Top 12 Best Windows Repair Tools [2023 Review]

Read this Comprehensive Review & Comparison of the Top Windows Repair Tools With Features & Pricing to Select the Best PC Repair Tool:

It is really frustrating when you experience that your powerful PC, which you bought for a hefty sum that possesses all the necessary specs you desired, starts underperforming after a year or so of working just fine. You don’t need to be an expert to learn that the reason behind your system appearing sluggish can be attributed to an out-of-date operating system or your system may be plagued by malware and bugs.

So how do you fix it? How do you get your PC working like it was unpacked just yesterday?

The answer to that lies in the many effective PC repair tools that are available in the market to help your PC get its lost mojo back. It is important to realize that at the end of the day, your PC is a machine, and like every other machine, it needs maintenance to perform with smooth agility every time.

Top Windows Repair Tools

Your PC is constantly saving files, occupying disk space, caching pages, and rewriting registry entries. All of these functions can inflict a significant amount of stress on your PC. To counter these problems we need the help of PC repair tools that will not only flush your system clean but also enhance the overall user experience.

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In this article, we will be diving deep into some of the most popular windows repair tools out there, learn about their features, the benefits they bring to the table, their cost, and ultimately it will make your decision all easier.

What Are PC Repair Tools

PC repair tools are software that aid in tuning your operating system by targeting specific issues it may encounter and neutralize these issues to restore or improve the PC’s overall user experience.

Expert Advice: Before opting for a PC repair tool, make sure you have updated your PC to the latest version. In many cases, most issues get resolved with a simple update. Also, ensure to run an updated version of antivirus software to scan for malware and bugs that might be affecting your PC. Look for a tool that harbors all the repair and utility features you may need now or in the future to fix your PC. Avoid tools that have a complex interface, opt for tools that require minimal manual intervention.
Market Trends: Windows has been an omniscient presence in every PC user’s life ever since its inception and that has not changed even in 2020. According to a study published by Statista, almost 73% of all computers in the world run on the Windows operating system, as compared to a measly 17% of computers running on Macintosh by Apple.


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FAQs About Windows Repair Tools

Q #1) Does Windows 10 come with a built-in repair tool?

Answer: Yes, Windows 10 does have a built-in repair tool that helps you troubleshoot typical PC issues. However, most of the time it can prove to be inadequate.

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Q #2) Why should I opt for an external repair tool when Windows provides you with a built-in version?

Answer: Although the built-in Windows 10 repair tool is great to resolve common PC issues, it still isn’t potent enough to deal with a plethora of other issues that make your system sluggish. Independent PC repair tools are designed with many additional and practical features that unearth even the most complex issues and fix them with the utmost ease.

Q #3) Are these PC repair tools safe to use?

Answer: If you get your hands on some of the most reputable and widely used tools, then yes they are safe to use and are impervious to harmful bugs, adware, and malware. You have to be extra cautious and stay away from cheap, shoddy players out there. The below list of tools will help keep your head above the water in this regard.

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List of Top PC Repair Tools

  1. System Mechanic Ultimate Defense
  2. Restoro
  3. Fortect
  4. Outbyte PC Repair
  5. Ashampoo® WinOptimizer 19
  6. Windows Repair by Tweaking
  7. FixWin for Windows 10
  8. Snappy Driver Installer
  9. CCleaner Technician Edition
  10. CPU-Z
  11. Microsoft Fix it Tool
  12. IOBit Driver Booster
  13. AVG TuneUp

