Top 12 BEST Whiteboard Animation Software Tools For 2021

Explore the best Whiteboard Animation Software tools with their pricing, features, and comparison. Select a suitable Whiteboard Video Maker per your  requirements:

Whiteboard Animation Software is an application that has functionalities to create a video of pictures getting drawn on a whiteboard to explain some story.

Whiteboard animation videos are more popular these days as they are eye-catching and a good option for getting the audience’s attention. It will let you present the information clearly and quickly.

Whiteboard Animation Software Tools

Whiteboard Animation Software

These whiteboard animation videos are engaging. It can present information and convey the message in the right manner. These videos help organizations to boost the business. These are explainer kind of videos and help the businesses by explaining the story of new company products, software demos, or the methods of implementing the strategies, etc.

Fact Check: According to Maximize Market Research, the global animation software market was $250 billion in 2019. It is growing at a CAGR of 8.78% from 2019 to 2026. It is expected to cost $490 billion by 2026.

Whiteboard animation software is useful for creating various types of videos such as corporate scribe, explainer videos, or educational presentations. HubSpot research says that most businesses prefer video content and the stats of this research is shown in the below image.

research stats for various kinds of content preferred

Pro Tip: While choosing the whiteboard animation software, three key factors that should be considered are ease of use, customization features, and price. Some tools offer customization features to customize the templates so that they can fit your company standards.

While investing in the best whiteboard animation software, you must be aware of the price. Some whiteboard tools offer a 5-day or 7-day free trial and after that, you will only get limited access. But if you want to create flawless animation or explainer video, you should choose a premium membership suited to your needs.

Tips For Creating Successful Whiteboard Animation Video:

Follow these tips if you want to create a successful whiteboard animation video:

  • Keep the length of the video within 60-90 seconds
  • Use only the most relevant images
  • Make sure the videos are not too fast
  • Use a professional voice over

The perfect structure of a whiteboard animation video should be like this,

  • The problem
  • The solution
  • How the product or services work
  • The solution

Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) What is a whiteboard explainer or animation video?

Answer: Animation or explainer videos are quite popular and effective ways to communicate with the viewers. Whiteboard animation is a process where you will be able to draw stories with pictures to send a message. It will create an effect where the viewers will feel that they are seeing moving images on a whiteboard.

Q #2) What is the price of a whiteboard animation video?

Answer: The actual price may depend on lots of things, like the length of the video or the reputation of the animation company or the quality of the video and voice-over, etc. On average, a one-minute long whiteboard animation video from a reputable animation company in the USA may cost around $800 to $1400.

Q #3) How long does it take to make a whiteboard explainer video?

Answer: The entire process from scratch to export the video may take around 14-20 days for a 2-minute long video.

Any reputable whiteboard animation company would go through the following process to create the video:

  • Create the story
  • Final illustrations
  • Voice over
  • Background music
  • Animation and export

Regardless of the industry and the size of your company, you will need the power of Whiteboard animation to build better brand awareness. Here in this article, you will receive all the factual knowledge regarding the top 12 Whiteboard animation tools with their prime features and pricing details.

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List Of Best Whiteboard Animation Software

Here is the list of popular Whiteboard Video Maker tools:

  1. VideoScribe
  2. Moovly
  3. Animaker
  4. Animatron Studio
  5. Vyond
  6. My simple show
  7. TruScribe
  8. Camtasia
  9. Renderforest
  10. PowToon
  11. Doodly
  12. Explaindio
  13. Easy Sketch Pro
  14. Adobe Animate CC
  15. RawShorts
  16. VideoMakerFX

Comparison Of Top Video Maker Tools

ToolsBest forPlatformsUsersDeploymentFree TrialPrice

Creating captivating video content quickly.Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Web-basedSmall to large businesses & freelancersCloud-based & On-premiseAvailable for 7 daysSingle User: Starts at $17.50/month per single user, Team licenses: Starts at $145/user

Creating videos online with the help of customizable templates. Web-based, Android, & iOS.Small to large businesses & freelancers.Cloud-based--Free,
Pro: $24.99 per month,
Max: $49.92/month, etc.

