8 BEST Free Conference Call Services in 2023 [TOP Selective ONLY]

Detailed Review of the Best Conference Call Services with Features and Comparison. Select the Right Web Conferencing Service for Your Business in 2023:

Conference call is the primary communication tool for offices or work environment.

It helps the teams to collaborate and communicate quickly and easily. Conference call services will improve business communication. It is indeed a quick and efficient way to communicate with the team members and complete the task on time.

Conference Call Services

Fact Check: According to the Globenewswire, Conference call services market is growing at a CAGR of 4.6%. In 2017, the market size was 8.4 billion and it is expected to be more than $12.5 billion by 2026.

SoftwareAdvice has researched the industry to find out the preferred conferencing method. The image below shows the details of this research.

Survey on preferred Conferencing methods

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Types of  Web Conferencing Services

There are two categories of these services, i.e., Reservationless and Operator-assisted. Using the reservation less service you can host the conference call 24*7. It doesn’t require any advanced scheduling. Operator-assisted service is a conference call service that includes a dedicated representative to help you plan the meetings in advance.

It includes services like greeting during the meeting by a representative and providing the recording & transcription of the call.

Cost Of Video Conferencing Services

The pricing structure for the web conferencing services varies for each service provider. Few companies will charge you on a per-call basis while others will charge a flat monthly fee. The cost ranges from free to $50 per month.

General Features of Conference Call Solutions

  • Unlimited and Uninterrupted Services.
  • Good audio and video quality.
  • Security and Safety.
  • Mobile app and Desktop interface.
  • Easy to access even for a non-technical person.
ProTip: While selecting conference call services, you should look for features like caller limits, call controls, call recordings, mobile app, customer support provided by the company, and online meeting features like screen sharing, etc. You should also consider the features like integrations with email and calendar services and calling tools like dial-out and call-me option.
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List of the Best Conference Call Services

Enlisted below are the most popular free as well as paid web conferencing services that are used worldwide.

  1. 8×8
  2. UberConference
  3. FreeConference.com
  4. FreeConferenceCall.com
  5. GoToMeeting
  6. FreeConferenceCalling.com
  7. Google Hangouts
  8. Skype
  9. Tokbox

Comparison of the Top Video Conferencing Services

Best forCaller LimitFeaturesFree TrialPrice

8x8 Logo
Small to Large BusinessesMax 500 participantsPersonal virtual space, cloud recording, analytics, advanced moderation, Audio sharing.30 days free trialExpress: $15/user/month
X2: $24/User/month
X4: $44/User/month

Small to large businesses and freelancers.10 for the free plan.
100 with the business account.
Web Conferences,
Free call recording,
Screen Sharing,
International calling, etc.
Free plan AvailableFree plan.
Business: $15/user/month.

Small to medium-sized businesses.Max. 100 participantsConference calls,
Video conferencing,
Screen Sharing,
Dedicated Dial-in,
Mobile Apps,
Toll-Free Dial-ins.
Free plan AvailableFree plan
Starter: $9.99/month
Plus: $24.99/month.
Pro: $34.99/month.

Small to large businesses.1000 with the paid version.Audio Conferencing, Online Meetings,
Meeting wall,
Integration with apps like slack,
Video Conferencing and Screen Sharing, etc.

Free plan Available.Free,
Paid version: $6.95 for individual accounts.

Small to large businesses & freelancers.For free plan 3 participants.
Max. 250 participants.
Hand Over Control,
HD Video Conferencing,
Built-in Audio,
Toll-Free Option.
Available for 14 days.Free plan
Starter: $19/month.
Pro: $29/month.
Plus: $49/month.

Small to large businesses.1000 callers1000 callers anytime,
Contacts Address Book,
Host Phone Controls,
Free Conference, Call recording.

Let’s Explore!!

#1) 8×8

Best for Small to Large Businesses.

8×8 Pricing: There are three plans. The express plan will cost you $15/user/month and deliver basic video conferencing capabilities. The X2 plan costs $24/user/month and accommodates 500 participants. The final X4 plan comes with all the features of X2 alongside offering some advanced capabilities.

8x8 Dashboard

With 8×8, you get a reliable, fully scalable video conference solution that caters to the needs of all types of businesses. The solution facilitates high-definition video conferencing for as high as 500 participants. Each participant also has the ability to customize their background by selecting an image or blurring their environment.

Moreover, the solution also allows you to share rich content or collaborate live on said content with advanced tools. Simply put, 8x8s video conferencing capabilities make for a feature-rich and convenient business communication experience.

Core Features

  • Advanced Moderation Controls
  • End-to-End encryption
  • Mobile browser support
  • HD resolution
  • Cloud recording


  • The user interface isn’t all that impressive.

#2) UberConference

Best for small to large businesses and freelancers.

Price: UberConference offers a free plan too. It also offers a business plan that will cost $15 per user per month or $120 per user per year.

Uber Conference

UberConference provides a rich interface for conference calls. It offers free conference call services. It provides you the functionalities of document sharing, free call recording, analytics, and international calling. It will allow you to select the hold music.


  • It provides the functionality of screen sharing.
  • It has features of power call control which will allow you to mute the background noises.
  • It has a feature to dial-in another person’s mid-call.
  • A mobile app is available for iPhone and Android devices.


  • It doesn’t support video.

Website: UberConference

#3) FreeConference.com

Best for small and medium-sized businesses.

