11 BEST Duplicate File Finder For Windows10 [2023 Review]

Review and compare the top Duplicate File Finder and choose the best program to find duplicate files from the list:

Whenever you download any file or try to save it on your system, and receive a pop-up mentioning, “unable to save file because of insufficient memory “, then it becomes really annoying at times.

So, you try to delete some files to make some space for the new ones and notice that there are several duplicate files on your system which you can delete to make a good space. But manually finding and deleting the duplicate files can be both times taking and frustrating.

Therefore, in this article, we will discuss various duplicate file finders and then discuss their features and pricing.

Duplicate File Finder Review

Duplicate File Detective new

Role Played by Duplicate File Finder

Duplicate file finder might look like a simple tool, but it is a handy tool for both personal users and corporate users, and here are some reasons which support the above statement:

#1) It makes your system fast

If you are asked to find a product from a heap, and on the other hand, you are asked to find a product from a basket, which task you will complete faster?

It would be the basket one, so in the same way, when there are many duplicate files, your system has to go through several files, but if the duplicate files are removed, your system will work faster and more efficiently.

#2) Simplifies data management

The fundamental rule of working efficiently is data management, so it is essential to organize and manage data to be easily retrieved when needed.

Market TrendsThe best duplicate file finder and removal tools market has expanded exponentially. It will show a rapid increase in the coming years too, which will increase the market cap of this industry to almost twice the present market.

These tools are said to bring about 25% of the total revenue as they make data management more accessible, and also it requires lesser space on the system, and thus, processes work faster.

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Expert AdviceThere are some tips that are to be kept in mind to enhance your system’s performance, and they go as follows:

  • Always choose a Duplicate finder that is compatible with Windows and Mac.
  • You should look for a duplicate file finder that can help you retrieve deleted files, making it easier to backup your data.
  • While choosing a duplicate scanner, the time taken to search and the efficiency of the algorithm should be given first priority.
  • Choose a duplicate finder that can support various file extensions.

Select the best duplicate file finder by using the tips listed above.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) Does Windows 10 have a built-in duplicate file finder?

Answer: No, Windows 10 does not have a duplicate finder in it yet.

Q #2) Is Auslogics duplicate file finder good?

Answer: Auslogics is a good pick if you want to check external drives for duplicate files and boost your system performance.

Q #3) What is the best duplicate file finder for Android?

Answer: There are numerous duplicate file checkers for Android. You can choose any of them based on your requirements, but select a file finder that can also work as a file manager.

Q #4) Does Windows 8.1 have a duplicate file finder?

Answer: No, Windows 8.1 does not have a built-in duplicate file finder, whereas you can download various third-party duplicate finders on your system.

Q #5) What is the best free duplicate file finder?

Answer: There are various programs to find duplicate files finder on your system, and you can choose the best one based on your requirements.

Q #6) Is there a way to find duplicate files on my computer?

Answer: Some systems have a built-in duplicate file checker, but if your system does not have one, download a third-party duplicate file checker.

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List of the Best Duplicate File Finder

Enlisted below are some popular programs to find duplicate files:

  1. Systweak Duplicate Files Fixer
  2. XYplorer
  3. Auslogics Duplicate File Finder
  4. dupeGuru
  5. Easy Duplicate Finder
  6. Wise Duplicate Finder
  7. Duplicate Cleaner Pro
  8. Duplicate File Detective
  9. AllDup
  10. Ashisoft Duplicate File finder
  11. Duplicate Files Fixer
  12. Fast Duplicate File Finder

Comparison of Top Duplicate Finders

NameBest ForPricingRating( /5)
Systweak Duplicate Files Fixer1-click duplicate file removal$39.95Star_rating_4.5_of_5
Easy Duplicate FinderThis tool is a good pick because it allows
you to recover and preview deleted files on the system.
1 computer $39.95
3 computer $49.95
5 computer $59.95
10 computer $69.95
XY PlorerThis is a good tool that can work as a file manager
and duplicate checker in cheap pricing, so overall it's a good pick.
Standard: $39.95
Lifetime: $79.95
AuslogicsThis tool is a good pick if you want to check
external drives for duplicate files and boosts your system performance.
Ashisoft File FinderThis tool is handy for a deep search because its
algorithm makes the search easier and thus reduces the search time.
Per month $2.95
Pay once $49.95
Duplicate File DetectiveThis tool is handy as it allows you to search across
various devices, drives and network shares.
$60.00 onwards

Detailed review:

#1) Systweak Duplicate Files Fixer

Best for 1-click duplicate file removal.


