Top 10+ BEST Affiliate Marketing Software [2023 LIST]

Review the list of top Affiliate Marketing Software to compare and select the best Software for Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate Marketing is an essential part of the marketing programs. Due to the adoption of online media or social media by the audience, its demand is increasing day by day.

Affiliate marketing is a type of digital marketing. It refers to the practice of promoting products and services of a brand in return for some commission by the company to the affiliates.

An affiliate acts as an intermediary between the company and the customer. He used to promote the product through writing blogs, creating videos, using referral codes, and more.

Affiliate Marketing Software Review

Affiliate Marketing Software

Importance of Affiliate Marketing

  1. Low cost: It is a cost-effective method of marketing as it contains low start-up and ongoing costs.
  2. Low risk: Affiliate marketing is comparatively a low-risk method of marketing as there is no bigger investment. You just need to pay a little amount as commission at the time of sales to the affiliates.
  3. High ROI: It leads to an increase in ROI. As the sales are directly proportional to the ROI. When the sales increase with the efforts of affiliates and less cost incurred, the ROI automatically increases.
  4. Easy tracking: It provides easy tracking and management of activities of affiliates and promoters. You can easily track their performance or if they are doing any fraudulent activities.
  5. Increase SEO: It leads to an increase in search engine optimization as the affiliates and influencers post content related to your brand. It drives traffic to your website.
  6. Brand awareness: Affiliate marketing helps to spread brand awareness through various activities and strategies adopted by its various affiliates and promoters.
  7. Knowing customer insights: With the insights tool, the business can come to know at which point the customer takes interest and where it does not, which helps in improving its website.
  8. Target audience: It helps in reaching the target audience by hiring and contacting the affiliates or influencers of that area.
  9. Easy to start: Affiliate marketing is an easy-to-start marketing strategy as it does not include any enormous investment as well as does not need any special strategies or management.
  10. Fraud prevention: An affiliate management software provides a fraud prevention feature that helps businesses from fraudulent affiliates practices.

Parties involved in affiliate marketing

  • Product creator: The person or the company who creates the product.
  • Channel: The network through which the creator and affiliate connect.
  • Affiliate: The person who promotes the products produced by the creator in return for a commission.
  • Customer: The person to which the affiliate connects to promote the product.

Parties involved in affiliate marketing

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Fact Check: According to the research on Affiliate Marketing Software by Verified Market Research for the forecast period between 2020-2028, it was found that the market share of this software was estimated at $18.79 Billion in 2020 and was expected to grow with a CAGR of 7.3% up to $31.61 billion in 2028.

Verified Market Research

Pro Tip: To select an effective affiliate marketing plan for your business, you need to check for certain features they offer, like tracking, managing, and optimization of affiliates. Second, you must check your budget as different software charges different prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) What is the best affiliate marketing software?

Answer: These include:

  • Everflow
  • LinkTrust
  • PartnerStack
  • CAKE
  • Post Affiliate Pro

Q #2) Are affiliate programs free?

Answer: Yes, it is free to join affiliate programs. For joining, you need to fulfill some criteria as mentioned by the companies. Different companies have different criteria. It is generally free cost without any experience. You just need to signup, join and promote to earn the commission.

Q #3) How much do affiliate marketers get paid?

Answer: They get paid according to the company’s rules and policies. Different companies have different payment plans. Some pay based on a certain percentage of sales and some pay based on the number of sales. (say $50 at the sale of 10 products). In short, the more you sell, the more amount you would get in return.

Q #4) Is affiliate marketing easy?

Answer: Yes, it is easy comparatively as it does not include any entry fees or any hidden charges and it is low-risk marketing. You just need to establish affiliate products, rest marketing for the products would be done automatically by the affiliates.

Q #5) What are affiliates in marketing?

Answer: Affiliates are the persons or companies that help in the promotion of your product or service through their marketing strategies. It could be through blogs, videos, referral codes, and more. They got an amount or commission for doing the same.

