10+ Best Data Governance Tools To Fulfill Your Data Needs In 2022

List And Comparison Of The Best Data Governance Tools In 2022.

What is Data Governance?

Data Governance is a centralized control mechanism to manage data availability, security, usability, and integrity.

To implement data governance in the organization, a committee, a defined set of procedures, and a plan for executing these procedures are required.

The functions performed by the data governance in an organization include Setting data management parameters, the creation of processes to resolve data issues, and helping businesses in making decisions with high-quality data.

Data Governance Tools

The topics that come under data governance are shown in the below figure and this, in turn, will help you to understand the scope of data governance.

Scope of Data Governance

[image source]

Data governance affects the strategic, operational, and tactical levels of an organization. Hence, data governance must be performed in the continuous iteration, for effective organization and usage of data.

The various benefits of data governance include increased enterprise revenue, reduced cost of data management, increased data value, standardization of data systems, standards, procedures, policies, etc.

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Most Popular Data Governance Tools

Data Governance plays a major role in managing all your data needs. Given below is a list of the most popular Data Governance Software.

  1. OvalEdge
  2. Truedat
  3. Xplenty
  4. Alation
  5. Dataddo
  6. Atlan
  7. Collibra
  8. IBM Data Governance
  9. Talend
  10. Informatica
  11. Alteryx
  12. A.K.A
  13. Clearswift Information Governance Server
  14. Datattoo
  15. Cloudera Enterprise
  16. Datum

Comparison Table For Data Governance Tools

Data Governance ToolsFeatures & FunctionsPlatformPrice
OvalEdgeData Governance,
Data Catalog,
Automated Data Lineage,
Data Discovery,
Self-Service Analytics
Web, and
Starts at $50/user/month.

For more details, contact company.
TruedatData Governance,
Business Glossary,
Data Catalog,
Data Lineage,
Data Quality.
Open source.
Professional Services Fee.
Contact the company, for more details.
XplentyData Integration, ETL, ELT, etc. Windows & Mac.Get a quote.
AlationData Catalog,
Data Governance,
Data Lineage,
Search & Discovery,
Self-Service Analytics,
Cloud Data Migration & Management,
Business & Data Glossary,
Data Quality Management.
Web, and
Pay as you go pricing. Get a custom quote.
DataddoOne management center to monitor all the incoming data, fast deployment, fully scalable, etc. Web-basedIt starts at $20 per data source.
AtlanData Governance, Automated Lineage, Auto-Classification of PII, Column Level Access Control, Cloud Integrations.Web, Cloud, and SaaS.Pay as you go pricing. Get a quote.
CollibraCollaboration Features,
Data Help Desk, Automation of Data Governance & Management.
Web, and
Contact company.
IBMData Governance,
Data Cataloging, Obtaining Information for Big Data Projects.
Web, and
Contact company.
TalendData Governance,
Cloud Integration,
Data Integration,
& Application Integration.
Web, and
Talend Open Source: Free
Stich Data Loader: $100-$1000.
Talend Cloud Data Integration: $1170/user/ month.
InformaticaManage GDPR Data Risks,
Detect & Protect Sensitive Customer Data,
Verify Contact Data.
--Starts at $2000/month.
AlteryxDiscover, Prepare, & Analyze the Data.
Deploy & Share Analytics.
Collaboration Features.
Web, and
Alteryx Designer: Starts at $5195/user /year.
Alteryx Server: Starts at $58,500.

Let’s Explore!!

#1) OvalEdge

Price: Starts at $50/user/month. For more details, contact the company.


OvalEdge is an affordable data governance toolset and a data catalog. Unifying both these capabilities make it a versatile product for data discovery, data governance and compliance with data privacy norms.

Its features include automated data lineage, business glossary, workflows for data access, collaboration with peers, etc.

#2) Truedat

Price: Open-source. Contact the company for more details about the professional services fee.


Truedat is an open-source data governance business solution tool to help the clients become data-driven companies and accelerate cloud adoption.

