Top 13 BEST Video Marketing Software Tools [Updated List 2021]

List of the Top Video Marketing Software with Features & Comparison. Read This Detailed Review To Select The Best Video Marketing Solution For Your Business:

Digital Video Marketing is one of the most preferred ways of promoting a brand today.

Videos are no longer just a medium to show all your content but an effective way to educate and influence consumers. In recent times, videos have dramatically dominated social media platforms to engage visitors on the website as well as drive more traffic and sales to the sites.

A recent study by HubSpot shows that four of the top six channels are social channels where global consumers watch videos. It means that videos have had a huge impact on social media channels with around 4 billion people watching videos on YouTube and Facebook.

Video Marketing Software

In a survey conducted, it was found that people spend approximately 5.5 hours of their entire day watching videos online. Now you can imagine the power of video marketing and its tools.

What Is Video Marketing?

Video Marketing is the promotion of product or service using videos to increase engagement on websites as well as social media channels and present the real use of product or service to a target audience.

In simple words, it is creating effective video content for any product or service and sharing the video on all social channels to drive more traffic and sales.


The above video is about a Canadian wheelchair boy who cannot stand and play basketball. The video was gone viral when it was published at the time of Summer Olympics 2016 and this is considered to be one of the best examples of Video Marketing.

The video is very catchy and you’ll definitely not skip the video. Now, the below video is from the most renowned and popular shoe brand Reebok.

The video narrates the flashback of a woman’s fitness from Reebok sponsored Spartan Race to the day she was born. A perfect example of Video Marketing where it is convicted to be more human and quoted with “honor the body you’ve been given”.

Video Marketing FAQ’s

Enlisted below are some of the most frequently asked questions on Video Marketing.

Q #1) Why is Video Marketing important?

Answer: Consumers like to watch more videos than reading text content because videos are easy to digest, they are engaging, and entertaining as well.

Q #2) How can one promote a video on social media?

Answer: It is as simple and as hard as you think. Just create one nice and simple but original piece, publish the video on native sites, optimize your video according to niche, use promotion tools and services, and optimize your video for search engines.

Q #3) What are the different types of Video Marketing?

Answer: There are three main types of video marketing but there are several other categories as well. The three main types of Video Marketing include Awareness, Engagement, and Education.

Fact Check: Video Marketing is rapidly increasing every day and by 2021 it is expected that 80% of the audience traffic will be generated through video channels. With those astonishing numbers of users, you will see video marketing revolutionizing the market in the future.

Let’s see why we need to focus more on Video Marketing:

Stats on Preference of Video Content

[image source]

In the above survey, you can see that more than 50% of consumers prefer to see video content than any other form of content. Videos are easier to digest and are entertaining for customers. Landing pages with videos are more likely to increase conversion rates by 80%.

Survey on Video Marketing

Now, if you want to promote your video content, then you must know where consumers go to see videos. So, from the above graph, you can see that most of the viewers go to YouTube. As you can also see that Facebook is the second platform that is catching up to YouTube as a video platform.

With these graphs and stats, you will be clear that how much Video Marketing is important for your brand promotion and generating more traffic. Creating a video is simple but creating an effective video that really influences customers is not that simple. To give your video a professional and personalized look, you need some video marketing software.

Pro-Tip: Firstly, be clear on what your requirements are, then select 3-4 software accordingly and use the free trial version of that software. Secondly, make your vision clear after using the free trial of this software and make a clear and concise decision.
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List of the Top Video Marketing Software

Given below is a list of the best Video Marketing Tools for different requirements.

  1. Biteable
  2. Video Marketing Blaster
  3. Vidgeos
  4. Animaker
  5. Hippo Video
  6. Filmora
  7. Powtoon
  8. Vidyard
  9. Wideo
  10. Wistia
  11. Vimeo
  12. Viewbix
  13. Videoshop
  14. VideoScribe
  15. Shakr

Comparison Chart Of The Best Video Marketing Tools

BasisSuitable ForFree PlanPricingTransition TemplatesBest For Calls to ActionOur Review
BiteableBeginners and Pro users.Free trial available.Affordable (starting from $20).AvailableSmall-mid EnterprisesAvailable4.5/5
Video Marketing BlasterBeginners and Pro users.No$27 one-time payment--Marketers and business owners--4.5/5
VidgeosEverybodyNoMonthly: $67/month
Yearly: $468/ year.
AnimakerBeginners and Pro users.Free plan available.Cheap (starting from $12).AvailableLarge teams and EnterprisesAvailable4.0/5
FilmoraBeginnerNo free plan.Cheap (starting from $7.99).AvailableSmall EnterprisesAvailable4.5/5
VimeoPro usersFree plan available.Moderate (starting from $7).AvailableTeamsAvailable4.5/5
ShakrPro usersFree trial available.High (starting from $99).AvailableLarge EnterprisesAvailable3.8/5

Let’s Explore!!

