Top 10 BEST Sales Management Software [Updated 2022 List]

An Exclusive List of the Most Popular Sales Management Software with Features, Pricing, and Comparison. Select the Best Sales Management Tool From This List:

Sales Management Software is an application for making the sales process simpler. It includes the functionalities for managing contacts, tracking deals, and for clearing tedious administrative tasks.

It provides several benefits like centralized customer data, minimized admin tasks, and prioritizing leads. You will get automated workflow, detailed customer history, and improved forecasting, analytics, & reports.

Sales pipeline management software will improve business processes.

It is worth investing if you are spending a lot of time on online documentation & data entry and if you are using Excel for forecasting & managing the sales pipeline. Sales CRM is useful especially when the communication with the clients is patchy and uneven.

Sales Management Software

Fact Check: Sales Management software is also known as Sales CRM or Sales Pipeline CRM. According to Statista, the global CRM software market size is expected to reach $29.77 billion by 2022. It is growing at a CAGR of 1.9%. ScienceSoft has researched the reasons for CRM investments.

The below graph will show you the reasons for CRM investments.

Stats on Reason for CRM investment

Pro Tip: While choosing the Sales Pipeline Software, you can look for features like Workflows, Marketing, Reports; Dashboards, and Lead management; Sales.

You can also consider the following factors while choosing the tool:

  • Implementation process and required technical assistance.
  • Ease of use.
  • Limitations for the number of users.
  • Integrations
  • Price and additional fees if any.
  • Security features.

Our TOP Picks:

monday LogoPipedrive LogoAct CRM New LogoSalesforce
monday.comPipedriveAct! CRMSalesforce
• 360° customer view
• Easy to set up and use
• 24/7 support
• Av. of 28% more deals
• Drag-and-drop pipeline
• Automate sales admin
• 170+ responsive templates
• CRM & Marketing tools in one
• Website activity tracking
• Reports and dashboard
• Pipeline & forecast management
• Lead management
Price: $8 monthly
Trial version: 14 days
Price: Starts at $12.50
Trial version: 14 days
Price: Starts $12/user/mon
Trial version: 14 days
Price: Quote-based
Trial version: 30 days
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List of Top Sales Management Tools

Enlisted below are the most popular Sales Management Tools that are used worldwide.

  2. Pipedrive
  3. Act! CRM
  4. ActiveCampaign
  5. Zendesk Sell
  6. Keap
  7. HubSpot
  8. EngageBay
  9. FreeAgent CRM
  10. Bitrix24
  11. Copper
  12. SalesForce Sales Cloud
  13. Zoho CRM
  14. CloudTask

Comparison of Best Sales Management Software

 Best forPlatformsDeploymentFree TrialPrice

Small to large businesses.Windows, Mac, iOS, & Android.Cloud-basedAvailable with unlimited users and boardsBasic: $39/month
Standard: $49/month
Pro: $79/month
Enterprise: Get a quote

Small to medium-sized size businessesWindows, Mac, Linux, iOS, & AndroidCloud-basedAvailable for 14 days. Essential: $12.50/user/month
Advanced: $24.90/user/month
Enterprise: $99/user/month
Act! CRM

Act! CRM
Small to large businessesWindows and Web-basedCloud-based & On-premiseAvailableIt starts at $12/user/month.

ActiveCampaign Logo
Small and Medium-Sized Businesses.Mac, iOS, Android and Windows.Cloud-based14 daysLite: $9/month
Plus: $49/month
Professional: $149/month
Custom Enterprise Plans are Available.
Zendesk Sell

Zendesk Sell Logo
Small to large businesses. Web-basedCloud-based14 daysIt starts at $19/user/ month.

Small to large businessesWeb-based, iOS, & Android.Cloud-basedAvailable for 14 daysIt starts at $40/month.

Small to large businesses.Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, & Windows PhoneCloud-based.Free plan available.Free
Starter: Starts at $50/month
Professional: Starts at $800 per month.
Enterprise: Starts at $3200 per month.