#3) Xplenty

Xplenty Pricing: You can get a quote for pricing details. A free trial is available for 7 days.


Xplenty is data integration, ETL, and ELT platform. It is a cloud-based solution to create simple & visualized data pipelines to your data warehouse. It provides functionalities to integrate, process, and prepare data for analytics on the cloud. The platform will let you implement ETL, ELT, or a replication solution.

Xplenty is an elastic and scalable platform that can run simple replication tasks and complex transformations. You can orchestrate and schedule data pipelines with the help of Xplenty’s workflow engine.

#4) Alation


Alation pioneered the data catalog market and is now leading its evolution into a platform for a broad range of data intelligence solutions including data search & discovery, data governance, lineage, stewardship, analytics, and digital transformation.

Thanks to its powerful Behavioral Analysis Engine, inbuilt collaboration capabilities, and open interfaces, Alation combines machine learning with human insight to successfully tackle even the most demanding challenges in data and metadata management.

More than 250 enterprises realize business outcomes with Alation, including Salesforce, Cisco, Docusign, Finnair, Pfizer, Nasdaq, and Albertsons.

#5) Dataddo

Dataddo Pricing: The pricing starts at $20/data source/month. Pro and Enterprise plans provide additional features like free historical data loads, assisted onboarding and more.

Dataddo Platform

Dataddo is a no-coding, cloud-based ETL platform that provides technical and non-technical users with fully flexible data integration – it has a wide range of connectors and fully customizable metrics, which lets users create powerful data pipelines quickly and easily.

The platform seamlessly plugs into your existing data stack, eliminating the need to add unnecessary components to your data architecture. Dataddo’s intuitive interface and simple set-up allows you to focus on integrating your data, rather than wasting time learning the platform.

#6) Atlan

Atlan Pricing: Atlan has a pay as you go pricing model that scales with your team. Its 3 pricing plans are available here.

Atlan Dashboard

Atlan is a modern data workspace that takes the pain away from governing and managing your data ecosystem without compromising on data democratization.

Built to leverage open source frameworks like Apache Atlas, Atlan is a place where you can bring together diverse people – analysts, engineers, scientists, and business users – tools and data to create a frictionless collaboration experience.

It offers features like auto-construction of data lineage and auto-detection of PII data, allowing you to create dynamic access policies & best-in-class data governance.

#7) Collibra

Price: Pricing details are not provided by the company.


Collibra provides a cross-organizational platform for data governance and helps you to find and understand your data. It will automate the process of data governance and management.

It provides features like collaborating with stakeholders, delivering instant access to the right data, data help desk, and use of interactive data lineage diagrams.

Website: Collibra

#8) IBM Data Governance


IBM Data Governance will help you to find information about data objects, their physical location, meaning, characteristics, and usage. It can work with structured as well as unstructured data. It will help you to mitigate compliance risks.

It provides features like flexible data governance strategy, data cataloging, and obtaining useful information for big data projects. It also provides features for privacy and protection like securing personally identifiable information, predictive customer intelligence, and personal health information.

Website: IBM Data Governance

#9) Talend

Price: Talend has four pricing plans. Talend Open Source is free for all users.

Stich Data Loader has a free edition as well and its paid edition will cost you $100-$1000 per month. The next plan is Talend Cloud Data Integration, which will cost you $1170 per user per month. You will have to contact the company to know more about the prices of Talend Data Fabric.


Talend provides solutions for cloud integration, data integration, data governance, API & Application integration etc. It has open source solutions for data integration, big data, data preparation, and enterprise service bus.

Talend Data Fabric will provide an end-to-end data solution. This platform has features that include more than 900 connectors & components, manages data across any environment, built-in machine learning and data governance capabilities.

Website: Talend

#10) Informatica

Price: Price for the integration cloud starts at $2000 per month.


Informatica provides a solution for data governance and compliance. Its enterprise data governance solution can be implemented on-premise or in the cloud. This solution can be used by business, IT, and security teams.

It will provide the functionalities for managing GDPR data risks, detects and protects sensitive customer data, and ensures your contact information is current, accurate, and complete.