Price: FreeConference.com is free for unlimited conference calls. It offers three more plans i.e. Starter ($9.99 per month), Plus ($24.99 per month), and Pro ($34.99 per month).

Free Conference

FreeConference.com is the service for free conference calls, online meetings, and collaboration. It provides HD audio, video, and screen. It offers video conferencing service, conference call recording, web conferencing service, dedicated dial-in numbers, and free conference calls.


  • FreeConference.com has a facility for screen sharing.
  • It has features like Dedicated Dial-in and Toll-Free Dial-ins.
  • It provides many more features like smart meeting summaries, auto transcripts, video recording, online whiteboard, etc.


  • The free version allows only 5 online meeting participants.

Website: FreeConference

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#4) FreeConferenceCall.com

Best for small to large businesses.

Price: FreeConferenceCall.com is a free web conferencing solution. It has two other plans i.e. Business, and Enterprise. It offers a collaboration tool i.e. StartMeeting which will cost $6.95 for individual accounts.

Free ConferenceCall

FreeConferenceCall.com is the conferencing and collaboration tool. It has functionalities for Audio Conferencing, Online Meetings, Meeting Wall, Video Conferencing & Screen Sharing, etc. It can be integrated with apps like Dropbox and Slack. You will get a detailed call report, after every meeting.


  • FreeConferenceCall.com is accessible from 72 countries with dial-in numbers.
  • A Mobile app is available for iOS and Android devices.
  • It provides 24*7 support through chat and email.
  • It provides meeting settings like on or off entry and exit tones, etc.
  • It will allow audio, web, and video conferencing facilities for around 1000 participants.


  • As per the reviews, it has limited online storage for video or audio call recordings.

Website: FreeConferenceCall

#5) GoToMeeting

Best for small to large businesses and freelancers.

Price: GoToMeeting offers a free plan which will allow you to collaborate with up to 3 clients and colleagues. It has three pricing plans i.e. Starter ($19 per month), Pro ($29 per month), and Plus ($49 per month). These are the prices for annual billing. However, monthly billing plans are also available.


GoToMeeting will allow you to schedule the meeting anytime-anywhere and from any device. It can be integrated with Microsoft Office, email, and instant-messaging tools. There will be no need for codes or PINs to join the call. It has Built-in Audio and Toll-Free Option.


  • ‘Call Me’ feature eliminates the need for codes or PINs.
  • It provides HD Video Conferencing.
  • It supports Mac, PC, Chromebook, Linux, and Mobile devices.
  • It provides features of Drawing Tools, Hand-Over Control, and Virtual Whiteboard.


  • As per the reviews, there is a lack of advanced meeting options.

Website: GoToMeeting

#6) FreeConferenceCalling.com

Best for small to large businesses.
Price: This service is free. It may apply charges only for domestic long distance rates.


FreeConferenceCalling.com allows you to host conference calls with up to 1000 callers. It is one of the best free conference call services. It has call manager, dial-pad controls, and free call recordings.


  • It offers free conference recording.
  • You will be able to access call details and reports through the online dashboard.
  • Conference calls can be held for 1000 callers.
  • It provides support to popular VoIP.


  • As per the reviews, the video quality is not that good.

Website: FreeConferenceCalling

#7) Google Hangouts

Best for small to large businesses and freelancers.

Price: Google Hangouts is available for free. Pricing plans for the GSuite are as follows – Basic ($6 per user per month), Business ($12 per user per month) and Enterprise ($25 per user per month).

Google Hangouts

Google provides a communication platform through Google Hangouts. It has features for messaging, video chat, and VoIP. This video-conversation tool can be installed within seconds.


  • Free video calls for up to 10 people.
  • It can be used on a computer, smartphone, and tablet.
  • It is integrated with Gmail.
  • It can also be integrated with other business applications like Slack and Zendesk.


  • You should have a google account.

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#8) Skype

Best for small to large businesses and freelancers.

Price: Skype is free to use. Skype also has monthly subscription plans and a pay-as-you-go option. Prices for calling mobiles and landlines start at $2.99 per month.


Skype is a communication tool that has features of messaging, online calls, video calls, and international calling to mobiles. It provides features like Meeting Recording and scheduling meetings with Outlook for the businesses. It supports Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms.


  • Skype provides business features like meeting recording and instant messaging anytime.
  • It is integrated with Office apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, etc.
  • Using Skype, 250 people can communicate through the meeting.
  • It has features of screen sharing and live subtitles.


  • It requires the internet to work.
  • Lack of business features.

Website: Skype

#9) Tokbox

Best for small to large businesses.
Price: The price starts at $9.99 per month. A free trial is also available for the platform.


Tokbox is the tool for video, voice, and messaging. It can be used on desktop, mobile or as a web-based tool. It is used across various industries like education, healthcare, financial services, field services, etc.


  • It provides features for screen sharing.
  • It will allow you to record the live calls.
  • It has features of interactive broadcast & live streaming, SIP Interconnect, and Voice Only.


  • As per the reviews, it doesn’t have a facility for unlimited calls.

Website: Tokbox


These are our top eight best Conference Call Services.

GoToMeeting, FreeConferenceCalling, FreeConferenceCall, and Tokbox offers business features and can be used by enterprises. Google Hangouts, Skype, UberConference, and FreeConference have good features for small to medium-sized businesses.

We hope this article helped you select the best web conferencing solution for your business.

Review Process: Our writers have spent 15 hours to research for this article. Initially, we have shortlisted 15 services and then filtered the list to provide the top 8 conference call services.

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