Creating animation and live-action videos. Web-basedBeginners, non-designers, & professionalsCloud-basedAvailable for Pro planBasic: $10/month,
Starter: $19/month,
Pro: $39/month, etc.
Animatron Studio

Creating marketing videos, HTML5, & video animation.Web-basedBusinesses & startups, education, artists, etc.Online tool.You can start for free.Free plan,
Pro: $15/month,
Business: $30/month

Windows, Android, Web-basedSmall to large businesses.Cloud-basedAvailableEssential: $299/year,
Premium: $649/year, etc.

Now let’s dig deeper and learn more about these whiteboard animation tools-

#1) VideoScribe

Best for creating captivating video content quickly.


VideoScribe is a popular whiteboard animation tool that enables you to create quick explainer videos. The software allows you to create flawless videos without needing expensive designers or voice over artists.


  • You can choose from 9 different background textures.
  • Like background textures, you will have options to choose from 13 different hand styles, which includes a monster hand.
  • VideoScribe image library is quite huge and has over 6000 images in 40 different categories, which includes, animals, buildings, shapes, designs, etc.
  • The software will also provide you with flexible image customization options.
  • You will be able to create 3 different charts.
  • It has an integrated voice-over recording option.
  • As much as 300 copyright-free audio tracks are available.
  • Export high definition videos.

Verdict: VideoScribe is amazing whiteboard animation software, especially for small and medium business houses. Though it is a feature-rich tool, it has some drawbacks such as no direct MP4 support, no fine-tuning of custom images, and unsatisfying audio control.

Price: You can get a 7-DAY free trial and after that, you will have to choose from any of the following plans:

  • Monthly Plan – $17/month
  • Yearly Plan – $96/year
  • Quarterly Plan – $35/3 months

Website: VideoScribe

#2) Moovly

Best for creating videos online with the help of customizable templates.


Introduced in 2012, Moovly is an online application that will allow you to create innovative, promotional, and explainer videos.


  • Animations and transitional effects.
  • Collaboration and workflow management.
  • Has over 1 million assets.
  • Group and user management.
  • Works well with Chrome or Firefox.
  • Broadcast videos straight to YouTube, Vimeo, and other platforms.
  • Export HD quality videos.

Verdict: Moovly is an animation tool that is easy-to-use and has advanced features at affordable pricing. It supports multiple languages, like English, Czech, Dutch, Italian, Russian, Spanish, etc. With all the amazing features, Moovly can improve in a few areas such as template availability and the number of free audios.

Price: Although Moovly has a free plan option, the maximum video length will be restricted to 2 minutes only. The other two paid plans are,

  • Pro Plan – $49/month
  • Max Plan – $99/month

Website: Moovly

#3) Animaker

Best for creating animation and live-action videos. It is best for beginners, non-designers, & even professionals.

Animaker 1

Launched in 2014, Animaker is a cloud-based animation video maker, which allows the user to create explainer videos using multiple pre-built templates. It has introduced millennial characters to ensure that marketing videos look more appealing and professional. It has more than 50 human-like voice overs in 25 different languages.


The latest version of Animaker video maker tools has the following updates:

  • Over 50 unique transition effects.
  • Took gender parity to the next level.
  • Catchier introduction part.
  • 5 times better rendering quality.
  • 3 times faster software loading time.
  • More than 500 like-like animations.

Verdict: Based on the customer reviews from various websites, Animaker allows most of the features to be used during free trials, so you can give it a go.

Price: Animaker will give you 3 different paid plan options to choose from.

  • Basic Plan – $10/month
  • Starter Plan – $19/month
  • Pro Plan – $39/month

Website: Animaker

#4) Animatron Studio

Best for creating marketing videos, HTML5, & video animation.


Founded in the USA in 2011, Animatron studio is a very flexible and powerful online animated video maker that will allow you to create breathtaking animations most simply.


  • Free templates with customizing option
  • Anyone can create beautiful explainer videos or animators without professional help
  • Layout is simpler
  • Bulk uploading

Verdict: According to online reviews, it is full of prominent features, like mobile screen support, social sharing, brand overlay, closed captions, privacy options, video looping, and many more. On the other hand, a few people have shown disappointment about the free stock videos and also mentioned that the speed of Animatron could have been better.

Overall, we can say that the platform offers a huge scope at an affordable price range.

Price: Animatron studio offers two different plans for its users.

  • Pro Plan – $30/month
  • Business Plan – $60/month

Website: Animatron

#5) Vyond

Best for creating videos for training, marketing, and eLearning videos.


