15 BEST Press Release Template Samples You Can Copy in 2023

This tutorial is a completely comprehensive guide to different Press Release Templates including, format and sample examples:

With the advancement of social media, newspapers and pamphlets do little for brands. They have to create their own buzz now. They have to appeal to the users of social sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Press releases have always been the best way to control the narrative around your brand. A standard measure of consequential news can aid your company in standing out with journalists and readers over time, whether it is a product launch, a change in the management of your company, or anything else.

In this article, we will explain what exactly is a press release, how to write a press release, how you can use it to boost your brand, and some templates for you to use according to the occasion. So, let’s dive right into it.

What is a Press Release

Press Release Templates for You

A press release is a written or recorded official statement issued by an organization to the public and media. Its heading contains the action verb, and the first paragraph answers a few questions like who, where, what, and why.

One of the most essential features of the press release is its language. It should be in a language that is easy to understand. They are usually precise, just a page or two long, offering enough information to the media to publish their own event story.

Also, press releases are published live in public domains, so your stakeholders and customers have access to them. That makes it much more than just a ticket for news coverage. This makes it a vital component of marketing content.

Types of Press Releases

There’s no set formula for a perfect press release, but understanding different types of them can help you figure out what to include in the document.

#1) Product Launches and Updates

This is the type of press release for getting out the word out about your new products. In this type, focus on the specifications, pricing, availability, and other necessary details of the product that might be important to consumers. For product updates, you must include why the product is being changed and how it benefits the consumer.

#2) Mergers and Acquisitions

It is vital to keep your stakeholders and consumers informed about any organizational changes and the trajectory and growth of your company.

For example, the press releases for mergers and acquisitions should contain details about the companies involved, information about the acquisitions and mergers, and some quotations from the leaders of the companies involved.

#3) Events

If your company is holding an event or there is a grand opening, your press release should include details about the event, when is it, why is it, who can attend, the place and time of the event, the cost, etc. The details remain the same for the grand openings as well.

#4) New Partnerships

Just like mergers and acquisitions, the press release for announcing new partnerships should include a brief summary of each company, the reasons for this partnership, the beneficiaries, and other vital details that might be important for your customers and stakeholders.

#5) Rebranding

One of the hardest things a company has to do is rebranding. The press release is an effective way to make the transition smooth. Mention the details of the changes you are making and the date when the changes will take effect.

#6) Awards

It’s good for your company to brag about a business excellence award. Include a brief about your company in this press release and explain why you were given this award. If applicable, include information on the ceremony.

Format of Press Release

The format of your press release should be straightforward and news-like so that a journalist can imagine it as an article for their news site.

Here are some basics that every press release must have:

  • In the top left corner, your contact details.
  • At the top right “For immediate release” phrase.
  • A quick explanation of the announcement is in the headline.
  • Location of your business in the first line.
  • A brief bio of the company at the end.

You can include signifiers to point out that the press release has ended so that the readers don’t wait for more information.

Body of the Press Release

Here’s how you should format the body of the press release.

#1) First Paragraph

In your first paragraph, state the announcement and briefly provide context about your business.

#2) Next Few Paragraphs

In the following few paragraphs, explain why. Then, offer a bit more detail and add some quotes from the spokesperson or business executives about it.

#3) Last Paragraph

The last paragraph is usually the About Us section explaining what your company is and its products and services.

Tips for an Engrossing Press Release

Here is a step-by-step guide for writing the body of the press release.

#1) Headline

Like a perfect blog title, a catchy headline is your way to a successful press release. It’s just one line but extremely powerful. Use action verbs in your headline and keep it specific and short.

Remember, reporters, get a dozen press releases every day, and your consumers see a hundred stories every hour, so you must make it attention-grabbing and exciting.

Your entire press release will be for nothing if your headline can’t reel in the readers. Scary, isn’t it? A headline’s power has always intimidated many in any media.