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List Of The Best Affiliate Marketing Software

Here is the list of popular Affiliate Marketing tools:

  1. Everflow
  2. LinkTrust
  3. PartnerStack
  4. CAKE
  5. Post Affiliate Pro
  6. Impact
  7. AffTrack
  8. OSI Affiliate
  9. ShareASale
  10. CJ Affiliate

Comparison Of Top Tools For Affiliate Marketing

SoftwareBest forDeployment Supported PlatformsPricing Rating
EverflowTracking everything.Cloud Hosted
Open API
Windows, Linux
Android, iPhone/iPad, Mac, Web-based, Windows Mobile
Starts at $750 per month5/5
LinkTrustTracking and managing marketing channels and fraud filters.Cloud HostedWindows, Linux, Android, iPhone/iPad, Mac
Between. $399-879 per month4.8/5
PartnerStackRunning multiple unique programs side-by-side.Cloud and web-basedWindows, MacContact for pricing4.7/5
CAKEMultichannel marketing solutions.Cloud HostedWindows, Mac, Web-basedContact for pricing4.5/5
Post Affiliate ProTracking affiliates and payout bonuses.Cloud HostedWindows, Linux, Android, iPhone. Mac
Between $97-477 per month4.5/5

Detailed Review:

#1) Everflow

Best for tracking everything.


Everflow helps in growing your business faster by providing various services like tracking, reporting, deep analytics, instant cart setups, integrations, auto optimizations, and so on.

It provides three action plans, namely, brand, agency, and ad networks to build a modern partner program, to manage clients more effectively, and to manage advertisers, partners and media buying channels.


  • Helps in branding through tracking channels, managing partners, and so on.
  • Helps in managing everything at large.
  • Tracks users, performance, and everything.
  • Helps in understanding the situation deeply by deep analytics, event tracking, variance reports, and more.
  • Helps in simplifying tasks through instant cart setups, auto optimization, powerful integrations, and global payments.

Verdict: Everflow is recommended for its features, like tracking and simplifying tasks. It tracks everything from users when they visit your website to every view-through attribution. QR codes to code URLs.


  • Starter- $750 per month
  • Plus- Contact for pricing.

Website: Everflow

#2) LinkTrust

Best for tracking and managing marketing channels and fraud filters.


LinkTrust is a marketing software that helps its users in tracking and managing their marketing campaigns. It helps in affiliate marketing, referral marketing, influencer marketing, partner marketing, and lead generation & distribution. It provides solutions to the ad network, advertisers, and agencies.


  • Provides customizable affiliate marketing programs with white labels.
  • Helps in referral marketing by focusing on the best customers.
  • Provides influencer marketing strategies demographically, geographically, and through different media channels.
  • Ensures to avoid duplication of leads in partner marketing.
  • Helps in lead generation and distribution.
  • Tracks and manages marketing channels.

Verdict: LinkTrust is recommended for its features like fraud filters, tracking, and ease of use. It comes with a free 14-day trial so you can understand its features before subscribing to any plan.


  • Starter- $339 per month
  • Professional- $549 per month
  • Enterprise- $879 per month

Website: LinkTrust

#3) PartnerStack

Best for running multiple unique programs side-by-side.


PartnerStack is an affiliate marketing software that helps in managing, and tracking activities related to the partners. It provides several services, including B2B focused partners, automated partner payments, automated partners journey, partner analytics, and more.

It can be integrated with platforms like Salesforce, Stripe, HubSpot, PayPal, and so on. It helps in maximizing partner’s performance and scaling multiple channels.


  • Provides B2B affiliate, referral, and reseller partners.
  • Facilitates automated payments to partners.
  • Helps in automating an unlimited number of partner’s journeys.
  • Track partner’s activities to optimize their performance.
  • Provides support at the time of onboarding through an onboarding consultant.

Verdict: PartnerStack is best for tracking and managing all partner’s activities that help in optimizing their performance. They also provide various plans which are recommended. Like- marketing channels, referral channels, reseller channels, and so on.

Pricing: Contact for pricing.

Website: PartnerStack

#4) CAKE

Best for multichannel marketing solutions.


CAKE is a marketing software that provides integrated solutions like affiliate marketing, lead generation, and multichannel marketing to achieve more revenue. It helps in boosting performance, provides intelligent lead routing, provides transparent measurement, boosts digital marketing performance, and so on.


  • Provides affiliate marketing services.
  • Provides white-label interface, superior support, data security, customizable reporting, and so on.
  • Helps in lead generation and distribution.
  • Provides multiple lead delivery options.
  • Provides fraud prevention, open API, call tracking, routing rules, etc.
  • Helps in multichannel marketing through identifying impact and improving performance, smart insights, and more.
  • Provides mobile measurement, impression tracking, event tracking, account control, and so on.

