Pipedrive Review: Sales CRM & Pipeline Management Software

This is a comprehensive Pipedrive Software Review. Explains what is Pipedrive CRM, its pricing, reviews, and top alternatives:

Leads are the main factor around which the whole sales process revolves.

A company needs to take care of all interactions related to leads. They need to be well communicated and nurtured to get converted into customers and generate revenue for the company.

For a growing company, it is very essential to have good CRM and Pipeline management software to track & manage leads and for efficient working of the organization.

Let us first understand what is CRM software before proceeding further.

Pipedrive: Hands-on Review

Sales CRM & Pipeline Management Software

CRM Software

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It is referred to as software that helps in tracking leads, maintaining customer data (customer’s name, phone number, email customer preferences, and purchase history), and managing relationships and interactions with them.


  1. Increase sales: It helps in boosting sales by converting customers in lesser time and more efficiently by reducing the sales cycle.
  2. Efficient business process: It provides an automation feature that helps the teams in making their efforts in closing deals rather than on repetitive tasks that leads to efficient business processes.
  3. Technical decision making: It helps the users in making technical decisions by providing them with accurate data and detailed reports.
  4. Data Security and compliance: It ensures security in the data provided by the customers by the top-of-the-line digital security.
  5. Customer Satisfaction: It provides customer satisfaction by resolving customer inquiries quickly by using a centralized repository of information.
  6. Mobile accessibility: It provides access to the software from anywhere through the mobile app and ensures access to important CRM data.

Things to consider when selecting a CRM:

  1. Usability
  2. Customization
  3. Scalability
  4. Mobility
  5. Security
  6. Migration

Pipeline Management

It is defined as the process of tracking and managing leads at their different stages, from listing to conversion (into a customer) or drop-off. It shows the status of leads and helps in deciding accordingly. It is an evolving continuous process that needs to be monitored constantly for better results.

Pipeline Management

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  1. Improving the Sales process: It helps in improving the sales process by identifying the places where leads go weak in the pipeline.
  2. Predict financial health: Through the analysis of the value of leads and conversion rates, it predicts future outcomes or revenue.
  3. Analyze sales strategy: It enables the users to identify the flows in sales strategy by thoroughly analyzing each step and stage.
  4. Manage: It helps in managing decisions related to product or sales based on reports generation. The user can easily manage things by viewing reports.
  5. Review performance: It analyses the process and checks for the performance as it is going in a planned way or not and accordingly reviews performance.
  6. Allocate: It helps in allocating personnel to the designations based on their skills and experience. It can allocate the employees to the right place with its allocation feature.

Key features of pipeline management software:

  1. Customizable sales stages
  2. Multiple pipelines
  3. Reminders and notifications
  4. Sales automation
  5. Analytics
  6. Mobile app
  7. Easy implementation

What Is Pipedrive

Pipedrive is a sales CRM and pipeline management software suitable for small and medium-sized businesses. It ensures the users to be focused on the right leads by providing a virtual interface.

It provides a lead booster add-on wherein you can have more leads with a lead generation tool. It is an easy-to-use CRM software where you just need to set names to the pipeline stages and fill them with the leads.

It helps the users to focus on priority leads and provides actionable analytics for a better and more scientific understanding of processes and upcoming results. The best thing about Pipedrive is that it manages CRM and pipelines. It provides an easy-to-use interface that focuses on activities and provides measurable results that help you to sell 28% more.

It provides features like- managing leads and deals, tracking communications, automation, integration, insights, reports, secured platform, mobile app, and more for making sales more efficient.

It helps in making sales more efficient by bringing all sales data to one place, showing all deals through visual representation, following up on all leads, and understanding your performance.

What is Pipedrive


  • Efficient Sales management: It helps in managing sales pipelines in a way to focus on the right leads and deals and provides effective sales applications.
  • Quick deal closure: It enables the users to get the deals close quickly by providing features to make the things and process simpler and shorter. Like- advanced activity scheduler, mail tab, bulk editing, and more.
  • Organized lead collection: It keeps the leads in a well-organized manner so that the user may know the status of leads and can find the priority leads easily.
  • Customization: It gives its users some customization features wherein they can customize almost everything from adding custom fields in the pipeline to using modern editing filters for communication.
  • Analytics and reporting: It provides various actionable analytics and reports of critical metrics that help the users in better understanding.
  • Mobile optimization: It has a proper mobile app that helps its users in accessing the software from anywhere in the world on the go.

Pipedrive Tutorial has videos, courses, and tutorials on various features provided by Pipedrive. It helps in learning better how to use or utilize everything and every feature of this software.


#1) Leads and Deals: It helps in managing leads and deals. It acquires and transports the leads to pipelines from chatbots and web forms and provides an inbox for saving all leads. It also provides forecasts about the possibility of a lead conversion or drop-off.

Leads and Deals

#2) Tracking: It helps in controlling the schedules through tracking all calls, emails, and contact history. It provides proper contact management by organizing contacts, showing contact history, and so on. Directly link all emails to the inbox. It allows direct calls from the software for better recording and insights.

