10 BEST Email Testing Tools For Your Next Successful Email Campaign

The Comparison and Review of the Most Popular Email Testing Tools in 2021:

The Email testing tools are used for several purposes like HTML validation and inbox preview of the emails.

An email with a good subject line has more chances of a good open rate. To get more business from email marketing, the content and look of the email should be effective.

Hence, Email Test tools will help you to a great extent with all these factors.

Email Testing Tools

With the help of these Email Test Tools:

  • You will be able to build an effective subject line.
  • You can preview the mail before sending it.
  • You will know what happens to your mail after you hit the send button.

In this article, we will explore the list of top email testing tools along with its comparison.

Email Preview Testing

These tools will provide you the preview of the email. These tools will help in knowing the look of the email before you send it.

  • Inbox Inspector
  • PutsMail
  • Email on Acid

Email Verification Tools

These tools will check whether the email address is valid or not.

  • Email Checker
  • Email Verifier

Email SPAM Score Test Tools

These tools will help you in checking the Spam score for your email. For this, it considers, blacklist record, SPF record, keywords, and DKIM.

  • Email on Acid
  • Litmus

Email Subject Line Testing Tools

These tools will work on the optimization of your subject line. An email with an effective subject line is more likely to open. For this, it gathers the data from previous emails.

  • Touchstone
  • Test Subject

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Top Email Testing Tools Review

Here is an all-inclusive list of the best email testing tools that you need for HTML validation and inbox preview.

Comparison Of Top Email Test Tools

Tool NameEmail ClientsPriceFree Trial
Inbox Inspector

Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail, & 22 more.Contact company.Available.

HTML to any email address.Free--

Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo & 90 more.Basic: $99/month,
Plus: $199/month,
Enterprise: Custom pricing.
Available for 7 days.
Email on Acid

More than 70 email clients including Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo.Basics: $44/month,
All Access: $68/month, Professional: $260/month, Enterprise: Custom Pricing.
Available for 7 days.

--Free Plan
Bronze: $10/month
Silver: $40/month
Gold: $70/month

Let’s Explore!!

#1) Inbox Inspector

Inbox Inspector

Price: Contact the company for its pricing details. A free trial is also available.

Inbox Inspector is an email test tool to preview your emails.

It can be used for 25 popular email clients like Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail, and several others as well. It provides you a preview for mobile devices too. The tool will also give you the preview of an email if the images are blocked along with the preview for how your subject line will appear among the others.

Website: Inbox Inspector

#2) PutsMail

Puts Mail

Price: Free.

PutsMail is an email testing tool for testing HTML emails.

This tool allows you to send HTML to any email address for testing the design and debugging. It will provide you screenshots for your email from more than 50 programs and apps. You can test in real-time for your campaigns and newsletters using this tool.

Website: PutsMail

#3) Litmus


Price: There are three plans. Basic ($99/month), Plus ($199/month), and Enterprise (custom pricing). These are the prices if you are billed monthly. However, the prices will be less if you are billed annually.  A free trial is also available for 7 days.

Litmus has a suite of tools for email designing and marketing.

It can work for Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, Apple Mail, and several other email clients. It can work for more than 90 clients. It provides you the preview for iOS and Android devices.

It also tests the email for critical elements like missing links, broken links & images, along with the load time of the test campaign. The tool will help you to accelerate the campaign performance by providing engagement and geographic data for your clients.

Website: Litmus

#4) Email on Acid

Email On Acid

Price: It provides annual, monthly, daily credits subscription plans. There are four plans which include the Basics ($44/month), All Access ($68/month), Professional ($260/month), and Enterprise (Custom Pricing).

Email on Acid is an email testing tool whose platform can be used by the people of any business size.

Even freelancers can use it. This tool will provide you a preview for more than 70 email clients. It also provides you preview for iOS and Android devices.

It can perform Spam testing and provides you email analytics as well. It also has templates for email designing.

Website: Email on Acid

#5) ReachMail

Reach mail

Price: ReachMail provides a free plan. There are three more plans as well i.e. Bronze ($10/month), Silver ($40/month), and Gold $70/month). You can contact the company for customized pricing.

ReachMail is a tool for Email Marketing. It provides the features which suit your business or company size.

The tool provides a drag-and-drop editor for email designing. The tool can be used by small businesses, marketing firms, and large companies. With this tool, you can build campaigns and preview your emails.

Website: EmailReach

#6) Previewmyemail


Price: There are four plans which include Basic Plan ($49), Premium Plan ($129), Basic API ($248), and Premium API ($328).

Previewmyemail is an email testing, design, and Analytics platform. The system can be used by Marketers, Designers, and developers. It provides analytics in real-time.

This tool will tell you several details about the recipient activities like the location, open duration and much more. It supports all popular email clients and provides you screenshots for them as well. It can be used on iOS, Android, and Windows devices.

Website: Previewmyemail

#7) Mailgun


Price: There is one plan in which the first 10000 emails and 100 validations are free and from there onwards you can pay as you go.

It is more like a free trial with a limited amount of emails. Then the other three plans include Production ($79/month), Scale ($325/month), and Enterprise (Custom).

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Mailgun provides a transactional Email API service for developers. It will provide advanced email analytics. It offers better deliverability of emails. It is useful to send, receive, and track emails.

Website: Mailgun

#8) MailChimp

Mail chimp

Price: There is a free plan along with two other plans i.e. Grow ($10/month), and Pro ($199/month).

MailChimp is a tool for marketing, ads, and landing pages. To learn more about this tool read this Mailchimp Vs Drip comparison.

It provides a drag-and-drop facility to design an email. It has a content manager which can store your images and files. It allows you to edit and resize images. The built-in analytics tool will provide you with information about open rates, clicks, and several other things.

Website: Mailchimp

#9) Testi@


Price: It has a free plan which can be used by one user and for two email clients. For two days, it will cost you $6.4. For 31 days, it will cost you $12.85. For 6 months, it will cost you $44.99.

This Email testing tool is to test HTML emails on different email clients.

The tool can be useful to email web developers. It can be used on iOS devices, through the Chrome extension, as an email marketing tool. It supports many email clients like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Android mail, Apple Mail, and many others.

Website: Testi@

#10) Glock Apps

Glock Apps

GlockApps Pricing: It offers 3 free email deliverability tests. There are three plans offered in either a monthly and yearly subscriptions: Basic ($49/month), Business ($99/month), and Agency ($199/month), as well as a pay-as-you-go plan, paid on a per-test basis.

If paid annually, all the plans come with a 20% discount. Users also have the option to create a customized plan that includes only the needed tools.

GlockApps is an all-in-one email deliverability testing tool that covers all bases for better email-sending practices.
Its tools are designed to test email placement and spam score, run authentication checks (SPF, DMARC), monitor IP reputation and blacklisting, as well as provide advanced DMARC Analytics and Bounce tracking.

The user receives detailed, easy-to-read reports, and with our Gappie bot – instant notifications straight to the users smartphone. Lastly, GlockApps offers auto-generated action steps for resolving issues.

GlockApps Integrations: Return Path, MailChimp, Barracuda/SpamAssassin, SparkPost, MailGun, SendGrid, AmazonSES, Telegram, and Slack.


Thus we have seen a list of the most popular top email testing tools that are available in the market.

PutsMail is a free email testing tool and the rest of the tools are commercial ones. ReachMail, Mailgun, Mailchimp, and Testi@ provide a free plan.

Hope this article will help you in making a wise decision on picking the best Email Testing Tool!!

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