12 BEST Inbound Marketing Software Tools In 2023

Read this review of our top-rated Inbound Marketing Tools to select the best Inbound Marketing Software from our curated list: 

Inbound Marketing helps you focus on strategies for magnetizing customers and leads. Internet content created by the company can help extensively in this. Online buyers cross 57% of the buying cycle and then the salespeople come into the picture. Efforts towards inbound marketing require planning, budgeting, and implementation.

It does not limit outcomes to increase conversion rates but also helps in building a brand. You will discover more benefits for businesses. Inbound marketing examples include blogs, infographics, white papers, webinars, etc.

Inbound Marketing Software Review

Inbound Marketing Software

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Fact Check: According to PR Newswire the digital marketing software market size was USD 55 billion in 2020. Data Bridge research says that the market size is expected to reach USD 185.56 billion by 2028.
Pro Tip: The first thing to decide is whether you need a provider or a strategic partner. Other factors are the services offered by the agency, its customer retention ratio, its specialization industry or area, how they use metrics and reports, its strengths & weaknesses, and its action plan for your organization.

What Is Inbound Marketing

It is a technique to pull leads and prospects by creating brand awareness using the Internet content created purposefully. Documents like mobile brochures, blogs, marketing of events, word spread on social media, etc. are some of the inbound marketing types.

Why is it popular?

Using the Internet to access and explore the information by the customers consists of a new method for sales conversion. Companies know what customers want and that information is used for decision-making. This trend of tapping a few informants on sites gives satisfactory input to the buyer and ultimately benefits products and services.

Companies of their own provide ample information and statistics that buyers can look forward to and utilize for comparison. With ad-blocking software, the traditional methods of Internet advertisements have failed to fetch customers. Nearly 47% of global Internet users have ad-blocking software installed.

Informative content in combination with audio, video, and infographics has a better impact.

SEO and content marketing are the fundamental components of inbound marketing strategy. It is popular because it generates site traffic, produces qualified leads, strengthens a company’s reputation, etc. It helps customers reach you on their terms and offers many more benefits, like building relationships, moving leads through the sales funnel, etc.

What does inbound marketing include?

The activities listed below are part of inbound marketing.

  1. Attractive landing pages
  2. SEO Optimized website pages
  3. Conceptually beautiful e-mails
  4. E-books
  5. Blogs
  6. Free guides
  7. Viral Marketing/Videos
  8. Webinars
  9. Social Media Campaign
  10. Surveys
  11. White papers
  12. Public Speaking

Benefits of using Inbound Marketing Software are:

  1. Sharing accurate information.
  2. Representing the company.
  3. Be searchable by improving content relevance.
  4. Dealing with targets one on one.
  5. Track and target the customer through behavior and journey.
  6. Build Brand and create brand preferences.
  7. Attracting prospects.
  8. Maximizing value for customers.
  9. In-depth analysis.
  10. Business sustainability.
  11. Improved customer services.
  12. Low conversion costs.

Who can benefit from Inbound Marketing?

Business enterprises that are in B2B and B2C can gain profits from inbound marketing. Positive influence on decisions for opting the company’s products/services, and the outreach inbound marketing has is worth the effort.

Points to ponder for marketing strategy:

  1. Search Engine Optimization
  2. Improve crawlability
  3. Create target persona
  4. Create relevant and engaging content
  5. Focusing on particular keywords
  6. Create brand awareness

Why do we need Inbound Marketing?

With 3.5 billion searches every day on Google, be rest assured that somewhere your prospects or customers are also looking for something. People click on the first three links shown in the organic search.

Inbound marketing activities can get you on the first page of search information whether your customer base is local or expanded. If they wish to buy from shops, customers will first search for the information and visit a shop nearby.

For online businesses, there is a high scope of conversion for sure with the help of inbound marketing tools. About 70% of consumers want to learn more about the products and services from the internet content than from traditional advertisements.

The marketing videos are watched by over 65% of consumers and nearly 96% of buyers want more content from industry leaders. This indicates that higher participation in inbound marketing by companies is required.

Don’t forget the major fact that 90% of people searching for information on the Internet have already made their decision. You have a minor chance to convince them about a product or service.

Companies need long-lasting and cost-effective marketing solutions to reach new markets, explore them, and sustain in those markets. Reaching these customers through traditional marketing activities is impossible. That is why we need Inbound Marketing.