#1) Biteable

Biteable dash

Biteable is a video editing, making, and marketing software that lets you create professional videos in no time. It provides thousands of built-in templates that make it easier for video editors to create and sell content faster than ever before. Their premium plans are powerful enough for large business enterprises and brands to promote and sell their products.


  • Make studio-quality videos in a snap at unbelievably fast speed in just a few minutes.
  • Pick a style, add your content, choose a track, tell your story, and share it with everyone.
  • A built-in library that never runs out of footage and animation with 85000+ Shutterstock clips and animations.
  • Create custom content by uploading your own photos and do easy personalization in just a few clicks.
  • Create instant videos with thousands of beautiful templates and post them on your social media channel.


Biteable pricing

Biteable offers one free trial and three other paid plans to unlock your potential.

Paid plans include:

  • Starter: 1 video per month ($20 per month).
  • Pro: 3 videos per month ($29 per month).
  • Unlimited: Unlimited videos per month ($49 per month).

Verdict: The software is well suitable for those who want built-in templates for creating professional designs.

Official Website: Biteable

#2) Video Marketing Blaster

Video Marketing Blaster

Video Marketing Blaster is a platform that will help you to rank on the first page of Google without building backlinks and knowing any SEO. It will give you a ton of targeted traffic.

To use this tool no previous experience is required. Its autopilot SEO optimization will give you top rankings. It is a 2 in 1 software that contains the functionalities of the Keyword Finder and Video Details.


  • Video Marketing Blaster will help you by finding untapped buyer keywords.
  • You will be able to generate perfectly optimized titles, descriptions, and tags.
  • It will drive 100% free traffic from Google and YouTube.
  • Autopilot SEO Optimization features can analyze your competitors, can identify all the weak points in the video, and automatically exploit them.
  • Based on this analysis, it will provide a perfect combination of titles, descriptions, and tags.


Video Marketing Blaster_Price

Video Marketing Blaster is available for $27. It offers 60 days money-back guarantee. Its Pro version is also available.

  • Onetime payment of $27.
  • No-monthly fees.
  • 60-days money-back guarantee.

Verdict: Video Marketing Blaster will provide you a stable and easy method to get the results. The key factors of this software are, it is easy to use, supports Windows Software, and proven to work.

#3) Vidgeos

Vidgeos Dashboard

Vidgeos is a video creation and marketing app. It will be easier to create videos and animation with this software.

It supports Windows and Mac platforms. It is useful for Global Marketing, Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, selling your videos, interactive & live videos, instant video publishing, and up-sell video marketing.


  • Vidgeos provides an auto-translate feature that will let you market globally in any language. It is easy to use and can be used by anyone.
  • It has live interactive c.t.a buttons, email op-tin forms, and live countdown timers.
  • It will let you edit the videos in real-time.
  • It has features of automatic text language translation.
  • It has many more features like ready to use slides, smart elements, voiceover recording &audio editing, 24*7 customer support, etc.


Vidgeos Price

Vidgeos is available with monthly and yearly payment options.

  • Monthly: $67 per month
  • Yearly: $468 per year.
  • 30-days money-back guarantee.

Verdict: Vidgeos is a video creation, animation, and hosting tool with the new video creation technology. It will help you to create smart videos that can convey the message to viewers according to their location, language, etc.

#4) Animaker

Animaker dash

Animaker provides 6 popular video styles i.e. if we do a factorial of 6 styles, then you can create 720 (6*5*4*3*2*1) different types of animated videos. The software is really easy to use with functionalities like click-choose, drag-drop, edit, and play. Moreover, it has a great client portfolio that includes Google, Verizon, FedEx, Dell, CISCO, Uber, Wallmart, Pepsi, etc.