Comparing Best Windows Repair Tools

NameBest ForOperating SystemFree TrialRatingsFees
System Mechanic Ultimate DefenseImproving PC performance. Windows® 10,8,8.1, 7 (XP/Vista up to v16.0.0.10).Available5/560% off with coupon code. You can get it at $31.98.
RestoroSystem RepairWindowsAvailable5/5It starts at $29.95
FortectProtecting and Optimizing PC PerformanceAll Windows OSFree scan available4.5/5Starts at $29.95 for one-time use.
Outbyte PC RepairSystem optimizationWindows 10,8, & 7 and Mac.Available for 7 days5/5$29.95
Ashampoo® WinOptimizer 19Fast Windows optimization with extensive features.Windows 7, Windows 8, & Windows 10.Available5/5$14.99 one-time payment.
Windows Repair by TweakingFixing a wide variety of system issues for all versions of WindowsWindows 2000 to latest Windows 10None4.5/5Free
Pro version – 1 PC yearly licence$24.95.
3 PC yearly license Now $44.95.
Individual yearly tech license Now $64.95.
FixWin for Windows 10Portable Windows 10 repairWindows 10None5/5Free plan
Snappy Driver InstallerOpen Source Driver UpdateAll Windows versionsNone3.5/5Free plan
CCleaner Technician EditionFast and Thorough System Cleanup for PC repair technicians.All Windows versionsNone4/5 Free plan, $24.96 one-time premium plan
CPU-ZMonitoring and Profiling application for Android and Windows Windows and AndroidNone3/5Free

Best Windows Repair Tools Review

#1) System Mechanic Ultimate Defense

Best for improving your PC’s performance.

System Mechanic Ultimate Defense

System Mechanic Ultimate Defense is a comprehensive suite of security, privacy, and performance features, all in one interface. It will optimize PC performance and protect online privacy. It provides functionality to securely manage passwords.

It can remove or block malware. It can recover deleted files. It will prevent Windows Slowdown. System Mechanic Ultimate Defense can automatically boost speed, repair problems, clean out clutter, increase system stability, discover bloatware, and unleash internet speed.


  • System Mechanic Ultimate Defense has features to help you easily disable many overly-aggressive Windows® data-collection default settings.
  • It has new optimization features for Windows 10 to provide privacy and reduce internet bandwidth needs.
  • It will improve PC boot time, internet download speed, and the performance of CPU, RAM, GPU, etc.

Verdict: System Mechanic® provides an award-winning PC optimization tool. It will deploy a series of complex automated maintenance actions that will keep your PC stable and clutter-free.


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  • Use Coupon Code “workfromhome” (New Customers Only)
  • Valid From: Now
  • Valid To: October 5, 2020

#2) Restoro

Best for system repair and scanning of your PC.


Restoro is a complete system solution that can secure and repair any Windows system to an optimized state. It can replace damaged windows files. It will restore the max performance of your PC. Restoro can replace missing Windows files with healthy one.


  • Restoro can perform the detection of threatening apps in real-time detection.
  • It can remove malware threats.
  • It can detect dangerous websites.
  • It will free up disk space.

Verdict: Restoro is an advanced system repair solution for all Windows. It can perform a PC Scan and assessment. It will perform a hardware analysis.

Price: Restoro has three pricing options i.e. 1 License ($29.95), Unlimited Use & Support for 1 Year ($29.95), and 3 Licenses Unlimited Use for 1 Year ($39.95).

#3) Fortect

Best for Protecting and Optimizing PC Performance.


With Fortect, you get a tool that can repair, clean, and enhance the performance of your Windows PC. Once launched, the software performs a preliminary scan to find out malware, viruses, and other issues that are slowing your PC down. It optimizes PC performance by cleaning junk files, repairing damaged OS files and replacing missing ones, and clearing out registry issues.

After scanning your PC, the software presents you with a comprehensive summary detailing the stability, security, and hardware issues affecting your PC. You have the option to optimize your PC for free or opt for the full-repair premium package to address all issues affecting your system.


  • Browser Clean-up
  • Malware removal
  • Junk Files Removal
  • Real-time software and malware monitoring
  • Windows registry optimization

Verdict: Fortect is an advanced OS repair tool that can detect and fix all forms of issues and irregularities that are affecting your PC’s performance. From browser cleanup to real-time malware detection, Fortect makes sure your Windows PC is protected and well-optimized 24/7.

