Top 10 Lead Generation Software For Review In 2023

Review, compare and select from this list of top Lead Generation Software to search, attract and nurture good quality leads for your business:

Lead generation is the essential part of a business to boost its sales. So to understand the concept, one should know what the term lead is and what lead generation means.

Lead can be a person or a company who is interested in buying your goods and services or anyone who falls under the target audience to approach for the same.

Lead Generation Software Review

Top Lead Generation Software

There are five types of leads in sales:

  1. New
  2. Working
  3. Nurturing
  4. Unqualified
  5. Qualified

Lead generation refers to the process of finding the leads who may buy the product or services or attract the ones who have shown interest in the product. It can be generated organically (without incurring cost- by SEO) or by spending money on marketing.

It is of two types:

  • Inbound
  • Outbound

Lead Generation Software is the tool that provides various means to search, attract and nurture leads. There are various tools offering different features and ways to ultimately generate leads.

Like they help in lead tracking, intent analysis, analyzing exit intent, A/B testing, account-based marketing, creating survey forms, email finding, etc. Some of them are explained in this article.

Fact Check: According to the research by Research and Markets, between the forecast period of 2021-2026 the market size of software was $1,178.83 million in 2021 with a CAGR of 13.85% expected to reach up to $2,261.75 million in 2026. The market is noticeably growing with certain factors, including the latest technology, industry share, demand, revenue, etc.

research by Research and Markets

Pro Tip: To select a suitable lead generation tool, one should check the accessibility at any place, ease of use, affordability, the support they provide, and ability to target the audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) What is a lead generation tool?

Answer: It is a platform that helps the users in searching, attracting, and nurturing the leads for a business. There are various lead generation software available in the market. Every software provides its unique features and ways to acquire and convert leads.

For example, LeadFuze, Albacross, Picreel, Intercom, Hoovers, D7 Lead Finder, ProProfs Survey Maker, Hunter, etc.

Q #2) How do you generate quality leads?

Answer: We can generate quality leads by targeting the prospects who showed an interest in our products or services. Interested prospects can be generated with the help of SEO. Here, all those prospects who are interested in buying the related product come to your website in search of the same. There are tools that target only the interested leads like Albacross, Leadfeeder, etc.

Q #3) What is the first step in lead generation?

Answer: The first step is the Plan. Before doing anything, we need to make an effective plan. So, according to the plan, content is uploaded onto the digital platform to capture the leads. Once you upload the content, you need to analyze the response of the audience and support them or offer them to buy your product to convert them into customers.

There are 7 steps in the process:

  1. Plan
  2. Create
  3. Distribute
  4. Capture
  5. Analyse
  6. Cultivate
  7. Convert.

Q #4) What are the types of lead generation?

Answer: These are of two types namely-

  • Inbound lead generation: In this type, the prospects themselves approach the brand with their interest to know more about the brand or to buy their products or services by getting to know about them on many digital platforms. Examples– SEO, social media, PPC, etc.)
  • Outbound lead generation: It refers to that type in which the brands approach the audience through direct mail, e-mails, calls, etc., to educate them about the products or services they offer. Examples– Direct mail, email marketing, cold calls, etc.

Q #5) What are the best lead distribution tools?

Answer: These include:

  • Leadfeeder
  • OptinMonster
  • Qualaroo
  • FindThatLead
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List of the Best Lead Generation Software

Here is a list of popular and remarkable lead generation tools:

  1. HubSpot Marketing Hub
  2. Podium
  3. Leadfeeder
  4. OptinMonster
  5. Qualaroo
  6. FindThatLead
  8. LeadFuze
  9. Albacross
  10. Picreel
  11. Intercom
  12. Hoovers

Comparison of Top Lead Generation Tools

SoftwareBest forPlatform Deployment Pricing
HubSpot Marketing HubAttracting and converting leads.Web-based, iOS, AndroidCloud-hostedStarting for $45/month
PodiumCapture leads from websiteWeb-based, iOS, AndroidCloud-hostedStarting from $289/month.
LeadfeederLead tracking and intent analysis.Web-basedCloud Hosted
Open API
Between $0-63 per month
OptinMonsterCampaign types and campaign triggers.Windows
Cloud HostedBetween $9-49 per month
QualarooExit-intent and A/B testing.Android
Windows Mobile
Cloud Hosted
Open API
Between $80-160 per month
FindThatLeadSearching for verified leads.Web-BasedCloud, SaaSBetween $49-399 per month
Prospect.ioCustomised sales pipelines.Web-BasedCloud, SaaSBetween $19-99 per month

Review of the tools:

#1) HubSpot Marketing Hub

Best for attracting and converting leads.


