Internet connections for mobile application devices and is able to defeat the throttling of Internet speed.
  • It has worldwide server network connections that are always available to users.
  • It offers complete unlimited facilities including multiple protocols for encryption and uses chameleon technology to defeat VPN blocking.
  • It has zero-knowledge DNS, NAT firewall for additional security and 24*7 help support for the satisfaction of the user.


  • The design is not elegant and user-friendly, hence initial installation is difficult due to the complex setup and high learning curve.
  • It is a bit costly for all organizations to afford and documentation needs to be improved.

Number of Servers: 700 +
Number of Server Location: 32 +
Maximum device Supported: Around 5

Pricing: US $9.95 for 1 month to US $12.95 per month. A free trial is also provided to the users.

Vypr VPN pricing

Official URL: Vypr VPN

#11) Speedify VPN

Rating: 9.2/10.
Tagline: Two connections are better than one. A better Internet awaits.


Speedify is highly effective in encrypting the users Internet traffic for the protection of online services. It believes in the motto of two connections are better than one. It is effective in bonding Wi-Fi and cellular to create a faster, highly reliable and secure Internet network mega connection.


Speedify has a different mode like redundant mode to avoid dropped calls, laggy video streams and interrupted downloads. It is an all in one package.


  • It uses a new technology of channel bonding which combines multiple Internet connections like WIFI, cellular, Ethernet, etc. for providing increased bandwidth of the Internet.
  • It offers high-speed internet for better streaming, gaming, priority rules and broad coverage of Internet services.
  • Speedify uses a Cha-cha encryption algorithm process that depends on device support. Even the highly professional hackers could not snoop on the traffic going through its servers.
  • It offers reliability to a great extent, which in turn reduces packet loss and redundancy to send data across all connections.
  • It also comes with no-logging policy to ensure the privacy of the user’s data for better and improved customer satisfaction.


  • It is located in the US and usually has leaked DNS. Though they say no-logging policy, some logs are kept.
  • It has certain restrictions like limited devices, torrenting, no Netflix support, no anonymous payment option, etc.

Number of Servers: 1000+
Number of Server Location: 28+
IP Addresses: 200000+
Maximum device Supported: Around 5
Pricing: US $8.99 for 1 month to the US $49.99 per month. A free trial is provided for the users for one month.

Official URL: Speedify

#12) Buffered VPN

Rating: 8/10.
Tagline: Experience the Internet as it should be. Start the year with huge savings.


Buffered VPN is mainly known for its powerful mechanism. It is reliable and offers a very fast and secure Internet connection with a simple installation process.

Buffered VPN download

Buffered VPN download- beta client

It offers unrestricted content accessible to users so that they can watch videos and access the Internet from anywhere. Buffered VPN has strong protection against all the malware and malicious attacks on the user’s network for its security.


  • Buffered VPN is compatible with almost every device that runs on Windows, Linux, Mac, IOS, Android and routers.
  • It offers high-speed Internet connections to ensure its customers to enjoy flawless Internet connection.
  • It has no restriction on Internet usage and allows unlimited bandwidth as per the user’s need.
  • It uses the best technology to have security protocols for encryption of the users’ data to keep it safe from hackers and malware attacks.
  • It offers 24*7 live customer chat for any assistance and comes with a 30 days refund policy for any issues with the software.


  • It has a steep learning curve and comes with a high cost and is not suitable for small organizations.
  • It has some limitations like no Netflix support, no free version available, no kill switch, no cryptocurrency acceptance etc.

Number of Servers: 150+
Number of Server Location:
Maximum device Supported:
Around 5
US $4.12 for 1 month to the US $6.59 per month. No Free trial is provided for the users.

Buffered VPN pricing

Official URL: Buffered VPN

#13) VPNArea

Rating: 7.8/10.
Tagline: VPNArea means Privacy, Security, and Freedom. Get Privacy and Break Barriers.

VPN Area

VPNArea is based out in Switzerland. It is a small firm with limited features. It offers robust secured features with no logging policy for the security of customer’s data and information.