Verdict: CAKE is recommended for its features like white-label interface, multichannel marketing, and tracking performance. They all lead to better performance and an increase in revenue.

Pricing: Contact for pricing

Website: CAKE

#5) Post Affiliate Pro

Best for tracking affiliates and payout bonuses.

Post Affiliate Pro

Post Affiliate Pro is an affiliate marketing software that helps its users in tracking and managing their affiliate partners to achieve smoothness in the process.

It provides several services like- Affiliates tracking, lead generation, assigning commissions, giving payouts, and more. It can be integrated with over 200 CRM and payment platforms and helps in boosting sales through services like- automated scalable networks, reporting, branding, and so on.


  • Tracks affiliate partners’ performance and activities.
  • Helps in increasing leads through boosting online presence.
  • Assigns commissions on reporting.
  • Provides bonuses to partners on reaching a specified limit.
  • It provides easy-to-use dashboards.

Verdict: Post Affiliate Pro is recommended for its payout and tracking features. It provides affiliates with an amount on reaching or crossing a certain limit and helps in tracking the activities of partners to optimize them in the best possible way.


  • Pro- $97 per month
  • Pro-ultimate- $197 per month
  • Network- $477 per month

Website: Post Affiliate Pro

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#6) Impact

Best for partnership cloud and automation.


Impact is software that embraces the potential of partners or affiliates. It provides several features as automation, search & recruit, payout, track, engage, protection & monitoring, and more. It provides different services and solutions to brands as well as different solutions to publishers.


  • Provides a partnership cloud to automate every partnership.
  • Helps in searching for partners and recruiting them.
  • Helps in negotiating the payout amount with the new partners.
  • Tracks the activities of partners or affiliates.
  • Engages the partners by providing them with training about the product.
  • Protects the business against fraudulent affiliates by monitoring them.
  • Optimizes the efforts of partners by managing their performance.

Verdict: Impact is best for its partnership cloud. It helps the users to automate the optimization and management process of the life cycle of all the partnerships currently prevailing.

Pricing: Contact for pricing.

Website: Impact

#7) AffTrack

Best for cap management and post back & redirect logs.


AffTrack is a platform for the business to manage its affiliate network. It enables its users to easily manage its affiliates or advertisers by providing reliable statistics, unlimited clicks, and conversions. It gives full access to all the features to its users, including real-time analytics, proxy and fraud detection, offer targeting, cap management, and so on.


  • Detects fraudulent affiliates and generates alerts.
  • Provides limitless service with no hidden charges.
  • Provides access to control to every teammate.
  • Provides quick support for any assistance.
  • Provides analytics, offers targeting, cap management, and more.

Verdict: AffTrack is best for cap management and postback & redirect logs. It provides everything with unlimited access and also provides a 1-month free trial.

Pricing: $199 per month.

Website: AffTrack

#8) OSI Affiliate

Best for referral marketing strategies.

OSI Affiliate

OSI Affiliate is an affiliate marketing software free for 15 days. It uses various strategies to empower the top brand advocates. They are motivated by incentives, codes and coupons through which they become the company’s sales force. You only need to pay when they increase the number of sales. It provides features like auto signups, pop-ups, banners, detailed reports, and so on.


  • Provides auto-sign-ups to make every customer an affiliate automatically.
  • Smart rewards are given to the affiliates.
  • Popups and forms are generated at the time of exit by visitors.
  • Generates detailed reports on sales, clicks, and impressions.
  • Email templates, social media sharing options, discount codes, coupons, and more features are provided.

Verdict: OSI Affiliate is recommended for its referral marketing strategies. It provides the users with various referral codes and coupons through which any visitor can be converted into a live advocate of the brand.


  • Basic- $47 per month
  • Professional- $97 per month.

Website OSI Affiliate

#9) ShareASale

Best for product discovery bookmarklet.


ShareASale is a platform for assisting and managing users in performance marketing. It provides three solutions- solutions for merchants, solutions for agencies, and solutions for affiliates.

It is an innovative software for managing affiliate partners by building relationships, guiding merchants and affiliates, providing performance data insights, tracking affiliate partners’ activities, and so on.


