11 Best Facebook Lead Ads Integrations with Your CRM [2023]

Read, review, compare and select among the list of top platforms available in the market today for Facebook Lead Ads Integrations with your CRM:

Introduced in 2015, Facebook Lead Ads is a tool invented to help marketers generate leads while keeping the cost of lead acquisition at bay. This is a tool that can help advertisers launch personalized ads to reach their target audience. Facebook launched it to focus more on users of the platform on mobile.

A key characteristic of Facebook Lead Ads Integrations is the ability it grants users to download their lead information in an XLS or CSV file. Although downloading these files is easy, the actual process can be time-consuming. For nurturing leads, timing is everything. It is imperative to react the moment a prospect shows interest in your business.

This is an issue. However, this can be resolved with a good CRM integration. A robust CRM Facebook Lead Ads integration can automate the process of managing leads, thus making the process considerably faster. A reliable Facebook Lead Ads integration software allows you to react quickly when a customer shows interest.

Facebook Lead Ads Integrations – Review

Best Facebook Lead Ads Integrations With Your CRM

Such invaluable CRM tools are what we’ll be focusing on today in this article. Consider this to be your guide to some of the best CRM Facebook Lead Ads Integration platforms available in the market today.


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Market Trends: According to eMarketer of Insider Intelligence, Facebook Ads revenue is expected to reach $65.21 billion in 2023.


Expert Advice:

  • First and foremost, you want the CRM to be easy to use and deploy. It should integrate seamlessly with your Facebook Lead Ads.
  • Assess the CRM’s ability to work with various Facebook tools like Messenger, Lead Ads, Instagram, etc.
  • Go for tools with workflow automation capabilities.
  • Omnichannel communication is a huge plus.
  • Make sure the import of lead information to the CRM is agile and automatic.
  • Make sure the price is reasonable and doesn’t offshoot your budget by much.

FAQs on Facebook Lead Ads Integrations Platforms

Q #1) How do I Integrate Leads on Facebook?

Answer: The best way to accomplish this is by integrating your Facebook with an ideal lead-generating CRM. You can easily connect your Facebook page to your CRM system by following the steps below:

  1. Open your Facebook Page
  2. Select “Publishing Tools”.
  3. Click ‘Leads Setup’.
  4. In the ‘Leads Setup’ section, type the name of the CRM you wish to connect to.
  5. When the name of your preferred CRM does appear, you’ll either have to select ‘Connect from Website Link’ or ‘Connect through Zapier’.
  6. After establishing a connection with your preferred CRM system, simply navigate to the CRM application or website dashboard to view and manage your leads.

Q #2) How do I get leads from Facebook Ads?

Answer: Downloading leads from your Facebook Ads account is very simple. Just follow the guide below:

  1. Open “Ads Manager”.
  2. Under Ads Manager, select the name of your lead Ad.
  3. Proceed to click + in the results column.
  4. A ‘Download Leads’ page will appear. Here, you can either choose to download all your leads at once or download leads from the specified date range.
  5. Hit the “Download” button to download your leads in CSV format.

Q #3) How do I download leads directly from my Facebook Page?

Answer: It is possible, and extremely simple, to download ads directly from one’s Facebook page. The process is as follows:

  1. Open Facebook Page.
  2. Select “Publishing Tools”.
  3. Navigate to the lead Ads section on the left-hand side of your screen and select the ‘forms library’ option.
  4. Right under the Leads column, you’ll find the download button. Hit it.
  5. The lead information will be downloaded in CSV format.

Q #4) What are the leads in Facebook Ads?

Answer: Leads are prospects that have shown interest in a product or service being advertised. In the case of Facebook Ads, leads will be prospects that engage with the Ads and leave behind important information like their contact details so the sales team can reach out and turn them into a customer.

Q #5) Can you collect leads in real time from Facebook Ads?

Answer: In Facebook Lead Ads, advertisers are afforded the ability to configure the leads gathered to be instantly updated into any CRM system they are using. So to answer this question, yes! Facebook Ads does allow you to collect and manage leads in real-time, provided you are using a good Facebook CRM integration.

