Top 10 Email Verification and Validation Services in 2021

List of the Best Email Checker and Verifier Services: Online Email Verification and Validation Tools and Services

Email verification is the process that is used to verify the validity of an email address.

It is a must to-do task while performing email marketing and it is also termed as email list cleaning and validation.

While writing an email address, anyone can make a mistake and because of that mistake, the email address becomes invalid. Emails sent to these invalid email addresses get bounced and it reduces the deliverability score during the email marketing campaigns.

To get a positive ROI on email marketing campaigns, the email bounce rate should be lower. To minimize the email bounce rate one should use bulk email verifier.

Email verification and validation services

In this article, we will see a list of top email verification services along with their features in detail.

There are two types of email checker:

  • Real-time verification using API
  • Bulk email list verification

Generally, the first type of email testers are the online services. It gives you the immediate result for the email address you entered. You need to integrate this API into your website or application for the real-time email verification.

Using this API you can avoid the wrong or incorrect email addresses from getting into the database.


While signing up on google or yahoo, when we enter our preferred email address, email verification is performed to check the syntax. It also checks if a similar email address already exists.

The second type of email testers allows you to upload a file and gives you a clean list of email addresses. These types of email verifiers are commercial services and are useful for email campaigns. Most of the times these services provide the facility to import the email list from your currently using email services.

One of the common email verification processes is that an email message is sent to the email address which needs to be verified. This email contains a unique link. This link is used for email verification. When this link is clicked, the email address gets verified.

Some free online email verifiers are Email Checker and Hunter.

Free bulk email verifier is Leopathu.

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Top 10 Email Verification And Validation Services

Given below is the list of most popular Email checker and verifier services that are available in the market.

  1. ZeroBounce
  2. MyEmailVerifier
  3. Bouncer
  4. Xverify
  5. NeverBounce
  6. BriteVerify
  7. Bulk Email Checker
  8. Email List Validation
  10. Verifalia
  11. Quick Email Verification
  12. DataValidation
  13. Email Marker

Comparison Of Email Verification Services

Email Checker ToolsBest ForPriceFree TrialFeatureDuplicate removal

Bulk Email List Cleaning &
Real-time Email Verification.
10k Email Verifications for $65.100 email verification credits/month.Bounces and Spam Trap Detection.Yes

myEmailVerifier Logo
Bulk Email Verification & List cleaning service10K Email Verification for $21.60 (40% OFF)Give chance to earn upto 10K free email credits.Identify disable users in Yahoo/AoL & Spam trap detectionYes

Bulk email list verification, email validation API, & real-time verification. $2.50 per 1000 credits.1000 free credits for tests on sign up. Email list verification and email validation. --

Affiliate Management10K Verifications:$70100 verificationsIP blacklist monitoring.--

Small Businesses10K emails: $0.008 per emails--High-risk detection & Instant bounce analysis,Yes

International lists.Every Month 250K verifications: $0.01/email.--Domain validation--
Bulk Email Checker

Bulk Email List.10K validations: $9.9510 email addresses per day. Deep cleaning SMTP test.--
Email List Validation

It is easy to use.10K validations: $49AvailableSpam trap indicatorYes

Let’s Explore!!

#1) ZeroBounce

ZeroBounce Homepage

ZeroBounce is an email list cleaning service helping businesses to achieve great email deliverability. The system detects bounces, spam traps, fake and abuse emails, thus ensuring email lists are accurate and up-to-date.

ZeroBounce helps to build a better sender reputation, and this is the key for getting emails in the subscribers’ inboxes. Furthermore, the company’s email scoring system, ZeroBounce A.I., offers in-depth feedback on catch-all emails and overall email activity levels.


  • Removes fake and invalid email addresses and prevents bounces.
  • Identifies spam traps, abuse, catch-all, and temporary emails.
  • Offers a robust real-time email verification API.
  • Appends missing information to email lists, such as name, gender, and location.
  • Eliminates duplicates at no charge.
  • 24/7 customer support.

List upload format: CSV or .TXT file
List download format: CSV or .TXT file

Best For: Businesses that send newsletters and marketing emails.

Price: The Freemium account offers 100 monthly email list cleaning credits for free. The Pay as You Go plan starts at $16 for 2,000 emails, while the subscriptions start at $15/month.

No. Of VerificationsPrice
500$16 for 2,000

#2) myEmailVerifier


myEmailVerifier is a bulk email verification service that helps you to remove invalid, spam traps, and all other junk email addresses from your email list.

Our email verification service helps you to detect spam traps, abuse or fake, and disposable emails from your list and gives you an updated clean email list.

Clean your email database with our email verifier service and improve your email deliverability and reach to more and real people. myEmailVerifier cleans your email list with 98% accuracy at affordable prices.