Vyond, previously known as Goanimate and renamed in 2018. It is another whiteboard animation software system that offers both contemporary and promotional videos. The software can be utilized to create commercial videos, tutorials, and education videos.


  • The designer will have an abundance of options to create characters with lots of customizations
  • The interface is quite simple, and anyone can interact with it easily
  • Huge variety of templates
  • Copyright-free audio files

Verdict: Vyond is a software system with lots of versatility and power, but the cost indicates that it would be best only for large businesses or enterprise users.

Price: Vyond is the costliest animation software available in the market today, where the cheapest plan will cost you nearly $300.

Vyond offers the following 3 plans for its users:

  • Essential Plan – $299/year
  • Premium Plan – $649/year
  • Professional Plan – $999/year

Website: Vyond

#6) My Simple Show

Best for personal, educational, and professional videos.


My Simple Show software offers one of the simplest ways to engage in creating creative corporate videos. Founded in 2008, The Simple Show Company is most probably the first people to come up with this explainer video concept.


  • The software system allows the user to create videos in multiple steps.
  • The designer can choose the storyline and can also upload a pre-designed PowerPoint file.
  • Intelligent explainer engine
  • Better storyline templates to structure different plots.
  • Voice recording will get auto-sync.
  • One can either export the video directly to YouTube or download the MP4 file

Verdict: My Simple Show is not just easy to use, but it does all the technical work. Though you can start using the free trial, the premium membership price is quite costly.

Price: Apart from the following 3 packages, My Simple Show Software tool offers a free education package that can accommodate 50 students.

  • Premium Fun Plan – $5.99/month
  • Business Plan – $129/month
  • Pro Plan – $499/month

Website: MySimpleShow

#7) TruScribe

Best for whiteboard videos, digital graphic recording, and infographics.


TruScribe is an online whiteboard video making tool that helps to speed up internal and external communication. Apart from that, it offers some of the best animation features, like attractive design, modern machine voice, online editing, and many more.


  • Allows editing videos even after the design gets completed.
  • Offer clear voice overs for videos.
  • You can have a separate background image and texture.
  • Flawless and clear voice recording options.
  • Choose from the 5 high-contrast color schemes.
  • Special themes are available for different industries.

Verdict: TruScribe is a free whiteboard software tool that is currently available in English. The program is available on android, so you can give it a go.

Website: Truscribe

#8) Camtasia

Best as a screen recorder and video editor.


Camtasia is another powerful whiteboard animation tool that is available in both Windows and MAC. Camtasia doesn’t only support a wide range of popular media formats but also offers a better layout, even for beginners.

Features: The following features about the Camtasia animation tool might amaze you,

  • The software tool offers multiple timelines, which allows you to create videos while having separate images, text, or audio tracks.
  • Several copyright-free images and music tracks are available within the software
  • Built-in animations for your text, images, and logos
  • Editing can also be done in the preview window

Verdict: If you are looking for professional-quality video editing through an easy-to-use interface, Camtasia would be your best bet. The beginners will not take more than 2 hours to learn about the interface and create their first content.

Price: If compared to other whiteboard animation tools, Camtasia is quite expensive, as the license will cost around $300. But the good thing is that you have to pay the price for one time only, so there will be no hazards of renewing memberships monthly or yearly. A free trial is available for the tool.

Website: Techsmith

#9) Renderforest

Best for corporate-style logos, promo videos, slide shows, and animated tutorial videos.


If you are looking for an animation tool that will help you create professional or corporate-style logos, promo videos, and slideshows, and even animated tutorial videos, Render Forest could be the best tool for you. The layout of Render Forest is quite impressive, yet simpler than even the novices can work like professionals without prior training.


  • Straightforward logo design
  • Create high-quality videos using free templates
  • One can use the Render Forest software tool to build a website as well
  • Saving time with the undo and redo button
  • Recommends the best music according to the project.
  • Suggests a new scene.

Verdict: This whiteboard animation tool offers not only simplicity but also a cost-saving option, especially for small business houses and freelancers. So, if you are asking if you should use Render Forest and use your wallet to upgrade to the paid plans, it should be good to go.

Price: One can use the Render Forest animation software tool for free, but with limitations.

The paid plans include:

  • Lite Plan – $7/month
  • Amateur Plan – $10/month
  • Pro Plan – $20/month
  • Agency Plan – $40/month

Website: Renderforest

#10) PowToon

Best for creating professional and fully customized videos.