HubSpot Marketing Hub is a marketing software that enables users to generate leads by following various ways. It attracts the attention of the audience through blogs, ads, SEO, ad tracking, and converting them by various means. It also helps in tracking the performance by built-in analytics.


  • Campaign and Contact management
  • Online Form Builder
  • Send targeted messages via Chat automation
  • Salesforce Integration

Verdict: With HubSpot, you get an easy-to-use lead generation platform that delivers when it comes to driving revenue, saving resources, and optimizing investments. You get a centralized platform that does a good job of managing contacts without a hassle.


  • Free- $0 per month
  • Starter- $45 per month
  • Professional- $800 per month
  • Enterprise- $3200 per month

=> Visit HubSpot Marketing Hub Website

#2) Podium

Best for Capture leads from website.

Podium Dashboard

Think of Podium as an amalgamation of numerous tools, all serving a single purpose, to drive customers to your business. Podium with its impeccable web chat feature can help you generate 11 times more inbound leads.

It further makes the tasks of generating leads easier by capturing positive reviews about you available online and making them more visible and easily accessible.


  • Text-based website chat
  • Capture reviews
  • Launch custom campaigns
  • Monitor customer activity

Verdict: Podium serves as a great lead-generating tool on many fronts. It lets you leverage a great web chat system to maximize your leads. It also helps you stay in touch with your prospects by helping you manage all their messages in one place.


  • Essentials: $289/month
  • Standard: $449/month
  • Professional: $649/month
  • 14 day free trial is available.

#3) Leadfeeder

Best for lead tracking and intent analysis.


Leadfeeder generates quality leads in four steps: Identify, Qualify, Connect and Send leads. It first identifies the behavior of companies visiting your site, then identifies the best-scored companies, contacts the same and syncs them with the CRM.


  • Generates quality leads from the current traffic visiting your website.
  • Helps in account-based marketing by updating you at the time your preferred accounts visit your website.
  • Tracking by identifying the visitors on your website.
  • It helps in sales prospecting by identifying the high-intent leads and assigning them to the right sales rep.

Verdict: This software is recommended as it comes with a free basic plan, i.e., a Lite plan where you do not need to pay. Further, if you want to use it, you can upgrade it to the Premium plan. The best feature of this software is tracking high-intent leads.


  • Lite- $0 per month
  • Premium- $63 per month

Website: Leadfeeder

#4) OptinMonster

Best for campaign types and campaign triggers.


OptinMonster is a simplified lead tracking software that helps in converting the visitors on your website into subscribers or customers by providing various features like drag n drop, campaign types, campaign triggers, etc.


  • It provides a drag ‘n’ drop feature that helps in creating attractive templates, animation, sound effects, mobile-friendly pop-ups.
  • Provides various campaign types for creating displays to attract maximum traffic, like lightbox popup, slide-in scroll bar, floating bar, countdown timer, etc.
  • It provides various campaign trigger features like scroll trigger, inactivity sensor, time display control, etc. to detect the prospects’ behavior and act accordingly.
  • Helps in creating campaigns for targeted audiences as well.
  • It provides various actionable insights to improve or modify the strategies.

Verdict: OptinMonster is very reasonable in terms of pricing as its Basic plan starts from just $9 per month. The best feature of this software is creative campaign creation to attract the maximum leads.


  • Basic- $9 per month
  • Plus- $19 per month
  • Pro- $29 per month
  • Growth- $49 per month

Website: OptinMonster

#5) Qualaroo

Best for exit intent and A/B testing.


Qualaroo is an advanced lead targeting software. It helps in analyzing insights by IBM Watson, Word cloud, etc. It helps in connecting the right visitors at the right time and provides various question types to ask from the visitors like- checkboxes, dropdown, binary questions, etc.