Tracking communications

#3) Automation: It automates tasks and processes and eliminates the waste of time in repetitive and monotonous tasks. It provides a special feature of sales assistance in which the mentor assists throughout the sales process.

It is enriched with other automation-related features, including prioritized activity reminders, webhooks, open API, and more.


#4) Insights and reports: It analyzes data and metrics according to the type of your business and generates reports of business performance. They also provided a customizable reports option wherein you can create custom CRM fields. It provides interactive dashboards through which you can understand the performance at a glance.


#5) Secure platform: It provides privacy and security for your business data by letting you know when and how your data is being used.

Secure platform

#6) Mobile app and integration: It can be accessed through any mobile device and can be connected to any sales app. It enables you to take pictures and notes during the call or meeting. It enables you to schedule meetings and shows you the clients who are nearby you.

6. Mobile app and integration

#7) Follow-up deals: It helps in creating follow-ups by activity reminders, sync with Google Calendar, customizing activity types, and so on.

Follow-up deals

#8) Visual sales pipeline: Its visual sales pipeline helps in organizing and controlling the leads in a way to take prompt actions. It enables you to see the entire performance at a glance for better decision-making.

Visual sales pipeline

#9) Easy access: It lets you use the software by just logging in from anywhere to its mobile app.

Easy access

#10) Reporting: It provides valuable reports on business performance to know the conversion rate, scheduled & completed activities, won & lost deals, and so on. It also shows you the reason and when you are losing leads to enable you to make better decisions.


Pros and Cons


  1. It is a cost-effective software as it provides reasonable pricing plans. You only need to pay for features you need in add-ons.
  2. Provides a very interactive platform to manage leads. It highlights the leads who need follow-up, shows the lead status and so to improve response time.
  3. Shows leads and deals status in a very simple and easy-to-understand virtual view.
  4. Its mobile app provides easy access from anywhere and anytime on the go.
  5. Its automation feature sends customized notifications and alerts automatically.
  6. You can easily set customized funnels without any complexity.
  7. Its integration feature lets you connect or collaborate easily with your favorite CRM software.
  8. It enables the users to customize the funnel stages.
  9. Provides good customer support to its users.
  10. Its forecasting feature is quite helpful in making important decisions.


  1. Absent campaign planning: It lacks the feature of campaign planning to manage all campaign-related activities.
  2. Limited reporting: It provides limited reporting. It does not provide advanced reporting features like retention rate and more. It only shows reports for leads and leads stages.


Pipedrive pricing is categorized into four plans i.e., Essential, Advanced, Professional, and Enterprise. They provide a 17% discount on all plans if you pay the bills annually and a 14-days free trial with every plan. Every plan comes with different features.

You can also add more features by paying more for add-ons. They provide 2 add-ons i.e., Leadbooster add-ons and Web visitor add-on.

#1) Essential- $12.50 per user per month. It includes the deal limit of 3,000 per company, custom field limit of 30 per company, and reports limit of 15 per user. It covers all features to manage leads & deals, some features of tracking communication, some automation, and growing features, and so on.


#2) Advanced- $24.90 per user per month. It provides features to boost the efficiency of team members. Like it provides effortless automation, privacy & security, all features of mobile apps & integrations, and more. It includes a 10,000 per company open deal limit, 100 per company custom field limit, and 30 per user reports limit.


#3) Professional- $49.90 per user per month. It helps in increasing revenue and business performance through enhanced analytics. Its open deal limit is 1,00,000 per company, the custom field limit is 1,000 per company and the reports limit is 150 per user.

It includes all features to manage leads & deals, track communication, automate & grow, insights & reports, and mobile app & integrations. Some features of privacy and security are also included.


#4) Enterprise- $99.00 per user month for seamless team collaboration, customization, and support. It provides unlimited open deal limit, custom field limit, and reports limit. It includes all features provided.



  1. LeadBooster add-on: It costs $39 per company per month and $32.50 if it’s billed annually. It includes features like a chatbot, live chat, prospector, and web forms. These all features help in lead generation.
  2. Web Visitors add-on: It costs $49 per company per month and $41 per month if it’s billed annually. It includes features to enable the users to get to know about the visitor’s information, their interest, and source.

Reviews and Ratings

Our Rating – 5/5 stars

G2.com- 4.3/5 stars – 1,389 reviews

TrustRadius – 8.7/10 stars – 300 reviews

FinancesOnline – 9.4/10 stars – 24 reviews

Glassdoor – 4.8/5 stars – 103 reviews

Pipedrive Alternatives

Enlisted below are the top Alternatives to Pipedrive:

#1) Salesforce Sales Cloud

It is one of the best CRM and easy-to-implement software. It provides services in sales, marketing, commerce, services, and IT departments.

It is suitable for the small, medium as well as large-sized businesses. The provides exceptional customer experience by uniting all departments on a single platform from anywhere.

