Trello Vs Asana: Which Is A Better Project Management Tool

This tutorial provides a detailed comparison between Trello vs Asana based on features, pricing, and more:

Trello and Asana both are project management tools and are used to organize projects and tasks in the most efficient way possible. Many big firms like Adobe, Google, Deloitte, and much more use these tools.

This article discusses the difference between Trello and Asana, how Trello and Asana work, including the features of both tools.

Trello Vs Asana

Trello Vs Asana: A Comparison

Trello is a flexible, easy-to-use web-based project management solution. It is perfect for any company of any team size. Asana is useful for workflows. It can be used for agile management, task management, team collaboration, Excel project management, team and project calendar, etc.

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Difference Between Trello Vs Asana

UsabilityTrello is a primary tool; this workspace is divided into cards for each project. Users can also add lists and attachments to each card while there is no inbuilt functionality for adding labels and identify the task due to which user can miss if they are discussing multiple tasks at a time.Asana has workflow functionality. Users can add and name a column on each step in the project workspace.
The task can be added, and the user can drag and drop according to the completion of the project due to which chances for miss can be less.
CollaborationTrello provides collaboration or communication within each card among all the team members.
Users can discuss within the card and reply to comments and questions.
Also, tag the other team members so that they can also provide the thought on the topic
Asana also provides the same using this user can have collaboration and communication among the team members.
Within each task, team members can be added and can provide the inputs on the discussion. Also, asana has an inbuilt inbox, in which all the members can receive emails.
There is a drawback Members received too many emails; when a task has a due date, team members keep on constantly receiving reminder emails.
PricingTrello is free for n numbers of users, if user wants better security and integrations:
1. Business Class: $9.99 per user
2. Enterprise: $20.83 per user
Asana is free for up to 15 people. Plans for large teams:
1. Premium: $9.99 per user
2. Business: $19.99 per user
IntegrationTrello offers integration with many different tools like Slack, Jira, Git Hub, Zephyr, drop box.Asana also offers the integration with 100's of tools like Slack, Microsoft outlook, Dropbox, Google calendar, and many more.
SupportTrello is owned by the same company which owns Jira, i.e. Atlassian, so it has great support structure. Most of the issues are resolved on the tickets. Trello also has an extensive knowledge base and blog to support customers.Asana has relatively less support via customer care number. But it has help guides, FAQ, and forums.

Let’s compare Asana and Trello in detail.

#1) Usability

The most crucial difference between the tools is how they organize the task. Trello uses the Kanban approach that allows team collaboration. Whereas, Asana uses the traditional approach in which teamwork is organized around the individual project. It will keep reminding everyone with notifications and reminders.

#2) Price

Asana provides the option of free usage for up to 15 people, while Trello is free for unlimited users.

#3) Dependency Management

In multiple projects, the user creates the dependency task. When one completes, only then other tasks should start. This feature is majorly present in the Asana tool.

Trello does not contain any building tool for this feature. The user needs to use power-up for the parent-child relationship, and it’s a paid service.

#4) Third-Party Integration

Asana provides free integration to multiple third-party tools to both paid and free plans like Slack, Jira, Git Hub, and Zephyr.

In contrast, Trello offers Box Dropbox and Google Drive integration for free, others require to pay.

#5) Service And Support

Trello provides a sound support system. User queries are resolved by raising the tickets only. It gives the forum kind of platform for communication.

Asana focuses on its guides, academy, and all that. It usually replies slowly to technical issues.

#6) Security And Privacy

Trello has a two-factor authentication, while Asana does not have this feature. In the case of Security, both tools use the TLS to protect files when in transit between the computer and app.

What Is Trello

Trello is a card-based project management tool that uses the Kanban-style project management system to organize and track the project. It is a top-rated free project management software that allows integration with multiple third-party apps.

It is also a powerful collaboration tool where everyone can create or manage to create the task, and assign it to their team members with the due date.

Website: Trello

Users can move tasks around the board to indicate the progress of the project.

Trello Board

Trello Components

#1) Project Board: Trello board is an easy way to track the project’s records in a simple manner.

#2) Members: The user can add multiple members to the project.


#3) Comments: The user can provide comments as well.

What Is Asana

Asana uses the basic plain approach for project management. Asana can help to keep track of the daily items related to the project efficiently.

Website: Asana

Users can create various sections of the project, and within each section, the user can create a list of tasks related to each section of the project.

Asana Board

How Does Asana Work

The Asana interface is divided into five major parts: Sidebars, Header, Topbar, Main Pane, and Right Pane.

  1. Sidebars: The user can access the Homepage, Teams, inbox, My Tasks, and projects in the user’s workspace or organizations.
  2. Header: It contains the actions and view of the project.
  3. Top Bar: It contains the Search Bar, Quick Add, Profile settings, and Organization Settings.
  4. Main Pane: It shows the list of tasks, conversations, calendars, progress, and files.
  5. Right Pane: It shows the details of the conversation or task.

Asana Components

  • Project Board: Board is a place where a user can visualize the work and move the task from one stage to another. It makes the other users effortlessly view the task.
  • Timelines: Using these features, users can never miss timelines even when they are remotely working. We can also track the progress of the work and details related to each task.
  • Calendar: This is the way for scheduling the task so that users can get the big picture related to the project.


  • Portfolios: This is the new feature added to Asana. Using this feature, users can track the progress of projects in real time.


Asana Pros And Cons


  1. Free trial facility
  2. Free for small teams of up to 15 people
  3. Email integration available
  4. Color-coded tasks


  1. The task can be assigned to only one member of the team.
  2. Sometimes interface is overwhelming with graphics.
  3. Two-factor authentication is not available.

Frequently Asked Question

Q #1) Can the user mark a card as done in Trello?

Answer: Once the user clicks on the checkbox present next to the due date, it will make the card done and badge green.

Make a card

Q #2) How a user can attach an image to the Trello card?

Answer: Click on the “attachments” on the right-hand side of the selected card and then chose from where the user needs to upload the image. Using this process users can be able to upload the images as well.


Q #3) Is it possible to have a reminder notification in Asana?

Answer: As in Asana, users cannot set reminders for the due date. But it can enable email notification, which helps send the email daily so that the user can focus on what needs to be done on the day.

Email Notification

Q #4) How to update the organization domain in Asana?

Answer: Admin can do the mail change process by using the admin console. The user needs to provide the new mail address to the Admin Console>Setting>Submit, then the Asana support team will make the changes accordingly.

Before doing all this process, be sure that the new mail address is already being verified.

Q #5) How a user can filter by tags in Trello?

Answer: Labels are essential, and the user can separate the task within the team. Users can do so by clicking on the Show menu and selecting “search cards” to filter the labels.



Asana and Trello have good project management platforms and they are easy to use. Both the tools have their Pros and Cons, but Trello is a simple tool and can be easily understood. Also, Trello provides free sign-up for unlimited users.

In this tutorial, we have covered the basic features and benefits of both the tools Asana and Trello. Also, we have covered the basic difference between Asana vs Trello.

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