#2) Important News at the Top

Use the reverse pyramid. State the most important details at the top, followed by lesser important ones. This is because people are impatient and often don’t have enough time to sift through more information to find a reason to care.

If they don’t find the beginning vital, they will never reach to reading the end. That’s why it is crucial to keep the essential information on the top, so your readers don’t miss it.

#3) Offer Quotes for Context

You have set the scene. Now, bring them to life with quotes from company leaders that reporters can use in their articles for context. This will help them portray an image of the impact of your announcement on the industry, customers, and other important aspects.

The quotes could be from critical shareholders of your company like your project leader, executive team, and others from the management. These quotes will highlight the importance of your development. Hence, you should pick quotes that will shape the narrative of your press release and emphasize the main points of your announcement.

Also, don’t fill your press release with quotes, everyone. Instead, pick one of two spokespersons that are critical of the company and stay centered around their unique perspective.

#4) Offer Key Details

Details add value and strength to your narrative. Offer creative insight into how your company developed the project and how this particular announcement will affect the future. Try to make your announcement more valuable to your stockholders, readers, and journalists.

#5) Use Simple and Clear Language

Many journalists are often upset about unclear pitches and press releases. No one pays heed to a press release that doesn’t explain a company’s operations or the context of the announcement. It’s not mysterious; it’s downright annoying.

Use plain and simple language to describe what your company does, and make sure there is a link to its website. If you are citing something, don’t forget to include the data source link. Also, make sure every name comes with pertinent details like title, position in the company, and company name if required.

Also, have someone proofread your press release before releasing it to the media, preferably without context. Then, if it is clear to them, it will be apparent to the journalists and other readers as well.

You will never go wrong with your press release with these tips in mind.

Sample Press Release Templates

Different events demand different templates. We have searched the World Wide Web long and hard to collect event-specific press release template Word for you and found some excellent examples of press releases. You can also use these as press release templates in Google Docs for easy cloud access.

New Product Launch Press Release

A press release ahead of the launch of a new product will warm the market for it by creating buzz and rousing readers’ interest. Apart from the features, it should include benefits and unique functions of the product, especially highlighting what sets it apart from its competitors.

In addition, the press release for a new product should be released a few days before the launch to leave journalists with enough time to weave a story of their own.

What Should Be Included in the New Product Launch Press Release

  • Date of release
  • Key benefits and features
  • Price
  • A quotation from the management or executive
  • Visuals of the product

New product release

Template Press Release Example for New launch

One of the best press releases for a new product launch is from Chevrolet. There are only three lines of text in the press release, and the rest is filled with multimedia, interactive media, and images, offering more information than a 500-WordPress release could. Journalists could push play behind-the-scenes videos to see how they design their luxury vehicles.


[image source]

Product Update Press Release

This press release aims to update customers about new updates and changes to the product. In addition, it seeks to inform the existing customers about what are the changes, why they are being made, and how the customers will benefit from them.

What Should be included in the Product Update Press Release

  • Changes made.
  • Reasons behind the changes.
  • The benefit of the changes for the user.

Product Update

Template Press Release Example for Product Update

Here’s another example from Chevrolet. It is not full of multimedia and interactive videos, but it gives all the relevant information. The texts are on point, and nothing is out of context.


[image source]

Events Press Release

This press release aims to announce an upcoming event and attract the media’s attention, pique the public’s interest, and sell tickets to the event as much as possible. Therefore, a press release plays a vital role in event marketing.

Here’s what should be included in the event press release template:

What Should be Included in the Event Press Release

  • Location and time of the event.
  • Admission price.
  • Details to incite the interest of people to inspire them to attend.
  • Details should be in the first 1-2 paragraphs.

Event management

Template Press Release Example for Event

One of the best Event press releases has been from Heinz. It got the interest of the masses by involving them in the public hunt for a “Head Burger Artist.” It was a competition where anyone could win $25,000, free condiments for life, and free travel to taste-test burgers.


