Top 11 Best Lead Generation Companies In 2023

Explore the top Lead Generation Companies with comparison to gather leads from offline as well as from online channels:

Lead Generation companies play a vital role in generating the leads for the business. They provide different means to acquire leads. So before going further, we should clearly understand the basic concepts related to lead generation.

Let us first understand what ‘Lead’ means.

Lead- It refers to the persons or companies who are interested or can be interested in buying the product or services offered by the company.

Lead Generation Companies Review

Lead Generation Companies

Leads are of various kinds. Such as:

  1. New leads: Those people or audience who have shown interest or someone who visited the website and has provided their email addresses for updates.
  2. Working leads: The people or leads who are currently in conversation with the company’s employees for the product knowledge fall under the category of working leads.
  3. Nurturing leads: The leads who are interested in buying the product or services but not at the moment. These types of leads are called nurturing leads because they need to be nurtured by product knowledge or offers from time to time.
  4. Unqualified leads: Those leads who are not at all interested in buying your products or services are known as unqualified leads.
  5. Qualified leads: These are the type of leads who are interested in buying your product or service right at the moment. These are also called sales leads.

Lead Generation is described as the process of finding the leads who may buy the product or services or attracting the ones who have shown interest in the product. Leads can be generated organically( without incurring cost- by SEO) or by spending money on marketing.

Lead generation is of two types:

  1. Inbound lead generation
  2. Outbound lead generation

Fact Check: According to the research by Research and Markets, between the forecast period of 2021-2026 the market size of software was expected to reach $1,178.83 million in 2021 with a CAGR of 13.85% expected to reach up to $2,261.75 million in 2026. The market is noticeably growing with certain factors, including the latest technology, industry share, demand, revenue, etc.

Lead Generation software market

Pro Tip: For selecting a lead generation company or agency, one must identify the type of business they are in (small scale company or large-scale company), look for the company that can do SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis for your business, check for company’s flexibility, identify your target audience, find out which tool works best (SEO, social media, telemarketing, blog, email marketing, direct mail, etc), look for a reputable company and always do research.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) What are the best lead generation company?

Answer: These are:

  1. Cience Technologies
  2. Digital Marketing Agency
  3. SalesPro Leads
  4. SalesAladin
  5. SalesRoads

Q #2) Are lead generation companies worth it?

Answer: Yes, lead generation companies are worth it. They provide various means and ways to help in acquiring leads from offline as well as from online channels. It helps in generating the leads (inbound and outbound leads) and charge as per the need of the user and plans prescribed by them.

Q #3) What are the types of lead generation?

Answer: There are two types of lead generation. They are:

  1. Inbound lead generation: In this type, the prospects themselves approach the brand with their interest to know more about the brand or to buy their products or services by getting to know about them on many digital platforms. Examples: SEO, social media, PPC, etc.)
  2. Outbound lead generation: It refers to that type of lead generation in which the brands approach the audience through direct mail, e-mails, calls, etc., to educate them about the products or services they offer. Examples: Direct mail, email marketing, cold calls, etc.

Q #4) How do you attract sales leads?

Answer: The sales leads can be attracted by following the given ways:

  1. Blogs: To attract leads, one must continuously update blogs.
  2. Visual content: Try to add visual content to your website (like infographics) to attract the audience.
  3. SEO: You need to increase your rating in search engine optimization by using keywords or phrases that people search most.
  4. Paid advertising: You need to advertise on social media and Google your brand. There are various paid schemes for posting ads. You can choose according to your needs or budget.

Q #5) What is the process of lead generation?

Answer: It is a seven-step process.

  1. Plan- This is the first step of lead generation where you need to plan for everything.
  2. Create- In this step, create attractive and efficient content.
  3. Distribute- Post the content on different social media platforms.
  4. Capture- Once leads are coming to your website, capture them by subscriptions, newsletters, etc.
  5. Analyze- Now you need to analyze the leads and source of traffic.
  6. Nurture- Here, nurture the good leads with nurturing techniques.
  7. Convert- The last step is conversion. You need to convert the leads into customers.