Software Marketing Automation acceptance from large enterprises and SMEs has risen and is predicted to rise continuously. Companies are currently allocating approximately 34% budget for inbound marketing procedures.

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Inbound Vs Outbound Marketing

Comparison FactorsInbound MarketingOutbound Marketing
ContentDigital content
To target a specific audience
Aims at solving consumer problems
Non-digital content
For capturing consumer’s attention
It is written for selling products
ExampleInteractive forms.
Example: social media posts, reports, webinars, etc.
Direct email, Magazine ads, etc.
MessagingFor specific consumerMust be good enough to stand out from the competitors.

General Features of Inbound Marketing Software:

Some of the features that it offers are Campaign Planning and Execution, Content Creation, Target Market, Lead Capture, Lead Management, Analytics & Reporting, etc.

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List of the Top Inbound Marketing Software

Here is a list of popular tools used for inbound marketing:

  1. HubSpot
  2. Semrush
  3. Maropost
  4. Jumplead
  5. Marketo
  6. Pardot
  7. AdRoll
  8. Xtensio
  9. ClickMeeting
  10. Unbounce
  11. Quora
  12. CoSchedule
  13. Hotjar

Comparison of the Best Inbound Marketing Tools

SoftwareDeploymentDevices SupportedSuitable forPrice
HubSpotOpen API & Cloud HostedWindows, Android iPhone/iPad, Mac, Web-based, Windows MobileSLMFree Trial, The price starts at $45 per month.
SemrushCloud, SaaS, Web- BasedWindows, Mac, Android, iOSSMLStarts at $129.95/month
MaropostCloud-Hosted, On-PremiseWeb, Mac, Windows, LinuxMLStarts at $251/month.
JumpleadCloud, SaaS, WebWindows, Mac, Web-basedSMThe price starts at $49 per month.
MarketoCloud, SaaSAndroid iPhone/iPad, Web-basedSMGet a quote.
PardotSaaSAndroid iPhone/iPad, Web-basedMLThe price starts at $1250 per month.
AdRollCloud, SaaS, WebAndroid iPhone/iPad, Web-basedSMLFree Trial, free edition, The price starts at $19 per month.

Let’s review the these one-by-one:

#1) HubSpot

Best for small, medium, and large businesses.


HubSpot is a scalable all-in-one marketing platform with significant features to carry out all marketing activities. This tool is widely used in many countries of Asia, Europe, the United Kingdom, the United States, the Middle East, Africa, Australia, and Latin America.


  • Marketing automation
  • Lead management
  • Calls-to-action
  • CRM integration
  • Website SEO

Verdict: HubSpot inbound marketing is the best tool for fresh users who lack experience in inbound marketing. It automates chief mundane processes. Its ability to have all data in a single location helps in detailed analysis. It is highly secured with encryption to sensitive data and has a multi-factor authentication process.

Price: HubSpot Marketing Hub has three pricing plans, Starter (starts at $45 per month), Professional (starts at $800 per month), and Enterprise (starts at $3200 per month). A free trial or demo is available for the tool.

#2) Semrush

Best for small, medium, large businesses.


Semrush can bring online visibility through content marketing and online marketing. Businesses require tools to create, manage, and measure the campaigns as well as their results. Use data from more than 140 countries for inbound marketing. This is one of the best tools for SEO and PPC campaigns. You can even automate reports client-wise.


  • Advertising Research
  • Conduct deep link analysis
  • Keyword research
  • Traffic analytics
  • Organic research

Verdict: Worldwide over 3,000,000 marketing professionals trust this software. With help of 30 tools available for detailed search on various keywords or content, market research you can plan interesting marketing activities.

Price: With Semrush, monthly subscriptions, as well as annual billing options, are available. It offers three pricing plans,

  • Monthly plans new pricing: Pro plan $129.95 , Guru $249.95 , and Business $499.95
  • Annual plans new pricing: Pro plan $1299.95, Guru $2499.95, and Business $4999.95
  • A free trial is available for Pro and Guru Plans.

#3) Maropost

Best for Medium-Sized and Large Enterprises.


Maropost is a platform that can automate your marketing efforts, regardless of what channel you use. The platform can be used to launch data-driven email marketing campaigns that considerably improve your open and conversion rates.

Plus, Maroposts comes equipped with an acquisition builder that allows users to find and add new contacts to their marketing database.