EngageBay Logo
Small to large businesses.Windows, Mac, iOS, & Android.Cloud-basedFree plan available.Free (For 1000 contacts and 100 branded emails),
Basic ($11.99/user per month),
Growth ($39.99/user per month), and
Pro ($63.99/user per month).
FreeAgent CRM

FreeAgent CRM
Small to large businesses. Web-basedCloud-basedNoIt starts at $35 per user per month.

Small to large businesses. Windows, Mac, iOS, & Android. Cloud-based and On-premises.Free trial available for an on-premise solution.
Free plan available for a cloud-based solution.
Free: 12 users
Cloud-based: Starts at $19/month
On-premise: Starts at $1490

Small to large businesses & freelancersWindows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android. Cloud-basedFree trial available for 14 days.Basic: $19/user/month


Best for Small to Large Businesses. Pricing: It offers a free trial with unlimited users and boards. It has four pricing plans i.e. Basic ($39 per month), Standard ($49 per month), Pro ($79 per month), and Enterprise (Get a quote). All these prices and for annual billing and for 5 users. - Sales Pipeline offers sales management software as well as Sales CRM software that will help the teams with closing deals fasters. It provides functionalities for Managing leads, Customer relationships, Sales pipelines, etc. The mobile app is available for iOS and Android devices. - Sales Board


  • provides security features like two-factor authentication, Google authentication, session management, advanced account permissions, etc.
  • It will be easier for you to create a comprehensive onboarding plan for new employees and thereby reduce the training time. will increase training efficiency and maximize sales success.
  • It provides essential features like Kanban view, Calendar view, a Map view, Activity log, Advanced Search, etc.
  • You will get a visual representation of the sales process and sales rep. You will be able to manage their own processes and closing of deals.
  • The platform will allow you to divide the meeting into different topics.

Verdict: provides a simple and visual sales management tool. It provides a detailed knowledge base and it will be easily accessible. Quickly accessible high-quality content provided by the knowledge base will help the sales reps to manage and track more leads simultaneously.

#2) Pipedrive

Best for Small to medium-sized size Businesses.

Pipedrive Pricing: It will allow you to bill annually as well as monthly. It provides four pricing plans i.e. Essential ($12.50 per user per month), Advanced ($24.90 per user per month), Professional ($49.90 per user per month), and Enterprise ($99 per user per month). The platform can be tried for free.


Pipedrive provides the features of Sales pipelines, Chatbots, and Web forms for managing leads and deals. Sales Assist is the AI-powered sales mentor that will help you with boosting performance through personalized tips. It will allow you to import the data from the spreadsheet.

Data can be migrated from other CRM tools like Salesforce, HubSpot, Zoho, etc.


  • Pipedrive provides the features for tracking communication like tracking of Calls, Emails, Contacts map, File attachments, and Customizable signatures.
  • A scheduler will help you with setting up meetings through the functionalities like share availability and propose meeting times.
  • Through Activity Calendar, you will be able to optimize the time by managing activities.
  • It has features of Prioritized activity reminders, Open API, and Webhooks.
  • It has features for security and reports & insights.

Verdict: Pipedrive will help you with automating repetitive tasks. You can create a customizable catalog for your company’s goods that can include costs and notes.

#3) Act! CRM

Best for small to large businesses.

Act! CRM Pricing: Act! offers solutions that are cloud-based as well as on-premise deployments. Plans for cloud-based solution are Starter ($12/user/month), Professional ($25/user/month), and Expert ($50/user/month). The on-premise solution, Act! Premium costs $37.50 per user per month. The platform can be tried for free.

Act CRM Dashboard

Act! offers a fully-featured CRM with marketing automation capabilities. Act! CRM’s stages help you with managing the sales process. It allows customizing the stages. Its customizable dashboard and integrations with Outlook, Gmail, etc. will keep the communications and calendar in sync.


  • You can manage your sales pipeline and add products and services.
  • Act! has features for customer management, task & activity management, lead management & scoring, etc.
  • It helps you with website event marketing, response-driven nurture marketing, etc.

