10 BEST Lead Management Software In 2021 To Generate More Sales

Most Popular Lead Management Software Tools with Features and Comparison:

Lead Management or Customer Acquisition Management is a collection of methods, practices, and processes to acquire new clients for a business. Lead Management Tools, being used by small and big businesses alike, have evolved around this need.

All businesses require simplified tools for acquiring and maintaining the customer database and sales leads. This article talks about the Top Lead Management Tools available in the market along with their Features and Comparison.

What is Lead Tracking and Management?

There are direct and indirect customers to your products and services. Businesses initially tap the direct customers that are valuable and convertible. Convertibles are those we tag as hot leads.

The whole game of lead tracking is staging or labeling the interest level of the lead towards what you are selling.

Top Lead Management Software

According to a survey done by Hubspot, a whopping 65% of businesses state that their major concern and marketing challenge is to generate traffic and leads.

top marketing challenges

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Benefits of Lead Management

  1. Increases Efficiency in Lead Processing
  2. Tracking the Lead
  3. Lead Fostering
  4. Lead Stage Filtering
  5. Attaching Identifications/Statuses
  6. Defining Workflow
  7. Highlighting Active Leads
  8. Real-time Data, Reports, and Forecasts
  9. Predictive Analysis
  10. Improved Team Co-ordination

Differences Between Lead Management Software and CRM

The process of data collection, identifying prospects and closing the deal is included in the lead management system. CRM- Customer Relationship Management, on the other hand, requires you to have an existing customer database, and then consider the sales approach.

A new lead is like a would-be customer. If everything works smoothly between the two parties then this lead will be your customer.

Certain software tools combine the services of lead management and CRM as the former leads to later but CRM can never be a part of lead management. Lead Management vs. CRM is similar to Prospective Customers vs. Existing Customers.

Further explained it is like the differentiation of usage of the promotional offers and the loyalty offers, where the customers get the advantage of both, unlike the prospects.

What is the Lead Process?

The lead process is a baby step towards the conversion of a prospect to the customer. A crucial step and systematic process that has a road map to generate, qualify and track leads. It records initial interactions, includes demonstrating values or query solving to freeze delivery.

General Features of Lead Management Software

Enlisted below are the various features of Lead Management Tools.

#1) Automated Data Collection: Companies use a variety of marketing channels like Facebook, Twitter, Website, Chat, Blogs, E-mail Marketing, Contests, Research & Survey, Polls, and other offline methods, etc. for data collection.

#2) Data Management: Multiple channels produce data that needs to be stored, sorted, tagged, formatted, filtered, source identification, de-duplicated, and processed to make accessible. The contact and its history need to be managed efficiently for sending quotes, e-mail marketing, social media integration, etc.

#3) Work Allocation and Task Management: Primarily the leads that come in need immediate action for each inquiry. The timely actions of the passing of leads and taking them to a new level is almost as necessary as consuming a raw food having a shelf life of a few days.

#4) Response to Leads: The fresh lead and immediate / faster response to it at times are the deciding factors for the future of that lead.

#5) Scheduling and Tracking Leads: The secondary level of scheduling the actions required on specific date & time and tracking the developments is achievable. Monitoring the system helps the team to plan the day and manage the saved from micromanaging. Scheduling is calendar integration and it can be a reminder for call response, action required, pending task, follow-up calls, scheduling one on one meeting and a lot more.

#6) Acquaintance: Most of us know that it is old fashioned to have one-sided communication like a dictator. We are dealing with people who have choices and preferences. It is possible to gain knowledge once you make efforts to associate with the lead.

#7) Communication: The lead management if used wisely can let us identify the time and method to approach that lead to a particular stage of the lead. Knowing what to do when is the action taking place, creates proper interaction.

#8) Process Automation: It allows you to have a faster dialogue with the prospect and remain in touch with them. The chances of lead slipping away are lesser due to prompt actions that were taken by the team. Automation not only saves the effort, but it also rolls the ball faster.

#9) Sales Funnel: The efforts ultimately are for sales and the leads converting to the customer. The business is in a race with the competitors and time, utilization of resources, tools, and time management which influence the lead conversion. The time saved in a way is of money for the companies, hence the intelligent methods for filtering and assessing the leads help to create strong sales funnel.