Price: There are three pricing plans

  • Basic Plan: $29.95 for one-time use
  • Premium Plan: $39.95 for 1-year license
  • Extended License: $59.95 for unlimited 1-year use of 3 licenses.

#4) Outbyte PC Repair

Best for system optimization.


Outbyte is the optimization software that will clean up and speed up your PC. It is compatible with Windows 10, 8, & 7 and Mac systems. It helps with improving overall performance.

It clears the temporary and cached files to clear disk space. Outbyte provides privacy protection by deleting all the tracking cookies. It will alert you to potentially dangerous websites.


  • Scanning of your PC for Windows issues.
  • Quick identification and solving of issues.
  • It offers features for the automatic diagnosis of issues and can repair Windows issues.
  • It can repair the issues that are happened by the wrong download or surfing.

Verdict: Outbyte will free up the storage space on your PC. It improves file access time. You will get a fully functioning PC after using Outbyte. It is a platform for stability & performance, security & privacy, and device drivers.


  • Free trial for 7 days
  • The full version price starts at $29.95.

#5) Ashampoo® WinOptimizer 19

Best for fast Windows optimization with extensive features.

Ashampoo® WinOptimizer 19

Ashampoo is compatible with Windows versions from 7 onwards and can perform all the basic optimization functions like registry restoration and browser clean-up that you’ve come to expect from a PC repair tool. Apart from that, however, there are other practical features it offers that make the tool worth a try.

It gives you a privacy control module for Windows 10, offers a backup system to protect important files should the process mess things up, an SSD wizard to enhance solid-state drives, and a very useful auto-clean option to make the clean-up process all the more convenient.


  • Auto-clean
  • Optimize Solid-state drives
  • Back-up system to protect data.
  • Privacy Control module for Windows 10.

Verdict: Ashampoo helps you run a deep scan of your system and offers some intuitive features like automatic fix-up and auto-clean that relieve you from doing much.

Price: $14.99, one-time payment.

#6) Windows Repair By Tweaking

Best for fixing a wide variety of system issues for all versions of Windows.

Windows Repair by Tweaking

This repair tool by Tweaking prides itself on being pretty extensive in its ability to fix issues and boost PC performance. The developers of this software have an accurate understanding of why your PC might pose problems and provides users with an exhaustive list of features to combat them effectively.

The problems that it helps resolve include fixing registry errors, untangling of file permissions, resolving issues with Windows updates, firewalls, and Internet Explorer. The tool helps you identify the source of issues and rectify them by returning your Windows configuration to its original settings.


  • Automatic updates
  • Enhanced Driver cleaner
  • Memory cleaner
  • Run speed tweaks
  • Windows quick link menu

Verdict: Windows Repair performs all of its fine-tuning tasks with precise perfection, giving you the desired result you need. It performs most of its fundamental tasks at absolutely no cost. Of course, for more features, you can always opt for the pro version. If you purchase it now, you can save a whopping 50% on the tool.


  • Free
  • Pro version:
    • 1 PC Yearly Licence $24.95
    • 3 PCs Yearly License, Now at $44.95
    • Individual Yearly Tech License, Now at $64.95

Website: Windows Repair by Tweaking

#7) FixWin For Windows 10

Best for portable Windows 10 repair.

FixWin for Windows 10

FixWin can be used to fix an array of operating system issues in a heartbeat. The success of this program can be attributed to six different sections, each representing a particular issue your PC might face during its operations.

That’s not all, for each of these 6 issues there are 10 separate solutions provided by the tool. Those problems can pertain to browsing issues or the sudden malfunctioning of important Windows functions. Some requiring as little as a simple reboot.

From fixing common problems like a corrupt recycle bin to resolve more advanced features like regaining access to the registry editor, FixWin is the one solution to almost all your Windows 10 problems.


  • Restoring sticky notes
  • Fixing automatic updates
  • Deleting warning boxes
  • Restoring Registry
  • Six sections defining problems with six different components.

Verdicts: FixWin is one of the best PC repair tools when it comes to fixing almost every issue with regards to the Windows 10 operating system. It is also very easy to use and guides you through the entire process of using it efficiently. What’s more, it is free to use.