Duplicate Files Fixer is a tool you can use to scan your hard drive, external disks, and other storage devices for duplicate files. This tool can not only remove duplicate files from your system but also organize data at your behest. The software automatically marks all duplicate files it detects, thus leaving one copy in each group un-marked.


  • Auto-mark duplicates
  • Reclaim storage space
  • One-click scan
  • Drag and drop files
  • EML Scan

Verdict: With Duplicate Files Fixer, you get an intuitive solution that can scan your internal and external storage devices for duplicate files. You’ll be able to locate and remove all sorts of duplicate files with the help of this tool.

Price: $39.95

#2) XYplorer

Best for managing files and removing duplicate files.


XYplorer is a duplicate file finder that allows users to search for duplicate files on the system and manage other files efficiently. This application has a duplicate detection feature that will enable them to create a deep search and locate duplicate files on the system.

It does also makes it easier for users to group various types of duplicates and manage them easily.


  • It is highly user-friendly and allows users to customize it.
  • It helps users to manage files, relocate and transfer them.
  • This tool uses bit-by-bit comparison, which detects duplicate files.
  • It can fill up an empty place for File Manager.

Verdict: This is a good tool that can work as a file manager and duplicate checker in budget-friendly pricing, so overall it’s a good pick.


  • Standard: $39.95
  • Lifetime: $79.95

Website: XYplorer

#3) Auslogics Duplicate File Finder

Best for checking external drives for duplicate files and boosting your system’s performance.

Auslogics Duplicate File Finder

Auslogics is an excellent and helpful tool that takes care of the duplicate files in your system. It uses MD5 Engine for accuracy and performance.

It is a free tool that makes your work more accessible, and the best part about this tool is that it allows you to put various parameters and search for duplicate files accordingly. This tool allows you to send files to recycle bins or delete them forever.


  • Apply various filters and choose files of different sizes and types for duplicate file checks.
  • It also checks for duplicate files of .exe format and clears space.
  • It is available in multiple languages for various users.
  • We can use this tool on external devices, too.

Verdict: This is one of the most budget-friendly and valuable tools that will make your work easier and allow you to boost your system speed.

Price: Free

Website: Auslogics Duplicate File Finder

#4) DupeGuru

Best for searching based on various parameters and choices, as this tool, can search files of different types, including music files.


Dupe Guru is the most valuable and advanced tool which allows you to use the developed algorithm and various parameters to compare files and find duplicate ones. With the help of its advanced features, you can also find the same record of the music files and boost system performance.

Its advanced matching algorithm makes the search easier, faster, and efficient.


  • It uses advanced parameters to compare files, which include tags, attributes, metadata, etc.
  • This process makes it easier for the users to customize the scan process.
  • This has a unique music mode that allows you to search duplicate music files.
  • Its algorithm allows you to find duplicates easily with its fuzzy duplicate checking algorithm.

Verdict: This tool has various types of scans and deep search algorithms, making it an advanced and valuable tool.

Price: Free

Website: DupeGuru

#5) Easy Duplicate Finder

Best for recovering and previewing deleted files on your system.

Easy Duplicate Finder

This is a good tool with a bunch of features which makes it different from the other tools of the kind. The tool has various comparison and duplicate file checkers, which helps the users to search for duplicate files and then choose their course of action, which can range from deleting them to renaming them or grouping them.

The most helpful feature of this tool is that it previews the files before they are deleted, and also it allows you to recover files when they are deleted.


  • The best feature of this tool is that it allows you to recover accidentally deleted files.
  • This tool has eased working for the user by supporting the one-click operation.
  • This tool can search various types of files, including music player lists.
  • Users can preview files before deleting them.

Verdict: This is a most helpful tool, as it allows you to recover deleted files and manage duplicate files.


  • 1 computer $39.95
  • 3 computers $49.95
  • 5 computers $59.95
  • 10 computers $69.95

Website: Easy Duplicate Finder

#6) Wise Duplicate Finder

Best for finding various ways to free up space in your system, and thus it is beneficial.

Duplicate File Detective

This tool is pretty helpful. It has various parameters that make deep search possible and thus enhance users’ working experience. This tool also has features like recovering deleted files. The UI of this tool is relatively smooth, making it easier for users to navigate through numerous features on the system.


  • The best thing about this tool is that it does not only locate duplicate files but also locate empty folders and suggests removing them.
  • You can easily automate the permission, and then you can delete redundant files.
  • It is multilingual and allows users to work as per their requirements.
  • It allows you to recover deleted files.

Verdict: It is an easy pick with various features that make your work much more accessible and simplified.


  • Pro: $19.95

Website: Wise Duplicate Finder

#7) Duplicate Cleaner Pro

Best for finding the edited pictures, which the user can verify, and if not in use, the user can delete them permanently.