#10) Sales Activities: After the presales, the sales activities like the generation of the invoice, payment schedule, payment reminder, receipt generation, etc. are the abilities of the lead management system.

#11) Detailed Analysis: Organizations use Lead management tools to analyze the level of lead automation, assignment, prioritization, activity planning, tracking, etc. It is a powerful feature that enables calculating the acquisition rates, lead-time, drop of interest, exit points, conversion costs, return on investments, closure ratios, and much more.

#12) Reports: Reports help in evaluating the efforts & returns ratio on quality leads and identifying the behavioral patterns give the desired results. The performance measurement, management, and improvement to maximize the effectiveness allow the companies to lead the race.

#13) Post Analysis Actions: The success of marketing and promotion activity is for converting the lead i.e. it needs correct actions on time, based on the analysis. The analysis is the mirror test of your efforts so far.

#14) Lead Security: The processes and methodologies used on leads and its basic information are confidential and are not accessible to any internal or external party other than the one working on it and the manager.

#15) Role Clarity: The roles and responsibilities are set and cannot be interfered nor there is any chance of the same or duplicate lead allocated to another team member. The leads are prospects, thus saving them from the bombardment of the same and repetitive information of product or service.

Research done by InsideSales.com disclosed the secret that in 35 to 50% cases the sales usually goes to the company that responds first. This is a clear indication that you need a lead management tool with the features listed above.

Why is Lead Management System Important?

Small Business

  • They face huge competition and market sustainability is less. Small businesses can select free versions of lead management tools. They can get good ROI within a small budget.
  • They often miss the ability and manpower to be focused on the leads, store them properly, do the pipeline management and on-time response. Limited resources and time constraints hamper the processes if defined and followed.
  • The integration of various medium of lead attraction is missing and the profits being limited, making it important for the small businesses to have a lead management tool.

Medium Enterprises

  • The competition is tough with new entrants to the market and the price competition is killing the medium level enterprises. It has to face competition from small as well as large companies.
  • They have to meet the customer expectations and it has to stretch itself in terms of price and service quality.
  • Being better than the small businesses, the capacity to invest and with an eye on opportunity, the lead management system becomes essential for medium-sized enterprises.

Large Organizations

  • The factors that make it mandatory for large organizations is the widespread business, the demand for better functionality, high expectation of prospects, etc.
  • In-depth understanding and control over the market, high-end predictability, the involvement of multiple parties and multiple lead acquisition channels.
  • Powerful connectivity with the social platforms, brand image and much more than just on-time delivery of the product or service is imperative for large organizations.

How to Choose the Best Lead Management Software?

You need to select a software that is best suited for the needs of your business, be it small or large enterprise.

You can start by ticking the requirements from the list below.

  1. Latest Features
  2. Process Optimization
  3. Automation
  4. User-friendly
  5. Customizable
  6. Improve Buyer Experience
  7. Expansion Capacity with Growth of Business
  8. Ability to work off-line
  9. Integration with other systems
  10. Other Specific Need

After identifying your business needs you can go through our detailed review of the Lead Management Tools below to select a product that fulfills your requirements.

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List of Top Lead Management Software

Comparison of Best Lead Management Tools

ProductBest Suited ForPlatformsPriceFree Trial
monday.comSmall to large businesses. Windows,
Basic: $17/month.
Standard: $26/month.
Pro: $39/month.
Enterprise: Get a quote.
**Prices are for 2 Users and if billed annually.
Available for unlimited users and boards.
$ 12.50, $24.20 and $49.17Available for all 3 plans.
Freshworks CRMSmallMac
$12, $25, $49 and $79 monthly (billed annually).Available for all plans.
noCRM.ioSmall and medium-sized businesses.Web-based
Starter: $12
Expert: $24
Dream Team: $39
All plans per user/month.
15 days free trial, no credit card required.
KeapSmall to large businessesWeb-based, iOS, & Android.It starts at $40/month. Available for 14 days.
Free OR $800 per monthAvailable
Pardot by SalesforceMedium
$1,000, $2,000 and $3,000 /month (billed annually)-
Free, $12, $20, $35 monthly (billed annually)Available
$199, $299, $379 monthlyAvailable
$39, $109, $219, $329 monthlyAvailable
$25, $50, $100 monthly (billed annually)Available
Free, $89, $269 and customizedAvailable
Mac and
The web
$500 to $1600 and moreAvailable

Review of the Best Lead Management Software:

#1) monday.com

Best for: monday.com CRM software is best for small to large businesses. It makes the pipeline management easy and has the capacity to connect every department of the organization regardless of its size.


monday.com CRM software will help you with managing the customer data, interaction, and processes. It will allow you to manage these things the way you like. All your data will be protected. It will allow you to build and customize the dashboard as per your needs. This CRM software has automation capabilities to help you with repetitive tasks.

monday.com - Leads Board

It can perform automatic insertion of leads that are captured on any other form. It will also allow you to insert the leads by importing them from various tools.