Q #6) What is B2B lead generation?

Answer: B2B lead generation is defined as the type to identify and attract the ideal or potential customers for your products and services. There are two types of b2b lead generation:

  1. Marketing: Qualified leads- These are those leads that are less likely to be converted into customers.
  2. Sales: Qualified leads- These are the sales leads that are ready to buy the products or services.
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List Of The Top Lead Generation Companies

Here is the list of popular b2b lead generation companies:

  1. Cience Technologies
  2. Digital Marketing Agency
  3. SalesPro Leads
  4. SalesAladin
  5. SalesRoads
  6. Belkins
  8. Terakeet
  9. Callbox
  10. Visitor Queue
  11. Salesify HTTPS

Comparison Of The Best B2B Lead Generation Companies

CompanyBest forSEOAppointment settingFree Trial/consultation
Cience TechnologiesOrchestrated outbound services.NoYesNot available
Digital Marketing Agency Reputation management and PPC.YesNoAvailable
SalesPro LeadsAppointment setting with qualified leads.YesYesAvailable
SalesAladinProviding MQLs and SQLsNoYesAvailable
SalesRoadsBuilding sales pipelines and phone-verified SQLsNoYesNot available


#1) Cience Technologies

Best for orchestrated outbound services.

Cience Technologies

Cience Technologies offer an outbound orchestration that helps in growing the pipelines. It provides various features that help the sales team in concentrating only on selling, letting all other works be done by the agency. They provide sales data solutions, outbound SDR, inbound SDR, and SRM services.


  • Get accurate data of the targeted audience with the help of the latest technologies.
  • Builds sales pipelines with qualified appointments.
  • Provides data researcher, messaging specialist, account manager, project manager, etc with each SDR team.
  • Provides various features to convert Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) to Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs).
  • Integrates the leads data with HubSpot CRM.

Verdict: Cience technologies are best for orchestrated outbound, which means they take coordination of various channels to reach audiences like email, web, pre-targeting ads, LinkedIn and phone.

Pricing: Contact for pricing.

Website: Cience Technologies

#2) Digital Marketing Agency

Best for reputation management and PPC.

Digital Marketing Agency

Digital Marketing Agency is the bundle of services to manage your digital platforms. It helps in increasing your search engine optimization and pay-per-click. It manages websites, social media engagement, and the reputation of the business. Digital Marketing Agency serves B2B companies, healthcare services, hospitality, real estate, SaaS, venture capital, etc.


  • Provides various SEO services to drive organic traffic to the website. It includes free SEO analysis, local SEO, eCommerce SEO, video and mobile SEO, comprehensive SEO audit, etc.
  • Helps in increasing PPC (Pay Per Click) by providing free PPC analysis, PPC management services, remarketing, specialized PPC services, etc.
  • Provides various reputation management services to maintain a good reputation of the company of its clients.
  • Manages all social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.
  • Develops the websites of the clients by providing website speed optimization, web design services, website analysis, etc.
  • Automates the marketing process by providing various marketing automation services.

Verdict: Digital Marketing agency is highly recommended as it is packed with several services to manage the overall website of its clients. It is best for reputation management of the clients’ business and to increase per pay clicks.

Pricing: Provides free website analysis and for other services contact for pricing.

Website: Digital Marketing Agency

#3) SalesPro Leads

Best for appointment setting with qualified leads.

SalesPro Leads

SalesPro Leads is the agency that provides qualified leads and helps in setting appointments with them. They provide other supportive services with professional industry experience like enquiry management, lead nurturing, inside sales, event recruitment, database development, and management, etc to ensure maximum results.


  • Helps in managing inbound enquiries coming from leads generated through campaigns or SEO.
  • Nurtures the new leads as well as existing customers to engage them into your brand.
  • Provides inside sales for untapped revenue opportunities.
  • Manages attendees in any event (promotional event) by managing regulations and confirmations.
  • Builds the database and manages it.

Verdict: SalesPro Leads is best for deriving qualified leads through various channels and help its clients in setting appointments with the ones that are qualified or those leads who are up to the standards set by the client and are ready to buy or interested in the products or services.

