10 Best Email Extractors For Lead Generation [2023 TOP SELECTIVE]

List of the Top Email Exactors with Features, Comparison, and Pricing. Select the Best Free or Commercial Email Extractor Tool for Lead Generation:

Lead generation is one of the most critical marketing activities. The generation of qualified leads is important for both brick-and-mortar stores and online businesses. It is the first stage of the marketing funnel that leads to potential customer conversion.

Small startups and large multi-million dollar companies both carry out lead generation activities. One of the effective tools that most marketers use to generate leads is email extraction software.

But what exactly is an email extractor tool? How can you use the software to generate leads? You get to know the answers to these questions along with some of the top tools from this article.

Top Email Extraction Tools

Fact Check: Email Extraction Apps help to solve the top challenge faced by the marketers i.e. generating leads. A survey of marketers showed that nearly 65 percent considered lead generation to be the top marketing challenge. Extractor software can help to generate bulk emails for generating leads.
Top Marketing Challenges
Survey Results Of Top 9 Marketing Challenges
Pro Tip: You should consider the features that you would like in an email extracting app. Free email extraction tools contain basic features like copying and texting emails. You should consider buying a paid tool with advanced features such as bulk email extraction, removing duplicates, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) What is an Email Extractor?

Answer: An email extraction tool is used to extract emails from different online sources. The tool can extract emails from both online and offline sources. You can use the tool to extract emails from email accounts, websites, files, and folders.

Q #2) What are the Uses of an Email Extraction App?

Answer: You can use the extractor app for collecting emails for your lead generation campaign. You can use the tool for the extraction of emails in bulk. The tool saves a lot of time involved in collecting emails. The tools can generate a large list of emails in minimum time.

Q #3) What are the General Features of an Email Extraction Tool?

Answer: Email extraction tools have different options to generate emails. Most tools allow you to extract emails using keywords. Some tools also have the feature of extracting emails from different search engines. You can extract emails from search sites like Google, Ask, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

Q #4) How to extract emails using the Email Extraction Tool?

Answer: Extracting emails using extractor apps is easy. You simply copy and paste blocks of text-containing emails. Some tools also allow you to select search engines for extracting emails. Moreover, some tools have a browser extension that lets you extract emails from the sites you visit.

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List Of The Best Email Extractor

Listed below is our top pick of the best Extractor Tools based on their popularity.

  1. AutoPark Software
  2. Email Extractor Chrome Extension
  3. Cute Web Email Extractor
  4. Email Extractor 14
  5. Email Extractor Pro
  6. Email Checker | Email Extractor
  7. Y-Leads Extractor
  8. Top Lead Extractor
  9. Email Grabber
  10. Gmail Email Extractor

Comparison Of Top 5 Email Extraction Tools

Email Extraction ToolsPlatformPriceFeaturesEmail AccountsRatings *****
AtomPark SoftwareWindows$69.85 - $259
Unlimited trial version with limited features.
Search on a website or by keywords,
Country identification,
Extract emails from Twitter and Facebook,
Extraction of contact address from email.accounts
Identification of the country of email owners
Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook.Star_rating_4.5_of_5
Email Extractor Chrome ExtensionWindowsFree
$9.99/mon for cloud storage,
$10 - 150/mon for automation feature.
Extract emails from websites,
Save email addresses online,
Automatic download of emails,
Filter duplicate email ID.
Cute Web Email Extractor Windows$59.99/yrExtract emails from search engines.
Rule-based email extraction,
Auto-save and recovery,
Custom email address limit,
Network failure detector.
Email Extractor 14Windows€89 | Unlimited trial version with limited features.Extract emails from websites and search engines,
Extract emails using keywords,
Extract emails from social media sites,
Free software updates.
Email Extractor Pro Windows and Mac$49.99 – 74.99 |
Free trial without saving option.
Extract emails using keywords,
Scan websites for emails,
Extract emails from accounts,
Support PDF, Word, and Excel File,
Extract emails from URL list.
Outlook, Mac MailStar_rating_5_of_5

#1) AutoPark Software

Price: $69.85 – $259 | Trial version with limited features.

AutoPark Software1

AutoPark Software is one of the best-rated extractor software for Windows. The application lets you extract bulk emails from different sources. You can extract emails from social media (Facebook and Twitter), websites including Yelp, and your email account.