  1. You will be able to quickly gain insights and a clear overview of sales, processes, and performance through the dashboard.
  2. You can set automatic reminders, due-date notifications and assigning new tasks to teammates automatically.
  3. By putting the repetitive tasks on autopilot you will be able to automate your sales pipeline.
  4. Leads can be captured online through the integrated contact form.

monday.com - Lead Integration


  1. Though it offers a free trial of the product there is an absence of a forever free plan.
  2. It doesn’t provide features like setting up recurring tasks and mind mapping. Mind mapping will be helpful for strategizing.
  3. The tool will not allow you to toggle between the views. It will be helpful to switch between the views on the project.

Verdict: monday.com provides a highly secure and reliable CRM platform that will refine your sales process and help you with post-sale activities. It will give you an overview of overall business opportunities. This platform will help you with leads tracking along with staying organized.

Companies using monday.com

  • WeWork
  • Discovery Channel
  • Carlsberg
  • com
  • Philips

#2) Pipedrive

Best for: This tool is best for small and medium-sized enterprises. Over 2000 companies use it and are famous in countries such as the US, the UK, Brazil, Canada, France, Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Australia, and India.


Pipedrive has wonderful features of pipeline management, E-mail integration, Activities Management, Data import-export, Sales reporting, and forecasting. Over 85000 companies use it. It is a popular and highly effective tool for both small and medium businesses. It manages sales and provides a detailed and clear picture of their existing and historic deals.

Pros and cons:


  1. Simple and Easy to use.
  2. Select metrics to customize your dashboard.
  3. Customer Life Cycle & Measures Sales Performance.
  4. Historic Data.


  1. The mobile app needs to function spontaneously by facing challenges.
  2. The availability of too many filters can make it complex.
  3. It cannot have separate plans for a different level of users who need particular features.
  4. Notifications require integration with Slack or Zapier.

Verdict: This tool is best for the salespeople to remain organized. It is simple to use and easy to adapt. The product is value for money and customer support is commendable. It is suitable for up to 1000 employees.

Industries using Pipedrive lead management software include Computer Software, Financial Services, Information Technology & Services, Hospital & Health Care, Marketing & Advertising, Computer Hardware, Management Consulting, Staffing & Recruiting, Real Estate, and Construction.

Companies using Pipedrive:

  1. Cargolift Logística S.A.
  2. Green Gorilla Apps
  3. INFONOVA Tecnologia
  4. Drync LLC
  5. Railnova

#3) Freshworks CRM

Best for: It is the Best tool for Small size businesses with less than 499 employees. Over 15000 companies trust it across 80 counties. Freshsales provides a 360 ° lead review that helps create workflows and automation of processes. You can access the database from your mobile too.

Freshworks CRM

Freshworks CRM is used by several industries in various countries like the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Netherlands, Sweden, Belgium, Brazil, Spain, and Germany.

Pros and cons:


  1. Amazing mobile app.
  2. Campaign Management.
  3. Easy Export of information.
  4. Source Tracking.


  1. Integrating with other tools is complicated.
  2. Workflow automation is available only in the Professional edition.
  3. It requires a bit of study to use the software.
  4. Data upload is not available.

Verdict: This tool is reliable and robust. The company has a free edition for a user size of up to 10. It has wonderful gamification features and e-mail marketing tools.

Industries using Freshworks CRM lead management software include Computer Software, Financial Services, Information Technology & Services, Hospital & Health Care, Marketing & Advertising, Computer Hardware, Management Consulting, Staffing & Recruiting, Real Estate, and Construction.

#4) noCRM.io

Best for small and medium-sized businesses. It offers three plans suitable for businesses of different sizes.


noCRM.io is a lead management software that helps salespeople to achieve their primary goal of converting prospects into customers.