  • World’s largest animated library with a collection of animated characters, properties, BGs, icons, etc.
  • Provides 6 unique video styles i.e. 2D, Infographics, Handcraft, Whiteboard, 2.5D, and Typography.
  • Pro features like Recording, Multi-move, Curve, Camera in, Camera out, and Transition effects for stunning animations.
  • Text support for more than 50 languages, Custom font support, and Support for RTL language fonts.
  • Enterprise features like multi-user collaboration, task management, file management, in-app messenger, and end-to-end visual solution.


Animaker pricing

Animaker also offers one free plan for a video length of 2 minutes with 5 exports per month.

Its paid plans are:

  • Personal: 20 videos per month ($12 per month).
  • Startup: 40 videos per month ($19 per month).
  • Business: 100 videos per month ($39 per month).

Verdict: No doubt, this software has a great impact on Large scale enterprises for video marketing.

Official Website: Animaker

#5) Hippo Video

Hippo dash

[image source]

Hippo Video is a video personalization and distribution platform that provides services like video hosting, video email campaigns, ABM & video selling, video support, and success. With a great client portfolio, Hippo Video leverages your video projects to lift your marketing, sales, and email campaigns. The integration of Hippo Video is great with highly reliable customer support.

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  • Create and edit videos quickly at the start of a button with quick edit (trim, cut, crop, add) and pro edit (unlimited tracks, background music, narrate over).
  • Export or embed videos to Google Drive, YouTube, Vimeo, Website, and Social media that adapts to every screen.
  • Share your content with strong privacy by protecting them with passwords and setting an expiry date of video link.
  • Analytics with real-time engagement graphs, User views, and Host your videos on the cloud with highly secured infrastructure.
  • Guest recording, organize videos under categories, marketplace integrations, and smart integrations.


Hippo pricing

One free is offered by Hippo with unlimited videos and 100 GB bandwidth.

It offers three paid plans:

  • Starter: For brand visibility ($15 per month).
  • Pro: For knowing the audience ($29 per month).
  • Growth: For video marketing strategy ($49 per month).

Verdict: Hippo Video is good for video distribution and analytics with reliable customer support.

Official Website: Hippo Video

#6) Filmora

filmora dash

Filmora is another video editing software for beginners. It provides users with different styles, effects, and customization in videos. The software is good for those who don’t want to spend their time in understanding basic functionalities of video editing and instead focus more on their tasks of creating and editing.


  • It comes with Split-screen, Advanced text editing, Scene detection, Video stabilization, etc.
  • Tilt-shift, Mosaic (blurriness), color grading presets, audio equalizer, and 4K resolution editing support.
  • Layer multiple video clips, GIF support, Noise removal, Audio mixer, Screen Recording, and Audio separation.
  • Create backgrounds using Chroma key, frame by frame preview, speed control, social import, and many more.


For Individual:

Filmora pricing

It offers quite different and simple pricing plans: 

  • Monthly subscription ($7.99 per month).
  • Annual subscription ($39.99 per month).
  • Lifetime subscription ($59.99 per month).

For Business:

Filmora buss pricing

It offers three business plans: Basic Business Plan ($12.99 per month), Standard ($24.99 per month), and Premium ($57.99 per month).

For Educational Purpose: Fill and submit the form or contact their sales team.

Verdict: Filmora is a great option for beginners who don’t want to waste their time in understanding complex functionalities.

Official Website: Filmora

#7) Powtoon

Powtoon dash

Powtoon is an easy and intuitive software for creating awesome videos and presentations quickly and instantly. With Powtoon, you can captivate, engage, and explain your presence in every field like Marketing, HR, IT, and training. Powtoon is just perfect for everything whether you require it for office work, educational purpose, or personal work.


  • Powtoon is just better than a video as you can engage, explain, and sell it with impact.
  • WYSIWYG editor, Offline presentation, Screen sharing, Hierarchical view, and Image library.
  • Collaboration tools, customizable branding, search functionality, data import, and export.
  • Content management, project templates, communication management, video management, and editing.
  • Drag-drop intuitively, two-factor authentication, project planning, etc.


Powtoon pricing

Powtoon also offers one free plan with up to 3 minutes video.

Paid plans include:

  • Starter: 1 premium export per month ($16 per month).
  • Pro: 5 premium export per month ($19 per month).
  • Pro+: Unlimited premium exports ($59 per month).
  • Agency: Unlimited premium exports ($99 per month).