  • Provides various types of templates, resources to ask the best questions and improve conversations.
  • It enables you to analyze the sentiments of customers’ feedback so that you can respond to the right ones.
  • Helps in surveying the customers with exit intent and provides various means to improve it.
  • Provides a facility of A/B testing where you can test variations between two things.

Verdict: Qualaroo is recommended for sentiment analysis. It also provides a free 15-day trial with every plan so that the user can try, be satisfied and then subscribe.


  • Essentials- $80 per month
  • Premium- $160 per month
  • Enterprise- Contact for pricing

Website: Qualaroo

#6) FindThatLead

Best for searching for verified leads.


FindThatLead is a sales prospecting software that helps in searching email addresses, verifying them, and sending them automatically the customized emails. It helps in generating the leads that suit its clients or up to the standards set by the clients.


  • Finding the email addresses of the contacts in minutes and generating leads.
  • Automates sending customized emails to the contacts.
  • Helps in verifying the emails to whom you have planned to send the email.
  • Generate leads according to your parameters.
  • Generates an email address from the URL link provided on the profile

Verdict: This software is recommended for its search feature. You just need to mention the name, website domain, or URL link provided by them on social media to get their verified emails.


  • Growth- $49 per month
  • Startup- $150 per month
  • Suite- $399 per month

Website: FindThatLead


Best for customized sales pipelines. is a lead management software. It helps in increasing the productivity of the sales team by providing various means like setting tasks, contact management, automated workflows, etc.


  • Manage contacts by organizing them in lists and smart segments.
  • Create and maintain customized sales pipelines.
  • Automates repetitive workflows.
  • It helps in increasing productivity by setting tasks, sending emails, notes, activity timelines, and attaching documents to the prospects.
  • It helps in activity reporting and revenue forecasting

Verdict: This software is recommended for creating customized sales pipelines. It is giving a free 14-day trial and reasonable as the basic plan costs just $19 per month.


  • Base plan: $19 per user per month

Add ons:-

  • Email finder and verifier- $39 per month
  • Outbound- $69 per month
  • Professional services- $99 per month


#8) LeadFuze

Best for AI and automation of listing.


LeadFuze searches for verified leads. It is a combination of AI and automation that enables the users to avoid unnecessary attention on listing the leads. It automatically adds new leads according to your parameters and puts them into the CRM.


  • Provides more accurate data about the leads.
  • Helps in many departments like sales, marketing, and staffing.
  • Helps in specific account-based searching.
  • It automates workflows.
  • It can be integrated with various apps like Zapier, Pipedrive, Salesforce, etc.

Verdict: It is recommended for searching for accurate data of specific accounts. Their email, mobile numbers, and social media accounts.


  • Starter- $132.30 per month
  • Scaling- $447.30 per month
  • Custom- Contact for pricing.

Website: LeadFuze

#9) Albacross

Best for account-based marketing.


Albacross generates leads by collecting the intent data of visitors on the website and reaching those prospects with high intent of buying the product. It automatically integrates with your current platforms. It increases lead conversion by generating leads, web personalization, and by account-based marketing.


  • Generate leads by identifying website visitors.
  • Filter the qualified visitors and add them into the sales funnel for further contacting them.
  • It provides various means of account-based marketing.
  • It targets the account, advertises as per the prospect, and evaluates the performance.

Verdict: Albacross is best for its feature of account-based marketing where it enables the users to target the prospects and act specifically according to the account to convert them into leads.

Pricing: Contact for pricing.

Website: Albacross

#10) Picreel

Best for pop-up templates and A/B testing.


Picreel is an easy-to-use lead conversation software with customized offer pop-ups that trigger the visitors at the right moment by analyzing their intent. It is filled with several features as easy installation, advanced targeting, attractive templates, analytical reports, and A/B testing.


  • Provides simple installation by just using code.
  • It provides features for advanced targeting of the audience.
  • It provides several templates for mobile and desktop pop-ups.
  • It helps in decision-making by providing analytical reports and A/B testing.

Verdict: Picreel is recommended for its features like personalized and verified pop-ups and templates. It comes with a free trial with every plan and is very reasonable in terms of pricing as the basic plan starts from just $14 per month.


