9 Best VoIP Test Tools: VoIP Speed and Quality Test Tools [2021 LIST]

List of the Top VoIP Speed and Quality Test Tools To Know in 2021:

When we think about the most remarkable invention that has changed the lives of humans, in the 21st century, then undoubtedly the Internet will come to our mind first.

Approximately, one-third of the world population is now connected to the Internet.

The pace with which the people are adopting can be revealed from a study, which explains that it took around thirty years for radio to reach a crowd of fifty million individuals, thirteen years for Television and just around four years for the Internet.

VoIP Speed Test Tools

The Internet has drastically changed the way we work to a great extent. Even the smartness of a smartphone is provided by the internet. VOIP is one of the important services provided by the internet.

Let’s understand about VOIP in detail!

What is VoIP?

Voice Over Internet Protocol which is abbreviated as VOIP, is a technology or methodology to deliver voice communication over the Internet.

Towards the end of the day, your call quality relies upon the quality and speed of your web association. Hence, there are numerous tools available over the internet to check the quality and speed of the network.

Basic Terminologies

Let’s familiarize with some of the terminologies that are used to analyze the test results:

  • Network packet: A network packet or data packet is a small unit/block which carries the data over a network.
  • Packet Loss: While transmitting data, due to the network congestion some packets might get lost and this is termed as packet loss. Greater the packet loss, the more time will be the time it would take to download the web page.
  • Latency: Time taken by a packet of data to reach from one point to another is referred to as latency. A good network has zero latency.
  • Jitter: The differences between the maximum and minimum latency as a result of a ping test is known as Jitter. The network is considered as good if Jitter is lower than 25 milliseconds.
  • Network: The group of computers that are connected together with a motive to communicate with each other is called a Network.

Differences Between MBps and Mbps

One of the biggest confusion of people using the internet is the difference between the terms MBps and Mbps.

People using Internet connection assume that if the speed of their internet connection is 1 Mbps then they will be able to download a file of 1 MB in just a second. Which means that 1 MB of data is being downloaded every second.

However, this is not the case. MB represents MegaByte whereas Mb denotes Megabit and 1 Mb = 1/8 MB. Hence, in order to download 1MB data per second, you need to have a download speed of 8 MBps.

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Most Popular VoIP Speed and Quality Test Tools in 2021

A list of the top tools that can be used to test the speed and quality of the VOIP service is explained below in detail.

Let’s Explore!!

#1) SolarWinds VoIP And Network Quality Manager


SolarWinds offers a VoIP monitoring software i.e. VoIP & Network Quality Manager. It is created for deep critical call QoS metrics and WAN performance insights. It can perform WAN monitoring in real-time.

It will help you to troubleshoot VoIP call quality problems by providing deep insights into VoIP call quality metrics like jitter, latency, packet loss, etc.

The tool has the capacity to automatically discover Cisco IP SLA-enabled network devices and deploy quickly.


ZDA net

This tool provides a very good interface.

In order to check the VOIP speed, you just need to select the Connection type as DSL, Cable, 4G etc, and your location regardless of whether you are at home, office etc., along with your postcode. Once the details are filled and the test is started, the results will get displayed.

Note: Graphics are used to display the results (resembling like speedometer are flash supported, hence a flash player must be installed in your browser as the graphics resembling like a speedometer require a flash player).


#3) Speed Test

Speed Test

SpeedTest is a product by Ookla to check internet performance. This handy tool supports different operating systems like iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, Apple TV, and Google Chrome.

In order to check the speed of your internet, you just need to visit their website and click on the Go icon and there you go. Within a couple of minutes, the upload speed and download speed will be displayed.

URL: Speed Test

#4) FreeOLa


FreeOLa provides various tools like the Line Quality Test and Speed Test to check the quality of your internet. By running the Line Quality Test, you will be able to check for packet loss, jitter, network latency etc.

To check the speed test, simply switch to the Speed Test tab, and click on the start test. However, no inputs are required to check the speed and Line Quality.

URL: Freeola

#5) Ping-test.net


This is a VoIP testing tool which helps in measuring the download and upload speed of the active Internet connection.

Apart from the download and upload speed, this tools also measure the time taken by a packet to reach from the source (your computer) to the server and again from the server to your computer, which is nothing but the latency.

URL: Ping-test.net

#6) 8×8 VoIP Test

8x8 VoIP Test

This VOIP test tool passes simulated VoIP traffic to your computer by opening a socket connection to your browser and this, in turn, helps in measuring the performance and quality of your Internet Connection.

To use this tool you need to browse to the website and enter the details like:

  • A number of VoIP lines: Enter the number of lines – The current 8X8 VoIP testing tool supports testing on (1-100) VoIP lines.
  • Test Length: Enter the duration (in seconds) for which the test has to be carried out on your network.
  • Codec: Coder-decoder, converts an audio analog signal(your voice) into a digital signal suitable for VoIP transmission, and converts back the digital signal into an analog signal for replay.
  • Now Click on Apply Test.

Once you click on Apply Test, the results will be displayed in a couple of minutes.

URL: 8×8 VoIP-test

#7) OnSIP VoIP Test


This VoIP Speed test tool which reveals the upload and download speed of your active internet connection. It also reports the latency and jitter of the network.

One thing which may appear annoying in this tool is that before running the test, it demands your personal information. However, the results displayed after entering the information is worth it.


#8) MegaPath Speed Test Plus

MegaPath Speed Test Plus

This VoIP quality tool is a successor of speakeasy.net.

In order to check for the upload and download speed, you need to select the city which is near to you and then click on the Start Test. Once the test is run successfully, you are presented with the upload and download speed along with the jitter and latency of your active internet connection.

URL: Mega Path Speed Test Plus

#9) Bandwidth Place

bandwidth place

This tool allows the test of download and upload speed by automatically detecting the servers and once the test has been run, results are displayed without the need of any other third party application like a flash player.

You just need to click on the start button, once the tool has loaded completely in your browser to test the upload and download speed. You also have the option to share your results after the test run.

URL: Bandwidth Place

#10) Voiptoners


Using this tool is just a one-step process.

You just need to browse to their official website, click on the start test. From there you will be navigated to their speed testing tool. Once you run the test, results like jitter, latency, upload speed, download speed, etc., are presented in a concise manner.

URL: Voiptoners


The role of VoIP has become massive in today’s world.

Measuring and observing the speed and nature of a VoIP association and the system speed is vital, specifically for business VoIP clients and it doesn’t take a core technical knowledge to do it.

Before you make a call or do a point by point evaluation of your broadband association, these most dependable VoIP speed test tools are an awesome place, to begin with.

Hope this article will help you in choosing the right VoIP Quality Test Tool!!

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