Top 10 Integration Testing Tools to Write Integration Tests

Overview of the best Integration Testing Tools and Frameworks:

There are different levels of testing and one most important level is “Integration Testing” which combines different units or modules and tested as a group. It also tests the interface between modules and identifies critical defects which are caused due to the integration of different modules.

The goal of integration testing is to ensure that individual modules are working as expected after combining them with other modules. Many organizations either use combined unit tests or end to end functional workflow tests used for Integration Testing.

It is always good to perform frequent integration testing so that it ensures that after combining modules the integration works perfectly. In the current market, various Integration Testing tools are available which assists the organization to create a framework to build integration testing suites.

Integration Testing Tools

Below is the list of top integration tools and frameworks which we will discuss in this article:

  • VectorCAST/C++
  • VectorCAST/Ada
  • Citrus Integration Testing
  • LDRA
  • FitNesse
  • Rational Integration Tester
  • Protractor
  • Validate MSG
  • Steam
  • Jasmine
  • eZscript
  • Spock for JAVA
  • Pioneerjs
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Top Integration Testing Tools to Write Integration Tests

Let’s begin with top integration test tools!

#1) VectorCAST/C++

VectorCAST C++

Vector Software’s VectorCAST tool popular for performing both unit and Integration Testing. Here, each unit or module is tested independently to ensure that individual components are working as expected without any dependency. Later during Integration Testing these components are combined together and verified that all integrated modules are working properly as a full combination.

Vector’s tools operate based on the idea that unit tests are executed as single components and integration tests are a combination of unit tests into a logical module and then executed as a group.


  • VectorCAST/C++ tool is used by developers who are creating their embedded software using C or C++ programming language
  • It is used to streamline the test procedure and used to automate unit and Integration testing
  • VectorCAST/C++ provides highly effective unit and integrated test solution
  • It validates safety and business critical embedded systems
  • The test solution provided by VectorCAST/C++ is widely used in financial industries, medical devices, industrial controls, railways.

Visit VectorCAST siteVectorCAST

#2) VectorCAST/Ada

Vector Software has another popular tool VectorCAST/Ada used by developers for developing a project using Ada programming language. It also provides automated test solution for the unit and Integration testing and used for validating the safety and critical embedded systems.

With the help of VectoCAST/Ada, unit testing can be performed locally or use target simulator. Individual components or modules are created and a code is generated. Drivers are used to simulating the functions of the code which is being tested and stubs are used in the function which is called by code which is being tested.


  • It can be integrated with multiple other tools like IBM Rational, Green Hills
  • Stubs and drivers created automatically using VectorCAST/Ada’s code generator
  • Existing test cases are utilized to automate regression testing
  • For automatic test case creation, decision path technique is used
  • High-risk code can be highlighted using code complexity analysis

Visit VectorCAST siteVectorCAST

#3) Citrus


Citrus is a test framework written in Java that assists in automated integration testing of message based application and data formats. Citrus validates for JSON, XML and plain text messaging request and response data.

Consider an example in which application under test is available on the application server. This application interacts with Citrus using various message transports like SOAP, HTTP, and JMS. In this case, Citrus acts as a both client and server side and simulate the request and response messages.


  • Citrus is open source and licensed under Apache License 2.0
  • Set sequence of messages
  • Create error messages
  • Message Header Validation
  • Sending and receiving messages
  • Wait for message and trigger another message
  • Supports integration testing for message transport connectivity
  • Validation of XML response
  • Validate existence of data

Visit Citrus siteCitrus

#4) LDRA


LDRA is leading the market with software quality tool for more than 40 years. These tools are used to automate code analysis for critical applications. LDRA offers tools for integration testing which are used for verification of compliance standard for different organization.

LDRA is an open platform and using the LDRA tool suite integration tests can be build and also it provides static analysis, dynamic analysis over different platforms.

Integration tools from LDRA:

  • TBrun: With the help of TBrun, automated unit and integration testing can be performed
  • LDRAunit: It is a standalone tool and provides a fully integrated environment for unit tests.


  • Unit and Integration tests can easily generate and then executed using tools
  • Tool helps to provide range of support so that unit and integration testing has a common environment for wide range of projects
  • Cost effective and customizable tool as per requirement of a team

Visit LDRA siteLDRA



Now a day’s many organizations are adopting business-oriented architecture. The traditional integration testing method like bottom-up approach requires huge efforts to create test data.

Wipro’s Smart Integration Test Accelerator (SITA) helps you to overcome these challenges. This tool helps to accelerate the generation of Test Data and Test Design.