VPNArea details

VPNArea connect

It is secured and WIFI safe from any malware attacks. It has the feature of privacy and incognito surfing. It comes with an automatic change function for additional security. Overall it is good and justifies the customer expectations and requirements.


  • It can change IP to 70 countries by sharing accounts and connection for approx. 6 devices with access to streaming websites.
  • It follows rules of no-logging policy, Ad blocking, server loading and malware prevention from suspicious websites.
  • It’s in business for more than five years by offering unlimited bandwidth, kill switch and sharing of accounts.
  • It has apps for all devices with double VPN servers and affordable price.
  • It accepts P2P, cryptocurrency payment method and has a strong resistance for DNS leak.


  • No free trial is provided for users to test and is around 39% slower than other VPN.
  • Documentation needs to be improved by admin access and has a complex initial setup.

Number of Servers: 212+
Number of Server Location:
Maximum device Supported:
Around 6
US $9.90 for 1 month to US $4.92 for 12 months. A free trial is provided for the users for one month.

VPNArea connect

Official URL: VPN Area

#14) Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access

Rating: 9.1/10.
Tagline: Protect your privacy with a VPN Tunnel.

Private Internet Access download

Private Internet Access is the trusted VPN network in the market currently. Private Internet Access provides state of the art, multi-layered security with VPN tunneling provides advanced privacy protection.

It has services that operate at the IP interface level for secured usage of the application and data of a user. It has a powerful mechanism of IP cloaking and encryption for security purposes. Overall it has good features that complete most of the requirements of the users.


  • It offers secured VPN Account with IP Sec and reliable network connection through secured WIFI.
  • It offers a large number of OS compatibility for devices working on Windows, MAC, Ubuntu, IPAD, iPhone, Android, PfSense, Tomato VPN and dd-wrt VPN.
  • It can work on five devices simultaneously with blocking Ads, trackers, and malware threats from online.
  • It offers unlimited bandwidth of Internet for the user with the inclusion of SOCKS5 proxy and no traffic logging.
  • It has a very quick and instant installation process with a user-friendly interface which in turn increases customer satisfaction.


  • It requires a lot of manual setups and steep learning curve as a result sometimes the user is not able to connect of some specific servers.
  • It lacks some of the advanced features which are essential for some users, hence it is not completely updated.

Number of Servers: 3243+
Number of Server Location: 33+
Maximum device Supported: Around 5

Pricing: US $6.95 for 1 month to the US $3.33 for 12 months. A free trial is provided for the users for one month.

Private Internet Access pricing

Official URL: Private Internet Access

#15) Windscribe VPN


Rating: 8.8/10.
Tagline: Browse the web privately as it was meant to be. Windscribe sets you free.

Windscribe is known for its superb private policy for users. It was developed by a company based in Canada.

Windscribe VPN

Windscribe VPN dwnload

It is built on a powerful mechanism and intellectual features that help the user to get access to multiple servers, have infinite bandwidth and accessibility to get connected with any number of devices and almost all platforms.

It is an asset in the VPN market and comes in an all in one package for users. It is known for its privacy.


  • It has a wide range of network servers all over the globe, hence connectivity is really good and also efficient to block malware attacks from malicious sites.
  • It uses AES-256 encryption for the best security of user’s data with no logging policy so that they cannot identify a user based on IP address.
  • Although torrenting is allowed, here it is secure and safe to use and works on most of the devices like Netflix etc.
  • It is composed of config generators, wind flux, Scribe force, simple clients and a free version with good support.
  • It includes techniques like Static IP, Port forwarding, firewall, secure hotspot, proxy gateway, flexible connectivity in its bucket, etc.


  • As it is still using bots for support as a result paid version comes with a slightly slow process.
  • The user interface needs to be improved as many features and tabs are in one place itself, hence it gets confusing sometimes.

Number of Servers: 300+
Number of Server Location:
IP Addresses:
Maximum device Supported:
Around 7
US $9 for 1 month to the US $4.08 for 12 months. A free trial is provided for its users for one month.