The tool can also identify the country of origin by examining the website and email domains. You can buy a bundle that contains apps for extracting, editing, and verifying email lists or purchase individual apps.


  • Search on a website or by keywords.
  • Country identification
  • Extract emails from Twitter and Facebook.
  • Extraction of contact address from email accounts.
  • Identification of the email owner’s country.

Verdict: AutoPark Software is for medium and large-sized businesses that want to generate email lists from different sources. The software is a bit pricy for freelancers and small businesses. You should buy this software if you want an easy-to-use email extractor that can generate a large number of emails from multiple sources.

Website: AutoPark Software

#2) Email Extractor Chrome Extension

Price: Free | $9.99/month for cloud storage | $10 – $150/month for automation feature.

Email Extraction Chrome Extension

Email extractor is a Google Chrome extension that lets you extract emails from websites. The Chrome extension can extract emails automatically. You can store the email lists on your local drive or online.

The email extraction software can identify emails from Ajax Pages such as Google Search. The email list can be exported to a text or CSV file.


  • Extract emails from websites.
  • Save email addresses online.
  • Automatic download of emails.
  • Filter duplicate email ID.

Verdict: Email extractor Chrome extension is a free tool that will meet the needs of most freelancers and small business owners. The great thing about this free tool is that it does not display intrusive ads. One downside to this tool is that you can only use Google Chrome to extract emails using the tool.

Website: Email Extractor Chrome Extension

#3) Cute Web Email Extractor

Price: $59.99/year

Cute Web Email Extractor1

Cute Web Extractor is packed with a lot of valuable features. You can use this Windows-based tool to extract emails by searching addresses from Ask, Baidu, Bing, Google, Mail RU, Rambler, Yahoo, Yandex, and 60+ other search engines.

You can also set rules to optimize the search criteria. The tool can conserve bandwidth used in searching for addresses by excluding crawled pages. It also pauses the processing of sites in case of a network issue.


  • Extract emails from websites and search engines.
  • Rule-based email extraction.
  • Auto-save and recovery.
  • Custom email address limit.
  • Network failure detector.

Verdict: Cute Web Email Extraction app contains a lot of features that can help to automate the task of extracting emails. The price of the software is also affordable as it costs just $5 per month. Whether you are a freelancer or the owner of a large business, you can benefit from using the tool to extract sites.

Website: Cute Web Email Extractor

#4) Email Extractor 14

Price: €89 | Limited feature free trial.

eMail Extractor 14

Email Extractor 14 is another Windows-based tool that can extract bulk emails quickly from multiple online sources. The software can search for emails from files, websites, or search engines. You can use the tool to extract emails from social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

You can also block sites and even specify keywords in an email that should be ignored. You have to pay a onetime fee and get free future upgrades.


  • Extract emails from websites and search engines.
  • Extract emails using keywords.
  • Extract emails from social media sites.
  • Free software updates.

Verdict: Email Extractor 14 is another great tool that is great for small and large firms. This tool can generate a large number of emails within seconds. Most of them find the interface of the software to be easy-to-use. Overall this is a great extractor software that can extract tons of emails.

Website: Email Extractor 14

#5) Email Extractor Pro

Price: $49.99 – 74.99 | Free trial without saving option.

Email Extractor Pro

Email Extractor is a great email extraction tool for Windows and macOS. The free version of the tool is fully functional with the limitation that you can’t save the list. You can download the Pro version if you are satisfied with the app.

It is a great tool for extracting emails from different sources. You can create and export list. You can extract emails from Outlook, Mac Mail, Internet, and local files.


  • Extract emails using keywords.
  • Scan websites for emails.
  • Extract emails from accounts.
  • Support PDF, Word, and Excel File.
  • Extract emails from the URL list.

Verdict: If you want a powerful email extraction tool, then you should consider Email Extractor. This is one of the few tools that can be used in Mac OS as well as Windows.

Website: Email Extractor Pro

#6) Email Checker | Email Extractor

Price: Email Checker: $15 – $1169 | Email Extractor: Free

Email Checker

Email extractor software is a simple online email extraction tool. You can access the site on your Windows, Mac OS, or Linux software using a web browser. Email checker tools let you verify whether the emails are valid.

Using the tool will increase the effectiveness of the lead generation campaign as emails will be sent only to valid addresses.