  • Audience Segmentation
  • Build Custom Forms, Surveys, and Contact Lists
  • Multi-Channel Engagement
  • Data-Driven Email Marketing

Verdict: Maropost is a platform we cannot recommend enough for its automation and data-driven marketing capabilities. This is a platform that seamlessly automates all your marketing efforts across social media, emails, SMS, and the web.


  • Essential: $251/month
  • Professional: $764/month
  • Enterprise: $1529/month

#4) Jumplead

Best for small, medium businesses, including startups.


Jumplead is a cloud-based marketing automation tool suitable for small and medium-sized business enterprises and B2Bs. It enables us to interact with prospects and improve the sales cycle and marketing process. Monitoring the changes that happen in the sales lifecycle can give an advantage over precise prediction and conversion.


  • Generate leads
  • Nurture leads
  • Live chat & messaging leads
  • Visitor identification
  • WordPress integration

Verdict: Jumplead has the best features at a low cost and hence is suitable even for small businesses. It can be slow if you have a huge database to deal with. Powerful insights for B2B from the software are useful. The features it offers will give a wholesome experience, especially when matched against the prices of similar products.

Price: Jumplead offers the solution with four pricing plans, Enterprise ($299 per month), Pro ($199 per month), Starter ($99 per month), and Solo ($49 per month). More Enterprise plans are also available.

Website: Jumplead

#5) Marketo

Best for small and medium business enterprises.


Marketo helps you target the right customers efficiently. It is a quality tool for social media and third-party integration. Location tracking helps us to focus on the demographically scattered prospects and customers.


  • Data import
  • Multi-channel marketing
  • Real-time data
  • Drag & drop interface
  • Campaign management & analysis

Verdict: Marketo has matchless workflow adaptability, solid lifecycle, and score management solutions. As per reviews, some people find it complicated to use or set up an e-mail marketing campaign. It is a complete tool for web ads, mobile ads, e-mail marketing, and much more to do.

Price: Marketo offers the solution with four pricing plans, Select, Prime, Ultimate, and Enterprise. The price of the plans will be based on the database size. A product tour is available. You can get a quote for pricing details.

Website: Marketo

#6) Pardot

Best for small, medium, large businesses enterprises.

Pardot has a wonderful email design interface comprising pre-built templates. This tool is easy to use, schedule, and run campaigns. You can automate marketing using various programs that can be integrated. It helps you work on data imported from other software.


  • Custom data fields
  • File hosting
  • Google Adwords and Webinar integration
  • SEO keyword monitoring
  • Lead deduplication

Verdict: The user-friendly UX, simple menu structure, and ability to track the activities of visitors make the tool worth the price. It has powerful automation capabilities and is best for continuous digital marketing activity.

Price: Pardot offers the solution with four pricing plans, Growth ($1250 per month), Plus ($2500 per month), Advanced ($4000 per month), and Premium ($15000 per month). A demo is available on request.

Website: Pardot

#7) AdRoll

Best for small, medium, large businesses.


You can set a daily budget for your campaigns. Easily attract more website visitors. Flexible product segmentation enables you to group them and serve customers better. A variety of templates for advertising eases the work.


  • Campaign management
  • Reporting & Statistics
  • Real-time data
  • Measure Marketing impact
  • Optimize Automatically

Verdict: This tool helps you to monitor your retargeting campaigns. It makes the advertising easier enough without spending much on it and offers cross-device and cross-platform ads. There is no banner designer in the app. Over 15000 brands trust AdRoll.

Price: AdRoll can be tried for free for 30 days. Its starter edition is available for free. Its Growth plan starts at $19 per month.

Website: AdRoll

#8) Xtensio

Best for small, medium, large businesses.


Xtensio is a flexible platform with an intuitive interface. The free account lets you create user personas, one-pager creation, and more, allows you to experience the features. Modifying images is simpler by copying URLs to resize.


  • Collaborate in real-time.
  • Save & share the templates.
  • SSL encryption and backups.
  • Media Library.
  • Create Sell Sheets.

Verdict: Free plan is not completely free; you need to pay for downloading the templates. Users find it expensive compared to the features offered. The tool is very organized and has the required features. Pricing can be a concern for small-size companies.

Price: Xtensio offers a free plan. Three more plans are there, Personal ($8 per month), Business ($10 per seat per month), and Agency (Get a quote). All these prices are for annual billing.

Website: Xtensio

#9) ClickMeeting

Best for small, medium, large businesses.