It lets you create leads quickly from any source including LinkedIn, business cards, and your website. Its customer success team provides support in six languages: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, and Italian.

noCRM.io offers a smart and innovative sales script generator to easily qualify your leads. Its email integration provides an email inbox and facility to receive & reply to emails from leads. It has many more features tailored to your sales needs for team management & collaboration, statistics, and reporting, etc.


  • noCRM.io supports lead capture from several sources including web forms, LinkedIn, emails, etc.
  • It has features like syncing reminders with your calendars and planning calls, meetings, or coffee break chit chats with the leads.
  • Its fully customizable sales pipelines will help your team organize its sales process.


  • No cons that we could find.

Verdict: noCRM.io is a simple action-based sales tool. There is no installation or maintenance hassle. . You can access the application anytime, anywhere. It offers the powerful features you need to manage sales efficiently.

Companies using noCRM.io

  1. Phenocell
  2. Founder’s Choice
  3. John Taylor
  4. The British Bottle Company
  5. Blueprint Tax

#5) Keap

Best for small to large businesses. It has features required by solopreneurs & new businesses, growing businesses, and established businesses & teams.

Keap Dashboard

Keap CRM platform has capabilities of email and SMS marketing. It will let you create personalized and automated sales & marketing. You can generate multiple pipelines that help with knowing the status of the leads at every sales stage. It can trigger the automations on moving the lead to a new stage.


  • Keap allows native integrations of programs like PayPal, Stripe, etc. to make the online payment process easier.
  • Keap provides end-to-end automation.
  • It lets you create personalized, customized sales and marketing processes.
  • It offers the features and functionalities for the effective moving of leads through your sales pipeline.


  • It is an expensive tool.

Verdict: Keap offers an all-in-one marketing and sales automation solution. The solution will let you create repeatable sales processes and strong marketing campaigns. This CRM, sales and marketing platform will improve your customer service and help to increase sales.

Companies using Keap:

  • Hear and Play
  • Math Plus Academy
  • TITIN Tech – Story
  • Agency 6B

#6) HubSpot Sales

Best for: It is best for medium or large businesses with 10-999 users.

Competitive Dashboard

HubSpot is famous for its rich features. HubSpot is a choice of more than 12,000 companies across 56 countries for lead management and conversion.

Pros and cons:


  1. Pipeline Management
  2. Campaign Management
  3. Importing and Exporting leads is easy.
  4. Detailed training is available.


  1. Unwanted data can get added to the CRM feature of tracking e-mail and if un-ticked you lose the chance to capture data.
  2. It does not integrate into the other email tools.
  3. Less ROI for small users.
  4. The dashboard can be simplified.

Verdict: Its extensive software is loaded with features useful for sales, marketing, and customer relationship management. The complete marketing assembled in the software makes the marketing function easy.

Industries using HubSpot lead management software include Computer Software, Financial Services, Information Technology & Services, Hospital & Health Care, Marketing & Advertising, Computer Hardware, Management Consulting, Staffing & Recruiting, Real Estate, and Construction.

Companies using HubSpot:

  1. HubSpot Inc
  3. Incorporate Massage
  4. Portfolium, Inc.
  5. Axosoft

#7) Pardot by Salesforce

Best for: Best tool for Medium and large businesses, it enables smooth functioning of business even if you have limited manpower. Pardot is famous and is used by several companies in countries like the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, Japan, France, Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, and India.

Pardot by Salesforce

Pardot is the best Lead Management system, has 24,000 satisfied customers with increased revenues and effective marketing. These companies are using it for Email & Online Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Lead Management, and Campaign Management.

Pros and cons:


  1. Standalone application.
  2. It can be used for various department’s work.
  3. Manages large databases.
  4. Creating E-mail Campaigns is easy.


  1. It is a marketing automation software and not CRM.
  2. High Cost can be a concern to many users.
  3. The product is for B2B and not B2C.
  4. Database limits to 10,000 prospects but is extendable to 25,000.

Verdict: This tool is best if you have a small or large marketing team for your medium or large business. It is designed by keeping the sales and marketing user’s expectations in mind and is suitable for the employee size of up to 10000.

Industries using Pardot lead management software include Computer Software, Financial Services, Information Technology & Services, Hospital & Health Care, Marketing & Advertising, Computer Hardware, Management Consulting, Staffing & Recruiting, Real Estate, and Construction.