Pricing: Contact for pricing. Free consultation available.

Website: SalesPro Leads

#4) SalesAladin

Best for providing MQLs and SQLs


SalesAladin is a lead generation agency that provides various sales growth solutions and marketing operations and delivers growth to the business. Some services it offers are- B2B appointment setting, lead research, outsourced sales, outbound SDRs, account-based marketing, content strategy, website revamp & development, etc.


  • It helps in market research for the high-quality accounts according to the client’s ICPs (Ideal Customer Profiles)
  • Provides the service of B2B appointment setting with MQLs and SQLs globally.
  • Builds the website of the client in a way to engage prospects.
  • Provides various Mar-tech solutions that include integrating sales and marketing products.

Verdict: SalesAladin is recommended for the appointment setting with high-quality MQLs and SQLs according to the client’s ICPs.


  • Startups- $800 per month
  • SMB- $1200 per month
  • Enterprise- $2000 per month
  • Silver- $100 per month
  • Gold- $250 per month
  • Platinum- $500 per month

Website: SalesAladin

#5) SalesRoads

Best for building sales pipelines and phone-verified SQLs


SalesRoads is an advanced prospecting intel for building stress-free sales pipelines packed with phone verified SQLs. They provide various services for appointment setting and lead generation.


  • It helps in setting appointments with the leads on behalf of you.
  • It filters the leads whether they are qualified or unqualified and promotes only the qualified ones.
  • Provides sales qualified leads that are phone verified and ready to purchase or invest.
  • Calls the target, assesses them, and shares the results with the team of the client.

Verdict: SalesRoads is recommended for SQLs. It brings the best leads that are ready to convert to the client by calling the targeted leads, assessing them, and sending the result to the team.

Pricing: Contact for pricing.

Website: SalesRoads

#6) Belkins

Best for email deliverability fixing.


Belkins is the lead generation agency that provides its users support in getting the leads, email deliverability, appointment setting, converting MQL to SQL, and many more. It helps in providing all that we need to build a sales funnel, i.e., building a list of targeted leads and setting appointments with qualified leads.


  • Connect and set appointments with the prospects on behalf of you.
  • Provides experienced Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) and copywriters.
  • Generates leads and helps in the research of the most qualified leads through all available paid or free sources.
  • Provides services related to email deliverability.
  • Connect to prospects on LinkedIn also by providing influencer marketing strategies.

Verdict: Belkins is recommended for its features like email deliverability fixing and setting appointments that help the sales teams concentrating more on selling or converting leads rather than on their related issues.


  • Sales startup- contact for pricing
  • Sales growth- contact for pricing
  • Tailored- contact for pricing

Website: Belkins


Best for custom lead generation campaigns. is that lead generation agency that helps its users by planning strategies for targeted prospects to put them in the sales funnel, refine the qualified leads, and repeat the process.

They provide various essential features like- search engine optimization, paid search marketing, email marketing, website development, content distribution, whitepaper creation, brand awareness, appointment setting, etc.


  • Derives maximum organic traffic to your website by using SEO techniques.
  • Provides a call tracking feature to track or record all incoming calls and provides a toll-free number.
  • Provides various creative services, like creating creative content, branding, creative ad campaigns, etc.
  • Develops your website, from an eye-catching outlook to resourceful content.
  • It helps in lead follow-ups, which include immediate follow-up, scoring leads, and nurturing leads with the help of automation.

Verdict: This company is highly recommended as it provides a bundle of ways for lead generation. It covers all features that other companies offer collectively. The best feature provided by this company is creative services, which cover creating landing pages for resourceful content.

Pricing: Contact for pricing.


#8) Terakeet

Best for driving organic traffic.


Terakeet is an agency that provides its valuable services to acquire or attract maximum organic traffic to the client’s website. It uses its special search engine optimization strategies. It ensures better return on investment, low acquisition cost, and better brand & reputation management.


