Videvo Review: Best Free Stock Video Footage Service

A complete and comprehensive review of Videvo to clearly understand the features of this Free Stock Video Footage Service:

As someone who has casually edited videos in the past for both personal and professional reasons, I know how tough it can be to find resources online to enhance the quality of your creative projects.

A Google search will expose you to endless images, audio, and video clips, but you can’t simply go about using them due to licensing and copyright issues.

Nowadays, there are a plethora of websites offering both paid and free stock videos and image libraries. However, I’ve never found myself fully satisfied with most sites’ options. Something was always amiss. Sometimes it was the attached price tag and other times it was just the insufficiency of the stock library itself.

Videvo – A Complete Hands-On Review

Videvo Review Best Free Stock Video Footage Service

My pursuit of a cost-effective and abundant resource library for editing finally led me to discover Boasting a massive library of free stock footage, motion graphics, video editing templates, and audio clips, the website immediately grabbed my attention.

In this article, let us see Videvo’s vast library, free content, flexible Premium subscription plans, and a few other important aspects. So, without much further ado, let’s get started.

Videvo Overview

Videvo logo Sq-Black on white Lrg1

Videvo serves as a prime online destination for a diverse range of free footage clips. Launched in 2012, Videvo boasts perhaps the single largest library of free stock footage, music, and motion graphics on the internet. You’ll find footage and other resources whose uses are only limited by your own imagination.

Videvo dashboard

From educational purposes to helping with the production of both personal and commercial projects, Videvo’s library has something for each creative project. That said, undeniably one of the best aspects of Videvo’s services has to be its emphasis on simplifying the licensing process.

Videvo accomplished this by developing their own ‘Videvo Standard Licensing’, which they offered alongside a Creative Commons 3.0 and Royalty Free license. This allows users to download and use their clips for as many projects as they like. The only requirement is to attribute the authors of the clips being used.

After building a sizeable free library, Videvo developed Premium subscription plans that not only greatly expanded their library but also allowed customers to use the clips without author attribution by guaranteeing Royalty Free Licensing across all Premium content.

Fast-forward to 2022, is one of the best platforms online to access hundreds and thousands of video and audio clips, each guaranteeing easy licensing and the impeccable quality that video editors and creators seek.

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Key USPs of Videvo

Below is a list of Videvo’s most compelling USPs:

  • 50,000+ Free audiovisual assets
  • 50,000+ Premium stock assets
  • Hassle-free Licensing ( Creative Commons 3.0, Royalty Free, and Video Attribution)
  • Flexible and affordable Subscription-based pricing
  • Trilingual library in English, Spanish, and German
  • Preview clips before downloading
  • The website is constantly updated with new clips.

Core Features

Now that you know the main background information of Videvo, let’s take a deeper dive into the site’s many features, one at a time.

#1) Stock Video Footage Library

Video footage library

The website offers over 350,000 free and premium video stock footage clips covering a wide range of categories. All of these videos are offered at a minimum of HD quality, with some featuring resolution that goes as high as 4K. You can filter the content on this page to find videos based on duration, video quality, licensing, and category of choice.

The library features videos with attribution, CC by 3.0, and royalty-free licenses (we’ll discuss this in more detail later in the article). Besides stock footage, you’ll also find motion graphics and animated backgrounds that can come in handy for some green-screen/VFX work.

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#2) Music and Sound Effects

Music and Sound Effects

Stock videos aren’t the only thing Videvo has to offer to its customers. The website is also home to a humongous library of music and sound effects in various genres and categories. You’ll find both new and popular music clips here that can serve almost all editorial requirements.

sound effects1

You can browse the audio clips based on genre, mood, instrument, etc. You can preview the clips before downloading them. Each clip is marked with the necessary information below it to help you make your decision.

#3) Template Library


Videvo’s Template library is a particular section of the library that is ideal for video editors, both casual and professional. Here you will find thousands of high-quality animations, motion graphics, and VFX templates.

Furthermore, these templates are compatible with all major software. All you need to do is check the compatibility of each as labeled on their download page. You can also browse through specific categories dedicated to each software, which groups all compatible assets.

The software supported includes:

  • Premiere Pro
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Final Cut Pro
  • Davinci Resolve

There are a plethora of video Templates for you to explore, each suitable for the hassle-free creation of logos, animation effects, title cards, transitions, and promo content, among many others.

#4) Licensing

The popularity that Videvo enjoys today can be credited to the page’s flexible and hassle-free licensing. You can opt for three types of licenses based on the subscription plan you select.

The licenses are as follows:

a) Videvo Attribution License

This type of license strictly applies to free clips only. With this license, you can download and use the clips for as many projects as you like without paying a dime credit to the respective author when using them. You can edit these clips in any manner. You can also use them on multiple platforms worldwide, provided you adhere to the author attribution rule.

b) Creative Commons Attribution 3.0

Creative Commons 3.0 is similar to the Videvo Attribution license in the sense that the clips can be distributed freely in their original format. You must also make sure that the author of those clips is credited when used.