  • Toxic domain verifier
  • Spam Trap detection
  • Syntax verifier
  • Domain/MX record checker
  • Catch-all email checker
  • Role account detection
  • Free domain email checker
  • Improved Yahoo email verifier
  • High-performance real-time API
  • Detailed SMTP response
  • Greylisted domain detection
  • Lowest turnaround time

List Upload Format: CSV, .TXT, or .XLSX
List Download Format: CSV, .TXT, or .XLSX

Best for: All the Businesses that perform email marketing.

Price: myEmailVerifier gives 100 free email verification credits, and you buy extra as per your need.

Number of Email CreditsPrice
500$1.44 (40% OFF)
2000$5.04 (40% OFF)
5000$12.6 (40% OFF)
10,000$21.60 (40% OFF)
50,000$60.00 (50% OFF)
2,50,000$300 (50% OFF)
5,00,000$400 (60% OFF)
1 Million$600 (60% OFF)
5 Million$1800 (60% OFF)

#3) Bouncer


Bouncer provides a powerful and accurate email list verification and email validation. It will protect your sender’s reputation and improve your inbox placement by removing invalid emails from your list and by reducing your bounce rate!

Bouncer offers:

  • Easy-to-use but a powerful platform, where you can verify your lists in 3 simple steps or quickly check a single email.
  • Robust and simple to integrate email verification API, designed by developers for developers. Verify whole batches at once, or use single email real-time verification with ease.
  • New! Multi-team add on. Allows you to manage users, share credits, history, and Integrations from one account!


  • Removes obsolete, fake, and invalid email addresses and reduces your bounce rate! Identifies catch-all, disposable, free, and role emails.
  • Free email verification sampling – Test the quality of your list, completely free of charge! Save both, time and cost!
  • Bounce estimate helps you make an informative decision on which emails to keep in your list, once the verification process is done!
  • Responsive support, with a human to human approach.
  • Full GDPR compliance by design! The security of your data is their priority. Data are stored in AWS data centers located on EU territory only.

List upload format: CSV, .TXT file, manually or copy and paste
List download format: CSV or .TXT file

Best for: Bulk email list verification, email validation API, and real-time verification. Fast-growing tech companies and marketing teams love it!

Price: User receives 1000 free credits for tests, once signed up. The pay per use starts from $2.50 per 1000 credits. Credits never expire, no cost for duplicate and unknown emails. They also offer Unlimited Plans that start from $500 per month.

Number of EmailsPrice Per Verification
1,000 - 9,000$ 0.0025
10,000 - 99,000$ 0.0020
100,000 - 249,000$ 0.0015
250,000 - 999,000$ 0.0010
1,000,000 - 2,499,000$ 0.00075
2,500,000 +Contact them

#4) Xverify


Xverify is an email checker that is specially made for digital marketing needs.

By minimizing the fraud, reducing spam complaints, and eliminating hard bounces it helps in improving the email deliverability for online marketing. While performing the email validation process, email validator makes sure that the username is registered with the domain.


  • For better inbox deliverability, it performs IP blacklist monitoring.
  • It provides built-in fraud protection.
  • It offers auto-correction for domains.
  • It performs verification of cloud and mobile devices.
  • It gives instant results.

List upload format: CSV
List download format: CSV

Best For: Affiliate Management.

Price: It provides 100 free verifications. Only a few pricing plans are mentioned here. Based on the number of verifications, several options are available.

No. of VerificationsPrice

Website: Xverify

#5) NeverBounce


NeverBounce provides real-time email verification and email cleaning services.

It can be integrated for single email verification as well as bulk email verification. NeverBounce performs validation for emails from small businesses, large businesses or from all popular providers from any part of the world.


  • For real-time email verification, it can be integrated with any platform.
  • It provides API, JavaScript Widget, Webhook, and Dashboard to verify a single email.
  • It will provide instant bounce analysis.
  • Automatic removal of duplicate emails.
  • It performs high-risk detection and eliminates potentially harmful emails.

List upload format: CSV
List download format: CSV

Best For: Small Businesses

Price: It has two pricing plans, one is ‘Pay as you go’ and the other is the Enterprise package. With Enterprise package you have an option for an unlimited number of emails.

10000$0.008 per email
100000$0.005 per email
250000$0.004 per email
1000000$0.003 per email
Enterprise Package
Up to 3000000
$5000 per year

Website: NeverBounce

#6) BriteVerify


BriteVerify performs email verification in real-time without sending the message.

Email Verification API can be used on web forms, landing pages, mobile devices, POS systems or anywhere else. It can perform email list verification in real-time.


  • It can perform real-time email verification.
  • It offers bulk email verification.
  • It can do domain validation.
  • The email list can directly drag-and-drop or can be imported directly from the marketing platform.

List upload format: CSV
List download format: CSV

Best For: International lists.


No. of VerificationsPrice per Verification

Website: BriteVerify

#7) Bulk Email Checker


Bulk Email Checker is a web application.

It is a SMTP based email checker. It can perform real-time email verification. Bulk Email Checker easily integrates with Google Sheets. It has a WordPress plugin.