Duplicate Cleaner Pro

This tool has the most beautiful feature allowing you to discover edited files and then group them based on your requirements. This tool also allows you to preview and compare files before deleting them. Users can easily decide their course of action after going through various files and their duplicates.


  • Simple UI which makes it easy to use.
  • Multiple scan modes make it easier for users to work.
  • It can even scan through ZIP files for superior results.
  • It goes through edited files and flags them too.

Verdict: This is a good tool with flexible UI that allows easy working and has various scan modes to make working efficiently.


  • For Windows: $39

Website: Duplicate Cleaner Pro

#8) Duplicate File Detective

Best for searching across various devices, drives, and network shares.

Duplicate File Detective

This tool is straightforward for users to use because it has a UI similar to that of Microsoft Office, and also, this tool has a bunch of features that make working simplified. With the advanced search algorithm and parameters, users can quickly search for duplicate files and make their system faster.

This tool works incredibly fast and is efficient for text documents.


  • It works based on byte content analysis for searching duplicate content.
  • It delivers final reports to the registered mail.
  • It replaces deleted files with the link to the original ones.

Verdict: This is a good tool as it has various features to find and remove duplicate files on the system.


Single-User Pro license *$60.00 (each)
Single-User Pro license - 5 Pack$210.00 each
Single-User Pro license - 10 Pack$360.00 each
Site-Wide Pro license $700.00 (each)
Country-Wide Pro license$2,200.00 (each)
Enterprise-Wide Pro license Available by quote

Website: Duplicate File Detective

#9) AllDup

Best for locating duplicate documents as its algorithm allows it to search within the texts and documents.


This tool is efficient and productive as it allows users to quickly read through the files and display the percentage of data duplicated in various text files, and thus you can combine them. With the help of this tool, users can search using multiple parameters under different file types, which makes the working faster, efficient, and easy.


  • It allows users to search for duplicate files from any number of files.
  • This software allows users to look deeply at various texts and documents.
  • It allows you to preview various file formats, making the search easier.

Verdict: This tool is valuable and cheap, but it is more beneficial for text documents than other types of files.


  • Home version $31.44
  • Professional version $62.88
  • Business version $94.32

Website: AllDup

#10) Ashisoft Duplicate File finder

Best for a deep search because its algorithm makes the search easier and thus reduces the search time.

Ashisoft Duplicate File finder

This tool is handy because it uses byte-level comparison to compare various files and locate the duplicate files on the system. This tool has the best feature that the reports are sent to your mail and can be viewed only by the registered user.

This tool is easy to use with external drives, and also it allows to locate duplicate files in Google Drive.


  1. It allows you to group the files you want to delete.
  2. It provides a preview of the image before it is deleted.
  3. It works efficiently with external drives and network share systems.
  4. Its algorithm reduces the time utilized in locating duplicate files.

Verdict: This tool is handy because it compares the files on the byte level and reduces duplicate file searching time.


  • Per month $2.95
  • Pay once $49.95

Website: Ashisoft

#11) Duplicate Files Fixer

Best for corporate work as it quickly locates duplicate files from the system, Google Drive and Dropbox.

DupliDuplicate Files Fixercate Files Fixer

This tool is handy as it allows you to search for various files on your system and form an allow list and blocklist of different types of files. And with the easy 7 steps working procedure now, it is easy to use this tool and locate duplicate files. The Simple UI of this tool makes it extremely handy and efficient.


  • It automatically red flags duplicate files and folders.
  • This tool makes a backup of the files before permanently deleting them.
  • This has various parameter options to find duplicate files.
  • This tool also allows the exclusion feature to set an exception for files.

Verdict: This tool is handy because it searches for duplicate files on various platforms and has an easy cloud backup feature.

Price: $39.95

Website: Duplicate Files Fixer

#12) Fast Duplicate File Finder

Best for searching data efficiently, so it is the best pick for data heaps.

Fast Duplicate File Finder

This tool is handy for users because it allows them to locate duplicate files using the binary comparison algorithm. It also makes the system work faster and efficiently. This tool has a simple UI and does not have bugs, making it extremely handy and user-friendly.


  • Uses binary comparison for efficient results.
  • This tool looks for various duplicate files and then flags them.
  • It allows users to recover files deleted in the process.

Verdict: This tool is simple to use, and also it does not have bugs that make it user-friendly.

Price: $39.95

Website: Fast Duplicate Finder


The duplicate files on the system can turn out to be a big headache, as it acquires a more significant section on your hard drive. So you must make sure that you get rid of such redundant files as soon as possible to keep your system fast and efficient.

In this article, we have discussed some duplicate file checkers you can use on your system to find and delete duplicate files efficiently.

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