10 BEST Outbound Telemarketing Software [Top Selective Tools 2021]

In-depth Review and Comparison of Top Telemarketing Software Tools Along with Their Features and Pricing. Select the Best Telemarketing System For Your Business:

The telemarketing industry has experienced steady growth in the last five years and the total revenue is expected to be $28 Billion in 2021.

With the advancements in Call Center techniques and technologies, it has become easier for employees to work remotely from anywhere and thus the employment in the industry has increased to approximately 540,000 per annum.

The industry is likely to catch more growth and rise from the corporate sector.

Best Telemarketing Software

The Telemarketing and Call Centers industries in the US consist of customer service, technical support, debt collection, and others. The annual growth of a business using telemarketing services (from 2014-19) has increased at a rate of 4.7%.

What Is Telemarketing?

Telemarketing can be referred to as the process of generating leads, gathering market information, making conversions, and increasing sales using a telephone or over the phone calls.

Although telemarketing is a much beneficial tool for small and mid-sized businesses, it can be a valuable tool for large scale enterprises too in terms of saving time and money when compared to personal selling.

In other words, telemarketing is also known as inside sales and is a common form of direct marketing. Telemarketing is usually considered to be the best option than personal selling or door to door selling. In this, you don’t have to pay a huge amount to the salesperson and bear their expenses as well.

Just find out perfect telemarketing software to reach out to customers and drive more sales to your business, that’s it.

There are a lot of contenders when it comes to telemarketing solutions. Hence, choosing the correct telesales solution that can meet all your business needs isn’t that easy.

Telemarketing Software Trends And Market Size

The below screenshot clearly depicts the future and current trends of Telemarketing Tools. From small to large organizations every single company relies on such software for their business.

Stats on Telemarketing Software in US

[image source]

Telemarketing Software


[image source]

Telemarketing software is a type of Contact Center tool that helps organizations to reach out to the customers, generate leads, make conversions, and drive sales on phone calls, text messages, chats, video calls, emails, etc.

In simple words, it is the software that helps organizations to achieve their goals using a telephonic communication system in either straightway or repetition form.

Features Of Telemarketing System

  • Inbound and outbound telemarketing for lead generation and reaching out to the customers.
  • Call log history for data organization to maintain your prospect’s data accordingly.
  • Works worldwide i.e. you can remotely use the software from any device and any location.
  • Desktop apps, mobile apps, web apps, and cloud services are available to work seamlessly without any interruption.
  • CRM helps in automatic lead distribution, client information, call scheduling, email marketing, etc.

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Advantages Of Telemarketing Solutions

  • With a telemarketing system, it’s easy to get to the customers as it provides an effective medium of communication between you and your prospective customer. Also, it allows you to clear all your customer’s queries related to the product and service and effectively helps you in generating leads.
  • It allows you to reach as many customers as possible as you just need a client’s calling number and not their address to physically meet them. Reaching out to the customers on phone calls or emails is much cost-effective than direct or personal selling.
  • One main advantage of telemarketing software is that it helps you to manage your contact list, automate your workflows and sends emails to your customers directly when required. The dashboard of the tool does it all for you according to your granted permission.
  • The software also provides you with reports and analytics to identify where you are generating high volume and where you are lagging behind. This will help you to understand the customer’s purchasing behavior, interests, and patterns.
Pro-Tip: As discussed above there are a lot of contenders when it comes to telemarketing software. But don’t worry, just go through the list below and check whether any of the tools suit your business or work type. The best way to finalize any tool is to use it first. See, if it matches your requirements or not. Almost every tool offers a free trial, so you can check them before making the final move.
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List Of The Best Telemarketing Software

Enlisted below is the list of the Top Telemarketing Tools available in the market. A comparison table of the five different tools is also included here to make your decision clear and concise.

#1) Bitrix24
#2) EVS7
#3) PhoneBurner
#4) Vocalcom
#5) CallPro CRM
#6) Calltools
#7) Five9
#8) VanillaSoft
#9) VICIdial
#10) Ytel

Comparison Table Of Top Five Telemarketing Tools

BasisBest ForFree Plan/TrialPricingOpen SourceDevicesDeploymentCustomization
Large Enterprises.
Free plan + Free trial of 30 days.Monthly as well as one-time (starting at $69).NoWeb,
IOS, &
Cloud- basedYes
PhoneBurnerSmall, &
Medium-sized business.
No Free plan but a Free trial is available.Monthly (starting at $149).NoWebCloud- basedYes
CallPro CRMStart-ups,
SMEs, &
No Free plan/trial.Quote-based NoWebAnyYes
Large Enterprises.
No Free plan/trial.Quote-basedNoWeb &
Cloud- basedYes
Medium-sized business.
Free plan + Free trial is available.Open Source with hosting plans.YesWeb,
IOS, &

Let’s Explore!!