Companies using Pardot:

  1. Vector Laboratories, Inc.
  2. TP Trucking
  3. Security Benefit Corporation
  4. Kira Talent, Inc.
  5. TCW Strategic Income

Official Website: Pardot By Salesforce

#8) Zoho CRM

Best for: It is best when used by Medium-sized businesses with an employee size of 1 to 1000. Zoho certainly improves the productivity of teams with designs that are precise solutions to business activities. Its automation and customizable dashboard attracts and satisfies customers.


Over 13600 companies across the globe trust and use Zoho CRM. It is widely used in countries like the US, UK, India, Canada, Spain, France, Netherlands, Mexico, and Brazil.

Pros and cons:


  1. Mobile App
  2. A huge capacity for Email marketing.
  3. Source Tracking
  4. In-person Training is available.


  1. Too much scrolling.
  2. Profile Layout not customizable.
  3. Data Duplication issues.
  4. Deleting documents is tough.

Verdict: The Company provides great customer support. The product is value for money, includes good features that suit various businesses.

Industries using Zoho lead management software include Computer Software, Financial Services, Retail, Internet, Information Technology and Services, Hospital & Health Care, Marketing & Advertising, Management Consulting, Real Estate, and Education Management.

Companies using Zoho:

  1. Creator Scripts
  2. OverNite Software, Inc.
  3. Quytech-Mobile App Development
  4. Les Dompteurs de Souris
  5. ViWO Inc.

Official Website: Zoho

#9) Infusionsoft

Best for: It is best for Small, Medium, or large businesses. It is used by 17000+ companies across countries like the US, UK, Australia, Canada, India, New Zealand, Netherlands, Ireland, Brazil, and Mexico.


It is a smart choice for the growing companies, it saves time, streamlines pipeline management, lets you automate repetitive tasks and manage the teams. You can focus on business rather than worrying about the process.

Pros and cons:


  1. Tagging Contacts
  2. Best for Automation
  3. Human Customer Executive
  4. Good Interface


  1. Reports need improvement.
  2. The display of web forms is quite boring.
  3. Complex in handling huge campaigns.
  4. API integration is not easy.

Verdict: Infusionsoft is useful in handling marketing and it enables clear communication. It is best suited to send automated drip campaign-style emails. It is suitable for an employee size 10 -50.

Industries using Infusionsoft lead management software include Marketing & Advertising, Computer Software, Health, Wellness & Fitness, Management Consulting, Hospital & Health Care, Professional Training & Coaching, Information Real Estate, Financial Service, Information Technology & Services and Education Management.

Companies using Infusionsoft:

  1. Sante Chiropractic and Wellness Centre
  2. Designer Health Centers
  3. SiteTuners.com, Inc.
  4. Conestoga Log Cabins
  5. Larry Jacob Internet Marketing

Official Website: Infusionsoft

#10) Hatchbuck

Best for: Hatchbuck is best for small to mid-sized businesses, it is a complete solution for sales and marketing. It is used by 700+ companies across various countries like the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, Netherlands, Singapore, Denmark, India, and Slovenia.


It has features that reduce efforts by automating the sales process. It also helps to track prospects and existing clients.

Pros and cons:


  1. Import Contacts (Outlook, LinkedIn & excel).
  2. Scoring for each action taken by the customer
  3. Use API to sync data.
  4. Adding notifications to automated forms is easy.


  1. Landing Pages are required.
  2. Reporting is harder to customize.
  3. Reporting Metrics is not updated.
  4. Copying campaigns is not easy.

Verdict: Hatchbuck is suitable for companies with an employee size of 10 to 1000.

Industries using Hatchbuck lead management software include Marketing and Advertising, Computer Software, Information Technology & Services, Management Consulting, Hospital & Health Care, Real Estate, Construction, Financial Services, Staffing & Recruitment, and Retail.

Companies using Hatchbuck:

  1. Lone Star College System
  2. Flex Media ApS
  3. Qualtre, Inc.
  4. Cerion Solutions Oy
  5. Mod Girl Marketing LLC.

Official Website: Hatchbuck

#11) LeadSquared

Best for: It is the best tool for Small, Medium, or large businesses with an employee count of 50 – 5000. It is used by 450 companies across several countries like India, US, UAE, Canada, Israel, Singapore, Finland, Hong Kong, Mexico, and South Africa.