Verdict: Nice and intuitive software for creating instant presentations and explaining them accordingly.

Official Website: Powtoon

#8) Vidyard


Vidyard can also be considered as an online business platform as it ultimately converts viewers to customers. The software also comes with CRM tools for marinating their information, data, and trends. It is a powerful video marketing tool that allows upload and download of videos, customization of own player, high compatibility with browsers, and measures the effectiveness of videos.


  • With Vidyard, you can easily create better CTAs, 360 videos for customers and stunning 4K support.
  • Adjust playback speed as you wish, create and manage events from one location, and make the video more relevant.
  • Provides analytics data at one place with detailed reporting and insights.
  • Multiple accounts, Multiple players, Multiple users, and Multiple encoding rates.
  • Video collaboration, Secure hosting, Syndication, Popup call to action, etc.


For Marketing:

Vidyard pricing

It offers three types of marketing plans:

  • Starter: For generating leads ($150 per month).
  • Plus: For growing teams ($850 per month).
  • Enterprise: For advanced teams (custom pricing).

For sales:

Vidyard pricing 1

One free plan is offered for individuals and the paid plans include:

  • GoVideoPro: For sales professionals ($80 per month).
  • GoVideo for Teams: For larger sales teams (custom pricing).

Verdict: The software has great CRM tools, 4K support, Multiple accounts, and Video collaboration.

Official Website: Vidyard

#9) Wideo

wideo dash

Wideo is an online video animation software for businesses to easily create marketing and promo videos in less time. It helps the users to get started quickly and create professional and beautiful animation videos with built-in templates. In addition, the platform is suitable for creating all kinds of videos with greater functionalities and many more features.


  • Over 80 built-in templates, Drag-drop interface, Animation speed control, etc.
  • Spell check, Scene templates, Video embedding, and Folder management.
  • YouTube sharing, Object searching, Upload button, Keyframe removal, etc.


wideo pricing

Wideo offers no free plan but a free trial is available for 7 days with the paid plans:

  • Basic: For all basic needs ($19 per month).
  • Pro: For teams ($39 per month).
  • Enterprise: For larger teams ($79 per month).

Verdict: Best software for creating marketing as well as promo videos for personalized brands.

Official Website: Wideo

#10) Wistia

Wistia dash

Wistia is a video software for businesses hosting video services from scale and industries. It is a marketing tool that allows video customization, Video SEO to increase more traffic, and engage leads. Moreover, it is a business-oriented platform that helps growing businesses to grow their brand awareness, track marketing performance, and view analytics.


  • Fully customizable player, Unlimited users, and Basic integrations.
  • Easy embedding and sharing, lead generation tools, and advanced video analytics.
  • A/B testing, HD bandwidth detection, Cross-device compatibility, and Collaboration.
  • Video heat-maps, viewing trends, SEO, call to action tools, etc.


wistia pricing

It offers one free plan for Startups with all standard features.

Paid plans include:

  • Pro: For Professionals ($99 per month).
  • Advanced: For Businesses (custom pricing).

Verdict: A business-oriented platform for growing businesses to increase Brand awareness, and Target audience.

Official Website: Wistia

#11) Vimeo

vimeo dash

[image source]

Vimeo is an online video collaboration and video distribution tool to make your video your own brand. It has the fastest, highly customizable, easily embeddable ad-free player. With Vimeo, you can exactly know who is watching your videos at what time and from where with advanced controls.

In addition, it also lets you invite your team members to collaborate, create, and share the work together.


  • Unmatched video quality, Video management, Vast storage, Privacy settings, Speed controls, Version history, etc..
  • Post-production and collaboration with Password protection, Review tools, Pro-integration, and Team collaboration.
  • Marketing and monetization include Customized players, Tools, Domain and Geo-restrictions, Custom end screens, Lead generation, etc.
  • Call to action, Email marketing, Google analytics, Advanced stats, Engagement graphs, Social sharing, and Worldwide distribution.
  • Auto archiving, Simultaneous events, Cloud transcoding, Customer support, and much more.


Vimeo pricing

Vimeo offers one free basic plan for all users and includes four other paid plans:

  • Plus: For a single user ($7 per month).
  • Pro: For 3 users ($20 per month).
  • Business: For 10 users ($50 per month).
  • Premium: For unlimited viewers ($75 per month).