  • Acts as a recruitment tool by sending invites to targeted affiliates.
  • You can create custom short links to direct viewers to the product.
  • Helps in building websites for eCommerce.
  • Provides brand protection tools to avoid risks.
  • Provides a bookmarklet to create affiliate links quickly.

Verdict: ShareASale is best for its innovative techniques to drive affiliate channels by building relationships, guiding merchants and affiliates, and more and its bookmarklet feature of creating short links.


  • Merchants- $550 per user
  • Agencies- contact for pricing
  • Affiliates- contact for pricing.

Website ShareASale

#10) CJ Affiliate

Best for publishers and advertisers.

CJ Affiliate

CJ Affiliate is the software that is trusted by the largest brands like Blue Apron, Priceline, and many more. It provides specialized strategies, solutions built for success, makes the complicated tech easy for its users, and is committed to its publishers and advertisers. It provides solutions for advertisers and publishers.


  • Provides best technologies, including omnichannel integrations, smart & flexible compensation, and so on.
  • Acquires customers through content and campaign management.
  • Provides quality network, pre-payment validation, and program support services to increase smoothness in working.
  • Insights and analytics are generated and provided on demand.
  • Helps in ad and content monetization.

Verdict: CJ Affiliate is recommended for its features like campaign management and content monetization that helps its users in getting more visitors to the website.

Pricing: Contact for pricing.

Website CJ Affiliate

Other Noteworthy Affiliate Marketing Software

#11) Click Inc

Best for commission management and fraud detection.

Click Inc is a web-based SaaS platform for affiliate and lead management. It helps in tracking, payment schedules and facilitating communication with prospects and customers. Its main features are affiliate management, commission management, and fraud detection.


  • Plan 1- $25 per month
  • Plan 2- $69 per month
  • Plan 3- $149 per month.

Website: Click Inc

#12) HitPath

Best for evaluating customer engagement.

HitPath is tracking software that tracks affiliates, influencers, coupon codes, phone calls, and more. It manages advertisers, campaigns, accounts, affiliates, creative department, system and acts as a reporting engine. It provides its services for advertisers, publishers, and agencies.

Pricing Contact for pricing.

Website: HitPath

#13) AffiliateWP

Best for tracking and managing affiliates on WordPress.

AffiliateWP is an affiliate marketing solution on WordPress. It helps in growing business through increasing traffic on websites and provides easy setup, tracking, managing, paying, and reporting of affiliate teams. It provides a bundle of features to its users.

Like- real-time reporting, complete integration, unlimited creatives, easy affiliate management, referral link generator, affiliate URLs, simple shortcodes, and so on.


  • Professional- $299 per year
  • Plus- $199 per year
  • Personal- $149 per year
  • Custom- contact for pricing.

Website: AffiliateWP

#14) TUNE

Best for SaaS platform to manage partnership across web and mobile.

TUNE is a SaaS affiliate management platform. It is enriched with flexible technology, intelligent tools, and secured controls. It provides different sets of solutions for advertisers and networks.

For advertisers, it helps in managing & paying partners, tracking everything, protecting from frauds, and so on. For networks, it helps in automation, risk-free platform migration, custom development, and more.


  • Advertiser plans- Between $499- 1500 per month.
  • Network plans- Starts from $700 per month.

Website: TUNE

#15) Voluum

Best for to track, optimizing and to automate.

Voluum is an integrated platform that provides services related to tracking, optimization, and automation for digital marketers on a single platform. It helps in converting any traffic into sales.

It includes features like- atomizer, traffic distribution AI, anti-fraud kits, alerts, A/B split testing, proxy reports, workspaces, campaign pausing, custom alerts, and so on.


  • Discover- $89 per month
  • Profit- $149 per month
  • Grow- $449 per month
  • Custom- Contact for pricing.

Website: Voluum


Through the research, we concluded how much affiliate software or performance software is essential for a business. A proper affiliate and performance management are essential for any business to attain maximum profit.

There are some software for managing the same. Some best among all is explained above. Every software has its different features which ultimately help in affiliate and performance management.

Some are good in tracking, like- EverFlow, LinkTrust, and PostAffiliate Pro. Some are good at managing multiple channels side by side, like- PartnerStack and CAKE.

Research Process:

This article has been researched for 52 hours with 25 tools in which the top 15 tools were shortlisted as mentioned above.

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