Website: Informatica

#11) Alteryx

Price: Alteryx Designer price starts at $5195 per user per year. Alteryx Server price starts at $58,500. You can include more functionalities at an additional cost.


Alteryx provides the platform to discover, prepare, and analyze your data. It will allow you to deploy and share the analytics.

It provides the features to discover data, collaborates with your team, and prepares and analyzes the models. It will allow you to embed R, Python, and Alteryx models to your production business processes.

It is suitable for data analysts, data scientists, Business directors, IT, & data management. It can be used by C-level executives as well as students.

Website: Alteryx

#12) A.K.A

Price: Pricing information is not available, however, a free trial is available for the product.


A.K.A provides solutions for describing, finding, organizing, and managing your information.

This single solution can perform multi-tasking by managing multiple data governance schemes. It is an agile solution for data governance and data transformation that will match your rapidly changing organization.

Website: A.K.A

#13) Clearswift Information Governance Server

Price: Contact the company for its pricing details.


Clearswift Information Governance server has features and functionalities of Information visibility, tracking & tracing of information, and adaptive redaction.

It performs intelligent policy enforcement by analyzing the information. Based on the content, authorization, and regulatory requirements, it automatically implements policies. It can track a huge amount of data. It can monitor lots of communication transactions.

Website: Clearswift Information Governance Server

#14) Datattoo

Price: It offers services at an affordable price. You will only have to pay for the files that you want to restore. As per the online reviews, the price will be $0.70 per MB.


Datattoo is a data recovery service. It will help you to restore or recover your lost or damaged file. It just extracts the data from it, without repairing the drive. It can work on data of any type and any format.

Website: Datattoo

#15) Cloudera Enterprise

Price: Data engineering products will cost you $4000. Data science products will also cost you $4000. The cost for operational DB is $6000. A Data Warehouse is available at $8000 and the Enterprise Datahub is at $10000. All these are the annual subscription prices of the software.


Cloudera Enterprise provides the solution to manage data through Cloudera Navigator.

Cloudera Navigator is the solution that provides data governance for Apache Hadoop. It has functionalities for data discovery, continuous optimization, lineage, audit, policy enforcement, and metadata management. It provides a search-based interface.

Website: Cloudera Enterprise

#16) Datum

Price: Pricing details are not provided by the company.


Datum provides a data governance and stewardship platform through Information Value Management.

It will help you to discover and understand the data. It will help you to measure the effectiveness as well as impact and risk your corporate initiatives. It also provides the functionalities for metadata management.

Website: Datum

Additional Tools For Data Governance

#17) Erwin:

Erwin provides a solution for data governance and data management. It has the functionalities of data governance, data mapping, data modeling, business process modeling, and enterprise architecture modeling.

A free trial is available for the product. As per the online reviews, the price for Erwin data modeler standard starts at $3299.17. Price for Erwin data modeler Navigator starts at $1010.05.

Website: Erwin

#18) Tag Inspector:

Tag Inspector is the platform for auditing the tag. It can perform live tag monitoring for any website. Tag Inspector will give you data quality, data privacy, and performance modeling. A free trial is available for the product.

Website: Tag Inspector

#19) Acaveo:

Acaveo is a software platform for storage and information governance.

It is helpful to IT and governance professionals. It will help you to understand the large volumes of unstructured data. It provides functionalities for file analysis, unstructured data management, data classification, data migration, and much more.

#20) Agility:

Agility data governance solution will help you to establish and implement high-level policies and procedures. It has included the functionalities of Product Information management. It provides a solution for Data Modeling & Rules, Workflow, and Security.

Website: Agility


This is all about data governance and its top tools.

If we compare the top Data Governance tools according to ratings, Collibra and Informatica will get the same ratings and Talend, IBM, & Alteryx will get the same.

Collibra is good at responding quickly. IBM is good for its integration capabilities. Talend provides a data integration solution regardless of the size. Alteryx is good for data analysts.

Hope this article on Data Governance Software was helpful to you!!

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