Windscribe VPN pricing

Official URL: Windscribe VPN

#16) Mullvad VPN

Rating: 9/10.
Tagline: Privacy is a universal right.


Mullvad VPN believes in the fact that privacy is a universal right. It adds value to the well-functioning society and people. It successfully allows all the norms and laws to be challenged and discussed.

Mullvad vpn

Mullvad vpn

It ensures the security of user’s data and information. It has many rich features for the user’s requirement and has accomplished a good image as a VPN in the market by showcasing the quality.


  • It supports techniques like DNS, IP6 & Teredo leak, shadowsocks, stunnel by bridge servers, IP6 tunneling, Open VPN on custom ports, protocols, wire guards, etc.
  • It does not block the already authenticated SMTP, P2P but blocks SMTP port 25/tcp due to spam issues.
  • It uses a strong encryption technique of AES-256 and has its own public key infrastructure.
  • Open rekey is performed every one hour and it meets the condition.
  • It’s all Open VPN servers use 4096 bits RSA certificates and Diffie Hellman parameters for better usage of network connection.


  • It is based in Sweden with 14 eyes, the user interface is not very user-friendly and comes with poor customer support.
  • Sometimes the network gets slow down and solving this issue takes more time.

Number of Servers: 170+
Number of Server Location:
IP Addresses:
3200 +
Maximum device Supported:
Around 5
US $5 for 1 month. A free trial is also provided for its users for one month.

Mullvad vpn universal right

Official URL: Mullvad VPN

#17) TunnelBear

Rating: 9/10.
Tagline: Privacy is a universal right.


TunnelBear provides a safe and secure network connection to the users for their data and information. This application helps the user to avoid any malware and suspicious threats online while using the Internet.

TunnelBear IP

TunnelBear provides a safe and secure network connection

It has powerful secured encryption which even hackers are not able to breach. It also provides security in public WIFI and it has a strict no-logging policy that maintains the privacy of user’s data.


  • It supports working of torrenting, kills switch and is independently audited for security purpose to avoid any leaks.
  • It has an easy installation process including some amazing themes in its interface to look more attractive to the user.
  • It supports multiple devices across platforms and has a wide range of networks all over the globe.
  • It is strict about no-logging policy, blocking the ad, malware activities from online and has high upload and download speed.
  • It also has vigilant with ghost bear mode so data leak not possible even if disconnected from a WIFI connection.


  • It doesn’t support router installation, Netflix and also sometimes slow download speed is offered.
  • No enterprise functionalities in free version available.

Number of Servers: 220+
Number of Server Location:
Maximum device Supported:
Around 5
US $4.99 to the US $9.99 for 1 month. A free trial is also provided for the users for one month.

TunnelBear pricing

Official URL: TunnelBear VPN


In this article, we came to know a lot of things about Virtual Private Network (VPN). What does it signify and why did it come into the picture etc., along with the working principle of the VPN, its core features and advantages.

Some important questions about VPN. Its ratings, description, pricing, pros, and cons. The number of servers each VPN has, the number of IP connections, devices supported, official websites, etc.

We have discussed most of the details which will help the customers to choose which type of VPN is best suited for their organization.

VPN is extremely cheap and is easy to set up in comparison to the other web security tools. It also saves you money as it Masks users IP addresses and saves some serious cash while booking anything online.

It unlocks all the cool streaming features, Netflix, Hulu, BEC, etc. But also sometimes the VPN connection also drops and speed is reduced.

Based on the above research we can give our assumption on which VPN is best suited for which kind of industry.

Small and Middle Scale Organizations: As these organizations have limited resources and budget, Buffered VPN, Private Internet Access VPN, Mullvad VPN, Proton VPN, Tunnel Bear VPN are best suited for these kinds of the organization as these VPN offers most of the common features at an affordable price and also comes with a free version.

Large Scale Organizations: As these organizations have large resource strength and finance they always opt for enterprise edition will have each and every feature present in it due to safety and security for user’s data.

Thus IPVanish VPN, Nord VPN, Express VPN, HotSpot Shield VPN, Cyber Ghost VPN, Speedify and Vypr VPN are best suited for their rich features.

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