Price: Free

Website: FixWin

#8) Snappy Driver Installer

Best for open-source driver updates.

Snappy Driver Installer

Usually, you can rest assured knowing that your Windows operating system will keep your drivers up-to-date along with other major components of your system. However, it happens more times than we can recall that the routine update misses out on this fundamental chore and leaves your drivers vulnerable to a score of problematic issues.

Snappy Driver Installer is that free and open-source software that makes sure your drivers are up-to-date and ready for function when it need be. What SDI does is fairly easy to understand. It will scan your entire system to suggest new driver installations that can improve the performance of your PC. It will offer a wide variety of new drivers for you to install.

All you have to do is select the drivers you need to be installed from the list. When you do so, please make sure to select the ‘create a new restore point’ tab before you click ‘install’. The time for drivers update will depend on how many drivers are there in your system that need updating.


  • Updates and installs missing drivers.
  • Recognizes duplicate and invalid drivers.
  • Helps locate and open the INF files for drivers.
  • Multiple drivers downloaded in packs.
  • Works on 32bit and 64 bit of all Windows operating system versions.

Verdict: Snappy Driver Installer is a phenomenal tool to not only identify drivers that need updating but also identifying missing drivers and offering a collection of drivers to install. Perhaps the best thing about this tool is its ability to offer offline driver updates, which means you can download loads of drivers across multiple devices in one go.

Price: Free

Website: Snappy Driver Installer

#9) CCleaner Technician Edition

Best for fast and thorough system cleanup for PC repair technicians.

CCleaner Technician Edition

One of the many reasons that could result in the depreciating nature of your system’s performance is the abundance of unnecessary files invading much-needed space in it. CCleaner is a tool that takes care of this aspect of PC tuning. It scans your entire system for obsolete files, data, and settings and flushes them out of your system in record time.

This ultimately results in the PC relieving some hard-drive space and boosting the PC’s overall speed.

It is a fantastic tool for technicians to have, helping them to be more productive and solve any issues their clients might have. Whatever function you need to perform to enhance a PC’s overall performance, whether it is defragmenting or uninstalling unnecessary software to clear space, CCleaner can accomplish it without hassle.


  • Standard Privacy protection.
  • Complete PC health check-up.
  • Detect and remove internet trackers.
  • Standard and complete PC cleaning.
  • Instant product updates.
  • Customer support.

Verdict: CCleaner Technician Edition is a productive tool specifically designed for PC technicians to make their jobs much easier. It’s fast cleaning and defragmenting process really reduces downtime and helps technicians operate their business efficiently around the clock.

Price: $24.95 one-time fee.

Website: CCleaner Technician Edition

#10) CPU-Z

Best for monitoring and profiling application for Android and Windows.


CPU-Z is a freeware application that helps in monitoring and profiling all the major components in a system for both Android and Microsoft Windows. It can virtually detect components such as RAM, motherboard, CPU, etc. without having to open the hardware.

The application gives you a detailed description of the components installed on your system, the overall performance of the system, and alerts you of any problems whatsoever. In laymen’s terms, the application provides users with all the information you need about your PC, without having to enter any commands.

It provides computer users with a set of raw data that is easy to read. Unfortunately, there is not much else to the tool apart from this salient feature.


  • Presents raw data in easy to read format.
  • Monitors and profiles computer components.
  • Offers information on graphics, cache, CPU, RAM, etc.

Verdict: CPU-Z is not for everyone. It does provide oodles of information about your computer, but it is in the form of raw data that can be understood by technophiles rather than casual users. We would recommend it to those users who are technically proficient with their system.

Price: Free

Website: CPU-Z

#11) Microsoft Fix-It Tool

Best for basic system performance troubleshoot.

Microsoft Fix-It Tool

When it comes to fixing issues it doesn’t get any simpler than Microsoft’s built-in fix-it tool that offers a quick fix to the issues you might face. Sometimes it may be wise to simply open your built-in troubleshooter to solve problems rather than opting for external software, and Microsoft Fix-it is fairly competitive in getting the job done.