Verdict: Vimeo is just perfect for online Video collaboration, Management, and Distribution.

Official Website: Vimeo

#12) Viewbix

viewbix dash

Viewbix is a type of video analytics and video interaction platform that helps you by delivering accurate results. It helps companies to understand what data is resonating video viewers and how to make the viewer’s experience more effective. It empowers the companies to maximize their reach across the internet and drive more traffic.


  • It lets you add apps to your video, Share photos, Engage your audience, and Work on mobile devices.
  • With Viewbix, you can link directly to the video player.
  • It also provides offer coupons and helps you in growing your mailing list.
  • In addition, it comes with Actionable analytics, Cross-platform distribution, and Integrated calls to action.


Their pricing is not revealed on their website but according to different reviewing sites, Viewbix is free for 2 players and 10K impressions per month. The subscription starts from $10 per month and increases according to different needs.

Verdict: For the purpose of analytics and reaching more audiences, Viewbix is the best available option.

Official Website: Viewbix

#13) Videoshop

Videoshop dash

[image source]

Videoshop is the fast and easy video editor app with intuitive editing tools for video personalization. The app is available for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Moreover, the tool consists of fine effects and simple features to make your video more effective. In addition, the software is available for free to download.


  • Integrate music, trim unwanted moments, add sound effects, add subtitles, etc.
  • Slow-motion, merge multiple clips, apply filters, and share it on social media.
  • Choose transition, add animated titles, adjust the display, and add voice-overs.
  • Create slideshows, tilt-shift your videos, add stickers, etc.

Pricing: Videoshop app is completely free to use for all android and iOS devices.
Verdict: Completely suitable for mobile freaks who want personalized videos of their own.

Official Website: Videoshop

#14) VideoScribe


[image source]

VideoScribe is a powerful and easy to use platform for creating high-quality whiteboard animations and videos. With these effective animations and videos, it helps you to engage your audience. VideoScribe claims that using their software you can create any video you imagine as there are no limits of using this software.


  • It helps you to grab attention, increase retention, influence buying, and boost conversions.
  • More than 5000+ images, use own illustrations and assets, select your own tools as you wish.
  • Free music collection, work offline from anywhere, record voice-overs, import music, and fonts, etc.
  • Choose video resolution, save your project online, draw video to drag followers, and much more.


For Single Users:

videoscribe pricing

VideoScribe offers three different pricing plans for single users:

  • Monthly Plan: $17.50 per month.
  • Yearly plan: $8 per month.
  • Quarterly Plan: $35 per month.

For Teams:

videoscribe pricing 1

For teams also it has three different pricing plans:

  • Team of 5+ Users: $155 per user.
  • Team of 10+ Users: $150 per user.
  • Team of 20+ users: $125 per user.

Verdict: Suitable for high-quality whiteboard animations and videos.

Official Website: VideoScribe

#15) Shakr

shakr dash

[image source]

Shakr is an online video maker and editor tool especially for all types of business sizes to perform marketing and branding at high scale. With its set of features, businesses can create interesting and amazing videos to engage their customers and drive more traffic. Moreover, it is easy to use and you can create a video in no time and share them on social media sites.


  • Social media sharing, brand overlay, privacy options, and video duplication.
  • Rights of reseller, digital signage videos, account manager, and business-oriented.
  • Custom video designs, Shakr market, creative without compromises, and video marketing.


Shakr offers three different pricing plans for different needs:

  • Standard: For smart brands and marketers ($99 per month).
  • Pro: For smaller marketing agencies ($179 per month).
  • On Brand: For next-level marketing purposes (custom pricing).

Verdict: All-in-one software for all types of Business sizes, Social media marketing, and Overlay branding.

Official Website: Shakr


Making a final decision to select a video marketing software involves a lot more than just differentiating between all the options. You need to be clear of which software you need to use.

By reading the above article, you might have noticed that many of the video marketing tools have basic functionalities and applications in common. But remember that all these software have their own uses.

Animaker, Shakr, Vidyard, etc. are highly suitable for business purposes for driving more sales. Tools like Filmora, Videoshop, and Wideo are recommended for small work or beginners. On the other hand, tools like VideScribe, Viewbix are good for analytics purposes.

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