10 Best Video, Film, and Music Production Management Software

Review and compare the best video, film, and music production management software to manage the projects:

Film and Music Production Management refers to the process of managing the work, task, or the entire process of creation of music or a film or a video up to its successful completion.

Music and film production are categorized into five stages, namely:

  1. Initiation: In this stage, the idea or script is proposed and evaluated in the case of film production. Also, the expected budget is calculated for raising funds through any sponsorship or producer, or financer.
  2. Planning: This stage is also called the pre-production stage. Here all related things are finalized like script, resources, cast, crew, costumes, editing tools, and so on.
  3. Execution: Here, all that is initiated and planned in the above stages are carried out and executed in a pre-decided way and within the scheduled time.
  4. Monitoring & controlling: In this stage, all the activities are monitored and controlled. The manager monitors all activities and checks if they are going in a planned way. If not, then take necessary actions to control the problem.
  5. Closing: This is the last stage. After the completion of production, the movie or film goes for final evaluation, after which it is handed over to the operational team for promotions and marketing.

Music Production Management Software

Film Production Management Software Review

There are various software or tools for managing video, film, and music production. They provide several features to manage or control the projects. Some of the common features are- production scheduling, script breakdown, visual representation, secure document organization, and so on.

Benefits Of Production Management Software

  • Ensures efficient workflow.
  • Import script and breakdown easily.
  • Helps in better communication and collaboration.
  • Organises documents.
  • Track tasks and communication.
  • Provides a visual representation of procedure and performance.
  • Various performance-related reports are provided and so on.
Fact-Check: According to the research by ResearchandMarkets during the forecast period between 2021 to 2025, it is expected that the market of film and music production would reach $392.34 billion by 2025 with a CAGR of 6%. It was estimated at $308.97 billion in 2021. North America was the largest region in the global film and music market, Western Europe was the second-largest region, and Africa was the smallest region in the global film and music market.

global film and music market

Pro Tip: While selecting the best software for film and music production management, see for the features like – production scheduling, script breakdown, visual representation, secure document organization, and so on. One must also see the pricing plans they offer. Some charge considerably high as compared to others as per the size of the organization.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) What does a production manager do in movies?

Answer: A production manager works for the producer. It manages the entire project by scheduling, budgeting, and so on. It is the responsibility of the production manager to communicate with the departments, organize everything, supervise everyone on set, lead the team, have knowledge of VFX, problem-solving capabilities, and more.

Q #2) What is the best film production software?

Answer: The best film production software are:

  1. Yamdu
  2. Trello
  3. Assemble
  4. Movie Magic
  5. Celtx

Q #3) How much does Yamdu cost?

Answer: Yamdu provides four pricing plans and a 14-days free trial. The first plan, i.e., the Spark plan, offers $33 per project per month. Then in the Rise plan, $120 per 3 projects per month is charged. Then in the Star plan $350 per 8 projects is charged and for over 8 projects Signature plan is available for whose pricing you need to contact.

Q #4) Is Movie Magic free?

Answer: Movie Magic is not free as any free trial or any free plan is not mentioned on their website. For pricing details, you need to directly contact the providers on the website.

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List Of Best Production Management Software

Here is the list of popular video production software:

  1. Monday Marketing
  2. Yamdu
  3. Trello
  4. Assemble
  5. Movie Magic
  6. Celtx
  7. StudioBinder
  8. Dramatify
  9. Gorilla Scheduling 6
  10. Scenechronize

Comparison Of Popular Video Production Software

SoftwareBest for Free trialPricingRating
Monday MarketingVisual representation of multiple projects on a single platform.14-days free trialBetween $0-16 per user per month5/5
YamduCreative management for every type of visual production.AvailableBetween $33-350 per month5/5
TrelloCreating data more clearly and in an actionable way.Not availableBetween $0-17.50 per month4.4/5
AssembleFeedbacks on videos for a modern production workflow.30-day free trialBetween $19-99 per month4.3/5
Movie MagicBreaking down the script, setting production schedules and creating custom reports.Not availableContact for pricing4.2/5
CeltxOnline collaboration of production workflow.7-day free trialBetween $15-15000 per month4.1/5

Detailed review:

#1) Monday Marketing

Best for the visual representation of multiple projects on a single platform.