ClickMeeting is a web-based audio and video webinar platform for all sizes of organizations. It provides details on the number of attendees, the devices they used to attend a webinar, and the average rating of your webinar.


  • Webinar & Attendee Statistics
  • Interface Customization
  • Whiteboard
  • Monitor webinars
  • Automated webinars

Verdict: This tool is reliable and has 147,498 satisfied customers across 111 countries. The insights can help us to improve the webinars, live presentations, polls, & surveys. It requires no installation. Its modern interface makes it convenient to use.

Price: ClickMeeting offers a free trial for 30 days. There are three pricing plans, Live ($25 per month), Automated ($40 per month), and Enterprise (Get a quote).

Website: ClickMeeting

#10) Unbounce

Best for small and medium businesses.


Unbounce with its pre-developed elegant templates that helps in the faster creation of responsive landing pages. There is no need to create landing pages from scratch. The page loading is speedy, you can have full-screen backgrounds, and there is dynamic text replacement that smoothens the work.


  • Real-time editing.
  • Drag & drop on the landing page.
  • Multiple Client Management.
  • IP filters
  • Widgets

Verdict: Unbounce is an indispensable tool for landing page optimization. Scheduling content for repetitive actions is not possible; we need to update manually even when there are minor level changes.

Price: Unbounce offers a free trial for 14 days. It has four pricing plans, Launch ($80 per month), Optimize ($120 per month), Accelerate ($200 per month), and Scale ($300 per month). Annual billing plans are also available.

Website: Unbounce

#11) Quora

Best for small, medium, large businesses.

Quora is a huge platform where people can ask questions and get responses from multiple users. It can be on a specific topic, product, service, or anything that your business needs to focus on. Target the right audience with questions that can be the stoppages for them being your customers. Buyers can get answers that can be of great help in decision-making.


  • Post reviews
  • Ask questions & reply
  • Show the expertise
  • Attract customers
  • Add to the customer base

Verdict: Quora can help us create brand awareness and increase your e-mail database. Get people to participate in the contest and promote the product easily. The new data can be useful for email drip campaigns.

Price: Free

Website: Quora

#12) CoSchedule

Best for small and medium businesses.


Publish articles easily and CoSchedule is a complete tool for active organizations whether small or big. The calendar is automatically populated making work allocation & planning easy. It is a social media marketing and collaboration tool.


  • Milestone tracking
  • Portfolio & Resource Management
  • Gantt Charts
  • Customizable Templates
  • Drive Traffic

Verdict: This reliable tool has 7000 plus customers across the world. It provides the traffic metrics for blog posts over social media platforms. You can use it as Twitter & LinkedIn post planner. Now get social messages for each blog post directly in the WordPress dashboard.

Price: Free trial is available for the CoSchedule. Marketing Calendar is available for $29 per user per month. You can get a quote for Marketing Suite.

Website: CoSchedule

#13) Hotjar

Best for small, medium, large businesses as well as freelancers.

Hotjar has wonderful features for creating surveys like a mobile survey. You can find out which area of the website interests the visitors, get actionable insights to identify and deal with the problematic areas.


  • Customer Survey URLs
  • Visualize user behavior
  • Video recording and filtering capabilities
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Web analytics

Verdict: You can track the funnel performance with this tool. It has better features in comparison with the competitive software. This software captures the video on where the user’s mouse clicks and at which point they get disinterested and leave the website. You can even pop up surveys on some pages. It is best for in-depth study of user behavior and acquiring more customers.

Price: Hotjar can be tried for free. Its basic plan is available for free. Three more plans are there, Plus ($39 per month), Business ($99 per month), and Scale ($389 per month).

Website: Hotjar


You can innovate ways of using inbound marketing for business growth. Try checking for new tools and tips to apply newer techniques and extract benefits. Any technique you have been using that draws reliable results can improve as new tools can strengthen the marketing department.

Ultimately, inbound marketing software increases your brand’s visibility and credibility to generate more traffic to your site.

Based on the reliability quotient, the top 5 inbound marketing software tools are worth a try. Our suggestion to large enterprises is HubSpot software. The medium & small enterprises can go for Marketo software. Companies with specific requirements like surveys can choose Hotjar.

Research Process:
  • Time taken to research and write this article: 28 Hours.
  • Total tools researched online: 33
  • Top tools shortlisted for review: 12
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