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List of the Best CRMs for Facebook Leads

Some remarkably popular Facebook Lead Ads CRM Integration Platforms:

  1. LeadsBridge (Recommended)
  2. HubSpot CRM
  3. Zapier
  4. Appypie Connect
  5. Integrately
  6. AdEspresso
  7. Driftrock
  8. Tray.io
  9. Sync2CRM
  10. Zoho CRM
  11. Freshsales

Comparing Some of the Top Facebook Lead Generation Software

NameBest forNo of IntegrationFree TrialPrice
LeadsBridgeHelps Facebook Lead Ads integrate with 380+ different CRMs   and marketing platforms380+14 DaysFree Plan.
Pro Plan: Starts at $22/month (billed annually)
HubSpot CRMConnects with the entire Facebook/Meta suite1400+14 daysStarts at $45/month
ZapierFacilitates Facebook Lead Ads Integration with over 5000 different apps.5000+14 DaysStarting at $19.99/month (billed annually)
Appypie ConnectNo-code, agile App integrations300+7 daysStarting at $12/month (billed annually)
IntegratelyOne-click integration with Facebook Lead Ads900+14 daysStarting at $19.99/month (billed annually)
AdEspressoRobust CRM Synchronization--14 daysStarting at $49.

Detailed reviews:

#1) LeadsBridge (Recommended)

Best for offering Facebook Lead Ads integration with over 380 different CRMs and marketing platforms.


Kicking off our list is software that serves as a bridge between a variety of CRMs and Facebook Lead Ads. LeadsBridge Facebook Lead Ads CRM Integration excels at creating automated connections between your Facebook Ads account and tons of other tools in your marketing stack.

As of today, this software can integrate with more than 380 CRMs, auto-responders, email marketing software, and more.

Leveraging robust ads sync technology, LeadsBridge establishes a useful connection between your preferred CRM and your launched Ad campaign on Facebook.

With LeadsBridge by your side, you don’t have to manually download lead information in CSV files. Instead, the lead information can be sent directly to your CRM, where you can easily view and manage them.


  • Automated integration with Auto-responders/CRMs.
  • Facebook Lead Ads Sync.
  • Send real-time welcome and opt-in emails to leads.
  • Keep your lead database updated.


  • Automatically Read Data Synchronization.
  • Custom audience targeting and re-targeting.
  • Facilitates online and offline tracking.
  • Sync critical market data across all key channels.


  • Nothing significant.

Verdict: LeadsBridge is a powerful tool that can do wonders for your lead generation efforts when working with Facebook Lead Ads. The fact that it can establish a seamless connection between your Facebook Ads and over 380 popular CRMs should alone entice advertisers and marketers to use it to boost the productivity of their Facebook Ad campaigns.


  • Forever free plan available to manage 100 leads/month.
  • Pro Plan: $22/month (billed annually).
  • Business Plan: $999 per month (billed annually).
  • A 14-day free trial is also available.

#2) HubSpot CRM

Best for connecting with the entire Facebook/Meta suite

HubSpot CRM - Facebook Lead Ads Integrations

As a CRM, HubSpot can integrate with almost the entire Facebook/Meta suite. This means that you’ll be able to pull important lead data from not just Facebook Lead Ads but from other Meta products like messenger and Instagram as well. The best part about this software is the ability it grants you to publish and schedule posts on your Facebook business page at your convenience.



  • User-friendly interface.
  • Support integration with the entire Facebook product suite.
  • Powerful email marketing.


  • The software can be extremely expensive to scale.

Verdict: HubSpot CRM is a fully-featured CRM that can do a lot more than just optimize your Facebook Lead Ads campaign. It is fantastic if you wish to automatically capture leads and nurture them.

However, the platform proves to be far from ideal for businesses who wish to scale their operations because of the high subscription fee of its professional and enterprise plans.

Price: Following are the pricing plans offered by HubSpot

  • Forever free plan
  • Starter plan: $45 per month
  • Professional plan: $450 per month
  • Enterprise plan: $1200 per month
  • 14-day free trial

#3) Zapier

Best for facilitating Facebook Lead Ads integration with over 5000 different apps.