#1) Bitrix24

Bitrix24 dash

Bitrix24 is telemarketing, communication, and collaboration software launched in 2012 for the purpose of making each company united. It provides a complete suite of social collaboration, communication, and management tools for different types of teams. Moreover, the service is available both On-Cloud and On-Premise including CRM, File sharing, Calendars, Project management, etc.


  • It provides access to dozens of free tools for project and task management, Customer support, E-commerce support, and Client management.
  • Communications like Chat and video, Calendars, Social intranet, Email, Document management, User groups, HR systems, etc.
  • Completion of tasks with features like Gantt charts, Kanban, Time tracking, Task templates, Project workgroups, and external users.
  • CRM including Pipeline management, Lead management, Sales automation, Email marketing, Customer support, and Online payments.
  • Design and create websites with tools like Free hosting, Templates, Visual editor, Landing pages, Online store, Free domain name, and Responsiveness.


Cloud Pricing:

Bitrix24 cloud-pricing

It offers one free plan for beginners who are just starting out.

Paid plans include:

  • CRM+: For small companies ($69 per month).
  • Standard: For mid-sized companies ($99 per month).
  • Professional: For any company size that needs cutting edge technologies ($199 per month).

On-Premise Pricing:

Bitrix24 on premise pricing

It offers three different types of on-premise plans with a free trial for all type of needs:

  • Bitrix24: For a minimum of 12 users ($1,490).
  • Business: For a minimum of 50 users ($2,290).
  • Enterprise: For a minimum of 1,000 users ($24,990).

Verdict: It offers both on-premise and cloud-based services with top social media collaboration and management tools for different teams.

Official Website: Bitrix24

#2) EVS7

evs7 dash

EVS7 (stands for Electronic Voice Services) telemarketing software was launched in 1993 in Dallas, Texas. The company claims that they can increase calls by 300% and boost your productivity too by creating innovative and easy to use phone dialer software.

Moreover, the software provides transparency in their solutions, builds trust with customers, and provides success to all types of business which makes it a reliable telemarketing solution.


  • More calls in less time with every plan as they come with a power dialer that helps you and your team to dial faster and more efficiently.
  • It allows you to stay organized with lightweight in-built CRM that keeps a track of each customer appropriately.
  • Generate more profits by making more calls in less time to see a fantastic ROI.
  • There are no per minute or extra excessive usage fees, so you always know your bill.
  • Flexibility, Unlimited customer support, Pre-recorded voicemail drops, and CRM integrations.


evs7 pricing

EVS7 offers three different types of pricing plans:

  • ZoomCalls: For hand dial business VoIP phone service ($29 per month per agent).
  • Cricket: For click dial for CRMs and excel ($59 per month per agent).
  • Dolphin: For power dial through phone lists ($80 per month per agent).

Verdict: It can be considered as the most reliable software in terms of customer support and transparency in solutions.

Official Website: EVS7

#3) PhoneBurner


[image source]

PhoneBurner is simply an outstanding platform for outbound call making and lead generation that include power dials and leave voicemails & emails. PhoneBurner imports lead to the contact manager, record voicemails and create emails, chooses the contact you want to call, and at last start your dial session.

In addition, it allows you to make more connections and convert more sales.


  • Power dialler for increasing outbound productivity, sales CRM for managing contacts, and workflow automation to send and track emails.
  • Text messages for more conversations, local caller IDs, lead distribution to distribute leads to teams.
  • Self-updating reports, Admin reports, Free onboarding, and Cloud-based that lets you dial from anywhere.
  • Manage leads with ease, automate workflows, drop voicemails without waiting, and no telemarketer delay.
  • Advanced email tracking, Automated lead distribution, Custom reporting, and easy to use.


Phoneburner pricing

PhoneBurner offers a very simple pricing plan with a free trial and no credit card is required. The price for a single user is $149 per month and the price increases as users increases. Its best part is the admins are included for free.