  • Provides enterprise search engine optimization solutions to get traffic to the client’s website.
  • Provides ways for brand management and reputation management.
  • Acquire more leads and retain potential customers by continuously educating them about the product and nurturing them.
  • Elevates the content to drive the traffic (potential customers) to your website.
  • Increases online product sales by attracting organic traffic via SEO from 2 to 5x times.

Verdict: Terakeet is recommended for SEO strategies that help the companies in getting maximum organic traffic on their websites. It leads to low acquisition costs and a higher rate of return or greater revenue.

Pricing: Contact for pricing.

Website: Terakeet

#9) Callbox

Best for databases solutions and virtual event marketing.


Callbox is a bundle of lead management solutions. It provides various services like B2B lead generation, account-based marketing, database solutions, cross-border marketing, webinar and virtual event marketing, and event marketing services. It helps businesses to grow faster through multiple channels by using email, voice, social, chat, website, and webinars.


  • Provides the clients with quality leads and high valued contacts and accounts by setting appointments with them.
  • Facilitates account-based marketing by identifying, expanding, engaging, and converting the targeted accounts.
  • Provides various sales database solutions, like data cleansing, customer profiling, and targeted lists.
  • Provides event management solutions in all phases, from a campaign set up to post-event marketing.
  • Conducts webinars and virtual events and so on.
  • Takes the client’s business to the global platform in the new territories.

Verdict: Callbox is recommended for its features like database solutions and event management solutions. These features ensure maximum high-quality leads in your hands and let you focus on just converting them. They handle all other things from acquisition to the appointments of high-quality leads.

Pricing: Contact for pricing.

Website: Callbox

#10) Visitor Queue

Best for website visitor identification.

Visitor Queue

Visitor Queue is a lead generation agency that works for its clients to generate visitors’ contact and social media profile information. It helps in lead management by offering various lead management services like classifying leads, hiding of leads, exporting of leads, lead archiving, auto-assignment of leads, etc.


  • Provides all the contact information of the visitors on your website.
  • Provides information about website visits by the leads, i.e., the time they spent, on which page, etc.
  • Provides links to visitor company’s social media profiles.
  • Manages leads by providing services of classifying leads, hiding of leads, exporting of leads, lead archiving, auto-assignment of leads, etc.
  • Integrates with other apps like- Slack, Salesforce, Zapier, Salesloop, HubSpot, and many more.

Verdict: This agency is recommended for identifying the website visitors i.e., it provides all information regarding the contact, social media profiles, time spent on the website, page viewed most, etc. of the visitor surfing on the website of its client.


  • 100 leads- $39 per month
  • 300 leads- $79 per month
  • 500 leads- $99 per month
  • 1000 leads- $169 per month
  • 2000 leads- $249 per month
  • For more than 2000 leads- contact for pricing.

Website: Visitor Queue

#11) Salesify HTTP

Best for full-funnel solutions.

11.Salesify HTTP

Salesify HTTP is now Ziff Davis Performance Marketing (ZDPM). They provide full-funnel solutions from acquiring the leads to converting them into customers. They point out your prospects according to your ICPs and connect with them.


  • Enriches the client with valuable leads data.
  • Connects with the leads to engage them with your brand.
  • Generates quality leads by connecting with them through various channels.
  • Maintains the profile of accounts through account-based marketing and strategic account management.
  • Helps in converting the leads generated earlier.

Verdict: ZDPM is recommended for full-funnel solutions. It provides services from searching the qualified leads to converting them into potential customers.

Pricing: Contact for pricing.

Website: Salesify


Through this research, we concluded how much a lead generation agency is needed for a company to reach its maximum audience and increase its return on investment or revenue. There are several lead generation companies or agencies in the market. Every company provides its unique services to ultimately generate leads for its clients.

Every company differs from others in its way to acquire leads.

Like Cience Technologies is best for orchestrated outbound services, Belkins is good at email deliverability services. Some are good at SEO, like- SalesPro Leads, Digital Marketing Agency, Terakeet,, etc.

Our Review Process:

This article has been researched in 48 hours with 20 companies in which we shortlisted the top 11 companies as explained above.

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