Zapier operates on similar lines to LeadsBridge. With just a few clicks, it creates connections between Facebook leads and various CRMs.

Zapier is mostly trusted by industry veterans because of its superior automation and user-friendly functionality. There is an entire process that Zapier follows to ensure leads captured from Facebook are managed appropriately.

Zapier can automate simple tasks, calendars, reminders, etc., to ensure the conversation flows smoothly between various integrated apps.

Zapier actions are trigger-based. This basically means that an action is automatically triggered when a new lead is noticed. However, it is important to note that Zapier facilitates CRM Facebook integration with its premium service only.


  • Automated multi-tasking.
  • Establish logic-based rules.
  • Set filters to run actions only when conditions are met.
  • Easy formatting.


  • Supports over 5000 Integrations.
  • Perform up to 100 actions at once.
  • Schedule Action performance.
  • Customizable.


  • You’ll need to purchase Zapier’s premium service for Facebook Lead Ads integration.
  • No real-time lead syncing.

Verdict: Zapier is a very popular platform that is known for how it facilitates seamless integration between different apps. It can connect your Facebook Lead Ads with more than 5000 apps for a smooth lead management experience.


Following are the pricing plans offered by Zapier, all billed annually.

  • Free forever plan
  • Starter: $19.99/month
  • Professional: $49/month
  • Team: $299/month
  • Company: $599/month.
  • 14-day free trial

Website: Zapier

#4) Appypie Connect

Best for building no-code, agile app integrations.

Appypie Connect

Similar to Zapier, Appypie Connect is a powerful app integration platform that leverages unique triggers and actions without relying on complex code. The integrations facilitated by this platform make it possible for your advertisers to get complete visibility into your prospects, accounts, teams, opportunities, etc.

Building an integration itself is very simple. All you have to do is create an account with Appypie Connect, select from hundreds of CRMs that are supported by the Appypie Platform, select a trigger event, and click on ‘connect an account’ after entering the Facebook Lead Ads API key.


  • Workflow Automation
  • Import data from connected apps.
  • Set up multi-step connection flows.
  • Link data across different departments.


  • Integrate with over 300 apps.
  • No code.
  • Trigger and Action-based.
  • Quick set-up.


  • Custom integration is only possible with the enterprise plan.
  • No free plan.

Verdict: Appypie Connect is a simple yet powerful app integration platform that leverages unique triggers and actions to establish integration between Facebook Lead Ads and your preferred CRM tool. A lightning-fast set-up and no-code system earn it a place so high on my list.

Price: Following are pricing plans offered by Appypie Connect, all billed annually.

  • Standard: $12/month
  • Professional: $30/month
  • Business: $75/month
  • Custom enterprise plan available upon request
  • A Free 7-day trial is also available.

Website: Appypie Connect

#5) Integrately

Best for creating one-click integration with Facebook Lead Ads.


Integrately allows you to find the ideal CRM support to enhance the performance of your Facebook Lead Ads campaign. With an intuitive search bar, you get to look for and find a suitable CRM to connect with your Facebook Ads account.

After finding your ideal app, it will only take a single click to integrate Facebook Lead Ads with any app of your choice. Integrately can automatically establish a connection between Facebook Lead Ads and over 950 apps with a single click.


  • Automatically Integrate with 900+ apps.
  • Single-click automation.
  • Multi-step action performance.
  • Premium support.


  • One-Click Facebook Leads Integration
  • Automatic integration
  • Live chat support
  • Reduced update time


  • No forever free plan.

Verdict: Integrately makes it to my list for a simple reason. Its ability to establish one-click automatic integrations with over 900 apps to optimize the performance of Facebook Lead Ads. It also helps that Integrately is far more affordable than many of its contemporaries. However, the absence of a forever-free plan does stick out like a sore thumb.

Price: The following pricing plans are offered by Integrately, all billed annually:

  • Starter: $19.99/month
  • Professional plan: $39/month
  • Growth Plan: $99/month
  • Business: $239/month
  • Free 14-day free trial

Website: Integrately

#6) AdEspresso

Best for delivering Robust CRM Synchronization.