Verdict: PhoneBurner is simply a good platform for its pricing value and outbound services.

Official Website: PhoneBurner

#4) Vocalcom

vocalcom dash

[image source]

Vocalcom is considered to be the most innovative AI-powered Call Center that provides personality-based routing and manages multichannel customer integrations. In addition, it provides you with everything in one place like digital engagement and artificial intelligence integration into customer interaction.

Moreover, it manages all customer interactions as single as one single conversation.


  • Adaptable, reliable, secure, amazingly simple and keeps the conversation flowing across phone, chat, email, social media, etc.
  • Vocalcom for sales provides a native dashboard to Salesforce including features like multi-line dialing, one-touch SMS, and list prioritization.
  • A new generation of customer platform that offers an ROI of nearly 350%+ for contact center solutions.
  • With Vocalcom, sell more and have more conversations with automated dialing and instant automation.


vocalcom pricing

Vocalcom U.S. pricing is not available exactly but the pricing range starts from $65 per month.

Verdict: Most innovative AI-powered Call Center for managing multi-channel at a single point of time.

Official Website: Vocalcom

#5) CallPro CRM

callprocrm dash

CallPro CRM is a web-based telemarketing tool with high flexibility for outbound calling such as telemarketing, telesales, and lead generation. It provides a complete account view for better conversations and tracking of interactions. Progressive dialing for increasing productivity in the total number of calls and social media tools for looking up to contacts and generating more leads.


  • Multiple databases within one system, virtually unlimited data storage, highly scalable, and works with multiple departments at one time.
  • Marketing tools with fully-fledged email marketing campaigns, calling functionality, call script, and flexible CRM for lead generation.
  • Make more calls, Engage effectively, Dialing features, Build conversations, and gather more leads.
  • Increase call volumes and view analytics to increase business efficiency effortlessly.

Pricing: It offers two different pricing plans. The CallPro CRM pricing has not been revealed on their official website but you can contact them to know their price.

Verdict: It is highly flexible for outbound telemarketing services like lead generation, telesales, etc.

Official Website: CallPro CRM

#6) Calltools

calltools dash

Calltools is the fastest-growing telemarketing software that helps you expand the company’s reach and maximize performance with cost-effective calls. The software integrates with some powerful external tools like Zoho, HubSpot, Salesforce, Infusion soft, Debtpay pro, etc.

In addition, it shows you daily stats to monitor total calls and an integrated webphone to directly connect to the dialler and take inbound calls.


  • Admin/manager is included free with the purchase and there is no additional or excessive usage fee.
  • Cloud-based platform with CRM integrations and 10 channels per agent.
  • Predictive dialler, Power dialer, Preview dialler, and Interactive Voice Response (IVR).
  • Email templates, Inbound capability, and Effortless campaigns for making your status available and dialing.

Pricing: Calltools doesn’t offer any direct pricing plans but offers a personalized price quote for each user. You just need to fill some details like the number of agents, amount of call, company name, etc. and you will get a price quote accordingly.

Verdict: It helps in maximizing performance and expands the reach with cost-effective calls.

Official Website: Calltools

#7) Five9

five9 dash

Five9 is an intelligent cloud telemarketing software that is completely customizable and adapts to your business needs. It helps in empowering agents to deliver a high-quality experience to the customers. Moreover, it is an all in one Contact Center solution that includes Omnichannel, Routing, Analytics, CRM integration, Open platform APIs, etc.


  • CTI and screen pop, Power dialler, IVR, Progressive dialler, Automatic call distributor, Preview, Dialler, Web call-back, Queue call-back, etc.
  • Campaign management, CRM integrations, Text to speech, Cloud APIs, Multichannel, Call recording, Call routing, and Call transfer.
  • Contact history, Customizable reporting, Lead generation, Real-time analytics, Search functionality, Social media integration, etc.
  • Voice mail, TTP, Feedback management, Drag and drop interface, Data import and export, Call scripting, and many more.

Pricing: Like Calltools, Five9 also offer personalized pricing quote. You have to fill in the details and they will provide you with your flexible pricing quote.

Verdict: Five9 can be best customized and adapts to every different business needs.

Official Website: Five9

#8) VanillaSoft


[image source]

VanillaSoft sales engagement platform helps you to make inside sales process simplified and provides your team with the tools they need to engage with the customers and close sales.