  • Starter- $14 per month
  • Basic- $52 per month
  • Plus- $112 per month
  • Pro- $299 per month
  • Enterprise- Contact for pricing.

Website: Picreel

#11) Intercom

Best for support and engage conversations.


Intercom is a business messenger software. It enables the users to convert the leads into customers at a faster rate with conversational support and conversational engagement.


  • Enables effective communication of business to customers with chats, messages, bots, and more.
  • Manages all the interaction with customers in one place by proving the team an inbox for interaction, orchestrates customers’ journeys, etc
  • Integrates all data related to the customer in one place to provide the personal touches at scale.
  • It can be integrated with other apps, sync data smartly and close deals faster.

Verdict: Intercom is best for orchestrating customers’ journeys to deal with them according to their behavior. Other features are also recommended like live chats, support bots, and product tours.


  • For most businesses: Contact for pricing
  • For very small businesses
    • Start- from $59 per month
    • Grow- from $119 per month.

Website: Intercom

#12) Hoovers

Best for intent data and personalized dashboards.


Hoovers is a lead conversion software that uses intent data and analytics provided by Bombora and Dun & Bradstreet data cloud to convert leads faster by providing them personally relevant communication.


  • Helps in targeting the audience strategically to reach a maximum number.
  • Provides advanced insights into the prospect’s data and their engagement.
  • Delivers personally relevant communication to the prospects with the help of AI, advanced insights, and prospects’ visualization.
  • Helps in boosting sales productivity by providing personalized dashboards updated frequently and intent data.
  • Provides intent data by collaborating with Bombora.

Verdict: Hoovers is best and recommended for its feature of relevant intent data and personalized client interaction. With the help of these two features, the user can noticeably see growth in the conversation rate.


  • Contact for pricing.

Website: Hoovers

Other Noteworthy Lead Generation Software

#13) D7 Lead Finder

Best for searching leads.

D7 Lead Finder is a great tool to search for any lead from anywhere in the world by just giving keywords or locations. It provides up to 1200 leads per search. It provides full business name, email address, website link, postal address, links to social media handles, etc.


  • Starter- $29.99 per month
  • Agency- $54.99 per month
  • Professional- $119.00 per month

Website: D7 Lead Finder

#14) ProProfs Survey Maker

Best for creating survey forms and NPS surveys.

ProProfs Survey Maker is a survey tool that enables the users to answer any question from its audience in any way like in the form of quizzes, polls, forms, sidebar forms, in-app surveys, etc.

It helps in NPS surveys as well to evaluate feedback for better decision-making. It is reasonable in terms of pricing as it can be started without any cost.


  • Free- $0 per month
  • Essentials- $0.05 per month
  • Premium- $0.10 per month

Website: ProProfs Survey Maker

#15) Hunter

Bet for email finding.

Hunter generates leads by helping its users in finding and verifying the domain and email address of the leads. It also helps in finding authors from the URL they provide online. It can do bulk tasks, which means you can find emails and domains in bulk.


  • Free- $0 per month
  • Starter- $49 per month
  • Growth- $99 per month
  • Pro- $199 per month
  • Enterprise- $399 per month

Website: Hunter


Best for email verification and sales intelligence. is a software that enables you to verify emails in bulk, check the domain, help in creating lists, clean data, manage performance and sales forecasting, etc. It is a Chrome browser plug-in and helps in getting new accounts or networks. It provides various features to ultimately generate leads.

Pricing: Contact



In the above research, we concluded that lead generation software plays an essential role in generating revenue. There are various software for the same, providing different features and ways to create, engage or nurture leads. Some of them are explained above.

Like LeadFeeder helps in lead tracking and analyzing the intent of prospects. Optinmonster helps in generating campaigns and campaigns triggers. Qualaroo helps in knowing exit intent and A/B testing. FindThatLead helps in searching for verified leads. is best for creating customized sales pipelines.

In this way, every software helps in generating more leads by providing different ways and features, which ultimately helps in increasing the revenue and growth of the business.

Our Review Process:

This article has been researched in 48 hours with 20 tools in which the top 15 tools were shortlisted as mentioned above.

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