  • Test data and Test Design activities gets automated
  • Automated test data covers many other critical business scenarios which in turns reduces the defects in production or UAT
  • Cost effective due to reusability of Test Data and Test Cases
  • This tool can be integrated with other tools such as IBM Rational, HP ALM etc

#6) FitNesse


It is fully integrated standalone which makes it an excellent tool to collaborate with business stakeholder. FitNesse is an open source project and the code base is neither own the company nor by any individual. A lot of information shared by the FitNesse community as it’s an open source tool.


  • FitNesse is an Open Source
  • FitNesse does not require separate installation, only download the java jar file and its ready to use
  • It provides support to variety of languages like Java, C#, Python
  • For any software project, FitNesse allows validating the requirements with actual software implementation

Visit FitNesse siteFitNesse

#7) Rational Integration Tester

Rational Integration Tester

Rational Integration Tester is an Integration Testing Tool which was earlier known as Green Hat. IBM has acquired Green Hat in 2012.

With IBM’s Rational Integration Tester you will get a scripting free environment and development is possible for SOA messaging tests and integration projects. Rational Integration Tester prevents integration problems with the help of iterative and agile development processes. The tool is now a part of Rational Test Workbench.


  • It creates code-free, reusable stubs so testing still continue even if some components are missing
  • Rational Integration Tester provides Functional, Regression and Integration testing to move integration testing earlier in the development lifecycle
  • By adding integration testing in early stage, Rational Integration Tester reduces time cycle
  • Rational Integration Tester reduces risk by enabling agile and iterative development process

Visit Rational Integration Tester site:  Rational Integration Tester

#8) Protractor


The protractor is also known as an E2E testing framework and it is used for Angular and AngularJS applications. It is built on top of WebDriverJS and this WebDriverJS uses native browser, specific drivers, to interact with the application.


  • It is an open source automation framework
  • Protractor is intended to use for integration testing
  • Using Protractor you can run instances of your application
  • Protractor is intended to run tests from end user point of view
  • End to end test can be written using Protractor

Visit Protractor site: Protractor



TESSY is an invaluable tool which performs unit and integration testing of embedded software. Along with that it also helps to identify the code coverage for an application. The Classification Tree Editor (CTE) helps to specify test case in a systematic manner.


  • TESSY has floating license application rights
  • TESSY analyses the interface of the function and determines the variable used by that function
  • TESSY has 3 major functions – Workspace, Test Interface Editor (TIE) and Test Data Editor (TDE)
  • TESSY generates test report for the test execution result
  • It also supports code coverage without additional effort
  • It supports C and C++ programming languages


#10) Validada MSG

Validata MSG

Validata Message Testing (MSG) provides an automated testing framework and used for the testing of SWIFT, SOA, ATM and Generic Interface.

Validata MSG aims to simplify the integration testing phase and reduces efforts. Using Validata MSG end to end scenarios can be developed and tested at different levels. It also used to ensure data content, sending and receiving behavior of the application.


  • Validata MSG simulates real world business scenarios
  • It is integrated with HP ALM
  • Cost effective due to reusability of scenarios
  • With the help of reusability, there is significant improvement in testing efficiency and productivity
  • Reusability helps to reduce the overall cost

Visit Validata MSG siteValidata MSG

Other Integration Testing Tools

#11) Steam

Steam is an integration testing tool developed by GitHub in 2008. Steam is an open source automation framework used to test JavaScript enabled websites. Steam has dependency – HtmlUnit (jar file), Java Runtime, and RJB.

Visit Steam site: Steam

#12) Jasmine

Jasmine is a behavioral driven development (BDD) framework. Using this tool tests can be run in isolation. Jasmine tool supports various browsers like Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox etc. It suits for websites where JavaScript runs. It has clean and simple syntax so that one can easily write tests.

Visit Jasmine site: Jasmine

#13) eZscript

eZscript developed a solution to automate different types of tests like Unit, Functional, Integration, Regression, Smoke and Sanity for any web based application. With the help of Business Process Testing (BPT), eZscript enhances the test creation. It has a capability to test a single application in multiple test environments with centralized code or data repository.

#14) Spock for JAVA

Spock is a testing framework for Java and Groovy applications. It is compatible with different IDEs and continuous integration servers. Spock enables easily writable and readable tests. It has interesting features like performing both assertion checking and Mocking at the same time.

Visit Spock site: Spock

#15) Pioneerjs

With the help of Pioneerjs, scripting and debugging of integration tests become easy and it saves a lot of time. Pioneer allows you to maintain a readable code base for both programmers.

Visit Pioneerjs site: Pioneerjs


In this article, we have seen details about the Integration Testing tools.

There are various integration testing tools available in the market and the popularity is based on factors like ease to use, the cost of the license, language support, report format, etc.

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