PowToon is another whiteboard animation software tool that offers interactive animated presentations. The layout of PowToon is simple, interactive, and offers all the basic functions that you will need to design motion graphics for the presentation.


  • Pow toon is user friendly that will allow you to create compelling stories and convincing presentations
  • A huge variety of royalty-free music library
  • Supports corporate, educational, and personal video making
  • Available in English and Spanish
  • Import MP3 audio files

Verdict: After going through the reviews, we have seen that most professionals and even first-time users are quite happy with the simplicity and instructiveness of the layout. Though a few people have complained about the heaviness that it creates on the web browser, they loved to use it.

Price: PowToon is available for a free trial, but after that, choose any of the following paid plans:

  • Pro Plan – $19/month/user
  • Pro Plan Plus – $29/month
  • Agency Plan – $59/month

Website: Powtoon

#11) Doodly

Best for ease of use. It can be used by anyone and can create professional-looking videos.


If you are looking for the best whiteboard animation software tool, you must have heard of Doodly as it is one of the most common names. Doodly offers simplicity to its users. Just drag and drop the image on the canvas, and the software will draw it for you.


  • Doodly offers over 1000 custom-drawn images by professional graphics artists
  • Doodly can create whiteboard, green board, glass board, and blackboard images
  • You can upload as many images as you like in a single video
  • You can draw and upload images using the smart draw technology
  • Offer royalty-free music tracks
  • 15 different human hand style along with 13 cartoon hand styles

Verdict: Doodly is an easy-to-use software and provides custom image support. It has regular updates. It provides quick customer support. Its Standard Plan doesn’t offer any colors. It has few more cons such as limited audio features, no offline use, and slow export. Everyone works differently, so Doodly may not be for everyone.

Doodly doesn’t offer any free trials, but if you want an animation software tool easy to use, then Doodly may not have any similar alternatives.


  • Standard Plan – $39/month
  • Enterprise Plan – $69/month

Website: Doodly

#12) Explaindio

Best for creating professional-looking videos, including 2D and 3D.


Explaindio is an easy-to-use software with a drag-and-drop video creator. This all-in-one video creator provides the functionalities to create professional-looking 2D and 3D videos. You will be able to create Doodle sketch videos as well as motion videos. It has features to create corporate presentations.


  • 3D animation option is available
  • Offers multi-timeline editing features
  • The paid members will get access to nearly 200 text animations and animated scenes
  • Never run out of royalty-free stock images
  • Create multiple animations
  • Multiple pre-made voiceover types

Verdict: Most professionals often recommend Explaindio for its user-friendliness and easy-to-use design. One can use this whiteboard animation software tool to create explainer or promotional videos with animations and upload directly to YouTube.

Price: Explaindio offers 3 different paid plans to its users:

  • Video Creator Monthly Plan – $37/month
  • Video Creator Annual Plan – $67/month
  • Video Creator One-time Plan – $497

Website: Explaindio

Additional Whiteboard Animation Software

#13) Easy Sketch Pro

Easy Sketch Pro has features of full HD videos, a built-in music library, playtime control, and trimming effects. The price of the tool starts at $37.

Website: Easy Sketch Pro

#14) Adobe Animate CC

Adobe Animate CC provides the features of virtual camera functionality, Export WebGL, HTML5 canvas, and 4K video easily, Vector brushes, audio syncing, and thousands of high-quality fonts. The price of the tool will be $239.88 for a 1-year subscription.

Website: Adobe animate CC

#15) RawShorts

Raw Shorts offers animation and collaboration tools. It supports only Mac OS. It provides online support and features for social sharing. Its price starts at $49 per month.

Website: Raw Shorts

#16) VideoMakerFX

VideoMakerFX offers more than 250 animated slides on 35 different topics. It is available in a small size and doesn’t take a lot of memory. It will cost you $37, which is a one-time payment. You will get full support and update for 1-year. It provides royalty-free audio tracks.

Website: Video Maker FX


A whiteboard animation would be a perfect addition to your website, social media posts, and even newsletters. We have reviewed the top 12 whiteboard animation software tools along with a few others. In the end, we would like to say that the right whiteboard animation software will give your company a perfect start for video marketing.

We hope this article will help you select the right solution for your business.

Research process:

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