[image source]

Mergers, Acquisition, and Partnership Press Release

When a company acquires another or two companies merge, many changes happen. Therefore, it is crucial to make your stakeholders and customers aware of what changes will occur and how they will affect them and your products and services.

What Should be Included in the Mergers, Acquisition, and Partnership Press Release

  • Details about both companies.
  • Reason for acquisition and merger.
  • Necessary changes will occur due to mergers and acquisitions.
  • Quotes from company leaders.
  • How will the stakeholders and customers will be affected.


Template Press Release Examples for Mergers, Acquisitions, and Partnerships

One of the best examples of Mergers, Acquisitions, and Partnership press releases is one by Kohl’s. It is short but extremely impressive.

The who, what, when, why, and how are covered in the first paragraph without any hint of self-promotion. Then it offers resources that journalists can use to create well-informed stories along with quotes from companies’ executives and contact information for all companies involved.


[image source]

Rebranding Press Release

Rebranding, if not explained clearly to the end-users, rebranding might confuse them, resulting in the loss of your customers. So, before you make changes to your product, name, website, or logo, make sure you let your stockholders and customers know about it in detail.

What Should be Included in the Rebranding Press Release

  • A new look at the website, product, logo, or new name.
  • Date from which the changes will take effect.
  • Reasons for making the change.
  • Quotes from management to reduce the doubts and worries of stockholders and customers.


Template Press Release Example for Rebranding

Recently, Instagram’s rebranding of its app icon left the internet divided. But the press release was stunning. It was bright, catchy, and full of all relevant information. Here’s a look into its press release.


[image source]

Grand Opening Press Release

If you are opening a new business, branch, or office, you would want everyone to know and notice it. One of the best and quick ways of getting this information out is by announcing it in a press release.

What Should be Included in the Grand Opening Press Release

  • Grand Opening of what.
  • Location, date, and time.
  • Reasons for opening a new business, branch, or office.
  • Any special event during the grand opening.

Grand Opening

Template Press Release Example for Grand Opening

The fastest-growing food chain in Texas, Yesway, recently announced the grand opening of three new stores in Friona. It was simple, brief, and carried all the vital information. This is the simplest and most effective press release you will come across.

Yesway - Press Release Template

[image source]

Award Press Release

Receiving an award is a big deal, and you should let the world know when you get the award. Distributing a press release will establish your position as an industry leader. In addition, awards and accolades will help you gain publicity and customers’ trust.

What Should be Included in the Award Press Release

  • What Award have you received?
  • What does it mean for your company?
  • Why did your company win it?
  • Quotes from management and company leaders
  • How are you going to celebrate it, if any?

Award - Press Release Template

Template Press Release Example for Award

Last year, McCormick & Company ranked 6th in the Most Sustainable Corporation and topped the list of most sustainable companies in the food industry globally. It shared the news through a press release that strengthened its place on the leadership board.

McCormick1 - Press Release Template

[image source]

New Hire Press Release

A new hire press release informs your stockholders and customers about the significant changes in the leadership positions of your company. These press releases are meant to give out information about new hires in high-level executive positions.

What Should be Included in the New Hire Press Release

  • The position and the name.
  • Professional achievements of the newly hired.
  • A few details about their vision for the company.
  • Quote from the new hire.
  • Quote from current management about the value of new hires.

New Hire - Press Release Template

Template Press Release Example for New Hire

A few months back, Nestlé announced electing Luca Maestri, Chief Financial Officer at Apple, and Chris Leong, Chief Marketing Officer at Schneider Electric to its Board of Directors. The press release was simple and brief and carried all the information needed.

Nestle3 - Press Release Template

[image source]

How to Publish a Press Release

To publish a press release, you will have to meet your audience first. Knowing your target audience and demographic will help you curate a press release that will appeal to them. For example, if your audience is a young crowd, using modern words will get their attention but not if your audience is over 45 age group.