Monday Marketing

Monday marketing is a video production software that helps the production departments in managing videos for media and films. It provides an interactive platform where the users can plan, share and understand ideas.

You can manage multiple projects in a single place easily. It provides a visual platform to manage projects wherein the users assign tasks and responsibilities to the members and can easily track and analyze the activities.


  • Provides an interactive communication line and facilitates transparency.
  • Helps in planning, sharing ideas, and understanding the procedure.
  • Multiple projects can be managed on a single platform as boards.
  • Assigns tasks to the members, tracks the status of the project, and analyzes the activities & outcomes.
  • Provides ready-made templates to work upon.
  • Enables finding an accountable person for any situation.
  • Shows full timeline for the production and projects.

Verdict: Monday marketing is best for its interactive communication facility that creates transparency for a smoother process. You can use its free trial to analyze its features better before its subscription.


  • Individual- Free forever up to 2 seats.
  • Basic- $8 per seat per month
  • Standard- $10 per seat per month
  • Pro- $16 per seat per month
  • Enterprise- contact for pricing.

Website: Monday Marketing

#2) Yamdu

Best for creative management for every type of visual production.


Yamdu is a production management software that helps the content creators in every type of virtual production and to create everything that is needed during every stage of production.

It helps in managing production more efficiently by providing its valuable services that include tracking & scheduling shooting, managing personnel, creating & sharing scripted content, commercials & documentaries, communication and collaboration, and more.


  • Easily schedules shooting and autogenerate call sheets.
  • Manages tasks by planning production, adding information, task management, and resource planning.
  • Import script, use tagging tool, break down everything and share it with the departments.
  • Helps in creating commercials and documentaries by AV script, adding shots, and more.
  • Communicate and collaborate effectively through in-built video players, timestamp comments, and more.
  • Integrate with tools like CELTX, Movie Magic, and so on.
  • Provides casting tools to add casting suggestions and assign roles.
  • Helps in location scouting by providing advanced location management and personal databases.

Verdict: Yamdu is recommended for its features like scheduling, creating scripted content, creating commercials & documentaries, and more to manage production efficiently. It provides a 14-day free trial.


  • Spark- $33 per project per month
  • Rise- $120 per 3 projects per month
  • Star- $350 per 8 projects per month
  • Signature- contact for pricing.

Website: Yamdu

#3) Trello

Best for creating data more clearly and actionably.


Trello is a unique platform that manages projects and organizes data in cards, lists, and board forms. It helps in managing work with ease. It is suitable for any type of project or team.

It is a tool to simplify the data to understand them better and can be integrated with other applications which the user will need on a single platform. It helps in automating various processes to get the work done in minimum time and to focus on more important tasks.


  • It simplifies work by categorizing it in cards, lists, and boards.
  • Cards provide details of every single thing. Like calendar, attachments, due date, etc.
  • It automates workflow like moving lists, creating custom buttons, scheduling teammates’ assignments, etc.
  • It can integrate with other applications like Confluence, Slack, Dropbox, Google Drive, and Evernote.

Verdict: Trello is recommended, as it is very reasonable to price. It offers its basic plan free of cost, wherein you can have 10 boards, 1 power-up board, and in-built automation. The best feature of this software is simplicity. You just need to create boards of activities.


  • Free: $0 per user per month
  • Business-class: $10 per user per month
  • Enterprise: $17.50 per user per month

Website: Trello

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#4) Assemble

Best for feedbacks on videos for a modern production workflow.


Assemble is a video production management software that ensures the management of projects from pre-production to post-production. It provides various video production tools or features. It includes features associated with calendars, tasks, asset management, file sharing, feedback, integrations, and privacy.

It ensures the project to be always on schedule and delegates like a pro and helps in controlling the communication and sharing of files. It provides an on-demand demo to its users in case they need it.