With a user-friendly lead ads synchronization engine built right into its system, AdEspresso makes for another great integration platform for Facebook Lead Ads. It can instantly connect your Lead Ads Form with apps such as AWeber, Mailchimp, HubSpot, and many more.

Once its syncing capabilities are initiated, you can count on AdEspresso to collect all your new leads and add them to your preferred CRM. AdEspresso is also one of those rare platforms that allow custom audience syncing. AdEspresso automatically syncs all your new contacts with custom audience right after they’ve subscribed to your list.


  • Lead Ads Synchronization.
  • Custom Audience Syncing.
  • Constantly updating the integration list.
  • Data Sync Account Manager.


  • Instant connection established with Lead Ads Forms.
  • Support multiple accounts for each tool.
  • Facilitates custom audience syncing.
  • Easily onboard new clients.


  • You’ll need to pay more for better features.
  • No free plan.

Verdict: A powerful lead synchronization engine and advanced automation capabilities make AdEspresso one of the best tools that advertisers can use to integrate Facebook Lead Ads. It is affordable and incredible when it comes to data synchronization.

Price: Following are the pricing plans offered by AdEspresso:

  • Starter: $49/month
  • Plus: $99/month
  • Enterprise: $259/month
  • 14-day free trial

Website: AdEspresso

#7) Driftrock

Best for end-to-end lead management.


With Driftrock, you get a complete lead management package that works phenomenally in combination with Facebook Lead Ads. This is a platform that will allow you to capture, track and convert leads gathered from your Facebook Ads campaign.

Driftrock allows you to send leads from your Facebook Lead Ads account directly to your CRM in real-time. Driftrock automatically pushes the lead in its correct format into your preferred CRM every time it is registered.


  • Lead Capture
  • Lead Validation
  • Lead Tracking and Reporting
  • Lead Generation dashboard


  • Real-time CRM synchronization.
  • Custom integrations are possible.
  • Lead Ad Campaign Optimization.
  • Integrate with existing marketing automation workflows.


  • Syncs here do have a tendency to fail occasionally.

Verdict: Driftrock provides you with a platform that can easily generate, manage, and convert leads from Facebook. It seamlessly connects with Facebook. Add to that, Driftrock can build custom integrations for you upon request.

Price: Contact for Quote

Website: Driftrock

#8) Tray.io

Best for offering a simple Facebook CRM connector.

Tray - Facebook Lead Ads Integrations

Tray.io serves as a connector between Facebook Lead Ads and a CRM of your choice. With Tray, you can create a simple workflow that automates the process of pushing new leads into your chosen CRM.

You can then use email marketing or other marketing automation tools to send an email consisting of a product demo, re-direct link, or any other thing that can help with the conversion of your newly registered lead.


  • Integration Manager
  • Connectivity API
  • Workflow Automation
  • Highly Customizable


  • Low code automation.
  • Connect with over 600 apps.
  • Scale integrations that are already fully embedded in your app.
  • Agile bespoke integration delivery.


  • The interface and functionality might not be everybody’s cup of tea.

Verdict: Don’t expect a full-featured Facebook lead generation software from Tray.io. What you do get, however, is enough to automate your workflow and simplify the process of pushing new leads into your choice of CRM.

Price: Contact for Quote

Website: Tray.io

#9) Sync2CRM

Best for Automatic Facebook Lead Ads Synchronization.


Sync2CRM lives up to its obvious name by instantly synchronizing your Facebook Lead Ads account with a CRM of your choice. To establish a connection between a preferred CRM and your Facebook account, all you have to do is choose the CRM, then choose the Lead form in your Facebook account and select ‘import all existing leads’.

Once done, you’ll be able to easily set up your Lead Ads connection. You have the option to apply multiple or just one tag to each of your contacts. You can also choose to add your leads to your custom audience section. You can enable email notifications as well to receive alerts whenever a new lead is captured.


  • Advanced Field Mapping.
  • Email Lead Notifications.
  • Automated Retries.
  • Add leads to custom audience lists.


  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Highest possible match on phone and email.
  • Unlimited CRM accounts.
  • Unlimited forms.


  • UI/UX needs further development.