This license allows you to use the stock material for commercial use too. However, make sure the clips you use do not show or have any reference to identifiable brands or personalities. If that is the case, then only use the clip once you’ve obtained releases or special permissions from the concerned brand or person.

c) Royalty-Free Licensing

If you don’t want to give credit to the author, then you can upgrade your subscription plan to Videvo Plus or Videvo Plus Pro to use royalty-free licensing. Clips under this license can be downloaded once and used as many times in as many projects as you like. You can also edit the clip and use it on multiple platforms worldwide.

Pro Tip: There are a handful of FREE clips with Royalty-Free licensing, which you can find using the page’s fantastic filtering system.

Keep in mind that some clips in the library are labeled as “Editorial use only”. This means you cannot use them for commercial purposes. You cannot redistribute them in their original form either.


Although using Videvo is free, you can upgrade to its subscription-based plans to download premium footage and enjoy royalty-free licensing. There are three pricing plans.

They are as follows:


The Videvo Lite plan costs $4.99/month and allows you to download 5 premium videos a month with royalty-free licensing.

The Videvo Plus plan, which costs $14.99/month, allows you to download a total of 25 premium videos and templates with royalty-free licensing. For unlimited downloads, you can upgrade this plan to an annual package costing $12/month. You basically save 20% on an annual bill of $144 for choosing the yearly alternative of this plan.

Then there is the Videvo Pro Plan, which costs $24.99/month and allows you to download 50 premium videos along with templates and audio clips. All premium clips downloaded will of course fall under royalty-free licensing. You can upgrade to this plan by opting for the annual plan costing $20/month, thus saving 20% on an annual bill amounting to $240.

Videvo is constantly improving its plans with its users in mind, so check its pricing page often for the most up-to-date information on products and pricing.

Additionally, there is a money-back guarantee offered with all plans. The price is very reasonable, especially when you consider the massive category-based stock content library you get access to.

— SPECIAL OFFER— readers get an extra 15% off Videvo Plus and Pro Yearly! This is additional to the 20% you already get when opting for yearly over monthly billing. Use code STH15 in the checkout process after selecting either yearly plan on the pricing page.

Pros and Cons

Over 50000+ Stock footage to downloadNo chat support
Hassle-free and flexible licensing
Preview files before download
Secure platform to download from
Excellent customer support
Flexible subscription-based pricing.
Money-back guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) How can one provide attribution to authors?

Answer: Most stock clips on Videvo require that you give credit to authors if you wish to use them in your projects. These clips are licensed under the Videvo Attribution License and Creative Commons 3.0. The author’s name will be listed on the download page of the clip you wish to use. The name should be mentioned exactly the way it is listed on Videvo.

For instance, if the author’s name is Dale Phillips, then the attribution should read – “Stock footage provided by Dale Phillips”. This credit can appear at the end of your video project.

Q #2) Can content from Videvo be used on YouTube videos?

Answer: Videvo is home to tons of royalty-free footage that you can use in your YouTube videos. All videos, as well as audio files, have been cleared for use on YouTube. It is advisable to familiarize yourself with the licensing rules and take the necessary measures and practice caution in order to avoid copyright strikes on the platform.

Q #3) Can I use Videvo clips for commercial purposes?

Answer: This will depend on the clip you are using. Refer to the section below the download button of any clip to learn about its license and the restrictions attached to it.

If the clip is labeled as “Use in all projects and media”, then you can use it for commercial purposes. If the clip is labeled as “for editorial use only”, then you must refrain from using it for commercial purposes.

Q #4) Can one contribute their own clips to Videvo’s library?

Answer: This is not possible at the moment. It might change in the future. We’ll just have to wait and watch.

Q #5) What types of licensing does Videvo offer?

Answer: Videvo offers three types of licensing. All of their stock content falls under one of these licenses. They are as follows:

  • Videvo’s own Videvo Attribution License
  • Creative Commons Attribution 3.0
  • Royalty Free License


There are many websites out there that provide free and premium stock footage. However, Videvo distinguishes itself from its many contemporaries with a massive library of video, motion graphics, templates, and audio clips that all guarantee exceptional quality and simple licensing.

Besides its stock gallery, Videvo has also won over with its flexible subscription plan. There is a dedicated blog page on its main website that caters to curious readers with engaging content interesting to the most creative types.

The service’s affordable nature makes me comfortable recommending it to content creators who find themselves short on budget but who don’t want to sacrifice quality.

We cannot recommend Videvo enough to students, marketers, independent YouTubers, videographers, and other such individuals. For pricing, opt for the annual Plus or Pro plan to enjoy the library at its fullest potential.