Verdict: Act!’s CRM, sales, and marketing automation platform offers all the tools required to capture prospects and move them along the sales process. It will help you to build stronger relationships.

#4) ActiveCampaign

Best for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses.

ActiveCampaign Pricing: Lite Plan for $9 per month, Plus Plan will cost $49 per month, Professional plan will cost $149 per month. All the plans are billed annually. A custom enterprise plan is also available. You can use ActiveCampaign for free for 14 days.

ActiveCampaign CRM

With ActiveCampaign, you get sales automation software that makes sales management seem like a walk in the park. The software basically automates all crucial aspects of the sales process. It streamlines contact management, simplifies lead scoring, monitors pipelines, and makes task tracking simple.

With both sales routing and task management automated, your sales across multiple departments can work on the same page. The platform also allows you to track the interactions of the sales team with customers at every stage of the sales cycle.

Your sales team will also benefit from up-to-date data fed to them by ActiveCampaign CRM. This allows the team to focus only on high-quality leads.


  • Automated Contact List Management
  • Lead Scoring and Nurturing
  • Connects with Gmail and other email services
  • Pipeline management
  • Easy Task Assignment

Verdict: ActiveCampaign makes it to the top of our list because of its ability to automate contact and lead prioritization. This is software we have no problem recommending to sales teams who would like to see their jobs become more simple and more efficient.

#5) Zendesk Sell

Best for small to large businesses.

Zendesk Sell Pricing: Zendesk offers a free trial of 14 days. There are three pricing plans, Sell team ($19 per user per month), Sell Professional ($49 per user per month), and Sell Enterprise ($99 per user per month).

Zendesk Sell

Zendesk Sell offers features not only for placing calls in a single click but also for streamlining mass communication. It facilitates one platform for making calls, sending emails, scheduling meetings, etc. It automatically tracks all the activities and streamlines account management.


  • Zendesk Sell gives you the full pipeline visibility to help you plan, track, manage, and analyze the sales process.
  • It has functionalities to log & record every call, provide call analytics, and send a text message.
  • Its smart lists feature can segment & filter leads & deals in real-time.
  • It can be integrated into your tech stack through an open API.

Verdict: Zendesk Sell is an all-in-one sales platform with functionalities for making calls, sending emails, scheduling meetings, contact management, etc. With the help of its rich open API, Zendesk Sell can be integrated into your tech stack.

#6) Keap

Best for Small to large businesses.

Keap Pricing: The pricing plans include Keap Grow ($49 per month) and Keap Pro ($99 per month). A free trial is available for Keap Grow and Keap Pro.

Keap Dashboard

Keap is the CRM and marketing automation platform. It will be easier to track and follow up leads with this platform.

You will be able to standardize the processes through its advanced sales pipeline capabilities. It has functionalities for keeping a track of daily tasks and appointments. You will be able to collect client data using the Smart Forms feature.


  • It has features for marketing automation like Templates, Campaign builder, Segmenting lists, and Built-in lead scoring.
  • It has the capacity to handle the entire e-commerce workflow starting from the e-commerce web page template to the marketing message.
  • It can send automated emails to clients on payment.
  • The platform provides the facility to store client information like Contact info, Shared files, History of meetings, and Follow-up tasks.
  • You can organize leads and track them with the help of a customizable dashboard.

Verdict: It is the platform with functionalities for CRM, Email Marketing, Messages, Appointments, Sales Pipeline, and Marketing Automation, etc. It can be integrated with Gmail or Outlook.

#7) HubSpot

Best for Small to large businesses.

HubSpot Pricing: It offers free CRM software. There are three pricing plans i.e. Starter (Starts at $50 per month), Professional (Starts at $800 per month), and Enterprise (Starts at $3200 per month).


HubSpot CRM software is an all-in-one solution for marketing, sales, and service. It will provide full visibility of the sales pipeline in real-time. You will get detailed reports on Sales activity, Productivity, and Individual performance.

It can be used by Sales Leaders, Salespeople, Marketers, Customer Service Teams, Operations Managers, and Business Owners.