To run the troubleshooter on your system, simply click ‘start’ on your desktop bar, go to settings, select Update and Security, and later Troubleshoot. Select the kind of troubleshooting you require then click ‘Run the Troubleshooter’. Here the troubleshooter might ask you some questions, answer them appropriately, and let the tool do its job.


  • Built-in troubleshooter.
  • Scan and detect the source of the issue.
  • Prompt to perform suggested solutions.

Verdict: If you are a Windows 10 user, then you are inadvertently in possession of this tool as well. It can take its sweet time in detecting the problem and can prove to be ineffective sometimes. However, it won’t do you any harm to try this free built-in tool first before taking help from external software.

Price: Free

Website: Microsoft Fix It

#12) IOBit Driver Booster 7

Best for automatic updates of multiple drivers and game components.

IOBit Driver Booster 7

IOBit Driver Booster 7 is by far the most advanced and ingenious driver booster in the market. Driver Booster 7 prides itself on providing driver updates to more than 3,000,000 components to boost PC performance.

The updates that this software offers come from some of the most reputable manufacturers in the industry and pass both the WHQL Test and the IObit test, thus ensuring competent authority and security.

Apart from internal drivers, IOBit also provides updates to solve external driver issues you might face with your printer, mouse, or Bluetooth. It can solve the ‘device not working’ issue in a heartbeat. The driver updates are fast and can almost fix any issues facing your Windows operating system. This includes something as anxious and serious as the much dreaded blue death screen.


  • External Driver updates
  • Fast Driver updates
  • 24/7 Tech support
  • Huge Driver database

Verdict: All of the drivers’ updates you need can be found on this booster’s interface itself. It is very easy to download and install and get rid of almost all issues with Windows in a jiffy. Its pro version is the cherry on top, providing more updates than you know what to do with.

Price: Free, Pro version for $22.95

Website:  IOBit Driver Booster 7

#13) AVG TuneUp

Best for full end-to-end system optimization.

AVG TuneUp

You might have heard of this one, AVG TuneUp has been around for a while now but its new version gives us plenty of new reasons to boast about it and give it its rightful place on this list. Of course, it can perform all the optimization tasks one might need, which include browser cleanup, system cache, and logs cleanup, repairing broken shortcuts, restoring registries, etc.

But it’s the smart and advanced look that gives it an edge over its competition. It is a blast to use, although slow in its process. It will show you the progress of your scan, and present you with the depiction of the problem as well as the solution for it. It can also perform and deliver monthly optimization reports for your convenience.


  • Automatic maintenance
  • Speed Up PC performance
  • Restore registry
  • Disk fragmentation checks
  • Uninstall obsolete software
  • Junk cleanup

Verdict: AVG TuneUp has a lot of history behind it and offers a fantastic new version that lives more than up to its past glory. It can perform several system performance tasks you need simply and comprehensively.

Price: Free version is available with limited features. The Premium version is available for $39.99.

Website: AVG TuneUp


A PC repair tool has become mandatory for system maintenance due to the heavy influx of data and persistent usage of the Internet daily. So you never know what outside malware or bug can slow your PC down, or worse – leave you with the blue screen of death. Therefore to stay vigilant and increase the speed and life of your system, it is fundamental to keep one of the above PC repair tools by your side.

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As for our recommendations, to boost your PC performance and get full-scale optimization we highly suggest you use FixWin. If you are a technician seeking to decrease your downtime while increasing productivity in your business, then we suggest you opt for CCleaner Technician Edition.

To fix driver issues, you can always have Snappy Driver Installers and its huge collection of driver updates in handy when the need arises.

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Research Process:

  • We spent 8 hours researching and writing this article so you can have summarized and insightful information on what Windows Repair tool will best suit you.
  • Total Windows Repair tools researched – 22
  • Total Windows Repair tools shortlisted – 10
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