It provides four ways to increase productivity and these are Work Every Lead the same, Remove Guesswork, Speed to lead, and Speed up the Sales Cycle. Moreover, it also provides solutions to optimize your workflows.


  • Inside Sales, Telemarketing, Call Center, Lead management, Sales engagement platform, and Fundraising.
  • Lead and sales tracking, Auto-dialing, Call recording, VoIP, Logical branch scripting, Email and SMS marketing, Lead routing and generation, etc.
  • Real-time activity dashboard, Customized web reporting, Customized email templates, and Appointment setting module.
  • Mass email, Web lead integration, Quality control, Store for compliance, Screen pops, and many more.


vanilla soft pricing

VanillaSoft offers one base platform pricing with 30 days of free trial for $80 per user per month.

Additionally, it offers featured and telephony add-ons:

  • Dialling: $30 per user per month.
  • Recording: $30 per user per month.
  • VoIP: $33 per user per month.
  • Smart Caller ID: $2 per area code per month.

Verdict: It is one of the best sales engagement platforms to make your sales process simple.

Official Website: VanillaSoft

#9) VICIdial

VICIdial dash

VICIdial is the most popular award-winning open-source platform for the Contact Center solution. The software boasts over 2,000 features in total targeting the telephony and communication requirements of every business. Although the software is available for free, it includes pricing at some point.


  • API, Access control, Activity dashboard, Ad hoc query, Live system updates, Local and Remote agent monitoring.
  • Multi agents, Multiple call routing, Multiple paths of data, MySQL database as well as Integration, and Manual dialler.
  • Blended Call Center, Built-in AMD, Backups, Built-in webphone, Call logging and sharing, Progressive dialler, Quality management, etc.
  • Visual Call Center, Inbound and outbound tools, User timesheets, Unlimited voicemail boxes, Call tracking, and built-in IVR.
  • Live chat, Conferencing, Reporting and statistics, SMS integrations, TTP integration, Caller ID, Audit trail, and many more.


VICIdial is an open-source platform with a free plan.

It offers pricing plans that include:

  • For Initial Server Provisioning fee: $1000
  • Provisioning free for each additional server: $500
  • Hosting Fee: $400 per month per server.

Verdict: It is the only open-source platform that boasts over 2,000 features for every business size.

Official Website: VICIdial

#10) Ytel

ytel dash

Ytel is a cloud-based Contact Center that is ideal for a minimum of 10 members, multi-channel campaigns, and customer care. The software is easy to set-up, customizable, and optimizes the efficiency of outbound calls. Ytel is built with better SMS and voice APIs so that it can easily add programmable communications and improve customer support.


  • Lead management, Call back scheduling, Integrated online reporting, and Automatic call distribution.
  • Open API, Customer profile creation as well as management, Call recording, Contact management, etc.
  • Queue priority routing, Lead capture, Real-time reporting, Caller ID, and Integration with Salesforce, Zendesk, etc.
  • Access controls, Debugging, Collaboration tools, Call scripting, Power dialler, Predictive dialler, Preview dialler, and Progressive dialler.
  • IVR voice recognition, VoIP, Encryption, Voice quality enhancement, Text to speech, CRM, and many more.


ytel pricing 2

Ytel offers a contact center agent license for $99 per seat. The price increases as the number of seats are increased.

ytel pricing1

It also offers API pricing which includes:

  • Local Phone Number: $1 per month.
  • Local Inbound Voice: $0.005 per minute.
  • Local Outbound Voice: $0.013 per minute.
  • Local Inbound SMS: Free
  • Local Outbound SMS: $0.005 per message.
  • Email: $0.005 per email.
  • Ringless Voicemail: $0.02 per delivery.

Verdict: Ytel is best suitable for large organizations with multi-channel campaign support.

Official Website: Ytel


Now, you might have realized the importance of a Telemarketing System. Hence, if you are looking for such software, then you are in the right place.

Final thoughts for telemarketing software are: if you are running a large scale enterprise then you should opt from Bitrix24, Five9, Ytel, Vocalcom, or EVS7. If you have mid-sized enterprises and still want advanced features then CallPro CRM, PhoneBurner, Calltools, Bitrix24 are some suitable options that you can choose from.

If you are looking for a tool for small teams or agencies then again Bitrix24, VICIdial, VanillaSoft are really good options for small businesses. If you require an open-source tool then VICIdial is the only free telemarketing software on our list.

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