  • It filters duplicates.
  • It performs deep cleaning SMTP test.
  • It filters against disposable providers and your blacklisted addresses.
  • It provides data security through two-way encryption methods.
  • It can perform blacklist tracking by interacting with your current systems like MailChimp, Mailgun, Mandrill, Mailjet, SendGrid, and Postmark

Best For: Bulk Email List

Price: It is free for 10 email addresses per day. There are many plans available depending on the number of email validations. Only a few are mentioned here.

No. of Email ValidationsPrice

Website: Bulk Email Checker

#8) Email List Validation


Email List Validation verifies the email list for invalid emails, spam traps, and hard bounces. It separates out the low-quality addresses and high-value addresses. It makes sure that emails are sent to real people.


  • It removes duplicate email addresses.
  • It performs risk validation for high-risk keywords and TLDs.
  • It can check for inactive, invalid or parked domains.
  • It removes email addresses with invalid syntax.
  • It has spam trap removal.

List upload format: CSV, xls, Txt.
List download format: CSV, xls, Txt.

Best For: It is easy to use.

Price: Pricing plan starts at $19.


Website: Email List Validation


Bounceless1 helps digital marketers in their email campaigns.

It can clean email list, verify email list, and thereby help in boosting the email deliverability. It helps the companies in getting outstanding ROI by eliminating hard bounces. It can verify single as well as bulk emails.


  • It can be integrated with MailChimp, SendGrid, and Mailer lite.
  • It can perform real-time email verification.
  • Browsing, searching, and filtering the email list is easy.
  • It will provide you detailed insights for email list deliverability.
  • It will allow you to import the list from anywhere from integrations.

Best For: Tool is simple and easy to use.

Price: It has many plans, only a few are mentioned here. It offers 100 free verifications.

No. of VerificationsPrice

Website: Bounceless.Io

#10) Verifalia


This is an online email tester which provides an API for validating the incoming email address. It will be real-time validation. It can also perform email list verification. It verifies the email without sending the message.


  • It can perform real-time email verification.
  • It does email list cleaning.
  • It performs syntax verification, domain & DNS check, and Mail exchanger test.
  • It also checks the existence of a mailbox.
  • Removes duplicate email addresses.

List upload format: CSV.
List download format: CSV and xls.

Best For: It provides subscription-based monthly plans.

Price: You can sign up for free. With this free plan, you can perform 25 validations daily. It has monthly plans and bulk credit packs.

Details are as follows:

PlanNo. of ValidationsPrice per Month

Website: Verifalia

#11) Quick Email Verification


This email verifier can be used by email service providers, startups, and fortune 50 companies.


  • For bulk email verification, you can upload email list in text CSV files.
  • It allows you to import a subscriber list from the email service provider.
  • It provides a REST API to integrate into your application or website. This API is provided for real-time email verification.
  • It will provide you with verification statistics.

Best For: Email verification with fast speed.

List upload format: xls, xlsx, ods, CSV, and Txt.
List download format: CSV.

Price: Free for 100 email addresses.


Website: Quick Email Verification

#12) DataValidation


DataValidation helps in email marketing and maximizing the ROI.

This email tester can be used by startups, email service providers, and companies. It can be used to verify a single email address as well as an email list. This service ensures 99% deliverability of emails after email list cleaning.


  • Email verification API for your app or website.
  • It allows you to upload or import the email list directly from your email service provider.
  • It will provide you with a quality report for each email list uploaded.
  • Email list cleaning ensures 99% deliverability.
  • Autopilot feature provides you the facility to monitor the email list monthly, weekly, or bi-weekly.

List upload format: CSV and Txt.
List download format: CSV and Txt.

Price: Per verification cost will reduce as the number of verifications will increase.

No. of EmailsPrice per Email
More than 3000000Contact them

Website: Data Validation

#13) Email Marker


Email Marker provides email verification and email cleaning services.

It helps in the email campaign by boosting ROI. It provides Real-time API, which can be integrated into your application or website for real-time email verification.


  • Syntax check.
  • Identifies the duplicate records and merge them.
  • It has spam trap control.
  • It can do domain validation for inactive, invalid, and parked domains.
  • It has an active mail check.
  • It instantly detects the unsafe account.

List upload format: CSV, XLS, Xlsx, Txt.
List download format: CSV

Best For: Email list cleaning

Price: Service is free for 150 email verifications.

No. of Email VerificationsPrice

Website: Email Marker


This was all about email verification and the top email verification and validation services.

NeverBounce, ZeroBounce, Xverify, and BriteVerify are good for small businesses. When we compare the prices of the top five services for 10K validations, then Email List Validation service is the most affordable one.

Xverify can perform IP blacklist monitoring and is best for Affiliate management.

Bulk Email Checker performs deep cleaning SMTP test. NeverBounce performs High-risk detection and instant bounce analysis. Quick Email Verification service supports more formats for list upload than the others.

Hope this article will help you in choosing the best Email Checker!!

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