  • Visualize progress through calendars and effortlessly sync anywhere.
  • Create trackable tasks and ensure everyone is on track.
  • Organize all creative assets- creative, casting, location, shoot, and edit.
  • Complete visibility of all assets in one place.
  • Add specific comments or feedback at a certain point on videos for better understanding.
  • Enables the users to give private feedback as well.
  • Enables frictionless file sharing- external links or presentations.
  • Integrate with tools like Google Calendar, Apple iCal, and more.

Verdict: Assemble is best for its feature of feedback. Through this, the user can give comments or feedback at certain points for better understanding or can give feedback privately to address someone particularly. It also provides a 30-days free trial for a better understanding of the software.


  • Starts at $19 per month.
  • Upgrade:
    • 100GB- +$10 per month
    • 250GB- +$20 per month
    • 500GB- +$40 per month
    • 1TB- +$80 per month
    • 2TB+- contact for pricing.

Website: Assemble

#5) Movie Magic

Best for breaking down the script, setting production schedules, and creating custom reports.


Movie Magic is a film production management software. It is an easy-to-use interface for scheduling digital production. It provides various features for efficient production management and provides solutions for every size of production from episodic to reality to film.

It is easily accessible whether you are online or off the grid. You can access, view and share updates anytime and from anywhere. It enables the scheduling stripboard to be integrated with budgeting software to ensure production is within the budget limit.


  • Provides scheduling solutions to every size of production.
  • Manage stripboard, script breakdown, and call sheets.
  • Customized crew report generation for better decision-making.
  • Enables the scheduling stripboard to be integrated with Movie Magic Budgeting.
  • Avoids scheduling issued by using dynamic flags on stripboards.
  • Easily accessible anytime and from anywhere.

Verdict: Movie Magic is recommended for effortlessly creating production schedules, designing custom crew reports, breaking down scripts, stripboard flexibility, integration with budgeting, and more.

Pricing: Contact for pricing.

Website: Movie Magic

#6) Celtx

Best for online collaboration of production workflow.


Celtx is a cloud-based collaborative project management software to create videos, photos, film, tv, ads, and games together. It provides all-in-one solutions throughout the production process. It lets you stay on schedule, de-stress the process, stay organized, accelerate your progress, and lets you stay on your budget.

It provides professional production tools for writing, planning, and shooting. It provides effective solutions for schools and professionals.


  • Collaborates with team members by an integrated workflow that engages, organizes, and informs the team.
  • Projects are easily accessible as backed up on the cloud.
  • Writing tools include scriptwriting, storyboards, and index cards.
  • For planning, features like breakdown, catalog, and budget are available.
  • For shooting, it provides shot lists, scheduling, and call sheets.
  • For schools, it provides features like administrative control, transferable authority, online training sessions, and so on.
  • Solutions for professionals are provided, like paperless workflow, managerial control, and more.

Verdict: CELTX is recommended for its collaborative solutions that help the team members of any production department to be organized, engaged, and informed.


  • Individual and small team:
    • Scriptwriting- $15 per month
    • Video production- $27 per month
    • Game production- $27 per month
  • Business
    • Production house- $2,499 per year
    • In-house team- $2,999 per year
    • Creative agency- $2,999 per year
    • Enterprise- $15000 per project
  • Education: contact for pricing.

Website: Celtx

#7) StudioBinder

Best for customizable solutions for photo and video production.


StudioBinder is a leading production management software free of cost up to 1 project. It helps in producing effective content and provides customizable solutions for photo and video production. It provides services like- building call sheets, call sheet templates, shot lists, storyboards, shooting schedules, script breakdowns, screenwriting, and many more.


  • Customizable call sheets and tracking RSVPs.
  • Screen breakdowns in scene notes, shoot locations, and more.
  • Customizable storyboard and shot list.
  • Plan and share shooting schedules.
  • Manage contact list and communicate with clients, crew, and more.
  • Ensures effective planning through sharing calendars and analyzing progress.

Verdict: StudioBinder is recommended for its customization feature. It allows the users to customize everything related to the production. Like- call sheets, storyboards, shooting schedules, and more. It also comes with a free plan where you can manage one production process free of cost.