Verdict: Sync2CRM was designed to optimize the performance of Facebook Lead Ads campaigns. In just a few steps, the platform can help you establish a strong connection between your Facebook account and a plethora of different CRM and marketing tools like ActiveCampaign, Keap, Mailchimp, etc.

Price: Following are the pricing plans offered by Sync2CRM:

  • Basic: $12/month
  • Starter: $42/month
  • Pro: $97/month
  • Platinum: $145/month.
  • $1 for a trial.

Website: Sync2CRM

#10) Zoho CRM

Best for demographic-based lead capturing and nurturing.

ZOHO - Facebook Lead Ads Integrations

Zoho CRM’s Facebook Integration is perhaps the most unique out there. They are capable of collecting lead information based on their demographics and interests. The insights Zoho provides can be used by marketing teams to enhance the quality of information you already have on your leads.

With this information, you are in a better position to provide personalized services to your customers.

The platform can automatically capture leads and save them in a secure CRM database. You can also get actionable insights with the help of comprehensive reports. The reports feature information like sales and marketing trends, behavior reports, etc.


  • Automated Lead Generation.
  • Import data from spreadsheet to CRM.
  • Real-time reporting.
  • Mobile-app.


  • Agile and automated lead capturing.
  • Easy to use.
  • Metrics-driven reporting.
  • Advanced Analytics.


  • No round-the-clock customer support.

Verdict: Packed with features and easy to use, Zoho CRM is perhaps the most popular of Facebook CRM integrations that we can think of for lead generation. It is reasonably priced and will cater to the needs of all business types.


  • Free for up to 3 users
  • Standard: $23 per user per month
  • Professional: $40 per user per month
  • Enterprise: $52 per user per month
  • Offer a Free 15-day trial

Website: Zoho CRM

#11) Freshsales

Best for Lead Generation, organization, and tracking.

freshwork - Facebook Lead Ads Integrations

Freshsales’ Facebook Integration does what a good lead-generating CRM should do. It automatically captures leads on Facebook and sends them to be securely stored in Freshsales’ CRM database. Perhaps the best part about Freshsales is how it supports all products that fall under the Facebook/Meta umbrella.

This basically means that all information throughout your Facebook-related applications like Messenger, Instagram, etc., are centralized. Besides this, Freshsales facilitates omnichannel communication. As such, you’ll be able to communicate with your leads and customers through various channels like phone, email, chat, etc.


  • Organize all aspects of your lead.
  • A plethora of communication tools are offered.
  • Get actionable insights.
  • Automatic lead capturing.


  • Omnichannel Communications.
  • Highly customizable.
  • Simple and intuitive interface.
  • It’s free for unlimited users.


  • A very limited free plan.

Verdict: What makes Freshsales such a good Facebook CRM integration is the fact that it is a 2-in-1 tool. It works as both a sales automation tool as well as a tool to capture and nurture leads. The communication tools you get with the platform alone make Freshsales worth the price tag attached to it.

Price: Following are the pricing plans offered by Freshsales

  • Free forever plan
  • Growth Plan: $15 per user, per month
  • Pro Plan: $39 per user, per month
  • Enterprise Plan: $69 per user, per month
  • Offers a free 21-day trial

Website: Freshsales


Facebook is a fantastic platform for finding high-interest leads for your products and services. With Facebook Lead Ads, the platform has made generating and organizing these leads very simple.

That being said, downloading this information and storing it can become cumbersome. This is why the above-mentioned Facebook Lead Ads Integrations are so invaluable.

With the right platform, you’ll be able to effortlessly import leads from Facebook Ads into your CRM. Each of the platforms we’ve recommended above offers something that makes them great in their own right. You can count on them to optimize the performance of your Facebook Ads campaign and capture leads when they are most interested.

As for the recommendation, LeadsBridge is a great platform that allows you to connect your Facebook Lead Ads account with over 380 CRMs and auto-responders. This software is specially designed for Facebook Lead Ads, and as such, it has my highest recommendation.

Research Process:

  • We spent 15 hours researching and writing this article so you can have summarized and insightful information on which Facebook Lead Ads Integrations will best suit you.
  • Total Facebook Lead Ads Integrations Researched – 30
  • Total Platforms Shortlisted – 11
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