#2) Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is a customer relationship management software suitable for every business and industry. It helps in connecting with the customers, provides automation, generates real-time reports and insights, provides conventional AI, helps in lead management, contact management, deal management, process management, and more.

#3) monday.com

monday.com manages projects and workflows by letting the users plan, run, and track the remote work on a single platform. It provides documents, templates, integrations, automation, dashboards, Kanban, and Gantt charts.

It shows the performance at a glance through dashboards and charts. It provides useful building blocks that include forms, calendar view, timeline view, kanban view, notifications, subitems, updates, a map view, and so on.

#4) HubSpot Sales Hub

HubSpot Sales Hub is a platform that enables its users to close more deals, maintain relationships with customers and manage sales pipelines through effective services.

Services include CRM tools, lead engagement tools, quote, and COQ functionality, useful analytics and reporting of performance and other aspects, and so on. It provides easy access to connect from anywhere through mobile apps.

Website: HubSpot Sales Hub

#5) ActiveCampaign

Active Campaign is a CRM software that helps in making the customer experience incredible. It provides email marketing automation, marketing automation, CRM & sales automation, service and support, landing pages, SMS, conversations, social media, and web personalization.

Its automation feature is for eCommerce, B2B companies, and B2C companies. It reaches the leads and engages them, nurtures & educates them, then converts and closes deals, then provides good support.

Website: ActiveCampaign

Comparison of Top Pipedrive Competitors

SoftwareBest forPricingFree trial
PipedrivePipeline and customer relationship management.No free plan.
All paid plans are between $12.5-99.0 per user per month, categorised into 4 plans. (Essential, advanced, professional and enterprise).
14-days free trial available.
Salesforce Sales CloudCompanies of all sizes, in any industry.Pricing is based on individual features.Free trial available
Zoho CRMLead management for all sizes of companies and any industry.Free plan- $0 per month up to 3 users.
Paid plans are between $14-52 per month per user, categorised into five plans i.e., free edition, standard, professional, enterprise and ultimate.
30-days free trial available.
monday.comCustomization capabilities make it suitable for any project and business.Individual plan- free-forever up to 2 users.
Paid plans are between $14-22 per user per month. (Standard and Pro).
Enterprise plan- contact for pricing
Free trial available.
HubSpot Sales HubAttracting, engaging, and delighting customers.Free basic plan.
Paid plans are between $ 45-1200 per month. (Starter, professional and enterprise).
Free trial not available.
ActiveCampaignSmall and medium-sized businesses to grow through better customer relationships.Free plan not available.
Paid plans are between $9-229 per month. (Lite, plus, professional and enterprise).
Free trial available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) What is Pipeline CRM?

Answer: It is referred to as the platform to track all leads and deals within the pipeline. It helps in tracking the leads as well as in making relationships with customers by knowing their exact needs and wants.

Q #2) What does CRM stand for?

Answer: CRM stands for customer relationship management. It helps in tracking leads that are currently in pipeline and helps in managing relationships with them. It maintains and organizes data related to the leads and helps in increasing profit and reducing costs through making business strategies.

Q #3) Is Pipedrive expensive?

Answer: No, Pipedrive is not expensive as compared to other related software. It starts with just $12.50 per user per month and also offers a free 14-days trial. Its plans range between $12.50-99 per user per month. It also provides two add-ons: lead booster and web visitors ($39 and $49 per company per month, respectively).

Q #4) Why is sales pipeline management important?

Answer: A sales pipeline shows a virtual representative of leads and the stages of the process of conversion of leads into customers. It is very important to manage the sales pipeline as it helps in predicting future outcomes, analyzing threats and weak points, shows conversion rate and aggregate sales velocity.

Q #5) How do you make a strong pipeline?

Answer: We can make a strong pipeline by following the steps given below:

  • Gather the list of leads: In the first step, we need to gather all leads on which we need to work upon.
  • Create stages: Then we need to set stages according to the type and need of the company. Like we can set stages as prospecting, qualifying, contracting, building relationships, closing, and following up.
  • Refine stages: There are some stages that we find unnecessary and some we find important to include later. So in this step, you need to redefine your stages as per your needs or experience.
  • Keeping pipeline up to date: Now all you need to do is keep your pipeline up to date to see what you have done, what you need to do further, and what is the current status of leads.

Q #6) Can you send emails with Pipedrive?

Answer: Yes, we can send emails with Pipedrive. It provides email integration where the user can track email conversations, connect the emails to the contacts or leads, sync the email, have email templates, do email scheduling from a single platform.


From the above research, we concluded Pipedrive is undoubtedly a strong and helpful software. It along with providing incredible features is very reasonable in terms of pricing as you can start a basic plan i.e., An Essential plan for just $12.5 per user per month.

You don’t need to pay for features you don’t need. If you need them, you upgrade the plan or subscribe for add-ons.

Its feature of visual representation of the sales pipeline is incredibly helpful as it enables efficient sales management, quick deal closure, organized leads collection, customization, analytics, and reporting.