Lead Squared

LeadSquared is a solution that drives the leads towards sales and you can observe the growth of each stage. The process, automation, and response can help the small and medium-sized companies to deal with the prospects.

Pros and cons:


  1. API Integration with other applications.
  2. Customization of fields.
  3. Real-time lead addition.
  4. Lead Capture


  1. Daily task list not visible.
  2. The dashboard has UI issues.
  3. Updating Automation is tedious.
  4. Not mobile-friendly.

Verdict: Best for all an in one package at a limited budget and the performance is reliable. Each user could run separate campaigns.

Industries using LeadSquared lead management software include Education Management, Computer Software, Information Technology & Services, Real Estate, Marketing & Advertising, E-learning, Higher Education, Financial Services, Hospital & Health, and Hospitality.

Companies using LeadSquared:

  1. Synergita
  2. Armoire
  3. CloudxLab
  4. Business Technology Partners, LLC.
  5. Snuvik Technologies

Official Website: LeadSquared

#12) Oxyleads

Best for: Oxyleads is best for start-ups and small companies for B2B data and lead generation. It helps in extracting high-quality data that is useful for conversion and collects data from 35 different sources.


Oxyleads is best suited for small businesses and freelancers. Data Extraction and E-mail is the main function of this software.

Pros and cons:


  1. Unlimited user accounts.
  2. Data Import
  3. Google App Integration.
  4. Notifications and Scheduling.


  1. No reviews found.

Verdict: It is reliable, however, this software is only for small businesses, start-ups, and freelancers.

Industries using Oxyleads lead management software include Staffing & Recruiting, Freelancing Individuals, Content Management, and Blogging.

Official Website: Oxyleads

#13) Quick Base

Best for: It is the best tool for Small, Medium, or large businesses. Totally 2900+ companies use QuickBase software in countries such as the US, Canada, UK, India, Australia, Netherlands, Germany, France, Japan, and Switzerland.

QuickBase software

This excellent sales tracking software encourages and eases collaboration. It is great for importing the existing marketing database or list of leads.

Pros and cons:


  1. Customizable CRM.
  2. No limits on the number of users.
  3. Easy to set up and delete data.
  4. Build Charts.


  1. UI needs improvement and it is confusing to navigate initially.
  2. Sync function should be improved.
  3. Steep Investment for small size company.
  4. Reports are not easily formattable.

Verdict: It is a customizable CRM that is powerful and preferred by the sales team. Its company size is 10 to 10000.

Industries using QuickBase lead management software include Computer Software, Staffing & Recruiting, Hospital & Health Care, Information Technology and Services, Construction, Financial Services, Management Consulting, Computer Hardware, Higher Education and Retail.

Companies using QuickBase:

  1. TomTom
  2. Accenture
  3. Convergys
  4. Delta
  5. P&G

Official Website: QuickBase

#14) CloudTask

Best for providing B2B Lead Generation Services to any sized businesses.


CloudTask is a provider of B2B Lead Generation Services. It is a solution for Sales Leaders, Marketing Leaders, Customer Success Leaders, and Customer support Leaders. It offers managed services through a skilled team. With every plan, it offers the features of SDR Playbook, management team, Sales Tech Stack, and Data & Reporting.


  • CloudTask will provide high-value prospects.
  • You will get more qualified sales meetings.
  • CloudTask Sales Development Team is backed by a dedicated management team to support and drive their performance.
  • This will give continuous performance improvement.
  • It provides recommendations for the continuous improvement of sales.


  • No such cons to mention.

Verdict: CloudTask offers a solution for Sales Leaders, Marketing Leaders, and customer success leaders to help with their tasks such as finding prospects, booking meetings, closing deals, etc.


In this article, we have covered the most important features of the Lead Management Software Tools for you to compare and select the one that suits you. We recommend paid tools for all companies looking to upgrade the plans in the future.

Each tool has some good features but if you want a free or paid version, then Zoho is the best as an all-in-one suite to run the entire business of small and medium nature.

Pardot is the best solution for medium and large size companies with the capacity to deal with a huge prospect/ client database and will give you maximum flexibility. QuickBase has strong customer service that is required for start-ups or small companies.

Lead Management Software encourages and enables marketers to connect with prospects and deal like an expert.

Have you picked Lead Management Software for your Business yet?

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