Then you need to work on your targeting before setting them out for distribution. Research thoroughly about every industry your products, services, and company applies to. Proper targeting can make a huge difference in reads and traffic streaming. Also, make sure you pick a good distribution channel.

Tips for Publishing Press Releases

Here are some tips for publishing the press release for effective results:

  1. Use Professional Writing Services
  2. Understand your audience
  3. Target properly
  4. Get your pitch right
  5. Create a good PR title
  6. Cross-promote
  7. Use good distribution channels
  8. Syndicate your press release
  9. Repost your press release with content discretion
  10. Use SEO and pictures

Tips for Writing a Press Release

Here’s how to write a press release that will deliver:

#1) Keep it Brief, not more than two pages

Readers are busy people. If you need to get their attention and hold it, you will need to keep your press release brief. Try not to exceed a two-page writeup or it might lose its impact on the audience.

#2) Use Catchy headline

Research shows that using numbers in headlines resonates with the audience. It is a great way of catching their attention. According to a study by MOZ more than 36% of readers prefer numbered headlines.

Use catchy headline - Press Release Template

#3) Don’t forget to add a Release Date

Adding a release date will let the audience know the date and time of the press release. So, if a reader comes across your press release at a later date, they will know it’s old news. If there’s a time range for an event, it will also help them figure out if it is still happening or has happened.

#4) Mention important facts in the first paragraph

Readers usually go through the first paragraph and then skip reading to find out the facts that interest them. So, while writing the press release, keep the must-know facts on the top. Followed by nice-to-know facts.

Inverted-Pyramid-Style-of-Writing - Press Release Template

[image source]

#5) Add good quotes from officials

Add good and relevant quotes from management and officials to make your press release credible and reliable. It also helps your audience to connect to your company and brand.

#6) Add contacts, backgrounds, and profiles

This is mostly for journalists to use for getting quotes and interviews from the related persons for their news. However, it also makes the press release more realistic and relatable to the audience.

#7) Attach a photo

Attaching a photo will add visual interest to the readers and give them an idea of what the press release is all about.

#8) Edit and proofread properly

No one likes reading content full of grammatical and spelling mistakes. It makes the press release unreliable and unattractive. So proofread your press release multiple times before releasing it.

Benefits of Press Release

If you are wondering why to go with the press release, here are a few reasons:

  1. Offers immediate exposure to your brand or website
  2. It’s affordable
  3. Increases sales
  4. Increases web traffic
  5. Helps you appear in online search
  6. Improves reputation and brand recognition
  7. Helps with branding
  8. Increases brand visibility
  9. Helps in establishing new marketing channels

Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) What are the seven parts of a press release?

Answer: Here are seven parts of a press release:

  • Headline
  • Dateline
  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Boilerplate
  • Call to Action
  • Media contact details

Q #2) What is the format of a press release?

Answer: A press release should contain your business logo, dateline, and address at the top. It should be followed by a headline, a lead paragraph summarising the headline, and a body with all the vital information. In addition, it should carry hyperlinks, social media links, quotes, etc.

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Q #3) How long should a press release be?

Answer: An ideal press release should be 300-400 words long with all the vital information at the top. It should, in no way, exceed 500 words at the most.

Q #4) What are the three qualities of a good press release?

Answer: Here are the three qualities a good press release should have:

  • It should be nimble.
  • It should be atomized.
  • It should be useful and interesting.

Q #5) Should a press release be a PDF?

Answer: It is best practice to get the press release in PDF form, but you should release it in other formats, or the PR department will lose engagement, conversion, and measurement.


In this article, we have presented the qualities of a good press release, what should be included, and a few sample templates as well that you can customize according to your need.

Remember, a press release is a vital part of your company’s PR. Make sure you have included every essential detail there without elaborating too much. Always keep it short and informative. It can help you gain the trust of your existing customers and gain some new ones as well.

In most cases, the success of an event depends significantly on a press release, so use it well.