  • Extract emails from the content.
  • Avoids duplicate emails.
  • Verify emails

Verdict: Email extractor is a simple tool that is quick in extracting emails. If you just want to extract emails by copying and pasting content, then this is the right tool for you.

The email verification tool will let you know whether the email is valid for a small fee. Both can be used to create a targeted and effective lead generation campaign.

Website: Email Checker

#7) Y-Leads Extractor

Price: $89 | Free Trial (Limited to 35 Data)

Yellows Leads

Yellow Leads Extractor can extract emails and other contact details from yellow pages. The unregistered trial version lets you download up to 35 data. Y-Leads extractor is compatible with Windows operating system. Apart from email, the tool can also scrape the phone number and address of the business.

You can locate information on businesses located in dozens of countries such as the US, Canada, France, Germany, Spain, the UK, etc.


  • Extract emails, addresses, and phone numbers from yellow pages.
  • Save information in MS Excel or CSV format.
  • Capture company data from around the world.

Verdict: Y-leads extractor is unique in the sense that it scraps information from large yellow pages. You can get hundreds of emails using the email scraper tool. The tool is affordably priced thereby making it suitable for freelancers and small businesses.

You should buy this tool if you want to extract the contact details of businesses in different countries.

Website: Y-Leads Extractor

#8) Top Lead Extractor

Price: $79.99/year

Top Leads

Top Leads Extractor software is one of the best lead extractor software that is available for the Windows operating system. The tool has loads of advanced features including phone extractor and proxy support. You can export your email list to a CSV or text file.

This tool supports instant contract extractor as well including MSN Messenger, Skype, Yahoo Messenger, ICQ, and AIM IDs.


  • Internet connection detection.
  • Crawl website and search engine.
  • Unicode support
  • Option to avoid searching the already crawled websites.

Verdict: Tops Leads Extractor is a featured-packed tool with lots of customization options. You should consider using this extraction software if you want an affordable tool (less than $7 a month). The tool has advanced features for making a large email list.

Website: Top Leads Extractor

#9) Email Grabber

Price: $16.95 | Limited feature trial version

Email Grabber

Email grabber is another great email extraction tool that can be used both by Windows as well as macOS users. The tool can grab emails from websites. The email extract tool is fast as it can grab emails from multiple URLs. You can also filter the searches to restrict to specific sites.

The tool also allows you to save search sessions and export lists in formats suitable for database, email, and spreadsheet apps.


  • Filtered search
  • Extract emails from websites.
  • Use simultaneous connections to search for multiple URLs.
  • Save search sessions
  • Syntax validation and duplicate removal.

Verdict: Email grabber is a nifty tool that lets you extract a large number of emails. You should note that this tool only scans websites. The tool won’t let you grab emails from accounts or copied content. This lightweight app will extract the emails quickly with just a few clicks.

Website: Email Grabber

#10) Gmail Email Extractor

Price: $39 | 15-day trial

Gmail Email Extratcor

Gmail Email Address Extractor is an add-on for Google chrome. The application lets you extract email addresses from GSuite and Gmail accounts. It saves the extracted information in a Google Spreadsheet. You can use advanced Gmail search operators in your search.

The tool also lets you select the fields from which the email addresses should be extracted such as From, CC, BCC, and Reply-To sections.


  • Extract emails from Gmail and Gsuite accounts.
  • Customized searches.
  • Export email list to TXT or CSV.
  • Remove duplicate emails.

Verdict: Gmail email extractor is a simple and effective tool in extracting emails from Gmail accounts. You can use the software for extracting email fields in your inbox, sent, and spam folders. This tool is great if you have a large Gmail contact list. The app can save a lot of time in extracting emails from your account.

Website: Gmail Email Extractor


Email extractor apps can serve as a valuable lead generation tool. You can scrap emails from different sources using the email extraction software listed here. You might consider using different tools for extracting emails.

For basic email extraction from content, you should use the free Extractor tool. To extract emails from your Gmail account, you should consider Gmail Email extractor. If you want to extract mail from your messenger contacts, you can try Top Lead Extractor and Email Extractor Chrome extension.

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If you want to grab from different search engines, consider buying Cute Web Email Extraction tool. You can also use Y-Leads Extractor to extract contact details of businesses in the yellow pages directory.

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Research Process

Time taken to research and write this article: 10 hours
Total Tools researched: 25
Top Tools shortlisted: 10

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