  • HubSpot provides the features of pipeline management, deal tracking, meeting scheduling, live chat, email templates, click-to-call functionality, etc.
  • For Salespeople, it provides the features of Contact management and Pipeline management.
  • It can be integrated with Gmail and Outlook for free. You will immediately get a notification when the lead opens your email.
  • For marketers, it provides features like Forms, Ad management, Live chat, and Chatbot builder.
  • HubSpot has features of Ticketing, Tickets closed reports, Time-to-close reports, and Conversations inbox for the customer service teams.
  • Operations Managers can use features like Productivity tools and Prospect tracking.

Verdict: This all-in-one free CRM solution can be used at a free of cost with unlimited users & data without any expiration date. It supports up to 1000000 contacts.

#8) EngageBay

Best for Small to Medium Businesses and Freelancers.

EngageBay Pricing: There are four pricing plans for an all-in-one solution. Free (For 1000 contacts and 100 branded emails), Basic ($11.99/user per month), Growth ($39.99/user per month), and Pro ($63.99/user per month).

For marketing solutions, the price starts at $10.39 per month. For CRM & Sales Bay, the price starts at $10.39/user per month. A free plan is available for both individual solutions. All the mentioned prices are for annual billing.


EngageBay is the all-in-one platform for Marketing, Sales, Support, and CRM. It provides the features of Contact management, Appointment scheduling, and Email tracking. You can track multiple deals with EngageBay. Small and medium-sized businesses can use this platform as a HubSpot alternative.

Free CRM software is available for 15 users and provides the features of a Visual deal pipeline, Task management, Appointment scheduling, etc.


  • EngageBay will make it easier to manage the deals with the help of a visual deal pipeline and drag and drop functionality for moving operations from one stage to another.
  • It can provide functionalities like Live Chat, Ticket Management, Service Automation, and Email Reports.
  • For CRM and Sales, it provides functionalities for Deal management and Sales management.
  • It provides Project management, Gamification, Contact management and many more features to help the sales team with closing deals and growing revenue.
  • For marketing, it provides the features of form & landing pages, email sequences, Marketing automation, and Web analytics.

Verdict: This platform will streamline the process, improve the revenue, and will improve the alignment between the marketing and sales team. All your customer data will be organized at one place. EngageBay’s free CRM software is suitable for small businesses.

#9) FreeAgent CRM

Best for small to large businesses.

FreeAgent CRM Pricing: FreeAgent CRM has three pricing plans for sales and marketing, Contact Management ($35 per user per month), B2B Sales ($75 per user per month), and B2B Full Funnel Sales ($100 per user per month). All of these prices are for annual billing.

FreeAgent CRM Dashboard

FreeAgent CRM is a platform for sales, marketing, support, projects, etc. It has the capabilities of boards, lists, and cards that will help you with organizing and prioritizing the business flow. It is a completely customizable platform and can be seamlessly integrated with the applications you are using.


  • FreeAgent CRM will let you define teams & roles and access controls.
  • It offers customization and personalization features through custom fields & stages, menu items, personal themes, favorites, etc.
  • It has functionalities for process management such as custom stages, approval workflows, etc.
  • It offers automation features like automated assignments, condition-based automations, automated emails, etc.

Verdict: FreeAgent CRM is easy to use and can be up & running in less than 30 days. It is an infinitely extensible platform and can fit your unique business needs. It will help you with tracking and monitoring the key metrics across your organization.

#10) Bitrix24

Best for Small to Large Businesses.

Price: Bitrix24 cloud-based solution is free for 12 users. For a cloud-based solution, it offers 3 special plans i.e. Start+ ($19/month), CRM+ ($55/month), & Project+ ($55/month) and Two business plans i.e. Standard ($79/month) & Professional ($159/month).

It offers three editions for an on-premise solution i.e. Bitrix24.CRM ($1490), Business ($2990), and Enterprise ($24990). You can download the trial version for the on-premise solution.