  • Free plan- Free forever up to 1 project per company.
  • Indie- $29 per month for 10 projects
  • Professional- $49 per month for 25 projects.
  • Studio- $99 per month for unlimited projects.

Website: StudioBinder

#8) Dramatify

Best for three different script formats that integrate with all other features.


Dramatify is a digital production management software for drama, entertainment, talk shows, documentaries, commercials, and factual. It provides dashboards, real-time production updates to see the project’s status at a glance.

It helps in cast and crew management and team communication and provides scheduling and planning solutions for better management of projects. For a better understanding of the script, it provides a feature called script breakdown where it splits scenes into parts, adds images, tags, and options to scenes, and so on.


  • Get updated information through the production dashboard.
  • Efficient cast and crew management by calling, emailing, and texting.
  • Easily generate cue cards directly from the rundown with different text sizes and print size options.
  • Smartly break down the script and provide a list for cast and scene items.
  • Easily drag’n’drop and great filters for scheduling and planning.
  • Prepare a schedule for cast and scenes.
  • Easily analyze crew and cast timings via timesheets and working hour feature.
  • Easy file, documents, and link sharing.

Verdict: Dramatify provides a 60-day free trial to make the users satisfied before buying a paid plan. It is best for its features like production dashboard, cue cards, script breakdown, character and cast management, and more.


  • Free- Free up to 3 admins or creators
  • Bronze- $299 per month up to 10 users
  • Silver- $599 per month up to 25 users
  • Gold- $999 per month up to 50 users
  • Platinum- $1,799 per month up to 100 users

Website: Dramatify

#9) Gorilla Scheduling 6

Best for element linking and reverse tagging.


Gorilla Scheduling 6 is a tv and film management software that works by importing script or screenplay, breaking down the script, adding pros, cast, and crew, rearranging scenes, and then reporting the shooting schedule to be printed. Other basic services like cast & crew management, location management, storyboard, shot list, etc are also included.


  • Import screenplay supporting .fdx file format or .sex file format.
  • Break down the script by adding prop, pre tagging, element linking, reverse tagging, and so on.
  • Rearranging scenes on script board as strips like black strip or End of day strip.
  • Print and report shooting schedule
  • Provides cast and crew management with their contact information well maintained.
  • Provides proper location management solutions.
  • Storyboard and shot list features are available.

Verdict: Gorilla Scheduling 6 is best for scheduling TVs and films by providing features like stripboards, element linking, reverse tagging, and more. A free trial is also available.

Pricing: $249

Website: Gorilla Scheduling 6

#10) Scenechronize

Best for organizing information in the cloud with military-grade security.


Scenechronize is a cloud-based production management software that provides easy and secure access to the documents of production. It organizes the documents on the cloud and provides a powerful script analyzing and comparison feature that helps in analyzing the script and generates summary reports with a comparison with others.

It provides various security measures to protect the documents like expiry links, tracking views, and so on.


  • Digitally organize and manage all documents related to production.
  • Provides safety to the documents with closed-loop security.
  • Easy accessibility to the documents is provided.
  • Script breakdown and creating call sheets procedure is simplified.
  • Analyze script and generate summary reports with the comparison with others.
  • All information related to the script and production is well organized on the cloud.
  • Provides integration with SmartHub for better management.

Verdict: Scenechronize is recommended for its powerful features including military-grade security, script analysis, reports generation, organizing documents, integration with SmartHub, and more.

Pricing: Contact for pricing.

Website: Scenechronize


In the research, we analyzed various production management tools. We found how important production management can be. Every software provides different sets of services that ultimately fulfill the purpose of managing production management.

Some software is best in providing a visual representation of projects like- Yamdu, Monday Marketing, and StudioBinder. Some are good in scheduling production, like- Movie Magic, Gorilla Scheduling 6, and Dramatify. Some are good at organising production documents, like- Assemble and Scenechronize.

In this way, we have various software that helps the production management to be more efficient and effective.

Review Process:

We have researched this article in 37 hours with 25 tools in which the top 10 tools were shortlisted as mentioned above.

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