Bitrix24 is an open-source and cloud-based sales management software. It provides tools for Free sales, Marketing, and Client management. It can be used for the complete cycle of sales from lead to deal. It has functionalities like lead management, Sales performance tracking, and Pipeline management for multiple sales pipelines.


  • Bitrix24 provides features like Quotes, Invoices, Email marketing, Telemarketing, Sales automation, Tasks, Projects, and Document management for free.
  • It provides call center features like Inbound calls, Outbound calls, and Call recording.
  • You can customize the different stages of the sales process as per your requirement.
  • It provides the features for automating email marketing and for keeping the entire history of communications in one place.
  • The mobile app is available for iOS and Android devices.

Verdict: Bitrix24 provides a business process designer that will help you to automate a lot of things like the approval workflow. It has functionalities for handling quotes and invoices.

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#11) Copper

Best for Small to large businesses & freelancers.

Price: Copper offers three pricing plans, Basic ($19 per user per month), Professional ($49 per user per month), and Business ($119 per user per month). It can be tried for free for 14 days.


This CRM software will help you through every step of the sales process. It has functionalities for Lead management, Opportunity Management, and Forecast Management.

Forecast management is the built-in facility of sales forecast reports that will provide potential revenue by the expected close date. It provides a meeting scheduler and allows bulk email sends.


  • Copper provides tasks and workflow automation features.
  • It has the capacity to track the Deal stage, Competition, Lead source, Pipeline amount, Account history, etc.
  • The tool will allow you to track & capture leads and categorize using tags.
  • Copper will provide Real-time alerts, Email open tracking, Activity reports, Mobile apps, Multiple pipelines, Sales Leaderboards, etc.
  • You will be able to track the progress through dashboards.

Verdict: Copper Sales management software will help you with improving Seller productivity, Reducing repetitive work, and Optimizing the workflows. It provides G Suite Integration with all the three pricing plans.

#12) SalesForce Sales Cloud

Best for Small to large businesses.

Price: Sales Cloud has four pricing plans i.e. Essentials ($25/user/month), Professional ($75/user/month), Enterprise ($150/user/month), and Unlimited ($300/user/month). A free trial is available for the product.

Salesforce sales

SalesForce Sales Cloud is the CRM platform with Contact Management, Collaboration, and Marketing tools, etc. You will be able to make insightful decisions through Reports, Dashboards, and Sales Forecasting. It has functionalities for creating & tracking quotes and orders. You will get real-time insights.


  • Mobile App will allow you to perform various functions like Logging calls, Responding to hot lead, Checking dashboards, etc.
  • Sales Cloud provides the features of Account management, Contact Management, Lead management, and Opportunity management.
  • It provides email integration with Gmail and Outlook.
  • It provides the features of Lead Registration & Rules-Based Lead Scoring and Collaborative Forecasting.

Verdict: You will be able to automate the workflow and approval process with Sales Cloud. It can be used on any device. It provides easy to use file sync and share facility. It has collaboration features that will let you collaborate across the company.

#13) Zoho CRM

Best for small to large businesses.

Price: A free trial of Zoho CRM is available for 15 days. Three pricing plans are available i.e. Standard ($12 per user per month), Professional ($20 per user per month), and Enterprise ($35 per user per month). All these prices are for annual billing. It also provides the unlimited edition for $100 per user per month.


This sales CRM platform has capabilities of Email insights, Workflow conversion, Web forms, and Custom reports & dashboards. The tool will allow you to set up rules in your CRM that are suitable for you. It has functionalities for Quotes & invoices, Marketing automation, Team collaboration, Security, and Performance management.


  • For SalesForce automation, it provides the features of Lead management, Deal Management, Contact Management, and Workflow Automation.
  • Sales Process Builder will help you with bringing offline sales into CRM.
  • It provides features for handling email communication, integration with your telephony provider, and monitoring social media comments.
  • It provides reports, analytics, and forecasts so that you will be able to measure the performance of every sales activity.
  • It provides features for having a conversation with the customers & prospects in real-time.

Verdict: Zoho CRM makes use of AI assistant Zia that can predict the future of a sale, detect anomalies, automate tasks, and can do many more tasks. You will be able to facilitate prospects with a self-service portal.

Website: Zoho CRM

#14) CloudTask

Best for small to large businesses.

CloudTask Pricing: CloudTask offers the solution with three pricing plans, Launch ($10000 per month), Grow ($17,500 per month), and Scale ($40000 per month).


CloudTask’s sales Specialists are experts in lead sourcing, appointment setting, and closing deals. It offers a fully managed service and can recruit, hire, equip, train, and retain B2B sales experts. It will give you a responsive team along with sales certifications and sales development tools.

CloudTask offers a solution that can help Sales Leader, Marketing Leaders, and customer success leaders with their respective tasks such as finding prospects, booking meetings, closing deals, converting leads in sales meetings, and increasing customer lifetime value.


  • CloudTask B2B Sales will provide verified leads according to your Target Market.
  • CloudTask has expertise at every stage of the sales funnel.
  • It provides monthly reports.
  • Its features include daily check-in from the team and full lists of prospective leads.
  • All the plans will provide SDR Playbook, Management Team, Sales Tech Stack, and Data & Reporting.

Verdict: CloudTask has expertise in Sales. Its outsourced Sales Team will get seamlessly integrated with your existing operation. It will help you with the growing sales pipeline. It offers the services 24*7. It can provide services in multiple languages.

#15) Freshworks CRM

Best for Small to Large teams.

Freshworks CRM Pricing: Freshworks CRM provides a free trial for 21 days. It has four pricing plans i.e. Blossom ($12/user/month), Garden ($25/user/month), Estate ($49/user/month), and Forest ($79/user/month). All these prices are for annual billing.


Freshworks provides a sales CRM platform i.e. Freshworks CRM. It has features of AI-based lead scoring, Phone, Email, Activity capture, etc. It provides functionalities for Lead management, Contact management, Deal management, and Email management.


  • Freshworks CRM provides the features for Event tracking, Lead scoring, and Email tracking.
  • It provides the Sales Territory Management System that will let you create territories for ensuring that the right sales reps are assigned to the right customers.
  • Its intelligent workflow automation feature is an easy-to-use point-and-click interface that will let you set up, automate, and run virtually business processes.
  • Freshworks CRM supports various kinds of web forms like contact forms, sign-up forms, blog subscription forms, consultation forms, event registration forms, and lead generation forms.

Verdict: You will be able to automate the lead assignment with Freshworks CRM. It provides a built-in phone and email facility.


Best for small to large businesses. Pricing: offers a free trial with all the paid plans. Five plans are available with, Free, Startup ($39/month), Growth ($79/month), Business ($159/month), and Enterprise ($319/month).

All these prices are for annual billing. Monthly billing plans are also available. It offers plans based on the number of actions. Dashboard is a platform that will let you connect all your cloud applications easily. By using this tool you can automate marketing sales, payments, or any business processes quickly. It can be used for creating simple automation as well as complex workflows. provides support to all the popular apps that are required for CRM, Marketing, E-Commerce, Helpdesk, Payments, Web forms, Collaboration, etc.


  • provides a Rest API so that you will be able to connect with other apps.
  • 100+ connectors will be available for all leading cloud or SaaS applications.
  • It provides a powerful tool that will let you format the data, add conditional logic, or time delay in your workflows.
  • This secure and reliable solution provides data encryption at rest and transit, data retention controls, and audit logs.

Verdict: is a simple and intuitive tool and provides a drag-and-drop facility for data mapping. It is trusted by more than 10K organizations like Intel and RedHat.

Conclusion, HubSpot, Pipedrive, Bitrix24, and Copper are our top recommended Sales Management Software. Bitrix24’s cloud-based solution, HubSpot, and EngageBay offer a free plan. Bitrix24’s cloud-based solution has cost-effective pricing plans.

Various options for Sales CRM are available in the market to choose from. Based on your requirements for Software & Social media integration, Mobile & Remote access, Ease of use, and Advanced functionalities, you can choose the right software.

We hope, this article will guide you in making the right decision.

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